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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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US 9th Circuit Dismisses Climate Change Lawsuit While UNSG Guterres Flies to Lisbon Again

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon, Thread Video
Honduras - The Source - The Root - etc

SDNY COURTHOUSE, Jan 17 – A major climate change lawsuit has been shot down by the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. From their summary in JULIANA V. UNITED STATES: "The panel reluctantly concluded that the plaintiffs’ case must be made to the political branches or to the electorate at large. District Judge Staton dissented, and would affirm the district court.  Judge Staton wrote that plaintiffs brought suit to enforce the most basic structural principal embedded in  our system of liberty: that the Constitution does not condone the Nation’s willful destruction.  She would hold that plaintiffs have standing to challenge the government’s conduct, have articulated claims under the Constitution, and have presented sufficient evidence to press those claims at trial."

During the trial that convicted Tony Hernandez, the brother of Honduras' president Juan Orlando Hernandez (JOH), on all four counts of guns and narcotics trafficking and false statements, the drug ledgers of one Nery Orlando López Sanabria a/k/a Magdaleno were used by the SDNY prosecutors.

  Here is an Inner City Press tweeted photo of notebook mentioning "JOH," in Spanish. Inner City Press repeated asked the United Nations, in New York and Geneva, for  comment. Now since November 2 the UN's "human rights" office in Honduras has refused to even confirm receipt.  Funding should be cut off to Guterres' UN - now he's getting Chapo's money. And, relatedly, refusing to answer Press questions about the release of Chapo's son, here.

  While UNSG Antonio Guterres has refused to answer any of banned Inner City Press' questions about Honduras after he praised JOH after meeting with him in September 2019, saying the two had met not about corruption but climate change, now on December 2 both will be in Madrid for United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP25).

The event was moved due to protests in Santiago, Chile of which Guterres took note while ignoring those in Honduras. Guterres spent days in Lisbon on the public dime, after flying there on Air Chapo (with money from thence) - while on Novmeber 29 his spokesmen did not answer even one of Inner City Press' written questions. Guterres is corrupt. We'll have more on this.

  Now later in November a son of Miguel Arnulfo Valle, Josue David Caceres Aguilar, has been shot and killed. Silence is consent: the UN thanking JOH for $50,000 presumably in El Chapo funds was emboldening. What will the UN say now? Inner City Press has asked, in writing. Watch this site.

A week after the Tony Hernandez guilty verdict in the SDNY court, Magdaleno was murdered in a supposedly maximum security prison in Santa Barbara, Honduras.

  The video are very troubling [WARNING] including the guards letting the killers in, here.

  UNSG Antonio Guterres refused all Press questions about Honduras during the trial and in the nine days since the verdict. On October 29 Inner City Press has asked: "what are the comments and actions of Guterres on the video taped killing of Nery Orlando López a/k/a Magdaleno Meza Fúnez, whose notebooks were used to convict Presidential brother Tony Hernandez in the SDNY court this month? Now Reinero Valle has, as Madgaleno had before his assassination, asked to be moved out of that El Pozo prison due to threats to silence him as a witness, so far without response to his lawyer Nazario Luque? Again, immediately provide the report / read-out of Guterres' four person panel sent to Honduras, and complete read out of his meeting with JOH." Now as of November 2, as Guterres presumptively uses El Chapo's money via JOH to visit strongmen leaders in Turkey and Thailand then, uncontested, waste money at his real home in Lisbon, nothing. Total corrupt.

This while Guterres' UN, despite its protestations and misuse of the concept, enable fake news in Honduras.

   On October 27 a publication in Honduras said the UN office of human rights has said nothing. But nothing had been emailed out to its press list, and nothing could be found on its website in Geneva - it turns out news it doesn't want anyone or at least not the drug funded dictators it answers to see it, it puts on obscure sub-sites, see below.

At 9 am on October 28 Geneva time Inner City Press in writing asked UN "High Commissioner for Human Rights" Michelle Bachelet and her spokesman Rupert Colville this: "Hello, this is a Press request for OHCHR / Bachelet comment on the murder, on video, in Honduras of 'Magdeleno' whose drug trafficking notebook were used in recent SDNY conviction of Presidential brother Tony Hernandez, a trial Inner City Press covered every day. See video of killing here.

   Specifically, it appears that the guards open the doors to the killer, who somehow had a gun inside a maximum security prison. The decedent had asked to be moved.

    Inner City Press while reporting on all this while banned from any entry of the UN for over 48[6] days is asking your Office because of reports in Honduras that your Office somehow, somewhere spoke on this - if so, where, and why was Inner City Press not sent the information given that it covers this issue and has submitted dozens of questions on it to SG Guterres, USG Melissa Fleming and Spokesman Stephane Dujarric, with no answer at all despite UN's statement to Special Rapporteur David Kaye that Inner City Press' written questions were being and would be answered, here. And see here.    Since Inner City Press and I have been excluded from OHCHR events in the UN by this no due process ban, please also explain why Commissioner Bachelet has said and done nothing about the UN Press ban, despite it being raised to her from Day 1 of her Administration.  On deadline,  Matthew Russell Lee, Esq., Inner City Press Past (and future?) Office at UN: Room S-303, UN HQ, NY NY 10017."

   Four days nothing. So did Bachelet, who is rarely at work, speak? By not answering to confirm or deny that this UN office spoke, Colville and Bachelet are complicit in the very "fake news" and propaganda they purport to denounce. They have allowed their unfettered prejudices (in Colville's case, all the way back to Zeid and the Office helping China to identify critics, for murder) and support of corrupt Guterres to bring them this low.

  Now perhaps worse, we have found the UN- and now presumptively Chapo-funded UNOHR office in Honduras has been whispering on its website, which stayed entirely silent during and about the trial. The site telling has more hits for job-searches than its "news."

  It's by a restaurant (not Denny's) - "Col Castaño Sur, Ave. Castaño Sur, House # 2911. References Former headquarters of the Embassy of Ecuador, next to Restaurante Loca Luna." Inner City Press  formally requested to be sent all of its "news" going forward, and for the publicly funded office to confirm receipt of this request, receiving from the Press which covered the Honduras narco trial every day from the SDNY court house. Three days later, no response at all this to - as Guterres and Bachelet corrupt the entire UN: "From: Matthew R. Lee <> Date: Sat, Nov 2, 2019 at 8:11 AM Subject: Formal Press request to be sent all statements by UNOHC about Honduras, its President and presumptive links to narco-traffickers, please immediately confirm receipt To: <><>   Hello. Inner City Press closely covered the SDNY trial of Tony Hernandez, the brother of Honduras' president, and reported on the evidence including notebooks introduced showing President JOH taking money from narco-traffickers.     When I was sent a news report that the UN had spoken about the related killed of Magdaleno in ostensibly maximum security prison, I immediately asked UNOHC if it was true that the UN had spoken.   I have receipt no answer at all.    This is a formal request that your Office send Inner City Press, in real time, all of its statements on these topics.   Please immediately confirm receipt.  Thank you for your prompt attention. Matthew Russell Lee, Esq., Inner City Press"

We'll have more on this - it is how Guterres' UN operates, taking money from bribers, criminal and dictators, roughing up and banning the Press that asks, then using the blood money to whisper for no one. We'll continue on this.

  Even if Bachelet and Colville belatedly respond, this is classic Guterres: prop up an abusive ruler then have a lower profile part of the UN mouth concern. Except here, it's not even clear that has happened. Impeachment needed.

Associated Press in Tegucigalpa produced a short story which does not mention that the video show the guard opening that red metal door, instead saying "Prison officials said Nery López Sanabria, also known as Magdaleno Meza Fúnez, was ambushed by other inmates in El Pozo prison on Saturday. His lawyer, Carlos Chajtur, blamed the Honduran government.  He was the alleged business partner of ex-congressman Antonio "Tony" Hernández, the president's younger brother, who was found guilty of drug trafficking in a New York jail earlier in October.   Nearly a dozen notebooks belonging to López Sanabria appeared as evidence in the trial." Ambush, yes - but facilitated by the authorities. We'll have more on this.


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