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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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Google, Asked at UN About Censorship, Moved to Censor the Questioner, Sources Say, Blaming UN - Update - Editorial

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On Sri Lanka, UN Won't Be "Used" or Speak on Broken IDP Promises or Elections

UNDP's Clark Claims Waiver of UN Rules By Ethics Office, Won't Say When

Helen Clark Claims Waiver of UN Rules By Ethics Office, Won't Say When

Helen Clark in Line for New Zealand Award, Contrary to UN Rules, Hiding from Press

As Egypt Walls Off Gaza, UN's Position Shifts, Still Silent on Cairo Protests

Climate Change as Cover Up, Lula Says Suriname to UN's Ban, Silent to China on Rights

As UN Weapons Expert Sues to Keep Job, UNMOVIC Cover Up Alleged, Gag Rejected

UN in Guinea Bissau Offers Sanctuary to Coup Leader, Setting Precedent?

With No Wireless in New UN Building, Master Planner Takes Up French

Lauding Sudan, UN Nods Disapprovingly at Ban's Turkmeni-Plans, State Media Appearances

UN Is Silent as Egypt Bans Press From Protest of UN in Cairo, Gaza Freedom March

At UN, Ceiling Collapse as New Building Opens, Wires Dangling in Ban Cave

UN's Ban Silent as China Sentences Liu Xiaobo to 11 Years and Five Uighurs to Death, of P-5 Internal Affairs

Unauthorized Entry into Ban's Home and Party Dodged by UN, Disputing Obama Analogy

At UN, Dawn Budget Deal Benefits Bahrain, Has Russia Bitter, Politics of Human Rights

At UN, Final Night Falls on Budget, of Scales, Bahrain and Human Rights, Live Blogging Budget from UN

At UNICEF, Embattled Veneman Won't Run for Second Term, Here's Why

At UN, India Asks and May Amend, Human Rights or Human Resources?

UN Budget Has India, Mexico and Japan Versus Rights Upgrade, U.S. Satisfied

In Congo, UN's Doss Protected Shooter of Council's Plane, Lawlessness

At UN, Budget Fight for Bahrain and Bahamas to Pay Less, Death of UN Journal

UN Budget Wrangling Goes into Overtime, Peacekeeping Scale of Assessment as Sample

With UN Budget Stalled, Ban's Party without Ban, Burkina's Millet Meatballs

As UN Council Delays Eritrea Sanctions and Guinea, Buries W. Sahara, France in Mix

As UN Official Is Accused of Hiring Relatives in African Mission, DPA Mute

On UN Official Accused of Hiring Relatives in African Mission, DPA Mute

As Galbraith Claims He Challenged UN Before Nambiar's Quote to NYT, UN Mute

On Sri Lankan Killings, As Alston Asks Rajapaksas, Why Not UN's Nambiar?

As UN's Ban "Divides and Rules" G-77, Pachauri's Bank Links Unexamined

UN Budget at Midnight, Roed Larsen Grilled Amid Pizza Boxes, Tuesday Delivery Predicted

As UN Dodges Questions on Galbraith, Stonewalling or Whistleblowing?

UN's Delegates Lounge to Close, Smaller Replacement in Limbo, End of an Era

UN Mute As China Calls Even Uighur Babies Criminals, Cambodia to Return

IMF Silent on Climate Change Proposal to Use Its Gold and SDR Interest

At UN, Holidays into Exile, Ban's Pod and Reception, Circus Season of Budget

As UN Council Meets on W. Sahara, Ill Haidar Is Freed, Inner City Press Told by Sources

UN Stumbles by Degrees in Nopenhagen, Stealing the Deal?

UN's Doss Claims Email Was to Clarify, But It Asked for Rule Breaking, Nepotism

As UN Cameras' Footage Can Be Used to Identify Whistleblowers, They Remain in Place

W. Sahara and Ms. Haidar's Failing Kidneys in UN Half Light Limbo, Of Embassies

UN's Doss Won't Explain His Support of War Criminals, Playing Out the Clock in Congo

As W. Sahara's Haidar Starves, Mexican Diplomats Call It Sensitive -- For Them

As Weiner Votes to Exclude Undocumented from Health Care, He Says Lou Dobbs Folds

As UN Says It Will Move Cameras from Journalists' Offices, No Answer on Filming

In UN Round-Up, Nambiar on Myanmar, Nepotism in BONUCA, Cost of Copenhagen Staff

At UN, France Opposes Briefing on Western Sahara, Morocco Blames Haidar

As Killing of Those Seeking to Surrender in Sri Lanka Is Alleged, Will UN Investigate?

Ban Blurs UN's Role in Congo War Crimes, Heads to Copenhagen, Lessons UN-Learned

UN Installs Cameras to Film Reporters' New Offices, No Whistleblower Zone

UN Violates Law in Congo, Leaked UN Legal Memo Shows, Doss on Grill in NY

IMF Studies Congo Deals by India and China, Quid Pro Quo by Canada on Mining

At UN, Asbestos Abatement Shutters Gift Shop, Tourists in the Dark, CMP Bumbles On

Galbraith Claims Disclosed Oil Interest to UN, Eide Leaked Before Leaving? Successor Tales

As Bloomberg Jokes of Media's Death, UN's Ban Lives It, Asbestos Links

As UN Flies 700 Staff to Copenhagen, Coup Leader Set to Speak, Major Emitter Excluded

With Guinea's Strongman Speechless, Burkina Pauses, France Snarks, UN-Democracy?

Sri Lanka Falls Off Radar of UN and US, Despite Rapp Report and Disappearances

At UN, Holmes Denies UK Slows Somali Aid, Five Small CERF Deadbeats, HSBC for Gaza

UN Did Not Vet Nepal's "Killer Major" Who's Still in Chad, Misplaced Trust in TCCs

At UN, Downer Says Anti-Obama Op-Ed Has No Effect on Cyprus Work with U.S., Coal Role

At UN, Mr. Sha's Meltdown Unseen or Excused, Congo Question Dangles, The Who Recalled

In Somali Chaos, Japan and Germany Offer Separate Training, U.S. Cuts Aid

UN's Corporate Abuse at Copenhagen, Goodyear Tires, Telsa Test Drives, Petrochemicals

As a Ban Reform Dies, UN Refuses to Provide Comment or Costs

As Sudan Claims "Unrelenting Backing" of UN's Ban, Spokesman Snarks, Dodges

UN's Congo Expert Covers Up for MONUC, Chides Press He Was With Under Other Name

With Kouchner at UN, No Africa in Questions, Airport Diplomacy and France

As Guinea's Shot Strongman Spirited to Morocco, Saharan Questions, Few UN Answers

At UN, Ocampo Turns O-Kafka, Threatens Any Denier With ICC Prosecution, Sri Lanka Silence

As Sri Lanka Still Bars Press from Camps, UN Denies Receiving Elders' Letter

IMF Rebuffs Stanford Victims on Antigua Despite Iceland, and Romania, Ukraine and UN

UN's Master Plan Smokes Out Wonder, Adlerstein's Smoke Screen on Asbestos and Accounting

UN Decries Somali Bombing, Lobbies for Army Figure, U.S. Lobbied for Omar Jamar?

At UN, Obama's Disability Policies Questioned, Stevie Wonder on Bowling and Amanpour

At UN, No Iraq and Maybe No Congo Sanctions, No Colombia and Georgia in the Wings

On Darfur, Gambari To Be "Vigilant," U.S. Belatedly Says, No Comment on Blackmail

Spain's Position at UN on Ms. Haidar is Off the Record, ASSK Compared

Darfur Post to Gambari Confirmed, NSC's Kurt Campbell and UK's Burma Shave

Spain's UN Advocacy for Ms. Haidar is Off the Record, ASSK Compared

Offering Darfur Jobs, UN's Gambari Returns from DC, Link to UNDP Post?

U.S. Supports UN's Offer of Darfur Post to Gambari Despite NGOs' Questions

In UN Farewell, Michele Montas Dodges Three Last Questions and Is Called Obama

Nigerian "Blackmail" To Capture UN's Darfur Post, Spurned Candidate Says

As Congo's Gold Hits 60 Minutes, UN Is Let Off Hook, Wal-Mart's 10% Solution

In UNICEF, Critique of Veneman Is Only Half Answered, Second Term Questioned

Child Soldiers in Sudan and Myanmar, No UN Comment on Sri Lanka, LRA on Move

As UNHCR Pulls Back from Deal with Nestle, It Fudges on Future Bluewashing

As UN Fails in Congo, No Accountability for Doss or UK Mining Firm

Venezuela Wants Colombia in UN Council Agenda, Unlike Honduras and Sri Lanka

IMF Murky on Angola's Oil, Bond and China Deals, Doles $1.4 Billion

At UN, Of 4 P.M. Karaoke But Retirement Parties Banned, Spokesman Toasted Off Record?

As Africans Threaten Ban on UNDP Post, Panel Unnamed Beyond Diarra, Downgraded Conference

As UN Enables Rapists in Congo, Supports Guinea's Dictator, Ban Preaches Without Questions

UN Reversed on NGO Expulsion, Dodges Questions on Uzbek Border and Nigeria

In Sri Lanka, IDPs Given Passes, NGOs Told Not to Complain to UN, Election Games

Speaking for UN Past and Future, Nesirky Appears, Outsourcing Denied of Planet UN's Tours

In Haiti, UN Peacekeepers Shoot Live Ammo as Crowd Control

In UN Dispute Tribunal, Ethics Officer Blocked, Cambodia Trial Unwatched

From Costa Rica to N. Africa, UNDP Deputy Post May Bypass Cameroon

UN Advises Leaving Guinea Strongman in Power, Realism or Cynicism?

UN Admits Barring NGO After GA Stakeout Speech, Precedent Not Needed

At UN, de Boer and Africa's Number, of Black Carbon and Shell Games

Amid Reports of War Crimes, IMF Gives Funds to Sri Lanka and Spin on Human Rights

At UN, Japan Says Each N. Korean Refugee Must Be Reviewed, Abductees Are Focus

UNICEF Has "No Position" on China's One Child Policy, Lucy Liu Calls It Tradition

At UN, Diplomat from Cameroon Rebuffed by UNDP, Ban Challenged on Deputy Post

UN's Somalia Envoy Blames Web Sites for Aid Cut Off and Child Soldier Reports

UN Council Ignores Its Own Deadline on Eritrea and Djibouti, Pascoe's Inside Moves

Land Mine Use Defended by Sri Lanka as UN Says Nothing, of "Victim Activated" IEDs

As Morocco Expels Western Sahara Activist, Silence at the UN

In UN, Africa Poised to Be Denied Deputy Post at UNDP, Ambassadors Complain

UN Says Hampton in Vienna Did "Data Input" Not Iran and N. Korea, Nesirky in Wings

UN Claims "No Removal of Credential" of NGO Barred Since Stakeout Speech

UN's Velvet Glove Censorship of Poster on Great Firewall of China, "Folded, Undamaged"

UNHCR Poised to "Bluewash" Nestle on Child Labor, Water and Infant Formula Abuse

In Congo, UN Fails to Act on MSF as Bait Attacks, After 4 Weeks, of Holmes and Mountain

As Blair Lobbies for Wataniya, JPM Chase's Arranger Role Spells Conflict

UN's Upbeat Talk on Congo Evades Massacres and Whistleblower's Tales

In Deby's Chad, UN Is Shot At and Speaks Softly on Elections

Were Galbraith's Oil Interests As Undisclosed at UN as at Opinion Pages He Wrote For?

In UN Security, Henn Won't Talk to Panel, DM on KFC, Gun Removed?

As Sri Lanka Announces UN Holmes To Visit, Is Silence the Deal?

As Theft of UN Jet Fuel Alleged By Congo Ex-Staffer, UN Calls Him Unstable

With Sri Lanka Ignored in UN Debate, Austria Speaks of Proposal, UN's Holmes Moves On

The UN on Protection of Civilians Dost Protest Too Much, Congo, Sri Lanka and Sudan

As UN Master Plan and Planner Hit for Waste, Skanska Settles Asbestos Suit

Congo Staffer, Barred from UN, Describes Fuel Thefts, Videos of Warlord Work

As Colombia Calls UN Council About Chavez, Silence on Korean Ships Shooting

On Lebanon, Russia Resists Calling for Implementation of 1701 Resolution

Diplomatic "Anthrax" Postmarked from Texas, France Says, UN Terror Defenses Misused

UN Calls NYPD On Congo Staffer They Used Against Rebels, "UN Put My Family in Danger"

At UN, Obasanjo Brags of Deadly Kimia II, LRA Not in Mandate, Mountain in the Dusk

In Kabul Chaos, UN Pull Out Doesn't Add Up, Transcript Held Back, Budget Delayed

As UN Descends To Slopenhagen, Of Vattenfall's Abuse and Stakeout Post Hoc Games

On UN, Congo Says All or Nothing, Silence on MSF "Bait" Accusation, New P-5ers

In UN Water, Questions of Coke and Nestle by Press Prove UN Is Fair, UN Claims

UN's Ban Criticized for "Interfering" in Nepal, Envoy Won't Speak, Council Won't Distinguish

UN's Security Phase Confusion in Af-Pak Shown at Stakeout, Ban and Nambiar

At UN After NGO Ejection, Questions About Stakeout By Evictees From Jerusalem

On KFC, UN's Treki "Is Not An Admirer" of Fried Chicken, No Answers on Invite

As Afghans Deny One Hour Kabul Attack Delay, Critique Is Ignored by UN

At UN, Pro-Israel NGO Is Out of Place, "Did We Capture Them?"

Afghan Disputes One Hour Kabul Delay, Taliban Critique Ignored by UN

As UN Pays $311 Million for Swing Space, Furniture Trashed, Aramark Gets 8 More Years

As UN Silent on Government Threats from Congo New Communicators on Way

IMF Questions Dodged on Serbia, Not Taken on Jamaica, Iceland and Tobin Tax

UN's Ban Says Let Bygones Be Bygones on Afghan Election Fraud, Timor Impunity

As UN's Ban Admits Copenhagen Deal Unlikely, His Story Is Re-Written

At UN, Talk of "Welcoming" Gaza Goldstone Report, U.S. Will Not Speak

On Sri Lanka, UN's Cammaert's Visit Now December 5, Council Lauds Basement Meetings

Goldstone Report on Gaza in UN Assembly, the Politics of War Crimes

After Death in Vienna, UN Says Can't Speak Until Authorities, Who Wait for UN Orders

While UN Cuts Loose a Brigade in Congo, Leaked Memo Shows Other Knowledge

With UN Peacebuilding on Hold in Guinea, Munoz Steered from Pakistan by DSS

IMF's Report Buries Its Icesave Conditionality, Enforcer's Duplicity?

At UN, As Climate Refugees Draw Oral Support, Tamil Asylum Seekers Still UN-Helped

UN's Af-Pak Contradictions, on Threat Levels and No Bashardost Run-Off

UN Suspends Two for KFC Photos, But Did Treki's Daughter Invite the Colonel In?

At UN, Of Ransacked Banks, Drinking and Dining Shutdowns As CMP Proceeds

As Fraud Throws Afghan Poll Into Chaos, UN Spins "Legal and Timely" Outcome

At UN, Ban Asks $86 Million for Security, No Answers on Budget in Kabul's Wake

In Ban's UN, Tinker Bell and Bolton, Kentucky Fried Scapegoats

UN's Ban To Ask For Money for Afghan Security, of PMCs and Phantom Polling Stations

In Run-Up to Copenhagen, of UN Web Sites Lost and Posts Empty by U.S.

In South Sudan, UN Defers to Government on LRA, Shuttles Its Enemies

In Kabul Bombing Aftermath, Ban's Delayed Press Conference

UN's Alston Critiques Doss of MONUC As Lax on Rights, Nepotism Biter Case Update

On Somalia, UN's Pascoe Blames Shabaab for Marketplace Shelling, Hiring Hush Up

UN's Alston Critiques MONUC's Doss As Lax on Rights, Nepotism Biter Case Continues

On Sri Lanka, UN's Alston Probes Execution Video, Kaelin Says His Praise Was Misquoted

If Karzai's IEC Wants Phantom Polling, UN Will Support It and Its Relevance

After KFC's Photo Op with UN's Treki, No UN Action on Parent Yum! Brands

On Copenhagen, Un's De Boer and Sachs Dubious, Off Message on Upbeat Seal the Deal

At UN, Line on Egypt and Gays Triggers Indian Response, Looming Culture War

At UN, Bombs In Iraq and Iran Draw Near-Identical Boiler Plate Statements, Orwellian Outrage

On Sri Lanka, UN Inaction on Torture, Refugees, Peacekeepers' War Crimes and Sexual Abuse

At UN, Rights Reports Overshadowed by Climate Change and Sex, Evictions, Films and UNU

UN Sings For Its Supper as Sponsor Struts in Green Room, Pay for Play on UN Day

When Pressed, UN's Ban Nixes Photo-Op, Gambari Across Street, Moonies and Pay to Play

As Israel Block Falk, Goldstone to the UN General Assembly, Democracy No Safeguard

UN Admits Ban Took Photos With Donor Businessmen, Calls It "Ad Hoc," Bell Ceremony

On UN Day Pay to Plan, Ban's Spokesman Won't Deny Photo Op or Payment

Pay to Play on UN Day, Of Photo-Ops and of Private Briefings on Peacekeeping

As China Disappears Uighurs, UN Delays Comment, Then Outsources to Geneva

UN's Quintana Soft on Myanmar, Praises Regime's Rohinga Ruling, in Total Denial

UN Expert's North Korea Swan Song Questions UNDP and UNHCR, One Week Notice by WFP

At UN, Col. Sanders of KFC Promotes Chicken As UN's Laxity on Corporations Discussed

IMF Plays Ukraine, Zim and Pakistan As "Technical" Questions, Pushes Tax Hikes in Serbia

UN Blames Delay in SAP Contract and Accounting Standards on States, But Changed ERP Plan

On UN's Guinea Investigation, Russia Balks At Process and Cost, UN No Answers on China

On Food Speculation, UN Says Nothing's Being Done, S. Korean Land Grabs

UN Silent on Boat People and Uighurs, UN Brothel and Child Porn, Polisario Detentions

Still Headless in Darfur, UN Has Sudan and Nigeria Mad, Airlifting to Juba

Is Sri Lanka Postponing Visit of UN's Caemmart Retaliation? UN Claims Photo-Op Was Disclosure

UN's Ban Favors "Phantom Polling Stations" Decried by Fired Galbraith in Afghan Runoff

UN's Indigenous Expert Stymied in Russia, Does Not Engage in Myanmar, Will Visit Ecuador

At UN, Delayed Read-out of Ban's Meeting with Sri Lankan Minister, Deadline for Internment?

As France is Asked about Evictions in Calais and Chad, UN Cuts Off Questions, Jumps for Kouchner

In Kabul, As UN-Picked ECC Used As Leverage, UN Is Sidelined, Kouchner Into the Void

At UN, Vietnam Is Asked About Beaten Monks, Says No Grounds To Bring It Up

At UN, Americas Videos and U.S. Soldiers, Trooping Off to High Schools and a Moving Speech

UN in Congo Accused of Whoring and Working with War Criminals, Doss Blames Victim

UN's Congo Chief Doss Won't Explain Nepotism E-mail, Dodges Cook as Engineer Question

At UN, Serbia on Churches Paved Over, Kosovo Calls World Court Advisory

UNDP Reports on Clark's Kiwi Concerns, Doss Probe In Limbo, Ryan on Sri Lanka

New on UN Council, Nigeria and Brazil Not Keen to Use It, Lebanon Won't Recuse

As All-UN Panel Praises Corruption Unit, Press Is Excluded, Questions Can't Be Asked

UN Assembly President Treki Hires Daughter and Cousin, For Family Values

On Blood Chocolate, Nestle and Child Trackiffing, Does UN Act in Cote d'Ivoire?

At UN, As Ban Shakes Shashi's Hand, Shake Up Rumors Swirl

With UN Sending Cammaert to Sri Lanka on IDPs, Kohona Combats Salt and Probes

At UN Council, Goldstone Debate Draws Surreal Speech Giving Crowd

In UN Sanctions Branch, Of Sex and Waste and Fiefdoms, Pascoe's Transfer Examined

UN Says Ivorian Voter Registration "Is Over" Despite Dispute, Afghan Lessons Unlearned

At UN, Study of Organ Harvest in "Asian Country," China Not Named, Encouraged

At UN, Zelaya's Minister On Israeli Arms Distributor, Death Squad Leaders and Mercenaries

In Congo, As UN Works with Rapists, Doss Brings Cook as Engineer, Sources Say

UN Silent on Morocco's Detentions, Guinea Guards, As Polisario Defector Deflects Resource Question

In Congo, Sen. Boxer Says Two Rapist General Still Serve, UN Can't Confirm

At UN, Sen. Boxer Criticizes Firing of Galbraith, No Goldstone Discussion

New Carpet in UN's Shell Quietly Confirmed After Denial, Waste,  and Questions Dodged

At UN, Rebellion and Retaliation in Political Affairs Unit, Pascoe's Transfers Questioned

At UN, Some See New Carpet in UN's Shell, Others Deny, New Locks and Questions Dodged

At UN, of Bird Culls and Buzz Kill, From Ugly Betty to Than Shwe

On Afghanistan, Costa Rica Scores Protection Language, Pakistan Denies Involvement, Told UN

UN's Congo Mission Leaves Civilians Unprotected in Dungu and Kivus, A View

At UN, In Goldstone's Gaza Glow, Open Meeting Gleams October 14 or 20

UN Denies Galbraith's a Whistleblower, Told Him to Be Quiet about Bias pro-Karzai

At UN, Kung's Ethics Cover Bayer and PetroChina, Some Say, Copenhagen Letdown

As UN Talks Control of Arms, MONUC's Goes Missing, Nigerian APC Conundrum

At UN, Questions of Rain and Sri Lanka's Camps, of Elections and Interruptions

In UN Master Plan, Layoffs in Cafe Hurt Health, Spin Omits Safety and Budget Games

UN Accused in Kabul, Bombed in Pakistan, UNDP Questioned on Security

UN's Capital Master Plan, In Dangerous Glass Building, Conceals Costs, Critics Say

At UN, Ban Stands By as Ali Treki Stands Behind Anti-Gay Comments, U.S. Yet to React

At UN, China Raises Afghan Killings to Counter Myanmar's, Council Agenda Disputed

UN Counters Galbraith Fallout with Unnamed Official, Sampler Next for Kabul?

At UN, Iran's Mottaki Says Protesters Are Dealt With, Nuclear Sites All Reported

After UN Firing, Galbraith Says UN and Ban Favor Silence on Fraud in Afghanistan

At UN, Politics Pollute Budget Advisory Post, Sources Say, of ACABQ and Revolving Doors

At UN, Hillary Clinton Dodges on Polanski as Galbraith's Name is Screamed

UN's Solar Powered Cattle Prod Deployed by Dictators, Then a Party, Red and Green Mix

At UN, Ban Cannot Stop Sri Lanka's Shooting, Blake's Visit, Report Mid-October

UN Debate Ends with Eritrea vs. Djibouti, N. Korea Abductees Absent

France Calls Bongo's Gabon Satisfactory, Its Oil Not Crucial, Guinea to Council?

At UN, North Korea Brags, Kouchner Baffled by Burma, Zelaya by BlackBerry

In Somalia, WFP Charged With Diversion to Kenya, Says DSS Protects It, But DSS Can't

Guinea Speaks at UN as Junta Kills 69 in Conakry, First Avenue Echoes

At UN, Silence on Uighurs, OIC "Keen" on China, Quiet on UNESCO

As Sri Lankan IDPs Shot, UN's Pascoe Says Camps To Be "Thinned Out," Council Should Meet

At UN, Iran Denounces UAE, Serbia Mocks Albania, Congo War Forgotten

At UN, Sri Lanka's Speech in Near Empty Hall Cheered by Defense Minister, UK Silent

At UN, Malagasy Coup Leader Barred While Fiji's Speaks, Duplicity on Democracy

For UN's Darfur Post, Two Tanzanians Compete, from G-20 to G-77, Sudan on Ice

As If at UN, Sri Lankan PM at Asia Society Faces Pre-Screened Softball Questions

Honduras To UN Council on Sept. 25 at Brazil's Request, Coup in Madagascar No Bar

IMF Disappears Questions on Post-Coup Honduras, Sri Lanka Withholding and Jamaica

In Somalia, UN Denies Mercenary Use, Admits Areas Unserved, WFP and USAID Cancel Q&A

In Doss Nepotism Scandal, UNDP Denies Whistleblower Status, No Appeal Possible, It Says

At UN, Miliband and Kouchner in Sri Lankan Meeting Friday, Japan Says It's Resolved

As U.S. and Japan "Engage" with Myanmar, Singapore Praises Army in Government

UN Gets Used, Not Only By Gaddafi But Also Zapatero, Campaign Ad by Bambi

At UN Entrance, Chavez on Zelaya, Mugabe, Obama Watch, Turkmen and Entourage

On Sri Lanka, Australia's Rudd Says He's Watching, UN Silent on Immunity, Miliband at UN

At UN, Art of Comoros Death Made of Shanty Tin As Diplomats Dine on, Climate Change

UN Confirms "Extensive" Bed Bugs, Claims Missed Them in Due Diligence, GA Next?

Cash Still Blocked from Gaza, Blair and UNRWA Say, Syrian Bank Still Used Under Sanctions

At UN, Greenwashing Evaded, Vattenfall Uses UN, African Position Marginalized

At UN, Evo Morales in Climate Change Fortress, No Zelaya, USAID or Press Freedom Answers

As Japan and Clinton Met, Sri Lanka Not Mentioned, Myanmar Only Later, Prisoner Questions

China Shifts Forest Duties to Consumers of Furniture, as UNEP Offers Praise

Climate Change Compromise by Australia Has No Chance, Pachauri Says, India Agrees

Amid Tales of Iran Torture, UN and Ban Urged To Speak, Treki Role Questioned

As Zelaya Reappears in UN in Honduras, Chavez Mulls UN Trip, Karzai Cancels, -Sources

In Somalia, WFP Spins As It Hires Mercenaries, of Fig Leaves and Famine

At UN, Gays Called Touchy by Assembly Chief, Dodging on Swiss and Libyan Payments

As Rajapaksa Says Pascoe Praises His Actions, UN Refuses Questions, Shuts for Weekend

As UN's Bed Bugs Spread, Incoming Diplomats Warned of Itching, No Answers, Talk of Gaddifi's Tent

On Sri Lanka, UN's Ban Speaks But No Questions Allowed,  Pascoe Spin

After Bloodbath on the Beach, Sri Lanka Offers Fish Balls with a View of UN

UN Cyprus Envoy Downer Brags of Asia Business, Says No Conflict But What Safeguards?

With UN's Ban Shielded from Nepotism Questions, Scandals Brew, Defenses Outsourced to Mission

At UN, Bed Bug Infestation Confirmed, Spread to General Assembly by Documents Possible

In Sri Lanka, Speed Up All Removals from IDP Camps, UN's Holmes Says

UN Aid Diversion in Somalia Portrayed as Inevitable, Murky Investigation by WFP

On Sri Lanka Detentions, UN's Top Lawyer Won't Opine, of Privileges and the Pen

UN Dodges on Darfur Replacements and UNRWA Strike, Murky Sri Lankan Ambassador Meeting

UN Says It Still Helps Honduran Election, Democracy Day Study and Video, Karzai To Win?

UN's Inability to Protect from LRA in S. Sudan Blamed on Resources, Doss Stasis

UN's Gaza Report Favors EU Cases on Geneva Conventions, Sri Lanka Raised, Pascoe Waits

In Somalia, UN Manufactures Consent As AMISOM Shoots Camels as Insurgents

At UN, Fowler Fall-Out Continues, Info Got Out Somehow, But Answers Four Days Late

After Sri Lanka Call, UN's Ban Sends Pascoe Not Nambiar, "Accountability" on Agenda

UN's Ban Speaks with Sri Lankan President, Internment Continues, S. Koreans Greeted

Afghan Corruption Extends to UN and USAID, Fulgham Conflict, Ghani in Media Circus

On Sri Lankan Torture and Exclusion, UN Gives Run Around, HSBC into Jaffna

In South Sudan, UN Says It Can't Protect from Lord's Resistance Army, Doesn't Monitor Tanks

At UN, Bed Bugs But No Medical Service in the Swing Space, Skanska's Closed Bid Openings

Crackdown on Somali Pirates, Based On Letter to UN by Ex-Prez Yussuf, Questioned

At UN, Suicide Bombers Called Sane, High Vodka Prices Praised, Assisted Suicide Assessed

IMF Still Murky on Honduras and SDR Use, Critique on Georgia, Serbia, Hungary and Latvia

UN Says Fowler On Private Visit to Niger Mine, Of P-5 Plus One, Other Secret Envoys?

At UN, Happy Talk of Haiti Means Stonewall of Shootings and Sexual Abuse, Kidnapping

Alleged Sex Crimes of Dead UN Liberia Staffer Raised in Council, U.S. Awaits Results

At UN, ICC's Map of Crimes Includes Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Zimbabwe, Unacted On

UN Dodges on Burma's Border Through UNICEF Sanctions Banking to Umoja Leakage

As Fowler Speculates Al Qaeda Supporters in UN Sold Him Out, Questions Remain

As Honduras' Post-Coup Central Bank Brags of IMF Funding, IMF Continues Its Spin

At UN, Opaque Moves, Of Skeletons in Closet, Balkan Demands, Cafeteria Conflict

As UN Meets on Disarmament in Mexico, Firearms Flood In, Off Security Council Agenda

Mystery of APCs in Darfur Hits Scandal, UN on Non-Payment of Nigerian Peacekeepers

Two UN Views of Sri Lankan Killing Video, Holmes in Norway Putting Out Fires

At UN, Myanmar Languishes in Council's Footnotes, Those Fleeing into China Are UNProtected

At UN, Susan Rice Calls Sri Lankan Executions Disturbing, No Council Session Set

At UN, American Month of Rice Astride the Council Starts, Questions to be Asked

In China, Misuse of UNDP for Chief Malik's Family Foundation, Local Staff Complain

UN Admits Union Chief was Barred by Doss' MONUC, Maintains Malcorra Satisfied by LRA Fight

As UN Asks for $500 B for Climate Change, Few Details Given, Indigenous REDD Lined

At UN, Juul Memo Triggers Scramble for Posts, Nixon-like Defenses on Malaysia's Day

As UN Loses Its Mister Blue, Severed Fingers, Bush's Bathroom Run and Lavrov's Bar Recalled

Somali Continental Shelf Filing Rejected by Parliament Has Norway "Embarrassed," UN Admits

At UN, Tortured Concern about Sri Lanka Killing Video But Not Reporter's Term of 20 Years

In Norway, UN's Ban Silent on Sri Lankan Killings and Sudan, Dodges on Myanmar

At UN, of Brass Knuckles and Fire Hazards, Shared Printers and Costly Two Month Digs

At UN, From Sex Abuse in Africa to Welfare Fraud in Paris and a Somali Warlord

Executions by Sri Lankan Army To Be Raised to UN's Ban in Norway, Post Juul Test

At UN, Guehenno's No-Work USG Post Ends as French Influence Is Downplayed

As IMF Fund Latvia, It Evades Questions of Conditions and Props Up Swedish Banks

UN Admits Error, Now Says "No Foul Play" in Sri Lankan President's Relative's Death

UN's Ban in Vienna, Waldheim Air-Brushed Out, Juul Questions Not Allowed, Seoul Power?

As UN's Ban to Norway, Juul Memo Spun, Opposition to be Met, Press Browbeaten

Genocide a Secret at UN, Call for Timor Justice Spurned, Crimes in Bangladesh, UN Won't Help a Trial

In Congo, UN's Alan Doss is Flying While Union Chief Maintains He's Banned

Seeking IMF Loans, Service Cuts in Jamaica, Serbia, Congo Changes China Deal

As UN Mulls Sri Lankan Murder Video, Report on Camps Withheld, UK Passes Buck

While UN Claims 10 American USGs, French at WMO and IMF Ignored, Egeland Missing

As UN Speaks of Two Dead Americans, Libya Tent Unanswered, Hyannis to Monrovia

At UN, A Call for An Envoy for Sri Lanka, Murder as Diagnosis, Footage Emerges

In Congo, UN's Embattled Doss Bars Union Chief from Premises, Scandal Expands

UN Says Lankan President's Nephew was Murdered in Tanzania, Genocide Theory Offered

At UN, Ripert's USG Post is France's 4th, US has 6 While Russia 2 and China Only 1

In Sri Lanka, Death Threats Over Speaking on EU's GSP Plus Tariff Treatment, Silence at UN

On Call for Vote at UN on Al Megrahi, Will Obama and Susan Rice Act?

Reports of Nepotism for UN's Ban Off Internet After Legal Threats by Ban's Son in Law

In UN Ban's Africa Office, Japanese Official Who Abused Rental Subsidy Set for High Post

At UNICEF, Quarter Million Dollar Photo-Ops Opaque For a Week, A Child Could Answer

At UN, "Ugly Betty" and Basement Ugliness with Skanska's #2, Juul Memo Day 3

At UN, Norway's Trashing of Ban Stirs Rumors of Endgame: Text

On N. Korean Ship in India, UN Sees No Evil, Hears No Evil, as on Afghan Black Out

On Iran and Vendex, Sudan to No Bid Contracts, NYC Comptroller Candidates Square Off

As UK Questioned on Arms Exports to Sri Lanka, No Action at UN on Flooded Camps

As UN Marks Baghdad Bombing, Of Mercenaries and Silence on Internment

UN's Ban Slammed by Norway's Juul, on Burma and Sri Lanka Trips, Should Oslo Be Canceled?

As Afghan Karzai Imposes Blackout, UN Silent on Dostum, Issues Embargoed Propaganda

With UN Silent on Flooding of Sri Lankan Camps, Aid Groups Plead for Release of IDPs

UN's Ban Silent on Webb's Visit, Bow to "Than Shwe" Buddha, Nuclear Post for S. Korean

On Sri Lanka, UN Funds Now Flooded Internment Camps, Still Silent on ACF Killings

At WFP, Ethics Missing Amid Waste and Garage Scandals as Josette Travels the World

UN Dodges on Biting, Bout, Boat and Bangladesh, Flubs Iran Letter and Shriver Condolence

As UN Relocates Some Get Taxis, Others Pay, Closing Post Office But Temp Building to Remain?

As Colonial Bank is Handed to Predatory BB&T, CRA Ignored by Regulators, G-20 Preview

UN's Ban Expects Nepotism Report Aug. 18, As His Daughter's and Son in Law's Promotion Questioned - updated August 23

In UN Bite-Gate, Whitewashing Nepotism and Irregularities in Asia and Africa, UNDP No Comment

On Myanmar, UN Council's Weak Response Belies Rice's China and Russia Claim, of Total and UK Banks

At NYU, Susan Rice Superstar Is Cheered But Still No Questions from Press, Quiet on Reform

Blackwater Was Defended, Rewarded by UN Security Chief Starr, Questions Mount

Amid UN's Myanmar Stalling, Exiles Curtailed in Jakarta, Suu Kyi House Litigation

As Suu Kyi Declared Guilty, UN Has No Noon Briefing, Ban Rests from Fruitless Trip

As IMF Waives Pakistan Bank Law Not Power Subsidy Deadline, Conditionality Cut Only in Name?

Despite Peacekeeping Missions, Fear In Central African Republic, UN Sounds CAR Alarm

UN Stonewalls as Alleged Biter Nixes Deal, Doss To Meet Hillary Clinton

UN's Alleged Biter Rejects Plea Deal, Demands Justice, Doss Dealing Detailed

At UN, No Answers on Sri Lanka Killings or Burma Bombs, Honduras and Niger Elections

In UN Biter-Gate, Search On For Doss' Daughter, Bill Clinton Haiti Post Used, Parents and Children

At UN, Burmese Exile Figures Denounce Nuclear and Constitution Reports, No Team Ban Meeting

UN Nepotism from Congo to NY Criminal Court, UNDP Biter Case Set for August 10

Women in War Zones Need A Dedicated UN Bureaucrat, Advocates Urge

UN in Congo Dodges Abuse, Bosco and Kashmir, Sudan Blindness, Silence from Lebanon and Doss

On Myanmar's Nuclear Plans, UN's Ban Declines Comment, Split on Constitution

On Myanmar, In Run-Up to Verdict and Vacation, UN's Ban Briefs Friends

UN Funds Sought for Zelaya Camp, Ambassador Envied by Peers, Spain and D'Escoto Updates

At UN, Rice on Peacekeeping But Not UN Reform, Obama's Lack of Engagement May End

At UN, Mystery of Missing Portrait As Ban Shows Up for Indians, China Without Chef

In Child Soldiers, UN's Ban was Mute in Myanmar, But Spoke in Nepal

UK's Sawers Explains Leaving Sri Lanka Off UN Council Agenda, on LRA No Answers

In UN's New Justice, Sex for Contracts Charges Covered Up, UN Wants to Try Again

Tale of Two Chinas, Protest by Tamils, Artist Feted at UN for Big Paintings and Parents

UN Stonewalls on Nepotism, Moonlighting, Even Climate Change, Briefings Cut Back

Sri Lanka's Ethnic Cleansing Bonds Touted by StanChart and HSBC, IMF Silence on Vote Is "Policy"

Predatory Lending Persists, Despite Rosy Views from DC, Citi's Dark Side in Knoxville

At UN, Construction Accidents and Fire Hazards Subject to Secret Meeting, Anti-Whistleblower

At UN, Biting Incident Reveals Nepotism of UNDP and Congo Envoy, Whistleblower Maced

At UN, Belated Asbestos Warning by Fallen Ceiling, Photograph's Deletion Demanded

As US Signs Disability Convention, UN Withholds Pen From William Kennedy Smith

On Sri Lanka, As UN's Ban Speaks of IDPs' Comfort, UN Dismissive of Abductions

UN's Envoy to Somalia Denies He's a Target and that War Crimes Are on Both Sides

At UN, Complaint to EU After Man Bites Man, Biter Seeks Meeting and Consular Protection

UN Won't Comment on Barred NGOs, Waits for Suu Kyi Verdict and Sudan's Lash to Fall

Bank of America, Moving to Close 600 Branches, Blames Merrill Lynch Deal, Regulators Conflicted

For UN Peacekeeping, Lost Horizon of Somalia and Sexual Abuse, Chad Mission Half Staffed

IMF Won't Detail Sri Lanka Vote Or Release MoU, Spins Only to Colombo Despite Press Exclusions

At UNDP, Clark's Talks and Photo-Ops But Dodging on Somalia, Biter, Consultants' Pay and Royal

After IMF Vote, Sri Lanka Releases Letter, Drops IDP Release from 80 to 60%

In Africa, Russia Says It's Back, Gbagbo Bristles At France's Blast from Past

As IMF Hands $2.5B Loan to Sri Lanka, Letter of Intent Withheld, Ethnic Cleansing Alleged

At UN, Man Bites Man as Contracts Cut, Snafus of Relocation, Flushing Out the Press

At UN, Chomsky Calls Sri Lanka A Rwanda-like "Atrocity," IMF and Oil Explanations

At UN, R to P Is Called "A World of Paper," Chomsky on Obama, Armies Are the Veto

In Nepal, Over 100 Armed Group in Terai, Indian Arms Would Violate Agreement, UN Says

In Cote d'Ivoire, UN Calls Registration "Credible," Disagrees that Troops Aren't Needed

UN's Responsibility to Protect Debates with a Whimper, Then a Noam

At UN, Questions of Ban's Son in Law's Hirings and Promotion Unanswered, In Denmark

At UN, R to P Confusion on Somalia and Sri Lanka, Even on Funding of Early Warning Office

Uganda Won't Implement ICC Warrant on Bashir Until "Verified" by AU, Can Kony Copy?

At UN, Dodgy Answers on Siemens AG, Whistleblowers, NCE and Gardening Contracts

In 2012, Europe Gives Up IMF to Take Ban's UN Place, China Gets World Bank?

In 2012 Games, China for World Bank, Europe Gives Up IMF to Take Ban's UN Place?

With UN Silent on Sri Lanka, IMF Staff Urge $2.5 Billion Loan, Will Views Be Heard?

In Somalia, As UNDP Is Expelled by Shabaab, UN's Ban Claims Target is All UN

At UN, D'Escoto's R to P Methods Questioned, Team Ban Off Record on Sri Lanka

As Obama Deputy Doubts Copenhagen Outcome, Pachauri Doesn't Hear it, Excuses India and UNEP

As Myanmar Moves to Exclude Hundreds of UN Staff, Ban Has No Comment on Detentions

ICC Can't Provide Assurance to LRA's Kony, Despite Ugandan Promise and Chissano's

At UN, Liechtenstein Says Uganda Would Arrest Sudan's Bashir, Kampala Says Not So

Despite Jakarta Protests, Xinjiang Is An Internal Matter, Indonesia's UN Envoy Says

At UN, Indonesia Bombing Raised in Security Council, For Presidential Statement

At UN, Rapp Raps on Taylor Trial, Dodges on Johnson Sirleaf and Obama War Crimes Post

Proponents of R2P Say UN's D'Escoto Is Opposed - Honduras Is An Exception

UN's North Korea Sanctions Include Kevlar, Staged by US Amid Free Lunch Accusations

IMF Says on Sri Lanka, Int'l "Views Will Be Considered," Spends on Honduras But Dodges Question
UN Speaks on Pakistan IDPs Return, Silent on Sri Lanka Internment and ACF Whitewash

UN Moves Staff Out and In, Ripert and Henn to Leave, On Adada and Verbecke No Comment

At UN, Voiceless Chissano Ends "Useless" Outreach to LRA, Looks to Madagascar

UN Dodges Dostum Mass Grave Question as Council Pep Talks Afghan Elections

As Cuba and Obama Administration Meet, December in Havana Proposed, Wet Foot Panned

UN's Staff Union Slams Sri Lanka Detentions, Cites Immunity as UN Claims in Sudan

UN's Ban Says Than Shwe Pledged Fair Election, But Suu Kyi Can't Run, Military Seats

At UN on Myanmar, Ban Is Asked to Not "Mislead" the Council as Groups Says Gambari Did

At G-8, Mrs. Obama and Bruni Skip WFP's "Simulated Feeding" of African Children in Rome

UN's d'Escoto Says Flew With Venezuelan Air Force Pilots Unknowingly, Protest Filed

UN Claims 5 Rapists Out of Congo Army While Bosco Dines in Goma, Name and Shame Game

UN's d'Escoto Calls for "Incarceration of Coup" Leaders, Flew on Chavez' Plane Unknowingly

At UN, Ban's Two Minute Myanmar Drill May Lead to Grill Monday Between Trips

As Sri Lanka Taxes and Cuts NGOs, Parades the Detained Doctors, UN Has Nothing to Say

At UN, Turkey Admits No Move to Put Xinjiang on Agenda, Ergodan Quote "Not Based on Realities"

On W. Africa Drugs, UN Makes Excuses for Guinea's Conte and CNDD Coup Leaders

Amid Liberian Calls to Bar Johnson Sirleaf, UN Says Nothing Except TRC Not At Risk

As Group of Friends on Myanmar Meets, UK's Sawers Doesn't Friend Them

Turkey's Erdogan Says Will Put Xinjiang on UN Council Agenda, Didn't on Sri Lanka, China's View

As UK's Malloch Brown Again Seeks Cash, Sri Lanka and IMF Loan Questions, UN Scandals

Siemens AG Banned Only 6 Months by UN, 2 Years by World Bank, UN Pays For Non-Existent Garden  (updated July 11, 2009)

For G-8 Spouses, WFP Flies in Ghanaian Children for "Simulated Feeding," $500,000 Cost Disputed

At UN, July 8 Briefing on Ban's Burmese Failure by Gambari, Japan Says "Too Early"

As Council Meets on N. Korea, Malay Bank, Ban and Kang Nam 1 in UN Penumbra

Zelaya and d'Escoto Flew in Chavez' Plane, Some Questions UNanswered

At Ban's UN, Ivorians Against UNCTAD Second Term As OIOS Complaint, E-mails Surface

As Duo Without Budget Flies Toward Honduras, Questions Proliferate

UN's Ban Claims Than Shwe Ready to Give Up Power, No Pool Despite 'Net, LAT Softballs

Burmese Days of UN's Ban Are a Failure, By Ban's Own Measure, N. Korea Fires

UN's Ban Says "Assured" of Fair Burmese Elections, Despite Junta's Constitution

UN's Ban "Appreciates" Than Shwe's Actions in Burma, Scam Election on Horizon

As UN's Ban Lands in Burma, Kibuki Theater Omits Rohinya and Karen Peoples

At UN, Uganda Promotes Its Action on LRA, Affably Dodges on Kenya and Abkhazia

With Most Press Banned from UN's Burma Trip, Promised Pooling Denied, Than Shwe

Haitian Protester Was Killed by Bullet, Not "Blunt Object" As UN Claimed, "Mostly Rubber"

WFP In Pyongyang Has Korean Speakers Expelled, Flies African Children to Eat for G-8

In Sri Lanka, UN Hires Lawyer for Arrested Staff, But Will It Protect Anyone?

At UN, Honduras Zeal Changes Ban's Rules, Overshadows $8 Billion Budget

UN Says and Shows It Won't Cover Stories Countries Don't Like, Critics Targeted

Afghanistan's Karzai Wants Warlords in His Tent, UN Ambassador Says, Rejects Ashdown

For UN's Ban, the Hits Just Keep On Coming, Bad Reviews Trigger Fight Back

On Congo, Obasanjo On Relocating Nkunda and FDLR, Bosco "In Circulation" in DRC

As Deposed Honduran Zelaya Rallies at UN, Questions Multiply

In DC, UN's Anti-Press Stand Triggers Dear Colleague Letter, Ban Ki-moon's Officials "Cover Up"

Chile on "Nationalist" Guerrillas in Sri Lanka, UN on Camps It Funds But Claims To Not Control

On Myanmar, UN's Ban "Not Talking About the Trial," Hand Picks Press Coverage

UN's D'Escoto Pins Honduras Coup on Obama, UN Money Questions Cut Off

In Honduras Coup Run-Up, UN's D'Escoto Dodged Questions to Serve Drinks, Family in Cabinet

UN's Ban Tells Only Some Media of Myanmar Chance, Bad Press Left Behind?

UN Runs Scared of Sri Lanka, Says National Staff Not Immune -- But Genocide Suspects Are

At UN, Obama Speaks with Two Voices, Geithner Against Gender Balance?

On Sri Lanka, UK Says IMF Loan's Not Moving, UN Silent Amid Claims of Myanmar

At UN, Bolivia's Morales Declared Incurable, Honduras Denounces Coup Then Parties

As Nigeria Jails UN Peacekeepers for Mutiny, UN's Le Roy Advocates for Indulgence

UN's d'Escoto Seeks to Extend Nepotism to Financial Working Group, Sources Say

Even Evo Morales Skips UN Summit, Citing Broken Plane, "Disrespect" Endangers Outcome

Even Chavez and Ortega Send Underlings to UN Summit, D'Escoto Wastes Moment

UN E-mails Allege Plot to Deny Ban a Second Term, Trick for Supachai at UNCTAD?

Ex-UN's Jan Egeland Describes "Horror" In Sri Lanka, Says R2P Has Failed, UN Silent

As Bosco Dines in Congo, UN Called Shameful by Former Commander, Chissano's Bye

UN Crisis Summit Begins with a Whimper and US Threat, Absent Are Chavez, Consumer Protection

As UN's "Faux" Financial Summit Begins, Host D'Escoto Calls Nepotism "Entertaining"

At UN, Tales of Removed Hard Drive of Investigator Appleton Trigger EU Probe

Sri Lankan Government Used Plainclothes Men in Unmarked Cars to Grab UN Staff

Bloomberg Notes UN Is Outside the Law and Unsafe for Children, Dodges on Iran, Bronx

As UN Budget Committee Moves to Trim Missions, Croatian Ambassador Under Fire

At UN, Complaint of Hiring of Mistress at WTO, Tricks in UNCTAD Election Battle

Some Banks Gush About Sri Lanka Though IMF Loan for Ethnic Cleansing Delayed

As Sri Lanka Arrests Two UN Staff, UNHCR Offers Praise After Staying Silent

In Darfur, UN Proposes Gambari and then Djinnit and Menkerios, Sudan Prefers Kumalo

In Sri Lanka Camps, UN Blind and Deaf Without Cameras or Cell Phones, African Concern

UN's Secrecy in Pakistan Extends from Threat Level to Bhutto Panel Outcome

At UN, Sickle-Cell Day Sees Dodging on Casamance, Congo's Kouchner Scandal

UN's Ban Says Sri Lanka Was Not In His Speech, Team Ban Off Record on Sexual Violence

Vattenfall CEO Says UN Climate Change Post Praises Coal Burning, Sachs Blue Wash

HBO's "Sergio" Inspires But Glosses UN's Independence and War Criminal Engagements

As De Mistura Leaves UN in Iraq, Melkert Called Sole Candidate, Baghdad Given Only One Choice

UN's Ban Tips Hat to Protesters from High Above NY, Claims He Met With Tamils

UN's Ban Protested for Inaction on Sri Lanka Ethnic Cleansing

Obama's Proposal By Splitting CRA from Mergers Would Cut Enforcement, Some Say

As Sawers Becomes Top UK Spy, New Light on Secrecy, Sri Lanka and Sudan Strategy

UN's Ban Hit With Staff "No Confidence" Vote, on Asbestos, G to P, Tamil Protest

As Sri Lanka Cancels Its Self-Investigation, Ghoulish IDP Services for Fee, Where's UN?

On Sri Lanka, Norway Worried by Camps, WHO by Doctors, Bill Clinton on Tsunami

For UN, Clinton Will Work on Haitian Children Reporting, Not of Sexual Abuse

UN's Health MDG Lunch Allows No Press Questions, Norway on Congo Issues

As UN's Georgia Mission Faces Russian Axe, Selective Sovereignty

As UN Permits Kashmir in the Kivus, Congolese Critical of UN Peacekeepers Favoritism

In UN (Non) Walls Would Have Ears, Under Kane Whistleblowers Beware

As N. Korea Resolution Passes, No Force on Ships, AK-47s In, U.S. Does Not Speak

At UN, Dutch Talk On Child Labor But No Action on Haitian Slavery and Uzbek Cotton

In Sri Lanka, UN Has No Comment on Prison Labor, New GA President Will Not Explain

UN's Ban Questioned on Record, on Sri Lanka, Half Time Pep Talk

UN Mulls Sending Melkert to Iraq, Local Staff in Pakistan Shortchanged, Owondo's Service

Tales of Subprime Meltdown Resonate from Coast to Coast as Regulators Spin

On Sri Lanka, UN's Holmes Contradicts His Colleague's Caution, Sudan Double Standard?

At UN, Ban Bones Up on Safety and Swing Space, Sri Lanka Pushed into Past

With UN Silent on Sri Lanka, Swiss Maurer on Violations of Law, IMF Loan, Budget

As Sri Lanka Deports Canadian MP, UN Has No Comment, Controls Questions Asked

At UN, N. Korea Test Reaction Veiled in Secrecy, P-5 Search for Leak

Nepotism Threatens UN Economic Crisis Summit, PGA's Nephew's Role Questioned

On Sri Lanka, UN Has No Comment on Anti-Terror Law, Ban's Freetown Rep Not Worried

UN's $8.2 Billion Peace Budget Faces 2.5% Cut, S. Korea Puts Congo Drones on Block?

On Oceans Day, Illegal Fishing Stumps UN FAO, Climate Refugees Denied Indonesia Island

In Sri Lanka, UN Pays for Camps But No Legal Protections, Nor for NGOs, Will Council Hear?

At UN, $1850 Fee for Tips on "Revenue Generation," N. Korea Talks Not Covered

At UN, Sudan Ridicules Ocampo, Competence and Bosco Left Unanswered, Farrow in Council

At UN, Last Sri Lanka Meeting Is Closed, Just a Briefing, Will Ban Finally Speak?

At UN, "Last" Sri Lanka Meeting Is Closed, "Just a Briefing," Will Ban Finally Speak?

At UN, Near Final Draft on North Korea Leaked to Inner City Press, Financial Added

Sri Lanka Denies IDP Reduction Reported by Inner City Press, Raises to UN

In Sri Lanka, Nambiar Believed President, Ban's Briefing Unnoticed

On UN's Censorship Proposal, Ban Has No Comment, Studying Crackdowns in Sri Lanka

At UN, Questions of Moreno Ocampo's Competence and Silence on Congo's Bosco

UN's Legal Threats to Press, Censorship Proposal in Memo to Ban, Navi Pillay Asked to Act

UN's Legal Threat to Press, Censorship Proposal in Ban Memo, Pillay Asked to Act

On Sri Lanka, No Answer on Nambiar's Role in Deadly Surrender, IDP Counting Questioned

In UN, a Diplomatic Cesspool in Illegal Pipes, Flip Flops on Making the Press Pay

UN's Critique of the Press Dissected, Sri Lanka-Style Crackdown in the Bud?

As Georgia Threatens Turkey-Based Firms on Abkhazia, Smooth Words by President

In Gaza, Israel Blocks Cash and Cement, of Hamas and Punishment

At UN, Wasted Paper and PVC Pipes, Master Plan Flushes Out the Press

UN Targets WSJ, Fox and Inner City Press, According to Minutes, Google De-Listing Mulled

On Sri Lanka, Ban Will Brief in UN Basement June 5, Of "Missing" IDPs

In Sri Lanka 13,130 Missing IDPs Reported But Downplayed By UN, Journalist Beaten

In NY, Biden Out of Date on Patterson and Yankees, UN Pakistan Fog, GM Chicanery

Congolese Doctor Says UN Witnessed, Contributes to Rape, Lumo Shows Pol Blaming Women

On Sri Lanka, UN Insists It Stopped Counting the Dead, Silent on NGO Expulsion

In Sudan, Nepali APCs Grounded Due to UK Trainers, UNMIS Strike Averted by Dollars

UN Tells Press to Pay $23,000 For Space to Cover It, UN Media Coverage to Decrease

Somalia Pirates Include Pakistanis and Iranians, Russia Says an International Court Needed

On Sri Lanka, UN's Dodging Comes Home to Roost, UK Could Have Put on Council Agenda

UN's Somali Envoy Says Press Is Accomplice to Genocide, No Info on Norway's Role

At UN, Food and Aid to Interment Camps Debated, Pleas for Pakistan, Political Reception

From Gaza, UN Says Digging's De Rigeur, Dodges on Banks and Blair's Performance

At UN, Sri Lanka Sinks Lower than the Basement, Ban Criticized on Human Rights

At UN, With Asbestos Unsealed in Library, Interpreters Fight UN Capital Master Plan

At UN, Draft Resolution on North Korea Leaked to Inner City Press, Paragraph 8 Discussed

Georgia Accuses Russia of "Blackmailing" UN on Abkhazia, Ban's 2nd Term Mentioned

In Sri Lanka, Red Cross Barred from "Internment" Camps Despite UN's Rosy Picture

Back from Sri Lanka, UN's Holmes Admits NGO Killings and Restrictions Not Raised

After N. Korean Test, Eyes Turn to Empty UN, Ban At Internment Camp Builder

As Tamil MPs Are Rebuffed in Sri Lanka, UN's Ban in Denmark, No Answers

UN's Holmes Expected Comments on Tamils Would Not Be Reported

As UN's Ban Leaves Sri Lanka, Questions Unanswered, Complicity in War Crimes?

UN's Ban in Kandy, Never Called It a Bloodbath, No Word on the Doctors

UN Shown Blown Out Land Devoid of People, UN Preaches Partnership Not Prosecution

In Manik Farm Camp, Children Forced to Sing to Ban Ki-moon, No Questions

On UN's Sri Lanka Trip, Holmes Did Not Favor It, NGOs Phase Out Work

In 16 Hours in Sri Lanka, UN's Ban To Overfly Zone of Carnage, Dine with President

At Colombo Airport, UN's Ban Declares Reconciliation Begun, Omits Joyous Reference

UN's Holmes Speaks of Tigers and Diaspora, On Satish Nambiar, No Comment

UN's Ban Remembers Flying and Dining with Rajapaksa, Roots in NAM and Tsunami

In Sri Lanka, Will Ban Address Blacklist, Detentions, Boosa Prison and Right to Return?

Headed to Sri Lanka, UN's Ban Hungry for Visions, Nambiar's and Pascoe's Helping Hands

In Sri Lanka, NGOs Asked for All Information, Frustrated with UN's Quiet Diplomacy

In Sri Lanka, UN Staff Languish in Jail, Abused, While UN Stays Silent

Sri Lanka Wants All Information from NGOs, Frustration with UN's Quiet Diplomacy

Risk of UN's Ban Being Manipulated by Sri Lanka Admitted by UN Official

UN Says Porno Is Behind It, Dodges on No Bid Lockheed Contract, Valium

On Sri Lanka, IMF Said Ready to Lend, Dodges Ethnic Cleansing, Where Are Obama, UK?

UN Ignores War Criminal, Mulls Disclosing Sex Abuse Outcomes, Tries Replacing Fijians

On Sri Lanka, of Human Rights, Victors and Doctors Still Detained, Ban to the Zone

UN Ambassador On Lack of Venezuela Freedom, Russell Simmons On Slavery, Yes UN Passport

In Sri Lanka, UN's Ban Says He'll Visit Conflict Zone, Doctors Still in Custody

In Sri Lanka, UN Spokesman Has Last Visa, Press In For 2 Days, Banned From Zone?

In Sri Lanka, Doctors Detained As UN's Ban to Visit with Press, Ethnic Aid?

Sudan Calls UK Ambassador an Amateur, of War Criminals in Congo Too

At UN, Indigenous Question Obama and UNDP's Clark, Canada's Fowler's Release Unexplained

In Sri Lanka, UN Turns Away from Conflict Zone as Ban Visit Approaches

In Sri Lanka, No Access to Carnage Until Victory Speech, UN Lowers Expectations

As Sri Lanka Holds Doctors Incommunicado, UN Deaf and Dumb

At UN, Retaliation On Press and Nurse for Expose of Illegal Drugs, Coverage

With Sri Lankan Safe Zone in Flames, UN Fiddles, War Crimes Charged

At UN, Small Islands Want Climate Change in Security Council Agenda, NAM Push Back

EU Attacks UN Tax and Cyberspace Authority Proposal, D'Escoto Advisers Muse

At the UN, Ban's Schedule Tells of Niger Secrets, Sri Lanka Lack of Will, Chiselers, Consultants

At UN, Lockheed Took Millions for Services Not Rendered, Budget Wars Ignored

At UN, Sweden Links EU Tariffs to Sri Lanka Carnage, Ban Again Sends Nambiar

UN and Congolese War Criminal Bosco, No Pictures, Please, As Council Approaches

UN's and Norway's Roles in Somalia's Law of Sea Filing, India's in Myanmar's, Questioned

At UN, Sri Lankan Carnage Boiled Down to 9 Paragraph Press Statement, Starvation

At UN, Libyan Gaza Resolution Dies With a Murky Turkish Assist, Israel Says It's Up to Ban

On Sri Lanka, Belated EU and Obama Moves, China Pushes Back, Press Statement Predicted

On Sri Lanka, Uganda Says Urgent, Dutch Dodge EU Tariffs and Rights, Ban Waits

At UN, Beneath the Glitz a Trust Fund for Victims in Uganda and the Congo

Dow and Pinochet Connections to UNA-USA, Questions for Miller

As US Joins UN Rights Council, Washington Post Mulls Closing UN Bureau

For UN Human Rights Council, 20 Countries for 18 Seats, Nigeria, Azeris on the Cusp

At UN, Libya Circulates Gaza Report Draft Resolution, Ban's Withholding Unexplained

Turkey Says UN Must Cooperate with Sri Lankan Army, PKK Off-stage

At UN, Russia's Day Ranges from Georgia to Espresso, N. Korea Praise, No Sri Lanka

At UN, Kouchner Speaks On Sri Lanka to Select Reporters, IMF and Tariff Views Not Known

At UN, UK's Miliband Decries Sri Lankan Bloodbath, IMF Loan Linked, No Resolution

At UN, Bland Draft and Blood on Beach, Ministers Squired by Staff to Speak

Amid Death in Sri Lanka, UN Wedding in New York, Ban's Visit Delay Questioned

UN in Sri Lanka Admits 400 Killed, No Word from Ban Ki-moon on Visit

UN Dodges on Afghan Crimes and Galbraith Delay, Kosovo Corruption

Children in Myanmar Are Political Football, UNICEF Has No Answer, Rohingya Ignored

As Death Spikes in Sri Lanka and Press is Deported, UN Sees No Evil, No Visit

On Sri Lanka, UN Split on Visit by Ban, Russia Lends an Ear, Monday Not Council

At UN, Obama's Magic Rice on the Speakers List, Sri Lanka Below the Basement

At UN, Sudan Accuses France of Drafting Chadian Letter, Origin of Rebels Disputed

Sri Lanka and Responsibility to Protect Arise in UN, Would Ban Take to Council?

UN Hides As War Criminal Bosco Surfaces in April 4 Congolese Army Minutes

On UN Security Risk Assessments, Briefing Differs from Letter, the Wrath of Kane

At UN, Meeting on Billion-Dollar Rehab Plan Closed to the Press, Safety Questions

On Sri Lanka, Ban Called “Too Busy” To Visit, Despite Japanese Urging and Invitation

On Sri Lanka, IMF Dodges Loan and Human Rights Questions, UK Reverses Course

At UN, Peres and Press Spar, UNRWA Cash Question Remain

On Sri Lanka, UN Says Responsibility to Protect is a "Concept" Only, Video Not Seen

On Sri Lanka, UN Responsibility to Protect Cited, Abuse of IDPs Surfaces

As UN Admits Risk Assessments Not Done, Top Brass Jostle For Position

On Sri Lanka, UN's Ban Declines To Call for Cease-Fire, Double Standard Unexplained

In Leak of UN's Gaza Summary to Inner City Press Phosphorous and Violations

As UN Accused of Spying in Sri Lanka, Satellite Photo Withholding Continues

At UN, Downer Says Has No Conflict in Cyprus, What Of Turkey, KKR?

At UN, Food Workers Abruptly Told of Layoffs, Swine Flu and Drugs Gag Order

Russia Chides UN on NATO, Ban and Japan, Sri Lanka Not on Agenda

On Sri Lanka, UN Dodges on Satellite Cover-Up and Arrest of Staff, UN TV

UN Dodges Sex Abuse Follow-Up, Myanmar Crackdown, Terrorist Trade

As Sri Lanka Cracked Down on Press, UN Said Nothing, Now Congratulates Itself

At UN, National Competitive Exams Are "Suspended," Favoritism Gaining

On Sri Lanka, UN Thinks Envoy's No Help, UK Will Not Punish

On Sri Lanka, UN's Holmes Tells Council to Speak with One Voice, Envoy Request

At UN, France Opposes Human Rights in W. Sahara, Sudan Grandstanding

As Sri Lanka Descends to UN Basement, Underground Envoy Talk

Sri Lanka Disputes UN's Lack of Access, EU's Tariff Investigation as "Hype"

At UN, Child Soldiers Half Addressed in Sri Lanka, Denied in Myanmar

Sri Lanka Damage Satellite Photos Withheld by UNITAR, IOM Staff Detained

At UN, Sri Lanka Briefing Sent to Basement by China, Swede's Exclusion Raised

In Cote d'Ivoire, Elections Distant, Choi Upbeat on Sex Abuse but No Specifics, Trip

On Sri Lanka, France Pitches Hospital Not IMF or Genocide, Ban Vs. Adada

In Sri Lanka, Access UN Claimed Nambiar Won Is Denied, UN Staff UNspoken For

On Darfur, UN's Three Voices Leave JEM and NGO Questions Unanswered

In Swine Flu's Shadow, Mexican Ministers Head to UN, Urgency Questioned, Football

At UN, Press Table Relocated by Implicated Security Official, Picasso Pretext

At UN, Dodging Questions on End-Game Sri Lanka, Somalia, Fowler and Nairobi

At UN, Few Press for Sri Lanka, Squeeze on N. Korea, Qazi Won't Talk

With 6432 Dead in Sri Lanka, UN Council Takes Over Press Room, UNHCR

At UN, Unlicensed Doctors Give and Take Valium, Agwai's Wife Moonlights for NGO

When Sri Lanka Ordered Doctors Out of Conflict Zone, UN Said Nothing

UN's d'Escoto Defends Ahmadinejad's Right to Free Speech, Decries Theater

On Sri Lanka at UN, Mere "Remarks to the Press," UK Says IMF Loan Not Relevant

On Sri Lanka in UN Basement, Rice of US Speaks, Libya Offers Money, China Support

UN's and Ban's Backing-Down to Sri Lanka Questioned by NGOs, IMF Delay Praised

On Sri Lanka at UN, Nambiar Said to Back Down to UK, Bloodbath Briefings

On Sri Lanka, UN's Nambiar Resists Briefing the Council on His "Confidential" Trip

On Fijian Peacekeepers, Australia Not Answered by Ban, Despite New Iraq Situation

As UN Staffer Found With Child Porn, No Answers on Supervisors' Role

At UN on Sri Lanka, US Call for Pause, UN Bobs and Weaves, Briefing Wednesday

On Sri Lanka, UN Council "Waits for Nambiar," UK Says It's Listening, But...

On Sri Lanka, France Requests UN Briefing, Nambiar's Slow Return, Ban's Tilt

UN Pitches Ban vs. Ahmadinejad on One-Way TV Screen, No Questions

UN Misspeaks on Sri Lanka Complaints and Skanska Suit, Kosovo Runaround, Fiji c.v.

Off Somali Coast, Norway, UN and Kenya Make Plan for Drilling Rights, Pirates of the Pen

Sri Lanka Denies UN's Claimed Advocacy for Staff, UK's Browne Said on the Way

On Sri Lanka, With 4500 Dead, UN Won't Ask Cease-fire, Nambiar May Brief

UN's Skanka and Asbestos Consultant ATC Non-Compliant with Clear Air Act

At UN, Serbia Complains of UNMIK Budget Cuts, Russia Speaks of Law

UN Sends Nambiar to Sri Lanka, Quiet Diplomacy and Ships Off the Beach?

On Sri Lanka, UN Speak of Siege, Calls Cease-Fire Unrealistic, Only Private Diplomacy

UN's Lack of Risk Assessment May Delay Capital Master Plan, Force Exit of Officials

In Sri Lanka, UN Staff Denied "Freedom of Movement" But UN Won't Name Them

In Afghan Scandal, UNDP Failed to Oversee, Despite Taking 7% Fee, Dervis and Akbank

At UN, d'Escoto Fears for Obama's Life, Dubious of R2P, Gutierrez to Be Invited

As Lights Go Out at UN, Electricians Linked to Crime Are Paid $3.4 M a Year to 2010

In Sri Lanka, UN Staff Detained in IDP Camps, Double Standard Alleged, Names Provided

UN's Ban "Dismayed" By Fiji, But Won't Forego Peacekeepers, Clark on Spot

On Sri Lanka, Mexico Invokes Responsibility to Protect, Rebukes Colombo's "Inaccuracies"

At UN Council, North Korean Launch Ends in Whimper, Not Bang, Media Decamps

UN Continues With Contractor FBI Links to Genovese Crime Family, UN TV Loophole

UN's Draft Tepid Response to N. Korean Missile Portends Rights Worsening

With UN's Ban in Laos, Silence on Thai Unrest and Rights, Sri Lanka and Missile

At UN, France and UK Privatize Their Spin, US Is Terse, S. Africa Longed For

As Sri Lanka Issues Ultimatum, UN's Ban Raises Other Issues, "No Fire" Zone in Peril

As Japan Claims UN Council President Agreement, N. Korea Scoffs At Technicalities

UN in Congo Faces Indian Withdrawal, Rapes "Happen," Doss Says

On Sri Lanka, UN Adopts "Janus Face," Half Calling to Stop Fighting, Hedging Bets

UN Puts Convicted Korean Businessman on Global Compact Board, Dismisses Complaints

North Korea Says Launch Justified by March Convention Signing, But Did They Register?

UN "Cannot Protect," Nor Call a Coup a Coup, on Madagascar, Daewoo's Deal

In UN Staff Union, Charges of Coup d'Etat in Meetings Closed to Press (updated April 13, 2009)

On Sri Lanka, UN's Ban Says "Never Again" to Call for Ceasefire or Suspension

At UN, N. Korea's Quiet March Joining of Outer Space Convention Now Scrutinized

UN Procurement Under Fire, Ignored by CEB, Rot Starts From Within

On Haiti, UN Council Members Blame Aristide, Blur Sex Abuse, Pitch Development

UN's Right to Food Expert Calls for Hedge Fund Restraints, Notes Madagascar Coup

UN Assembly President Implies If Some Have Nukes, Why Not N. Korea?

UN TV Operator Dismantled, Electrical Contractor Indicted, Could UN Go Dark?

On North Korean Missile, UN Council's Failure to Launch Called Cautious by China

As UN Council Meets on N. Korea Missile, China With Leverage, Japan in a Box

UN Council Sunday at 3 to Meet on N. Korean Missile, Ban on Way to Turkey

Japan Requests UN Council Meeting Minutes After N. Korea Missile Flies

At UN, India's Sen Slated for Ban's Responsibility to Protect Post, Diplomats Say

On Sri Lanka, UN's Ban Drops Call for Suspension of Fighting, Vague on Aerial Bombing

Does UNRWA Break (Law) with Commercial Bank of Syria, Ging Answers for Ban

Nkunda and UN's Expulsion of NGO Not Considered by Rights Committee

Cash Demanded from UN Job Seekers by UNA-USA, UN Speaker Has No Comment

UN Officials For $10 Tell How to Get UN Jobs, UNA-USA Asked of $1.6 Billion

As Mexico Heads UN Council, Sri Lanka Discussed, "Nightmare" May Be Closer

Wells, BofA and JPM Chase More Disparate By Race in 2008, Study Finds

In Sudan, Eight UN Armored Personnel Carriers Languish, Corruption Alleged

Little Law & Order at the UN, Guinea Crimes Taint Ban's Eulogy

As US Moves to Join UN Human Rights Council, Kenyan Activists Threatened

With Clark at UNDP, Melkert Is “Expected" to Leave, Dervis' Stealth Service

As Sri Lanka Reject's UN's Ceasefire Call, No Response from Ban, Help Mulled as IMF Visits

With UN Rebuffed in Sudan & Sri Lanka, UN Law & Order Episode Covered by CNN

At UN, Central Asian Unity on Press Crackdown and Nuclear Free Zone, Dam Fissures

UN Admits $3 Million Satyam Order Was An “Error,” Ledger Evidence Disappears

In NY, Libya's Empty Building Rings with Sudan's Spin, Lobster But No Rice

As al-Bashir is Feted in Doha, UN's Ban Affirms Position, Obama and Gration

On Somalia, Belated Disclosure by UNDP, Protest by UN-Funded Academic

Geithner Promotes Megabanks' Monopoly, in DC as at Fed, 17 Cut to 7 on Derivatives

UN Budget Fights Include Somalia, Syria, Computers and Capital Master Plan

IMF Loan to Sri Lanka Should Not Serve "Quasi Military" Purpose, UN Official Says

At UN, Stiglitz Hits Subprime, Says 1% of Bailout Straight to Poor Countries

At UN, Sri Lanka Accused of Shelling Civilians, "Friendly Censure," LTTE Condemned

At Sri Lanka Dialogue of UN Council, Photos on Wall, Press in the Hall

Sri Lanka Set for Security Council Dialogue in UN Basement, Beslan Analogy

On Sri Lanka, UN Official Describes "Nightmare Scenario," Treaty Official "Knows Better"

On Myanmar, a Tale of Three Browns, Gordon at UN, Two in Foggy Bottom

At UNDP, With Kiwi Clark Called Top Spot Winner, Melkert Policies Need Revamp

UN's Ban Retracts $1 Trillion Request, UK's Brown Touts Plan of World Bank, Not UN

In Somalia, UNDP Said to Take Sides, No Financial Answers, UN Post Intrigue

At UN, African "Drums" Have Sponsors Called Chinese, No Board of Directors Information

Sri Lanka Shelling No Fire Zone Noted at UN, Says Pillay Not UN

UNHCR's Johnstone, Of Failing Anti-Africa Relocation, Decamps for USA at Half Pay

At UN, More Questions About Satyam Contracts and Procurement Orders Arise

In Kosovo, Privatizations May Include Ex-UN Officials Schook and Walker with Ramush

On ICC, Letter Targets UN's d'Escoto, No Bashir Interpol Request, Obasanjo Vs. ICC

On Sri Lanka, Japan Wants UN Briefing, Austria Concerned about Killing by Both Sides

UN Still Won't Answer Who Funds Somali Government, Ould Abdallah Bemoans Media

On Sri Lanka, US' Rice Joins Call for UN Council Briefing, ICC's Ocampo Demurs

At UN, Who Can Speak At Darfur Meeting, Sudan Asks, Ocampo Arrives

Candidate for UN's #2 Afghan Post Dismissed Chapter VI of Charter, Ignored Arms Embargo

At UN, Union Demands Investigation of Deadly Ambulance Delay, Departure of UN Security Chief

On Sri Lanka in UN Council, China Blocks March 26 Meeting, Vote May Be Called

As Sri Lanka Says No to Conditions, UN Says It Will Set Them, Journalists and UNESCO

At UN, Echoes of Printing Plant Death, Security Hiring Flap and New Irregularities

As UN on Madagascar Can't Call a Coup a Coup, It Invites Battlestar Galactica

At UN, Alleged Sanctions-Violator Galbraith In Line for Afghan Post, UN Jabs and Hides

In N. Sri Lanka, 2,683 Civilian Killings This Year, UN Leaked Documents Show

In N. Sri Lanka, 2,683 Civilian Killings This Year, UN Leaked Documents Show

UN's d'Escoto Supports Ban in "Deadbeat-Gate," UNIC Fingered, Japan's Threats Defended

On Myanmar, UN Official Predicts April 18 Ban Visit, US Softens Too, Gas as Lubricant

In Madagascar, UN's Role In Protecting Rajoelina Questioned, Who Is the "International Community"?

As UN Rights Expert Decries Sri Lankan Camps, OCHA Funds Them, Of Recruitment

As Sudan Moves Against NGOs, No UN Guidance, IRC Spins, Principles Come Last

In DC, Obama Officials Defend Bailouts of AIG and Citigroup, Summers Speaks of Fear

In North Korea, UN Declines To Evacuate Its Staff, "Human Shields," Some Say

In DC, "Inevitable" Fraud as Obama Jokes with JPM Chase, Meets Citi and ExxonMobil

As White House Chides UN's Ban, Will "Deadbeat-Gate" Have Legs?

On Sri Lanka, IMF Says Its Pending Loan Would "Support Government Goals"

U.S. "Deadbeat-Gate" Draws Midnight Clarification from UN's Ban Ki-moon: He Said It, But...

UN's Ban on Capitol Hill Grilled about Reform, Praised as Hardworking, Darfur Raised

UN's Ban Meets with Obama, No Pesky UN Press, Myanmar Convergence Described

With UN's Ban in DC, Procurement Scandals Unanswered, No Protection by UN Security

In Sri Lanka, UN Still Withholds Casualty Numbers, Funds Detention Camps

UN's Ban in DC Cedes Control to Coverage, Of Closed Pools and White House Rules

In Darfur, UN Considers Hiring Workers of Expelled NGOs, But Will More Be Thrown Out?

UN's Harston Removed from W. Sahara As Quid Pro Quo for Van Walsum

On Haiti, UN's Council and Ban Focus, Abuse and Mandate Questions Unanswered

On N. Korea, UN's Ban Has No Comment, No Control Over "UN Command," Planes Threatened

At UN, Printing Plant Stroke Death and Ambulance Delay, Dangers Unmitigated

At UN, Council Meets on NGOs' Eviction from Darfur, Bashir Indictment Freeze Requests

As UN Covers For Obama Climate Backslide, It Does Not Carbon Offset, "Act Not Together"

On Sri Lanka, UN Notes Starvation, Believes No Heavy Artillery in Use, Defers to Council's Silence

UN Security and Capital Master Plan Slammed for Bloat, Retaliation Starts, Flooding

On NGOs in Khartoum, UN Is Not Sure, Council to Meet Friday, No Legal Expertise

In Demoting Anna Tibaijuka, UN's Ban Did Not Consult His Gender Advisor

UN Belatedly Admits It Still Gets Satyam Services Through ICC, Cover-Up Alleged

At UN, Amid Sudan Indictment Hoopla, Myanmar Follow-Up and Sri Lanka Forgotten

At UN, Spirulina's Pomp Likened to Snake Oil, Obama and Clinton Links Played Up

As Sudan's Bashir is Indicted, Spin and Real Wars Begin at UN and Beyond

In UN Council, March Agenda Omits Sri Lanka, UK Did Not Even Request, Libya Implies

UN's Nairobi Snub of Africa and Women Shows Planning Chaos, Audit Cover-up

UN Evades Satyam Questions, Leaves ICC Loopholes, Uses and Defends the Past

UN Lawyer O'Brien Refuses Questions on Cambodia Tribunal, Ignores Logo Misuse

In UN, Protests to Nairobi Post Switch From Woman to Man, Gender Balance Comes Last

UN Peacekeeping, in Bashir Run-Up, Pitches Haiti, Dodges Chad Fees and Lubanga

UN's Ban Hands Nairobi Office to German, Union Protests, Pemba Sidelined

At UN, BASF Dodges W. Sahara Phosphorus Fall-Out, Global Compact's PetroChina Denial

UN's Ban "Did Not Know of Fowler" as Niger Envoy, Diplomat Says, Alleging Fraud

UN's Ban Moves to Switch Top Nairobi Post from Tanzanian to German

At UN, Greece's Bakoyannis Not Ready for Prime Time: Sri What?

On Sri Lanka, UN Meeting Called One-Off, UK Makes No Proposals, Holmes Differs from Ban

At UN, Council Belatedly Gets Sri Lanka Briefing, "No Politics," Holmes Was Told

At UN, Sri Lanka Briefing Now Set for Friday, As Editor Arrested in Colombo

On Sri Lanka, Requests for UN Council Session Languish, Camp Questions Go Unanswered

In Congo, Civilians Bear the Brunt as UN Attacks NGOs and Whistleblowing General

At UNDP, Selection Process Stays Secret, from Solomon Islands to Sierra Leone, No Answers

As UN Bids Bye to Kumalo, Susan Rice Starts Behind Closed Doors, Jackfruit Diplomacy

As Sri Lanka Ignores UN's Call for Cessation of Hostilities, Detention Camps UNcommented On

As UN Pitches Wiretaps in Guatemala, Bus Murders Unsolved, Bhutto Panel Not Filled Yet

At UN, GlaxoSmithKline's Pricing of AIDS Drugs Raised, Clintons Press Flesh

On Sri Lanka, as UN's Ban Calls for "Suspension of Fighting," No Council Meeting Yet

As Sri Lankan Army Toured UN's Holmes, Questions Left Unanswered

On Sri Lanka, UK's for UN Council Session Upon Holmes' Return, "Shocking," Robinson Calls It

On Myanmar, UN May Help 2010 Election Under Flawed Constitution, Rohingya Not Discussed

With UN's Holmes in Sri Lanka, Government Supported, Staff Scared, Deaths Uncommented On

UN Security Brass Let Off Hook on Fowler, On Promotions, Investigation Called For

In UN Council, "No Strong Request" Anymore for Sri Lanka Meeting, Japan's Mediation Results

In Sri Lanka, Civilians Deaths Counted at 1898 by Locals, UN Refuse to Estimate

On Congo, US Role Avoided as Austria Pushes Call for Planning Past France, UK and Uganda

In Sri Lanka, UN Has Casualty Estimate But Won't Release, No Cease Fire Call

As UN Makes Play for Bailout Funds, Currency Exchange Losses to Dictators Undermine Its Pitch (updated Feb. 23)

At UN, Chad's Attempt to Re-Rent Peacekeepers' Air Strips Covered Up in Council

At UN, Russia Maintains Sri Lanka Issues Not in Council, UK Disagrees But Does Not Act

On Georgia, Behind the UN's Word Games, Russia Bases Approach, What Will Obama Do?

UN's Congo Mission Critiqued by General, UN Fires Back, Blames the USA, ICC Follies

At UN, Merkel's Economic Proposal Absent, Dreams of UN Credibility, Sevan

On Sri Lanka, Still No UN Cease Fire Call, UNICEF is Blocked, Japan Presence Wasted

As Thailand Admits Sea-Dump of Rohingya, UN Hasn't Studied as Trafficking, Costa in Uganda

As UN Chiefs Sign Contracts, Only Some Can See Them, Transparency Still Lacking

Sudan Pre-Indictment Frenzy at UN, Gun-Jumping by Ocampo Alleged, AU in Town

UN Mistakes Sri Lanka for Zimbabwe, Access to Vanni Doubtful, UNICEF No Comment Yet

UNDP Advisor Serves Lobbyist for Nigeria, No Comment on Niger Driver Missing

On Darfur, Libya Vows Opposition to UK Draft, ICC Celebrated with Beer

UN's Ban Defends Lack of Sri Lanka Ceasefire Call, Misunderstands His Powers

Darfur Statement Blocked in UN Council By Bashir Indictment Language

UN's Ban Prepares for a "No" from Obama, Dialogue Except in Sri Lanka

Subprime Non-Bank Lenders Ask Obama and Geithner for Bailout, in Guise of Stimulus

For UNDP Top Post, UNICEF's Hilde Johnson, Kiwi Clark or Oil Man Akram

Abkhaz on UN Agenda But Not Yet in UN, Russia and Ossetians and Kebabs for Iran

UN Secretariat Says Tamils Held by "Force, Fear or Family," Monitoring of Camps Suggested

UN's Ban Names Ian Martin on Gaza Bombings, Munoz on Bhutto Killing

In UN Council, Japan Works on Sri Lanka Issue, "Ongoing Engagement of UN"

At UN, Ban Plans Climate Meet in March with Obama, Africa Trip Awaits Rice, Lights Out

UN Has No Answers in Myanmar or N. Korea, Peacekeeping Losses from Poland

At UN Security, Prefixed Promotions, Whistleblowers' Dog Days

As Somalis Are Killed by Peacekeepers, Censorship Urged by UN's Ould Abdallah

Challenged on Gaza School Bombing Story, UN Attacks the Press, Confirms Staff Strike

At UN on Sri Lanka, Russia Blocked Mexican Request for Briefing, Ban's Contradiction

On Sri Lanka, UN Won't Confirm its Own Reports or Call for Ceasefire

Murky Water Conference in UN, Ban Panned, Suez in the House

UN Accused of Inaction As LRA Kills in Congo, Denies But Without Specifics, No Bosco

After Bailout, ING's Kok Blames Regulators, Food Inflation and Social Inclusion Questioned

As UN Plans $100 Million Bunker in Iraq, UNrest in Haiti and Cote d'Ivoire

At UN, Japan's Month Starts with N. Korea Confusion, Somalia Short Shrift, Seikos

With UN's Gambari In Myanmar, Than Shwe and His Money Not Questioned

As Taylor Case Winds Down, Africa-Only Focus Clouds ICC's Future

UN's Rehab Plan Might Drive Press Out, From Bid Openings to Cost Overruns

UN Abductions in Pakistan, Like Fowler's in Niger, Shrouded in Security Cover-Up

Banker Allison of BB&T in Meltdown Misdirection, Subprime Loans Were Shielded

As N. Korea Breaks With South, US and Japan React, UN's Ban Has No Comment

Some Gaza Victim Swept UNder the Rug, UN Date Bars Not in Data Base

Under Ban, UNDP Short List Not Public, Of Pirated Computers in Albania

UN's Gambari Not Sure to Meet Than Shwe, Myanmar Refugees Sold Out as Courtesy

With UN Silent on Fowler, Ambassador Whispers, "He's Alive" in Niger

At UN, of Somalia and Sandwiches, Susan Rice at France's Shindig

At UNDP, Ad Melkert Grabs for Top Post, Opposes Disclosure, Like Mattsson Retaliates

UNHCR Fundraiser von Praag's Departure Presaged by Irregularities, Staff Complaints

At UN, Arab Commission for Human Rights Out for Year in 18-0-1 Vote, Member List Demanded

UN Dodges on Sri Lanka and Congo, Burma, Kosovo and Afghanistan

As Bolivia Votes, Questions of Gaza, Treason and "Dishonorable" Media, Indigenous on Move

As UN Buzzes for Rice, Taste Tester Kornblau Said To Be in Wings, Congo Questions Boil

UN Bans Propaganda, Then Refuses to Take Questions, Crackdown in Gaza's Wake?

As UN's Ban Meets Sri Lankan Enforcer, His Has Eyes on S. Korea, Nambiar As Malloch?

At UN, Algeria's NGO Complaint Processed in Secret, Vote Set for Wednesday

At UN, Protest of Staff Union Under Team Ban's Watchful Eye, Scripted Town Hall Revealed

At UN, Algeria Seeks Ouster of "Terrorist" NGO, Secret Complaint Withheld by UN

UN in Gaza Was Quiet on Aid Suspension, 10 Million Little Dollars

At UN, As Sudan Heads G-77, Ban Offers Praise Despite War Crimes

As JPMorgan Chase Shutters WaMu Branches, Regulators Missing, Commitments Gone

UN Agency Tests Terror with Microsoft and Kennedy, UN FOIA Called For But Denied

With Ban Ki-Moot Mute, Obama's US Nixes Gaza Investigation Cite in UN Council

Planet UN, Filmed in a Parallel Universe, Awaits Spiderman Rescue from Critics

In Congo, UN Blocked from Civilian Protection, Bosco in the Mix, UK Hears Nothing

As Olmert Brags of UN's Rocket Focus, Ban Loses Voice, Jordan Truck Said Missing

Behind Bank of America's Toxic Assets, Subprime Links Obscured But Continued

In Gaza, UN's Ban Meets Staff, Ging Sings for Supper, Holmes to Strip

At UN, Obama Inauguration Causes Work Halt, Jokes, More Gaza Confusion

Under Obama, UN's Pascoe May Stay, UNICEF's Veneman Not, Consultant Hired

As UNOPS Wants New Posts, Hides Procurement Audit and Mattsson's Disclosure

As UN and Ban Are Booed, Buck is Passed But Not to Gaza, Phosphorus Facts Promised

At UN, Algeria's Complaint Against NGO Draws US Request for Delay

UNDP Moved on 30,000 Boxes of Records Mid-Investigation, Dervis' Successor Must Answer

At UN, Egypt's Gaza Text Beats Ecuador's, Bombing Continues, No Vote for Cape Verde

With Gaza Still Shelled, Egypt Keeps Out Doctors, Fatah Complains of Cash

Bombed in Gaza, UN is Banquished, White Phosphorous at its Door

At UN Group on Pirates Meets, Surrender is Advised, Somalia Abandoned

Fed's Geithner Evaded Taxes at IMF, Used Statute of Limitations Later, Mishanded Citigroup

UN Belatedly Suspends Indian Enron Satyam, Puts Contracts Under Assessment

UN Blocks Access to Free Gaza Movement's Website, GA Jan. 15 Gaza Meeting Set

In Gaza, While UN is Cashless Hamas Meets Its Payroll, Ging Says, AbuZayd in Norway

At UN, Outgoing Khalilzad Quieter on Congo and Reform, the Price of Being Well-Liked?

In UN's Capital Master Plan, Skanska Bid Event Is Closed to Press

UN Council Passes Compromise Gaza Resolution, US Abstains, Withdrawal Unclear

At UNDP, Dervis' Desires, Scandals and Silence Recalled As He Departs

Israel Protests General Assembly Meeting on Gaza, Which Is Then Postponed

From Sulfur to Formaldehyde, Latin Smells at UN as D'Escoto Calls Gaza Meeting

At UN, Libya's Naming of Hamas Had Latin Roots, Cracks in EU

At UN, New Gaza Draft Resolutions Emerge, Condi Will Be Back, D'Escoto Plans a Meeting

On Gaza, Egypt Breaks Law, Say UNHCR and Holmes, Serry Defends, is Puzzled

On Gaza at UN, Western Placeholder Statement Competes with Libyan Resolution

At UN, As Norway Speaks on Gaza, Roed-Larsen Evades Financial Disclosure and GA Critique

UN Facility Had Hamas Members, Israel Claims, But Not Armed, UN Says

With Gaza Schools As Targets, Theater in UN Council, Protests in the Streets

On Congo, UN Can't Say If Nkunda's Ousted, No New Troops, from LRA, No Protection

At UN, Ban's Town Hall Has Pre-Screened Questions, on G-to-P Injustice

UN "Caught Off Guard" by Bombing of Gaza, Aware of Sewage Dangers

UN Panned, Praised by Fox and New Yorker, 24 and Harr on Chad

As Tanks Roll Into Gaza, UN Council Meets, Fireworks at Stakeout

UNder Ban, Ethics Fiefdoms, Moves to Charge Press Rent, Favoritism and Photo Ops

On Gaza, UN Envoy Has No Casualty Figures, "Not Aware," No Comment on LRA from Congo to CAR

Vietnam Outlaws News Blogs, Claims Foreign Servers Will Help, UN Security Council Review

At UN, Somalia Peacekeeping Dream Dies a Quiet Death before New Years, US Buckles

At UN's Gaza Meeting, Croatia Corrects CNN Report They Leave the Council on Jan. 1

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