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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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UN Won't Disclose Ban's 1 on 1 Meetings This Month, Presidents Beyond Sri Lanka?

At UN, Undisclosed Ban Meetings on 2d Term, Burma Business, Sell Out of Rights?

At UN, Debate Ends with Kashmir and Karabakh, Vietnam Hits at Swedish Pique

At UN on Sri Lanka, Ban Son in Law Called Irrelevant, Rajapaksa Relations Undisclosed

UN Ban Confined His Sri Lanka War Crimes Panel to Secret Meeting with Rajapaksa

UN Upbeat on Cote d'Ivoire Despite NY Weapons Purchase, Open Air Polling 

At UN, Sweden's Hit & Run Human Rights Attack Lambasted by Cuba in GA

On UN Sudan Trip, “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” About Bashir, Darfur Stop Unmentioned

UN Council Trip to Sudan is Back On, After Obama and Taha Praise, US to Announce

In Darfur, UN Prepares To Hand Over Bashir's Enemies for “Blood Money- Exclusive

After Sudan Tripartite Meeting, UN Paints A Happy Picture of Darfur, But Questions Remain

On Myanmar, US & UN Ban No Comment on Crimes Against Humanity, Nambiar Can't Visit

On Pakistan, Ripert out of a UN Job, Schulenburg Tried Carpet Bagging, Musical Chairs

As Kouchner & Le Roy Ask Where Darfur Nur Could Be Sent, Gambari Talks of Threats

On Sudan, Obama Non-Mention of ICC Used for Support of Bashir by OIC

At UN, As France Grabs the Mic, Kouchner Says to Report Only What He Says On It

On Myanmar, Team Obama Dodges, Critiques, Resigns Itself to Chinese Dominance

UN's Invitation to Eritrea for Somalia Meeting Was Revoked at IGAD's Demand

As Sri Lanka Quotes UN Ban Undermining His Panel on War Crimes, UN Questioned

At UN, Morales of Bolivia Contradicts US Crowley on Obama Aid Cuts, ALBA Wash

On Cyprus, Two Views of Downer, “No Right to Be Exhausted,” Disclosure Still Lacking

On Sudan, Border & Abyei Issues Fester, AU Says Accountability Is Not Everything

As Ban Meets Sri Lanka Rajajaksa, UN War Crimes Panel Not Mentioned

Obama Does Not Mention Bashir, Whose VP Taha Praises Obama at UN Sudan Meet

UN Sudan Meeting Has Weak Communique, Little Darfur Focus, “Big-Footing” by US

Ambulance Carts Off Diplomat from Khartoum, Sudan Media Say “Security” Pushed Him Down

On Somalia, UN & AU Defend Shelling of Markets & Mosques, Museveni Vs UNSC

Italy to Patrol Off Yemen, Frattini Confirms Before Stealth Meeting, UK Too

As Obama Omits Sudan in GA Speech, Trip “Is Dead,” Power Speaks of Kitchen Sink

As Obama Is Booed at Fundraiser, Chinese-Only Briefing, Sri Lanka Protest, MDGs

On MDGs, UN's Ban Won't Comment on Debt, Tax Havens or Zapatero Dodging Kagame

Amid Kyrgyz Crackdown & Failure to Protect, Obama Meet May Miss Human Rights, OSCE

As Clinton Meets Sudan VP, Bashir “Does Not Come Up,” UN Dodges on Darfur

France, Under Fire on Roma & from Al Qaeda, Hides from the Press at UN

At UN, Evo Morales Calls Colombia “US Candidate,” IMF Praise Out of MDG Document

At UN, Nigeria Mutes Critique of Shell, UNEP & Campbell, But Equal Pay for Equal Work

At UN on MDGs, More Questions Than Answers, Jafar on Rosneft, UNDP Dodges

On Sudan, UN to Name Panel This Week, Obama's 5 Minutes on Darfur & Bashir Photo Op?

UN Nepotism in Central African Republic Continues, CAR Alarm Still Ringing

Lamy of WTO Lashes Out at India Cotton Export Restriction, Admits US & China Power

Sudan Actions in NY as UN Council's Trip is Stalled, China Warns of Bashir Humiliation

At UN, Morin of France Dismisses Georgia on Mistrals, Dodges Roma Question

With Pakistan Blocked by IMF from Debt Relief, EU Stalls GPS+, Ripert Dodges Press

At UN, Halonen Contradicts Rudd on Sustainability Meetings, Less Press Access Under Ban

Gambari's Travails with Dictators Shown in UKUN Documents, Myanmar Now Darfur

As Turkey Chides Ban on Flotilla Favoritism, UN Briefing Canceled, Serry No Comments

On Myanmar, Long Shot ICC Strategy Pitched, UN Ban Meeting Followed by Inaction?

Sudan Trip by UN Council Stalled by Bashir Photo Op Concerns, P-2 Discussions

As UN Official Confirms Sudan Prescreens UNMIS Statements, Rice Says If True, It Would Be Disturbing: Will Probe? (updated)

At UN, Ban's 1st Meeting with Sri Lanka Panel Omitted From Schedule, Links Undisclosed

After Congo Rapes, Would UN Expert Wallstrom Shift to a Swedish Post?

As Myanmar Dissolves NLD, UN Prior Notice and Efforts Not Clear, UN Meeting Undefined

UN's Amos on Working With Sudan Gov't, Justifies Withholding of Darfur Data

At UN, Sudan Discussion is CPA Only, Darfur Forgotten, Trip in Jeopardy, Rice on Ice

At UN, Deiss Says Not Paid By Swiss, Then Admits Swiss Apartment & Airfare

On Darfur, UN Won't Provide Malnutrition Data, Protection Details, JEM Requests

At UN, Ban Silent on Sri Lanka Repeal of Term Limits, Links, Panel Still Not Started

At UN, Push by EU for Ashton Rights Countered by CARICOM & GRULAC, Delay

At UN, Trump Group Sponsors Kazakh Event, Program Confiscated, Questions Cut Off

Obama's Head On a Starving African Child's Body is MDGs Promo, UN Questioned

At UN, EU Resolution Stalled, Africans Oppose or Want Special Powers of EU

At UN, Treki Says AU & Arab League Will Have Powers like EU, KFC Dodge

UN Happy Talk from Ban & Spokesman, No Sudan, No Sri Lanka or Congo Accountability

At UN, Of Elusive Security Council Reform, EU Special Powers & GA Revitalization

At UN, Nigeria Chief of Army Staff Fired In Peacekeeping Meeting, No Boko Haram

At UN, Kosovo Moves into Third Floor, Serbia Eviction Bid Ignored, Capitulates

On Sudan, UN Ban Admits Limits on Peacekeepers, Gambari Summoned, Change Pledged

On Pakistan, IMF Won't Explain Lack of Debt Relief, Why & When Loans, MDG Games

In Darfur, As UN Is Blocked from Tabarat Killing Site, It Claims It Resists Sudan Restrictions

In Central Asia, UN Office Ignores Human Rights While Presiding Over Car Bombs

UNICEF Dodges Questions of Congo Mass Rape and Rwanda MDG Irony

On Darfur, UN Admits 50 Dead in Tabarat, Khare Says Sudan Shouldn't Restrict Movement

At UN, Council To Discuss Darfur, As UN Confirms It Awaited Approval Before Helping

On Congo Rape Scandal, Khare Spins July 30 E-mail, Congo Army Rapes

At UN, Nepal Letters Arrive Late in Council, Dodged by Ban, Nepali Police Investigated

At UN, Darfur Deaths Dismissed By Security Council Members, Inaction Like UNAMID

After Darfur Killings, Calls for Gambari to Resign, No Responses, UN Speaks to Itself

At UN, Drafts on MDGs Stalled on Bank Reform, Serb & EU Votes, Portuguese Junkets

Equatorial Guinea's Desire to Join Luso Portuguese Group Stalled by Angola, Luxophony

As Darfuris Lay Dying, UN Leak Shows Failure to Respond, Stonewalling, UNSC Soon?

Amid Death in Darfur, UN Silent, Awaiting Permission 15 Miles from Killing

In Pakistan, As Levies Break to Benefit Elite, Diplomat Calls for Probe, Alpine Ripert

Judge Drops UN's Case Against UNDP Doss Nepotism Victim, “I Am Not the Biter"

In Sudan, As Complaints of UN Inaction on Rights Mount, No Comment for 2 Days

In Congo, July 30 UN E-mail Spoke of FDLR & Rape, 22 Rapes Reported to UN Aug 6

For UNSC Seats, Canada & Germany Offer Junkets, Colombia Opposed by Chavez?

On Congo Rapes, UN Admits 240 Victims, Dodges Meece Inaccuracies, Wallstrom Inaction

In Sudan, UN Rebuffs Rights Complaints, Vets Statements With Bashir Government

At UN, Equatorial Guinea President's Son's $ 100 Million is “Just Business,” Pro Moroccan

At UN, Full Secrecy for Host Country Committee, No Summaries of Visa Complaints

As US Restricts UN Staff to 25 Miles from NY, UN Complains, After Press Asks

UN Whistleblower Awarded $166,000 from UNDP, Exposed N.Korea Irregularities

On Congo Rapes, UN Inaction & Dissembling Stretches to Wallstrom, Meece, Higher

At UN, Ban Lunches with Reporters, Menu Includes Corruption, Maybe Congo

At Russian UN Mission, Serbia Makes Its Case, Somalia Forgotten, Churkin Serves Roast Beef

At UN, Russia Month Ends With Pilots Taken in Darfur, Congo Rape Meeting Deferred

As Rwanda Threatens Darfur Pullout, Will Ban Edit Out Genocide, Jeane Afrique & Le Monde

As IPCC Pachauri Is Pushed to Disclose Deutsche Bank Payments, UK Libel Tourism Ignored

In Brooklyn, A Tale of 2 Girl Bands, The Raw & The Cooked, Heliotropes and Scamps

As Kagame's Rwanda Accused of Genocide, UN Downplays Threats, MDG Connection

On Congo Rapes, UN Can't Find E-mail, Won't Say Where Expert Wallstrom Was

As UN Leaves Congo Rape Questions Unanswered, DSS in Hiding, E-mail Withheld

On Sri Lanka, UN's Holmes Speaks of Gov't Shelling, Casualties, 2 Sides' Propaganda

UNDP's Assistant to Palestinians Lists Degree from Diploma Mill, UNDP Dodges Questions

On Congo Rapes, DPKO Faces Council Questions, New Element

On Congo Rapes, Email About Rebels Exposes UN Lies, Council's Elements Must Grow

At UN, Sri Lanka Move to Place Alleged War Criminal As Ambassador Questioned

Amid Calls to Probe UN Inaction on Congo Rapes, UNSC to Meet Aug 26, NGO Goes Silent

As UN's Inaction on Congo Rapes Triggers Belated Trips, Why No Flares or Sat Phones?

UN and Council Silent on Congo Rapes of which MONUSCU Had Foreknowledge

At UN, As Sudan Admits Expulsions Are For Rape Detection, Offers Jebel Marra Access

In Congo, 154 Rapes 30 KM from UN Peacekeepers Leaves UN Silent, P-5 In Disarray

At UN, Darfur and Kalma Camp Belatedly Discussed, No Rice, No Understanding?

As Myanmar Ends Visas for Cyclone NGOs, UN Looks Away, Blessing Scam Election

NYC Summer Music Ranges from Monklike Tango to White Rabbits, Salsero Hipsters

In Darfur as Kalma Faces Closure, UN Spokesman & DPKO Silent, OCHA Concerned

UN Spokesman Claims Right to “Lose It” & Go Berserky, Resents and Limits Questions

As UN Denies Offer to Mediate for Cambodia, Dodges on Roma, Selective Answers

Amid UN Speeches on Pakistan, Starvation in S. Waziristan Ignored as Apples Rot

On Pakistan, Holbrooke Dodges Drone Questions, Qureshi Says UN Lacks Capacity

Pakistan's Haroon, Faster on Floods Than His Own Gov't, to Leave UN Posting in NY

In Pakistan, UN Is Barred from Areas, Won't Urge Acceptance of Aid from India

At UN, Holmes' Humanitarian Tenure Ends With Sudan Silence, Sri Lanka Questions

In Near Empty UN, Four Yankees Shine Light on Sierra Leone, GM on AL Headaches

As Sudan Expels UN Officials for Rape Detection, UN Silent, Menkerios Year & Out

On Darfur, Split US Policy Matched By Biden Focused Die-In, Whither Obama and Rice?

In Confronting LRA, It's Not Only Copters UN Lacks, It's Commitment

On Darfur, A P-5 Member's Complaint Explains UN's Kalma Camp Flipflop

In UN Security Council Affairs Back to the Future, Norma Chan Replaces Heitmann

In Darfur, UN Is Forced To Correct Its Thanks to Sudan, Kalma Problems & Expulsions Persist

As LRA Builds Base in Bas Uele, UN Blames Lack of Copters, AWOL on Rape

As Sudan Expels UN Officials from Darfur for Petitions, UN Silent on Kidnappers

In Pakistan, Belated UN Ban Trip Follows Kashmir Flip Flop, Echoes JuD & Myanmar

Sudan Was Emboldened By UN Silence, IOM Expulsions, US Rice Darfur Focus Not Shown

On Sri Lanka, UN Has No Comment on Fonseka, Panel Still Not Started, Ban Book Flux

At UN, Aung San Suu Kyi absent from Ban's Statement & Myanmar Sham Election

While Author Says Ban Is 3rd “Giant of Asia,” Ban Denies Making Commitment

At UN, Dining Room Layoffs Aug 16, After School Program Will Not Be Replaced

In Darfur, UN Denies Threatening IDPs, Defends Ending Humanitarian Reports

First “Giants of Asia” Say Goh Chok Tong, Not 3rd Giant Ban, Was US S-G Choice

UN Blind to South Sudan Killings, Mute on Darfur & Kalma Camp Blockade

As Indian Troops Use Blue Helmets, UN Belatedly Protests, But Only in Kashmir?

UN's Ban To Be 3rd Giant of Asia by Tom Plate, Lee Kuan Yew's Sri Lanka Confidante

In Darfur, UN Has No Comment on Sudan Threats to Remove Kalma Camp, No Response

On Rwanda, of Beheaded Opponent & Kagame Whitewash, No UN Follow Up

At UN, As Ban Denies Deals with Israel and for OIOS Posts, Doubts Raised

At UN, R2P Re-Argued Amid Silence on Sri Lanka and Sudan Starvation of IDPs

At UN, Ban's Travails Trigger Candidacy Tales, De Mistura, Zeid, Kubis, Kerim or even Bachelet or Bill Clinton, Game On

At UN, Ban “Melts Down, Admits” Dealing OIOS Post to South African, Ethics Questions

At UN, As Ban's Sustainability Panel May Include Rudd, Can His Rule Be Sustained?

In NYC's Central Park, The xx and Chairlift Raise Hipsters' Spirits, Bronx Death Continues

Amid Sudan Blockade & Shelling of Kalma Camp, UN Silence Recalls Bloodbath

Darfur Camp Violence “Started by People Close to Nur,” Le Roy Confirms Conditions

As Sudan Starves Kalma camp & Jebel Marra, UN Has Stayed Quiet, OCHA is AWOL

At UN, Condemnation of Lebanese Army Urged by US, Aug. 9 Meeting Tensions

UN's Ban Slammed in Staff Union Resolution, for Lack of Action & Staff Death

Kyrgyz Pogrom on Uzbeks Swept Under UN Carpet of Jenca's Boilerplate

UN in Congo Washes Hands of 90,000 Displaced, As Sex Abuse Sees Slight Decrease

UN's Kashmir Email was Drafted by DPA, Watered Down by Nambiar, Blamed on Haq

In Sudan, Aid Groups Barred from Darfur Kalma Camp, UN No Comments Abyei Incursions

In Citigroup's Subprime Circus, CFO Wrist Slapped, Regulator Hired, Data Disparate

Sudan Not on August Agenda of UN Council, Russia Against Larger Investigations

Kosovo's UN Resolutions Face Russian Veto, Churkin Says, Too Big for Footnotes

With UN Under Fire for Inaction on Myanmar, Japan is Offered Good Offices Post

At UN, Lebanon Gunfire Echoes Through Council Meeting on Piracy But No Myanmar

At UN, Sri Lanka Panel's 4 Months Has Not Begun, Ban Gives In to Protest?

Of UN Women and Ban's Second Term, Dirty Deals, Double Crosses, Boutros Echoes

In Darfur, UN Says Travel Restrictions Break Agreement, But No Kalma Attribution

As UN Names Gaza Flotilla Panel, Uribe Seems Ill-Timed, Sri Lanka Delay Contrasted

At UN, Sri Lanka Panel Stalled on Staffing, Mahinda's RSVP for September

At Morocco's Throne Day, W.Sahara and Kosovo Contrasted, Diplomats Pay Cut

At UN, Team Ban Plans Unveiling of Flotilla Panel Win, N.Zealand Chair, End to Leaks

On Darfur Camp Violence, Nur's Role as Unclear as US Stance on Doha

UN Council Meets Late on Darfur Violence, Eminences to Bless S.Sudan Referendum

UN Removes 5 Taliban from Sanctions List, 2 Already Dead, Gul File Follies

The UN Against New Media and Independent Bloggers, Story of a Footnote

UN After School Program, Closed on 2 Days Notice, May Re-Open by Fall, DSG

Kosovo Tells Other Secessionists, You're On Your Own, Solidarity is Only Emotional

With Pilot Taken in Darfur by Janjaweed En Route to Doha, Russian Action Looming

At UN, Six Week Layoff Imposed on Food Workers, Waterless Bar & Spooky Routes

At UN, Nigeria's Reception Features Fela and Gambari, UNAMID Vote Friday

UN Adopts Water as a Right, U.S. Abstains, Jumps Gun on OIOS, Ban's Back Room Deal

At UN, Farewell to Takasu Amid Echoes of OIOS, of Human Right to Water and Sushi

On Darfur, UN's Gambari Discloses Gration in Alaska, Opposes UNICEF, Dodges Genocide

At UN, To Buy Support for Canadian Auditor, S. Africa Promised Deputy Post

On Darfur, US Gration Says Genocide Charge Makes His Job Harder, Rice Says United

For UN, Is Merely Being There Enough, with Ban Under Fire for a 2d Term?

Beyond Wikileaks, Murder of UN Afghan Staff by US Forces Covered Up

At UN, Ban Doubles Down on Developed World for OIOS, Nambiar Spins to Staff

Murder of UN Afghan Staff by US Forces Covered Up Like Louis Maxwell, -UN Staff

IMF Cuts Off Funds for Central Africa, Goes on Vacation, Ignores Guinea Bissau

At UN, As Ban Switches from S. African to Canadian As OIOS Chief, Rebellion

UN's Ban Avoids Press, Invites Press, No Comment on Chad or Suriname Drugs

From UN, Sudan's Abdalmahmood's Farewell, Jovial Goebbels, Trimmer of Ocampo

Ban Ki-moon's UN Called Secret on Corruption, Silent on Torture from Sri Lanka to Sudan

Defending Ban, UN Official Says No FOIA Needed, Myanmar & Sudan No Comment

UNder Fire, Ban's Hiring Staff Spin, Decline Myanmar Comment, Doss No Action

Killing of Civilians by UN Supported Troops in Somalia Admitted But Not Acted On

As ICC Indictee Bashir Travels to ICC Member Chad, UN Ban No Comments, No Arrest

At UN, Ahlenius Trashes Ban, With Dirty Hands Too Late, Full Memo Needed

Goldman Sachs' “Tax Evasion” Hit by Rep. Doggett, Citi's and Transocean's Offshoring

Top UN Security Council Staffer Removed Without Notice, Diplomatic Fiasco

As Sri Lanka Panel Meets With Nambiar, 4 Month Clock Frozen, Pillay's Office Will Staff

UN Does Not “Police the Police,” Even in Sudan, Passive As Leaving Birao in CAR

UN Blocks Press From Rwanda Photo Op, of DSG and UN Women, Bloggers Blocked?

Sri Lanka Panel Holds 1st Meeting in NYC, "Doesn't Need UN Permission"

At UN, Gay Rights Debated, Egypt, Saudi Arabia & Russia Call It Selective

At UN, Arms Trade Treaty Taken Behind Closed Doors, Club of Member States

Probe of Afghan Murder of UN Staffer Stalled by “Culture,” Starr Says, Glitch of Firing

As Sudan Lashes at UN “Bloodsuckers,” UN No Comments IOM Ouster, Biden Blathers

At UN, Deiss Used Finn Promise to Win PGA Post, Venezuela for G77, Iran for NAM

On Sri Lanka, UN Panel's Problems, of Blackmail as Guatemala Cites R2P, NAM Games

As Iran Bombing Condemned by UN Council, Jundollah Not Named

As UN's Choice of Kagame Triggers Spanish Boycott, Rwandan to Get UN Women Post?

On Sri Lanka, NAM Will Wait, Neuwirth to Get Job, Iran, Qatar Pitched, to Head NAM

UN Housed Drug Kingpin in Guinea Bissau for 3 Months, Offering Protection

At UN, Of Africa Days and Al Qaeda Evenings, Burundi and Bacardi Gold

At UN, As Rudd Meets Ban, Pasztor Is Present, Job for Climate Change in Air?

Sexual Abuse in Congo Belated Confirmed by UN, Financial Questions Dodged

To UN Women, $100 M Offer by Qatar for HQ, But UNFPA Inks 15 Yr NYC Lease

What Would a South Sudan Unilateral Declaration of Independence Trigger?

Iroquois Passport Rift Undercuts Obama UN Indigenous Rights Re-Think

On Climate, UN Dodges Air and Sea Tax, Ban Differs With Envoy, Rudd in Wings?

As UN's Djinnit Oversees Voting Fraud and Bissau Narco State, 4 Reporters Not Enough (updated)

Haiti Suffering Linked to Bill Clinton Delay, UNDP Helen Clark Power Grab, Ouellette Out

Sri Lanka Statement Minimizing UN Panel Done with Buhne, As Kohona Pitches Officials

As Srebenica Remembered at UN, Kyrgystan Forgotten, Sri Lanka Lobbying

In Wake of Uganda Bombing, Statements Prepared at UN Not to Assign Blame

MassiveGood, Praised by UN's Ban, Clinton and Douste-Blazy, Called MassiveScam

On Darfur, Gration Skips El Fasher Summit, US Won't Explain, UN Won't Comment

At UN, Venezuelan Flutes and Beer, Clintons Shadow on Ban, Singapore's Vida Loca

Sri Lanka's Blocking of UN War Crimes Panel Visas Unremarked on by Ban

Amid Lebanese Tales of Eggs and Tobacco, UN Dodges Fadlallah Trap of UK and CNN

In Sri Lanka, UNDP Center Was Already Being Downsized, Ban's Act Overplayed

At UN, N. Korea Ambassador Declares Victory, Came Late to Empty Press Area

In Pakistan, UN Plays Politics with Children and Armed Conflict, Soft on Human Rights

At UN, Korean Ship Sinking Endgame, Faster Action on Lebanese Rock Throwing

UN's Ban Now Ascribes Siege to Sri Lanka Government, Won't Call for Visas

France's Complaint of Restrictions in South Lebanon to Trigger July 9 Meeting

As Sri Lanka Minister Blocks 150 UN Staff, UN Nambiar Assured by Kohona

As Sri Lanka Burns Him in Effigy, UN Ban Has No Comment, Pillay Says Speak to Gov't

As LRA Rampages in UN Peacekeepers' Zones, Security Council Debates, DPKO Silent

As UN Capitulates and Closes Sri Lanka Office, Conflict in Council, Bribery Alleged

As Sri Lanka Burns UN Ban in Effigy, NAM Members Desert It, UN In Disarray

With UN Aflutter for Queen, Respects to Killed Staff, Of Families Not Compensated

UN Downplays Sri Lanka Hostage Taking of its Staff, Ban Has Not Called Rajapaksa

At UN, Serbia's Long Shot Request for more UNMIK Before ICJ Rules Foretold

Sri Lanka Minister and Mob Hold UN Staff Hostage, Ban Remains Silent

Sri Lanka Army Claims Dutch Support Despite EU Human Rights Cut of GSP Plus

In NYC, Fireworks Are For Tourists, Afghan Iraq Echoes, Illegal Bronx Fight Back

As Sri Lanka Party in Power Threatens UN Staff, Ban Stays Silent, DPR To Go

On Sri Lanka, UN Continues to Spin Threat Against Its Staff, From Gandhi to Apology?

UN Council To Take Up Kosovo, Access Reconsidered, LRA Ignored, Nigeria's Month

Candidates for Top UN Women Post From Rwanda, Tunisia, Malaysia, No Bachelet

At UN, Defense of Ban's Failure to Appear Is Like Sudan's Bashir, Glass House Undermined

At UN, Colombia Serves Coffee, Anti-FARC Spin in Council Bid, Delegates' Might Close

Uzbek Karimov Closed Border Due to Capacity, But IMF Denies Impact on Budget

As Romanian Court Rules Against Pension Cuts, IMF Nods at 5% VAT Increase

As Sri Lanka Threatens UN Staff, Ban's UN Makes Excuses, Calls It Gandhian

At UN, Buck Passed on Somali Child Soldiers and Cheonan, UNESCO Bars Press

UN's Ban Takes Note of Grenade Scarred One Party Election in Burundi, Mutineer

At UN, Mexico's Month Marked by Margaritas and a S.Korean Ship, From Flotilla to Tortillas

IOC Says Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Brunei Sent No Women to Olympics, Sochi Time Bomb?

UN Hides Behind Russian After Failing to Speak Up for Uzbeks on Kyrgyz Constitution

At UN, UK's Mitchell on Lack of Ethiopian Entrepreneurs, Ogaden Constituents

As UN Council Moves to De-List Taliban for Karzai, Louis Maxwell Probe Stalled

At UN, Hyper Sexual Portrayal of Women Hit by Geena Davis and Ahmadinejad

At UN, Geena Davis Hits Hyper Sexual Portrayal of Women, Ahmadinejad Echoes

At UN, Ban Praises Kyrgyz Vote But Takes No Question on Low Uzbek Turn Out

UN Gender Entity Stalled on Posts, Palestine and Cuban Pride, Ban Waits to Take Credit

As Uzbeks Forcibly Returned as Props for Kyrgyz Voting, UN Speaks of “Mixed Feelings”

Sri Lanka Block of Visas Unfortunate, Darusman Says, UN Says Visit Not Needed

UN's Closure of Day Care Center Raises Questions of Hypocrisy, Gender Entity End Game

UNDP's Helen Clark Listed As VP of Socialist International, Until This Article

As Sri Lanka Says No Visas, UN Says No Need to Visit or Talk to Witnesses

As Kyrgyz Blame Ethnic Cleansing on Uzbek Islamists, UN Council Meets

At UN, UK's Alan Duncan Ducks BP Question, Global Compact with PetroChina

With Uzbeks Disenfranchised, UN Still Supports June 27 Kyrgyz Referendum

Sri Lanka Spin on S. Africa and ASEAN Played Role in UN Panel, Khmer Rouge Rajapaksa

UN Closes Day Care on Two Day Notice, Offers Gender Entity Post to Rwandan

At UN, Ahtisaari Says Whatever ICJ Rules, Kosovo Is Independent, Rule of Law?

On War Crimes, UN Ban's Panel May Not Speak to Fonseka or Travel to Sri Lanka

At UN, Papandreou Says Will Not Restructure Debt or Leave Euro Zone, SI VPs

As Uzbekistan Bars Refugees from Krygyz Vote Banning Ethnic Parties, UN and US Support

Amid Uzbek Arrests, UN Silent, Turkey Vs Turkic, PGA to Condemn, Acts But Not Actor

UN Sri Lanka Panel To Include Ratner and Sooka, Reconciliation or Accountability?

On War Crimes, US Rapp Says Sri Lanka Panel Doesn't Meet Standards, Ban Names

As UN Council Skips Child Soldiers, Heads to Kabul, Could Meet on Gaza Not Cheonan

To Uzbek Karimov, UN's Ban Does Not Raise Border Closure or Popov, Omitted

At UN, Israel's Flotilla Defense Puts It In League With Laos, Bloggers In Unless UN Balks

Amid Kyrgyz Cleansing of Uzbeks, UN Deals Only with Former Staffer, IMF to Seek Donors

On Myanmar, UNDP Blames Poverty on Politics, UK Defends Sanctions, Conflict in N.Korea

As Romania's Wage Cuts Challenged in Court, IMF Says Not Concerned, Lead Nowhere

On Child Soldiers Supported by UN in Somalia, UNSC Will Respond After 3 Years

Mexico Despite Carnage Is "Stable," Espinosa Says, Killings Not Political, Says UN

In Wake of Ethnic Cleansing, Dubious Kyrgyz Referendum Supported by UN

At UN, North Korea "Plays with Mouth," South Korea Limited to Feet, Different Sports

Child Soldiers in Somalia Unaddressed in Security Council Speeches, Conflict of Interest

While US Denies Paying Child Soldiers of Somali TFG, Safeguards and UN Role Not Clear

Ban and UNICEF Quiet on Uzbek Human Rights, Popov, as Karimov Closes Border

BP is Defended by UN, "Accidents Happen, Nature of Modern Life," Global Compact Updated with UNGC admission it misspoke

At UN, Mexican Math Disputed on Weapons Flow from US, Big Rift wtih Small Arms

As Uzbeks Plead for Safety, UNSC Perm Reps Leave Briefing, No Help on the Way

On Cheonon, S.Korea Fires Top General on Eve of Screening Film to UNSC

On Darfur, UN's Questionable Role Paying Pro-Bashir Rebel UNaddressed in 4 Speeches

On World Cup, UN Drop Ball as Street Kids Rounded up, Lemke Moonlights, German Haus

Amid Kyrgyz & Uzbek Bloodbath, UN Gave No New Money, Just Along for Ride

UN's Ban Called Daewoo's Myanmar Pipeline a "Win Win," Silence on Elections

As Uganda Invites Bashir, Indicted by ICC, It Cites Ahmadinejad, and Mugabe, Ban

Somali Diaspora Questions UN's Moves, from Twin Cities to West Bank

As Libya Ejects UN Refugee Agency, PGA Treki Does Nothing, Withholds Letter

UN Censors Criticism of its Officials, Uses But Seeks Exclusion of New Media

At UN, Somalia Post Handed from Ould Abdallah to Mahiga, of Yemen's G-77 Deal

Iran Sanctions Include One Scientist and Bank, Not Central After Months' Theatrics

UN Congo Mission To Be Headed by Roger Meece of US, Doss to Escape Accountability?

On Iran Sanctions, As Turkey and Brazil "Vent," Vote Approaches, Choreography Finalized

As in Sri Lanka Rajapaksas Threaten Witness, UN's Ban Has No Comment

UN Council Considers Iran Debate Before Wednesday Vote, Deliberate on Cheonan

On Gaza UN's Ban Speaks of Terms of Reference, 3 Month Delay on Sri Lanka, Kohona

As Rwanda Arrests Lawyer, UN Silent, ICTR Writes Cautious Letter to Kagame

At UN, Of Self-Serving UNFPA Prizes, Foie Gras and US Silence on GLBT Exclusion

At UN, Gay Rights Group Blocked by Egypt, Qatar, Russia and China

Abuse in Pakistan by IMF Official Ignored by IMF-DC, Jamaican Platitudes

Alan Doss Continues As King of Congo, Abuse of Power and Funds Unanswered

At UN, As Heller to Meet S.Korea, No Questions on Africa, 70% of Council Work

At UN, Flotilla Meetings with Ban, Iran Sanctions Said to Proceed, Tamale Diplomacy

At UN, Spooky Routes Through Garages & Dark Halls, Evictions and Monitors Missing

The Stakeout that Wasn't: US Asked for UN TV Camera After Flotilla Meeting

On Gaza Flotilla Assault, UNSC Statement Leaves Vague Who Will Investigate

On US Attendance at Bash for Bashir, Sudan Dip Says Needs No Outsiders (But China)

As UN Council Meets on Gaza Ship Raid, Obama, Ban and Justice Put in Question

At UN, India & Pakistan United Against DFS Move to Italy, Peacekeeping Politics

Sri Lanka's Kohona Denies Assuring Nambiar Rebels Would Not Be Executed, on Peiris

At UN, Adlerstein as "Slumlord," Forced Relocation in the End, Ceiling Collapse

To UN's 11th Hour Africa Union Proposal, Russia Says Too Late, Procuring Votes

In DC, Peiris of Sri Lanka Shows Not Ready for Prime Time, Hillary to Hear Defense

In Congo, Protection of Civilians Not Highest Priority, Vote May 28, DPRK Compared

At UN, Congo Vote Postponed, Where's Protection of Civilians, China on DPRK

While UN Ban Calls for Action for S. Korean Homeland, Silence on Slaughters Highlighted

On Haiti, Why Did UN Conceal Jail Slaughter, Shoot Into University?

On Sri Lanka, UN Did Not Recuse Nambiar, UK Supports Ban Panel, Peiris Waits

As UN Congo Mission is Shrunken by China to MINUSCULO, France Does Little

In UN, Adlerstein Demands Departure of Union, CMP Won't Disclose Luggage Building Lease Length

On Murders after Surrender, UN's Nambiar Muses on Crossfire, Speaking With Kohona

UN Undercuts Justice by Celebrating in Sudan While Soliciting Funds for Cambodia Court

As Sri Lanka Spins, UN Slow and Silent on Why Stopped Counting the Dead

NPT Draft Obtained Though Restricted to Member States, Western Dips Deceive

As Palau and Pew Fight To Save Sharks and Tuna, Japan Counters with Sushi

As UN Hosts Sri Lanka Peiris, Press Banned from Photo Op, Turn That Camera Off

On UN Role in Sri Lanka War Crimes, Ban Rejects Then Denies Rejecting Allegations

In Waldorf, Peiris and Kohona of Sri Lanka Spin Selectively, War Crimes Defense

Sri Lanka's Peiris to Meet Ban and Select Press, War Crimes Questions Not Taken

On Somalia, UN Ban's Ould Abdallah "Takes All the Money," Bumbles in Politics

UN's Gambari, Menkerios to Attend Inauguration of Bashir, Who Supports UN's Radio

Iran Sanctions Draft Was Foreshadowed in Congo, Hillary Jumped the Gun

In UN Renovation, Stealth Long Leases and No Right to Return, Adlerstein's Rules

On Sri Lanka, IMF Calls War Crimes Report Of Concern, Tranche Turns on Budget?

Amid Protests, IMF Says Wage Cuts Were Romania's Choice, IMF for Vulnerable

As Seoul Accuses Pyongyang, Ban Reacts After Obama, But Will Not Take to Council

As Sri Lanka Diplomat Investigates Himself, UN Panel Would Not Act on UN's Role

Distracted Driving at UN, LaHood Dodges Mexican Trucks, Names Taiwan

In Congo, MONUSCO Could Not Protect Civilians from Army, Doss Quits

Outflanked by Iran, Turkey and Brazil, US Rushes Out Sanctions Resolution at UN

On Sri Lanka, UN Won't Answer Questions, Its IRIN Censors Criticism of Ban?

Protests of JPM Chase on Wall St, of Predatory Loans and Mining, Laissez Faire

At UN, Of Serbian Cell Phones in Kosovo and Transport Corruption, Jeremic Runs

Leaked UN Memo Shows Shaaban Protest of Bedbugs and No Right to Return by Adlerstein

On Sri Lanka, UN Can't Say How Many Died, If Ban Called for Ceasefire, How Much It Paid

As Figueres Gets UNFCCC, S.Africa in Line for OIOS, Pillay Misplayed Simonovic

Finland Pitches Shanghai Expo Design, Shot Glass Design, Iceland Schandenfreude

On Sri Lanka, ICG Calls for Investigation of UN Inaction, Ban Panel Still Delayed

At UN, Illegal Fishing off Somalia and Pirates' Death Scoffed At, Preening Delayed

In NY, as Obama Raises Wall Street Money for his Party, Lady Gaga Goes for Rainforest

As UN Pitches Metal Recycling, Congo Coltan and Worker Safety Are Afterthoughts

On Sri Lanka War Crimes, US' Rice Supports UN's Ban, So Panel Without Delay?

At UN, Libya vs Switzerland for More Votes for Human Rights Council, 11th Hour News

Angola and Libya Poised for Human Rights Council, Georgia - Russia Fight Next Year?

On Somalia, UN's Ould Abdullah Dismisses 300 MPs as Web Sites, Hasn't Read Report

In Afghanistan, UN Won't Investigate Black Jail or Speak on Election Spending

At UN, of Beepers and Bed Bugs in the Albano Building, Electronic Sign In

It's Khartoum or NY for Sudan's UN Rep, Trimmer of Ocampo, Ban's Darfur Drip

On War Crimes Experts, UN Waits for "Sham" Sri Lankan Panel, Hiding Behind Rice

At UN, US on START and 123 Agreement with Russia, Iran Sanctions Link?

At UN, Chad Says No Agreement, 2 Week Rollover Predicted, Short Shrift for Congo Trip

As UN Delays on War Crimes in Sri Lanka, Ambassador Criticizes Blog

As Karzai Visits US, More Questions of Who Killed Louis Maxwell Raised

On Sri Lanka, UN Soft Pedals Humanitarian Law, Still No War Crimes Panel

At UN, Bolivia's Morales Hits Obama "Blackmail" and Lack of Change, "Sign Kyoto"

UN Withheld Execution Video Report from Louis Maxwell's Family, Sister Says

At Iran's Council Dinner, Two No-Shows, Show and Tell on Enrichment, Russia "Satisfied"

At UN, Uganda Ambassador Tells Colleagues Wives of Iran, Nuclear Monsters

IMF Consumed in Greek Fire, Dodges on Romania, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Rwanda

In UN Turf Wars, Delegates Help Cubicle Closed so High Officials Can Hide

On Sri Lanka, As UN's Ban Delays on Panel, Pascoe's Trip Delayed For "Goodies"

At UN, Screening of Countdown to Zero Triggers Review in Form of Live Blog

Cover-Up Alleged by Sister of Louis Maxwell, Who in Shorts Appeared a Taliban?

UN Enviro Short List Down to Four With India, Currying Favor of Member States

UN Will Not Act on Chad's Assault on Shadowy Rebels, Some Peacekeeping

At UN, Lebanon Dodges on Iran and Congo Trip, Says Ban's Staff Is Invited

At UN, Ahmadinejad Defends Iran's Treatment of Women, Mocks Obama & Ban Ki-moon

At UN, Japan Cries of War While Russia Brags of Victory, Spokesman Won't Answer

At UN, Hardly Mentioning North Korea, Did Hillary Meet Wrong Nigerian?

At UN, NPT Opens Amid Monks' Drums, Dissonant Expectations, Ahmadinejad

In Anti-Nuclear March, Free Palestine Chants Trigger Questions of Iran, A-Jod in Wings

In Anti-Nuclear March, Free Palestine Chants Trigger Questions of Iran and NPT

At UN, Gaye and Simonovic Up for Posts, Human Rights Ignored

On W. Sahara, Council Word Games Trigger 15-0 Vote, Retreat to Greentree

On W. Sahara, Prospect of 3 Abstentions, China Bonds With France on Rights

On W. Sahara, France Draws a Line in the Sand, Pillay Solution Floated, Moroccan Spin

W. Sahara Rights Fight Past Sushi to Wire, Nigeria and Uganda Put Greentree in Play

With US Silent on Sudan, Khartoum Brags of Victories at UN, Demands Gration Clarify

On Maxwell's Death, UN Staff Say de Mistura "Crony" Manlove Aided Cover-Up

On W. Sahara, Second Tier Titans Clash on Rights, Gabon and Uganda in Proxy War

UN Defends Use of Haiti Love Boat, Belated Moratorium on Evictions, No Times

As UN's Ban Partners with Statoil Despite Oil Sands and Angola, Indigenous Hit Brazil

UN's New Rape Unit Eyes Colombia, Nepal and Kabul, Congo Trip, Menkerios Runs

Downer Calls His Business with Huawei "Private" From UN, Zerihoun Leaving Cyprus?

Skepticism Greets UN's "Implausible" Tale of Kabul Killing, Video Not Seen by US

Of UN Council, Rice on Sudan and Congo, S. Africa Running for Seat, UN Musical Chairs

On Kabul Death, UN Floats Implausible Theory, Withholds Report, Banbury

On W. Sahara, Spain for Rights Mandate, Polisario Says UN Canceled its Stakeout

Amid Sudan Deaths, Bashir Victory Declaration, Silence at UN, Disdain for Rebels

The UN and its Mail, on Free Press, Sri Lanka and Middle East, True Believers

Avatar Shown to UN Forum by Cameron, White Messiah Alleged, "We're All Indigenous"

As UN Preps Benign Friendly Fire Story, Kabul Death Questions in DC

As Sri Lanka AG Met With UN's Ban, War Crimes Panel Unnamed for Six Weeks

At UN, Spokesman Goes Berserky, from Bhutto Report To Afghan Cover Up

Amid Gaza Blackout, UNRWA's Lights On, Canada Earmarks, Cast Lead's Shadow

On Kabul Staff Death, "External" Prober Had Conflict of Interest, UN's Unilateral Spin

At UN, Press Banned from Delegates' Entrance, Spokesman from Consultations

As Congo Army Charged With 11 Murders in Mbandaka, UN Investigation Uncertain

Tharoor's Cricket-Gate Echoes at UN, Nepotism and Dubai Business, Faux Kofi

As UN Denies It Covered Up Kabul Death, De Mistura Dodges, Nesirky Lashes Out

IMF Claims that Icesave Commitments Were "Not Critical," Dismisses Citigroup Role

On Volcanic Ash, ICAO Has No Standards, No Answers of EU's African Blacklist

Amid Fraud in Sudan and Kidnapping by Bashir-Affiliated Militia, UN Cuts Off Questions

At UN, Ban Chooses Limousines Over Indigenous Drums, NGOs Complain of Exclusion

At UN, Menchu Laments Rios Montt Impunity, Garzon Case, Free Press Letter Lost

On Afghan Death of Louis Maxwell As UN Edits Board's Report, 11 Questions Pending

At UN, No Answers on Sudan Election Flaws Hostage Takers of Peacekeepers

At UN, Sri Lanka Gets $3M, Fixes Panel and Pushes Its Troops, New School DPR

At UN, Georgia Mocks Puppet States, Sochi Olympics, Mistrals Without Hi-Tech

UN Dodges from Afghan Deaths through Moonlighting to MMB, Hacks of Computers

UN's Sierra Leone Rep Charged With Hitting Staffer, Council Colossus Gives Cookies

Congo Trip Canceled by UN Council, Volcano Leaves MONUC in Jeopardy

UN Admits Afghan 'Friendly Fire' May Have Killed US Staffer, US Mission Dodges

At UN, Council Excludes Spokesman's Office Without A Fight, Ineptitude or Nationality?

UN's Ban Met Otunbayeva Twice Before Bakiyev Was Toppled, Johnny Appleseed

For UN Climate Job, 11 Candidates Including from Barbados and UN, False Recusal

Condi Rice and Saudi Spy Chief Refused to Talk with UN Bhutto Panel

UN Silent on Haiti Evictions, Says Rented Love Boat is Not a Luxury

IMF Coy with Ukraine Numbers, Denies Pakistan Conditions, Ignores Haiti Question

As UN's Doss Hit by OIOS, Council Tries to Save MONUC, Rice Defended

UN Slammed for Bias by Darfur Rebels, Deferred Answer About Rebel UN Selected

UN Science Under Fire, Pharma Role in Swine Flu to Pressure on Lancet on MDG 5

Afghan Role in Guesthouse Killings Was Left Undisclosed by UN, Execution Alleged

As Sudan Vote Marred by Technical Snafus, UN Assistance Questioned

At UN, Labor Lows from UNODC to Elevator Stand-In, No Room for Union

UN Council's Kinshasa Trip Omits LRA, US Rice to Skip, Disappointing Araud

On UN's Short Congo Trip, US Rice Might Go, Depending on Right Media and Iran

As UN Council Shortens Congo Trip, Sanctions Committee Stymied, Doss Impunity

UN's Pascoe Met with Kyrgyz Otunbayeva Days Before Bakiyev Ouster, Johnny Appleseed?

Amid Sudan Voting and UN Staff Rebel Scandal, Ban Says No Problem

Too Big To Be Fair, Citi, Wells, BofA & JPM Chase Disparate in Subprime Loans in 2009

In Obama Speed-Meet, Goodluck Makes Cut, Hat Tip to Kazakh Zhotis, No Sudan?

In Haiti for UN, Mystery of Bolduc's Quitting, Love Boat Stonewall

As UN Paid Darfur Rebel Leader, UN Claims Didn't Know What Bassole Did

UN Won't Say Who Leads Peacekeeping in Crisis in Sudan, Congo, on Haiti Passes Buck

As Kyrgyz Interim Leader Worked for UN, No Comment from UN, Pending Kubis

As Iran Sanctions Season Start in NY, German Speaks of Text, China of Diplomacy

On Sudan Elections, Susan Rice Explains Gration, UN Silent, Paid "Rebel" Leader

Amid Sudan Election Fears, UN Silent, As Visas Denied, EU Observers Leave

As Korea's Lee Says UN to Help Sinking Probe, UN Says Nothing

In Congo Crunch Time, US Rice and Others Cancel Visit, Iran Prioritized, Post-Doss

On UN Press Restrictions, P-5 Wax and Wane as CPJ Decries Hypocrisy

At UN, Deal on Press Limits Faces Safety Block, Council Meeting Called

In Haiti, UN Bolduc Is Out, Coke and Clinton Fete Citigroup, Siemens

As Press Pushed from UN Council, Protests to Ban, "Tear Down This Wall!"

As UN Bans Press from Council Hall, Demand Tracks Back to Araud of France?

On Myanmar, Japan "Disappointed" by Election Law, But Not on Council Agenda

On Iran, Japan's "Only Disagreement" Is Nuclear, Arrests and of Less Import?

Press Restrictions by UN Council Come from Permanent Members, Even Ban Staff to be Excluded

At UN, Council Now Fully Excludes All But 15 Nations, Less Press Access

At UN, Climate and Sanctions Offices Left Behind, of Two Lounges, Threats

In Central Asia, UN Ban Blind to Corruption, Skips Prisoners Rights and Water Wars

As HABITAT Meets in Brazil Before Sports Evictions, No Angola Follow-up

IMF Dodges on Green Fund Stasis and Haiti Debt Relief Delay, Jamaica Question Ignored

At UN on Haiti, EU Ashton Dodges, Cannon Fires at Fowler, French Jet Unaddressed

First quarter 2010:

On Haiti, IMF's Strauss-Kahn Dodges on Debt Forgiveness, Past Conditions' Harm

"No Correlation" of Labor Rights and UN Global Compact, Kell Says No Quotes

As UN Makes Appeal for Niger, Dodges on Role of China, France, Face of Coup

As UN's Ban Delays Pakistan Report 15 Days, Amid Dodges, Doubts Grow

On Uzbek Human Rights, UN Won't Compare, Sting Sings, But Not For UNICEF

As UNDP's Clark Talks Haiti, Dodges Transfer of Retaliator, Kane for Mulet?

At UN, Council Moves But Union and Medical Files Left Behind by Master Plan

At UN, Council Moves But Medical Files and Union Left Behind by Master Plan

On Sudan, Moonlighting UN Staffer as "Rebel" Leader, As JEM Pressed on Elections

At UN, Ban Slammed for Sharing on Iran, Silent on Libya Exclusion, DPRK

At UN, Peru's Toledo Coy about Election, Blasts Chavez, Draws Venezuelan Protest

As Libya Bans a Lebanese UN Guard, UN's Ban Says Nothing, Vanished Imam

As UN Bar Re-Opens, Delegate Lounge Tech Help to Close, First Beer

At UN, As Friends on Myanmar Calculate Their Share, Ban Splits Difference

At UN, Friends on Myanmar Meet Amid UK Posturing, China Intransigence, Ban Answers?

UK Favors Sending Myanmar to ICC, China Says It's Sovereign, UN's Ban Defers

For UN's Sri Lanka Panel, Nambiar Meets with Kohona, "Two Foxes," Sources Say

UN Slated to Re-Open Delegates' Bar on March 25, of UN Elitist Venues, Events

Eide's Taliban Talks Ascribed to Ambition to Lead UN, India Critical, Pakistan Elusive

As Bashir Threatens to Cut Observers' Fingers Off, UN Silent, on Venezuela Trip

Amid Tajik Dam Conflict, UN Allows Propaganda Event with Intel Award

As UN Advisor Meles Bans Radio, Ban Is Silent, After Castro, Joins Death Regret

Pachauri's Moonlighting Critiqued by Figueres, of 2 Costa Ricans and the Alba Group

UN's Eide Spoke with Taliban, then Holbrooke, But UN Claims He Was Not Instructed

UN's Eide Spoke with Taliban, then Holbrooke, But UN Claims No Instructions

In Sudan, UN Hasn't Reached Jebel Marra, Pre-Spins Election Criticism

On Sri Lanka, As UK Disagrees With NAM Letter, IMF, Pascoe and Panel After Election?

Congo Calls for Removal of UN Envoy Doss By July, Proposes 3 French, 2 Americans

On Sri Lanka, UN Puts Spin on "No Delay," Jabs at NAM, Will Fonseka Meet Pascoe?

Somali Starvation Shows Security Council Schizophrenia, Humanitarian Window Eyed

With Euro Tanking On Reports of Greece Turning to IMF, of Half and No Answers

Of Law & Order and Congolese Rape, CNDP, Kabila and UN Let Off the Hook

As Cote d'Ivoire Says "Suppress" TV Station, UN Choi Says Nothing, Somalia?

At UN, Mandela and Rugby Praised, No Answers on Sri Lanka or Sudan, Invictus

UN's Friends on Myanmar to Meet March 25, UK's Letter Catches Up

At UN, Ban Says "No Delay" in Naming Sri Lanka Panel, Report Only to Him

As London Asks for Myanmar Elections Meeting, UN Denies Nambiar Trip

As Sudan Grabs Ballot Printing, UNMIS Is Only T.A., Ban Has Nothing to Say

On Sri Lanka, UN Now Says Panel "Not Very Soon," Response to NAM, and by UK

On Somalia, UN Belated Admits Rejections of its MOU With Kenya

At UN, Dance of Libya and Switzerland, Munoz on Lula Over Ban, Sri Lanka Charades

Staged Leak of UN Somali Sanctions Report Echoes Lebanon Claim of 2006

Ban's UN Refuses Summons in Bertucci Case, of Contempt and Rule of Law

In Congo, UN's Doss Flubbed "Out in One Year" Message, Amid Illegal Mining

As UNDP Loses Retaliation Case, Perps Relocated to Haiti, Paper Trail Emerges

At UN, Human Rights Sold Out in Sudan, Congo and Myanmar, Taking the Edge Off

At UN, Ban and Pachauri Take No Questions on IPCC and Outside Income

UK's Hi Tech Miliband Is Asked of Somalia and Sri Lanka, by Twitter, Yes or No

With UN's Treki Under Swiss Travel Ban, He Cites Vienna Convention, Heads to SK

On Darfur, UN Can't Confirm Who Controls Jebel Marra, Can't Protect Itself

UN Exposed Supporting Congo Criminals In 2010, Secret List, Using Haiti as Defense

At UN, Friends Give Friends High Posts by Doctoring C.V.s, In $300 M Umoja ERP

On Iraqi Elections, UN Has Two Positions, Afghanistan Redux?

UN Mis-Claims Its Sex Abusers "Will Be Charged" While Asserting Immunity

At UN, Questions of Settlers in Israel's OECD Statistics, Two U.S. Positions

On Sri Lanka, UN's Ban Restates Concern on Lack of Progress, Unaware of Job Request

UN Confirms Fighting in Darfur, Says JEM Not Exclusive, Deby Says UN Spies?

UAE May Name Dubai Assassins for UN Terror List, Fatah Says, Opacity at UN

UN Parties, From Genital Mutilation to Fergie's Army of Mothers, Still No Bar

As UN Criticizes Media in Liberia, No Answers on Somalia or Afghan Censorship

On Sri Lanka War Crimes, UN's Ban to Name Panel to Advise Only Him, No Pascoe

Araud of France Gives Economic Read of Iran Sanctions, Ban's Sri Lanka Inaction

As Ban Heads to Chile, UN Praises Chile Despite Protests, MassiveGood Spin

As UN Quietly Re-Starts Military Help in Congo, Says Not With Zimulinda

IMF Says "No Agreement" With Sri Lanka, Meets in Hungary, Omits Bulgaria, Angola and Chavez

On Sri Lanka, UN's Ban Was Lied To, But Pascoe Trip Delay, of Job Requests

As UN Invokes Immunity to Defeat Sex Harassment Case, UN Claims It's in Its Interest

On Darfur, UN Won't "Second Guess" JEM Deal As It Falls Apart in Jebel Marra

In Congo, UN National Staff Tell Doss They Will Strike, UN-Clarity on War Crimes

At UN, Russia Slams MOU with NATO, Georgia "Technically" on Council Agenda

With AIDS Activist in Uzbek Jail, UN Quiet, on Gambia Expulsion Too

For UN Council, Iran Rises to Second Footnote, Sudan as Truce, Lebanon Switch

Sex Abuse by Peacekeepers UN-Solved Amid CSW Shindigs at UN

UN Conflicted on Drone Deaths, Unaware of Karzai Censorship, Cambodia Impunity

After "Looter" Killed in Chile, Others Gassed, UN Official Says No Violence

Darfur Deal Followed by Bombs, UN Silent, Chad Pollution

On Swiss Uighurs, UN Dodges, China Accuses US of Double Standards, Iran Talks?

At UN, Misdirection on Census in Iraq and Congo, of Kirkuk and the Kivus

As UN Accused of Cover Up of Zimbabwe Cholera, Belated Response

UN Ban Defends IPCC Report, No Comment on Pachauri, Derides Comparisons

Censorship Omitted From UN Study of Internet Access by ITU, No Comment on Cuba

UN Official, "Elated" by Rapes, Says Corruption Watching is Up to Haiti's Preval (Updated)

As UN Holmes Confirms Return to UK, Ripert for the Job, and US for Peacekeeping?

UN Justice In Disarray as USG Refuses to Appear, Ban Will Appeal Any Order

For S. Sudan Post, UN Mulled Hilde Johnson and Khare, Menkerios over Kumalo

UN Powder was Non Dairy Creamer Brought In, Source Says, Bar to Re-Open

UN Official Ali Treki Is Reportedly on EU Travel Ban List of Libyans, Swiss Silence

Niger Coup Leader Served on UN Missions, France, UN and Council Shrug

Susan Rice of US Insists UN "Misconstrues" Somalia Aid Restrictions

UN Downplays Found Powder as Non-Toxic, Keeps Cafeteria Closed for 2nd Day

In Haiti, UN Force Commander Silent on Killings, Clinton Skips Press, Contracts

As Powder Removed from UN for Tests, Cafeteria on Hold, Iran Celebrates, US Not Seen

At UN, "White Powder" Find Forces Cafeteria Lock Down

IMF on Zim, Backtracks on Greece, Rebuffs Questions About Pakistan, Gbagbo, Lanka

As Guatemalan President Admits Mining Abuse, Goldcorp Challenged, on Laws

As Chad Says UN Destroys Airstrips, Logjam on Shakedown Street

In North Korea, UN Did Not Raise Press Freedom, Takes Staff from Gov't Lists

On Iraq, UN's Melkert Silent on Blackwater and Black Balling of Baath Candidates

At UN, CPJ on Pariah States N. Korea and on Sri Lanka, Buying Tickets, Iran's Eye

Denying Corruption of Citigroup and BofA, Obiangs Cite Obama, ExxonMobil's Investment

As Darfur Goes Quiet at UN, US Rep on China Guns, Gration and Gambari of 1 Mind?

At UN, Buzz of Holmes Leaving, Tibaijuka's Absence, Accountability on Intranet

At UN, Climate Financing Discussed, IPCC Glacier and Pachauri Questions Not Taken

Killings by Haitian National Police Ascribed to Imposters by UN, No Corruption Role

As Myanmar Torches Karen Villages, UN Watching Unclear, No Nargis Follow Up

Amid Tear Gas UN Quiet on Sri Lanka Claim of Congratulations, "Journalism" Guide

Sri Lanka Says UN's Ban "Congratulates" Rajapaksa After Arrest of Fonseka, Press Crackdown

At UN, As Ban Poses with Korean Tourism Czar, Press Is Banned, No Read-Out Until Two Days Later (updated Feb. 11)

UN Says It "Cannot Name and Shame" on Sexual Violence, Silence on Congo Report

UN's Ban to Call Sri Lanka's Rajapaksa about Fonseka's Arrest, Nambiar Questions

At UN, US Official's Pitch, like Obama's Speech, Omits Darfur, Congo, Anti-Corruption

As Haitians Protest Aid Blockage, Corruption, UN Calls It Political, Murky Land Deals

As Sri Lanka Arrests Fonseca, Censors War Crimes and Calls Nambiar, UN Quiet

As UN Heads to N. Korea, Tale of Two Swedes for Envoy, Kim Intrigue Grows

UN Ammo Had "Fraudulent Permits," S. African Police Say, 8 Tons Stopped

At UN, Two Tier Cafeteria Akin to Funeral Parlor, Lounge May Re-Open on Lawn

At UN, Kazakh Official Praises Nazarbaev Authority in Karabakh, Dodges on Free Press

Ban's Nesirky Claims UN Pension Fund Not Part of UN, No Answers on Africa

Sri Lanka Lobbies at UN Despite Child Soldiers Recruited, Others Barred from School

As Kofi Annan Wins a Double UN Pension, a Roberta Annan at UNDP

Before Global Model UN, Financial Sponsors' Names Disappear, Malaysia on Refugees

On Goldstone, UN's Ban Files Only 4 Paragraphs of Observations, on Sri Lanka, Nothing

In Haiti, UNDP Paying $4.47 a Day to Demolish, Few Safeguards on Return

UN Dodges Protest of Ban's TRNC Trick in Cyprus, Questions Refused

IMF's Strauss-Kahn Coy on Opposing Sarkozy and Intervening in Greece, Denials

As UN's Ban Rolls Dice on N. Korea Trip, Kim Won-soo Is Asked to Brief Press

UN's Ban Has No Comment on Himalayan Glacier Gaffe, Doesn't Rely on IPCC

At UN, Spain Calls Push for Top Women's Post Delicate, Ghana on Oil but not Nigeria

As UN Spins Statements on Sudan Separatism, Ban's Stance on Sri Lanka Recalled

UN Court Rules Egyptian Official "Not Concerned With Truth," May Pay $20,000

At UN, Araud of France on Chad and Guinea but not Myanmar, Francophonie Meltdown

As Russia Denies Paulson's "Dump Fannie Mae" Story, Chinese Tricks Explored

UN Claims No More Tear Gas, Dodging Wyclef Jean, Killings by Haitian Police

Rice of US Thinks "Highly" of Menkerios, Ghost Tweets by UN Council, Bosnian Chaos

NGO's Report on Conflict Resources, Targeting Rebels, Is Reviled by UN's Doss

As Menkerios Sent to Juba from UN's Shallow Bench, Sudan's Acceptance Assessed

As UN Tells Yonhap of Kim's and Pascoe's Trip to S. Korea, New(s) Strategy Emerges

In Haiti, UN of Two Minds on China, No Guidance on Bullets, Florida Football

As Sri Lanka Expels Journalists and Raids Opposition, UN's Ban Relieved Still

At UN, China Says It's Slandered, No Haiti Relations Due to Taiwan

Norway Brags of Work in Somalia, Whose Minneapolis Rep Mocks AK-47 Teens

At UN, France's Araud Refuses Question on Mistral Ship Sale to Russia, "Not UN"

As Obama's Speech Omits Sudan, Susan Rice Says Jobs Come First, Gration on Case

On Sri Lanka, UN's Ban Expresses Canned Relief as Opposition Candidate Surrounded

In Haiti, Chinese Team Dug Up Its Own and Left, UN Confirms, $94,000 Monthly Rent

As UN Fires Tear Gas in Haiti, Sri Lanka Gives Tea, UNICEF Info Awaited

UN Silent on Sudan Vote Boycott Call, US' Rice on Chad and DC, But Not Corruption

On Sri Lankan Election, UN's Ban Silent on Abductions and Forced Texts

In Haiti, UN Limits Aid to Women, Fires Tear Gas, Dismisses NGOs and Bilateral Aid

On Haiti at UN, Dominican Dodging on Immigration, UNICEF on Staffing, IFAD to Forgive?

EU's Ashton "Concerned" By Rights in Sri Lanka, On Election, No UN Ban Follow Up

At UN, Nigerian Minister Dodges on Mandate, Myanmar and Taxes

At UN, Kosovo Debate Ends with a Flush and a Cough, Last One Turn Lights Out

For UN Kabul Post, de Mistura Quits for Reasons of Family- But Whose?

UNV Job of SRSG Choi's Nephew in Ivory Coast Falsely Denied, Ban Question

At UN, Haiti Spun from Katrina, Clinton Supports Royal Caribbean Resort Cruise

As Obama Proposes Goldman De-Bank and Liability Cap, of Dodd and BofA's Evasions

For IMF, Canceling Haiti's Debt is Medium Term, UN's IFAD Is Creditor

As UN and US Work With Sri Lankan Soldiers, UK Funded Study Downplays Carnage

On Haiti, While US Says $70M of Obama's $100M Through UN, Overhead Costs In

UN Loses Focus on Darfur, Pushes to Silence Questions of it Climate Change Role

Among UN P-5, France and UK Talk Secret, Yemen, US Fetes New Diplomat

UN Dodges on Search and Safety, 278 National Staff Unaccounted For, Blames Media

At UN on Haiti, Ban Dodges on Immigration, Armenians Rebuffed, No Copter Update

US Helicopter "Crash" in Haiti Described to Inner City Press by UN Sources, Updated

For Gambari, From Iraq Swan Song to Darfur on Thursday, UN in Transition

UN's Holmes Hasn't Heard of Mercenaries, Haitian Staff Records Only in Hotel

At UN, It's "All Hail" to US in Haiti, Elsewhere France and Brazil Critical

At UN, More Troops for Haiti Debated, U.S. Off Table, 6 Hour Visit Detailed

UN's Ban-tourage to Haiti Grows After Protest, of Turf Wars, Hillary and Planes

As UN Confirms Death of Annabi, Hotel Christopher Safety Questions Remain

From Haiti, U.S. Describes Work with UN Hardly Present, Politics of Aid

UN Silent as Nepal Shields Torturing Peacekeeper Accused of Murder

As UN Ban Plans Sunday Haiti Trip, Picks South Korean and UN Media, Spurned Sources Say

On Haiti, Ban Says All Through UN, Through U.S. Not, Watchdog Possible, Staff Questions

In Haiti, National UN Staff in Limbo, Despite Some Good News in Ruins

As Somalia's TFG Prints Bills, UN Accused of Shipping Tanks, Denial by Ould Abdallah

At UN, Indigenous Cite Abuse from Right and Left, Myanmar, U.S. and Ecuador

UN Doesn't Count Haitian Staff - But Treats Them Equally, Ban Says

As Obama's Bank Fees Under-Target Citigroup and AIG, Geithner Questioned

In Haiti, Chinese Met Annabi, Search Team on Way from Beijing, MOSS Dodged

In Haiti, China's 8 Dead Include 4 Diplomats Meeting with UN's Annabi

At UN after Haiti Quake, Delivering Death News, Delayed Dispatch of Deputy, Live Blogging UN Responses

In Haiti, UN Paid $94,000 a Month for Now Collapsed Hotel, Called It Safe

At UN, EU Seeks Status Higher than African Union, Arrogance Charged, Ban Notes

In Hours After Haiti's Earthquake, Silence from UN, Building Codes Flashback

At UN, Sri Lanka Shooting of Opposition Draws No Comment, No Probe

For UN Members' $18 M in Parking Fines, Ban "Is Not Responsible"

At UN, Ban Says Holbrooke's Public Talk of de Mistura Is Not Proper

UN in Guinea Bissau Agrees to Hand Over Coup Plotter, Another Precedent?

On War Crimes, UN's Ban Listens to Sri Lanka President over Alston's Views

As UN Cuts Ribbon, Asbestos and Mismanagement Swept Under Carpet

Holbrooke Scoops UN's Ban as de Mistura Brags, Nepotism by Proxy

At UN, Security Sweep for Monday, Dry Asbestos Friday Under Watchful Eyes

On Sri Lanka, Last Act of UN's Ban Was Three Months Ago, Despite War Crimes

At UN, Kane Spins Shoot-Down of Ban's Reforms, No UN Porn Gate Update

At UN, Ban Cites Old Sri Lanka Calls to Evade War Crimes Findings

UN to Drill Asbestos in Reporters' Offices, Using Negative Pressure

On Sri Lankan War Crimes, UN Discloses Ban Expert Panel Idea, Election Snub

On Myanmar, UN Confirms Nambiar, Ban More Vague, Gambari's Income Stream

On Sri Lanka, UN Won't Observe, Has Hopes for IDPs, Mute on Accountability

UN Now Rations Questions, Passes Buck on Nepotism, of Kosovo and Double Standards

At UN, Kai Eide's Swansong and Ban's Prerogative, Afhgan Veto in Wings

UN's Ban Mute on Sri Lanka's Election Request, Impunity and Fraud Accepted

At UN, Staff Complain to Ban of Asbestos, Freezing Swing Space, No WiFi

At UN, China Takes Few Questions, ECOWAS Unheeded on Guinea, Myanmar Waits

In UN Council, Iran and Guinea But Not Yemen Discussed by Five New Members

With Congo Gloating of UN Combat Copters, Doss and Ban Trash Human Rights Watch

UN's Afghan Selection Colored by Nepotism and No-Show Jobs, Karzai Veto Threats

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