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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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In Corrupt UN of Guterres UNESCO’s Azoulay Now On SciencesPo Board Despite UN Job

By Matthew Russell Lee & sources, Exclusive

UN GATE, May 6 – For few months now, a child incest scandal shakes the Paris cozy intelligentsia. The famous political analyst Olivier Duhamel resigned from SciencesPo after the publishing of his stepdaughter’s book in which she revealed that her twin brother had been sexually abused by their well-known stepfather when they were 14.  Mr Duhamel has consequently resigned with immediate effect as president of the National Foundation of Political Science (NFPS), the body that oversees the running of SciencesPo university.  And guess who is among those designated to replace him and other members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors involved in this major political scandal? Of course, and right in the middle - the French Audrey Azoulay, Director general of UNESCO.  After three months of an interminable soap opera to renew the members of the National Foundation of Political Science, the interim president, Louis Schweitzer, announced the names of the five new members who will join its Board of Directors: Audrey Azoulay, Ramon Fernandez, Alexandre Bompard, François Delattre and Philippe Martin. With the exception of Azoulay, they are all well known in the high spheres of government and business.  The five personalities in question are destined to join the famous college of "founders", which has 10 members out of the 25 on the NFPS Board. The "founders" are co-opted for a ten-year term, renewable once, and the president of the NFPS is always chosen from among them. Maybe Azoulay is the next one?  Diplomates are flabbergasted by this latest move by A. Azoulay when at the same time she is still running for reelection in November next. She may be securing a job knowing before others that the current one may not last. What is crystal-clear though, is that Audrey Azoulay is not entitled to have an additional job while occupying the position of DG of UNESCO, unless the move had been approved in advance by Antonio Guterres with the tacit collusion of UNESCO’s member states.  Even so, the contract signed by Azoulay with UNESCO is stipulating under item 5 that “the Director-General shall not hold any other administrative post” (page 4 of document 210 EX/24 here  According to the information received from SciencesPo, this was indeed a whitewashing position on the Board of Directors earmarked for the Director general Azoulay. In the context of the current major crisis, by appointing Audrey Azoulay, the key NFPS authorities seem to aim at bringing a ‘UNESCO’ image to clean up the soiled reputation of SciencesPo. Bad pick!  It is projected for A. Azoualy to be a member of the Board’s Remuneration Commission as well. As a result, A. Azoulay will find herself in the middle of a conflict of interests, since the Remuneration Commission regularly awards itself bonuses and remuneration of several hundred thousand euros, and Azoulay has no right to receive emoluments others than her UNESCO salary.  Therefore, serving on a Board of Directors is an administrative position and the choice made by DG Azoulay not to respect her contract’s condition is a clear violation of the rules and regulations of UNESCO.    It is worth recalling in this respect the Statute Relating to the Director-General of UNESCO in its respective articles: “Article 1: The Director-General is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Organization. In the discharge of his duties he shall observe the provisions of  the  Constitution  and  any  rules  made  by  the  General  Conference and by the Executive Board, and shall give effect to the decisions of these two organs. In the context of Article VI of the Constitution, the Director-General is accountable to the General Conference and the Executive Board;  Article 2: If the Director-General dies or resigns, the Executive Board shall appoint an Acting Director-General to serve until the following session of the General Conference; and especially Article 4: The Executive Board by a vote of two thirds of its members may suspend the Director-General on grounds of misconduct, or of violation of the Constitution or Rules of the General Conference or of the  Executive  Board”.  Unmistakably, the necessary legal provisions for disciplinary sanctions are on the table waiting to be applied by member states.  To sum it up, following the publication of a wrenching memoir by Camille Kouchner that ended three decades of secrecy and has shaken the close-knit community of Paris intellectuals with an abuse scandal, this time involving the crime of incest, against any international civil servant rules and logic, DG Audrey Azoulay got appointed as a member of the French National Foundation of Political Science Board of Directors.  What is the added value for UNESCO and for its reputation to get associated with the current disastrous image of SciencesPo? Why would governing bodies of UNESCO let its Director general to get another job in parallel of her UNESCO assignment? For how long will the UNSG Guterres keep turning a blind eye to the abusive and unlawful practices in the Paris based UN Agency? Quite inevitably he will have to deal with the five features depicting best the DG Azoulay Administration: incompetence, corruption, disorganization, lack of long-term vision and improvisation.   The UN definition of ‘abuse of power’ or ‘abuse of authority’ is the commission of an unlawful act, done in an official capacity, which affects the performance of official duties. This is precisely the act committed by DG Azoulay with her usual disregard for rules and regulations. But a fish rots from the head: Big Tony. Watch this site.


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