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Harvey Weinstein Wants To Appeal in SDNY In Sex Trafficking Case With California Echo

By Matthew Russell Lee, Periscope

FEDERAL COURTHOUSE, February 20 – A motion by Harvey Weinstein's lawyers to immediately appeal an order allowing a case against him for violating the Federal sex trafficking statute to go forward was argued on February 20 in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. From the questions posed by SDNY Judge Robert W. Sweet it appears this intermediate or interlocutory appeal will not be allowed. (Sweet reserved decision, being in the middle of a trial with the jury coming back from lunch in the snowy streets of Chinatown an hour after the Weinstein argument).   

  The plaintiff Kadian Noble has complained she was lured with the promise of career advancement -- something of value, as it was described in the hearing - into a hotel in Cannes, France in February 2014 and then assaulted. Weinstein's lawyer called the decision to apply sex trafficking law to this a case of first impression and wants to appeal to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals across Pearl Street at 40 Foley Square. The case is Kadian Noble v. Weinstein, et al., Case No. 17-CV-09260 (RWS).

Ms. Noble's lawyer Jeffrey Herman said Judge Sweet has only allowed such interlocutory appeals in the TWA cases, to avoid the Federal judicial system being burdened with 200 separate appeals. Weinstein's lawyer replied that there are other cases against Weinstein, including one in California by Herman's firm.   Afterward by the elevators Inner City Press asked Herman about the case. He said Dominique Huett is the plaintiff; he told Inner City Press that like Ms. Noble, Ms. Huett has been emboldened to come forward by the #MeToo movement (and, he said, social media like YouTube which allows victims to immediately respond to an alleged perpetrator's denials).   

The age of the casting couch is over, he said. There was some skepticism. But at least as to U.S. perpetrators there is a judicial system. And Inner City Press has found, international bodies in the United Nations and there officials face no judicial accountability. Whether this will remain the case, and how Judge Sweet will rule, remain to be seen. Watch this site - for these cases as well: The sister of the ruler of Qatar is being sued by at least three employees who say they were made to work six days a week without being paid overtime, and were retaliated against. Inner City Press was the only media present at the initial pre trial conference on the case in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on February 14, and was tempted to object when the Qatari royal's lawyer from the Proskauer law firm urged SDNY Judge J. Paul Oetken for a confidentiality order.

  Now Inner City Press can reported that the Qatari royals' Proskauer lawyer told Judge Oetken that they received a demand for $5 million from "a gentleman" --

  "Doesn't sound like a gentleman," Judge Oetken remarked. The Proskauer counsel said that his partner the (former) U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey Bob Cleary got involved, and the gentleman backed off. The goal of saying this seemed to be to convince Judge Oetken that the plaintiffs are connected to extortion and / or that he should agree to an extensive confidentiality order.

Royals of a gas-rich emirate that has locked up poets for criticizing them, seeking to cover up their retaliation and refusal to pay overtime? It remains to be seen how much will be covered up in the case. The defendants are Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad Al-Thani and Sheikh Jassim bin Abdulaziz Al- Thani.

For now we can report: the Proskauer firm on February 14 not only opposed any certification of the claim to include other wronged employees of the family, it also proposed to sever the three plaintiff from each other. The plaintiffs' lawyer argued that many of the Qatari royals' employee are afraid to join the lawsuit, absent a noitce or invitation from the court promising them protection from retaliation, because they are in the United States on special visas which only allow them to work for this family, and they could have to leave the country as two of the plaintiffs have.

From the answer to the Complaint: "Defendants admit that Mr. Bancroft began his employment in Doha, Qatar and that he accompanied Defendants when they moved to New York, but otherwise deny the  allegations in Paragraph 39 of the Complaint.  40. Defendants deny the allegations in Paragraph 40 of the Complaint.  41. Defendants admit that Mr. Bancroft accompanied Defendants on their European travels in various countries during the summer of 2016, but upon information and belief,  otherwise deny the allegations in Paragraph 41 of the Complaint.    42. Defendants admit that Mr. Bancroft accompanied Defendants on their trip to Qatar in the summer of 2017, but otherwise deny the allegations in Paragraph 42 of the  Complaint.  43. Defendants admit that Mr. Bancroft accompanied Defendants on their European travels in various countries during the summer of 2018, but upon information and belief,  otherwise deny the allegations in Paragraph 43 of the Complaint.    44. Defendants admit that Mr. Bancroft traveled with the family to Miami and Boston."

 This is the life of corrupt royals and diplomats, such like those at the UN up to and including its Secretary General Antonio Guterres who lives alone in a $15 million mansion on Manhattan's Sutton Place. This is the world of immunity and impunity and now, it is urged, confidentiality. Inner City Press, now covering the SDNY daily, will have more on this.

Upcoming in the SDNY is a recently-filed complaint by the Bangladesh Central Bank for the $81 million hacking of its funds, which were then wired through the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, a case that Inner City Press will cover. Times change. Watch this site.


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