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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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Guo Wengui With Stephen Bannon Cited Sued Strategic Vision Now Talk of Bob Fu 5th Column

By Matthew Russell Lee, Exclusive Patreon
BBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - ESPN

SDNY COURTHOUSE, April 1 – Guo Wengui's Eastern Profit Corporation sued Strategic Vision US LLC, in a sealed complaint.  

 On October 5, 2020 U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York Judge Lewis J. Liman held a proceeding. Inner City Press live tweeted it, here and below.

 On March 31 after Steve Bannon got a pardon from then-President Trump, Judge Liman held another conference, and Inner City Press again covered it.

  As the parties prepared to go to (bench) trial, Eastern Profit's lawyer asked to go into a sealed courtroom. Judge Liman asked for her proffer and she said that a certain witness - whom she left unnamed - may well invoke the Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate oneself, that there are criminal issues in the air.

Inner City Press is now publishing the complaint on Patreon here; the talk of the centrality of the witness and the looming but not current criminal issues point in one direction.

Now late on April 1 the filing of this: "Dear Judge Liman: Bob Fu should not be stricken from Strategic’s trial witness list. Dr. Fu was disclosed by name in Strategic’s findings of fact submitted with the original (proposed) Pretrial Order on October 30, 2020.1  Dr. Fu was not officially listed as a trial witness until January 29, 2021, for several compelling reasons. First, Strategic needed to confirm his willingness to travel to New York in the circumstances of this pandemic to testify about events that had just occurred in September and October 2020. Second, Strategic was hopeful that its proposed DX-98, which evidenced Guo’s attacks on Dr. Fu using Guo’s “GNews” outlet, would be admitted, but this Court ruled newspaper articles inadmissible in late December 2020, ECF 310, and Eastern has objected to that particular exhibit. Strategic’s handling of this witness has been justified and any result of the delay harmless for Eastern. Eastern has had almost three months to plan for Dr. Fu’s testimony, and no harm will come from allowing him to testify for 30 minutes about how Guo’s program of attacks on key Chinese dissidents in the U.S. finally came to Dr. Fu’s front door. To grant Eastern’s request to strike Dr. Fu will greatly prejudice Strategic Vision because Dr. Fu holds critical evidence supporting Strategic’s fraud claim that Guo Wengui misrepresented himself as a dissident of China intent on breaking the CCP’s control over that country. The representation induced Strategic and its China Hawk founder to sign a contract to provide services to Guo and Eastern (the company his daughter directs), services that Strategic never would have provided if Strategic had known that Guo is not a true dissident and holds sympathy for the CCP and its leadership. Dr. Fu’s testimony helps establish that Guo is not who he represented himself to be. 1. Strategic’s Fraud Claim Requires Proof that Eastern Made a Misrepresentation. Strategic intends to prove that the Research Agreement was procured by fraud. From the time French Wallop was first introduced to Guo by Bill Gertz and Lianchao Han through 1 See Ex. Oct. 30, 2020 communication from Eastern to the Court, copying Strategic, attachment “PLDG SV_10-30-2020 FOF and COL,” at ¶¶ 125-26 (“More recently, he [Guo] has launched a new round of attacks, including against Bob Fu. Fu is the head of a Christian organization called ChinaAid based in Mildand, Texas. ChinaAid supports Christians in China, opposes the CCP, and has now become a target of Guo. Guo supported groups of Chinese-speakers who traveled to Midland to picket Fu’s home in October, 2020...”). Case 1:18-cv-02185-LJL Document 325 Filed 04/01/21 Page 1 of 4 2 negotiations and performance of the contract, Guo represented that he was a longtime opponent of the CCP, desired to undermine, sow disruption, and bring about the regime’s downfall, and would accomplish this through publicizing research about the regime’s corruption. The linchpin to his plan was the work by Strategic. While Strategic understood that Guo’s plan had the added personal benefit of supporting his 2017 asylum application as a purported whistleblower in need of U.S. protection, Strategic did not doubt that undergirding the entire arrangement was Guo’s fierce opposition to the CCP. Strategic will prove that Wallop agreed to the Research Agreement to assist someone believed at the time to be absolutely anti-communist. Strategic will then prove that Guo misrepresented who he was. 2. Bob Fu Will Provide Proof of One of Three Lines of Strategic’s Fraud Evidence. Strategic intends to offer three lines of evidence to prove that Guo’s true intentions for the Research Agreement were misrepresented. First, Strategic will introduce Guo’s own statements, posted on social media after Guo began living in the U.S., that show recent in-person interactions between Guo and the CCP held in a favorable, or at least productive, manner and discussing a plan for a continuing relationship. In August 2017, just a few months before meeting Strategic, Guo also gave a clear statement that he intended to be useful to Chinese president Xi Jinping. Strategic will offer the translation of a recording from March 2017 wherein Guo expresses contempt for U.S. dissidents who criticize the CCP, and says, “The operation is on now. I have absolute faith in General Secretary Xi.” Bob Fu’s experience, as shown below, is a concrete example of Guo fulfilling his plan in early 2017 to support the CCP and Chinese leadership. Dr. Fu will not be asked to opine whether Guo is a dissident-hunter, but this Court could reach that conclusion from Dr. Fu’s testimony that he did nothing to provoke Guo’s social media war against Dr. Fu in fall 2020: Dr. Fu “was [in] total shock when [Guo] mobilized his followers to harass and intimidate us just at our door… I have not done anything dealing with him, any public or private dispute or feud with him before he attacked me, so the only thing I could think of is that somebody from Beijing must have sent him an order to take us down.” (The Texan, “Midland Pastor, Billionaire Trade Accusations of Communist Loyalties,” Isaiah Mitchell, Oct. 13, 2020) Second, Strategic will prove that Guo has maintained close business ties with mainland China and Hong Kong, allowing him to move money from China or Hong Kong to the U.S. when Guo otherwise has claimed that, as a Chinese dissident, he suffered a total shutout of financial dealings with China or Hong Kong. This includes the transfer of the $1 million deposit under the Research Agreement, which came in the form of two wires from ACA in Hong Kong. ACA head William Je was described by Guo to Strategic trial witness Sasha Gong as his “money man.” Strategic was not the only recipient: ACA made the payment to Bill Gertz as an “advance” on his book about Guo and China (proven through Gertz’s deposition testimony) and a $1 million retainer to a law firm for Guo’s asylum case (proven through admissible public records). Guo’s close ties are also evidenced by records relating to Guo Media’s Cloudflare account, which show that programmers physically based in the mainland have open access to its name servers.

Finally, Strategic will prove that Guo has attacked true Chinese dissidents like Sasha Gong and now Bob Fu. Attacking Chinese dissidents is consistent with Guo’s 2017 plan to support President Xi and the CCP and the actions of someone who is not himself a Chinese dissident." Full letter on Patreon here.

 The defense's lawyer, who also said he "just got his shot" meaning COVID vaccine, said he knows who the witness is and yes, he is central.

 Judge Liman said this didn't have to be addressed at this time. Inner City Press will stay on the case.

From October 5: Now @SDNYLIVE  Judge Liman is denying summary judgment in case of Guo Wengui and Strategic Vision, can't agree if a person wants to overthrow Chinese Communist Party can't be proven or not. Inner City Press, blocked by CCP's Zhang Jun, will live tweet 

The case was filed under seal in SDNY in March 2018. Much later it was unsealed. A jury trial was set for Nov 2, 2020 - but now Strategic is point to Gov. Cuomo's quarantine orders. Main witness French Wallop live in Virginia... 

From one of the motions for summary judgment, Guo 1 Tr., Ex. AA: "Q: What was it about the 15 names that led you to believe that Strategic's research would be useful to you in your goal of eliminating the Chinese Communist Party? Grendi: Object to form   

Judge Liman: I'd like to keep the trial date, & do it as a bench trial. Happy to do it partly in the courtroom.    

Eastern's lawyer Joanna J. Cline of Troutman Pepper: Zoom would be fine. Strategic's lawyer Ed Greim: Our issue is we have to isolate in NY for 14 days   

Strategic's Greim: It would be difficult to cross examine these witnesses including Mr. Guo by Zoom and with an interpreter. Judge Liman: Mr. Greim, your arguments are ones that might make it difficult for me to give Eastern a trial any time soon

  The case, in which Guo is also known as Miles Kwok and in which now SDNY criminal subject Stephen K. Bannon is also listed, is Eastern Profit Corporation Limited v. Strategic Vision US LLC, 18-cv-2185 (Liman)


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