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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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After UN Staff Call Guterres Racist He Rebuffs Questions In Mercedes Now Lies To Staff

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon
BBC - Decrypt - LightRead - Honduras - Source

UN GATE, June 9 – The United Nations in the time of Antonio Guterres has devolved not only into corruption and censorship, but also racism. 

  Inner City Press has published Guterres memo to UN staff to not join the George Floyd protests, here, and noted that his Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric's "press briefings," as controlled by UN Global Communicator Melissa Fleming, have no African journalists, no questions about South Sudan or DRC or Cameroon, which killed journalist Samuel Wazizi. There was Fleming's precessor stealing member states' money meant for Swahili broadcasting, and recent colonial "LOOTING IN MIDTOWN: MY ACCOUNT."

   On June 8, when Guterres was asked the question of his own staff and ex-staff's view of him as a colonial racist, he rebuffed the questions and did not answer, on way from mansion to Mercedes. Video here.

 Now on June 9, pathetically, Guterres tries to convince the world that he is not a racist ordering his staff to stay away from the George Floyd protests. But he is lying. He should be impeached. "Note to correspondents Secretary-General's letter to staff on the plague of racism  Dear Colleagues,  Following the virtual town hall meeting held on Thursday, 4 June 2020, in New York, I wish to share with you a rough transcript of what I said to the colleagues in New York.  We gathered amidst the COVID-19 pandemic to focus on another urgent challenge – the plague of racism, prompted by a murderous act of police brutality that has led to widespread protests in the United States and, now, cities around the world.  The position of the United Nations on racism is crystal clear: this scourge violates the United Nations Charter and debases our core values.  Every day, in our work across the world, we strive to do our part to promote inclusion, justice, dignity and combat racism in all its manifestations.    I also want to be clear about the recent guidance issued by the Ethics Office and relevant Departments.  It does not in any way indicate that staff are to remain neutral or impartial in the face of racism.  To the contrary, there is no ban on personal expressions of solidarity or acts of peaceful civic engagement, provided they are carried out in an entirely private capacity; rather, the guidance was meant to emphasize the need to balance such activities with one’s best judgement as international civil servants and our official duties." And his spokesman still won't answer questions. They should both go.

  Inner City Press noted and partially republished this analysis here, from a man still identified on the UN's / UNECA's website as staff, but now apparently concerned with the retaliation Guterres is so well known for, see below: "I expected the United Nations through the Secretary-General to join in condemning the killing of Mr. Floyd and the racism that feeds such actions. But, for days, the United Nations kept quiet. Three days ago the Secretary-General announced on Twitter, “I am heartbroken to see violence on the streets in our host country and our host city of New York. Grievances must be heard, but should be expressed peacefully - and authorities must show restraint in responding to demonstrations.” And he added, as if an afterthought, “Racism is an abhorrence that we must all reject.”  As if that was not enough, his Chief spokesperson, Stéphane Dujarric, elaborating on the Secretary-General’s tweet to reporters, for some reason decided that this was an opportunity for him to make a business case for diversity. “The situation we're seeing today we've seen in different parts of the world before, diversity is a richness and not a threat, but the success of diverse societies in any country requires a massive investment in social cohesion, reducing inequalities, addressing possible areas of discrimination, strengthening social protection, [and] providing opportunities for all. These efforts, these investments need to mobilize national governments…local authorities, the private sector, civil society, faith-based organizations…society as a whole”.  This was a model illustration of virtue signaling, bereft of substance, indicative of an underlying perfidy and insensitivity to matters of race and racism. The issue is not about “diversity possible areas of discrimination …It is about the dehumanizing injustice that black people suffer, it is about the open and festering sore of unbridled racism. I am stunned that the SG’s Chief spokesman can be so insensitive. With this response, the United Nations failed its African American staff members, it failed its staff members who are of African descent from other parts of the world; it failed its African staff members, it failed all its staff members who consider themselves minorities and failed its non-minority staff members who abhor racism.  The United Nations can do better."

  Yes - by firing Dujarric, who lied for years about the UN killing Haitians by bringing cholera and otherwise, and impeaching / denying any second term to Guterres. In the interim, their censorship and exclusion of African issues and questions must be ended, immediately. Watch this site.

Letter to the editor, from man still listed right on UNECA's website as "Chief, New Technologies and Innovation Section Special Initiatives Division."

"I am now a private citizen.  I live in the USA. I respect the press and media. I hope that this matter will be resolved amicably by your making the necessary corrections. Should you refuse to do that, you will force me to explore other options as permitted by law."

  This is sad - a threat of censoring lawsuit for publishing things that are online: an article, and a bio on UN website. While Inner City Press was not required to do it, publishing the letter to the editor in full makes any litigation a frivolous SLAPP suit subject to sanctions. This is telling - and reflecting of the retaliation and rot of today's UN, like Guterres' six step walk without answers from mansion to Mercedes. Watch this site.

  Is it that UNECA will update its website?

 While the UN and Guterres use Africa to raise most of their money (while providing no accountability to those raped in Central African Republic, and given COVID-19 in South Sudan by UN busses with no social distancing), there has not been a single African journalist on any of the virtual noon briefing held by Guterres' spokesman Stephane Dujarric.

  Nearly all of those questioning Dujarric in his $10 million apartment on East 86th Street in Manhattan are themselves in expensive apartments.

  There is Reuters retiree Evelyn Leopold, and CBS News blowhard Pam Falk. There is a new guy from Deutsch Presse Agentur. Off-screen in a Brooklyn Heights townhouse and apparently on the run is Margaret Besheer of Voice of America. Also off-screen in an expensive part of Brooklyn is FP's Colum Lynch, silent on censorship but most recently over-estimating China's monetary contributions to the UN by a power of 100, here.

  Sure, there are a few foreign correspondents (and part time adjunct professors) from the Middle East.

   But no Africans. And, relatedly, no questions about Africa, despite outrages like the UNMISS no social distancing bus in South Sudan, and Guterres' covering up for Cameroon's disappeared octogenarian president Paul Biya.   

At the IMF virtual briefing on April 15, transcript here, there were questions taken from journalists in Ghana, and Inner City Press' questions taken by name on Cote d'Ivoire and Zambia, on which Dujarric not only didn't answer the question Inner City Press submitted in three format, but blocked Inner City Press on Twitter and on WhatsApp through which he said he took questions. The overall blocking, and exclusion of these questions, is perpetuated by Melissa Fleming, also broadcasting from a huge apartment.

   Guterres' UN is racist, a censor, and a fraud. It should be defunded, like and beyond WHO. Watch this site. 


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