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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


(FP Twitterati 100, 2013)

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Sept 24, 2013

UN: Sri Lanka


FOIA Finds  

Google, Asked at UN About Censorship, Moved to Censor the Questioner, Sources Say, Blaming UN - Update - Editorial

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Updated June 29, 2015, 9:25 p.m. some recent articles

HRW on Saudi in Yemen Behind Closed Doors of Censors' Club, Silent on Sri Lanka

On Burundi, US Supports AU Not Sending Observers, What of UN's UNclear Position?

ICP Asks UN of Climate Finance Shortfall & the Pope, No TPP to Redford

On Darfur Rapes, UK Rycroft Tells ICP UN Reviews May Ensure Follow-Up

On Burundi, ICP Asks Ban If Not Observing, He Cites Kikwete, No UNDP Support

In Yemen, UN Deplores Coalition Airstrike on UNDP in Aden, Now What?

Amid Talk About Palestine, UNRWA Funding Deficit, Staff Being Cut

On Burundi, Ban Says MENUB Observes, UNDP's Clark Says No

On Burundi, UN's Ban Says MENUB Will Observe, Doesn't Say Won't Validate

In Burundi, UN Quietly Claims It Is Not Validating Third Term, Exodus

In Burundi, UN Says Won't Impose Views, Nor Stream Its Presser, Failing

On Burundi, UNSC Belatedly Adopts Statement, Burundi PR Vows June 29 Vote

In Syria Open Meeting ICP Is Told To Stop Periscope By France, Controls UNTV

In Burundi, Civil Society Call for Boycott of Elections, Ban Urges Mulling Delay

On Burundi, ICP Asks UN of VP Fleeing, UN Says Feltman Met Ambassador

Of CAR Rapes, ICP Asks If Jallow Panel Can Get All OIOS Documents

At UN, Conflict of Interest as UNFPA's Obaid Gets Population Award

On Sri Lanka, ICP Asks of Probe Delay, UN Return With Praise of Amendment

ICP's UN Bed Bugs Scoop Pilfered by amNewYork, Haq Spin, Vox & HuffPo Credit

On Yemen, ICP Asks UN Aid Chief of Staff, Cholera, Sa'ada Ambulances

Of New CAR Rapes, ICP Reported by Burundi, UN Says Will Not Deny, Scribes

ICP's UN Bed Bugs Scoop Pilfered by HuffPo Citing Haq, Vox & Gothamist Credit

ICP Asks Of Tax Evader HSBC & Remittance Cutter Westpac In UN Global Compact

IMF Tells ICP Nepal Not Eligible for CCRT, Says Flexible with Jordan

On Israel and Palestine, Feltman Says UN Hopes CoI Brings Justice, US Elevator

Of CAR Rapes, ICP Asks Of Jallow & OIOS, Spox Says OIOS Not Being Probed

On Burundi, ICP Asks of CNDD-FDD Boycott UN Talks, Who Speaks for Bathily?

On Yemen, ICP Asked UN Envoy of Sana'a Parties Wanting to Meet Ban, Not Him

On Yemen, UK Speaks of Famine, Parties in Country Want to Meet Ban, Not Envoy

On Burundi, ICP Asks UN Officials Why Quiet on Third Term & Press, IPI By Periscope

In Mali, UN Confirms to ICP It Will Pay Victims Compensation, UNlike Haiti

Of CAR Rapes, UN Covers Up For Burundi, Final Budget Draft Here

On Burundi, French Draft Presidential Statement Cites Arusha & Armed Youth

In UN, Bed Bugs Scoop Confirmed, UN Tried to Cover Up, Staff Complain to ICP

In UN, Bed Bugs Infestation Clears Out 34th Floor, ICP Exclusive Again

Burundi Hires Scribe, IPI Removes Press from Event of Tarranco & Italy's Cardi

Of CAR Rapes, Faux "Independence" of Ban's Panel Spun by Apologists

On Saudi Leaks, FUNCA Asks UN of $100,000 for HRC Seat, UNCA Leaks

In UN Decolonization Comt'e, US Absent On Puerto Rico & Vieques, W. Sahara Next

Of CAR Rapes, Ban's "Independent" Panel Has Current ICTR Prosecutor

After Attack on Afghan Parliament, UK Says Redouble, UN on Taliban

SaudiLeaks Show $100,000 for HRC Seat, How to Invite UNCA for Kingdom Coverage

On Burundi, Ban Says Bathily There on June 21, Silent on Press Freedom, 3d Term

Phoning It In on Darfur, Sudan's Reply to Enough, With UN Censorship Alliance

UN Schools in Censorship, Press Ejected by Ban's Guards For Ladsous Commanders

At UN, Retaliation Found in Cote d'Ivoire, Exemplified by Ladsous on Kompass

At UN, Ban's Spox Says Ladsous Wasn't Told of Open Meeting, Censorship Justified?

Ending Yemen Talks, Cheikh Ahmed Admits No Deal, No New Date, To NY

Amid Deportation Threat from DR to Haiti, UN's 2d Answer, Cholera Stasis

On Burundi, ICP Asks UN About Grenades,What Is Bathily Doing?

On Climate, ICP Asks UN of LDC Fund Under-Funded, S. Korea Backsliding

ICP Asks Malaysia FM Anifah of Israel, CAR, Children & War, Asian Migration

On Children & War, Ban Criticized, Israel Replies in Arabic, Donbas

At Yemen Talks, UN Security Let Ban Meet US-Listed Terrorist, Then Ejected Press

After Ladsous Covers Up Darfur Rapes, Enough, With UN Censorship Alliance

At UN, Ladsous Orders Ban's Guards To Expel Press from Open DPKO Meeting

On Children & War, Ban Refuses Qs, ICP Asks of CAR Rapes, Zerrougui

On Children & War, CAR Panel Delay, Ban to Appear With Zerrougui, Leaving?

On DR Deportation Threat to Haiti, UN Tells ICP Hypothetical, de Blasio Speaks

At Yemen Talks, Ban Met Listed Terrorist Let Into UN, Houthis Banned in Hotel

Ramos Horta Tells ICP Barbarity Should Have No Protection, Code Blue

Ramos-Horta Tells ICP UN Should Compensate for Cholera, Haq on SEA

On Burundi, ICP Asks UN of Nimpagaritse, What Do MENUB & Bathily Do?

UN Peace Operations Review Claims No Impunity, Ignores Haiti, Sangaris

On Yemen Talks, Cheikh Ahmed Double-Spoke, Pled with Oman, Bungled Flight

With Lykketoft as PGA-To-Be, ICP Asks of UN Peacekeeping Abuse, Next SG

Replies by Burundi, Bahrain & Egypt at UN HRC, Zeid Light on Sri Lanka

On DPKO Scandals Under Ladsous, He Plays "Daddy" Trope, Cites Bible, Report

At Yemen Talks, Ban Meets Hadi Gov & Group of 16, Not Houthis, Leaves

Of CAR Rapes, Zeid Speaks, But OIOS Retaliation Continues, Ban's Panel Weak?

After CAR Rapes, OIOS Is Urged to Not Ask Ladsous Who He Wants Fired"

Before Bashir Stopped  in S. Africa, UN Silent, Still Now, Haiti Cholera Echo

On Yemen, OIC Sets June 16 Meeting in Jeddah, What of UN June 15?

From Burundi, Journalists Write to Ban & FUNCA of Crackdown, DSG at AU

Of CAR Rapes, Ban Panel to be "Weak," US , Scandinavia, of Eliasson

Amid DPKO Scandals Under Ladsous, Spox Tells ICP Of Panel, DPA Turf War

Of CAR Rapes, Ban Adviser Gilmour Said Deputy'd Be Briefed August 8, 2014

On Syria, UN Advisers Cite Gov't Barrel Bombs, ISIS & Nusra "Reprisals"

ICP Asked Why UNICEF is “Official Child Rights Org” for Baku 2015: Answer

On Peacekeeper Sex Abuse, Little Help for Victims, ICP Publishes Report

On Yemen, UN Talks Pushed Back to June 15, But GCC Photo Op June 14

In Uzbekistan UN's Ban Praises Karimov on Rule of Law, Urlaeva UNmentioned

Of CAR Rapes, UN's Ban Ki-moon Was Told in August 2014, Brown Says

ICP Asks UN Why UNICEF is “Official Child Rights Org” for Baku 2015: Issues

Who Keeps Advance Passenger Info, ICP Asks UN CTED, Meta-Data UNknown?

On Burundi, ICP Asks UN If Replace Djinnit, DSG to AU in Jo'burg is Reply

On Boko Haram, No UNSC Action on MNJTF, Chapter VII & Funding Qs

IMF Tells ICP Nepal Applies for RCF, $124 M, Ghana Eurobond Envisioned

In S.  Mali, UN Slams Attack After Ladsous Berated Malians For Not Thanking France

On Peacekeeper Sex Abuse, OIOS Finds 225 in Haiti, Ladsous Said 51 Worldwide

On Burundi, Djinnit "Takes Note" of Opposition to His Role, Statement Here

On Yemen, ICP Asked Which Parties, Spox Says 7 Seats Each, Houthis, GPC, Islah

In Sudan, DPKO Preparing to Leave W. Darfur Amid 130,000 IDPs

Crimea Data Included With Russia By UN DESA, Sources Tell ICP

As Ban Nears Uzbekistan, Urlaeva Q by ICP Still UNanswered, Self-Interview

On Yemen, ICP Asks UN Spox Which Parties Invited to Geneva, UNanswered

On Burundi, UN Silent on Third Term, Ntibibogora Failed Vetting in 2014

For Cote d'Ivoire, UN Wants Crowd Control Equipment, Silent on Sale of Posts Scandal

UN Children & War Cites French in CAR, Lists Free Syrian Army & Somali Army

On Burundi, Ban Is Asked Again to Replace Djinnit, Letter Here

On CAR Rapes, ICP Asks Of CAAC Report, Why Miranda Brown Not Extended

On Burundi, ICP Asked AU of Troops to Somalia, Sidikou Says 1000 More

UN Children & Armed Conflict Report Bans Israel and Hamas - & French in CAR

ICP Asks UN's Kay Of Bax Buying Anti-Aircraft Gun in Somalia, UNOPS

On Burundi, ICP Asks Italy Of Its Training of Nkurunziza's Police for CAR

On CAR Rapes, Zeid Blames Whistleblower, Ladsous & Mali UNaddressed

On Yemen, G7 Defers to "UN-Led" Process Which Hadi Calls "Not Talks"

RBC - City National Comment Period Extended, Banks Jumped the Gun

On Yemen, Talks June 14 in Geneva, Ban Chides UNnamed Country, Craven

On CAR Rapes, OHCHR Tells ICP Kompass Extended, Why Not Miranda Brown?

On CAR Rapes, Ban Tells 4 States of Panel, But Kompass Not Extended?

On Burundi, Opposition Asks UN to Replace Djinnit, As Ban Did on Yemen

On CAR Rapes, Four Nations Met Ban Ki-moon, UN Read-Out

Queen Maxima Talks Remittances, ICP Asks of Somalia, Barclays & Westpac

On Syria, UNSC Cites Barrel Bombs, Not Gov't Copters, Syria's Version

On CAR Rapes, 10 Nations to Meet Ban, UK Response, Press Qs Pending

On Ukraine in UNSC, UN Slams Aid Blockage, Cites Six Month Deadline

As Ban Hits Road, ICP Asks UN About Uzbek Treatment of Urlaeva, Rohingya

ICP Asks UN Why Of CDM's UNspent Funds, South Korea Backsliding

ICP Asks Turkish Cypriot Leader Akinci of Hydrocarbons, He Cites Turkey Pipeline

On CAR Rapes, ICP Asks Why Still Probe Whistleblower, Terms of Reference

On Burundi, UNSC Speaks But Not On 3d Term, "Intent to Respond" - How?

On Burundi, UN Ban Speaks But Not On 3d Term In Denial on Godefroid Bizimana

On CAR Rapes, Which UN Officials Knew in Turin in March, What Did They Do?

On CAR Rapes, 14 Nations Ask to Meet Ban on Belated Panel, Cover Up Feared

On Yemen, UN Aid Chief Speaks to UNSC, Not Press, FUNCA Says He Should

In Burundi, UN Said Godefroid Bizimana Not in DPKO, Now Says Anyone Can Apply

On CAR Rapes, Ban Cites Panel But Cover Up Feared, Like Sri Lanka

On CAR Rapes, UN's Ban Now Cites Panel, Reporting Only to Ban, Mandate Unclear

ICP Asks UN's Kay of Remittances, Burundi "Peacekeepers," Somaliland, Dirir

On Yemen, UNSC Wants Talks Resumed, Humanitarian Pause - Fishy Envoy?

With Malaysia Atop UNSC, ICP Asks of Yemen, Abuse of CAR Children, June 18 Debate

In Burundi, US Statement Against 3d Term As Ban Ki-moon Can't Reach Nkuunziza

On CAR Rapes, ICP Asks UN What Ban Did After He Knew, UN Private Email

As Ban Is Lobbied to Drop Israel From CAAC Report, UNRWA Defers Comment

Small Arms Survey on Air-Drop of Weapons in Syria, Yemen by Implication, DPKO Qs

As Ban Replaces PNG-ed Lanzer, UNFPA Tells ICP Delargy Was Never PNG-ed

On UNSG Selection, ACT Speaks Out, Wallstrom as Dark Horse, Why Not Debates?

On CAR Rapes, ICP Asks UN When Ban Knew (March), of Ethics & OIOS

With UN's Yemen Talks Postponed, Shift to Oman, Fishy Envoy in Sana'a

In Burundi, Can Ban Ki-moon Reach Nkuunziza, UN Denies Bizimana in Mali

On CAR Rapes, Why Did OHCHR's Zeid Use Private Email, Hillary Echo

On CAR Rapes, UN Ethics In Shambles, US Funding in Doubt, Band Played On

On CAR Rapes, Ban Ki-moon Told by UN Staff Advocates to Fire Officials, His Role

On Syria, de Mistura Condemns Barrel Bombs, UNrelevant, Cronies in Place

ICP Asked LaBorde of CTED & Yemen to Somaliland, Now Resumed

In UN's NGO Comt'e, Freedom Now Voted Down 11-4, Move to ECOSOC Predicted

On CAR, Zeid Cites "Revelation" of Rapes He, Ladsous & Ban Concealed Until Leaked

On Burundi, US Condemns Violence As Ladsous Taking  Bizimana in Mali

As ICP Asks UN of Fraud of Ban's Nephew, Who Rents to UN, Spox Says No Contact

On CAR Rapes, UN Banned Press Qs to Ladsous, Ban Knew in Spring

On Burundi, ICP Asks UN of Ladsous Taking Godefroid Bizimana in Mali

On CAR Rapes Ban's Office Told OIOS to Meet Ethics Chief, Lack of Independence

On CAR Rapes, Ladsous & Ban Knew "In Spring," Spox Bans Press Qs

As ICP Asks Ban Disclosed on Nephew, Affidavit of Fraud Surfaces, Here

On CAR Rapes, UN Peackeeping Mission Knew August 2014 - Ladsous' Role

On CAR Rapes, Pansieri Who Conveyed Ladsous Threat Spoke in Street With Swede

On CAR Rapes, New Documents Says Ladsous Asked For Whistleblower's Resignation

On Day of Peacekeepers, Ladsous Covers Up CAR Rapes, Spares FDLR

ICP Asks LaBorde of Counter-Terrorism & Yemen Evacuation, Somaliland UNhelped

As UN's Amos Leaves, It's Syria Only, Sudan Border Disparity Not Explained

In Mali, UN Says 3 Hit by Mine After Ladsous Berated Malians For Not Thanking France

IMF Tells ICP "No Time Line" on Yemen or Burundi, Is Nepal "Qualified"?

On Burundi, ICP Asks Lithuania of Attacks on Press, Is Told To Ask Penholder, France

On Migration, ICP Asks UN Sutherland of US & Mexico, Niger, Goldman Sachs

After Yemen Talks Postponed, Ban Tells Hadi He'd Like Them Resumed

As ICP Asks Ban Disclosed on Nephew, KPMG Not PWC, Colliers Issues Mount

On CAR Rapes, Samba-Panza Complains, UN Cites OIOS, But What's Mandate?

On Burundi, ICP Asks UN of Attacks on Press, Overlap Between Crackdown & Peacekeeping

On Burundi, UNSC Meets, French PR on Conditions for Elections, Press

UN Protection of Some Journalists, Silence on S. Sudan, Burundi, Censorship Alliance

With Yemen Talks Postponed, ICP Asks UN of Saudis, Children's Parliament

As ICP Asks Ban Disclosed on Nephew, PCW, Colliers Issues Mount

On CAR Rapes, If Kompass Leaked Report with Pseudonyms, Why Ladsous Tried to Fire?

On Nepal, Allegations onUNDP Called Old, Qatar's Abuse Not Covered

Ban Confirms Postponing May 28 Talks, Saudis Want Riyadh Declaration As Basis

UNdisclosed That Ban's Nephew Works At Colliers, Which Rents To & For UN?

On Burundi, Zeid Speak to Human Rights Council, UNSC Silent on Journalist Bireha

On Kosovo, Still No Action on Human Organs Cases, Kumanovo Cited

As UN Cancels May 28 Talks, Saudis Want Riyadh Declaration As Basis

In Burundi, UPD's Zedi Feruzi Killed, UNSC Speaks, Not on Journalist

In Burundi, UPD's Zedi Feruzi Killed, Ban Speaks, Not on Journalist Wounded

On CAR Rapes, UN Fire One Whistleblower As Investigates Another

Ban's Nephew Works At Colliers, Which Rents To & For the UN, UNdisclosed?

For Yemen Talks May 28, UN Has OIC & Children's Parliament, Drops P&PA

In Run-Up to 24 Years of Eritrea Independence, Short US Kerry Statement, Here

As NPT Fails, US Calls Egypt “Unrealistic,” Reuters Says She Didn't Name Egypt

After Six Abstentions on Small Arms, ICP Asks Angola, Chad & Lithuania PRs Why

Benghazi Emails Show USg Feltman Talking Free Qatar Flights, Diss Brazil

In Burundi, UN's Ban Silent on Shot Demonstrators, Media Crackdown

On CAR Rapes, UN Silent on Recusal, OIOS Vienna Asks Whistleblower

UN Is OK With Censorship In Burkina, Silent on Killed Journalist in S. Sudan

On Ban's Nephew, No UN List of Contracts in 30 Hours, Spin in Korean Only

ICP Asks Gordon Brown of CAR Sexual Abuse, S. Sudan Child Soldiers

On S. Sudan, US Statement Cited Johnson Olony, Not UNMISS or DPKO Issues

On CAR Rapes, Irregularities in UN OIOS Investigation, Ladsous Should Resign

ICP Asks Akon Of Diamond Mine Purchase, He Replies on Reform, Yumkella Running

To Haiti, IMF Announces $69.7M Program, Silent on Electricity, Cholera

In Burundi, ICRC Against Hospital "Vandalism," Use of UN Arms UNclear

On Ban's Nephew, UN Told ICP "Ask Colliers," UN Deals on 42 St, 45 St, UNdisclosed

Yemen's PR Says "More Force" on Houthis, Quotes Ban's Fishy Envoy

On Yemen, After May 11 UN Talks Were Banned, Now May 28, With Whom?

Ban Asks Press to Refrain From Qs About His Nephew, UN Tells ICP "Ask Colliers"

ICP Asks UN's Hong, He Calls TPP & T-TIP “Discriminatory, Step Backward”

In Mali, UN Bemoans Attacks, Ladsous Berates Malians For Not Thanking France

Amid Scandal, Ban Asks Press to Refrain From Qs About His Nephew, UNanswered

In Burundi, Nkurunziza Was Offered FIFA Post, Use of UN Arms UNclear

On CAR Rapes, Malcorra to Budget Comt'e & Their Response, Ladsous Should Resign

With Sri Lanka Jagath Dias Tapped Army Chief of Staff, UN Has No Comment

In Burundi, Use of "Peacekeeping" Armaments UNclear, UN on COE

On CAR Rapes, 5th Comt'e Has Malcorra & Khare, No Ladsous Who "Should Resign"

On Scandal, ICP Asks UN If Ban Raised Real Estate to Qatar Emir As Nephew Said

As UN Bans Info, UN Censorship Alliance Wants Wi-Fi For Those Who Pay

On S. Sudan, UNSC Threatens Sanctions, Cites Bentiu, Not UNMISS or DPKO Issues

With Sri Lanka UN Report Delayed, Subject Jagath Dias Tapped Army Chief of Staff

In Mali, Ladsous Berates Malians For Not Thanking France, CAR Qs UNanswered

On CAR Rapes, African Group & G77 Get Budget Comt'e Session, Ladsous Qs

To Burundi, Sale of Grenades Was Pushed by Ladsous, of UN and France

ICP Asks UN South Sudan Envoy Loj of Bentiu, CAR Rapes & Immunity, Code Blue

On Burundi, UN Peacebuilding Statement, Bland But Issued, Here

On Scandal, UN Tells ICP It Won't Answer on Relatives Who Aren't UN Staff

On Burundi, UN Is Asked Why It's Been So Slow, Closed Door Meetings & COE Funds

On Scandal in S. Korea, UN Tells ICP Ban “Has Nothing To Do With His Nephew”

On South Sudan, ICP Asks Loj of SPLA in Bentiu Camp, No Fence or Journalists

As UN's Amos Leaves, Last King of Scotland in Club Valerie, Aid in Evolution

On Burundi, UNSC Elements to the Press Don't Say Coup or Sanctions, Of IMF

IMF Tells ICP of Burundi On Hold, Nepal On Ground, Ghana & Jamaica

On Burundi, IMF Tells ICP $6.9 M Program Discussion NO Longer in June

On Burundi, IMF Tells ICP $6.9 M Program Discussion in June No Longer

On Burundi, ICP Asks IMF as Told of Sold Plane, COE Funds Withdrawn

As UN's Amos Leaves, From Denials on CAR to Standing Up to Saudi, Aid in Evolution

On Burundi, US Supports EAC, Make Visa Denial Threat, Lethargy by Penholder

On Burundi, Djinnit to Brief UNSC May 14, Lethargy by Penholder

On CAR Rapes, ICP Asks Dallaire & Aids-Free World of Ladsous, FDLR

On CAR Rapes, Graca Machel Says DPKO Worse, Boss Ladsous & Scribes

In Burundi, Gen Niyombare Says Nkurunziza Is Out, Lethargy by UN & Penholder

On Yemen, Will Aid Be Coordinated by the King Salman Center or UN?

ICC's Bensouda Answers Press on CAR, Palestine, Libya, Transcript Here

On Libya & ISIS, ICC Passes Buck to States, Q of Palestine & Sangaris Rapes

On CAR Rapes, ICP Asks UN When Investigation Starts, Why Tear Gassed Protesters

On Bosnia, Zvornik Post Office Attack Downplayed, Or Seen as Symbol, FYROM UNseen

Amid Burundi Crackdown, Qs From Some at UN, US Travel Warning

Amid Sale of UN Posts, Ban Greets New PR of Cote d'Ivoire, NZ, IOM & Montenegro

On CAR Rapes, ICP Asks UN What Ladsous Is Denying, NGOs Slam Ban Ki-moon

On Libya, ICP Asks EU Mogherini of Angola Opposition, She Calls It Naval

In Mali 2 UN Peacekeepers Injured by IED, Ladsous Refused Qs on UN Killing 3

Despite Calls for Competitive SG Race, Ban & Bokova Trip Noted, 2d Row

On Ebola & WHO's Failures, Natalegawa Wants Clarity, Amorim More Justice

Fed Withholds OneWest Branch Closing, CIT Internet Deposit Info, ICP Appeals

ICP Asks UN's Lazzarini of Somalia, Yemen, Counter-Terrorism, Somaliland, Puntland

On CAR Rapes, ICP Asks UN About Ladsous' Role, Timeline Given

On CAR Alleged Rapes, Lithuania PR Tells ICP, Ask the French, No Answer

As US Speaks Against Violence in Sudan, Are Tabit Rapes Forgotten?

On CAR Alleged Rapes, ICP Asks Samantha Power of CAR Untold, Ladsous v Leaker

Amid Burundi Crackdown, ICP Asks Kikwete of EAC & Third Term, "Be Patient"

On CAR Rapes, Zeid Did Not Contest Ladsous Pressured, Says Was "Surprised"

On CAR Rapes, UN's Zeid Tries to Rally Staff, Is Told to Act on Ladsous

On CAR Rapes, French Mission Won't Say If Met Sexual Violence in Conflict Expert

Ladsous Snubbed Peacekeeping Conference in Uruguay, Losing $8000 & Perhaps Job

On CAR Rapes, Ladsous Tells ICP "I Deny" Urging Leaker to Resign

On CAR Rapes & Ladsous Urging Leaker to Quit, UN Spox Won't Ask Ladsous Why

On CAR Rapes by French Troops, UN Sexual Violence Office Tells ICP No Jurisdiction

Amid Burundi Crackdown, ICP Asks & UN on Djinnit, Now to UNSC

As Migrants Die at Sea, Italian Red Cross' Rocca Tells ICP the EU Must Do More

On UN Budget, Qs of Risk Premiums and Pension Probe, Cafeteria, Union Elex?

On CAR Rapes, Ladsous Asking Leaker to Resign UNexplained by UN

On Yemen, UN Wanted May 11 Geneva Talks But US Kerry Said No, ICP Learns

In UN Censorship, Staff Reprimanded For Twitter Reply to Helen Clark

Leaker of French Pedophilia in CAR Reinstated, Ladsous Asked Him to Resign

ICP Asks UN's Ging of Airstrikes on Yemen, Niger IDPs, Nepal Delays

UN Says Peacekeepers Killed in DRC, Cites Rights Diligence, Not in CAR

ICP Asks UN Why Green Climate Fund Will Finance Coal, Of Pension Fund

After CAR Rapes by French Forces, UN Says Rights Policy Does Not Apply to Them

Amid Burundi Crackdown, ICP Asks UN of Threatened Judge, Museveni

After CAR Rapes, UN Still Works With French Forces, Unlike DRC & FDLR

Ethiopian Blogger  at US Mission to UN, While UN in Addis Is Silent on Censorship

On CAR Child Rapes, Lithuanian PR Cites Hollande's No Mercy, Says Let's See

Yarmouk Briefing by de Mistura as He Re-Starts Syria Talks, UNfreePress

For de Mistura's Syria Talks, New Political Officer, Cronies in Place

As de Mistura Starts Syria Talks, Tales of Cronies, to the Top, UNdisclosed

In Sri Lanka Speech, Kerry On Domestic Investigation of Human Rights

After Kompass Leaked to France About CAR Rapes, UN Covers Up Morocco Leaking

In Haiti, UN Shot at Civilians, Didn't Tell UN Spox, Who Calls ICP Rude for Qs

In Sri Lanka Remarks, Kerry Quiet on War Crimes Probe, No Follow Through?

On Rapes in CAR, Transcript of UN Refusing Say Why Never Told CAR

After US Power Says Cut North Korea's Mic & UN Does, UN Won't Say Why

On Yemen, No UNSC Statement About No Diesel, Where to Meet

On CAR Rapes, UN Spox Won't Say Why Never Told CAR, Calls ICP Rude

On Yemen, UNSC Meets about Diesel Fuel and Where Talks Should Resume

On CAR Rapes, OHCHR Praises French 9-Month Probe, Ignores Ladsous, Leaking

After US Power Says Cut North Korea's Mic, ICP Asks UN For the Rules

On CAR Rapes, ICP Asks UN When Rape Report Would Have Been Disclosed

In Bangui, UN Didn't Report French Rapes to CAR Authorities, Cover Up

Video: SNC Khoja Admited to ICP a FSA "Tactical Alliance" with Nusra

In Battle for the UN Mic, Here's North Korea Speech, US Power Transcript

When North Korea Intervenes in Human Rights Event, US Power Says Cut Mic

On Nepal, ICP Asks IMF If Any Debt Relief, New CCR Trust "Possible"

In CAR, UN Doesn't Report French Rapes, Ladsous Bringing Drones, For Whom?

On Burundi, Here's US Malinowski Agenda, UN Silent on Coordination

On CAR Child Rape, UN Won't Tell Press What France Did, Ladsous' Conflict

SNC Khoja Admits FSA "Tactical Alliance" with Nusra, No Child Soldiers Answer

On Burundi, US Says 3d Term Violates Arusha, No Consensus in UNSC

Ukraine FM Klimkin Tells ICP Killings Were to Destabilize, IMF Talks Going Well

UN Says Kompas Leaked Rape Victims Names, Won't Say What France Did

For Ban's Fishy Envoy Rejected in Yemen, No Public  Financial Disclosure

UN's Kompass, Exposed French Abuse in CAR, Also Leaked to Morocco

UN Experts Urge Transparency on Drone Deaths, UN Peacekeeping Withholds

At UN, DRC Sexual Abuse Ladsous Covered UP Privatized by UNCA

EU Mogharini at UN Takes Handpicked Qs on Libya, No Sudan or Burundi

On Western Sahara, Questions Raised by Angola, Venezuela, China

In W. Sahara, 15-0 But Qs of Rights, AU, Morocco PR Answers ICP

On Burundi Crackdown, ICP Asked UN, Ban Speaks Day Later, Here

At UN Indigenous Forum, Rapporteur Wants Australia Invite, Tar Sands

In Mali UN Says Platforme Attacks Menaka, Ladsous Refused Qs on UN Killing 3

On Burundi Crackdown, ICP Asks UN Which Has "If-Asked," Here

UN's Meeting on Next SG Is Called "Closed," But Reported Here

IAEA Praises Sudan Nuclear Path, Then Takes No Q on It, Censorship Alliance

On Yemen, Talk of How Near Was Deal Before Saudi Strikes

Amid Talk of Next SG, ICP Asks of Pay to Play, How DPKO Was Lost

In Burundi, Radio Told Not to Live-Stream Crackdown, UN Silent

Obama Cites Netanyahu and Iran at WHCD, No Yemen or Freddie Gray

In Burundi, As Nkurunziza to Run, US Speaks, What'll UN's Ban Say?

CRA Protest to RBC - City National, FFW on Lending Disparities

Press Freedom Corrupted by Censors in Tuxedos, CPJ in UNCA

Ban Names Fishy Envoy Rejected in Yemen, No Financial Disclosure

In Burundi, As Nkurunziza Nominated to Run, What'll UN's Ban Say?

In DRC, Ladsous Spins RFI On Others' Past, Not Asked Of His Own

The “Women Cross DMZ” March Wrote to Ban Without Answer, Set to March May 24

As de Mistura Starts Syria Stress Test, ICP Asks Him of Yemen, Criticism

As Talk of Next SG Starts, ICP Asks of USG Set-Asides, Ladsous As Nadir

UNHCR Guterres on World Bank & Jordan, Lebanon, Moving Back Censors

In W. Sahara, UN Tells ICP It "Follow Up" on Protesters Injured, How?

On Yemen, As Ban Pushes Fishy Envoy, No Financial Disclosure

On W. Sahara, ICP Asks Morocco's Zarrouk Who Says "The South"

UN Silent on Armenia 1915 Genocide, Its Censorship Alliance on Sri Lanka

On Yemen, UN Says Evacuations Hampered, IOM Wouldn't Say by Saudi Arabia

In DRC Q&A With UN Itself Ladsous Not Asked of Rwanda Snub, Meg Carey Out

With Sri Lanka Reports Delayed, ICP Asks UN Simonovic If Probe Is Expected

On Bangladesh, ICP Asked of Attacks & Threats, UN Cites Probe & Safety

After ICP Scoop on UN Posts Sold by Cote d'Ivoire DPR, He Speaks on Sanctions

At UN Indigenous Forum, Of Hawaii Telescope & West Papua, Vanuatu

In Mali UN Says It Detains 3, After Ladsous Refused Qs on UN Killing 3

On W. Sahara, Bolduc Mis-Identified, Stakeout Lobbying, Polisario Blocked?

On Haiti, UN Has If-Asked on Release of Martelly Cronies, Withholds Report

UN's Ladsous Now in DRC, Refused to Visit Rwanda, His FDLR History

On Yemen, After Saudi Ousted UN Envoy, US Looks to UN for Location

Cover Up of Darfur Rapes Turned Into Cartoon, UN Airbrushed Out

Amid Talk of Palestine Drafts, Of House of Cards & Rights of Reply

On Yemen, ICP Asks Jordan's Judeh of Casualties, AQAP Gains

In Yemen, IOM Says Hindered by ID Demands, Won't Say By Whom

At UN, Of Indigenous Fight-Back, from Australia to World Bank to North Dakota

On Bangladesh, ICP Asks UN of Attacks & Threats, No Answer, Like Peacekeeping

For Yemen UN Post, Saudis' Fisherman Dissed by Al Haq, No Disclosure

UN's North Korea Sanctions Com'te Mulls Mudubong Ship, Prepares Response

On Sudan US, Norway and UK Say Elections Were Not Credible

In Mali UN Says Another Driver Killed, After Ladsous Refused Qs on UN Killing 3

After FFW Protest, Hudson City Probed, M&T Slowed, Updated Data Here

In Mali UN Says 2 Drivers Killed, After Ladsous Refused Qs on UN Killing 3

On Burundi, US Friday Night Statement Threatens Visa Denials, Enough?

On Burundi, UNSC Friday Night Statement Talks Youth Groups, Enough?

At UN, Culture Wars Dooms CPD48 to Early Failure, Of Ban & Saudi

For Yemen UN Post, Saudis' Fisherman No Disclosure, UN Vows to Check, A Female?

On Yemen, ICP Asks IMF of Impact, Ahmed Cites Delay, Hadi Gov Efforts

North Korea Says Owners of Mudubong Ship Held by Mexico May Sue

At IMF, ICP Asks of Little Aid to Vanuatu, Amid Refugee Flows Like Yemen

Ban Ki-moon Q&A Goes Soft on Yemen, No Haiti or US Issues, NPC Mug

For Yemen UN Post, Saudi-Touted Fisherman or Kobler, or Ms. Buttenheim?

Amid Privatized Talk of Syria Chemical Weapons, de Mistura Trashed

As ICP Probes UN Pension Fund, Town Hall Closed, But Reported Here

As ICP Probes UN Pension Fund, Qs for Town Hall, Boykin & Arvizu

On Yemen, Ban's Replacement Failed in Libya & Even in Sana'a, UNdisclosed

On Yemen, Ban's UN Moves on From Benomar, Soft on Saudi Airstrikes

On Yemen, Amid Saudi Airstrikes, Ban Poised to Name Fisherman Envoy

Talk of Syria Chemical Weapons Privatized by UN Censorship Alliance

On W. Sahara, UN Won't Confirm Crackdown, Morocco Letter, Corell Links

On Rape & War, UNSC Debate Ends With Russia & Ukraine, Jordan on Syria

UN's Ban Met Burundi Minister Who Excused Killings, Now Gets Letter

As NYT Rediscovers VOA as Propaganda, BBG's Censorship Role FOIA-ed

On Rape and War, After Ladsous Cover Ups, Bangura Talks to Sudan, Report in Limbo

UN Won't Explain Rejecting Staff Plea for Yemen Evacuation, Ban Toasts Scribes

UN's Ban Meets Burundi Minister Who Excused Killings, AI Then Toasts Scribes

On Burkina, US Concerned by Exclusion of Compaore Supporters, UN Silent

In Sudan, AU Recommended Postponing Election, Now UN Silence

On Yemen, Saudi PR Tells ICP of Medical Evacuations, Dozens, As UN Staff Stuck

On Yemen, UNSC Adopts Resolution, Russia Abstains, UN Staff Not Evacuated

UN Rejects Staff Plea for Evacuation from Yemen As Ban Toasts Scribes

In Yemen, UN National Staff Told of "Safe Haven Approaches" by UNDP's Clark

As ICP Probes UN Pension Fund, Boykin at Global Town Hall Meeting?

As UN Peacekeeper Dies Ladsous' Mission Gives No Info, Bangladesh in CAR

On W. Sahara & Oil Drilling, UN Tells ICP Nothing to Add to Report, Ross Will?

At UN, No Follow Through on Whistleblower Protection, No Answers from DPKO

As ICP Probes UN Pension Fund, Now A Global Town Hall, Murex

On Bangladesh, US Suggests Not Proceeding with Executions, UN No Answers

On W. Sahara, UN's Report Waffles on Rights, Douste-Blazy, Morocco Plates

UN Spox Says “Accurate Reporting on US” in UNCA Room Was Off the Record

UN Spox Pitches “Accurate Reporting on US” in UNCA Room, Off the Record

In CAR, Ladsous' DPKO Uses Live Fire, Death As In Mali, Withheld As In Haiti?

As ICP Probes UN Pension Fund, Belated Written Answer from UN

On Haiti, As Ban Returns Cholera Court Papers, Spox Says Mail UNknown

Inside UN, CIA Official & “Accurate Reporting on US” Pitched by UNCA

In Yemen, Ban Ki-moon Doesn't Protect UN National Staff, Unions Complain

ICP Asks UNHCR Awad of World Bank & Jordan, Lebanon, Any Follow Up?

On W. Sahara, US Speaks, Spanish Judge Rules, Morocco Letter Here

On Yemen, Ban's Bland Encounter Has Handpicked Qs, No Answer on Airstrikes

Malian FM Tells ICP of Deal Spoilers, Says Gao Killing Report "Released" (Not)

On Haiti, Ban Returns 2d Circuit Papers, Ladsous Refuses Q on Shooting

On W. Sahara, AU Letter Circulated After ICP Asks, Now Polisario Letter Here

As R2P Report Launched, UN Killings in Mali & Failings In Sri Lanka UNanswered

As ICP Probes UN Pension Fund, UN Confirms Pictet Has Quit, Who's Next?

In Mali After Ladsous' DPKO Kills 3 Protesters, UNprotected by Declassification?

On Sudan US, Norway and UK Doubt Credible Elections, Bashir with DPKO

DPRK Complains of Detention of Mudubong by Mexico Which Cited UN USG

On Rwanda Genocide, Survivor's Tale of French Truck That Left, Ladsous Absent

On Rwanda, Press Asks UN of Ladsous & FDLR, Now & In 1994

On W. Sahara, UN Spox Tells ICP Hasn't Seen AU Letter, in Hands-Off File

In Mali UN Says 2 Hurt by Mine After Ladsous Refused Qs on UN Killing 3

With Sri Lanka Reports Withheld, UN Stonewall, Ban Toasts UN Censorship Alliance

As Ladsous' DPKO Shoots Civilians, Haiti Withheld, Spox Mic Grab Spun

On Rwanda, Ladsous Role in UNSC Not Saying “Genocide,” Inaction on FDLR

As UNSC Speaks of ISIS in Yarmouk Camp, ICP Puts Qs to UNRWA, Palestine

As Ladsous' DPKO Shoots Civilians in Mali & Haiti, UN is Misused

In Mali UN Probes 1 Civilians Dead After Ladsous Refused Qs on UN Killing 3

For Yemen Aid Access, Saudis Want UNSG Support for Offensive, ICP Learns

On Yemen, Push on GCC Draft by Monday, US Didn't Raise Evacuations

On Yemen UNSC President Says Time Needed on Russian Pause Draft Resolution

On Yemen at UNSC, Saudi PR Tells ICP "Cooperative" on Evacuations

On Yemen, As Pause for Evacuation Proposed in UNSC, What's US Position?

On Yemen, UK Supports Saudis, Blames Houthis, Cites Int'l Law As ICRC Asks In

On Yemen, "Urgent" UNSC Meeting as Saudi Drops in Arms, #StuckInYemen

In Yemen, New US Travel Warning, "Humanitarian Pause" Raised to UNSC

On Ghana, IMF Tells ICP $918M Program Will Be Transparent - But Will It?

On Bangladesh, UN's Ban Goes Upbeat, Peacekeeping Never Answered

Ladsous Refuses ICP Q on Shootings in Mali, AFP & Reuters Blame Rwanda

Ladsous Refuses Press Qs After Peacekeepers Shootings in Mali and Haiti

UNSC Prez, ICP Asks Kawar of Western Sahara, UN Killings in Gao

UN Peacekeepers Killed 3 in Mali With Excessive Force, Merely Sent Home?

UN Won't Confirm Its Cuban Staff Restricted to 25 Mile From Manhattan

Tale of Two UNs, Peace Mural Versus Haiti Cholera, Rapes Covered Up, Mines

Egypt Sentenced 509 to Death in 2014, Obama Releases Jets, Amnesty Report

UNMAS on S. Sudan, Bax to Gaza Without UNOPS Report, Dutch Tender

ICP Probes UN Pension Fund, Asks if Pictet Has Quit, JPMC Conflict, Boykin

In Sudan, UN Quietly Replaced Za'atari After Fight Vow, Silent on Myanmar Charges

On Yemen, UN's Ban on IDP Airstrikes & Hospital Shelling, Silent on Aid Blockade

Obama Hands Egypt Jets, Tanks & Rockets Amid Blockade of Yemen

In Yemen, US Tells ICP No Plans to Evacuate Americans As Others Do

On Yemen IDP Camp Attacked, Zeid Speaks, Ban Silent, Inconvenient Reality

On Yemen IDP Camp Attacked, US Tells ICP Parties Should Minimize Harm

France's UNSC Month, No FDLR Fight, No Gao Report, No Yemen IDP Statement

On Boko Haram UNSC Draft, Chapter VII Not Yet Agreed To, Funding Qs

ICP Asks State Dept, Others, of Airstrikes on Yemen IDP Camp Confirmed by UN

Airstrikes on Yemen IDP Camp Confirmed to ICP by UN, But No Comment

In Yemen, Airstrikes on Haradh IDP Camp Confirmed to ICP by UN, What Next?

In Yemen, Attack on Haradh IDP Camp Confirmed to ICP by UNHCR, UN Silent

In Yemen, UN All-In Amid Reports Harahd IDP Camp Hit 

UN Pension Fund Managers Accused of Fraud by Staff, UN Decay

On Yemen, State Dept in Contact with Benomar, Who's Engaged With Houthis

On Maldives, State Dept Tells ICP Concerned at Conviction, Press Freedom

In Haiti, US to Talk About Elections, Electricity Q UNanswered by IMF

On Burundi, UN's Ban Urges Nkurunziza To Consider "Spirit of Arusha"

On Yemen, State Dept Can't Corroborate Civilian Casualties, ICP Asks of Process

On DRC, ICP Asks Will State Dept Replace Feingold as Envoy, No Announcement

On Haiti, ICP Asks IMF If It Pushes for Cuts to Electricity Subsidies

Lifting 25 Mile Rule on Cuban Diplomats Being Negotiated, State Dept Tells ICP

On Yemen, State Dept Tells ICP No Role for Saleh, No Comment on Sudan

On Yemen, UN's Ban Punts, As IMF Tells ICP First Review Suspended

On Yemen, IMF Tells ICP First Review Suspended, No Houthi Contact

On Yemen, Saudi Airstrikes Begin, US Issues Statement, Here

On Yemen, Saudi Airstrikes Begin Despite Ban on Militarization

At UN, Child Soldiers Grab Bag Has Mali Against MNLA, Sri Lanka Cited

On UNSC Reform, New UfC Paper Calls for Transparency, No New Permanent Seats

On Yemen, Hadi Asks for UNSC Chapter VII Resolution, UNlike Iraq

UN Confirms ICP's Feb 25 Scoop, Mr. Kim To Head UN Disarmament

At UN, Bid to Overturn Same Sex Benefits Fails, Saudi Says UNacceptable

In UN Is Ban Pushing USGs to Get 10% Raise or Just Decompression?

On Yemen, Saudi Talk of Necessary Measures Draws No UN Response

On Yemen, UNSC Presidential Statement Does Not Say Coup But PR Cites Iran

UN Waiver to DRC Generals on LRA But Not FDLR Ignored in "Insight"

On Yemen, US Pulled Remaining Personnel Before UNSC Meeting

On Yemen, Emergency UNSC Meeting After 5 Weeks & Bombings

UN Gave Waiver to DRC Generals on LRA Not FDLR, Won't Say Who Decided

On Ukraine Asking For DPKO, UN Says No Official Request, Won't Deny Meetings

When UN's Ban Called Netanyahu, Some If-Asked Elements Dropped

After UN Gives Waiver for LRA But Not FDLR, ICP Asks Delattre Why

Crimea Meeting Lacks 4 UNSC Members, E. Ukraine Banking Cut-Off Raised

NZ's McLay Tells Press of Proposal For Monitoring Force Intervention Brigade

On Fishermen Shot, Italy FM Says "New Intervention" by Ban, UN Says Position Same

Generals UN Uses As Excuse to Not Fight FDLR Worked With UN Before

On 89 Boys in S. Sudan, ICP Asks & Brown Blames Terrorist War Lord

On Haiti, ICP Asks Honore of "Radical Opposition," Report, Cholera Impunity

On S. Sudan, ICP Asks UNSC Prez of Sanctions, He Says Com'te Soon, Pressure

After Israel Election, UN's Ban Speaks Through If-Asked, Running Scared?

In Haiti, UN's Honore Says "Radical Opposition" Demands Martelly Out

On DPKO Sex Abuse, Ladsous Refuses Press Q, UN Spox Says Internal Report

On Lebanon, Kaag on World Bank & White Phosphorus, Delattre on Killed Peacekeeper

As UN Names Bulgarian to Replace Promoted Slokavian, Next SG to Another Group?

At UN Under Ban, USGs like Ladsous to Get 10% Raise, Entry Level Cut 6%

On Darfur Rapes, Delattre Tells ICP of UNSC Statement, But UNAMID Nov 9

On UN Sex Abuse in Haiti, DRC & S. Sudan, Ladsous Refuses Q

On Covered Up Darfur Rapes, Ladsous Says Lacked Access, Ignoring Press Release

UN Sex Abuse in Haiti Vacation, S. Sudan Camps & DRC Where Posts Are Sold

As DRC Jails Demonstrators, UN Envoy Marks Happiness Day with Ban Ki-moon

ICP Asks of Afghanistan Coordinating Aid, Where UN & Taliban Meet

On Thailand, Ban Ki-moon Inviting General to GA Is Not Prejuding, ICP's Told

Cholera in Haiti Hurts UN, Says Report by IPI Where Ladsous Wouldn't Answer

Douste-Blazy At Crans-Montana Forum in W. Sahara Got Award As UN Official?

Scoop Confirmed, Fear of Car Bomb on FDR Ramp Marks UN Cafeteria for Closure

Afghanistan Tells UN It Wants to Coordinate Its Own Aid, LOFTA Echo

Tony Blair's Conflicts with "UN" Quartet Role Went UNacted on by UN

On Assad, Kerry Says "We Have to Negotiate in the End" - But Not Directly?

On Thailand, ICP Asked UN If Ban Would Raise Coup, Micro Readout

UN Adviser Douste-Blazy At Crans-Montana Forum in W. Sahara, It's Personal

Hypocrisy on UN Human Rights Council Has HRW Praising Sri Lanka Work

UN Peacekeeping Com'te Rift on Ladsous' Drones, Despite Spin

On Thailand, ICP Asks UN If Ban Will Raise Coup to General

In South Sudan, UN Helps State Broadcaster Despite Ladsous Pledge

UN Tells Peacekeepers CAR Is Not Dangerous, To Limit Their Pay

US Not Surprised by Cuba's Venezuela Stand, But What of 25 Mile Rule?

As UN Evaluates (Some) of Itself, Qs of Withheld Audits, Peacekeeping & Fraud

On Ukraine's Request for DPKO, UN Said No Formal Request - But Feb 23 Letter

Fear of Car Bomb on FDR Off-Ramp Marks UN Cafeteria for Closure May 2

After UN Posts Sold by Ivorian DPR, Bamba Ouster Mis-Linked to W. Sahara

On Bangladesh, ICP Asks UN of Salah Uddin Ahmed, Call Reiterated

On Sri Lanka, IMF Tells ICP External Debt Cost's Issue for Creditors, Not It

IMF Says It Will Answer on Yemen After Stabilizes, As Call for Calm in Bangladesh

As In Bangladesh, Security Units Lobby For Torture, UN Uses Them, Silent

With Google as Censor, “Right To Be Forgotten” Loses in IQ2US Debate


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Day before UN Raid, Here's Letter ICP Sent to DPI Officials, Raid as Response?

AFP & Reuters Sought Ouster of Inner City Press from UN, FOIA Shows

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