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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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UN Cites Privacy GDPR After UNSG Guterres Rewarded Sexual Harassment By Promoting Hochschild

By Matthew Russell Lee, CJR  Video

UN GATE, Oct 8 – In April and again yesterday, Inner City Press asked: how corrupt and hypocritical is the United Nations of Secretary General Antonio Guterres?

  A day later after formal written questions to Guterres and his spokespeople Stephane Dujarric and Melissa Fleming, the UN system's only response has been to try to mis-use the European privacy law GDPR to seek removal of the work email addresses of the publicly paid UN system official involved.

   Inner City Press has already unilaterally removed the "@" from all non-UN email addresses, even of UN officials, to make the links dead. Now one with a UN (FAO) addresses has written to Inner City Press, alleging a GDPR violation - with no response on the substance of the scandal, and citing as support the response of a Europe-based publication the UN system has already sued and tried to bankrupt.

  Even though Inner City Press has its hands full cover the Honduras president narco trafficking connections and other scandals including UN / Guterres scandals in the SDNY Federal court, as a matter of principle Inner City Press cannot abide a request that would prevent the public from petitioning publicly-paid UN officials, on their work addresses, for a redress of grievances. We have removed in full an email address from the "" domain - from which we had already removed the "@" sign. This is the UN's response: to misuse European law to thumb its nose at public accountability.

  Note that this same UN claims total immunity for bringing cholera to Haiti and killed 10,000 people, and despite being put on notice repeatedly by Inner City Press Guterres has allowed the / a UN money launder to use PGA Tijjani Muhammed-Bande's and Guterres' image to defraud the public with fake "UN Coins." We will have more on this.

   Now again the wider answer to How Corrupt Is Today's UN: so much so that while Guterres claims zero tolerance and to be a feminist, now he was rewarded and covered up sexual misconduct in his own office. In a musical chairs personnel move on April 18, the day after he continued his 287 - for 460 - day censorship of the Press, Guterres named as his new Assistant Secretary-General for Strategic Coordination one Volker Türk, who when Inner City Press asked him about refugees chased by Paul Biya's Cameroon army into Nigeria seemed not to know about it. Guterres, as we have reported, not only took a golden statue from Biya, but went silent on the killings since Cameroon was chair of the UN Budget Committee. But it's worse: Turk is taking the position from Fabrizio Hochschild Drummond of Chile "who was appointed as Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on the Preparations for the Commemoration of the United Nations’ 75th Anniversary." This promotion is, ghoulishly, Guterres rewarding what multiple staff say was Hochschild's relationship with another junior staff member. One of the staff members tells Inner City Press it in these words: "his promotion to USG was because the SG wanted him out of his office after he was caught having an affair with a junior staff member. In terms of power play this is a reward for sexual harassment."

  Now with credit to Italian Insider which in Guterres' UN system has been allowed to be sued to try to put it out of business, this: "An irate wife’s email to fellow members of the World Food Programme book club blew the whistle on Sudanese Deputy Executive Director Amir Abdulla’s amorous activities, leading ultimately to his being referred to in an external review of sexual and other harassment at the UN agency, WFP sources said.   “Some of you will be aware that Amir has been having affairs with colleagues at WFP,” she told them in the email that subsequently was widely forwarded around the poverty-busting organisation's Rome headquarters.   “I expect some of you have seen him as he seems to be working his way through the staff!”   “I had thought this might be a good year, new start, but we returned from a wonderful family Christmas to find a message from Lidija, so he has clearly moved on from Monica … but still doesnt want me.”   -------   Expéditeur: Julie Abdulla <julie.abdulla [at]>  Date: January 5 Destinataire: Miatta KORPO <>  Cc: Kawinzi MUIU <>, Laura DAGOSTINI <>, Cristina ASCONE <>, "GILLMAN Helen Maree" <>, Sara ADAM <>, "Andrea STOUTLAND" <>, GETACHEW Rahel <>, Judy GICHARU <>, Anna MAJKOWSKI <>, Olivia <oliviagraham88 [at]>, Joyce LUMA <>, "mgrahamm [at]" <mgrahamm [at]>, Gawaher ATIF <>, "Salter, Cordelia (ESA" <>, Cordelia Salter [update: an email address at has been redacted as it is not a UN system address and the individual has requested it, immediately granted], "adamsjude [at]" <adamsjude [at]>, "Nancy WALTERS" <>, Elizabeth KETEMA <>, AnneClaire LUZOT <>, Suzanne Raswant <credasuz01 [at]>, Livia PAOLUZZI <>, Issa SANOGO <>, Adeyinka BADEJO <>  Objet: Study guide to Lolita and The Sound and the Fury   Hello Everyone  I hope you all had good holidays and wish you a very happy new year.  I have really enjoyed being a member of the bookclub and getting to know you, it has been one of the most important things in my life over the last couple of years  Sadly I must now leave you. Some of you will be aware that Amir has been having affairs with colleagues at WFP, I expect some of you have seen him as he seems to be working his way through the staff!  I had thought this might be a good year, new start, but we returned from a wonderful family Christmas to find a message from Lidija, so he has clearly moved on from Monica Masotti but still doesnt want me.  It will be messy and I will eventually leave Rome, bookclub would clearly be too embarrassing. Thanks for your friendship-any advice would be great.  Julie."

  Embarrassing? The UN of faux feminist Guterres is a total joke, and tries to ban and censor the Press which asks and reports on it.

Talk about MeToo - the faux feminist Guterres covers up and rewards such behavior. And later on April 18 Ms. Nahla Valji, Senior Gender Adviser, Executive Office of the Secretary-General, was bragging about Guterres and feminism. What hypocrisy. We'll have more on this - while Guterres and his spokespeople refuse to answer any of Inner City Press' written questions, we still have sources, many sources.

   In the midst of Inner City Press' questioning in 2018 about Guterres' links to now convicted UN bribery Patrick Ho's China Energy Fund Committee and Guterres' failures on Cameroon and elsewhere, his UN Security twice roughed up Inner City Press on June 22 and July 3, 2018.

Then after Inner City Press filed a New York Police Department complaint against the UN and its Lieutenant Ronald E. Dobbins, none of its written questions to UN Security chief Peter Drennen and Guterres were answered. There are no due process rights for journalists in the UN of Guterres. On April 15, a year minus a day since the UN accredited Inner City Press on 16 April 2018, Inner City Press submitted a formal application and letter for re-accreditation, including in light of the guilty verdict and sentencing against Patrick Ho of CEFC (video here), financial links to which Guterres has failed to disclose and has for 287 days sought to censor to conceal.

On the morning of April 17, without any reasoning or explanation, this: "Greetings Matthew LEE from ICP     INNER CITY PRESS,  Your media accreditation request, with reference no: M66561081, has been declined." Just as there was no hearing, no action on assault by UN DSS Lieutenant Ronald E. Dobbins, and no appeals process, no reasons. Absolute lawless corruption.


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