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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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UN Budget Session Extended to Audit Ban's Overrun & Powers, Earth Hour Scam?

As Myanmar Bans Voting in Parts of Kachin, UN's Ban Ki-moon Withholds Report?

Syria Says 3211 Civilians Killed by "Terrorists" Who Stole 2256 Government Vehicles

At UN, Quotes of Peacekeepers to Syria Point to DPKO Chief & His Country's PR?

After UK Open to Press, US Moves to Cut Horizon, Feltman on the Way?

On Syria, Ban Can't Vet Those Given UN Contracts by Annan, He's Lost Control

Amid Bhutan Happy Talk, Its PM Calls Refugees "Hordes" That "Threaten Stability"

On Yemen, Amnesty For Saleh Hit by Human Rights Committee, Dodged by SC

Around Rio+20, France Said to Undermine Indigenous, BofA to Pollute Process

Amid Killing in Sabha in Libya, UN Does Nothing & Sells Out Sudan Opposition

Senate to Consider for Fed Seat Powell of Deutsche Bank, Dodd Frank Evader

Top UN Political Job Slated for Jeffrey Feltman of US, Sources Complain

Annan's Syria Team Led By Executive Quit CHD In Embezzlement Scandal

At UN on Eritrea, Discordant NYT Note in Arming Shabab Narrative Ignored

As in Guinea Bissau 10% Denied Vote, UN Looks to 2d Round, Drug Lord Bygone

At UN Ban & Kim Try to Bypass GA with "Change Management," Budget Overtime

Annan's Team Reaches Out to Free Syrian Army, El-Kidwa to Istanbul

In PGA Race, Jeremic Tells ICP to Expect Plenary Vote, Opposes 2 on G4, NAM Card

Sudans Text Gets Balanced at UN, Khartoum Drops Oil Fee to $32, Juba Says

As Myanmar Bans Some Voting, Invites UN to Come & Report Back to Ban

At UN, Peacekeeping Plan for "Drones for Surveillance" Now Confirmed, Criticized

On Syria, Annan to Brief SC on April 2, Resolution on Monitors, Contact with Opposition?

At UN, Statement on Sudan Now "Needs Adjustment," China Says, US UNclear

On Syria, Annan Says Assad Has Accepted 6 Point Plan, No Word on Opposition

In UN GA on Slavery, Israel But Not Maged in the House, Colonial Budget Fight?

Annan Gets Syria's Response, UNclear If To Ban Who Has No Meeting with Russia

On Death Penalty, Amnesty'd Like Ban To Raise It, Says US Attacks Not Judicial

At UN, Statement on Sudan US Wanted by 4 pm "Extended" to Tuesday

Ban Talks Syria & Cyprus with Ergogan, As Finns & Aussies Try Out for SC

At UN, Pillay's 2d Term Questioned by Western Diplomats, of Precedent & Ban

UN Leaves Child Soldiers in Syria & Jonglei Unaddressed, In Myanmar Counts on Ban

Occupy the UN Called For As Bank of America Invited In by Ban Ki-moon

As Kim Tapped for World Bank, Tales of Ocampo, Rice & Sachs, Ban Switch

As Small Arms Summary is Downgraded, Another "Deflating Friday" at UN

Mali Coup Reignites UNSC Fight About Libya, Gold Mine Qs UNanswered

At UN, SC Meets in Secret on Transparency, Down Closed Hall, Concept Paper Here

As UN Proposes Peacekeeping Surveillance, Opposition to Ladsous' Drones

On #KONY2012 Bandwagon, UN Ignores Darfur, Airbrushes Americans in Dungu

Pinheiro Won't Compare Syria to Myanmar, Annan Might Not Include Rights?

At UN, Malcorra's Murky Farewell, Kane's Transition to Takasu, Judging Laughingstock

At UN, Malcorra Farewell, Kane's Transition to Takasu, Judge Decries Laughingstock

Syria Commission of Inquiry Extended, Terrorism Amendment Rejected, Kofi Qs

On Syria, Arria Meeting Said to Lack Information, ICI Pleads for Kofi's Support?

At UN on Mali Coup, Recognition of Libya Fall Out, 2000 Touareg Returnees

After Geneva Vote, No Ban Comment on Silva as UN Adviser, UK on Accountability

Spain's Benito Comes to UN to Cut Costs, Meets Malcorra, Answers on Gibraltar

IMF Says Consults Broadly in Egypt, Focus on Democracy Doubted, Mali Silence

UN Resolution on Sri Lanka Passes 24 to 15, Can Its Silva Remain Ban Adviser?

Resolution on Sri Lanka Passes 24 to 15, Will Its Silva Remain UN Adviser?

Sudan's Tumsaha Claim Not Investigated, or Even Heard, by UN

At UN, Top DFS Post Maybe For Haq, Reverse on Silva as Price, Conflict of Maged

Mali Mutiny On Then Off UN SC Agenda on Day of Fire Alarms, UNIFIL Cheapskates

With Iran as Co-Host, Nowruz Boycotted by UK Not US, Rice Has Other Worries

On Syria, Russia Calls Steps "General," No Answers on Kidwa, Rice on Nowruz

On Syria, Russia Says Steps "General," No Answers on Kidwa, Rice on Nowruz

Annan Called Assad Response "Disappointing" & Asked for Statement, Pending

At UN on Syria, 7 Days Out, New Draft Here, Arria Formula on Thursday

UN in Afghanistan Says It Is Different from US, Cares for Freezing Kids

On Syria, "Differences of Approach," Kofi's Box of Consultants Contains Michel

At UN on Syria, Silence Broken on Press Statement, 3 pm Showdown on PRST?

As UN No-Comments on Cambodia Court Resignation, HRW Praises UN

In Syria, Nasser Al Kidwa Was Blocked, Guehenno to Be Named, Annan Stonewall

UK Blocks Silva Then Won't Confirm It, UN Erases Him From Transcript, Reinserts

As UN Called "Immoral" on Yida in South Sudan, UN Denies, Stonewalls on Syria

As UN SC Counsels More Secrecy, Transparency & Reform Needed

While UN SC Counsels Secrecy, Transparency & Reform Needed

On Syria, French Draft Statement Supports Annan's 6 Point Plan, Online by ICP

On Syria, France Said to Draft Statement, Annan Too Busy To Say Who's Paid

Police Push Occupy Wall Street Out of Zuccotti Park Again, American Spring?

After Lubanga, Questions at UN on Ntaganda and Peter Kerim Go Unanswered

Libya Echo Stalls C-34 Draft, Costs & Accountability for UN Political Missions

Eritrea Writes to UN Security Council, Ethiopia Speaks With Lyall Grant

As Annan Briefs UN SC, Syria's Six Point Response Put Online by ICP

Complaints that Maged Helped Keep UN Africa Post Empty, Got It as Reward

South Sudan Has Pilots for 2 of 10 Copters, UN Says, Disarming Assurances by VP

South Sudan Can Pilot 2 of 10 Copters, UN Says, Disarmament Assurances by VP

No Comment by UN on Killing Fields of Sri Lanka, UK Speaks of Accountability

As UK Film Shows Silva Bragging of Killing 1500 Civilians, What Will UN Say?

To Syria, Annan's Team Was Doss, Michel, Fawzi , Dann, McCoy, Shehadeh

As Yemen Rights Debated in Half Empty Room, Saleh Impunity Defended

As UN Confirms ICP Scoop on CMP Overruns, USUN Only Tweets, Wants DM?

Morocco FM Calls Western Sahara Talks "Humanitarian," Cites Ban, Syria

Missing from ICC's Lubanga Verdict is Kerim, Given Immunity Under UN

On #Kony2012, UN Now Has Statement But No Action Since November

In Haiti, 1 Year in Jail for UN Rapists of 14-Year Old, Ban Has Nothing to Say

In Myanmar, Aid to Kachin Areas Still Being Worked On Despite UN Bragging

Syria Blocked Annan Deputy Nasser Al Kidwa, UN Stonewalling Explained?

After UN Reports NATO Killed 18 Rescuers, Ban Says Complied With SC

In Security Council Reform Session of L69, of Veto & Small States, Indian Answer?

After Low Key Syria Meeting, UN SC To Dispute Kofi Annan Briefing

UN's Ban Goes Easy on Yoon, Orr, Kim & Petrova, Stonewalls for Doss & Strong

Amid Complaints of $265M UN Repair Overrun, $147M More, No DC5?

On Sri Lanka, Ban Didn't Support Frechette on Silva, to Not "Antagonize"

On Syria at UN, Libya Echoes, Of Who Could Impartially Monitor

At UN on Syria, Libya Echo in Speeches, Of Who Could Monitor & Transition

UN's Pascoe Admits Failure on #Kony2012, Joins Ocampo in Praise, Ban Silent

North Korean Conference Shrouded in Mystery, UN's Non-Role, Ban Visit

UNRWA's Grandi Says Nahr al-Bared Glass Half Full, On Gaza & Tyre Protests

On Syria, P5 + Morocco Stalls, Pay for Annan's Doss "Not the Focus"

On G20, Mexico Doesn't Meet UN's Ban, Occupy Discouraged, Volcker Rule Opposed

Uganda's Bigombe Tells ICP "UN Came in Late" & #Kony2012 "Sets a Precedent"

On Syria "No Breakthrough," Russian PR Says, Security Grills Press

On Syria, P5 + Morocco Meet with Ministers in Wings, Stakeouts Leave Qs

Ban Gives Africa Post to Egyptian, ECE to Conflicted Alkalaj, Disarming Kane

On World Bank, Rice Says Has Great Job, Sachs Only Says He's Nominated

IMF Says Hungary's Fillegi Will Not Meet Management, of CB, Philippines

Even on #Kony2012, UN is UNprepared, ICP Unanswered Amid Torture in Libya

At UN, CMP Called "Time Bomb," Takasu for Management, Pushback on Khare

On Syria at P5 + Morocco at US Mission, "Further Measures" Eyed for Removal

Bill Clinton Says UN Peacekeeper Brought Cholera to Haiti, Didn't Know

UN Libya Lovefest Ignores Tortured Africans, NATO Killing in Majer

As Maurice Strong Returns as Senior Advisor, UN Stonewalls on Annan Team, Doss

On Syria, A "P5 + Morocco" Slated for US Mission, Of Lavrov & Kofi Funding

As Ban's UN Pleads Rescue from Past Kofi, DSG, Eliasson, Stelzer's Extended

As Ban's UN Seeks Rescue from Past Kofi, DSG, Eliasson, Stelzer's Extended

As Camp Ashraf Considered by Distracted Council, of Iraq Patrols, Jordan?

As Ghana Loses to Dinner of Ban, African Group Gripes, EU Takes for Granted?

As 200 Killed in Yemen, UN Silence Attributed to Obama Campaign, Gulf Hypocrisy

As Ghana Competes With Dinner of Ban, African Group Gripes, EU Takes for Granted?

As Ban's UN Calls for Rescue from Past Kofi, DSG, Eliasson, Stelzer's Extended

Sudan Praises Post-Mbeki Statement, Sees "Final End" in Kordofan, Oil Fees

On Syria, US Says "Expect Nothing," Morocco on Promise, Amos on Way

On Syria, China Li Baodong Tells ICP of Meeting P5 & Morocco, More

In Japan, UN Rep Says Fukushima Disclosures Fragmented, Radius for Experts

On Syria, Rumblings of P5 Plus 1 on US Draft as Amos & Kofi Green Lighted

On Somalia, UN Opposes Fast Elections, At Ethiopia's Coming Out Party

Ocampo Analogizes Darfur to Auschwitz, As Bashir's Invited to Doha, Free Press Q

After UN Report Details 60 NATO Killings in Libya, Ban Has No Comment

At UN, DFS Seat Said Sought by Khare or Pollard Amid Sex Abuse Stonewall

As UK Lyall Grant Regrets Envoy Banned from Sierra Leone, Meece's Meekness

As Ban Taps Eliasson, G77 Complaints, Maged Auditions, Khare to DFS?

At UN, Syria Lambasts Ban, Talk of Russian Answer But No Speech

UK Proposes Middle East Session "Perm Reps Only," US Opposes (updated)

Victim of UN Sexual Abuse Loses Contract, Says NYPD Banned from Arresting

At UN, As Ban Drops Africa & India for Swede & Argentine, Speaks of Fairness

Complainant of UN Sexual Abuse Loses Contract, Says NYPD Banned from Arresting

At UN, Ban Eyes Kim for Disarmament, Would Swirl Kane to DPI, Gilmore Rewarded

On Syria, Kofi Annan Meets with Iran, Russia, China and UK - then Peacekeeping

After China Broke Silence, UK Hopes for Syria Statement "This Morning," GA Friday

Sudan Complains of JEM Role in Abiad Lake Attack, from South Sudan

At UN on Syria, Annan Talks Dialogue, Ban Spaces Question, Finances Undisclosed

At UN on Syria, Annan Talks Dialogue, Finances Undisclosed, Ban Spaces Question

On Sudan, After Mbeki and Jau Briefings It's Call for "Balance," Will US Do It?

On Syria at UN, Some Cite Sovereignty to Give Visas, Amid Homs Crackdown

As Annan Does NY, On Finances Only "Some Details Will Be Made Known"

On Syria & Amos Access, UNSC Circulates Draft Press Statement, Online

As Amos Blocked, UNSC "Agrees to Work on Statement," Sangqu Tells ICP

At Togo's Reception, Invites to Baku & Lome, Maldives Props for not Defecting

At UN, Privatized White Tents & Stonewall on Money, FDR and Cafe Paranoia

As US Blake Opposes Silva as UN Adviser, French Araud No Comment & Worse [updated March 30, 2012]

As Sudan Complains of 2nd Round in Jau, US Wants Translation, Juba Says 2 Jau's

Palestinian Invite Triggers Israel Snarking on No Abbas or Egyptian Fuel in Gaza

On Syria, as Quai d'Orsay Claims Work Starts at UN, Araud Says "Ask Paris"

In Geneva, Code Words on Syria Range from Ruthless to Regime Change

Mbeki Goes Holistic With UN Council, Tells ICP S. Sudan Has One Story on Oil

In UN Musical Chairs, Baumann to UNECE, Kane Disarming, New Communications?

UN Draft Tells Ban & Gambari Not to Undermine ICC, But GA Will Strip Out?

At UN on Syria, Annan Expected in NY Wednesday, Stonewall on How Paid

In Asia Group, Sri Lanka Says Stands Behind Silva, Group Letter Not Agreed To

Nambiar Tells ICP of White Flag Killings, Government Blocked, Kohona Spoken With

UN's Del Buey Ignores Darfur & Sexual Abuse Questions, Won't E-mail Replies

Myanmar of Nambiar Excludes Kachin Independence Org, Than Shwe Ally

On Syria, of Kofi & "Mission Impossible," Double Pensions & Boutros, Baker

On Annan to Damascus, Syrian "Thinks" He Can Get In, Kofi's Karma?

As Silva Barred from Advising UN, Kohona Says Frechette Had "No Authority"

UN Women, Peace & Security Statement Stalls on Mandate Creep

As Silva Barred from Advising UN, Wallstrom Says It's Right, Ban Takes Note

Draft on Attacks on Israel Diplomats Stalled as Silence Broken, Info Sharing

IMF Now Confirms, in its Fashion, Sri Lanka Defense Spending Increase

IMF Confirms, in its Fashion, Sri Lanka Defense Spending Increase

IMF Spins Egypt's Need, Won't Answer on Unelected Military SCAF, Pledge

At UN, Weakness on Rights Enabled by HRW & Scribes, Sri Lanka's Silva Push

UN Asks Amos to Go to Syria, Russia Says Not Opposing Since No Aid Militarization

After Israel Complains 6 Days of UNSC Inaction, Togolese Draft on 3 Cities

Sri Lanka's Silva Is Ruled "Not Appropriate" for Advisory Group, "Won't Participate"

Alleged War Criminal At UN Adviser Meeting, "Doesn't Speak," Statement Promised

In Sri Lanka, Colvin Role in White Flag Killings Recalled as Suspects Surge

At UN, Ban's Shakeup Eyes for Africa Senegal & Egypt, Low Energy is Key

Darfur Peacekeepers Taken Without a Fight, Gambari Thumbs Nose at Ban

On Syria, Russia Will Raise Its Envoy Request in UNSC on Wednesday

In UN Somalia Resolution, Repairs to Four Kenya Ships Not Covered

Israel Raises Stakes on Silence on Attacks on Its Diplomats In India, Ban Qs

At UN, Responsibility While Protecting So Hot No Press, of Iraq & Syria

As Sri Lanka Told No Deputies Like Silva on Adviser Group, Ban No Part of Fix

On Syria, Non-Payers Sponsored, List of Paying No-Shows, Kyrgyzstan Locked

In Arms Trade Treaty Deal, 2/3 Majority on Procedural Matters, Bedfellows

On Silva, Ambassadors Meet With UN Peacekeeping, Rice Says Concerned

Rice Calls Sudan Speech Perjury on Visas & Bombings, UN Blocked by S. Sudan?

After Ban & HRW Silent for 3 Weeks, Face Saving on Silva of Sri Lanka

Removing Silva as UN Adviser Addressed Feb 17, Pakistan PR Tells ICP

In UN GA, Syria Resolution Passes Without Amendments or Non-Payers

At UN, No Answers on Myanmar or Sudan Abuse, Malvinas Moonlighting

While UNSC Still in Haiti, Israel Complains of Quiet on Diplomat Attacks, Ban

Russia's Syria Amendments, Here, May Not Be Voted On in GA, 2/3 Claim

At UN on Eve of GA Vote on Syria, Russian Amendments Trigger Meeting

On Eve of GA Vote on Syria, Russian Amendments Trigger Meeting

As Sierra Leone Envoy Says Ban Caving To Koroma, Pascoe Says Speaks For Itself

Lithuania Says Next PGA Should Speak Russian, Accuses Serbia of Rule Breaking

Fed Approves Capital One - ING After Delay & Data Dump, Reconsideration?

Bangladesh PR Tells ICP Silva "Not Acceptable," Asians Tell Lanka to "Fix It"

After Pillay Opposes Silva as "Senior Adviser," Ban Disagrees on Vetting

Updated Syria UN GA Resolution Emerges, With Observer Mission Dropped

UN's Fernandez-Taranco Said to Work on Malvinas Over Maldives

At UN On Syria, Assad as Eye Doctor, Israel Charged with Crocodile Tears

As Fed Again Postpones Capital One - ING, Revolving Door Spun

Pillay Tells ICP She's Written to Ban Of Concern on Silva as Senior Adviser

At UN, Pillay Testifies Over Objection of Syria, Which Invokes Al Qaeda

As Arab League Proposes al-Khatib, Libya UN Fiasco & Banning Not Answered

As Lanka Missive Blurs Silva Role in Ban's Experts Report, UN Omits to Check

Draft GA Resolution of Syria Now Online, Saudi in Lead, UK Was Busy

On Malvinas / Falklands, UNSC President Tells ICP "There's Nothing Next"

Syria GA Session Monday To Include Resolution, "10% New," Target Tells ICP

Malvides Coup Called "Forced Constitutional Change" by US Pascoe, UN Ban

On War Criminal as UN Adviser Story, Sri Lanka Says General Is Mad, Deal?

Lithuania's Block of Serbia for OSCE Withdrawn, PGA Race Heats Up

Syria Session of UN GA Predicted for Monday, P5 Perm Reps Met Thursday

At OSCE Debate, Syria Leads to Absences & Mentions, Ban Panned

On Abyei, Rice Complains of Blocked Visas, Sudan Says "Ethiopians Only"

IMF Won't Substantiate "Arab Spring" Spending, Downplays Military Spending

As Fed Postpones Meeting, Capital One Spins Schedule, But Hawa Approved

Ban Himself Says War Criminal as UN Adviser Was "Decided by States"

Ban Floats Syria Envoy, In Wake of Al Khatib Fiasco, No Q on Lavrov or Silva

At UN, Ladsous Shifts Pibor Dead from Dozens to 100s, Inconsistent with Johnson

Stealth Rights Meeting of UNSC Had Western Sahara Spat, Ladsous Dodge

Fed Data Dump on Eve of Meeting on Capital One - ING , Withholds 230 Pages

"Secret" Rights Meeting of UNSC Omits Haiti, Darfur, Pillay Won't Answer

Lithuania Counters Serbian Contest for PGA via OSCE, Peru for Disarmament?

Moving Syria to GA Preempted by PGA, Churkin Rebuts Rumor, Araud

Syria Move to GA Preempted by PGA, Charter, Churkin Rebuts Rumor, Araud

As Fed to Meet on Capital One's ING Deal, It Blacks Out More Info

IMF Dodges on Sri Lanka as Defense Spending Climbs 30%, "Stealth Militarization"

At UN, France "Doesn't Want to Fund" Somalia, Defensive of Twitter Feed

On Syria, Double Veto After Russian Amendments Leaked, Rejected

Russian Amendments Condemn Armed Groups, Only "Take Into Account" AL

On Syria, Russia Has Amendments, Meeting Shift to 10am, Hillary Lavrov Drama

At UN on Syria Russia Has Amendments, Meeting Shift to 10am, "Si Tout Va Bien"

Amid Move to Switch From Criminal Silva, Ban Dismisses Predecessor Criticism

UN Squawks 9am Syria Session Then Says Disregard, As Togo Confirms, Stonewalls

Move to ICJ of Transboundary Harm Was Questioned by US, Grenada Says

Darfur "Mansion" of Gambari Decried By Whistleblowers, Qatar Conflict?

At UN, Syria Blue Draft Put Online by ICP, "Without Prejudging Outcome"

Syria UN Blue Draft Is "Without Prejudging the Outcome" or Consulting LAS

At UN on Syria, Draft Going Blue "Without Prejudging" Assad Delegation

Ban Ki-moon's Syria Task Force Under Former Saleh Minister: UN Democracy Now?

Ban Sets Syria Task Force Under Former Saleh Minister: UN Democracy Now?

In Syria Draft, China's Li Baodong IDs "Wording We Cannot Accept," Proposes

On Syria Draft Without 7b, Araud Claims There's Still "Transfer of Power"

New Syria Draft Drops Assad Delegating to Deputy, France Wants Vote

Syria Progress Cited But How Far Can Support of Arab League Be Downshifted?

Yemenis Target Ritz-Carlton, Say Ali Saleh Is There, Under Obama Care

Churkin on Russia's UN Veto, Its Use in Zimbabwe & Myanmar, "Minority Defense"

UN Tells Gambari to Avoid Partying with Bashir in Future, After Week of Press Qs

UK Lyall Grant Says Must Support LAS Plan in Full, Cites China's Oil Interests

At UN on Syria, Li Tells ICP China Will Not Accept "Subtext of Regime Change"

Russia Says Hope But Opposes Power Transfer, Juppe Says Report Is Not AL's

Sri Lanka Got Saudi & Nepal to Stand Down, Silva to Now Cede to Kohona?

New Syria Draft With Track Changes Shows Impact of Observers Leaving

S. Africa's Month from Sudan to Syria, Missing Annex & Robben Island, AU Vote

After UN Cocaine Exclusive Press Asks of Bomb Squad Inaction, "Noose Cover Up" (updated Jan 31)

UN to Get Peacekeeping Advice from Alleged War Criminal, Says Ban Powerless

At UN, Sudan Crisis Overshadowed, With Hillary On Way, Rice Goes All Syria

At UN on Syria, "No Way to Vote Tuesday," S. Africa Says, On AU Post, Ban's Bilats

With Fed Mulling Capital One's ING Deal, 590 Pages Withheld, Blacked Out

In Addis, Ban Spins "Negligence" in S. Sudan As UN Stonewalls, Migiro Out

At AU, Ban Spins "Negligence" in S. Sudan As UN Stonewalls, Drops Migiro

UN Says Ban Will Accept Alleged War Criminal Silva As His Senior Adviser on Peacekeeping

Arab League Report Blames Opposition for French Reporter's Death, Decries Media

France Talks "Temporary" Step Down by Assad, Russia Says No, Syria Blames Qatar

UN Spins Gambari Greeting ICC Indictee Bashir at Reception As "African Tradition"

As Drugs "Not Intended" for UN Were Delivered, Past UN Mail Room Arrest

Sri Lankan Alleged War Criminal Silva "Selected" as Ban Adviser on Peacekeeping?

At UN Starr Spins Media, After ICP Exclusive, Covering UN Recipient?

UN Starr Spins Media, After ICP Exclusive, Of DEA & Mexican Police: UN Recipient?

After Attack on FPI Supporters, UN's Koenders Speaks of Investigation

At UN on Sahel, Pakistan Opposes "Hot Pursuit" Like "All Means" On Nigeria

After ICP Exclusive, UN Admits Suspicious Bags Found, Leaves Courier Qs Unanswered

At UN on Syria, Arab League Report Still Not In, Germany Says No Precondition

At UN, 40 Pounds of Cocaine Found in UN Mail Room, NYPD Called (updated)

After IMF Ignores Kenya Question for 3 Days, It Says Doesn't Deal with Individuals

As Ban Confirms Ousting His Deputy, Sources Slam UN Musical Chairs (updated Jan 31)

UN Pushed "Only So Far" Against US-Supported Immunity for Saleh, Gets "Obama Care"

On Libya, Ban Soft on Probe of NATO, Mis-Cites Ian Smith, Official Being Let Go

At UN on Syria, Arab League Annex Amateur Hour Delays Briefing Request

Spinning UN Negligence in S. Sudan, Ban Won't Answer When He Knew, Rebuffs Africa

At UN on Syria, BRICS "Winning Plan" Says "Don't Dictate Outcome," Mid East Debate

While Ban's Office Refuses to Say Migiro's Out, UN In Tanzania Confirms It

At UN on Syria, Meeting of "Arab Monarchies," Guatemala, UK, France & (Not) Turkey - updated

UN Assisted Ouattara Forces in Cote d'Ivoire, No Answer on Migiro, Gambari

On S. Sudan, UN's Johnson Says Russians Flew After November, No Dates

HRW's 676 Page Report Lists Ban Only 4 Times, Soft on UN Inaction in Sudan, Haiti?

As ICC Indicts Uhuru Kenyatta, IMF Is Asked How It'll Deal With Him

UN Denying Claim of Ban Trip to Palestine While AU, Flights Now Disclosed?

As Tanzanian Says Migiro Out as UN DSG, Malcorra "Awkward" Amid S. Sudan Scandal?

As UN Denies Claim of Ban Trip to Palestine While AU, Flights Now Disclosed?

UN's Gambari Embraces ICC Indictee Bashir, As Ban Claims War Crimes Concern

UN Denies Palestine Claim of Ban Trip to Ramallah With AU, Flights Now Disclosed?

In S. Sudan, Still No UN Count, "Not Smooth" But When Did Ban Take Action?

Torsella Claims Reforms Doubted at UN, Preaches Open Slates While US Controls DPA

Amid UN Negligence in S. Sudan, US Brags of Cutting Budget, Obama Raises Funds

UAE Lent UN's Ban a Private Jet, Now Disclosed, No Comment on Web Censorship

At UN Despite Ban's Claims, Doubts on Yemen, Haiti, Sri Lanka, Buckpass on S. Sudan

UN's Ban Knew Had No Copters in South Sudan for 6 Weeks, Now Passes the Buck

"New World of UN Peace Operations" Echoes from Rwanda to Jonglei, 4 Frenchmen

UN Spokesperson Has No Response on Web Censorship, Yemen, Bans Transparency?

Net Blackout to Protest Censorship Bill, Amid "Obama Beware" Chants in DC

On Slow UN Response in S. Sudan, US Rice Slow to Criticize, Reforms Uncertain

As Gabon Pitches Ping for AU & Denies French Funding, Canapes Served

At UN, Malcorra Says Lacking Russian Copters Lethal Assets Couldn't Move in S. Sudan

On Syria, UN At Noon Denies Arab League Request, Then Selectively Confirms

On Syria, New UN Draft Amid Question of 3 Week Lull, Low Level on Nigeria Unrest

In Beirut, Ban Brags About Democracy with Saleh Advisor, Travel Pay Undisclosed

As UN Gives Lebanon to Plumbly, Kane to Disarmament, Japan Shoots for OCHA?

At UN, After Kim Jong Il Minute of Silence, Nothing for Guinea Bissau Dead President

As UN Downgrades Pibor Dead to 15, It Stonewalls On Copter Contract Lapse

As IMF Spins on Greece & Hedge Funds, No Answers on Ukraine, Sri Lanka

In S. Sudan, Russian Pilots Refused to Fly After US Blocked Press Statement

At End of AU Meeting, UK Explanation of Vote Calls it Hurried, Genocide Subtext

UNSC Session on African Union Delayed, By Rice Request for Better Speaking Spot?

As Morgan Keegan Sells Out to Raymond James, Recess Appointment for FRB?

On Syria, Medelci Calls Anwar Malik Just One Algerian, W. Sahara a Colonial Issue

In S. Sudan, Russian Pilots Weren't Under Contract to Fly to Pibor, UN Negligence?

At UN, Sudan Says JEM's Gone South from Libya, Bashir's Tripoli Trip Not Raised

While UN Claims Zero Tolerance, No Discipline of Sri Lankan Abusers in Haiti

At UN, Raising Israel's Settlements Called "Ill-Timed," After Child Soldiers Meeting

At UN on Syria, Europeans Go Off Camera, Ja'afari Chides TV, Says Wait Til March

At UN, Jane Holl Lute Vies with Wolff for DPA, Nambiar Down to Myanmar?

Release of UN Peacekeepers Far From Haiti Mocks Ban's Zero Tolerance Claims

UN Won't Count Pibor Deaths, Relies on S. Sudan Government, Unlike Elsewhere

Amnesty Law in Yemen Would Cover Ex-Saleh Ministers Like UN's Alsoswa

At UN, Ban's Fat Cuts Drown Ethnic Cleansing Questions, Stealth Sri Lanka Answers

At UN, Trip by Ban to Palestine & Lebanon Confirmed, Saleh Speaker, Who Pays Planes?

In S. Sudan as Official Says 3000 Killed, UN Said "Dozens," Ignores Ethnic Cleansing Q

As Sudan Expels Reporter For UNDP Quote, UNDP Denies It & Lack of Access

After S. Sudan Deaths, UN Says "We Do What We Can," Denies Urging Murle to Flee

In DRC, Tshisekedi Asks for Protection, UN Tells Him Kabila Is In Change

At UN, Moves to Assess NATO Casualties in Libya, Now Under Ban's MOU

Amid Cordray's Recess Appointment, Fox Still Slated for Federal Reserve Hen House

At UN, Top Political Job Said Slated for Wolff, Pascoe To Hold Over Until June?

At UN, Top Political Job Said Slated for Wolff, Pascoe To Hold Over Until June?

At UN, 5 Year Rule Has Haysom Offered Afghan Deputy Post, Kane Resists Lebanon

At UN, Syria Briefing Likely Jan 10, No Comment on Dead Syrian Journalist

After S. Sudan Bloodshed, Briefing at UN, Rice Says Cattle Rustling's "No Joke"

At UN, Council to Hear of South Sudan If Not Syria, Zuma Coming to Town

Losing WFP Fight, Sheeran Sets Sail for WEF, Cousin Fix In UN System Fog?

With UN Blamed for S. Sudan Killings & Protested in Haiti, Saleh Thumbs His Nose

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