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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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In Yemen UN Says Cammaert Disappointed Highway Not Open After UN Covered Up Saudi Use of Sudan Child Soldiers

By Matthew Russell Lee, CJR PFT NY Post List

UNITED NATIONS GATE, December 30 – UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on March 27 lavished praised on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman now accused with respect to Jamal Khashoggi, accepting a $930 million check from the Saudis and UAE, with not a word of the Saudi led bombing campaign that has killed civilians and caused cholera in Yemen.  And on December 21 the UN Security Council approved 15-0 a stripped down Yemen resolution. Inner City Press put it online here on Scribd.  Now a detailed NYT report of how Guterres' smiling Saudi friends used child soldiers (paid through Faisal Islamic Bank of Sudan, partly owned by Saudis) from Darfur in Sudan, where Guterres remains quiet on Omar al Bashir's crackdown on the protests against him. Inner City Press has previously reported on the UN's fraudulent use of the Bank of Khartoum. The UN cannot be believed. On 20 December 2018, banned Inner City Press asked Guterres and his spokesman Stephane Dujarric and Farhan Haq, "December 20-2: On Sudan, what is the SG's comment and action on the anti-government protests that started on Wednesday in northern Sudan and have been spreading to other cities?" Even now with more journalists arrested in Sudan, for example Ahmed Younes from Al-Sharq Alowsat newspaper and Maha Al-Tilib from Attayar newspaper, both just for reporting on the protests in Wad Nubawi, Omdurman, there has been no answer at all for eight days, nor to 46 other questions Inner City Press has submitted including on conflicts of interest by Guterres. It turns out the UN has become so corrupt under Guterres that one of lead Spokesman Stephane Dujarric's Associate Spokespeople Ms Keishamaza Rukikaire who actually seems to care or at least re-tweet about Sudan has been ordered not to answer banned Inner City Press' written questions about Sudan, etc, see here. At the cusp of December 29 to 30 the UN sent out this: "The opening of the Hudaydah–Sana’a highway as a humanitarian corridor to deliver humanitarian assistance, as agreed during the first Joint meeting of the Redeployment Coordination Committee, did not take place today [29 December]. In a meeting with Houthi representatives to the RCC at the Hudaydah port, the UN appointed Chairman of the RCC, General Cammaert, expressed his disappointment at their missed opportunity to build confidence between the parties.
While at the port, the Houthi representatives of the RCC informed the Chair of redeployment measures at the port. He welcomed the effort to start implementation of the Stockholm Agreement. However, he noted that implementation of confidence-building measures and the Agreement should be concurrent and emphasized that any redeployment would only be credible if all parties and the United Nations are able to observe and verify that it is in line with the Stockholm Agreement.
The Chairman intends to convene on 1 January 2019, the next meeting of the RCC to discuss the redeployment plans of the parties and the liaison, monitoring and coordination mechanism that will be required to monitor the ceasefire and ensure that credible redeployment is achieved.

Stephane Dujarric
Spokesman for the Secretary-General
New York, 29 December 2018" On 20 December 2018, banned Inner City Press asked Guterres and his spokesman Stephane Dujarric and Farhan Haq, "December 20-2: On Sudan, what is the SG's comment and action on the anti-government protests that started on Wednesday in northern Sudan and have been spreading to other cities?" Even now with more journalists arrested in Sudan, for example Ahmed Younes from Al-Sharq Alowsat newspaper and Maha Al-Tilib from Attayar newspaper, both just for reporting on the protests in Wad Nubawi, Omdurman, there has been no answer at all for eight days, nor to 46 other questions Inner City Press has submitted including on conflicts of interest by Guterres. It turns out the UN has become so corrupt under Guterres that one of lead Spokesman Stephane Dujarric's Associate Spokespeople
Ms Keishamaza Rukikaire who actually seems to care or at least re-tweet about Sudan has been ordered not to answer banned Inner City Press' written questions about Sudan, etc, see here. On December 26, after asking Guterres seemingly also absentee Spokesman Stephane Dujarric why even the day's UN "highlights" were not online as of 12:07 pm, Inner City Press in writing asked: "December 26-4: On Yemen, what is the SG's knowledge of, comment and action on report that clashes erupted Wednesday (Dec 26) in Yemen's Hodeida. The sound of heavy artillery could be heard to the east of the Red Sea city, with clashes stopping after a few hours. An official for the Saudi-led alliance said on Tuesday that 10 pro-government troops have been killed since the ceasefire went into force, accusing the Huthis of 183 violations. The rebels, in turn, said on the same day that they have recorded at least 31 violations in the past 24 hours by pro-government troops. What is the UN doing?" While still declining to answer any specific Inner City Press questions, including
about Guterres' conflicts of interest, the Office of the Spokesperson now past noon on December 28 has put online this: "The first Joint meeting of the Redeployment Coordination Committee convened in Hudaydah City, from 26 to 28 December 2018. The committee discussed the first phase of the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement which is based on three priority areas: Ceasefire; confidence building measures to deliver Humanitarian Assistance; and redeployment.
The three-day meeting was carried out in a constructive and cordial manner and the Chair commended the parties for the goodwill demonstrated to implement the Stockholm agreement.
The parties are now preparing to provide the Chair with detailed plans for full redeployment which will be discussed at the next meeting of the RCC, scheduled for 1 January 2019, in Hudaydah. In the meantime, the implementation of the terms of the Stockholm Agreement are ongoing.
In the interim, as a confidence building measure, the parties have agreed to begin opening blocked humanitarian corridors, starting with the Hudaydah-Sana’a Road, followed by other routes, in a phased manner. A humanitarian convoy is expected to move from the Hudaydah port along the Hudaydah-Sana’a Road on 29 December.
The UN Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths today welcomed President Abed Rabbu Mansour Hadi's decision to instruct the payment of salaries for all civil servants in the Hodeidah governorate, starting this month. The Special Envoy said President Hadi's decision is an important step towards improving the economic situation, and alleviating the humanitarian suffering of the Yemeni people, adding that he hopes there will be more steps in this direction."
Inner City Press has also twice now asked: "December 24-1: Beyond the 35 questions from Inner City Press you refused to answer last week, still set forth below for promised answer, this is a reiterated request past deadline that you (1) state when SG Guterres left his position on the Gulbenkian Foundation, (2) state why Gulbenkian was not listed on SG Guterres' public financial disclosure which covered 2016; (3) explain how it is not a conflict of interest for SG Guterres to have refused to start an audit of CEFC in the UN, as requested by Inner City Press in January 2018, given CEFC's bid for the oil business of Gulbenkian. Also, again, state why under SG Guterres there have been no updates to the UN public financial disclosures since those filed for 2016. Also, again, explain your refusal to answer any of Inner City Press' questions this week despite USG Smale's statements to GAP, me and UNSR David Kaye."

From December 23 email without location: "General Patrick Cammaert and his advance team arrived in Hudaydah this evening (23 December). Prior to his arrival in the city, he met with the Houthi appointees to the Redeployment Coordination Committee in Sana’a, where he was reassured of their commitment to the implementation of the Stockholm agreement. General Cammaert is encouraged by the general enthusiasm of both sides to get to work, immediately. One of the priorities in the coming days will be the organization of the first joint RCC meeting, which is projected for 26 December. Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesman for the Secretary-General
23 December 2018." On December 22 from the same spokes- / hatchetman, still with a dateline - note that neither he nor Guterres has made even  canned comment on the Saturday night budget marathon that Guterres skipped but banned Inner City Press covered, here: "Retired General Patrick Cammaert, Chair of the Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC), landed in Aden, Yemen, this afternoon (22 December), where he held a face-to-face meeting with the Government of Yemen appointees to the RCC mechanism.
During the discussion, General Cammaert stressed that the success or failure of the Stockholm Agreement rested solely with the parties. He urged the Government of Yemen and Coalition forces to uphold the ceasefire, which came into effect on 00:00 18 December, and sought their commitment and cooperation to secure the unhindered flow of humanitarian aid into and across the country as a matter of urgency. He also discussed modalities for the convening of the first joint RCC meeting in Hudaydah or environs as early as 26 December.
General Cammaert will travel to Sana'a tomorrow to meet with the Houthi appointees to the RCC to convey similar messages, after which he and his team will depart for Hudaydah.
New York, 22 December 2018.
New York, 22 December 2018.
Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesman for the Secretary-General." This is the spokesman who did not answer a single one of Inner City Press' 35 written questions this
week, including this one on Guterres' conflict(s) of interest. We'll have more on this. 
after many more deaths it seems it will happen again - Guterres' UN is preparing to smiling take another $500 million and keeps partnering with MBS' MiSK Foundation. Now with the UK draft UN Security Council resolution on Yemen stalled like the African Union's, exclusive here, now on whether or not to include Iran in Operative Paragraph 9 as a violator of the arms embargo - US says yes, Russia says no -- US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met his counterpart from Oman on December 19, triggering this read out from his deputy spokesperson Robert Palladino: "Secretary Michael R. Pompeo met today with Omani Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah.  The Secretary thanked the Minister for Oman’s positive engagement on many regional issues, including its role in helping facilitate UN consultations on Yemen in Sweden.  The Secretary and the Minister agreed on the importance of parties building upon momentum from the consultations by implementing agreements, continuing engagement, de-escalating tensions, and ceasing ongoing hostilities.  The Secretary and the Minister underscored their support for UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths and the next round of Yemen consultations.  The Secretary and the Minister discussed the January 1 elimination of B-1 visa reciprocity fees and increased visa validities in A, B, and G classifications, which will benefit U.S. and Omani travelers, and promote trade and investment." UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt on December 19 bragged to the Parliament "I have instructed our mission in New York to resume working on our draft Resolution with Security Council partners, with a view to adopting it later this week. We will ask the Security Council to vote on the draft within the next 48 hours... Britain has been able to play this role because of our network of friendships, including our partnership with Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and because we are a country that steps up to its responsibilities." Not on FOIA - the UK mission has withheld from Inner City Press nearly all requested documents on Yemen, all on Cameroon and on the UK Mission's role in UK USG Alison Smale's now 168 day ban on Inner City Press. Asking about the UK Yemen draft at the UN Delegates Entrance gate, UK deputy Ambassador Jonathan Allen refused any answer to Inner City Press, as he hand slapped with UN official Mladenov. On December 19 at the UNSC stakeout Smale - and the UK? - ban Inner City Press from, Allen stopped and serviced Gulf media and waved away UNTV, a boom-mic man from a previous UN(CA) bribery vehicle, so that no one else would hear. This is today's UK, and UN. v. On De Watch this site.scl Mhnaer Despite Guterres' British envoy Martin Griffiths posting that the parties in Sweden agreed on "An immediate cease-fire shall enter into force in the city of Hodeidah" and publications like the Los Angeles Times reporting it as such, the air strikes continue. And not a peep out of Guterres, on a murky junket trip to Qatar.  On December 17, Inner City Press at the UN Delegater Cates Gate asked diplomats fs from Swedeen, Russia and Kaaazakstan about it. Periscope video here. Later after a noon briefing from which Inner City Press wwas banned, the UN sent this out: "Statement on the Implementation Of The Agreement On The City Of Hudayda And Ports Of Hudayda, Salif, And Ras Isa- Amman 17 December 2018 - The ceasefire in Hudayda shall enter into force at 00:00 on 18 December 2018, local time. The Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC), the joint committee in charge of implementing the Hudayda Agreement, is expected to start its work swiftly to translate the momentum built up in Sweden into achievements on the ground." by GuterresWe'll see - watch this site." say On December 14 Griffiths told the UN Security Council that Guterres had success with MBS at the G20 in Argentina; UK Ambassador Karen Pierce thanked MBS by name. Griffiths said that long time UN insider Patrick Cammaert will go as head of verification. But as Inner City Press reported before Guterres had it roughed up and banned, Cammaert when sent to investigate the UN's failure at the Terrain Hotel in South Sudan ignored or covered up the murder of journalist John Gatluak, amid UN negligence. Will it be different here? Guterres has banned Inner City Press from entering the UN to ask, and his spokesmen have not answered any of Inner City Press' written questions in days. Today's UN is corrupt. On December 11 the UN announced: "The Secretary-General will take part in the closing day of the Intra-Yemeni political consultations, on Thursday, 13 December." There, Guterres was asked, "what are the main areas of disagreement regarding the Central Bank?" While blathering on with more praise of Saudi Arabia, Guterres entirely ignored this Central Bank question. Maybe his spokesman Stephane Dujarric will claim Guterres didn't hear it, just as Dujarric dissembled that Guterres never heard Inner City Press' 15-second long question about Cameroon, before Inner City Press was roughed up and banned from the UN, now 162 days and counting. And check out what Antonio Guterres said before that, there in Sweden: "I would like to thank the Saudi-led coalition, the Sultanate of Oman, and the Government of Kuwait for their concrete support to make this happen." Thanking the Saudi-led Coalition again.  And not a word on his ongoing cover up of harassment at UNAIDS and elsewhere. On December 10 Guterres' UN Relief Chief Mark Lowcock of the UK told correspondents in a briefing Inner City Press was barred from by Guterres that Saudi Arabia and the UAE will be giving another $500 million. Inner City Press was banned from being present and asking, Will Guterres again grin taking the check, and not even mention their airstrikes much less Jamal Khashoggi? Even the UK's weak Yemen resolution was stalled. But now on December 3 Kuwait has said it will be transporting Houthi representatives to Stockholm, Sweden on December 4 for talks, here. We'll have more on this. On November 21 at the UN Delegates Gate Inner City Press asked the UK Political Coordinator Stephen Hickey who said "working on it," which was echoed by the Kuwait diplomat Inner City Press asked. Meanwhile on November 23 this from UK SRSG Martin Grifftiths, speechifying in Hodeidah: "I arrived earlier this morning from Sana’a and have received a very warm welcome from senior representatives here. I am very grateful to them for organizing this visit.

The attention of the world is on Hudaydah. Leaders from every country have called for us all to keep the peace in Hudaydah. I have come here today with my good friends and colleagues, the Humanitarian Coordinator, Lise Grande and The World Food Programme Country Director of Yemen, Stephen Anderson to learn first-hand how we can help to keep that international pledge to protect the people of Hudaydah from further devastation.

I welcome the recent calls for a halt in the fighting in Hudaydah. This is an essential step if we are to protect the lives of civilians and build confidence among the parties. As you know I plan and hope to bring the parties together in Sweden very soon for political consultations.

I had the privilege of meeting yesterday in Sana’a with the Ansarallah leadership. Among other things, we talked about how the UN could contribute to keeping the peace in Hudaydah, and I am here to tell you today that we have agreed that the UN should now pursue actively and urgently detailed negotiations for a leading UN role in the Port and more broadly." Given that UNSG Guterres not only smiled taking Saudi MBS' check but continues to partner with MBS' Misk Foundation, how much crediblity does his UN have?
Lowcock and Fore the day before said, "We remind all parties to the conflict of their obligation to abide by the fundamental rules of distinction and proportionality and to take constant care – at all times – to spare civilians and civilian infrastructure, including Al Thawrah Hospital and all other health facilities." Maybe Lowcock and Fore should tell their Boss Antonio Guterres to at least stop partnering with MBS' Misk Foundation - and to stop censoring and banning the Press.
On November 19 Inner City Press asked questions of five other Security Council members at the gate to which it is confirmed by UN censorship, inside Kuwait's UN Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi told scribes that "some Council members don't see this is the right time to table a draft resolution," said he has "many problems" with the draft. Asked if there could be a vote this week he said "I doubt it." MBS is riding high, with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres still partnering with him and saying though his censoring spokesman Stephane Dujarric that no formal request to probe the murder of Jamal Khashoggi has been received, even after his "pull aside" meeting with Turkey's foreign minister. Pull aside indeed.  Earlier on November 19,
Inner City Press on November 19 asked five UN Security Council ambassador if it the draft had been circulated to the Council's ten elected members. Kazakhstan's Permanent Representative and Sweden's Deputy Carl Skau politely said no. The UK's Jonathan Allen did not answer; the Netherlands' Karel von Oosterom won't even turn. US Ambassador Nikki Haley, out by the end of the year, passed by with entourage and no answer. Video here.
This as  Inner City Press, banned from the UN now 138 days by corrupt Antonio Guterres, is informed by those who've seen it that Griffiths has a "pathetic" page and a half document, which would have the the Houthis handing over all heavy weapons to... Hadi, in his Saudi hotel. "Fat chance," these sources says, adding "fat Hadi" and others above named. While the UK draft which will NOT be voted on in the Security Council on November 16 purports to call for accountability for all those responsible for war crimes, Hadi's Yemen on November 15 voted against the ICC in the UN's Third Committee - so you can see how much this means. To this has the UN under Guterres sunk. The UN, given its record under Guterres from Cameroon to Haiti will almost certainly hold no one accountable, except perhaps media which reports on what Guerres actually does and doesn't do. 
Guterres' Youth Envoy has an ongoing deal with MBS's Misk Foundation, even now. Another pantomime: the UK which continues to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, said it was coming to the Security Council for action to end the war in Yemen. Then it proposed not even a resolution but only a statement, which at least three members of the Council have said it not strong enough. On November 8 Inner City Press at the UN Delegates Entrance Gate asked the UK Mission's Political Coordinator if there will, in fact, be a UNSC resolution. He replied politely that it's too early to tell. But it's getting late. Now, belatedly, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet has put out the statement below, while saying nothing about Guterres' UN partnering with MBS' Misk Foundation and also continuing its ban on Inner City Press which asks, now hitting 129 days. Nor, notably, does the statement mention the UAE, where former UN official Bernardino Leon cashed out to the UAE Diplomatic Academy. Here's the statement in full: "UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Saturday expressed outrage at the “unconscionable toll” that the escalation of hostilities in Al Hodeidah was taking on an already “deeply frightened and starving” population in Yemen. Bachelet urged the Saudi-led Coalition, the Houthi forces and all those supplying arms to the parties to the conflict to take immediate steps to end the suffering of civilians in Yemen.

“The Saudi-led Coalition and pro-Hadi forces, the Houthi forces – and those who supply arms or other support to the parties to the conflict – all have the power or the influence to stop the starvation and killing of civilians, to give some reprieve to the people of Yemen,” Bachelet said.
“Violations by one party to the conflict do not give carte blanche to the others to fight back at all costs. Even wars are regulated by law – all parties to the conflict are bound to respect international humanitarian law and human rights law as applicable.”
According to information received by the UN Human Rights Office, at least 110 airstrikes were carried out in Al Hodeidah, Sa’ada and San’a between 31 October and 6 November, with further intensification since then. Coalition warplanes have been hovering at low altitude in Al Hodeidah City since Thursday morning, as Houthi forces fire anti-aircraft missiles and mortars, and violent street clashes continued. At least 23 civilians have been confirmed dead in Al Hodeidah since 24 October, but the real toll may be much higher. Some 445,000 people have been internally displaced in Al Hodeidah since early June.
There are also serious concerns about the fate of 900 detainees in the Central Prison and six pre-trial detention facilities in Al Hodeidah City. The Central Prison was hit on Monday morning by two mortar shells, injuring five people and cutting off power and water to the prison. Armed confrontations are also reportedly taking place very close to the main Al Thawra hospital in Al Hodeidah.
The High Commissioner called for an immediate end to the military escalation, which also risks exacerbating the catastrophic food insecurity of some 14 million people across the country. She urged the Saudi-led Coalition to immediately remove restrictions on the safe and expeditious entry into Yemen of indispensable humanitarian supplies and other goods
“The parties to the conflict must allow the free, regular and unimpeded passage of food and other humanitarian relief and must not take actions that would deprive civilians of their rights to food and health,” she said.
“I call on all those with involvement or influence in the conflict to facilitate the access to humanitarian relief that the people of Yemen so desperately need.”
“I also remind States that the Geneva Conventions stipulate that all States, including those not involved in the armed conflict, have the obligation to take measures to ensure respect for the Conventions by parties to a conflict. Conditioning, limiting or refusing arms transfers is one measure,” Bachelet added.
The UN Human Rights Office has documented that between 26 March 2015 and 8 November 2018, there have been a total of 17,640 civilian casualties in Yemen, including 6,872 dead and 10,768 injured. The majority of these casualties - 10,852 resulted from airstrikes carried out by the Saudi-led Coalition."
On November 9,
the Washington Post reported "The Trump administration is ending the practice of refueling Saudi-coalition aircraft." But other, typically, quoted predatory Reuters (on which we'll have more). Whether this pre-empted the coming oversight in Congress is not yet clear. But how much will it help starving Yemenis? UNSG Guterres called the Saudi-led coalition "good child killers," and put the Press which questions him on his secret banned list including "political activists." We'll have more on this. On September 25, after meeting the Saudi foreign minister, Guterres gushed, "The Secretary-General met with H.E. Mr. Adel Al-Jubeir, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Secretary-General and the Foreign Minister discussed regional issues of mutual interest, including Yemen and Syria. The Secretary-General expressed appreciation to Saudi Arabia for its support to the ongoing reconciliation process in the Horn of Africa and United Nations youth initiatives." Not a word on the bombing of school bus. Earlier o
n September 25 the UK Mission to the UN closed to the press - all press, apparently - its event on Addressing Malnutrition in Yemen. To his credit, ICRC's Peter Maurer released his remarks, here, including calling for "ceasing the transfer of weapons if there is a clear risk of violations of international law." That should mean the host of the meeting would stop such sales - and, as didn't happen this week, incoming UN Security Council member Germany would as well. We'll have more on this. On September 14 the NRC's Saleem Al-Shamiri in Hodeidah said, "Stability within Hodeidah is becoming worse and fear about what might happen continuing to increase. Those remaining in Hodeidah know they could lose everything, including their lives, but for many, it is not a simple decision to leave. To leave is to abandon everything people know and have worked for, with no certainty about the future. If people leave, they don’t know where they will go, how they will find shelter, what they will eat. Many fled here already and the war followed. They’re tired of running. One of our colleagues here is expecting her baby any day. These are terrifying circumstances for her delivery. She says it is now too late, too uncertain and too expensive for her family to leave. No baby should be born into a situation like this.”
The weekend of 7-9 September marked one of the deadliest in Yemen’s war so far, with more than 84 conflict-related fatalities reported within Hodeidah health facilities alone, according to reports received from Safer Yemen.
Fighting is now pressing in on Hodeidah city from several sides, including heavy ground clashes and sustained aerial bombardments. Civilians in Hodeidah reported airstrikes in close proximity to the city’s southern and eastern borders, including up to fifty strikes on the city fringes on Wednesday alone.
Houses, farms, a flour mill and a soft drink factory were among civilian buildings hit by airstrikes across Hodeidah governorates over the last fortnight.
We are highly concerned about the security of the Hodeidah Port complex, including milling facilities housing enough to feed 3.5 million Yemeni people.
Aid agencies in Yemen have identified close to 500,000 people that had fled homes in Hodeidah between June and August. So far in September, 55,000 people have been displaced from across the governorate, leaving more than half a million at heightened risk of hunger and exposure to diseases, including cholera.  
ECHO reports that the number of suspected cholera cases in Yemen has now increased for the 12thweek in a row, to 9,245 suspected cases. This number adds to more that 133,000 cases of suspected cholera through 2018 thus far.
By 13 September, seven vessels were berthed at Hodeidah port, carrying a 79,000 metric tons of food and over 30,000 metric tons of critically-needed gas oil. An additional three vessels are queued to deliver food and fuel in the coming days. Food and fuel deliveries through Yemen’s Red Sea Ports have held steady since June but any disruption or threat to the safety of shipments could strangle the Yemeni economy and impact access to food for more than 20 million people." Inner City Press, which previously at the UN Security Council stakeout asked US Ambassador Nikki Haley questions about Jeffrey Feltman and Cameroon has now been banned from the UN for 70 days and counting and so asks like this, on September 11. We'll have more on this.
n September 10 the new UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet has had this to say on Yemen in her opening speech: "
Regarding Yemen, I urge all parties to take stock of the gravity of the findings of the Group of Eminent Experts. They have identified a number of individuals who may be responsible for international crimes, and that confidential list is now in the Office. It is crucial that there be continued international and independent investigations into all allegations of violations of international humanitarian law and war crimes – particularly in light of the apparent inability of the parties to the conflict to carry out impartial investigations. Last month's shocking strike on a bus carrying schoolchildren was followed by another horrific series of airstrikes which left dozens of civilians and children killed and injured in Al Hudaydah. I note the recent statement by the Coalition acknowledging mistakes over the airstrike on the school bus in Sa’ada, and I will be closely following what steps are taken to hold the perpetrators accountable and provide remedy and compensation to the victims. There should be greater transparency over the coalition’s rules of engagement and the measures taken to ensure that such tragedies are not repeated. The recent Saudi royal order which appears to provide a blanket pardon to members of the Saudi armed forces for actions taken in Yemen is very concerning." So why has Guterres done a favor to Saudi Arabia putting it on the "good child killer" list? 
We'll have more on this, and on Bachelet's response (or not) to the evidence provided to her on and since her first day about shameful censorship of the Press at and by the UN Secretariat as it pursues the UN's role in Yemen, deferring to the Saudis and their armers. And on this: On September 8 Guterres' envoy Martin Griffiths lavished praise on the government / Hadi delegation he spent three days with in Geneva, in a press conference featuring qestions cut off by the UN and from which though in Geneva Inner City Press was banned from by New York-based, Moscow junketing Alison Smale for Guterres, soon to be Lisbon bound. After Griffiths, Hadi's Foreign Minister Khaled Al Yahami took over the UN room to denounce coup plotters and deny that Sudan and Egypt wouldn't open their air space. What about the injured being able to get to Oman? Griffiths, vetted by the Saudis before Guterres gave him the post ostensibly for the Brits, wouldn't say. He said every action has a repurcussion. We'll have more on this. On September 7, with the UN declining to answer basic questions from banned Inner City Press including "September 6-3: On Yemen, what is the SG's response to that the Yemeni government is considering not extending the UN teams’ missions in the country after they have proven their bias, Yemen’s human rights minister Mohamed Askar said on Thursday," this from NRC protection and advocacy adviser in Yemen Suze van Meegen: “This week was due to mark a turning point in Yemen’s conflict as parties convened in Geneva to chart a way forward. Instead, we have passed another week full of violence and devoid of promise. While parties to the conflict continue to operate on the basis of differences, Yemenis are united in their experience of violence, deprivation and grief. Yemenis I met this week all tell me that they are losing hope in the possibility of any solution to the current situation. They are exhausted, People are reaching their tipping point.”
The situation in Hodeidah city remains exceptionally fragile. Heavy fighting is currently taking place at the city’s western and southern outskirts, closer than at any other point since the offensive on Hodeidah commenced in June, including around Hodeidah airport, on the city’s southern border.
Airstrikes and helicopter attacks have been reported across several districts south of Hodeidah city, and missiles launched from Yemen at targets in both Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea. Reports indicate that jets have been hovering over Hodeidah city for up to 16 hours a day.
Citizens in Hodeidah described increasingly militarised conditions inside the city this week, with an increasing number of checkpoints, trenches and jersey barriers installed across the city. Most residents stay inside their houses to try to protect themselves.
Tension in and around the city continues to keep prevent tens of thousands of city residents from returning. People remaining in Hodeidah report that more than half of all businesses, shops and services have closed, including whole blocks of shopfronts locked up following the departure from the city of owner-operators. A shopkeeper selling fabric and clothing told NRC staff that he had not sold a single item since the second week of August.... On September 4, with the UN declining to answer basic questions from banned Inner City Press about the previous, non-Saudi approved UN envoy, this: "UN Special Envoy For Yemen Affirms Commitment To Southern Participation In The Political Process: Amman, 4 September 2018 - Since I assumed my role as Special Envoy in March this year, I have consistently affirmed that there will be no peace in Yemen if we do not listen to a broad cross-spectrum of Yemeni voices, including southern groups, and make sure that they are included in the efforts to reach a sustainable political settlement. In the past few months, I have consulted with numerous southern groups to reach a consensus on their meaningful participation in the political process. I have been encouraged by their openness to dialogue and to a peaceful resolution for their concerns. I remain committed to reaching a consensus with them on their participation in the political process, and look forward to continuing our discussions in the coming weeks. I urge all Yemeni stakeholders to work together to create a conducive environment for negotiations to end the war and for the stabilization of the economy and delivery of basic services to the Yemeni people."
We'll see.
Also, Spain under Pedro Sanchez is said to be belatedly reviewing its arms sales to the Saudis. Better late than never - the UN, it seems, never reviews anything, no more how outrageous or ultimately incriminating. Where was UNSG Guterres? In China, after rebuffing basic questions from banned Inner City Press on August 31, here. On August 2, the day after the implicated UK took over presidency of the UN Security Council while denying Press requests under FOIA and for access,
British nominated (and Saudi vetted) UN envoy Martin Griffiths was to brief the Council and then a Press-less press stakeout (which he later canceled) - when, just before the meeting, the Saudi and Emirati led Coalition reported bombed the Al-Thourah Hospital in Hodeidah, killing 55 civilians. While Griffith in his speech didn't even mention these airstrikes (and he has not answered Inner City Press' online question to him about why), on August 3 the Saudi Mission, dutifully amplified by Al Arabiya to which the UN gives a ten meter long office that Guterres and his Deputy and team often cravenly appear in, blamed the bombing on the Houthis. Seems like it might require an objective investigation - unlike the scam 45 day"review" the UN held to ban Inner City Press for life,  while turning itself over to the likes of Al Arabiya. On August 24 after yet more killing of civilians by the Saudi and Emirati Led Coalition from which Antonio Guterres smiling took a $930 million check, this: "“We are appalled by conflict that appears entirely ungoverned by the laws of war and astounded at the silence of the many governments enabling it. We cannot comprehend any possible moral justification for killing civilians fleeing to safety as their towns become battlegrounds.

Attacks on civilians have become a deadly trend in Yemen’s war. The new media reports of civilian casualties follow recent coalition strikes on a busload of school children that killed 51 people, and over three years of ceaseless violence from both parties to the conflict on homes, markets, hospitals, schools and farms. More than 350,000 Yemeni people have fled violence along Yemen’s west coast since the beginning of June, adding to the three million displaced through the course of the war. People forced to flee are not simply numbers, they are individuals forced to leave everything they have behind in an effort to stay alive.

This war is not only a Yemeni problem, it is a global one. The multiple nations supplying intelligence, arms and logistical support to enable the violence are implicated in a conflict that has killed thousands and will not subside without conscious and meaningful action.

The UK, US, France, Iran and all others contributing to the conflict in Yemen must use their influence to bring about an immediate and permanent end to the violence. We call on the countries funding and fuelling the war to ensure that civilians and civilian infrastructure are protected from attack, and that humanitarian aid is allowed to reach those who need it.'" The UK and France are both complicit in the killing of civilians in Cameroon by Paul Biya - and in the lifetime ban Guterres' Alison Smale imposed on Inner City Press on August 17.
On August 13, for a UN noon briefing Inner City remained banned from, it e-mailed the spokesmen for Antonio "$930 Million Guterres this question: "August 13-2: On Yemen, what is the comment of the SG and, separately, his envoy Griffiths on reports that Saudi and Emirati Led Coalition-backed militias actively recruit al-Qaida militants, or those who were recently members, because they’re considered exceptional fighters. One Yemeni commander who was put on the U.S. terrorism list for al-Qaida ties last year continues to receive money from the UAE to run his militia,. Another commander, recently granted $12 million for his fighting force by Yemen’s president, has a known al-Qaida figure as his closest aide. In one case, a tribal mediator who brokered a deal between the Emiratis and al-Qaida even gave the extremists a farewell dinner. What does the UN know / say / do about this?" Even when Inner City Press submitted the question again, to Guterres' email address and that of his Deputy SG and Communicator UK USG Alison Smale, there has been no answer more than two days later, in the face of this: "A senior US official says the UAE paid money to tribal leaders in Yemen to rout al-Qaeda from its strongholds. Wednesday's remarks followed AP investigation outlining how Emirati forces cut secret deals with the militants to get them to abandon territory. The official says money "has exchanged hands" and that it often went to "sheikhs in areas that have collaborated or allowed al-Qaida to exist." He didn't elaborate on how much was paid, but says the Emiratis' payments to tribal sheikhs allowed them to 'ally themselves to the Emiratis.'" One wag might note the handed $930 million check, half Emerati, to Guterres; the UAE already bought the UN's Bernardino Leon and, some say, Ghassam Salame. Today's UN under Guterres is corrupt, and censors.
On August 9, for a UN noon briefing Inner City remained banned from, it e-mailed the spokesmen for Guterres this question: "August 9-3: On Yemen, what is the SG's comment and action on 'airstrikes in northern Yemen have targeted a busy market and a bus, killing at least 20 people, including children, and wounding as many as 35. ICRC said a hospital supported by the organisation had received dozens of casualties after the attack at a market in Dahyan in Sa’ada governorate.'"  At the UN Security Council, from which Guterres has also banned Inner City Press, UK Deputy Ambassador Jonathan Allen was asked "the reaction to the bombing of a school bus in northern Yemen? Dozens of very young children, videos showing many under the age of ten injured and/or killed in a strike that the Saudis say was justified. Allen: Well, we've seen those reports. It's very important as we've said repeatedly that all parties to the conflict in Yemen adhere to International Humanitarian Law. Where there is an incident of this sort, it's important this investigated thoroughly and the conclusions of that investigation are shared and are learned from and we'll be calling for that in this incidence as well. As President, I'm afraid I don't have anything to say on that. This is not something that the Council has discussed recently. Q: Has anybody asked the Presidency to discuss it in AOB?  Allen: As of this moment, I am not aware of any such requests." At the beginning of the month t
he UK prepped the correspondents it feeds cake to, as it sells bombs to Saudi Arabia - while refusing to answer questions from Inner City Press on Yemen, Western Sahara and Cameroon.
On July 30 Guterres' sleazy basis for roughing up and banning Inner City Press for 27 days and counting was reported in the Columbia Journalist Review:
Guterres' spokesman Stephane Dujarric has gone further, in an article published July 30 by the Columbia Journalism Review. Dujarric - who Inner City Press directed to the CJR reporter to - is quoted that " Lee Periscoped while shouting, 'Fuck you!' repeatedly. (Lee says he was complaining that Dujarrac had given the Al Jazeera crew a private interview, and excluded him.) 'He creates an atmosphere of incivility within our working environment,' Dujarrac says."  This is a lie. Inner City Press on June 19 when Dujarric gave a "private briefing" to Al Jazeera about Nikki Haley and Mike Pompeo announcing the US pull out from the UN Human Right Council said in the hall that is was a "sleazefest." After closing the door of the focus booth it has been confined to work in for two years by Dujarric, and long after the Al Jazeera trio including James Bayes and Whitney Hurst were done, said on Periscope, F-You. Periscope video - still online during this 27 day "investigation" - here. So Dujarric is a censor, justifying the beating up and banning of a journalist for something he broadcast in a soundproof booth to his audience. This is disgusting, all the more so because as Inner City Press has reported, Dujarric told an interlocutor on June 20, before the two beat-downs of Inner City Press, that things would be worse for it. Guterres and Dujarric and it seems Smale are.. thugs. Disgusting. On Yemen, the CJR article quotes Inner City Press: "The Saudis buy UK weapons to bomb Yemen—but the UN envoy to Yemen is British." All true.  On July 5, hours before Guterres' (and the UK's and Saudis') envoy Martin Griffiths briefed the UN Security Council, Guterres' UN banned Inner City Press from entering, and it has been banned for 12 days and counting since. Fox News story here ("UN roughs up, ejects, bans reporter from headquarters: Caught on tape"); petition to Guterres here; GAP blogs I and II (“Harassment of US Journalist Intensifies at the UN”).  On July 30 (Inner City Press is still banned from the UN with no end in sight), US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert issued a read-out including that "Secretary Pompeo met today in Washington, DC with Oman’s Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs, Yusuf bin Alawi, who participated in the July 24-26 Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom.  On Yemen, they affirmed the importance of continued support for the efforts of UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths and emphasized the need for all parties to show restraint to avoid further escalation of hostilities." All parties. The UK becomes president of the UN Security Council on August 1; watch this site. On July 20, NRC on Hodeidah said that "airstrikes, mortar fire, missiles and shelling continue to kill, injure and threaten the safety of civilian populations, particularly in At Tuhayat and Zabid districts. NRC’s staff inside Hodeidah city have described it as a “ghost town”, where the bulk of shops and restaurants have been closed by proprietors fleeing the city. Through the course of the week, residents of Hodeidah city heard low-flying jets and heavy airstrikes on the outskirts of the city. The price of women’s sanitary items has risen by more than 15% since May, creating major challenges for women in already challenging circumstances, many of whom are without access to clean water. Ali Al Hajori, in Hajjah, said that 'conditions here are becoming worse. People aren’t only arriving from Hodeidah now, but from areas in the north too. They come in the heat and dust with everything they can carry, but it usually isn’t enough for them to survive beyond a few days. We are stretching the aid we have to reach as many people as possible but it will never compensate for what they lose by leaving their homes.' Isaac Ooko,NRC’s Area Manager in Hodeidah said that 'people are living in pathetic conditions, not fit for humans and completely untenable for those who are most vulnerable. I am incredibly proud of our teams for fronting up each day to make it possible for people to live with dignity in a situation that otherwise strips it from them. What might appear to be a pause to the outside world, doesn’t feel the same for those of us seeing what it means for people here.' Yemen’s Protection Cluster reported severe damage to the main water tanks in Al Tuhayet district earlier this month, leaving close to 100,000 people without safe water and at heightened risk of communicable diseases.
NRC’s staff in Hodeidah are continuing to carry out our usual cholera prevention programs, focused on ensuring people have access to safe water and hygiene material." The UN has a shameful record with cholera, having killed over 10,000 people in Haiti with the cholera UN Peacekeeping brought, with not a penny in restitution.
On July 13, unable to go to the UN's noon briefing as it had been been unable to attend Guterres' July 12 press conference at which not a single Yemen question was asked, Inner City Press wrote to Guterres' spokesmen: "
Saudi King Salman has ‘pre-exonerated’ all troops fighting in Yemen from any accountability issues they may face over their conduct in the war, in which thousands of civilians have been killed and wounded. A statement announcing the early pardon, released by Saudi Arabia's state news agency SPA, said the pardon extends to “all military men across the armed forces” taking part in Operation Restoring Hope.” Given that the SG accepted Saudi's $930 Million check, what is his comment?" There was no answer for four days. On July 17, Guterres' deputy spokesman Farhan Haq e-mailed Inner City Press that "Regarding your earlier question on Yemen, we have the following: We are aware of the reported royal decree by King Salman. The United Nations does not endorse amnesties for genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity or gross violations of human rights. The Secretary-General has consistently reminded all parties to the conflict of their obligation to adhere to international humanitarian law, including taking steps to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure. We emphasize once again that a negotiated political settlement through inclusive intra-Yemeni dialogue is the only way to end the conflict and address the ongoing humanitarian crisis." So what about that $930 million check? And the ongoing ban of Inner City Press? We'll have more on this. On June 26 as Guterres proposed to Security Council to continue to list the Saudi and now Emirati led Coalition as "good" child killers, Guterres' spokesman said this classification is for parties who "engage." Inner City Press asked if the $930 million check was part of the engagement and Dujarric archly said No. On June 29, NRC  NRC staffer, Lolah Alkahtani, in Sana’a: "I am worried that this war will kill my family in Hodeidah, and that it will destroy our house which my father built after spending all his life saving for it. The word worried doesn’t even describe a bit of how we feel.”

 NRC staffer, Saleem Al-Shamiri, in Sana’a, said "My family in Hodeidah city think any moment a bomb will explode, or clashes will reach their homes. I have felt this situation myself in 2011, and understand the fear and panic they feel now. While the past days have been quiet, family and friends I have spoken to tell me that people don’t dare leave their houses. Only a few grocery shops are open, and many people going hungry. I sent some money to my family so they can buy food, as most people don’t have anything left in their houses. I’m concerned that they won’t be able to find food or clean water to survive while the offensive drags on.”

NRC continued: The fighting in Hodeidah continues but is on a relative pause while the UN envoy is allowed further time to mediate between the parties to the conflict in an attempt to restart peace negotiations.
The situation in the wider Hodeidah area is volatile, and fighting continues in Hodeidah’s southern districts.  Airstrikes have been ongoing around the city although they have slowed this week.
People inside Hodeidah city tell NRC staff that the situation continues to be calm, with only a few clashes reported during the night. Some roads within the city are reportedly closed or partially blocked by defensive entrenchments. 
People inside the city tell NRC that most shops, especially in the southern side of the city, remain closed as shopkeepers are too scared to open them. Electricity is still unavailable in many areas and water remains scarce. Most people do not leave their houses unless it’s urgent. Many don’t have adequate food in their homes and are at the brink of going hungry.
Money exchange shops are reported to remain mostly closed. This is a serious concern in Yemen, where people have been struggling with an increasing lack of cash liquidity in the past few years of the conflict. Without access to cash, and with reportedly rising prices of basic goods, civilians who could otherwise survive may be left without food and other necessities."
Last week, Dujarric spoonfed sound bytes to Al Jazeera and is working with them to try to further restrict Inner City Press, here - Inner City Press was in fact ousted on June 22, video here, story here.

 We'll have more on this.


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