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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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At UN, Haiti Spun from Katrina, Clinton Supports Royal Caribbean Resort Cruise

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, January 21 -- The spin machine at the UN kicked into high gear on Thursday. At the day's noon briefing, Spokesman Martin Nesirky took issue with a comparison between Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's response to the Haitian earthquake and George W. Bush's to Hurricane Katrina.

  Nesirky said that while Mr. Ban had been at a retreat with regional organizations on Long Island when the earthquake hit, he was told of the event as soon as his car pulled up at his residence.

Inner City Press asked if the UN would confirm or deny that its "peacekeepers drove past armed looters without intervening." Nesirky did not deny it, preferring to defend Ban's personal response.

  Then how about UN staff complaining that emergency psychological counseling for survivors wasn't offered, in some cases, for four days? (Other UN staff have complained to Inner City Press that even for the now over sixty UN staff confirmed as dead, their names and numbers are still in the UN's online phone directory.) These things happen, Nesirky in essence said. A phrase heard after a certain New Orleans storm.

   Bill Clinton spoke to the Press in the UN's new building later Thursday afternoon. He spoke about businesses, specifically praising the "Irish businessman" who run the cell phone company on Haiti. Ban Ki-moon said he's asked for Clinton's help on "Cash for Food." As described by UNDP, this will pay Haitians five dollars a day to work.

Inner City Press asked UNDP's new Associate Director -- the Costa Rican Rebecca Grynspan, chosen by Ban and UNDP's Helen Clark with some controversy over candidates from the African Group, which said it had been promised the position -- how the sufficiency of five dollars a day had been decided. She replied that one wouldn't want to distort or destroy the Haitian market.

  In a controversy on which the UN Spokesperson did not take questions, Bill Clinton supported Royal Caribbean lines, whose decision to continue to bring cruises into the Labadee resort has been criticized. In fact, Clinton said, the airport should be re-opened so that the resorts can continue. Video here, from Minute 10:20. It's (not) party time, said one wag in the crowd.

Cruise ship and fancy kayaks

  In the basement of the UN's old, nearly empty building, top humanitarian John Holmes spoke to the Press. Initially it was announced as an appearance by Holmes and a single Ambassador, Alejandro Wolff of the United States. But shortly before the stakeout was held, the Ambassadors of France, Canada, Brazil, Uruguay and Haiti were added. Belated balance.

A question not allowed was why the UN's web site assigns dollar values to the U.S.' search and rescue (and "administrative costs") while declining to do so for other countries, including several of those beside Holmes on Thursday. Click here for Inner City Press' first exclusive story, here. We aim to report more on this, watch this site.

Footnote: despite reports of Haiti rejecting the Dominican Republic's offer of troops, Haiti's Ambassador said that an announcement will be made "later" in this "sensitive" subject. We'll be on the lookout.

* * *
For IMF, Canceling Haiti's Debt is Medium Term Goal, Outcome Uncertain, UN's IFAD, Venezuela and Taiwan Are Creditors

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, January 21 -- While the IMF's Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn rushed out a statement that the "IMF is now working with all donors to try to delete all the Haitian debt," on Thursday morning his spokesperson Caroline Atkinson called this a "medium range" goal.

She emphasized that Strauss-Kahn cannot predict how the IMF board will vote, when it meets next week. She mentioned the outstanding bilateral loan to Haiti of Venezuela, but not Taiwan's reported $92 million loan. Taiwan is of particular interest in light of mainland China's dispatch to Haiti of a 125 member "riot squad" fomed police unit, a senior delegation there on the day of the earthquake, and a search and rescue team the day after.

  Among Haiti's creditors is the UN system's International Fund for Agricultural Development. Even as the UN has done into "Haiti only" mode for the past nine days, there's been no talk of canceling the UN's own loans to Haiti.

  Strauss-Kahn's "Marshall Plan" comments have been portrayed by some progressives -- or "anti-poverty" activists, as one reporter at the IMF's January 21 briefing phrased it -- as a victory for online activism. But Strauss-Kahn's grand statement may mean less than first appeared.

  Inner City Press submitted several questions to the IMF during its January 21 briefing, held in a new broadcast center, about Haiti as well as Romania, Iceland and Serbia. While Ms. Aktinson read out and at least purported to respond to Inner City Press' Romania question, this Haiti question was ignored:

The M-D has said "IMF is now working with all donors to try to delete all the Haitian debt." What exactly is the IMF doing, with the IADB, IFAD, Venezuela and Taiwan? When does the IMF anticipate canceling its $265 million in loans? Do any of the past conditions apply to the first $165 million?

  The IMF has in the past provided same day written responses to questions submitted but not answered at its bi-weekly briefing. That should be done today. Watch this site.

Haitian ministry

Two other unanswered questions are, "Please state the relation between the Icesave referendum and the IMF's consideration of Iceland."

"In Serbia, National Bank of Serbia governor Radovan Jelasic has said that restrictions on raises are in connection with the IMF. True?"

Note that on the IMF's outstanding $165 million loan to Haiti, reportedly the conditions included restrictions on public sector pay raises, and lifting the price of electricity.

* * *

At UN on Haiti, Ban Dodges on Immigration, Armenians Rebuffed, No Copter Update

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, January 19 -- As the UN Security Council voted to authorize 3500 more peacekeepers for Haiti, including 1500 more police, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called on member states to step forward with offers of troops.

  Inner City Press asked about the Dominican Republic's offer of a battalion, said to number 800, and whether Ban and the UN think that countries should be less stringent with their immigration restrictions after the Haitian earthquake.

  Mr. Ban replied by praising the Dominican Republic for its troop offer -- which some see as simply blue helmeting a border guarding force -- and for its help with the humanitarian effort. He is aware, he said, of the Dominican Republic's attempt to accommodate Haitians within the Republic's "rules and regulations."

  Inner City Press asked Ban about reports that the UN had run out of fuel for its trucks to deliver aid. Top humanitarian John Holmes passed a note to Ban Ki-moon, who read out that last night 10,000 gallons of fuels had arrived.

  When Holmes himself took to the custom made podium brought out for Ban Ki-moon, Inner City Press asked him about a reported complaint by Armenia's Mission to the UN, that they had offered a rescue team last Thursday but were never told of any UN acceptance or decision.

  Holmes replied that he was unaware, but that there are always issues of matching needs with offers. But from member states?

   Inner City Press, which reported exclusively Monday evening about what UN sources said was a helicopter crash in Haiti, asked chief Peacekeeper Alain Leroy for an update. I've seen those reports, he said, but I have no new information this morning. He said to ask Edmond Mulet, who will be appearing later on Tuesday by video link from Haiti.

UN's Ban and former spokeswoman, answers on immigration not shown

  The Ambassador of China Zhang Yesui, this month's Security Council president, came out at announced the Council's vote. While usually he leaves the stakeout without taking any questions -- on Monday he walked away as Inner City Press asked about the attacks in Afghanistan -- this time he called on Xinhua, and offered a long answer on camera, in Chinese. It concerned the UN's role in responding to Haiti.

  Asked if China would offer any more troops -- its 125 member contingent is, as Inner City Press has reported, a "riot squad" that when rotated has flown back to Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region -- Zhang Yesui said it would be taken under advisement.

  The last speaker at the stakeout was U.S. Deputy Ambassador Alejandro Wolff, who came prepared with an answer to Inner City Press' question of Monday, whether the $100 million of aid announced by President Barack Obama would be part of the UN's flash appeal.

  No, Ambassador Wolff said, the $100 million is "bilateral." But he said that the US will be contributing generously to the UN's flash appeal, in the coming days. We'll see.

Footnote: because the UN and even Security Council has become all Haiti, all the time for now, Inner City Press asked the U.S.'s Alejandro Wolff about reports of bombing in Darfur, requests to protect civilians, and Chad's statement it does not want the mandate of the Darfur related MINURCAT peacekeeping mission renewed. Wolff said the U.S. is concerned and is seeking more information. Inner City Press has asked the UN too, and hopes to be able to write more on this topic shortly. Watch this site.

From the UN's January 19 transcript:

Inner City Press: Mr. Secretary-General, the Dominican Republic has offered a battalion – it has been said publicly – they’ve also said that they are very concerned about immigration and people crossing the border. Does the UN have anything to say whether countries should loosen their immigration restrictions on Haitians, or otherwise, after this crisis? And also, does the UN still have gas to run its trucks? There was a report in USA Today that the UN was running out of gas for its food distribution trucks.

SG Ban Ki-moon: From the beginning of this crisis, the Dominican Republic Government has been providing very generously and swiftly all possible assistance to their neighbouring country, Haiti, and we are very much grateful to them. I am also aware of the Dominican Republic’s intention to dispatch troops there - that is also welcome. For the immigration issues, I am also aware that the Dominican Republic Government is trying to accommodate as many as possible, those people within the existing rules and regulations of their country, but they have been very generous. Of course, this fuel is quite limited in Haiti. Ten thousand gallons of fuel, I think, arrived last night from the Dominican Republic. That will help more, as we continue our operations.

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These reports are usually also available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis.

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