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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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In Corrupt UN of Guterres UNOG Geneva Whistleblower Complaint To Banned Inner City Press

By Matthew Russell Lee, Exclusive, Video

UN GATE, Oct 12 –  From the corrupt UN of Antonio Guterres in New York, the whole UN system has been corrupted, including its Office in Geneva, or UNOG. Here's from a whistleblower there's complaint to Inner City Press, banned from the UN by Guterres for 465 and counting, none of its written questions answered by Spokesman Stephane Dujarric who fields set up questions from state media and publishes pleas for money to continue his French Whine lifestyle: "Since 2015 the United Nations Office at Geneva has chosen not to join the financial plan approved by the General Assembly. In addition, the Office shall secretly serious deviations from the official budget. In an environment where arbitrary wage cuts and the dismantling of entire departments are increasing because the resources are diminished, Conference Management Division (DCM) continues its merry way as if nothing had happened.

In fact, it is they and they who support illegal structures within the Linguistics Department (LS) and thus contribute to poor use of scarce are specially granted our salaries.  Rejecting the decisions of the Fifth Committee and the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS), Ms. Momal-Vanian, Director of DCM pushes staff to work on behalf of an illegal arrangement that violates the resolutions of the General Assembly.

The staff must work without a legitimate chain of command. This structure in the shadow imposed in the name of profit that draws one person, Mrs Aboh-Dauvergne, who, feeling threatened, has already dismantled the Department of unscrupulous References to prepare its own future if the Fifth Committee approves new post without language test, tailor-made for her.  Since 2015, it has been created in the Language Services (LS) a permanent P5 post of Deputy Head, which still exists today and that is not in the budget and so on Umoja, obviously financed in secret with our meager funds for Temporary Assistance Conferences (TAM) .To add an additional consolidation layer to all this artificial structure, DCM yet created an imaginary margin section of the budget - the TESS (Translation and Editing Support Service) who lends his "support" to the translation and Publishing, which includes 300 officials who depended on translation sections, as they still do in New York. 

In October 2017 the OIOS (2017/114 report) asked Mr. Qazi Maarij, "Executive Officer" of UNOG, to ensure that as from 31 January 2018, the need would be made to the organization chart follow the guidelines of the budget approved by the General Assembly, thus ending the illegal funding of the position of Mrs Aboh-Dauvergne with funds that are not for him. This position, Ms. Momal-Vanian was then disguised as "Change Management Officer" to the General Assembly. Also, in December 2017 the General Assembly confirmed that the position of "Deputy Head" or that of "Change Management Officer" should not exist, only approving funding with the regular budget.  This year, Mrs. Momal-Vanian in the budget proposal, deliver one layer (A / 74/6 (Sect.2) p.72 and 97), proposing to the Fifth Committee a head station of a so- called "Multilingual Technology Section."

 It calls for the reclassification P5 P4 Head of Department References deceased, Mrs Aboh as clean-Dauvergne liquidated in 2018 with great anticipation, the price of a dozen officials who lost their jobs. This "upgrade" unjustified includes the 6 "Desktop Publishing Units", whose function is fictitious humanitarian as long translators mécanografient their own drafts. And in addition, obsolete, because at Headquarters cettte function has long passed the translation sections. It is in these that 300 translators manage and improve tools such as eLuna and gDoc, coordinate terminology and stimulate technological innovation by using the next neuronal translation, post editing and documentary corpus.

Mrs Aboh-Dauvergne is competent point in these matters, because it lacks experience in translation and in technological innovation within the UN.  On top of that, the new leader would have to administer the Contractual Work Unit, which has no relation with the technology and also in New York is part of each section, as the number of annual contracts does not justify its exorbitant cost as an independent structure. It is difficult to understand the creation of a new position while austerity reigns at the United Nations if it was only to legalize arbitrary structure that exists since 2015.

With this new structure, Ms. Momal-Vanian puts undermine the financial security of UNOG face to possible budget cuts.  The person continues to usurp this high responsibility position is Mrs Aboh-Dauvergne. She was named by Mrs. Keating, Director of LS in 2015. Mrs Aboh-Dauvergne is the only one of all the positions of responsibility of the DGACM, to have a P5 post without having passed the LCE (Language Competitive Examination) test essential to work with the United Nations as a professional language. All translators and interpreters and their leaders, they too have all passed this test of admission. And then you have to wait in general ten years before becoming P5 after complicated selection procedures, Mrs Aboh-Dauvergne seems settled in his chair.

For three years now Mrs Aboh-Dauvergne occupies an expensive P5, while it does not have the necessary knowledge, much less clear responsibilities. Ms. Momal-Vanian continues to present the formal organization chart of the Division and on the website of the Linguistics as the "Deputy Head", a position that does not exist. Even Mrs Aboh-Dauvergne is as on his Linkedin page. This is a clear case of spoofing function. His professional incapacity forces us to change our work processes and our chain of command, as we had to incorporate, which deteriorated the services we provide to the Council of Human Rights and the Conference on Disarmament. She never translated a single word for the United Nations and yet it's her second board. She even Time Manager on Umoja, without any justification...

And if that was not enough, she officially representing UNOG at the University of Geneva and professional forums and conferences such as the JIAMCATT and IAMLADP. We wonder what she can say to translation students and what is its credibility with our academic partners.  For her part, Ms. Momal-Vanian ignored all requests made by internal control mechanisms, while Mrs Aboh-Dauvergne seems to have unlimited power over Mrs. Keating. Meanwhile, Mrs Aboh-Dauvergne conducts cuts that Tess fiction, doing what he likes, discarding references personnel thereby ensuring his own survival and that of his post. His influence is such that it also extends to Ms Momal-Vanian is hostage to the secret agenda of Madame Aboh-Dauvergne. She prefers to stand by the abuses face tandem Aboh-Keating. If the new position is approved and the language test is not required, Ms. Keating will still committed a new illegalité because it will create a position "ad hoc" specifically for one person, which is a conflict of interest with the Organization.  

We decided not to enjoy the "good" of the United Nations alerts launchers policy, because in the past experience has shown us that the protection members retaliation for staff enjoy face is never guaranteed in a corrupt system that closes its eyes to the mismanagement of public funds ultimately funds paid by the taxpayers of the Member states."

  We'll have more on this, and on UNESCO: For two weeks starting today, member states will have the opportunity to sanction the pathetic administration of the French director general Audrey Azoulay. Inner City Press understands that questions about the results of the recent investigations by IOS will also be raised during the private session of the Board. 

Under the leadership of Antonio Guterres the whole UN is now contaminated and severely affected by mismanagement and corruption. UNESCO is no exception. The Paris based organization suffers the same endemic problems like those of her bigger sister in New York.  The specialized in education and culture agency is shaken by internal managerial problems. The staff complains of abuse of authority, harassment, and widespread discrimination favoring exclusively French nationals.  More and more signals are sent to IOS reporting experiences of blatant abuse of authority, typically involving the granting of preferential treatment for recruitment or promotion of close friends or even family members of official diplomats representing member states to UNESCO. 

Thus, as Inner City Press already reported, the son of the Brazilian Ambassador to UNESCO got a position in the Division for external relations under Edouard Matoko’s full responsibility. Furthermore, another current member of the Executive Board, the Ambassador of Sudan, capably managed to appoint the only young person from his country deserving to get a position as young professional at UNESCO and strangely enough it occurred that this was his own daughter.

The young lady, born in 1990, was appointed by UNESCO’s D-G Azoulay in the Sector for Education, with the blessing of the Italian ADG for Education Stefania Giannini. High officials from the education sector contacted Inner City Press and said that never before traffic of influence of that magnitude had happened at UNESCO in such unashamed manner. But this is the UN system under Guterres.

The arrogant disrespect for rules and procedures and the absence of basic moral decency of the French administration is becoming the norm for running UNESCO.  Both the Ambassadors of Brazil and of Sudan are expected to speak strong, loud and clear in favor of the lousy reforms of DG Azoualy next Monday at the plenary of the Executive Board.

This will come as no surprise for those aware of the preferential treatment granted to both by the French DG Azoulay.  Non-Executive Board family members are also involved. The son and the daughter-in-law of the Ambassador of Iraq also got a temporary (for the time being) job at UNESCO, and the daughter of the Consul of Angola to France got a contract in the Division for external relations. Anywhere else, these crimes would result in incarceration. But this is Big Tony's UN system - he lets his own son Pedro Guimarães e Melo De Oliveira Guterres use the UN name to make money, why should he begrudge the member states?

Again and again, it is the ADG for external relations Edouard Matoko from Congo who is playing his best yes-man role for Azoulay, so as to capably ensure that the organization is transformed into a cushy residence for Ambassadors’ family members with the desperate hope to get political support for DG Azoulay. 

The only way to hold back UNESCO from cronyism, abuse of power, embezzlement and cynical dismantling of its modus operandi and core values is to have member states fixing the limits of what is acceptable and what is not. Until this is properly done, corruption will prosper and the enforcement of respect for rules and regulations will remain a wishful thinking.

Only member states can prevent demolishing the organization by imposing to DG Azoulay a decisional framework for increasing leadership effectiveness, creating fairness and transparency and most importantly enhancing accountability of her administration as concerns its decision-making processes and behavior across all levels at UNESCO.  We will have more on that. 


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