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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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Sept 24, 2013

UN: Sri Lanka


FOIA Finds  

Google, Asked at UN About Censorship, Moved to Censor the Questioner, Sources Say, Blaming UN - Update - Editorial

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UN Johnson's Praise of Kiir, & Headline, Echoed by Reuters

On Killers Armed from Kiir's Armory, UN's Johnson Says It Was Broken Into

UN Goes From Pressuring to Pleading With Bangladesh's Sheikh Hasina, Kenyatta

OIC Vague on Angola Freedom of Religion, UN Silent, Mariah Carey to Sing?

S. Sudan To Take Bentiu "Anytime," Ban Silent, Hilde on Tap, UNanswered 100 Hrs

Mass Grave Report in S. Sudan Denied By UN Peacekeeping, Sri Lanka Echo

S. Sudan Moves On Bentiu, Ban Says No Military Fix, UNanswered 76 Hrs

Ban Meets Kikwete, Seeking Troops for S. Sudan, No Answer on FDLR, CAR

As S. Sudan Moves On Bor & Bentiu, No UN Call for Restraint, UNanswered 73 Hrs

In S. Sudan, Amid Mass Graves UN Briefings Suspended, Qs UNanswered 70 Hrs

In UN Budget 3 AM Dec 24, Of 2.9% Cuts, Orr, Re-Costing &  Mobility, No Answers

In S. Sudan, Staff Pulled from Bentiu & Yida Camps, Qs UNanswered 60 Hrs

To S. Sudan, Impacts of Shift "Not Discussed," Araud Claims, Qs UNanswered 55 Hrs

To S. Sudan, Ban Proposes Shift from Ivory Coast, PR Disagreed, UNanswered 53 Hrs

To S. Sudan, Ban Proposes 3 Attack Copters from DRC, Qs UNanswered 53 Hrs

UN Reportedly Moves Staff Under Investigation into Syria Chem Weapons Mission

In CAR, UN Silent on Murder by "Peacekeepers," No Answers, Twerk Shots

At UN, Union Space Fight, Scribes' Fashion Pitch, No S. Sudan Answers

On S. Sudan, Ban Silent on Re-Taking of Bor, Just Fashion, Qs UNanswered 49 Hrs

In S. Sudan, Lanzer Silent on Bentui & Yida NGO Staff, Qs UNanswered 48 Hrs

In S. Sudan, On Kiir's Bentiu Threat & Killed French NGO Staff, UNanswered 41 Hrs

UN Censorship Alliance Preens on Social Media, No S. Sudan Qs, Conflicts

On S. Sudan, Belated Ban Sound Bytes Offered, Qs UNanswered 32 Hrs

In S. Sudan, Hilde Johnson Was OK with Gadet Role in Bor, Qs UNanswered 31 Hrs

From S. Sudan, UN Pulls Staff & Spox for Soft BBC, Qs UNanswered 27 Hrs

From S. Sudan, Pro-Kiir Hilde Johnson Goes Orwellian, Qs UNanswered 20 Hrs

From S. Sudan, UN Moves Staff, Ban Shifts from DRC But Qs UNanswered 19 Hrs

On S. Sudan, ICRC Said Banned from Arrestees But 6 Qs UNanswered for 9 Hrs

In UN Budget Wrangling, of Orr, Re-Costing & Ban's Mobility, No Answers

On S. Sudan, Kerry Called Kiir, 6 Qs Incl UN Copter Down UNanswered for 6 Hours

On S. Sudan, Obama Says Work with UN, But 6 Qs UNanswered for 4 Hours

Amid UN Budget Cuts, 500 Blue Helmeted Moroccans to CAR For Only 50 Staff?

In S. Sudan, What Were US Military Aircraft Doing Heading to Bor?

On S. Sudan, UN Silent & Power in Chad, Rice Records Speech, What of Yuai?

UN Budget Fight Starts Up, Mobility With Ban Away, Union Lock-out?

At UN, Of N. Korea Chemical Weapons Gear & Luxury, Budget Fights & DPKO

In S. Sudan As Civilians Threatened in Yuai, UN Evacuates Troops, No Briefings

France's Araud Mocks as "Detail" DPKO 11 Hr Communication Delay in Akobo

Before Akobo Attack, UN Staff's Tweet of Nuer Youth Mobilizing Disappeared

Before UN Akabo Incommunicado, Rice Told ICP DPKO Should Improve, Did It?

UN in S. Sudan Confirms Akobo Deaths 11 Hours After India Told Press, Why?

In SC Month, France Speaks for More UN $, Erases Mali Q, South Sudan

In S. Sudan, India Tells Press 2 Peacekeepers Killed, 1 Critical, Accountability?

UN's Post Sri Lanka Failure Rights Up Front Leaves Complacency in Place

In S. Sudan, Death in UN Base, in NY US Mission "Can't Speak Today," 10 AM

In S. Sudan, UN Won't Confirm Request to Uganda, or Bor's Fall, Too Close to Kiir?

Syria Complains to UN of Spox Misstatements on Irish Peacekeepers in Golan

UN Censorship Alliance Takes to Social Media, Hashtags and Conflicts of Interest

On US Power Trip, MSF Slams UN in CAR, Chad's Adam, Juba Next?

UN Downplayed Dead in CAR, Pays France to Re-Start Colonies, Twerks

At UN, Union Incumbents Try to Censor Web, Scribes Party Amid Sirens

After UN Brought Cholera to Haiti, Dodges ICP Qs & Service of Legal Papers

Amid UN Censorship Alliance Ball, UNanswered Qs on Haiti Cholera, Sri Lanka

On S. Sudan, Ban Hasn't Spoken with Machar, Ladsous Speaks Only to Norway

At UN, Union Incumbent Vents at Sham, Censors' MC Decline, War Crimes Ball

PGA Ashe Disputes There's Been "Pushback" on UNSC Reform Advisers

African Group Rejecting Ban's Bid for Steiner II at UNEP, Showdown on HRC

For Syria Chem Weapons, Italian Port & Russian Trucks, France Gives Nothing

On S. Sudan, Ladsous Won't Speak, Araud Curt on Peacekeeping & Mali

After UN Peacekeepers In Mali Shoot Civilians, Araud Refuses to Answer

UN's Post Sri Lanka RUF Plan Goes Behind Closed Doors, Morality Test Cited

After Cyprus Demarches UN on Downer, UN Has Vague Happy Talk, Censors

As UN, Union Votes Are Here, UNlike Scribes' Decline, War Crimes Celebration?

Amid Spread of Violence in South Sudan, UNMISS Belatedly Tweets, Where's US?

Amid South Sudan Curfew & "Maybe" Coup, Nothing from UNSC or Ladsous

France Big-Foots in Mali But When Bank Bombed, Calls ICP Q Micro-Management

In ECOSOC, Palestine & Self Determination Is Finessed by Osorio, US Agrees

On Libya Guards, UK Says They're a No-Go, Any UNSC Trip On Hold
Post Sri Lanka RUF Plan to GA Dec 17 by Eliasson, No Gota Read-Out

UN's Ban on CAR, Says Post Sri Lanka Rights Up Front Not Country Specific

As Sri Lanka Defense Minister Meets UN Deputy Eliasson, Any Transparency?

In Coup Bid in Juba, No UNMISS Twitter, Lebanon Shot UNaddressed Like Mali

In Kidal, Bombing of Bank Injured Soldiers Some Say Shouldn't Be There

In Mali, UN Peacekeepers Guarding Bank in Kidal Killed by Car Bomb, Questions

In Elections in UN, Dysfunction & Decay, Declining Vote Counts, Censorship

On Syria Chemical Weapons, Sellstrom Says Zamalka Range 2 Km, Video Popova's

Mali Police UN Works With Killed Protester in Kidal, Ladsous Says in Rare Answer

As MSF Describes UN Failure in CAR, Post Sri Lanka "Rights Up Front" In Question

Reporters Grabbed by ISIS in Syria Cited in French "Off the Record" Event

As Bed Net Bribes Pushes Search to Tanzania, UN's Malaria Man Praises Twitter

Amid Diplomacy & Double Standards, Fond Farewell to India's DPR Manjeev

France Says Its Journalist Protection Event is "Off the Record," Can't be Reported

UN 2d Syria Chem Weapons Report Says Never Got to Khan al Asal, Mentions Video

UN Delayed 2d Syria Report Then Moves Up a Day Before Sweden Said - Why?

France's Defense of Payments Is "Pressure on UN Procurement," Churkin Says

French Defense of Payments Is "Pressure on UN Procurement," Says Churkin, History

On UN Payments to France, Araud Said "Ask Spox" But He Refuses 2d Q

IMF Program in CAR "Off Track," GDP Down 20%, Lagarde to Africa, Not Bangui

UN Photos from Haiti, Korea & DRC in a Carriage House for Sale, Parallel Worlds

UN's Ladsous Met Sudan's Bashir, ICC's Bensouda Says Has No Info

On Birth Registrations, UNICEF on Myanmar & Mali Arrests, UN Split on Age?

On DRC, UN Report on Impunity for Violence "Did Not Come Up" in UNSC

In Mali, Any UN Probe of Deadly Shooting, Recusal from Payments to France?

At UN, Call to Stop Election Services, Samsung TV Laundered by SK & UN

On UNSC Reform, Ashe Issues "Non-Paper" and San Marino PR Letter

Syria Banned from Speaking as Chair of Asia Group by Japan, Cyprus + 3

Ban's 5 Year Rules Violation in Bangkok Ends, France for 16 Years Has DPKO

UN Contradicts Claim No Mission Involved in Samsung TVs to UNCA

At UN, Call for Election Boycott, No Ban Answer on Samsung TV to Scribes

UN Admits Paying France In Mali, Amount Secret, Araud Points at Russia

In Somalia, UN Kay Upbeat, Omits Sanctions Issues, Somaliland Airspace, Bax

In Elections, UN Asked to Remove Polling Station, For Samsung TV by Scribes

Rich Williamson, Candid Critic of UN Peacekeeping in Sudan, Has Died: RIP

Sri Lanka Arises in UN Genocide Meeting, as Jordan Enters UNSC, Silva Echoes

On Donations, HABITAT Cites Compact, UN Defers on Samsung, Censors' Set?

On Libya Guards, UN Mitri Slams "Misinterpretation" as Reuters Calls Him Khatib

On CAR, France Says "Only Seleka in Bangui," UNaware of Arrest, Rwanda Echo?

In CAR, As France Arrests & Imposes Selective Disarmament, Rwanda Echo?

In UN Elections, Union Goes Ivorian, Samsung Censors Cite Ethics

Ban Urges Yanukovich Against Violence, Power Calls CAR's Djotodia, Politics

UN Unaccountable Amid Dysfunctional Elections, Union, Censors

Ban Son in Law, Seeking UN Job, Writes on Syria & SC, UNCA Asked to Stop ICP

UN's Ban Congratulates DRC's "Successful Military Operation," Echo of Sri Lanka

At UN, Jordan Takes Saudi UNSC Seat, Dodges Dysfunction, Mandela Silence

As UN Stonewalls on French Co's in Mali, France Claims No Interest

UN Censors Give Gold To Their Own VP, Take Samsung TV

At UN on Mandela, France Reads Statement, Rejected Him on Burundi

Mandela Praised at UN, By Rwanda Then Ban, Q of Colonialism and Censorship

Amnesty Says Mali Tortured Jailed Children, UN Says Age UNclear

On Golan, UN Peacekeeping UNtransparent, Mali Procurement Answers Promised?

France Says Its Troops in CAR Have No Economic Aspect, Power Agrees

Somalia Asked UN to Fire Somalia Eritrea Sanctions Chief, Now What?

UNSC Reform Negotiations Delayed, PGA Ashe's Group of 6 Divided

UN's Geneva II Planning Ignored Davos & Watches, France Cheap on Sarin

As UN's Ban Celebrates Censors, Stories on Corruption, Sri Lanka & Nepotism Banned

On Syria Chem Weapons, Kaag Says UNEP To Assess, National Staffer Killed

Looking in Mali for UN Cash Are French Contractors Thales, Bolloré & Sodexho

In S. Sudan Kang Admits UN Speaks with Rebels, So Why Won't Amos Admit on Syria?

UN Celebrates Censorship, Stories on Nepotism, Sri Lanka & Corruption Targeted

Amid Anti-Corruption Strike at Syria Opposition Aid Group, UN's Amos Silent

On Protesters Shot in Kidal, Araud Urges Probe, Hasn't Read of Ouattara Hit Men

As Amos Briefs UNSC on Syria, Ja'afari Tells ICP He Wrote of Nusra in Maaloula

As UN Won't Answer on Monitor Banned from Kenya, Ban's Son in Law Banned?

Sri Lanka, Long Defended by IMF, Now Slammed for Rajapaksa Tax Games

With Ladsous in DRC for Drones, UN Repeats Mali Stonewall, Madagascar Later

On Libya Guards, ICP Asks If Peacekeepers, UN Says No, Still Needs Approval

UN Confirms Layoff Letters Despite Libya Plan, Nothing on Aramark Layoffs

As UNDP Brags of Debris Removal in Philippines, Failed in Haiti, Of Relocation

UN Moves to Layoff Security Despite Libya Plan & Close Dining Room, of Labor

France Announces UNSC Schedule Before Bilaterals, What of Somalia?

As France Announces UNSC Schedule Before Bilaterals, What of Somalia?

In DRC, Ladsous Flies In As Drone Set to Fly, As in Mali, For Whom Will It Spy?

As US Proposes to Off-Shore Syrian Chemical Weapons, Where Is UN's Trust Fund?

Will Ban Blithely Bless UN Censorship Alliance, Despite Pro-Sri Lanka Trolling?

As UK Envoy to Jordan Calls Sudan's Airport Worst, What Was He Doing There?

MNLA Ends Mali Ceasefire Due to Women Shot After UN Tells Them to Leave

UN Censors Go Trolling Even on Thanksgiving, Falk Sycophant to Power

Kerry Brags of Fewer Iran Oil Sales, Reuters Omits Sri Lanka, Of VOA's False Claims

As US Brags of Cut In Iran Oil Sales, Reuters Omits Sri Lanka, Of VOA False Claims

Two Women Shot in Mali After UN Tells Them to Leave, Ladsous Won't Answer

UN Confirms 2d Syria Report Now "Mid December," As Swedes Said - Why?

Whitewashing FrancAfrique, NYT Omits Ladsous, Cote d'Ivoire, Abandoned CAR

After Russian Embassy in Syria Is Shelled, UNSC Speaks, But Will Jarba's SNC?

On Syria, UN 2d CW Report Now Delayed to December 13, Swedes Say - Why?

From Turkey, Jarba Tweets Himself to Presidency, Follows US & UK, Scribes

At UN, African Group Win in 3d Com'te Echoes in China, India, After Verses, Nigeria

At UN on Child & Human Rights, Culture Wars Flare After Kenya ICC Abstentions

On Yemen, Benomar Says Only Some from South Quit Dialogue, Disappeared States?

China PR Tells ICP Signed Libya Guard Letter, After 9 Stakeout Month, Quoi?

Ban Names Bank of America & Shell On Sustainable Energy, Banning Qs?

On Sustainable Energy, Ban Relies on Bank of America, Coal & Ads at UN

UN Upbeat on Guinea Bissau, Council Might Visit, Send 200 Guards in Libya

When UN Says DRC Has Zero Tolerance, Doesn't Mean Zero Child Soldiers

Amid Power Cuts In Gaza, Arab Idol Assaf Rocks UN, Sponsor in the Wings

UN Admits No Mission Has a Claims Commission, Like on Haiti Cholera, No Remedy

As Uganda Complains of Non-Payment for Copters, UN Says States Bear Risk

UN Recounts Somalia Charcoal Disputes, Arms Filings, Eritrea Meeting

On CAR, France Calls Commander a Thug As Relies on Invitation from Gov

On CAR, Eliasson Cites Rights Up Front, But UN Silent on Sri Lanka in CHOGM

On Iraq, UNSC Belated Speaks on Carnage, Iraqi PR Tells ICP They've Wanted

UN Has No Update on Its Peacekeepers' Alleged Rape in Mali, Play Conflicts

On Abyei, S Sudan's Deng Praises Referendum, Sudan Calls It Personal, Rice Echo

On Geneva II, Ban's One-Way Press Encounter Does Not Say If Iran Invited, No Qs

On Syria, Geneva II Talks Set for January 22, Wait for Next Year, and for Jarbucks?

As Kerry Calls Zarif "Not Accurate," FARS Ups Agreement, Not Chicken Tweets

As Kerry Says Zarif is "Not Accurate," FARS Ups Agreement, Not Chicken Tweets

On Enrichment, Iran Say Right Recognized, US Denies, Billion or Million?

On Iran, Deal in Geneva While CNN & Al Jazeera Lost in JFK, Obama Takes No Qs

As DJ David Guetta Projects Video on UN, Will Glitz Pay Off for Philippines?

UN Says Philippines Should Decide on Relocation, Cites Areas UNreachable by Media

UN Counter-Terrorism Chief Calls Aid Exception Complex, Dodges on Spying

DJ Guetta Set to Project on UN Building, Through a Glass (House) Darkly

Evading Haiti Cholera Case, UN Won't Confirm Refusing Papers, DRC Reprisals

UN Police Who Fled Haiti Probed by Canada After 7 Months, Co-Location in Darfur?

For Reform at UN, Obama Nominates Leslie Berger Kiernan, Repped Rangel

After Beirut Bombs,  SNC Urges Iranian Change of Heart, Jarba's Sponsors Silent

As UMOJA Clunks Forward, Board of Auditors Notes PcW Fiasco

Tony Blair, Asked of Payments from JPM & Kazakhstan, Says He's Vastly Pro Bono

IMF in Sri Lanka Ignoring CHOGM Issues Unanswered, Sudan Ignored

On UN's "100 Days of Kobler," LRA Dodged, FDLR Vague, Minova Rapes Ignored

UN Celebrates Vote in Nepal As It Is Rejected, Silent on US Disabilities Treaty

In Warsaw, Amid Dispute on Loss & Damage, Ban Says It's Up to (Some?) States

On Haiti Cholera, UN Refuses Court Papers, Like a Scofflaw, US to Support?

Amid Bombs in S. Kordofan, UN Refuses to Report, Rights Up Front?

Amid Spin of DRC, Still LRA In Orientale, Low Rank Trials for Minova

Now UN Confirms 4 Fiji Troops Injured in Golan, Won't Say Treated in Israel

VICE's Correspondents Confidential Tells FARC Jokes, Somalia Shoot Canceled

UN Peacekeeping Deputy Blames Haiti Underdevelopment for Cholera's Spread

Serbia PM Answers ICP on Voting, Asks Kosovo Journalist Where He's From

Before 123-13-46 Vote on Syria, Bulgarian Chair Cuts Off Ja'afari, Sartre at UN

Fiji Says 4 UN Troops in Golan Treated in Israel, UN Claims Hasn't Heard

UN on Flying Darfur Wali, Not Chad Copters & UN's War Criminal Interactions

As UN Talks Toilets, What of UN's Waste Causing Cholera in Haiti?

UN Won't Say If Has Any Claims Commissions After Haiti, "Not a Yes or No Question"

On Libya, Dozens & Journalist Killed, UNSC Still Silent, US Refers to DoD

UNDP to Cut 10%, Off-Shore 20%, Grumbling of Clark Cutting to Run for SG

On S. Sudan, Johnson Downplays Copter Shoot-down, Disappeared Tweet

On Way to Auschwitz, Ban Omits Sri Lanka From Rwanda, Srebrenica & Cambodia

Sri Lanka and the UK: Too Little, Too Late, Between Libya, the Gulf & Somalia?

On Libya, UNSC Still Silent, UK Stares at Pen amid Carnage, Sri Lanka Promises

In Libya as Civilians Are Shot with Anti-Aircraft Guns, UN Is Silent

USUN Budgeteer Torsella to Leave at Year's End, of Audits & Sri Lanka, Free Press

In Philippines, UN Won't Work With Parties to Conflict - DRC, AU Contradiction?

In UNSC, 8 Block AU-Requested Deferral of Kenya ICC, "Disrespecting Africa"?

At UN, Togolese Competes for ICTY Judgeship with Estonia & Australia

As DRC Refuses "Agreement" with M23, US Foggy on Format, Font or Pink Paper?

UN Won't Answer If Has Any Claims Commissions After Haiti Or On USG(s)

Minova Rapes & FDLR Raised in SC Statement, France-Penned, Ladsous Stonewalled

UN Peacekeepers for Syria Floated by Ladsous, Copters to Mali, Rape Stonewall

On Rohingya, UN Silent Like On Sri Lanka, Joining OIC as PR Like #AskJPM?

JP Morgan Chase Gets Asked of Predatory Lending & Even Tony Blair, Cancels Q&A

UNlike Press Qs on Rapes in Minova & Mali, UN Ladsous Answers Dues-Payers?

On Sri Lanka, UN Silent As Survivors Banned from South, Media Can't Go North

UN Evening Has Ban, Syria & North Korea, ICC Intransigence, Rwanda Echoes

Vote "This Week" On Draft to Defer Kenya ICC, "Disrespecting Africa"?

On Draft to Defer Kenya ICC, Member Suggests No Vote, Just Refer to ASP

On Draft to Defer ICC, UNSC Meets Today, Vote Later, Kenya PR Tells ICP "It's Sad"

At UN, Jordan Gets 16 Votes, Saudi Only 140, Uruguay & South Sudan Lose

At UN, Only Africans and Latins Compete, Of France & UK Dominance, Jordan Walks

On DRC, UN Expected Agreement, Now Vague, Kiwanja & Bunagana Reprisals?

On Sri Lanka, Ban Belatedly Cites UN Lessons, After Spox Said "May Not Exist"

On Polio, SPLM Wanted Meeting UN Found UNnecessary, No Answers on Abyei

After Jarba Slaps FSA Rep, UN Has No Comment, Though Jarba Hosted

No Deal on Iran as France Plays Prima Donna, Leaves Ashton & Zarif to Explain

France As Prima Donna on Iran Foreshadowed on Africa & Iraq in NY

UN Won't Confirm Denmark on Syria, Dane Tweets From S. Sudan, Disappeared

To Replace Saudi on UNSC, Jordan As Gulf Moves in Lockstep, HRC to Save Face

UN in Nepal Slams Boycott of Election, Silent on US Disabilities Treaty

As Ashe Says Group of 6 Won't Draft, France for G4 Says It Will, G77 on TV

IMF Has No Comment on US Spying, No Answers on Sahel, Sudan, DRC

On Sri Lanka, Swire Silent on What UK Does in UNSC or UNHRC

PGA Ashe's Group of Six Should Not Draft, China Says, UNSC Reform Spat

Amid UN Budget Cuts, Delayed Union Election Irregularities, Term Limits?

In DRC, Will M23 Deal Be Signed, Will FDLR Be 2d or Mixed with Mai-Mai?

Bolivia Set to Head Group of 77 As Budget Fights Rise with Ban, Union Too

UN's Staff Relations "Hit Low," Calls for Election, Opposing Outsourcing

On Syria, Power Tells Press No One "Decent" Supports Qaeda-Linked Groups

Ban Urges IBK to Extend Authority To All Mali, Banning Tuaregs Like Tamils?

Ban Urges IBK to Extend Authority To All Mali, Tuaregs Banned Like Tamils?

Polisario Banned from UNTV & Quiet Room, UN Says Stakeout for "Participants"

UNSC Prez Liu Jieyi Says China With AU on Kenya, Answers on CAR & DRC

UN Mercenaries Group Chief Met Bancroft in Somalia, Bax in Cape Town

After UK Charges Miranda As Terrorist, UN Tells ICP To "Ask UNESCO"

While US Drafted on Journalists Killed in Mali, Why Doesn't UK on Somalia?

After Kenya ICC Draft Circulated by Africans, Another Gives to BBC

Killing of Journalists in Mali Condemned by UNSC, Nation-Specifics

Saudi To Begged by Arab League and Kerry to Have its Seat & Eat it Too

Saudi Set to Begged by Arab League & Kerry to Have its Seat & Eat it Too

UN Won't Say If Saudi Rebuffed Brahimi, Al Arabiya Puts Assad in Maliki's Mouth

On DRC, Ban Won't Join Uganda & Say Stop Fighting, As He Did in Syria

Draft Resolution for Kenya ICC Deferral to be Circulated Nov 1 by 3 Africans

On CAR, Calls for ICC, France Kept Bozize-Era Judge in NY 2 Weeks to Speak

As Ban & Kim Head to Sahel, Softball Questions Ignore Tuareg, Rape, Dams

On Syria, UN 2d Report by End of October, Now Early December - Why?

Ashe's UNSC Reform Group of 6 Slammed by Italy for UfC, Review Demanded

As ICC Defers Kenya to Feb 5, Ethiopia for AU Asks Full Year, Resolution Soon

ICC Defers Kenya to Feb 5, Ethiopia for AU Asks For Year, Resolution Soon

On Kenya & ICC, Russia & China Take African Position, Power Called "UNclear"

As AU Asks Year ICC Deferral for Kenya, Western Speculation, Vote Counts

At End of Azerbaijan's UNSC Month, Of African Splits, Lamb Chops & Layoffs

Before Kenya ICC meeting, France & UK Locked Out of P5 Room, AU Arguments

As W. Sahara Discussed, Polisario Is Told It Can't Speak on UNTV, UNclear

Somaliland Airspace, On Agenda Nov 8, Raised to Eliasson, Press UNfreedom Too

Richard Falk Says France Liable for Dexia, Where UNclear, FauxGressives

As UNSC Methods Reviewed, PGA's Euro-Heavy Reform Group Says It's in Charge

UN Didn't Respond on Its Role in DRC Fighting, Then Chides ICP, Ends Briefing

UN's Ging Rings CAR Alarm, Doesn't Want Military Escort, Ladsous Behind Walls

S. Koreas Ban DPRK Tweets, UN Kirby Calls It Vibrant, Censors Speak from Holy Seat

At UN, Rapporteurs Run Wild, De Zayas on Richard Falk, Ziegler, Geneva

On DRC, France Said "Our Own First," Rwanda Insisted Civilian Deaths In Too

Araud Declares "Military End" of M23, Dead Rwandans Added to Statement

UN Bans Syria & DRC Questions For Piano,Nuremberg & Sri Lanka Talk

On AU & Kenya Request for ICC Deferral, UNSC Meets Oct 31, Minister in Town

On DRC Fight, French Araud Says "Great, What We Were Hoping For"

On Syria, UN Transcribes Brahimi, Jarba for Al Qaeda, Kurdish Video

UN Said Its FIB Not in DRC Fight, Now 1 Is Killed, Explanation of FIB?

AU Slams Sudan for Abyei Blockage, OPCW Praises Syria, UNSC UNfocused?

UN Slammed on Haiti Cholera, Looks at its Waste in Mali, Ladsous Knee-deep

On Syria, UN Won't Transcribe Brahimi, Jarba for Al Qaeda Versus Kurds?

In Myanmar, UN Belatedly Speaks on Kachin, After Press Q Through CBS Block

Amid Shelling of Rwanda, UN Silent on Civilian Casualties, Reuters Phones It In

On Saudi Seat, Arab Group Tries Again Amid Talk of Jordan, Obama Rai$ing $

In Myanmar, UNclear If UN Helped Kachin Villagers, UN Manages Questions

On Drones, Emmerson Says Pakistan was Worst, Yemen Skewed, Silent on NSA

On Syria, UN's Amos Says Met Jarba's SNC, Won't Answer on Nusra or ISIS

Amid Reports DRC Shelled Rwanda & Shot Woman, UN's Ladsous Laughs

On Scoop on SC Reform, PGA Ashe's Spox Admits Slow, Says Reached Out

Sanctions' Impacts in Iran Reviewed, In Eritrea Ignored by Keetharuth

UNSC on Abyei, IDP Expert on UN's Cote d'Ivoire Failure, Ladsous Won't Speak

IMF Stresses Lagarde NOT Calling for Wealth Tax, Ignores Africa

On SC Reform, Ashe Names "EU-Heavy" Group, Debate Up Amid Complaints

US & UK on Diego Garcia In UN Disarmament's Evening, Saudi Sushi

On Sudan, Blaming Annan & Praising Armed Groups, Kapila Responds to Press

On AU Bid For ICC Deferral on Kenya, Ban's Maged Made No Calls

At UN, Nuke Free Latin America Gets Award, No Q&A Allowed on Malvinas

On UN's Syria Fund, Ban Not in Position to Disclose, After 10 Chevies, When?

Rejecting UNSC, Former UN Official Kapila Supports Armed Struggle in Sudan

Despite ICC Ruling, AU & Kenya Ask UNSC for Deferral, Letters Here

At UN, ICP Asks Expert Mendez of US Prisons, Bahrain Banning, Manning

UN Fetes HIV Book in Country Banning Gays, Silent on Kuwait Anti-Gay Gulf

As Jarba Goes Saudi on Geneva 2, "He'll Be Missed," Russia Says, Syria Counters

US Confirms to ICP Power Raised Minova Rapes In DRC, What of UN Policy?

On Minova Rapes, UN Won't Give Rights Policy After 8 Hours, Ban Flies Away

With Former Israeli Soldier "Breaking the Silence," Accusations of Lies

Asked of Crackdown on Elsipogtog Fracking Protests, Anaya Cites Crisis

Congo Travelogue Lacks France & Power, Ghosted Tweets Threaten Force

Minova Rapes, Covered Up by UN's Ladsous, Now Cited by Kobler for Council

On Saudi Seat, Arab Group Statement Was Never Agreed To, ICP Is Told

As If Scripted, Plea to Saudi to Maintain UNSC Seat from Arab Group, Minus Syria

Asked About Fracking, Ban Ki-moon Says Gas Is Good, Silent on Tear Gas

Saudi Withdrawal Explained to ICP by Syria as  Inability to Support Geneva II

Amid Saudi Withdrawal Mystery, Kuwait as Replacement, HRC in Doubt?

After ICC Ruling on Kenya, Araud Tells ICP UNSC "Won't Get" to Deferral Request

On ICC, Request by AU Not Yet Filed With UNSC, Kenya PR Tells ICP

As Saudi Rejects UNSC Seat, France Blames It On Assad, What Next?

On Sri Lanka, After ICP Publishes Ban's Failure Plan, Spox Says It "May Not Exist"

New on UNSC, Chad Sends 2 To Meet 10 of UN, Koenders on Nahibly, Conflicts?

In Syria, OPCW Cites Lack of Safety, UN Says "We" Won't Comment, Joint?

For SC, Saudi Where Women Can't Drive Loses 10 Votes, Chad 2 on Child Soldiers

In Syria, As Support Collapses for Jarba, To Whom Will Kidwa Reach in Turkey?

Mauritania Says It'd Serve MINUSMA On Border, UN & France Say It's Up to Mali

On Mali, Koenders Doesn't Mention Chad Troops' Rape, Minister Chides MINUSMA

In DRC, UN Won't Answer M23 Charges, Kobler Skips Presser, Being Asked to Kill

Report of Next P5+1 Talks Belated like Darfur from EU, Its Favored Media Scooped

In WikiLeaks' Mediastan, NYT Brags of UN Coverage as Garbage Shown

FrancAfrique, 26 Years After Sankara Was Killed, French Pen on DRC, Mali & CAR

UNSC To Discuss E. Congo as M23 Accuse UN of Flying Kabila Spy Chiefs

At UN in Geneva, Iran Speaking English, Facebook Back Pain, Reuters Quartet

In UN Legal Com'te, Syria Slams Qatar, Sudan ICC, Koreas Duel with US Quiet

In UN, Human Rights Tries Grab for "Rule of Law," Citing Failure in Sri Lanka

In UN, Human Rights Grab for "Rule of Law," Citing Failure in Sri Lanka

On Syria, UN No-Comments Grab of Red Cross Workers, No Kaag & Shell Oil

At UN, Replies on Kashmir Not W. Sahara, UK Hit on Malvinas & Gibraltar

Four Peacekeepers Killed in Darfur, UNSC Yet to Speak, Ladsous Double Standards

Mediastan Shows US Media Censorship As Occurs in UN For Which Reuters Spies

On Haiti, NYT Lets Ban Ki-moon Off Hook, Cholera Screening Falsely Claimed

In DRC, Kobler Adds Attack Copters, Complains "Unarmed" Ones Shot At

Bolivia Slams UK "Colonial Marketing," PNG Says France Slow on New Caledonia

In State Dep't Shutdown Spin, Was Power in Africa Too Cheap to Tweet?

As ICP Publishes UN Sri Lanka Report, Spox Admits "No Fire Zone" Didn't Work

In DRC, UN Orders Helicopters, 70mm Rockets, Ladsous' Arms Race

Saudi Ban on Women Driving Dodged By CEDAW Chair Amid Run for Seats

UN's Sri Lanka Report Cites Syria & Rwanda, Despite Haiti Claims Accountability

Nobel to OPCW Seems Not Based on Past Performance, Syria Pre-Gravitas

On Sri Lanka, UN Now Tells ICP It May Release Report "In Days Or Weeks"?

Planned UN Building by East River Not Vetted for Disaster Risk by UN Expert

On Syria Mission, UK Says Mere Letter Will Suffice, Powerful Benefit

On Corrupt DPKO, Ladsous Refuses to Answer, No Update on Whistleblower Review

France Calls "Vague" UN "Moral Responsibility" for Cholera in Haiti, PM Tweets ICP

On CAR, Araud Denies August Inaction Due to Vacation, On Haiti Up to Ban

Eliasson on UN's "Failure" in Sri Lanka, Says Report Withheld Until Implemented

On Sri Lanka, Eliasson Says "Speak What We See," Ban Hasn't Released Report

UN Saying DRC Has No Child Soldiers Is Reiterated, No Transcript

UN Corruption Covered in Corrupt Way, Transparency Int'l in Untransparent UNCA

On Haiti Cholera Suit, ICP Asks UN of Funds & Reforms, Ladsous Won't Answer

US Owes UN $795M, Brazil $75M, First 2 in GA, Peacekeeping Shorts Rwanda

After UN Killed 8000 in Haiti with Cholera, Class Action Suit Due Today SDNY

After UN Killed 8000 in Haiti with Cholera, Class Action Suit Due Today SDNY

With US Coy on Egypt Aid, At UN Egypt Meeting US Absence Blamed on Shutdown

On Syria, Questions of UN Trust Fund & Plans, Ban Said to "See From One Eye"

Amid UNTV Cut Offs, Favoritism Alleged & Raised by FUNCA, No Answers

UN Open Meeting on Nuke Free Mid East Blacked Out, US Absent "Due to Shutdown"

As UN Spin in DRC Resumes, UNSC in Addis Downplays ICC At End of Trip

For Syria, Ban Proposes Trust Fund in Cyprus, Health Like Haiti, Security Like Somalia

From Rwanda, FM Mushikiwabo Replies to ICP on FDLR, France Ignores Qs

UN As Colonialism, on Malvinas, Cuba, French Polynesia, French-Led DRC Trip

On US Raid in Libya, ICP Asks UN, It Says Up to US, "Sensitivity of State"

Ban's 5 Year Rules Violated in Bangkok, Ladsous Wants to Push Haq There

UNSC's Syria Geneva 2 Calls Undercut in DRC by Blessing Faux Dialogue

Now French Picked Media Speed Up & Mystify Re-Typing, Singing for Supper

DRC Army Linked to Child Soldiers By UN Group of Experts, Reuters Ignores

UN Peacekeeping in DRC Under Ladsous Won't Explain French Domination

In Goma, UNSC Hears of Rapist Cheka, Any Follow-Up on Minova, Mayele?

UNSC Meets Paluku, Tried Link with FDLR, Visits Mugungu, 2008 Vow Failed

NYT Gushes Over Power Tweets, But She Does Not Send Them, Congo Evidence

UN's Failure to Go to Khan Al Asal UNexplained, Like Ban's Jarba Meetings

Reuters Bashes Rwanda With MONUSCO, Brown Nosing DRC, VOA Fluff

Minova Rapes by DRC Army Raised to Minister & Kabila by UK & Power

In DRC, UN's Radio Okapi Asks France Why Not Sanction Rwanda, Spin

In DRC, Some Applause for UNSC, But Why, As French Picked Scribes Silent

In DRC, Kabila Leaves SC Waiting, UN Won't Answer But Rwanda FM Does

On DRC Trip, Despite UN & French Blackout, ICC Debated, Opposition Ignored

UN Praises Open Space But Proposes Taking Playground, of Bikes & Charlatans

Shut-Down US Gov Compared to Lebanon, Feltman's DPA Pitches Maldives

IMF in Ireland Wants Faster Repossession, Ignored Fall-Out from Austerity, Qs

In DRC, Will UNSC Visit Opposition Like Tshisekedi or Bunagana?

DRC-Bound, UNSC Meets EU Group Back from Georgia, Updates in Rain

DRC Conflict Minerals Debated as French Led UNSC Trip Stops in Belgium, Power Q

Of N. Korea Banging & German to Finnish Budget, PGA Ashe Opens, Seconded

As Mikati Meets Ban, Feltman Not Ladsous or Kane There, & IPI Roed-Larsen

As Nepal Workers Die In Qatar, UN Envoy Has No Comment, Another to Visit

White "UN" Copters Fly Over M23, How Will Reuters & VOA Report Complaint?

On Syria, NYT on Kane But Why NOT Khan al Asal, What of UMOJA, Germany?

When Jarba Went to Ban Ki-moon's Home, What Role for ID & UN Charter?

Zarif Asks Brahimi If Comes to Iran Next, Ishallah's Reply, Censors Jarba Games

Syria Aid Text May Not Reach Raqqa, UK Denies P5 Rule As France Picks Scribes

As Process Starts for a New UN Building, Would It Provide More or Less Access?

France Said to Pick Reuters and VOA for UNSC Africa Trip, Its Genocide Joyride

Ban's Jarba Meeting Not in UN Media Alert, But UN Photo Was At Ban's Residence

Sri Lanka Gets UN Legal Chair, Absurd, Sartre-Translator Gets Human Rights

UN Defers to Netanyahu, Talks Over Iran's Reply, Attacks When Press Asks Why

As UN Dodges "Moral Responsibility" on Haiti Cholera, a Joint Commission?

Ban's Jarba Read-Out Trumps Prez of Chile, Bolivia, Costa Rica, of Oman Chairs

From Australian Horns to Chinese Chops, French Censorship Is Not Savory

As France Picks Scribes for DRC Trip, Australia Won't Confirm, Of CAR, Leaks

Media for UN DRC Trip Picked "In Consultation" With France, US Leads on Rwanda

Ban Got Syria's Protest, France's Jarba-Fest Going Forward Was His Answer

Of $100 Charge to Hear Kane on Syria, UN Says Only She Won't Keep the Money

As Letta's Coalition Collapsed, He Preened with Rouhani & Money Honey

On Syria, From Fabius Fumble, Action Shifts to Geneva, Qatar Aid Games

Ban's Jarba Read-Out Trumps Latin Presidents Including Brazil, & Uganda PM

Given Ban's & Jarba's 100 Word Read-Out, Why Not in Media Alert, No Photo?

When Ban Met Jarba at His House, No Photo Unlike Sellstrom, UNCA & DPI Scam

As Ban Met Jarba, His Office Tells ICP Unaware of Syria Letter, But Here It Is

Without Disclosure, UN's Ban Meets Saudi-Sponsored Jarba, Not in Media Alert

At UN, Tuvalu on Fukushima, UAE on Bahrain, Low Drama From Tableless Booth

Turkish Cypriot Eroglu Derides Varosha Proposal as Diversion from Bail-In

As Resolution Passes, Syria Told Ban France Violated Charter With Jarba

Discredited in Syria, Jarba Holds Floor in Manhattan Hotel, Spox Cites Hitler

Discredited in Syria, Jarba Holds Court in Manhattan Hotel, Spox Cites Hitler

Rouhani Presser Has Nuclear Accusations, Nothing on Rights or Press Freedom

Alleged Rapists Return to Chad, Mali Re-Hatting Mis-Run by Ladsous

On Syria, ICP asks Power of Accountability, Churkin of Compliance

Cyprus Anastasiades Floats Famagusta Plan, ICP on IMF, Thanks for Journos

On Syria at SC, Marginal 10 Brought In, OPCW 1st & As  Annex, Lavrov Video

On Syria, Saudi-Sponsored Jarba Given 20 Minutes in ECOSOC by France

On Mali, UN Confirms Rape Charges Are on Chad, Ladsous Said Trust Him

Amid Protests at UN For Bringing Cholera to Haiti, UNanswered Questions

IMF Says Nothing Is Its Fault in Greece or Pakistan, Ignores Sudan, Defers on Iran

At UN, 2 Question Presser Ignores Palestine Tax Diversion, UNCA Propaganda

Chad Soldiers in Mali Accused of Rape, Ban & Prodi Glad-Hand Deby

As Guatemala Says "Legalize It," Ban Goes Light on Latins, Maritime Disputes

On Sri Lanka, ICP Asks UK Burt & Bishop of CHOGM, They Claim It'll Spotlight

UN Lists Sudan's Bashir As Speaker for Tomorrow in UNGA, Of Ladsous

As Jarba Disavowed by Fighters in Syria, UN Stonewalls on Faux "UN Briefing"

UN Silent on 2d Faux Syria Rebel Briefing, Spins French Takeover of Press

Evo of Bolivia on US Aerial Piracy, Gets 5 UN Big Wigs, VS Another's Dozen

As Ban Ki-Moon Meets Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka, Shavendra Silva There, Where's Report?

France "Reserves" UN Press Briefing Room, Refuses DRC Q, Genocide Joyride

Obama Dodges Critique of Spying, Spins Syria, Delegates Africa to France

US Delays or Denies Visa to State of Palestine Counselor, "No Reason"

Saudi Mission Staff Denied Health Insurance, Did Kerry Raise Obamacare?

As UN Schedules FM Karti & Not Bashir, Silence on Ladsous, Sri Lanka Rajapaksa

On DRC Army Rapes, Robinson Cites Zero, Shelling of Rwanda UNexplained

At UN, Nicaragua Targeted by Letter from Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica & Panama?

With Syria Rebel Jarba at UN's Backdoor, Ban's Office Tells ICP "Ask UNCA"

UK's Hague Still Hot About Embassy in Iran, Cites Kenya But Not Mali or DRC

UN Checks on Peacekeeper Equipment Looted by Syria Rebels, Video Shows Philippines

UNIDO, Agency De-Funded by France, Holds Stakeout But "No Questions!"

Stevie Wonder Says Overcome Lobbyists for US To Ratify Disabilities Convention

Ashton Kicks Off Week with 3 Pre-Picked Qs on Iran, Rouhani Sept 27, FUNCA

NYT Power Profile Uses Ghost Tweets & Former Big Wigs, Schizo on Syria

As Ban Meets SADC on DRC, Shouts at Photo-Op, Doors Closed, Access Fight

Amb Power with Mashable Is Mostly Syria, Nothing on Spying or DRC, Haiti

Despite Sri Lanka Harassment, Tamils Win, Ban Withholds Report, Rajapaksa

With Media Banned from GA Hall, 12 Standing Spots Protested by FUNCA

France Chooses Scribes for its Genocide Joyride, UN Won't Disclose List

For Trip to DRC & Rwanda, UN Lets France Pick Its Scribes, Despite Genocide

At UN, All-Afghan Electoral Bodies Given Thumbs Up, LOTFA Too, But Maxwell?

Obama's UN Speech Said Africa-Free, 3/4 Iran & Syria, Fundraising Not Shown

UN Talks Disabilities,  Still No Bulletin on Accessibility, Media Banned from GA

Bolivia's Morales Floats Boycott of UN, Sudan Tells ICP Bashir Is Comings

In UN Cover-Up, Bax Orders Silence or Practiced Responses After ICP Blog

Assad Tells Kucinich 15,000 Soldiers Killed, 85% of Rebels Jihadists

UNSC Congo Trip, 1st Reported by ICP, Seeks Scribes Through UNCA (Then, Updated)

UN Admits Chad Troops Walk Off Job in Mali, No Answer on Somalia, Jarba

On Syria, Civil Rights Official Tells ICP War Takes from Poor, Haiti Echo

McCain Calls Syria Hormone for Qaeda Needing More Than MREs, Reuters Spin

Exposed as Trolls, UNCA Scribes, AFP, Reuters & CBS Keep On, Ban's Shabiha?

As AFP & Reuters at UN Named as Trolls in MediaBistro, ICP Called Pro Syria

On Syria at UN, Doubts About Ban and His Role at G20 Report Back

On Syria, Ban Holds UNbalanced 5-Question Presser, Bid for TV, Race for Relevance

As Brahimi UN Tweets Suspended, UN Trolls Counterfeit ICP, Oxfam Re-Tweets

On Syria, Assad's Rose Interview Teased as in Sweeps Week, Social Media War

Reuters Calls Greenwald Activist, Ban Said Snowden Misused, UN Spies

On Syria, McDonough Says Vote Is Really on Iran, Assad Interview Teased

On DRC, UN Cites M23 But Not FDLR, Feingold, EU & AU Name Neither

Amid Syria War, UNCA Led by CBS, Reuters & AFP Start 2d Counterfeit ICP

UN Syria Plans Blindsided by Obama's Proposed Missiles, of Hostages & Ladsous

As Gulf & Western Media UNCA Starts Counterfeit of ICP, UN Cheers


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