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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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In Corrupt UN Guterres Flew To Argentina for South South Bribery Vehicle Macri Scam Read Out

By Matthew Russell Lee, Exclusive

UNITED NATIONS GATE, March 20 – With the UN Office of South South Cooperation so recently exposed as a bribery vehicle in the Ng Lap Seng - President of the UN General Assembly John Ashe corruption prosecution, the vacuous media coverage to date of the upcoming OSSC conference in Argentina has been particularly revealing of the flabby propaganda in which today's UN drapes itself. And now censorship: Inner City Press reported and asked, "March 20-5: How did the SG fly to Argentina - business class? How many accompanied him? How much has it cost? As asked (but not answered) " February 25-2: On UN spending, DGACM and OSSC, please confirm or deny that Argentina informed DGACM is would / could not pay to fly UN interpreters business class to the upcoming OSSC meeting there, and that interpreters have been cajoled to "volunteer" to fly economy by being given additional time off, to be paid for by all member states. Also, is USG Pollard flying economy - or business class? Why? " No answer - because the UN under Guterres is corrupt, including this read out: "The Secretary-General met today with H.E. Mr. Mauricio Macri, President of Argentina.      The Secretary-General congratulated Argentina for the successful hosting of the Second High-level UN Conference on South-South Cooperation. He commended the Government’s leadership and contribution to other UN global priorities as well, notably the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including during Argentina’s G20 presidency in 2018.     The Secretary-General and the President also discussed regional developments." So why did Guterres accept Macri not paying what he should for the conference, while Guterres hides his links to CEFC China Energy through Gulbenkian Foundation and roughing up and banning Inner City Press which asks? Totally corrupt: #DumpGuterres #NoSecondTerm. Previously: "February 25-2: On UN spending, DGACM and OSSC, please confirm or deny that Argentina informed DGACM is would / could not pay to fly UN interpreters business class to the upcoming OSSC meeting there, and that interpreters have been cajoled to "volunteer" to fly economy by being given additional time off, to be paid for by all member states. Also, is USG Pollard flying economy - or business class? Why?" But nearly four weeks later, no answer at all from the corrupt administration of Antonio Guterres, his on leave spokesman Stephane Dujarric and remaining deputy Farhan Haq, who on March 19 in a briefing Inner City Press was banned from for the 257th day, "the Secretary‑General is traveling this afternoon to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to attend the Second High‑level United Nations Conference on South‑South Cooperation.  Tomorrow morning, the Secretary‑General will deliver remarks at the Conference, which will focus on the “Role of South‑South cooperation and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development:  challenges and opportunities”.  While in the Argentine capital, the Secretary‑General will meet with the country’s President, Mauricio Macri.  The Secretary‑General will be back in New York on Thursday." But as with Guterres' murky trips to Lisbon and the Gulbenkian Foundation which paid him and tried to sell its oil company to UN briber CEFC China Energy, how is he flying? How much does it cost the public? Argentina is in a financial crisis and so some months ago informed UN Under Secretary General Catherine Pollard that it would not be able to meet its obligation to pay to fly the UN interpreters to the conference in business class.

  USG Pollard assured Argentina that should could get "her" interpreters to waive their UN right to business class on a trip of this length. But Pollard is not as persuasive as she thought. There was push back, and a secondary crisis loomed.

  Lo and behold, a classic UN solution. Pollard said she could get interpreters to "volunteer" to fly economy - by threatening those who refused with retribution. This Guterres gambit appears to have worked; Pollard brags that enough have volunteers, some cajoled with the promise of a compensated day of rest that all member states, rather than conference host Argentina, will pay for.

  But Catherine Polland, of course, will not herself deign to fly economy. No, she will fly business class as always - as corrupt as the boss of today's UN, the censor, Antonio Guterres, whose spokesman Stephane Dujarric refuses to answer any Press questions on these topics. A fish rots, and continues to rot more and more, from the head. Watch this site.

Background: the Office of South South Cooperation can’t seem to escape the legacy of the John Ashe scandal. When he took the helm in the aftermath, Jorge Chediek promised to completely reform the Office by ordering what ultimately proved to be an unsuccessful audit, catapulting the Office into even more pervasive corruption. Instead of working on agency mandated development work, Mr. Chediek plays tin pot dictator, his staff tell Inner City Press, having formed a sizeable patronage network, which he uses to advance his personal agenda. As a result, an environment of mediocrity and abuse of power prevails in the Office. Over the past year, Mr. Chediek has engaged the services of friends from Latin America, in seeming violation of UNDP regulations.   Since 2017  Chediek has been engaging the services of Bernardo Kliksberg, an Argentinian economist, who according to the Office website is listed as Strategic Advisor for South South Cooperation occasionally writing short news articles for the Office’s website to which Mr. Chediek attaches his name. (In the span of 14 months, Mr. Kliksberg has written 8 articles). This is a seemingly wasteful engagement in line with the general waste of UN resources, as there is already a strategic communications advisor in addition to other senior advisors on Mr. Chediek’s payroll. While rank and file candidates must follow a rigorous UN recruitment process, friends of Mr. Chediek get to jump the line for positions, thanks to his utter disregard for UNDP policy.      According to a Facebook post from April 2018 an MoU was signed between the Office for South South Cooperation and the University of Buenos Aires to establish a chairship of a South South programme at theUniversity, which also happens to be Mr. Chediek’s alma mater. Both Mr. Chediek and Mr. Kliksberg now serve as co-chairs of this programme in the University where Mr. Kliksberg has close ties, having served as chair of several other academic programmes. The chairship, against thecontext of Mr. Chediek already having engaged the professional services of Mr. Kliksberg, is a blatant conflict of interest in violation of UN Staff Rule 1.2 which governs the conditions for outside employment, regardless of whether there is remuneration for the particular engagement. Moreover, appointments like this one violate the UN terms on retention of service, particularly section 3, which outlines the conditions for the contracting of services.      And while Mr. Chediek uses UNDP resources for the services of prolific economists to elevate his stature, the Government of Argentina, recently bailed out by the IMF, plans to drop a few million on an Office of South South Cooperation conference, BAPA+40 this March. Macri’s government may have to answer to the scores of angry Argentinians already fed up with harsh austerity measures as to why it is prioritizing the funding of a conference by a historically corrupt UN office. Mr. Chediek has been using the preparation for this conference to justify the continued retention of his close friends. BAPA+40, which aims to bring international actors together to solve development issues, in reality, is simply a front for Mr. Chediek’s personal ambitions....


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