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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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Indictment of Chinese Spy Frank Lui Leads To Flushing Queens and Murder with UN Link on The Eastern Front

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon Maxwell Book
BBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - ESPNReview

FLUSHING, QUEENS, March 20 -- After the indictment of the Chinese spies in EDNY, on the Eastern Front, Kurt Wheelock texted Michael Randall Long and asked him to put the MH17 and 1MDB and other Eastern front cases on hold, at least for this Saturday. They were going out to Flushing to look into the murder of Jim Li, which happened two days before the five indictments that DOJ and their press said were unrelated.

   The 7 train may be the most frequent line in the MTA system, servicing not only Flushing but also Jackson Heights and Corona and Citifield when the Mets are in-season and not locked out.

Today Queens looked great stretched out below, first the wide avenues then the narrow corridor like the J and M over Broadway in Brooklyn, like something out of The Honeymooners.

   "I don't know where you're going with this one," Matthew Randall Long told Kurt as they stood next to each other looking south over the expanse of buildings to the outcropping of older high rises in downtown Brooklyn including the courthouse there. "But I'm along for the ride."

   Kurt looked down at his note pads, the few names he'd jotted in order to put together a fast song before heading east to Flushing:

A man was stabbed in Flushing Queens
Two day later an arrest and no one says what it means
They tell the Press it's just a coincidence
But denying the link to the murder makes no sense

This is the story of Shujang Wang
He spied on Uighurs and to his handlers he sang
He was run out of China's Mission to the United Nations
One of the World War Two's most failed creations

Jim Li before being stabbed tweeted United We Win
Now on the lam is China spy Qiming Lin
He tried to make dirt about a man running for the House
The UN, asked about its role, is quiet as mouse

For Jason Sun, Frank Lui sent a Florida prison guard
To hit the Xi Jinping COVID satire work very hard
Inner City Press raised the UN in a presser by Peace of EDNY
They heard the guard's mother called for bond in Ohio cry

The cases are connected and we're gonna keep transcribing
While in the UN of Guterres the Chinese GONGOs keep on bribing
Guterres at the Genocide Games gave rise to a first book
Now the two on the lam we'll be taking a second look

   When he was finished, Michael Randall Long asked, "But how do you know they're connected?"

  "What are the odds?" Kurt answered. "That the lady who stabbed him drapped the red-starred flag over his hair, and that of his group, the guy who was the secretary was indicted two days later, as having spied on Chinese dissident groups?"

  "You really think China would commit or commission a murder right here in New York City?" Long asked, rhetorically perhaps.

   "Didn't Putin do it in London?" Kurt said.

   "China's playing a longer game than Putin," Long said.

   "But their time for taking Taiwan is getting short," Kurt replied. "They'll want to do it while Congress is obsessed with Zelankyy and gas prices and the mid-terms, even at fast as the confirmation hearings of Ketanji Brown Jackson."

    "I had a case before her," Long said. But Kurt ignored him and continued, obsessed as always by the UN.

  "They'll want to do it while their friend or pawn Antonio Guterres is still Secretary General, to provide them cover. Like with Ukarine he'll use his platform, built on the blood of those who died in World War II, to give false assurances that of course it will never happen. Then when it does, he'll tell his officials to say it is not happened, that it is not an invasion."

   Long nodded. They were passing the emptiness of Citifield and the tennis center, and coming up on Flushing. There was a dumping place that the two of them liked to go, facing a park and the LIRR tracks. That or the smoking cart of Xinjiang shish kebobs. Either way the trip out here would not be a complete wash.

* * *

    The Xinjiang lamb kebobs had a kick to them and Kurt cooled his tongue down with a lichee bubble tea a side street one block off Roosevelt Avenue. Then he and Michael Randall Long headed to Jim Li's office, or what had been Jim Li's office, on 39th.

   "I read up what on they say happened," Long said as they walked the crowded street. "Twenty five year old woman named Xiaoning Zhang goes into Jim Li's office with two knives, putting a Chinese flag over a chair and stabs him repeatedly. The story is quickly that she was mad he wouldn't represent her on her visa case, trying to go to a school out in California."

   Kurt was covering a Chinese government visa fraud trial in SDNY, US v. Zhongsan Liu. There were allegations of sexual trysts, based on pole camera footage, but no murder or even violence.

   "Doesn't make sense to me," Kurt said. "Did you see how many law offices there are out here? More than on Court Street in downtown Brooklyn. If the lady was so pro-Chinese, per the flag she put down, why would she be so insistent on having as her lawyer Jim Li, so anti CCP his website brags he accepted an award on behalf of the Wuhan whistler?"

  "I think he meant whistleblower," Long cut in. "Must have used Google translate."

  "But the Queens D.A. bought in, called it a senseless act of violence, violence is never the way to resolve a dispute, blah blah blah. What if the dispute here is between the Chinese government and its oversea critics? Or between China and the US? Or China and Taiwan, like Russia on Ukraine?"

   Up in Jim Li's office there was a sign, that the remaining attorney in the firm, not Chinese, would be picking up Jim Li's cases and to be patient. Kurt took a photo of the sign with his cell phone.

  "What if China picked up on that Shujun Wang was being investigated, and that Jim Li who was on the board of Memorial Foundation with him was providing evidence? What if they heard that, even if it weren't true, and sent the 25 year old lady to kill him and take the blame?"

  "We have to track the down, and who's representing her," Long said. "For now it's a case in state criminal court here in Queens." More on #TheEasternFront

* * *

    Kurt before he was thrown out of the UN had known a Frank Liu in the UN, a shadow7 character who threw money around at UN officials like Ibrahim Gambari, the Nigerian Ambassador then head of the UN Office of Political Affairs. The guy was so ham handed in his corruption that he would rent himself out to give a UN veneer to events by corrupt Chinese groups.

  Once Kurt had outed an event that was going to be held in the UN Delegates Dining Room. They'd moved it across the street to what was then the Millennium Hotel. When Kurt burst into the conference room, Gambari had seem him and ducked out a back door before Kurt could take a phone. For a while after that Kurt never entered such a room without his phone on the ready to take a photo. But that shadown event was forgotten. Until now, with a Frank Lui  of a "purported media group" indicted.

   Frank Liu is of course a common name in China. But his Congress Web TV was linked with the World Harmony Foundation, which Kurt Wheelock had exposed while still in the UN, paying $100,000 to be given insider access to UN Peacekeeping - with a history of exploiting not only women and girls in the DR Congo but also its minerals - and another event with Cameroon, another partner of the corrupt Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

  The UN's video links to those event had gone dead, seemingly by design. And Kurt in being evicted from the UN had had his laptop broken. But he still had his notes, and his memories. It was the same Frank Liu. So the UN was in the corruption. Could it be in on the murder(s)? #TheEasternFront

  More on Patreon here - including testimony

 Kurt had first heard of Jho Low while still in the UN, before he was thrown out. Jho Low appeared at a UN press conference in front of the ubiquitous and now defiled logo. #TheWeaselOfWallStreet, 1st in a new series

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