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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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In DC Insurrection Case Grider Wins Pre Trial Release To Waco and Pleads Not Guilty

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon Podcast
BBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - ESPN

FEDERAL COURT, Feb 22– During closing arguments of the impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate, insurrectionist Thomas Edward Caldwell was ordered detained until trial by District Judge Amit P. Mehta. Inner City Press live tweeted it, here and below. (US v. Caldwell affidavit on Patreon here).

 Now on February 22 Christopher Grider, who was present with Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed and gave his helmet to a man who smashed open the window, was ordered free pending his trail. Inner City Press live tweeted it here:

Grider's lawyer: My client came to DC to hear his president one last time. He had no idea it would turn into this. January 6 will remain a tragic day. But we don't fix one tragedy by creating another one. Christopher Grider did not come to DC with a plan

Grider's lawyer: DOJ had a back and forth with Mr. Grider before I even came on the case. They knew where he was. If there was a danger -- Judge: That's not the test of dangerousness. There's a presumption of dangerousness here.

Grider's lawyer: He backed up his video from his cell phone to his computer. He preserved the information; he did not obstruct justice. But he was worried: people in the community had threatened him. 

Judge: So what is his responsibility. How was his helmet used?

Grider's lawyer: There's no indication that he came there with the helmet. He found it, then carried it with him for his own protection. He may have handed it off - or taken - but he was engaged in dialogue with the police. He didn't say, Take this and do harm

 Grider's lawyer: I understand this is frustrating, but nothing in the video shows he is a danger. Judge: That's not how the statute and presumption work. [Things are not looking good for Grider. Another case, before DDC Magistrate Judge Meriweather, may start soon

 Judge: What conditions would you be proposing for Mr. Grider, if I were to release him? Grider's lawyer: Home confinement and daily check ins with the authorities. Judge: I'm not sure they would want to hear from him that frequently.

 On Grider: AUSA: He watched the other individual break down the windows with the protection and weaponization of the helmet. Mr. Grider is the first to rush to the door. He can't wrap himself in the mantle of reaching out to government when it was self-serving

 AUSA: Mr. Grider claims he was there to protect monuments. But he went on TV and provided footage. We learned the defendant asked to get rid of his Trump things. These are identifying items.  That his strategy wasn't effective doesn't change anything.

Grider's lawyer (last rebuttal before Judge takes 5 minute break then rules) -- Even the Waco TV reporter he spoke to is willing to come forward and testify in his favor.

 Judge Ketanji B. Jackson is back, to rule, says: I have reviewed the video footage.  Mr. Grider seemed to suggest that the police should step aside. The crowd swelled; Mr. Grider did not disassociate himself from the mob. Judge: Mr. Grider gave his helmet to a particularly aggressive man. Then Ashli Babbitt tried to claim through, and was shot. Later Mr. Grider told Waco TV Mr. Trump had asked him to go to DC. He said he thought coming to DC was the least he could do

 Judge: Mr. Grider has been indicted on 7 counts. The court's focus, de novo, is whether Mr. Grider is a danger to the community. I want you all to understand that this is a close call, perhaps the closest I have seen since I have been on the bench.

 Judge: I have looked at the tapes and they are much more inculpatory than exonerating. I watched in horror and asked, How close can a person be to lynch mob acts by others and claim to be not a danger?

Judge: He was right there. Right there, next to those to those engaged in these kind of activities. He was not a mere bystander. Sure he wasn't hitting the glass. But he was in the midst. I find that Mr. Grider has rebutted the presumption; I will grant his motion.

 Judge: I will grant Mr. Grider's motion to review the Magistrate Judge's order detaining him. That is, Grider will be freed pending trial, probably with home confinement et al Judge: It appears Mr. Grider was intent on overthrowing the duly elected government. If there is a more serious crimes against our democracy, I don't know of it.

 Judge: Mr. Grider, you will face serious charges. But the question today is detention pending trial. I have looked at the situation of others. I urge everyone to watch the videos, they are on YouTube. But under these factors, I am releasing Mr. Grider.

 Judge: I also notice that your particular area of Texas has suffered in the last week. You could have been there helping people if you had not knowingly facilitated divisiveness. If we are going to get through this, we've got to pull together

 Judge K. Jackson: So the conditions: GPS, no guns, stay away from DC, weekly contacts with the authorities. And I could remand you if you violate these conditions.

 Grider proceeding is still going. He is arraigned and pleads not guilty. Speedy Trial Act time is tolled until April 6. 

We'll have more on this.

Inner City Press live tweeted Riley June Williams on January 25, here. 

  From January 22, song here: Thread here.

 Inner City Press' John Earle Sullivan song on SoundCloud here. 


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