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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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Sept 24, 2013

UN: Sri Lanka


FOIA Finds  

Google, Asked at UN About Censorship, Moved to Censor the Questioner, Sources Say, Blaming UN - Update - Editorial

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On Ukraine, March 15 UNSC Vote, US on Mayotte Not Resolution

Syria Coalition Returns Through UN's Backdoor, UN Said, "Ask UNCA"

Khobragade Gets Re-indicted, UNlike Immunity French Dip Serman Got, Araud Threats

No UN Read-Out of Estonia FM, Snipers, No Comment on Thailand, Ladsous

Of French Mistrals to Russia, US Urges Restraint on Sale, Of Mayotte Analogy

In Geneva, US Dodges on Drones and Spying, Stop & Frisk and Haiti Deportations

UN Spox Spins Iqbal Riza, Stonewalls On GA Request, Press Qs

On Ukraine, Churkin Cites France's Mayotte Referendum, Colonialism

On Ukraine, Yatsenyuk Tells SC Of Nuke Impact, France Jokes of Kosovo

Dujarric Day 4: UN Rejects Qs on Free Press, Corruption, Nigeria, S. Sudan

Brahimi Says He Doesn't Reproach, Ford Said Different, Ja'afari's 25 Miles

UN Spins on Myanmar & UN Peacekeeping, Ladsous Took Recruiter in Mali

UN Ignores Qs on Nigeria, Free Press, S. Sudan, Corruption: Dujarric Day 4

On Ukraine, IMF Defers Most Press Questions While Mission “In Field,” Insiders?

On Ukraine, Yatsenyuk Admits IMF Is "Not the Sweet Candy," Cites Tatars

UN Spox Reply Stonewalls on Haiti, Ignores Roed-Larsen, Vogt & Reed

On Ukraine, Rand Paul Proposal to Strip IMF Loses, McCain's Wins

50 Hours After UN Is Asked, What Does Iqbal Riza Do As a USG, No Answer

On Day 3 UN Spox Won't Answer Before Noon on S. Sudan, Haiti, Bahrain

From Somalia, Kay Answers, UN Won't Say Where Mahiga's Lessons Are

AMISOM Tells ICP Probing Arms Transfers, VOA Flubbed Uganda Quote

On Ukraine Rep King Talks Nazis, Obama Back After De Blasio, Ban Not Shown

On Ukraine, Kumbaya in US Congress for Sanctions on Russia for Yatsenyuk

New UN Spox Spins Even Staff Union Protests, Stonewalls Haiti, Silent on Lanka

Ethiopia Minister Who Un-Tweeted Gay Rights Listed at CSW As NVB Cancels

UN Staff Union Protests Budget & Briefing, But New Spox Spins With Scribes

On Ukraine, France Rails But Araud Won't Answer Mistral Sale to Russia

As Sri Lanka Army Shown in War Crimes, UN Hasn't See, UNclear

UN Says USG Post to Mahiga for Lessons Learned - For 9 Months?

On Day 1 UN Spox Dujarric Won't Answer on Haiti or Sri Lanka, New Era

Ukraine's Yatsenyuk to Meet Obama March 12 - But UNSC March 13?

On Rapes by DRC Army, Belkacem Said “Time Is Enemy" - A Year Ago

In Libya Oil Fight, US Cites Waha Consortium, Ukraine on Tap 3 pm, DC March 12

Obama to Meet New Qatar Rep As Saudi, Bahrain & UAE Pull Theirs From Qatar

On Child Soldiers, Of FSA & UNICEF Backpacks, French Hypocrisy in CAR

As Chad Eyes Sudan Deal, It Got 300 French to Watch Libya, From Faso to Francophonie

UN Doles Out "Secret" USG Post to Mahiga After Somalia Post: Ban's UN

On Darfur, US Condemns Sudan's Attacks, Ladsous' UN Quiet, Met Bashir

On Haiti Cholera, US Files "Suggestion of Immunity" for UN, Impunity

At UN, Ukraine PR Meets Latins, Tells ICP Aims for All Groups, Audio Redux

At UN, Chad's PR Tells ICP 80% of Muslims Chased from CAR, Return to Vote?

Without Convictions for Minova Rapes, UN Praises DRC, US Power

ICC Convicts Katanga, Child Soldier Recuiter Kerim Still Free, Ladsous Stonewalls

Araud Denies Pillay & NYPD Doc Online, Like Bardem Morocco Quote?

With No Convictions for Minova Rapes, UN Praises DRC, US Power

UN Joint Agency with WTO Works on Trans Pacific Partnership, for Censorship?

At UN, Censorship Alliance Demands 1st Question, To Promote Events

On Ukraine, Churkin Cites Ashton Audio, UK Says Probe Snipers

In S. Sudan, UN Admits "Error" of Trucks of Guns by Road, Haiti Cholera

Ukraine PR Says Serry Held Long Time by Russians, Good Signals from IMF

On Ukraine, UK Wants to Hear from Eliasson of Serry, Feckless French PR

On CAR, Araud Says Pillay Made No Report, On Child Soldiers Ladsous No Answer

On Ukraine, UN No Comment on US Sanctions, Serry "Felt Presence"

On CAR, Ladsous Ignores Pillay on France Put Muslims at Risk, Ukraine at Fore

On Ukraine, White House Announces Sanctions, UN's Serry Silent in Kyiv

Amid DRC Army Abuse, UN Turned Down "Some" of 8th Military Region

On Ukraine, As Serry Leaves Crimea, 21 OSCE Members Send Unarmed Personnel

On Palestine, ICP Asks Mansour of Al-Aqsa, OPCW's Veolio Despite OPT Work

On Ukraine, Ashton & Paet Discussed "Same Snipers" Shooting Both Sides

Sri Lanka's Peiris Cites Last Minute Reports at UN It's Manipulated

On Ukraine, Obama Tells Donors Yanukovych "Democratically Elected"

Myanmar Rights Post Set for Yanghee Lee, As UN Invites "Peacekeepers"

On DRC, Feingold Goes on Road, But When Will FDLR Be Targeted?

For UNSC, Luxembourg Portends Openness, Somalia & Child Soldiers Debate

World Urban Campaign, Sponsored by GDF Suez & Veolia, Wants a Cities SDG

At UN, UN Censorship Alliance Demands 1st Question, As With Evo

As Ukraine Stand-Off Spills Over Into Moldova, ICP Asks PR of Kerry

In Geneva, Sri Lanka Resolution Tabled, Watered Down, No Power

On 50 DRC Rapes by Mai Mai Morgan, & Minova, UN DPKO Silent

On Ukraine, US Pentagon Puts on Hold All Engagements with Russia

On Ukraine, Disputes on Russia Troop Numbers, OSCE Mission Size, Moldova

On Ukraine, Russia Says Yanukovych Invited In, Power on OSCE Monitors

At UN, Decline in War Deaths Proclaimed, But Drug War, Boko Haram, Ideology

On Haiti Cholera, UN Rebuffs Expert's Report, Nail & Mail Service on Ban

In Geneva, Greece on Ukraine But Not IMF, Sri Lanka Looming in HRC

On Ukraine, Kerry to Kyiv on Tuesday, Nuland to Vienna, Bush on Georgia Cited

On Ukraine, UN's Serry Not Mediator But Go-Between, Of Budapest Memo

On Ukraine, UNSC Open Meeting Excludes 11 Members, IMF Cited by Obama

Ukraine PR Says UN Charter Brutally Violated, "There's Still Time"

On Ukraine, Now Ban Spins UNSC (Non) Outcome, Scripted 1st Q Presser

On Ukraine, Serry Spins UNSC (Non) Outcome, Doesn't on Middle East

New UN Spox Embraces French Dip's Ukraine Script, Censors Season

In Ukraine, Churkin Says Serry Got Played, No Funds Until Know More

Ukraine PR Calls Yanukovych Comic, ICC Complex, IMF Going In, Mi-24s

After Yanukovych Speaks, UNSC Meets, Churkin Not Sure For What

On Sri Lanka, No Specific UN Comment on Censorship, Rights Up Front Sans LKA

At UN, Meeting 6 Weeks Late Overlaps SC on Ukraine, UNCA 15 Didn't Ask

As DPRK's Ja Song Nam Gives Credentials to Ban, Kim Says Congratulations

After 50 Rapes by Mai Mai Morgan in DRC, Silent UN Slammed by Whistleblowers

Yanukovych Resurfaces, No Answer on Submarine, Crimea Autonomy?

US Reports on UNSC Allies, French Roma But No Spying, Palestine Not Listed

At UNSC, No Questions Taken by Lithuania on Somalia, Lebanon Statements

At UN, Rwanda Genocide Blamed on France, UN Peacekeeping No FDLR Plan

Myanmar Invited for UN Peacekeeping by Nambiar, UN Silent on Law

Morocco as France's "Mistress" Now Ascribed to Araud, Suit Threatened

On DRC, UN Still Won't Say When - Or If - It Will Go After FDLR

Google Wanted Innocence of Muslims Up, UN Complaint Banned from Search

IMF Goes "All Ukraine," Adds 3 EU - Africa & Latin America Ignored

Bashir in DRC for COMEX, Ban Speech & Affleck Do Not Mention

On Ukraine, US Says No Decision on Loan Guarantee Until New Gov, Of IMF

On DRC Affleck Pitches Chocolate & Meece, Wants MONUSCO Sunset

As Bissau Statement Cites Impunity, No Amnesty Q Taken by Lithuania

Child Soldier Spin, Ladsous Leaves Early, Araud Defers, FSA & Mali UNaddressed

On Haiti Cholera, Medrano's Spin to DPA & AFP Presage Tour, French Answers?

In Abyei, S. Sudan Has 660 Soldiers, Sudan 150 Oil Personnel, Violations

As Kerry Says No Visas for Rapists, Minova Rapes by US Trained Unit?

On  Yemen, Sanctions for "Undermining" Transition Limit South Speech Rights?

As Kerry Cites Congo Rapes & M23, No Update on Minova, DRC Army

Bolivia VP Slams IMF, Talks Up G77, Jarba's Hosts Absent, Reflections

Bashir Visits DRC, After UN's Ladsous Then Eliasson Met Him, Sans ICC

On Ukraine, IMF Reporters Migrate to State, UN Briefing Canceled

On Haiti Cholera, UN Still Won't Say If Got Papers, No Briefing by Serpa, Song

On DPKO India's Mukerji Contrasts DRC FIB, Ambivalent S. Sudan, Defensive Golan

French Ambassador Quoted Morocco is France's "Mistress," Araud on Acela?

Swiss Prez Burkhalter Won't Answer on 8 to 5 Air Force Not Stopping Hijacker

On Sri Lanka, As Pillay Urging Probe Goes Online, Ban Invited There in May?

At UN, Yanukovych's Old PR Tells ICP He Flipped on Dec 1, Represents People

UN Said Bax Was Cleared, But Letter Shows Referral on African Skies Ltd

New UN Spox Has Two Years of Censorship Under His Belt, Qs UNanswered

On Ukraine, Kerry Tells Lavrov to Work With EU, UN on Margins Again

On Syria, NBC Says "1 Million Dead," SNC Says Ukrainians Beat "Foreign Tyrants"

On Ukraine, Kerry Tells Lavrov of Peace in Kyiv, But Whither Crimea?

On Syria, UK Admits Further Steps Not Automatic, Hezbollah Cut UNexplained

Syria Draft Adopted 15-0 at UN After ICC, Sanctions, Hezbollah & Quds Omitted

After Riot in Australia's Manus Facility, US Tells ICP Wants PNG to Probe

At UN, Bloomberg Met Ban With No Read-Out or Disclosure, Stealth Spox

In Ukraine, Yanukovych Heads East, Putin - Obama Talk, Hagel Gets His Call

On S. Sudan UNMISS Notes SPLA Killing of Nuer, Spins Malakal

On Syria Draft, US Says Didn't Merge With Russia's, Hezbollah & Quds Omitted

UN Dodges on Pillay Finding France Put Muslims at Risk in CAR, Haiti Echo?

At UN, Bloomberg Thanks Ban on "The Ukraine," Conflict of Interest UNanswered

On Syria, Australia Says Vote Saturday, Hezbollah & Quds Force Out of Draft

Pillay Finding France Put Muslims at Risk Taken by AU, Banned by France

On CAR, Ban's Plan & Nordic Funds, Will Probes Include France & Cleansing?

On S. Sudan UN Says It Wants Uganda "Phased Withdrawal," Told Kiir?

After UN Moves to Censor, Spox Calls Press Input Into Pick "Not A Serious Q"

On Haiti Cholera, UN Tells Press No Briefing, Won't Say If Got Papers, Song

IMF's Spain Report Says Banks Can't Sell Off Foreclosures Fast Enough

In India, IMF Suoogests Relaxing Ban on Proprietary Trading, Gonzo?

On Sri Lanka, UN Won't Say, But Ban's Invited To Colombo in May

On Ukraine, US Says Russia Not Transparent, Lithuania Calls for More Coordination

Ban's Spox Pick Raises Questions of Censorship, Due Process, Impartiality

On S. Sudan, US Still Wants Uganda "Phased Withdrawal," Looks into CAR

As Ban Talks Rule of Law, On Haiti Cholera UN Won't Say If Got Papers, Song

History Spin As Complaints to UN Blocked, Q&A Withheld, Censors Sell Books?

Exclusive: As Somalia's Jama Mis-Wired $4.5M, Mogadishu in Manhattan IV

On Sri Lanka, No UN Read-Out or Follow-Up, Ban Disturbed by N. Korea

On Syria, UK Thinks Vote This Week, Russia Says Timelines Not Productive

After Re-Tweeted Spin of Syria Desert Photo, UNHCR's Side of Story

On S. Sudan Even When DPKO Answers, It's By Invitation Only, No Cluster Bombs

After UN Spins Syria Desert Photo, ICP Asks UNHCR What It's Learned

Somaliland Redux As On Somalia Remittances, Will UN Press Barclays?

On Bissau, IMF Focuses on Cashews & Cuts to Industry, UN on Strikes & Syrians

On Haiti Cholera, As UN Won't Say If Got Papers, Song Over Stonewalling

After UN Spins Syria Desert Photo, & SNC Urges Invasion Like Iraq, What Next?

On Syria, SNC Jamous Calls for Iraq-Style "Action Outside SC," UN's Sachs

Ambassador Pitches UK Missiles for US Drones, French Veolia to Syria

On N. Korea, VOA Errs on ICJ, Darusman Quiet After Sri Lanka Failure

Bahrain Silent on US But Protests Vague Statement from UN, Which Ignored Syria

On Sri Lanka, Tamils "Shame Ban Ki-moon" at UN As Pillay Report Leaks

In S. Sudan, UNICEF To Raise Backpack Use, But HBO Showed Earlier Use

On Syria, US Says Intensive for Cross Border, Drafts Contrasted, Rancho Mirage

UN Security Called In Union Dispute, Ban's Censors Put Back Disclosure to Feb 28

For Syria, OPCW Taps Veolia, Fresh from Illegal Settlements, For Chemical Weapons

On Syria, Geneva Round Ends With a Whimper, Stealth Brahimi Presser

On Ukraine, EU's Ashton Tells ICP Nuland Is Her Friend, Denies Sphere of Influence

Censorship by Turkey Slammed by Pillay, Complaint to UN Banned From Net

On FSA Child Soldiers, Amos Says Use Leverage, US Leaves UNanswered

On Syria, Russia Proposes Its Own Aid Resolution, & Terrorism Statement

Ban Flips on Italian Sailors Detained in India, Not Sri Lankan Tamils

As Ban Signs Compacts, Ladsous Won't Disclose, Others Open on FSA & CAR

Syria Writes UNSC Of Aid Blocked by "Terrorists" in Al Raqqa, Yarmouk

UN Spins Census While Myanmar Says Will Not Recognize Rohingya

In UNSC, Sochi Truce Violation Alleged, Ladsous Gives Thanks for Drones

UN Withholds Ban's Answers to UNCA, None Asked of Ukraine, "Get Over It"

CPJ Criticizes S. Sudan, Light on Lanka, Mali & UN, Censorship Ignored?

UN Population Fund Tip-Toes Around ObamaCare, Ban Takes No Qs

On S. Sudan, Ban Silent on Uganda, Secret Spoon-fed Quotes, Ladsous Takes No Q

From UN Cyprus Post, Downer Moves On, Conflict of Interest Intact

As Hollande Dines with Nuland, CAR Sins UNaddressed, To SF from DC

After Breaking Union, Ban Breaks Bread With Censors, Q&A Withheld

On Syria Draft, ICP's Told Russia Has Its Own Language, "Opposes 30%"

On Free Syria Army Child Soldiers, Araud Says Only "O.P 1," Pulling a Ladsous

UN Won't Answer on Late Whistleblowers' Report or What Fed to Scribes

UN Pushes Staff Changes After Breaking Union, Lunches with Censors

UNRWA's Grandi Cites Range of Groups in Yarmouk, Tripoli Complex, VICE

On S. Sudan as UN Takes Sides, Ladsous Takes No Q, on Uganda, Bombs

On Syria, Brahimi to Meet US & Russia Friday, Come to NY, Check the Gun

Serbia PM Answers Just 1 Media (on Organs) on UNTV, Kosovo Not At All

UN Tries to Break Union, Citing Dispute, While Its Censors Break Own Rules

IMF Urges Romania Not to Help Too Many Consumers, Like Bolivia

Syria Draft Called "Beyond Redemption" By Russia After France & US Promote It

On S. Sudan, UN Spox Has Nothing on Ugandan Forces, IGAD Process Stalled?

Hyping Hollande, White House Talks Up Syria Aid, No Congress Because SF

IMF Criticizes Bolivia As Undercutting Profitability, Defers to US, Ignores Africa?

On S. Sudan, Uganda Rejects US Calls for Withdrawal, Cites UN Slander

On Darfur, UN Covers Up Complaints of Former Spox, Quiet as ICRC Banned

Turkey Crackdown Echoed in UN, Complaint to UN Disappears from Net

On S. Sudan, US Calls for "Phased Withdrawal" of Uganda, Will UN Follow Suit?

On CAR, Will ICC Investigation Include France & Religious Cleansing?

As S. Sudan Kiir Still Threatens Treason Prosecution, UN Cites Only Due Process

After UN's Ladsous Met Sudan's Bashir, DSG Eliasson Did It, Sans ICC

US Nominees to Norway & Argentina Bungle, State Spins, Sends Later - To Some

On Nuland & Feltman, UN Tells ICP It Might Be a Third Jeff, Or Geoff Pyatt

UN Wants FDR Off-Ramp Closed Or Will Empty Cafeteria, Pays Aramark's Costs

Sochi Shown at UN Amid Talk of Nuland Leak & Feltman, Ukraine & Serry

On Nuland, Reuters Omits Feltman, Gawker Calls Him Felton

To Syria OPCW Japan Promises, Hasn't Paid, France Promises Nothing

On Ukraine, Nuland Said Feltman "Got" Ban to Agree to Serry,  FSA Qs

Planes Leaving CAR With Gold Described to Chile In 1st CAR Sanctions Meeting

Kaag Re-Pledges Disclosure of Chem Weapons Funds, Still No Answer on Staffer

Illicit Money Is Mbeki's Topic at UN, Qs Steered to Censorship Alliance

Amid Reports of Sri Lanka Cover Up & Executions, UN Tells ICP, Probe

IMF Defers to US on Tapering, Ignores Qs on Sudan, Iran, Areva & Niger

On Syria, UN News Centre Air-Brushes FSA Child Soldiers From Report

FSA Child Soldiers Covered Up, Reuters Promotes Monuments Men

On S. Sudan, MSF on Deaths in UN Camp, Resolution in Lithuania's February?

UNICEF Speaks on Child Soldiers In Syria, FSA Not Cited by Lake

UNESCO Says US "Very Active" In Its Cultural Heritage Programs, FSA Echo

On FSA Use of Child Soldiers, US Now Says Doesn't Support This - Really?

After CAR Army Lynches Ex-Seleka, UN Says It Will Advocate- As With France?

On Syria, Reuters Covers Up UN Report for FSA, Rants Against Rwanda

FSA Use of Child Soldiers, Published Jan 29 by ICP, Obscured in Syria Talks

Can US Aid Free Syrian Army, Child Soldiers Confirmed by UN, Noted by UK?

Palau Would Defend Marine Sanctuary With Italian Drones, Crashed in DRC

Free Syrian Army Use of Child Soldiers Commented on by UK After Press Q

On S. Yemen, Could Al-Beidh Be Sanctioned As "Spoiler" For Secession Talk?

Lake Says UNICEF Will Raise Backpack Use in S. Sudan, Did Ladsous Raise?

After Urging UN Page Limits to Cut Costs, US Opposes Them, Torsella Qs

In Mali, UN's Final Cuts Heavy on Araud & Power, Nothing on Kidal or Rapes

After UN Post to Bloomberg, He Speaks on Africa, Covers Mining: Conflicts?

In Mali, French PR Points Have Nothing on Kidal or Rapes, Morocco & MNLA

In S. Sudan, UNICEF Condemns Use of Its Backpacks by SPLA, Ladsous Raised?

As Cyprus Protests Ban's Munich Explanation of Delay, Downer Redux

In S. Sudan Ladsous Met No Rebels Only Kiir, Of UNICEF Backpacked Troops

In Mali, UN Runs French PR Quoting US Power, Nothing on Kidal, Rapes

In Mali, UN Runs French PR Without Questions, Nothing on Kidal, Rapes

In Mali, Kidal UNheard in Mopti by UNSC, After Killings, Gang Rapes UNresolved

In Mali, When UNSC in Mopti, Kidal UNrepresented After Killings, Gang Rapes?

In S. Sudan, Machar's Leer Said Burned by Kiir, Ladsous Only with Kiir's Gov?

In Mali, UNSC Went to Mopti, Anything on Kidal Killings, Gang Rapes?

In Mali, Will UNSC Members Address Kidal Killings, Gang Rapes?

Sri Lanka Slammed by US on Impunity & Corruption, Lobbying Failed?

In Munich, Ban Cites Serry as Dutch Envoy to Ukraine, Iran Face (Saving?) Time

On S. Sudan, As Machar Cites Ugandan Violations, Ladsous Only with Gov?

Syria Show Moves to Munich, Jarba Takes No Q&A, Of Miliband & Guehenno

On S. Sudan, UN Silent on Uganda & Treason, If Ladsous Will Meet Machar

On CAR After French Kill 10 & Allow "Hacking," UN "Will Establish Facts"

Amid Syria Influx, Propaganda Explained by UN As "Manifestos in Briefing Room"

As UN Gives Post to Big Bank Bloomberg, Conflict of Interest Not Addressed

Syria Talks May Resume Feb 10, UN Warns Press on Propaganda, No Kurds or Iran

UN Set to Give Post to Big Bank Bloomberg, Conflict of Interest Not in Report

For Reform at UN, Obama Withdraws Leslie Berger Kiernan, Repped Rangel

With NFL in China Within UN, Redskins Name Issue Here Too - like FYROM?

On Syria, Killing of Journalists Is Called a Loaded Question, Branded Silence

At UN, Rwanda PR Is Asked of M23 & Experts, Not Genocide, by Reuters

On CAR As French Kill 10 & Stand By As Muslim Lynched, UN Says "Ask France"

Deal On Rwanda Genocide Description Voted 15-0, US Policy UNexplained

AFP's Witcher Complained to UN of How Press Questioned Ladsous

Despite US Policy Against Calling Rwanda Genocide Against Tutsi, Deal

China & Koreas Take On Japan, France Quotes Bismarck, Of DRC & Rwanda

NFL Concussions Discussed in UN, Sponsored by Malawi, No Q&A - Why?

On Syria Talks, Disd Iran Tells ICP It's Better This Way, Of Reuters & Hurra

On Education, UNESCO Light on Net, Privileges Censors, Banning Coursera

Free Syrian Army Use of Child Soldiers Detailed by UN, Can US Aid FSA?

Obama Heavy on Iran, Silent on Pawned-Out UN, Predatory Lending Laundered

Yemen Dialogue Ended With Ban in a Closet, Benomar Praises Deal on South

Amid UN Political Gaffes, UNICEF on Big Data Quality, Line in Central Asia

On Syria, UN Denies Report of Reuters, Which Channels P3, Shy Jarba Bans Cameras?

On CAR, France Refuses to Answer Pillay on Leaving Muslims at Risk, Why?

In DC, Sri Lanka Pitches with Ex-Congressman & CNN Anchor, Waiting for State

To S. Sudan, UN Confirms 350 Ghana Troops from Cote d'Ivoire, NGO Attacked

At UN, Morocco Grills NGOs on Western Sahara, Of Turkey and Armenians

On Syria, UN Won't Say if Annan in Iran Coordinated, Why Photos Banned

Brahimi Says Syrian List Already in Geneva 1 - So Rejected by SNC?

As SC Slams Ransom, ICP Asks UK If France Pays Them, Wikileaks

In Geneva, AFP Channels SNC, Which'll Try to List The Detained - by Nusra?

At UN, Farewell to Mr Coffee, Indians Make French Connection, Immunity Compared

In Geneva, SNC Calls SANA Propaganda, "Al Arabiya Lies All the Time"

Syria Represented by Ja'afari in Geneva, Annan to Iran After Ban Disinvitation

On Rodman Gifts to Kim Jong-un, UN Sanctions Chair Tells ICP "Not Too Low"

DPRK on "Invariable Stand," UN Ban Call to South Korean UNexplained

On S. Sudan, UN Marginal and UNresponsive, Banned Minister For Cameras?

At UN, Legal Fight of Ban's Layoffs Approved, Censorship by his Scribes

On Haiti Cholera, Medrano on Legal Wrangling, But UN Won't Answer

IMF Cites Afghan "Capacity" After Bombing, Disappointed in Congress

On CAR, Despite Killings After Its Disarmament, France Spins Diarra Reply

UN Tries to Pick Sell-Outs for Unions of Staff & Scribes, FUNCA Opposes

In CAR, Exodus and Communities Left Vulnerable by France, Sangaris

In UN Games, Its Russian Service Quotes Syria FM, English News Does Not

With Cyprus Issue in NY, Downer Is In London, Buttenheim Upbeat

On Drones, Ladsous Spins Crash into Hard Landing, Aims for 5, When FDLR?

In Montreux, Media Called Disrespectful, Hot Air Praised, Jarba Thanks Saudi

On Syria and Iran, Ban Ki-moon Eschews Security Council, Gets Dominated by US

Amid Hot Air in Montreux, Saudi Calls Jarba Excellency, No Kurds

US Call on Ban's Reversal Has No Iran Media, Shares Free Press Lack With Reuters

In S. Sudan, UN Banned Minister For Arms & Cameras - FUNCA Asks Why

UN Claims Ban Had "Oral Understandings" With Iran, Dismayed at Militarization

UN Moves to Discourage Ruling Goodwill Ambassadors After Gaddafi Expose

On Ban, Russia's Churkin Tells ICP, Some Let Him Down, Not Necessarily Iran

On Ban's Dismay, Iran Says It Was Consistent, Officials Should Be Realistic

On Syria, Ban Ki-moon Says "Montreux Will Proceed Without Iran"

"If Conditioned... Iran Will Not Participate in Geneva II," Khazaee Says

On S. Sudan, UN Simonovic Says Gudele Killings Probed, Censorship Raised

On Syria, Ban Dismayed at Iran as SNC Calls Him "Immoral," Whither the Kurds?

On Syria, Diplomatic Duel by UNSC After SNC Ultimatum to Ban on Iran

On Syria, Jarba's SNC Issues Ultimatum to Ban on Iran, Slams UN "Immorality"

On CAR, "Credible Testimony" of Peacekeepers Killing Civilians Watered Down

In UN Presser on Syria, Censor UNCA Asks to Oust FUNCA Member

On Syria, Ban Says Invited Iran in Hasty Press Conference, 1st Q to Censors

"Atrocities" Against Somaliland Condemned in Istanbul, Where's UN?

On CAR, EU Blames Chad But France on Film Put Muslims at Risk, UN Censors

In S. Sudan, As Kiir Has Critical Newspaper Article Confiscated, UN Silent

Jarba's Coalition, With Many Absent, Votes to Go to Geneva, Comparisons

In S. Sudan, Uganda Brags of Role in Retaking Bor, UN on Margins

Obama Says Can Spy to ID Trade Violation: DMCA Abuse Like Reuters to Google?

Syria Complains of Sexual Jihad to UNSC, Silent on S. Sudan "Men's Talks"

Japan's Yasukuni Shrine Slammed Again by China at UN, Stealth Responses

Cities Aim to Take Predatory Loans By Eminent Domain, Wall St Fights Back

On Mali Gang Rapes, Chad Tells UN Probe's Finished, But Not Result

On Protesters Shot in Kidal, Mali Says Wait  for Ballistics, FrancAfrique

On Mali, France Downplays Death, Cites Bank Defense Araud Stonewalled On

DC Lovefest for TPP, Would Globalize DMCA Abuse Like Reuters to Google

As UN Spins Genocide, Its 1999 Rwanda Review Omitted Ladsous, Memo

Before DRC, UN Ladsous' Selex Falco Drone Crashed in Wales & Pakistan

On Syria Aid, Gulf Praised As Also Funds Combat, South Korea Low

As UN Spins Genocide, Operation Amaryllis Replayed in CAR, Araud Echo

UN Preens on Climate While Dodging on Bringing Cholera to Haiti, Count the Cost

French Mission Asserts Diplomatic Impunity, Araud Shouts of Arrest Record

UN Genocide Presser Ignores Rwanda, 1st Q to Defender of Sri Lanka

In CAR France Put Muslims at Risk, FOMAC Collusion, UN Censors

After Exposure by ICP & Dispute Tribunal, UN Oversight Unit Spins

UN Admits Minova Rape Case Delay, Says 2 Trucks in Convoy "Taken Over"

In CAR UN's Gaye Says Chad Still With Sangaris, Bozize Blamed, Not Seen

In S. Sudan, UN Separates Dinka and Nuer in Its Camps, Would by Race or Religion?

French Mission Had No Comment on Dip Serman, Shouts After 34 Months

Khobragade Separated from Family, French Dip Serman in SF, Shouts

On Haiti Quake Anniversary, UN Statement Silent on Cholera UN Brought

On Iraq, UNSC Minus One Approves a Statement on Anbar, No Restraint?

Ban Presser Has No DRC Truck Nor Haiti, No Asia As Sri Lanka Sanitized

UN Says Truck in Anti-Kagame Convoy "Taken Over" - But Jeep in Video?

Khobragade "On Watchlist," But US Let French Dip Serman Return as Consul

Ban Presser Has No DRC, Haiti or LatAm, No Asia After Sri Lanka Sanitized

UN Envoy Tells ICP Truck in Kagame Death Rumor Celebration "UNacceptable"

Kagame Rumor Shot Down, UN Truck in "Celebration" Left Unexplained

On CAR, as Djotodia Resigns, Democracy A La Francaise, Sans UN

Before Khobragade, US Let French Dip Serman Flee Before Indictment, & Return

Culture: The Case of Sri Lanka, Drone Feeds & UN Dag Hamm Playhouse

Ban Described as "Heartbroken" At Layoffs His Spokespeople Denied, Doubts

Fast Track for TPP Would Globalize Copyright Abuse Like Reuters to Google

Ladsous Says "Someone Asked" & UN Doesn't Support SPLA, Despite Past Gas

In S. Sudan, UN Silent on Retaking of Bentiu, Nepal Troops From Haiti

After Tunisia FM Predicts $500M After Jan 29, IMF Tells ICP Not So Fast

Japan PM Visit to Yasukuni Shrine Slammed by China, Stealth Responses

For VOA, Obama Nominates Banker & Bundler Kempner for BBG, Censors

As FrancAfrique Picks Leaders in CAR, UN Marginal, Bozize in the Wings?

As Morales Takes Gavel of  G77, Mocks IMF, "From Chicago to Bolivia Boys"

After UN Issues Lay-Off Letters, UN Now Confirm  and Spins Them

Kaag Pledges Transparency for Chem Weapons Funds, No Answer on Staffer

As France Picks & "Holds Back" Leaders in CAR, Colonial Reuters, UN

Bolivia Heads G77 Today, Day After UN Layoffs & Denials, Showdown?

After UN Issues Lay-Off Letters, Won't Confirm Them, But Here Is One

In S. Sudan, As UN Self-Reports from Bentiu, Khartoum Contradictions UNsaid

Syria Says Geneva II Outcome Would Need Referendum, No UN Comment, Rules

Google Comes to UN, After Censoring Leaked Reuters E-mail from Search

Outside CAR Crisis UNSC Meeting, "Time for Speeches Is Over," Now What?

At UN, Official Letters of Lay-Off, Wiring in Scribes' Club, FUNCA's Banifesto

UN Clears Bax, Despite Its Own Report on Bancroft Global Dev't

In S. Sudan Talks, Few Women But UN Quiet as Bashir & Kiir Plan Oil Force

Jordan's Zeid Cites Peacekeeping As Mali Rapes Are Raised, Syria as Footnote

At UN, Union Office Dispute, Wiring in Scribes' Club, 2014 Banifesto

UN Gives Jane Holl Lute Post on Hurriya in Iraq, Lockheed Echo, Kobler's Shoes

In Harlem, Protest of TPP, Copyright Abuse of Free Press, Like Reuters to Google

For S. Sudan, Ladsous Cited Troops from Haiti, UN Wouldn't Answer, Morocco

TPP Could Globalize Copyright Abuse of Free Press, Reuters Complaint to Google

As Syria Bound Truck Resists Search in Turkey, ICP Asks Amos, Who Talks Surgical

Culture: The Case of Sri Lanka, White Flag Murders & Landlord Games

UN Says No JEM in Pariang or Yida, VOA Quotes That, Amos on Militarization

After MSF Slams UN Failure in CAR, Amos Disappointed by Letter, ACF

On Khobragade, UN Still Won't Say If Told US Of Her Accreditation

EFF Sounds Alarm On DMCA Threat to Free Press, Reuters to Google

After Exposure, UNCA Tells ICP Reversed Samsung TV Decision: But Wiring?

UNOPS Buries Somalia Probe as Taranco & Pollard Vye to Head It, Censorship

As S. Korea Park Says Ban Called on Abe, UN Silent, Theory Based on Poll

On Khobragade, UN Won't Say If Told US Of Her Accreditation, Stonewalls

UN Stonewall on Japan Bullets to S. Korea Unit Triggers Theory Based on Poll

Culture: The Case of Sri Lanka, Shavendra Silva & the UN Reception

UN Wants S. Sudan to Let In Moroccan Troops, But What of Western Sahara?

DRC Cited "Terrorist Attack," Soldiers Reported Looted, UNSC Silent

UN Tells S. Sudan To Take Any Peacekeeper, But Morocco Not in AU, Bangla

Culture: The Case of Sri Lanka, the UN & the Bloodbath on the Beach

Araud Says Kiir Can Invite Uganda, Ladsous Says I Don't Respond to You

Free Press Undercut By Abuse of DM Copyright Act at Google by Reuters

As DRC Cites "Terrorist Attack," Will France Draft UNSC Statement?

S. Sudan To Take Bentiu "Anytime," UN Focused on Kiir & Bor, Qs 200 Hrs

Volgograd Bomb Condemned by UNSC Without Citing Human Rights

Ban Praises Syria Chem Weapons Team, No Answer on Staff Allegedly Probed

As Kiir Moves on Bentiu and Machar Accuses Uganda, Ban Praises Them

After Press Qs on Japan Ammo to Koreans, Ban Speaks on Abe & Yasukuni

In S. Sudan, UN Films Bangladeshi Peacekeepers, What's Left Behind in DRC?

UN Budget Session Ends With Whimper, No Ban Answers, No Mobility, Replies

Reuters Misuses DMCA Copyright To Cover Up Its Attacks on Press

In S. Sudan, UN Silent on Media Crackdown, UN Selective Edits of Transcript

In CAR, Bomb by Hotel, Peacekeepers Kill & Get Killed, UN Silent

UN Johnson's Praise of Kiir, & Headline, Echoed by Reuters

On Killers Armed from Kiir's Armory, UN's Johnson Says It Was Broken Into

UN Goes From Pressuring to Pleading With Bangladesh's Sheikh Hasina, Kenyatta

OIC Vague on Angola Freedom of Religion, UN Silent, Mariah Carey to Sing?

S. Sudan To Take Bentiu "Anytime," Ban Silent, Hilde on Tap, UNanswered 100 Hrs

Mass Grave Report in S. Sudan Denied By UN Peacekeeping, Sri Lanka Echo

S. Sudan Moves On Bentiu, Ban Says No Military Fix, UNanswered 76 Hrs

Ban Meets Kikwete, Seeking Troops for S. Sudan, No Answer on FDLR, CAR

As S. Sudan Moves On Bor & Bentiu, No UN Call for Restraint, UNanswered 73 Hrs

In S. Sudan, Amid Mass Graves UN Briefings Suspended, Qs UNanswered 70 Hrs

In UN Budget 3 AM Dec 24, Of 2.9% Cuts, Orr, Re-Costing &  Mobility, No Answers

In S. Sudan, Staff Pulled from Bentiu & Yida Camps, Qs UNanswered 60 Hrs

To S. Sudan, Impacts of Shift "Not Discussed," Araud Claims, Qs UNanswered 55 Hrs

To S. Sudan, Ban Proposes Shift from Ivory Coast, PR Disagreed, UNanswered 53 Hrs

To S. Sudan, Ban Proposes 3 Attack Copters from DRC, Qs UNanswered 53 Hrs

UN Reportedly Moves Staff Under Investigation into Syria Chem Weapons Mission

In CAR, UN Silent on Murder by "Peacekeepers," No Answers, Twerk Shots

At UN, Union Space Fight, Scribes' Fashion Pitch, No S. Sudan Answers

On S. Sudan, Ban Silent on Re-Taking of Bor, Just Fashion, Qs UNanswered 49 Hrs

In S. Sudan, Lanzer Silent on Bentui & Yida NGO Staff, Qs UNanswered 48 Hrs

In S. Sudan, On Kiir's Bentiu Threat & Killed French NGO Staff, UNanswered 41 Hrs

UN Censorship Alliance Preens on Social Media, No S. Sudan Qs, Conflicts

On S. Sudan, Belated Ban Sound Bytes Offered, Qs UNanswered 32 Hrs

In S. Sudan, Hilde Johnson Was OK with Gadet Role in Bor, Qs UNanswered 31 Hrs

From S. Sudan, UN Pulls Staff & Spox for Soft BBC, Qs UNanswered 27 Hrs

From S. Sudan, Pro-Kiir Hilde Johnson Goes Orwellian, Qs UNanswered 20 Hrs

From S. Sudan, UN Moves Staff, Ban Shifts from DRC But Qs UNanswered 19 Hrs

On S. Sudan, ICRC Said Banned from Arrestees But 6 Qs UNanswered for 9 Hrs

In UN Budget Wrangling, of Orr, Re-Costing & Ban's Mobility, No Answers

On S. Sudan, Kerry Called Kiir, 6 Qs Incl UN Copter Down UNanswered for 6 Hours

On S. Sudan, Obama Says Work with UN, But 6 Qs UNanswered for 4 Hours

Amid UN Budget Cuts, 500 Blue Helmeted Moroccans to CAR For Only 50 Staff?

In S. Sudan, What Were US Military Aircraft Doing Heading to Bor?

On S. Sudan, UN Silent & Power in Chad, Rice Records Speech, What of Yuai?

UN Budget Fight Starts Up, Mobility With Ban Away, Union Lock-out?

At UN, Of N. Korea Chemical Weapons Gear & Luxury, Budget Fights & DPKO

In S. Sudan As Civilians Threatened in Yuai, UN Evacuates Troops, No Briefings

France's Araud Mocks as "Detail" DPKO 11 Hr Communication Delay in Akobo

Before Akobo Attack, UN Staff's Tweet of Nuer Youth Mobilizing Disappeared

Before UN Akabo Incommunicado, Rice Told ICP DPKO Should Improve, Did It?

UN in S. Sudan Confirms Akobo Deaths 11 Hours After India Told Press, Why?

In SC Month, France Speaks for More UN $, Erases Mali Q, South Sudan

In S. Sudan, India Tells Press 2 Peacekeepers Killed, 1 Critical, Accountability?

UN's Post Sri Lanka Failure Rights Up Front Leaves Complacency in Place

In S. Sudan, Death in UN Base, in NY US Mission "Can't Speak Today," 10 AM

In S. Sudan, UN Won't Confirm Request to Uganda, or Bor's Fall, Too Close to Kiir?

Syria Complains to UN of Spox Misstatements on Irish Peacekeepers in Golan

UN Censorship Alliance Takes to Social Media, Hashtags and Conflicts of Interest

On US Power Trip, MSF Slams UN in CAR, Chad's Adam, Juba Next?

UN Downplayed Dead in CAR, Pays France to Re-Start Colonies, Twerks

At UN, Union Incumbents Try to Censor Web, Scribes Party Amid Sirens

After UN Brought Cholera to Haiti, Dodges ICP Qs & Service of Legal Papers

Amid UN Censorship Alliance Ball, UNanswered Qs on Haiti Cholera, Sri Lanka

On S. Sudan, Ban Hasn't Spoken with Machar, Ladsous Speaks Only to Norway

At UN, Union Incumbent Vents at Sham, Censors' MC Decline, War Crimes Ball

PGA Ashe Disputes There's Been "Pushback" on UNSC Reform Advisers

African Group Rejecting Ban's Bid for Steiner II at UNEP, Showdown on HRC

For Syria Chem Weapons, Italian Port & Russian Trucks, France Gives Nothing

On S. Sudan, Ladsous Won't Speak, Araud Curt on Peacekeeping & Mali

After UN Peacekeepers In Mali Shoot Civilians, Araud Refuses to Answer

UN's Post Sri Lanka RUF Plan Goes Behind Closed Doors, Morality Test Cited

After Cyprus Demarches UN on Downer, UN Has Vague Happy Talk, Censors

As UN, Union Votes Are Here, UNlike Scribes' Decline, War Crimes Celebration?

Amid Spread of Violence in South Sudan, UNMISS Belatedly Tweets, Where's US?

Amid South Sudan Curfew & "Maybe" Coup, Nothing from UNSC or Ladsous

France Big-Foots in Mali But When Bank Bombed, Calls ICP Q Micro-Management

In ECOSOC, Palestine & Self Determination Is Finessed by Osorio, US Agrees On Libya Guards, UK Says They're a No-Go, Any UNSC Trip On Hold   Post Sri Lanka RUF Plan to GA Dec 17 by Eliasson, No Gota Read-Out

UN's Ban on CAR, Says Post Sri Lanka Rights Up Front Not Country Specific

As Sri Lanka Defense Minister Meets UN Deputy Eliasson, Any Transparency?

In Coup Bid in Juba, No UNMISS Twitter, Lebanon Shot UNaddressed Like Mali

In Kidal, Bombing of Bank Injured Soldiers Some Say Shouldn't Be There

In Mali, UN Peacekeepers Guarding Bank in Kidal Killed by Car Bomb, Questions

In Elections in UN, Dysfunction & Decay, Declining Vote Counts, Censorship

On Syria Chemical Weapons, Sellstrom Says Zamalka Range 2 Km, Video Popova's

Mali Police UN Works With Killed Protester in Kidal, Ladsous Says in Rare Answer

As MSF Describes UN Failure in CAR, Post Sri Lanka "Rights Up Front" In Question

Reporters Grabbed by ISIS in Syria Cited in French "Off the Record" Event

As Bed Net Bribes Pushes Search to Tanzania, UN's Malaria Man Praises Twitter

Amid Diplomacy & Double Standards, Fond Farewell to India's DPR Manjeev

France Says Its Journalist Protection Event is "Off the Record," Can't be Reported

UN 2d Syria Chem Weapons Report Says Never Got to Khan al Asal, Mentions Video

UN Delayed 2d Syria Report Then Moves Up a Day Before Sweden Said - Why?

France's Defense of Payments Is "Pressure on UN Procurement," Churkin Says

French Defense of Payments Is "Pressure on UN Procurement," Says Churkin, History

On UN Payments to France, Araud Said "Ask Spox" But He Refuses 2d Q

IMF Program in CAR "Off Track," GDP Down 20%, Lagarde to Africa, Not Bangui

UN Photos from Haiti, Korea & DRC in a Carriage House for Sale, Parallel Worlds

UN's Ladsous Met Sudan's Bashir, ICC's Bensouda Says Has No Info

On Birth Registrations, UNICEF on Myanmar & Mali Arrests, UN Split on Age?

On DRC, UN Report on Impunity for Violence "Did Not Come Up" in UNSC

In Mali, Any UN Probe of Deadly Shooting, Recusal from Payments to France?

At UN, Call to Stop Election Services, Samsung TV Laundered by SK & UN

On UNSC Reform, Ashe Issues "Non-Paper" and San Marino PR Letter

Syria Banned from Speaking as Chair of Asia Group by Japan, Cyprus + 3

Ban's 5 Year Rules Violation in Bangkok Ends, France for 16 Years Has DPKO

UN Contradicts Claim No Mission Involved in Samsung TVs to UNCA

At UN, Call for Election Boycott, No Ban Answer on Samsung TV to Scribes

UN Admits Paying France In Mali, Amount Secret, Araud Points at Russia

In Somalia, UN Kay Upbeat, Omits Sanctions Issues, Somaliland Airspace, Bax

In Elections, UN Asked to Remove Polling Station, For Samsung TV by Scribes

Rich Williamson, Candid Critic of UN Peacekeeping in Sudan, Has Died: RIP

Sri Lanka Arises in UN Genocide Meeting, as Jordan Enters UNSC, Silva Echoes

On Donations, HABITAT Cites Compact, UN Defers on Samsung, Censors' Set?

On Libya Guards, UN Mitri Slams "Misinterpretation" as Reuters Calls Him Khatib

On CAR, France Says "Only Seleka in Bangui," UNaware of Arrest, Rwanda Echo?

In CAR, As France Arrests & Imposes Selective Disarmament, Rwanda Echo?

In UN Elections, Union Goes Ivorian, Samsung Censors Cite Ethics

Ban Urges Yanukovich Against Violence, Power Calls CAR's Djotodia, Politics

UN Unaccountable Amid Dysfunctional Elections, Union, Censors

Ban Son in Law, Seeking UN Job, Writes on Syria & SC, UNCA Asked to Stop ICP

UN's Ban Congratulates DRC's "Successful Military Operation," Echo of Sri Lanka

At UN, Jordan Takes Saudi UNSC Seat, Dodges Dysfunction, Mandela Silence

As UN Stonewalls on French Co's in Mali, France Claims No Interest

UN Censors Give Gold To Their Own VP, Take Samsung TV

At UN on Mandela, France Reads Statement, Rejected Him on Burundi

Mandela Praised at UN, By Rwanda Then Ban, Q of Colonialism and Censorship

Amnesty Says Mali Tortured Jailed Children, UN Says Age UNclear

On Golan, UN Peacekeeping UNtransparent, Mali Procurement Answers Promised?

France Says Its Troops in CAR Have No Economic Aspect, Power Agrees

Somalia Asked UN to Fire Somalia Eritrea Sanctions Chief, Now What?

UNSC Reform Negotiations Delayed, PGA Ashe's Group of 6 Divided

UN's Geneva II Planning Ignored Davos & Watches, France Cheap on Sarin

As UN's Ban Celebrates Censors, Stories on Corruption, Sri Lanka & Nepotism Banned

On Syria Chem Weapons, Kaag Says UNEP To Assess, National Staffer Killed

Looking in Mali for UN Cash Are French Contractors Thales, Bolloré & Sodexho

In S. Sudan Kang Admits UN Speaks with Rebels, So Why Won't Amos Admit on Syria?

UN Celebrates Censorship, Stories on Nepotism, Sri Lanka & Corruption Targeted

Amid Anti-Corruption Strike at Syria Opposition Aid Group, UN's Amos Silent

On Protesters Shot in Kidal, Araud Urges Probe, Hasn't Read of Ouattara Hit Men

As Amos Briefs UNSC on Syria, Ja'afari Tells ICP He Wrote of Nusra in Maaloula

As UN Won't Answer on Monitor Banned from Kenya, Ban's Son in Law Banned?

Sri Lanka, Long Defended by IMF, Now Slammed for Rajapaksa Tax Games

With Ladsous in DRC for Drones, UN Repeats Mali Stonewall, Madagascar Later

On Libya Guards, ICP Asks If Peacekeepers, UN Says No, Still Needs Approval

UN Confirms Layoff Letters Despite Libya Plan, Nothing on Aramark Layoffs

As UNDP Brags of Debris Removal in Philippines, Failed in Haiti, Of Relocation

UN Moves to Layoff Security Despite Libya Plan & Close Dining Room, of Labor

France Announces UNSC Schedule Before Bilaterals, What of Somalia?

As France Announces UNSC Schedule Before Bilaterals, What of Somalia?

In DRC, Ladsous Flies In As Drone Set to Fly, As in Mali, For Whom Will It Spy?

As US Proposes to Off-Shore Syrian Chemical Weapons, Where Is UN's Trust Fund?

Will Ban Blithely Bless UN Censorship Alliance, Despite Pro-Sri Lanka Trolling?

As UK Envoy to Jordan Calls Sudan's Airport Worst, What Was He Doing There?

MNLA Ends Mali Ceasefire Due to Women Shot After UN Tells Them to Leave

UN Censors Go Trolling Even on Thanksgiving, Falk Sycophant to Power

Kerry Brags of Fewer Iran Oil Sales, Reuters Omits Sri Lanka, Of VOA's False Claims

As US Brags of Cut In Iran Oil Sales, Reuters Omits Sri Lanka, Of VOA False Claims

Two Women Shot in Mali After UN Tells Them to Leave, Ladsous Won't Answer

UN Confirms 2d Syria Report Now "Mid December," As Swedes Said - Why?

Whitewashing FrancAfrique, NYT Omits Ladsous, Cote d'Ivoire, Abandoned CAR

After Russian Embassy in Syria Is Shelled, UNSC Speaks, But Will Jarba's SNC?

On Syria, UN 2d CW Report Now Delayed to December 13, Swedes Say - Why?

From Turkey, Jarba Tweets Himself to Presidency, Follows US & UK, Scribes

At UN, African Group Win in 3d Com'te Echoes in China, India, After Verses, Nigeria

At UN on Child & Human Rights, Culture Wars Flare After Kenya ICC Abstentions

On Yemen, Benomar Says Only Some from South Quit Dialogue, Disappeared States?

China PR