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As Cameroon Spun UN, Staffer Urged Crackdown, ICP Asked UNHCR, Post Gone, Spin

By Matthew Russell Lee, interviews I, II, video

UNITED NATIONS, September 9 – From Cameroon, officials of Paul Biya's more than 30 year government August 8 met with the UN's Deputy Secretary General Amina J. Mohammed to spin Biya's abuse of Anglophone Southern Cameroons, including cutting off the Internet for 94 days during which the UN stayed largely silent. Now with Paul Biya's army using force including live fire in Kumbo and elsewhere to try to force Anglophone children back into the schools the Biya government has destroyed, the UN is still silent. Through its belated and far too upbeat statements, the UN helps cover this up. On September 5, Inner City Press asked Secretary General Antonio Guterres' three top spokespeople in writing: "In Southern Cameroons, Paul Biya government forces have used live fire, deadly in Kumbo, to try to force Anglophones back into the schools the Yaounde government has alleged destroyed. What is the UN's comment and action, by the Resident Coordinator, Mr Fall, the DSG and SG?" More than a day later, no answer at all. So at the September 6 briefing Inner City Press asked lead spokesman Stephane Dujarric about Kumbo - nothing - and something it first tried to ask UNHCR in writing: a self-described UNHCR "Community Protection Officer" Nadine Njoya born in Yaounde calling Anglophone protesters and urging a "harder repression." Inner City Press then tweeted the photos, here.

Dujarric said he would look into it. But when Inner City Press asked again on September 7, he passed the buck to UNHCR - and the UN transcript, below, edited out Inner City Press saying it HAS asked, or tried to ask, UNHCR (by emailing the photos to Antonio Guterres former spokesperson and adviser Melissa Fleming). So Inner City Press emailed not only Ms. Fleming, the long time spokesperson for now-Secretary General Antonio Guterres, but also three other UNHCR spokespeople, and has just received the response below: "Dear  Matthew, The comments posted were not a UNHCR position and were done in staff member’s personal capacity. Please note that the staff member has since deleted the post, after realizing it was inappropriate and also receiving death threats. We are sharing with you below her response on the issue. “…..I do confirm that I did a comment on Tuesday 05/09 on my personal Facebook account. That comment was to give my opinion on the content of some flyers carrying threatening messages that are currently dispatched by unknown people in my country (Cameroon). I have attached the flyers here to and as you will notice, parents are warned not to send their children to school and the unknown persons behind the flyers, clearly promise to kill the children that would be sent to school or anyone who will not comply with their “ghost town” instruction. Therefore, my comment was to condemn the authors of those 2 flyers, as I felt that the rights of the Cameroonian children to safety, life and education were violated and fear/terror among the population was disseminated! It’s unfortunate that my words were taken out of their context. I do take note of your advice and please be informed that I had to delete my Facebook account yesterday……”  On the Burundian refugee returns from Tanzania: UNHCR stands ready to assist any refugee who expresses the desire to return to Burundi – as long as the decision is voluntary. In a recent meeting with UNHCR on August 1, Burundi and Tanzania reaffirmed their commitment to the principle of voluntary repatriation of refugees. The two countries also acknowledged that while some refugees may opt to return, others may still have well-founded reasons for not returning."

  We'll let it speak for itself, except for asking, When did UNHCR know about this? Why was the question never answered until Inner City Press asked four UNHCR spokespeople? Is this how, for example, UNRWA or even other UN agencies operate? Finally, for our readers to comment on online on Twitter and elsewhere, is UNHRC's and UN's response appropriate? To be continued. From the UN's September 7 transcript: Inner City Press: Question:  Were you able to find on the Cameroon UNHCR staffer…? Spokesman:  "You should ask UNHCR." The UN transcript cut off Inner City Press replying, "I have." Before publishing a word, this was sent to UNHCR's Melissa Fleming: "the attached Facebook screen shots that are causing much concern in Cameroon, at least in the Anglophone areas. They appear to depict a UNHCR Community Based Protection Officer, Nadine Njoya, calling Anglophone activists terrorists and urging harder repression. Note that Cameroon government forces have this week used live fire on civilians in Kumbo and elsewhere. Given the potential of (some) social media to enflame, or to be falsified or taken out of context, I wanted to quickly ask you at UNHCR about this. Please advise." And, Inner City Press tweeted the photos later. Nothing. We'll have more on this.  Last week as the Biya government bans or purports to ban an Anglophone television station, it belatedly stops its entirely unjustified proceedings against Nkongho Felix Agbor-Balla and Fontem Aforteka’a Neba. As noted, others are still languishing in prison. Later on August 30, Secretary General Antonio Guterres or really his spokesman Stephane "The Evicter" Dujarric issued a statements, while refusing to answer actual Press questions about Cameroon: "The Secretary-General welcomes the release in Cameroon of a number of leaders from the South West and North West regions and the dropping of all charges against them following a 30 August order by President Paul Biya. The Secretary-General hopes that this positive step will lead to a further lowering of tensions and strengthened political dialogue. The Secretary-General encourages the Cameroonian authorities to pursue their efforts to address the grievances of the Anglophone community and promote measures of national reconciliation in order to find a durable solution to the crisis. The Secretary-General reiterates the readiness of the United Nations to continue to support such efforts."  On August 29 before noon, Inner City Press asked the top three spokespeople of Mohammed and of Secretary General Antonio Guterres the following: "Following the Deputy Secretary General's meeting with the Cameroon delegation, now the government has in Anglophone Bamenda 'permanently sealed off the affected areas, stopping shop owners being able to reach their businesses' in an attempt to stop non-violent protest. On that and increased deployment of troops in the Anglophone areas a/k/a Southern Cameroon, what is the UN's comment? What follow up has there been?" Hours there, no answer at all from the UN, not even the requested confirmation of receipt. DSG Mohammed left the Security Council with her chief of staff and a UN Security officer who was shown, at the Ng Lap Seng trial, as having accompanied John Ashe on a visit to Ng. We'll have more on this. The UN has quietly disclosed child sexual abuse -- rape -- charges involved the Cameroonian "peacekeeping" contingent in the Central African Republic. Inner City Press first tweeted the UN disclosure, here. What will Amina Mohammed, and Secretary General Antonio Guterres, do about this? On August 25, Inner City Press asked their holdover spokesman Stephane Dujarric, UN transcript here: Inner City Press: on Cameroon.  I know the Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed, after meeting with the delegation of the Biya Government, said she didn't want to use a sledgehammer, but she was going to continue to work on it. And the UK's understanding is that it's somehow on the radar. Given that journalists are now being arrested for just reporting on the Anglophone issue and there were people filmed in an underground prison, three of whom are now near death, what exactly has the UN done on the southern Cameroon issue since this visit to Amina Mohammed… Spokesman:  "The contacts are continuing, and, obviously, our, our principled stand on making sure that people are free to report stands." Later on August 25 Amina Mohammed left the UN, with a polite hello to Inner City Press; but no answers and Inner City Press remains restricted in its movements in the UN, its workspace given to a no-show Egyptian state media. Inner City Press might have asked their holdover spokesman Stephane Dujarric, before the August 23 noon briefing - but Dujarric has refused to even confirm receipt of, much less answer on, UN corruption including this. The UN evicts and still restricts, and doesn't answer its mail. In Cameroon the post Internet cut GCE exam results are in, and they are both unprecedentedly bad, and fraudulent: "The Cameroon General Certificate of Education board, GCEB, has recorded one of the worst results since its creation. According to this year’s ordinary level results, out of 80,212 who registered, only 46, 532 sat for the exams, only 11,770 passed with a percentage pass of 25.29 contrary to last year where 110702 who registered 102, 857 sat for the session and 63,951 passed with a percentage of 62.17. For the Advanced level, the results released earlier on Friday August 11, is extremely low with success rate of 35.52 and 22.36 for both the general and technical fields respectively. Out of the 33037 candidates who sat for the exams, only 11670 passed. The results witnessed a drastic drop compared to 2016 were the percentage passed was 66.52. Many have blamed the poor results on the anglophone crisis which paralyzed learning activities for many schools in English speaking Cameroon." And from the UN, after the spin trip, nothing. On August 9 as Inner City Press asked UK Ambassador Matthew Rycroft about Southern Cameroons, Reuters cut off the question and Rycroft walked away. His acting spokesperson said the question would be answered after checking with the High Commission. While Inner City Press persisted and asked Rycroft again on August 10 - he said the issue is on the UN's radar, where it should be - the question to / of the High Commission remained, as now does the issues of Southern Cameroonians' protest of the Biya spin-tour right on London. High Commissioner Brian Olley has  reportedly, but not confirmed, that he raised human rights issues to Paul Biya. Meanwhile London Stock Exchange traded "Victoria Oil & Gas Plc is engaged in gas exploration, production and distribution in Cameroon." On August 14, the lead spokesman for Rycroft, now away for two weeks, returned and replied, "I understand the Ambassador answered your question on Cameroon last week," while referring to "major international outlets" which it seems never asked Rycroft or him about Cameroons and its Anglophone regions, or incoming High Commissioner Rowan James Laxton. We'll have more on this. On August 10, only by waiting in the UN lobby from which was was UNable on August 8 to pursue the story as non-censored UN correspondents could, Inner City Press asked Mohammed, who said it is not her approach to use a sledgehammer, here.  But even the next day, August 11, Paul Biya's government reportedly detained and disappeared a Southern Cameroonian coming in from Japan, Oliver Ntungfor. And there are others detained underground in secret prisons in Yaounde, while the streets of Bamenda are mud due to Biya's under-development, as he send only soldiers. (The UN Committee against Torture says it will considering Cameroon - but not until its November 6 - December 6 session.) There are even ghoulish calls for Biya to use chemical weapons. Amina Mohammed and Secretary General Antonio Guterres are the recipients of a number of related communications like the one below, and this. On the afternoon of August 8, Inner City Press asked the Biya delegation if for example their imprisonment of ex-UN legal adviser Felix Agbor Balla was addressed. No, they said. It was not that kind of meeting. Video here. They ascended to the second floor, where Inner City Press unlike other no-show UN correspondents was not allow to follow them. This was explained to a UN official later on August 8, and we will have more on that, particularly given that the UN declined to even say who beyond Mohammed met with Biya's spinners. On August 9 Inner City Press' question on Cameroon to UK Ambassador Matthew Rycroft was cut off by Reuters' correspondent, here. Inner City Press asked Rycroft again on August 10, video here, UK transcript here: Inner City Press: Amina Mohammed also on Tuesday met with this delegation from Cameroon. I just wanted to get your thoughts on whether the UN should be doing more, could be doing more? Have you seen a read out?
Amb Rycroft: Obviously I wasn’t in the meeting myself but I was very glad to hear that the delegation were here and they had a meeting with Amina Mohammed. I think that demonstrates that the UN is keeping it on their radar as they should and I support that.

  The day before on Cameroon, Inner City Press responded to the UK request for the cut-off question with: "Since Amb Rycroft has previously said that the UK monitors the situation in Cameroon's Anglophone areas, where the Internet was cut off for 94 days this year and many leaders still arrested facing the death penalty, what does the UK think of the Yaounde delegation that came to the UN yesterday? They said that the continued detention of ex-UN legal adviser Felix Agbor Balla did not come up. Should the UN do more? What is the UK's position on this situation in the Anglophone regions sometimes called Southern Cameroons?" Hours later, from the now re-staffed UK Mission, this: I’m currently double checking with our High Commission in Cameroon overnight and will get back to you tomorrow." Watch this site. At the noon briefing on August 9, Inner City Press asked asked UN Spokesman Dujarric, about why Agbor Balla wasn't raised, if the Biya government's torture documented by Amnesty International came up, and if anyone from UN Human Rights was there (seems not). August 9 video here. From the UN transcript: Inner City Press: the individuals that attended from the Cameroon side, when they came down, they said that, for example, the imprisonment of UN… former UN legal adviser Felix Agbor Balla did not come up; it was not that type of meeting.  So, I wanted to ask you — I mean, I’ve read it several times, the readout — if it didn’t come up, if the imprisonment of a former UN legal adviser didn’t come up, can you explain why that would be?  Did it… did…  And just one other thing.

Spokesman:  Yeah, go ahead.

Inner City Press:  There’s also been a recent, non-related to the Anglophone areas but to the country itself, this Amnesty report of torture in military bases related to the fight against… the Government says Boko Haram.  That seems like a pretty serious report from a highly credible organization, and it just… can you… if you don’t… can you find out whether that came and up and whether Mr. [Andrew] Gilmour or anyone on the human rights side of the organization attended this meeting?

Spokesman:  The Deputy Secretary-General represented the organization in the meeting.  I think the readout we gave you was fairly extensive.  We have in the past and reiterate our concern of the continuing detention of Anglophone leaders, any and all Anglophone leaders. And I think the readout was very clear in the issues that were discussed.  We don’t go into detail, verbatim detail, as to what points were discussed, but I think the readout gives you a pretty strong readout of the issues that were raised and our concern at these issues.

Inner City Press: It says the Government… welcomes the steps taken by the Government, and given that most… people… at least, you know, from… from what it seems from here, many people in the Anglophone areas don’t… don’t see those steps and see their leaders still imprisoned.  [inaudible]

Spokesman:  I think we have seen some steps in the right direction and as… I would refer you back to the readout.

  From the August 8 UN noon briefing transcript: Spokesman Dujarric: Cameroon while your… while Periscope is on.

Inner City Press: The meeting's taking place today at 12:30 p.m. with the DSG, I wanted to ask you, apparently, there's not a photo op, so could you--

Spokesman:  There will be a UN photographer there, and those photos, as you well know, are available, free of charge for your website.

Inner City Press:  Sure, but who else is attending on the UN side?

Spokesman:  There will be a readout, and the Deputy Secretary-General will be leading the UN delegation.  If we're able to release other names, we shall.

Inner City Press:  Can she… is there some way, either on the way out in some way, she can answer questions

   But this did not take place, as Inner City Press explained. Instead for now this read-out from the UN, with no mention even of the UN's own Agbor Balla: "Readout of the Deputy Secretary-General’s meeting with a delegation led by Prof. Paul Ghogomu, Director of Cabinet of the Prime Minister of Cameroon: On 8 August, the Deputy Secretary-General met with a delegation led by Prof. Paul Ghogomu, Minister and Director of Cabinet of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Cameroon. They discussed the internal situation in the Republic of Cameroon, particularly in the Anglophone regions. The Deputy Secretary-General welcomed the efforts being undertaken by the Government to de-escalate tensions and highlighted the importance of further confidence building measures, including ensuring that justice is given to all and that human rights are upheld and respected, and noting that those responsible for rule of law are to be held to a higher standard. The Deputy Secretary-General also reiterated the willingness of the United Nations, through the good offices of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Central Africa and Head of the United Nations Regional Office for Central Africa (UNOCA), Mr. François Louncény Fall, and the United Nations country team, to support inclusive dialogue efforts to address the outstanding root causes of the tensions in the affected regions. The Deputy Secretary-General commended Cameroon for its generosity towards refugees from Central African Republic and Nigeria and conveyed that the United Nations looks forward to working with Cameroon, Nigeria and Chad to reintegrate those affected, especially women, youth and children. The Deputy Secretary-General and Prof. Ghogomu also discussed the 2030 Agenda and the United Nations development system reform, as well as the situation in the Bakassi Peninsula and the fight against Boko Haram. "

   Previously, Mohammed attended Biya's long time UN Ambassador's celebration of independence day, video here, which is seen quite differently in the Anglophone zone, from which a delegation met with a representative of the UN's genocide prevention office. Inner City Press on August 7 asked that at least some coverage of DSG Mohammed's meeting be allowed, and a read-out given. Mohammed and her chief of staff Nelson Muffuh have been made aware, repeatedly, of the UN's restrictions on the Press, which have yet to be reversed: Inner City Press is still Banned. Their acting head of (partial) "Global Communications" Maher Nasser, when asked, would not explain the restrictions still on Inner City Press compared to free access to no-show sycophants, here. This has been sent to Mohammed and Guterres: "Your Excellency, Amina J. Mohammed, Sanction the Republic of Cameroon for Crimes Bordering on Genocide in Southern Cameroons
On the occasion of your meeting today at the UN HQs with a three-person delegation from the Republic of
Cameroon, we write on behalf of the Sovereign People of Southern Cameroons, to urge you to:  1. Reject the campaign of lies that brings this delegation to the UN HQs. Their lone objective is to falsely link organizations using peaceful, non-violent, legal and diplomatic means to restore the independence of Southern Cameroons to acts of terror, to acts of violence and arson perpetrated by
agents of the Republic of Cameroon in the desperate hope of giving our movements a bad name. 2. Remind the Republic of Cameroon of its obligations to abide by UN Resolutions, including notably UNGA 1608 adopted on 21st April 1961 (50 YES votes, 21 NO votes, 6 abstentions) granting independence to Southern Cameroons (which should become effective the 1st of October 1961). 3. End the illegal military occupation of our homeland by Colonial Cameroun which is similar to the occupation (in 1975) of East Timor by Indonesia and the occupation of Spanish Sahara by Morocco. 4. Reiterate the inalienable right of Southern Cameroonians to self-determination and our right to peaceful separation from the Republic of Cameroon (independent on 1st January 1960) as laid out under Principles VII & VIII of UNGA Resolution 1541 of 15th December 1960.
5. Call for the immediate and unconditional release of all our civilian leaders abducted, held in dungeons and political prisons of Colonial Cameroun and facing trial on trumped charges before a kangaroo military tribunal in a foreign language and under a legal system foreign to theirs. 6. Deploy a UN fact-finding mission as well as UN Peacekeepers to put an end to recolonization (which
violates Article 4(b) of the African Union Constitutive Act), to end collective punishment, prevent crimes against humanity and acts bordering on a Rwanda-type genocide in Southern Cameroons. 7. Sanction Colonial Cameroun for violations of UN Resolutions against colonization and external domination of other people; for violations of Articles 19-24 of the African Charter on Human and
Peoples’ Right; and to oblige them to recognize the gravity of the ongoing crisis of sovereignty in the
Cameroons instead of downplaying it as a mere issue of linguistic differences and minority rights." From the UN's August 7 transcript: Inner City Press: I'm awaiting an update, I think, from you about Cameroon.  You'd said that you would have something on Monday on this visit.  And I'm asking because Paul Biya Government has also sent similar trios to Brussels, where they were met with protests, to South Africa, where they didn't meet opponents.  So, here at the UN, who are they going to meet with?

Spokesman:  My understanding is that they will meet with the Deputy Secretary-General.

Inner City Press:  Do you know what day?

Spokesman:  No.  We can find out.

Inner City Press: Will it be on her schedule?  And is there some way to either get a readout or…?

Spokesman:  We'll see what… it will be… I mean, there's no… well…  Clearly, if I'm saying it, if I'm confirming it publicly, it will be on her schedule.  And we'll see what comes out of the meeting.

Inner City Press: Can it be a photo op, as well?

Spokesman:  We'll see what comes out. 

  We'll have more on this. Amid reports that the UN is providing electoral assistance in Cameroon, where Paul Biya has ruled for more than 30 years, Inner City Press on July 27 asked UN Deputy Spokesman Farhan Haq about the assistance, and for a read-out of a reported meeting between UN Genocide Prevention official Adama Dieng and a delegation from Southern Cameroons. Video here, from Minute 17:25. Haq claimed there is UN electorial role - seemingly false - and said that Dieng rarely gives read-outs. In fact, as Inner City Press learned after waiting to speak to the delegation, it was not Dieng but his assistant Mr. Castro they met with. Periscope of interview(s) here, with Ms. Caleche Bongo and others. Photo here. Now the Paul Biya government is sending its own three-person delegation to the US from August 3 to 9 to try to spin how well it is treating the Anglophones, despite arrests and abuse. A similar trio of Biya spinners sent to Belgium ran in to a buzz-saw of protest on August 5. Video here. It was composed of Laurent Esso, "Keeper of the Seals," Lejeune Mbella Mbella, Minister of External Relations, and Tanyitiku Enoh Achuo, PM Office attaché. Reportedly another team of spinners is headed to the UK. In New York, Inner City Press on Augut 4 asked lead UN Spokesman Stephane Dujarric, UN transcript here: Inner City Press: I'm asking this because there's kind of a deadline on it.  The Cameroon Government is sending these three individuals, they say, it's, as their formal letter to Tommo Monthé saying they're coming to UN Headquarters.  You said you'd check with the usual suspects.  Have you heard…?

Spokesman:  Yes, I will have probably more for you, more on that for you on Monday.

  We'll be waiting. The delegation will be made up of Fabien Nkot, Ghogomu Paul Mingo and Elvis Ngolle Ngolle. On August 1, after reporting this, Inner City Press asked lead UN Spokesman Stephane Dujarric, UN transcript here: Inner City Press: on Cameroon.  Last week, I'd asked Farhan about a meeting that was held by southern Cameroonians with, it was supposed to be with Mr. Adama Dieng, but it turned out to be with somebody called Mr. Castro.  I would still like to ask for a readout on that and the reason is now the Paul Biya Government has announced they are sending a delegation of three to the UN between, and I guess to Washington, so I wanted to know, I guess, in advance, since given that this issue and what you have said from the podium here, is it possible to know with whom… I mean I can give you the names of the people that are coming, who they are going to meet with and what the…?

Spokesman:  I can find out but obviously, hopefully they will tell you who they are going to meet with because there a lot of people they can meet here, but I will check the usual suspects.

  The usual suspects, indeed. After Inner City Press repeatedly asked UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and his spokesman about Cameroon's Internet cut-off and abuses, the UN's answer after its Resident Coordinator Najat Rochdi was shown to block the Press and then left for the Central African Republic was that the UN Office on Central Africa (UNOCA) envoy Francois Lounceny Fall would be visiting in May. This turned out to be misleading like so much with today's UN system, including UNDP and the UN's media "partners." While on July 27 Felix Aghbor Balla and others Inner City Press has repeatedly asked the UN about are hauled back into court, in the UN a group which never asked about Cameroon and actively got Inner City Press thrown out and still restricted says it is hosting the "Southern Cameroons Public Affairs Committee." But this UN Correspondents Association UNCA is a group which, when Inner City Press sought to covering their event (video here) in the UN Press Briefing Room to see if they discussed having taken full page ads from an entity owned by UN bribery indictee Ng Lap Seng got UN Spokesman Stephane Dujarric and then DPI Cristina Gallach to evict Inner City Press (audio here, video here) and restrict it still. Only at the UN. We'll have more on this. While in New York the UN belatedly answered Inner City Press with another statement of concern for the Anglophone areas, it was quietly conferring with the Yaounde racket run for more than thirty years by Paul Biya, rigger of many elections. Among the tellingly quiet UN team: Francis Nadjita - one step down from UNOCA's Francois "Failing" Fall - and Pascale Roussy. They were told, again, about the abuse of Anglophones the UN has so long cooperated in. Yet have they said anything? We'll have more on this.  The UN at the highest level is enabling the abuses. UN Office on West Africa director Chambas, when Inner City Press asked him about Cameroon forces killing 97 Nigerians and abuses of Anglophones, said to focus on "bigger ticket items" - Boko Haram. Video here from 8:25. But in that fight, as exposed in detailed by Amnesty International, Paul Biya's forces engage in torture, in the Salak base with French military presence. As to UNESCO, while its 2015 field report on the Dja Reserve, where Hevea’s plantation is having a negative environmental impact, is being cited, why has UNESCO done so little for people in Cameroon, specifically in Southern Cameroons about the scam GCE exam? We'll have more on this. As to UNDP, its Acting Resident Representative in Cameroon.Jean Victor Bouri Sanhouid has been bragging about the agency's work against poverty in the country, on this UNDP entirely French website. UNDP hosts the website of the UN's country team in Cameroon, here - and see this Patreon video, the short interview with Southern Cameroonians on July 11 outside the UN gates. On July 13 the 97 killed by Cameroon were dismissed at the UN in favor of the "bigger ticket item" of Boko Haram. Video here from 8:25. Inner City Press asked the UN's genocide adviser, on the margins of a meeting about religion, about the murder of Bishop Bala as well as other topics - on which he answered, without mentioning Cameroon. Here, near end. Paul Biya, meanwhile, was said to use his Bastille Day letter to lobby to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron, just after the latter's speech decrying African women for having "seven children." Macron video here, and here Inner City Press' question to the French Mission, the talking points of which are passed through by some feting the Mission in New York. Ah, la Franco-Phony. On July 10 when Inner City Press asked UN Spokesman Stephane Dujarric about these 97 dead, he said he'd heard nothing of it, and declined to comment when Inner City Press asked about the conditions in prison for former UN legal adviser Felix Agbor Balla. Two days later on July 12, after Inner City Press interviewed people from Southern Cameroons in front of the UN, the full Inner City Press Periscope interview is here. We'll have more on this. On July 8 Inner City Press asked, where is UN Deputy Secretary General Amina J. Mohammed, who earlier said she was working on the issue of abuse of Anglophones by Cameroun, on this? And if beyond the UN there's belated recognition of the abuses in Bakassi by Paul Biya's forces, what about those in Southern Cameroons? As if in another parallel Francophone universe, France's Ambassador to Yaounde Gilles Thibault blithely tweets vacation pictures from l'Alliance Francaise in Bamenda, here. Droits de l'homme, indeed. Meanwhile, the Yaounde government is cutting itself further in on gas and oil profits, this time without irony with a UK firm: "Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG), a British oil and gas operator who until now fully owned Gaz du Cameroon (GDC), a company exploiting the Logbaba gas field, thus commented on the alliance VOG recently signed with Société Nationale des Hydrocarbures (SNH). Through this share agreement, the public company, serving as the extension of the Cameroonian State in the oil and gas sector, now owns a 5% shareholding. The agreement stipulates that SNH is now the beneficiary of 5% of revenues resulting from the sale of hydrocarbons of Logbaba, and should also now cover 5% of the operating expenses." We'll have more on this. There is also bragging about La Republique de Cameroun's export of hydrocarbons from Southern Cameroons, soon via a liquified natural gas platform off Kribi: "Keppel Offshore & Marine's subsidiary, Keppel Shipyard will soon deliver the world’s first converted Floating Liquefaction Vessel (FLNGV), which has been named Hilli Episeyo at a ceremony today. Hilli Episeyo is owned by Golar Hilli Corporation, a subsidiary of Golar LNG. Upon its completion, the vessel will be put in operation offshore Kribi, Cameroon for Société Nationale des Hydrocarbures and Perenco Cameroon SA." This is disgusting. As is this: today's UN doesn't even stand up for its own former staff in Cameroon. On June 29, Inner City Press asked UN Spokesman Stephane Dujarric, UN transcript here: Inner City Press: I wanted to know whether the Secretary-General has considered speaking with President Paul Biya.  And I ask because I’ve seen, as I’m sure you have, the reports that he did reach out to Iran about a former UN staff member, Baqer Namazi, asking for humanitarian release.  And there’s a UN staff member who’s on trial with the death penalty in Cameroon called Agbor Balla.  So I’m just wondering, one, can you… will you… what can you confirm or say about his… his communications to Iran?  And, two, is this a policy on his part?

Spokesman:  No, I’m not going to get into the details of private conversations; the Secretary-General may have private communications.  The welfare of UN staff that is… that are detained, that may be detained anywhere, is of concern to us.

  Really? During a UN event on Education on June 28, UNESCO's Irina Bokova was scheduled to give a press conference; Inner City Press went with a question about Cameroon's GCE education system. But Bokova did not come, sending instead her deputy Qian Tang. Inner City Press asked him about the Internet cut-off, the undermining of the GCE system. UNESCO's Tang replied that UNESCO talks with governments. Video here. But what have they done about Cameroon? The UN in Cameroon maintains a website that is all in French, and still lists Rochdi as Resident Coordinator. Now amid reports that La Republic de Cameroun has locked up American citizen Fabian Fomuki, the UN through UN Women is "partnering" with Coca-Cola in Yaounde, saying it will empower women. Women in Southern Cameroons? Seems not: Yaounde and Douala only. Meanwhile the Ambazonia Doves took part, along with West Papua and others, in the UNPO football pools in The Hague. Tweeted photo here. After Guterres' holdover spokesman Stephane Dujarric refused to even answer Inner City Press if failing Fall would take questions - he didn't, even after meeting Guterres on June 16 - we find that the UN's website for Cameroon STILL on June 17 lists Rochdi as Resident Coordinator, with an "a.i." (ad interim) from Congo Brazzaville, Félicité Tchibindat. Tweeted photo here. Despite the issues, the website has no link for English. This is diplomatic malpractice. Who will be held accountable? Should be Dujarric, Fall, Guterres and his team. On June 15, Inner City Press asked France's Permanent Representative to the UN Frnacois Delattre about the briefing - he answered that he had not attended it, nor was he ready to comment on the report, which was dated May 31. Video here.  Tellingly, the French Mission to the UN omitted this Cameroon Q&A from its transcript, even though it's on UNTV, from Minute 2:26, here. We'll have more on this. For two days, Antonio Guterres' holdover spokesman Stephane Dujarric refused to answer questions. Lonseny Fall refused to do a question and answer stakeout. On June 14, Inner City Press asked Dujarric, UN transcript here: Inner City Press: And can I ask you, on Cameroon, I'd emailed you this in advance of the thing yesterday.  I wanted to know whether… whether Mr. [Francois] Louncény Fall… because, in reading the written report, it referred to things as if the turning on of the Internet ended the issues, and in fact, things continue, that there's a bishop, Jean-Marie Benoît Bala, people there says he was murdered.  So, I'm wondering, did this come up in the closed-door briefing by Mr. Fall?  Can Mr. Fall have a press conference or a stakeout as Parfait [Onanga-Anyanga] did?  Is there some way to know…?

Spokesman Dujarric:  We'll see what we can get. 

  As the day ended and Dujarric's office closed, nothing. Nothing again. The UN is a fraud. The two days before, Inner City Press asked in writing: " on the UNOCA report, please state who WERE the leaders Paul Biya was 'willing to dialogue with' either – the ones in detention or the interim ones." No answer at all. A review of UNOCA's website finds its most recent magazine is from 2015, photo here, and the link to its May 31, 2017 report (excerpted below) didn't work. Failing Fall doesn't mention Agbor Balla history as a UN legal adviser, now facing the death penalty for non-violent opposition, nor this: "the report fails to mention how the President contacted the Consortium (which by March had long been outlawed by Biya’s government) and also given that its leaders were abruptly arrested in the middle of talks with the government on January 17. It also does not mention who were the leaders President Biya was “willing to dialogue with” either – the ones in detention or the interim ones." Three months after Inner City Press publicly asked the UN at its noon briefing about Rochdi blocking the Press on Twitter, she has replied: "if it was done it was not on purpose." This is absurd: to block is a choice, and it was publicly asked about at the UN's own noon briefing. (Much) worse, Rochdi now says she worked very hard on the "Anglopphone" [sic] crisis. Photo here. There is no evidence at all of that. This is today's UN.

While the UN Security Council visited Cameroon during the 94 day Internet cut off and said nothing publicly about it (but see below), Inner City Press has obtained and has exclusively published on Patreon and now Scribd, here Cameroon's "Urgent and Confidential" letter to the UN Security Council, about weapons. On May 23, Inner City Press went to the New York event for Cameroon's "National" Day, which was boycotted in the Anglophone regions of the country. In New York, however, UN Deputy Secretary General Amina J. Mohammad and Antonio Guterres' Chef de Cabinet Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti attended, along with French Permanent Representative to the UN Francois Delattre, Burundi's Albert Shingiro and others. Video here.

 Periscope inside was not possible due, ironically, to a lack of Internet. There were toasts in French for Chantalle Biya and for the UN officials; on the way out UN staffers told Inner City Press it was sure to criticize them. What matters, as always, is what happens going forward. Italy is a member of the Security Council this year, and on the morning of May 18 including in light of Italian President Mattarella's meetings this year with Cameroon's 34 year president Paul Biya, Inner City Press asked Italy's Mission to the UN: "your Mission was part of the Security Council's trip including to Cameroon earlier this year, during the country's 94-day Internet shut off to millions of people in the Northwest and Southwest (or Anglophone) regions. The IMF, for what it's worth, told Inner City Press the government's Internet cut off is among other things a financial risk in 2017. Could you comment on your Mission's aware of the issue, during the Security Council visit to Cameroon and since, and on whether you believe the Secretary General and DPA, as a matter of prevention of conflict, may have a greater role to play in this long-standing, UN-related conflict or dispute?" Eight hours later, the Italian Mission's spokesperson Giovanni Davoli replied on Cameroon that "the situation you are mentioning was not in the agenda of the UNSC visit." To his credit, Swedish diplomat Carl Skau tells Inner City Press, "I can confirm that the issue was raised by the delegation in meetings." Now Italy's spokesman insists, "I confirm: it was not in the agenda of the visit. Whether it was raised, it is another matter on which I have no elements." Meanwhile, party in interest France has yet to respond.

Exclusive: From Cameroon to UNSC, "Urgent & Confidential" Memo About Weapons, Copter, Here by Matthew Russell Lee on Scribd

This comes amid reports that armaments Cameroon got ostensibly to fight Boko Haram have been spotted in the Anglophone regions. On May 2 when Inner City Press told the UN's spokesman Stephane Dujarric that it had a question on Cameroon, he walked off the podium, as he has done before. He and the UN Department of Public Information, whose Cameroon mis-information is profiled below, worked together to evict and still restrict Inner City Press.


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