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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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In UN Library Inner City Press Is Ordered to Leave Jane's Defence Oil Event, UN Spox Says Fine

By Matthew Russell Lee, Video

UNITED NATIONS, June 6 –  The UN Library advertised and hosted a presentative by Jane's Defence Industry Solutions IHS Markit on June 6 at 11 am. Inner City Press registered, clicking the box "Media Representative," and got an email confirming it was registered. It went to the UN Library's Room L-133 at 11:02 am only to hear, from the podium, that is was "Chatham House Rules," that what was said could be reported but not attributed. Strangely, someone was being allowed to film the event, with assurances not to show the audience. The presentation ranged from oil blocks being offered in Southern Lebanon to losses of Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Inner City Press was typing a tweet with a quote, without attibribution, when it was tapped on the shoulder. "You can't do that," an officious man who will remain unnamed said. Inner City Press countered that it had registered and was obeying Chatham House Rules, and that the man should not be reading Inner City Press' laptop over its shoulder. "You'll have to leave," an equally officious woman came to say. Inner City Press voluntarily left, despite having registered as media and following the stated rules. Inner City Press went to the June 6 UN noon briefing, where UN Spokesman Stephane Dujarric for once answered its question of the day before, saying in his opening, "you Matthew, asked about the display near the cafeteria:  Our friends at the Library tell us This is a promotion for the Library Lecture series.  These are not advertisements of military products.  The pictures are a screenshot (icons) from the database.  Jane's Information Group is a British publishing company specializing in military, aerospace, defence, environment and transportation topics.  It’s a subscription-based database, with regular publications.  The Library subscribes to it, among many others, following the expressed need of its users, including delegates, accredited media, United Nations Secretariat staff and United Nations agencies from the world over.  That said, the Library has removed some of the slides from the screen." So Inner City Press asked, video here, UN transcript here: Inner City Press:   thanks for that answer from the Library, but, I'm sorry, I'm compelled to ask you a follow-up question.  Having attended this lecture series, registered for it and just attended it, they said it was under Chatham House rules.  No problem.  Started live-tweeting it without attribution, and I was asked to leave, actually required to leave, even though this was a… and… and… the… the topics being discussed, again without attribution, were things like oil blocks in southern Lebanon, things that were, at least to me, somewhat controversial to be… to be presented as a… as a high-minded lecture series.  But… so, I wanted to know, given what you've said, you seem to believe this event was… was open, and… and it seemed to be.  Can these events held in the library exclude, as you put it, accredited media and on what basis…?

Spokesman:  Whoa, whoa.  Okay.  Nobody is excluding accredited media.

Inner City Press: I was told to leave the room.

Spokesman:  My understanding of Chatham House rules is exactly that.  And I would not be surprised if somebody who live-tweets is…

Inner City Press:   He said you can tweet it… you can quote it without attributing it.  Right.

Spokesman:  Matthew, they made a decision they made.  I don't find it surprising.  What is your next question?

Inner City Press:  Okay.  I did want to ask you about Cameroon.  I'd asked you two days ago, and you'd said that you'd check what the country team have held… heard back from the Government and also about the people now facing terrorism charges for… for following in a jail…?

Spokesman:  We're following these developments.  I'm not able to share with you what the country team heard back." Ah transparency - as UN Secretary General on June 6 himself tweeted about how technology "is finding new ways to connect us every day." It is perhaps not surprising that Guterres' spokesman Dujarric was not surprised - he himself has evicted Inner City Press, from the UN Press Briefing Room and then its office, and banned live stream Periscope at Guterres' photo ops. The UN which earlier this year hosted advertisements for rocket launchers and tanks on June 5 was asked about a display in its lobby for Jane’s Defence Industry Solutions complete with fighter jet, American flag and photo of the Chinese Army. The spokesman for Antonio Guterres the UN Secretary General, Stephane Dujarric, said he hadn't seen the display just one story below his office. Inner City Press asked, UN transcript here: Dujarric: Let me look close to the screens as I go downstairs, and I'll try to answer and find… to your question.  Mr. Lee?
Inner City Press:  I can't resist.  I have some other things, but --

Spokesman:  When have you ever resisted?
[Note: As Dujarric has been informed, Inner City Press *has* resisted for more than a month the entirely legal live-streaming from the New York City sidewalk of UN Sec-Gen Antonio Guterres' $60 million mansion, first streamed by Inner City Press with its lights ablaze as Guterres told others to turn their lights off. A self styled intermediary said these streams caused security issues, so Inner City Press has “resisted” live streaming for more than a month. But not change, still restricted. It was just a pretext?]

 The June 5 transcript continued: Inner City Press: In light of the tank and other military equipment that was advertised in the 1B area of the UN, this was late… said to be about… only about a Member State, I guess I… I just wonder, in this case, these days there are the signs up saying that the UN is not in any way endorsing any Member State thing.  This is… would you acknowledge… even before you look into this, are the ads that are next to the… next to the café that talk about these library meetings with publications, these are endorsements.  I mean, these are…
Spokesman:  I'm not going to acknowledge anything until I see it.

Inner City Press: All right, but when you do see it… can we watch you see it?

Spokesman:  When I see it, I'll tell you.” Then this. Watch this site.


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