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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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Sept 24, 2013

UN: Sri Lanka


FOIA Finds  

Google, Asked at UN About Censorship, Moved to Censor the Questioner, Sources Say, Blaming UN - Update - Editorial

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In DC, Equatorial Guinea Immunity Covers Chair Attack, Khobragade Contrast

Amid Probe of UNAMID's Darfur  Cover-Ups, Mandate Renewal, Here

On DRC, Statement on FDLR Agreed, For Military Action, M23 Compared

In S. Sudan, As 3 Killed as UN Copter Downed, ICP Asks UN of Gadet

As UN To Host NGOs, Need to Defend Them, In Sri Lanka & Worldwide

As UN Hosts NGOs, Need to Defend Them, In Sri Lanka & Worldwide

After Foley, Talk of Bombing Syria With Or Without Assad - or UNSC?

As UN Hosts NGOs, Need to Defend Them In The Field, For Access to UN

N. Korean Deputy Tells ICP of US Tomahawks, UK Should Have Written, Strike

UN's Kay Says Somaliland Is For Federalism, & Independence, UNclear

On Fleeing E. Ukraine into Russia, Amos Says 10s of 1000s, Ging Said More

After Foley, France Brags It Had Armed FSA, Syria Coalition Blames Obama

On Libya, Allegation Airstrikes Involve UAE & Egypt, Where's UN's Leon?

Thailand Names General PM, UN Tells ICP Favors Democracy

After Foley's Murder, Echo at UN of "Journalist as Agent," Hypocrisy of UNCA

On Ukraine Aid, UNSC's Syria Resolution Cited as Precedent

On Ukraine Aid, Ban & US Speak But Not Yet Amos, VOA on Rebel Babies

As VOA Says Baby Food Into Ukraine Supports "Rebel Babies," US Policy?

On Ukraine, Churkin Defends Aid Convoy, VOA on Rebel Babies

In CAR French Soldiers Kill Five, In NY UN Has No Info, Ladsous Redux

Gaza Ceasefire Over, EU 3 Bypass Jordan Draft, US Says It Depends

Conflict Prevention Debate Has Right to Truth and Penholder Reforms, Rancor

On Small Islands, UN Talks “Sustainable Debt,” But What Does IMF Say & Do?

On Gaza, UNICEF's Ironside on Mass Unemployment, Ban's Board of Inquiry

After ISIL Beheads Foley, US Cites Attempt to Free Him in Syria, Explains

Gaza Ceasefire Over, UNSC Agrees "Press Elements," Jordan Draft Pends

After ISIL Beheads Foley, US Cites Attempt to Free Him in Syria, AFP Info

Gaza Ceasefire Over, UNSC Issues "Press Elements," Jordan Draft Pends

On N. Korea Request for UNSC Meeting, S, Korea & Others Say No

After Somalia Raid on  Radio Shabelle, UK Is Concerned, Somaliland Qs

ICP Asks UN Status of #BringBackOurGirls, Is Told “Gov Working On”

Gaza Ceasefire Over, Ban Wants "Understanding," Jordan Wants to Be Useful

DRC Army, On UN's Child Soldiers List, To "Initially" Stay in CAR

On Ebola, UN's Nabarro to Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Maybe Nigeria, Qs

DRC Troops To Leave MINUSCA in CAR, ICP Reported, HRW No Answer

As Sri Lanka Vows to Ban UN Panel, ICP's Told Ban Encourages Entry

From S. Sudan, Lanzer on "Hardening of Media Climate," What of Miraya?

As Spying Story by McClatchy Says Annan Was UNSG in 2012, Ban on Snowden

DRC Troops To Leave MINUSCA in CAR, ICP Reported, Not Soon Enough?

UN Access Craved by HRW, But No Disclosure of Roth's Issues to Ban

On Iraq, US Updates UNSC on Strikes, Airdrop Role of UK, Australia

On Gaza, Still No UN Board of Inquiry, Serry Won't Confirm Leaving in October

Month After MH17 Downed in Ukraine, Russia To Call for Briefing, By Whom?

On Gaza, Still No UN Board of Inquiry, Israel Cites Qatar "Bribes"

S. Sudan Gov't Tries to Ban News of EU Sanctions on Deng Wol After UNSC Visit

In Iraq, Turning from Sinjar to the Mosul Dam, New War Powers Letter

S. Sudan Gov't Closes Radio Station After Visit by UNSC & Loj

DRC Soldiers To Leave Peacekeeping Mission in CAR, Rights Cited

As UNSC Tells ISIL to Disband, Complaints on Length of Speeches, Terror Origins

On Afghan Leaks, Now UNDP Says "Investigation," Not Audit

After Somalia & AMISOM Raid Radio Shabelle, UN Has No Comment

As UN Envoy to Libya, UN Confirmed Leon, But Fudges Start-Date

On Ukraine, UN "Can't Verify" After Feltman Cancels Trip, Shelling

In S. Sudan, Fighting Escalates After Visit by UNSC & Ellen Loj

In Afghan Scandal, Staff Threatened, UN Stonewalls on Negative Audit

Manhattan Protest of Missouri Police Abuse Closes 42nd Street, "Don't Shoot"

In Iraq, Turning from Sinjar to Anbar or Accepting Islamic State?

On Cholera in Haiti, UN Water Rights Expert Wants Probe & Remedy

Amid Probe of UNAMID's Cover-Ups, Darfur Raid Statements Evolve

WWI Marked by Citation to Gandhi & Sykes-Picot But Not ISIL or Gaza

On Iraq, After US Then Ban Praise Abadi, Now a UNSC Statement

ICP Asks UN of Ferguson MO Killing of Mike Brown, Need for Probe

Amid Propaganda Debate, BBG Board Spins on Ukraine & Syria, VOA

Amid Crackdown, St. Louis Lending Disparities of BofA, Fifth Third, US Bank

UN Ban's Issues Don't Include Ukraine, 4 Qs Only, Gaza Softballs

On Iraq, After US Then Ban Praise Abadi, UNSC Statement Delayed?

UN Tells ICP Chambers Can Serve Ban & Chris Christie, Was Ethics Office Told?

After DC Photo Op, Gambia Attacked Journalist, Cancels UN Rights Visits

UN Tells ICP Chambers Can Serve Ban & Chris Christie, Ethics Office Told?

As UN Envoy to Libya, On Mitri Replaced by Leon, UN Says Not Yet

UN Tells ICP Chambers Can Serve Ban and Chris Christie, Ethics Office Told?

On Iraq, Obama Praises Abbadi, Thanks UK & France, UNSC to Speak

In Iraq, UN Can't Explain UK Calling Off Aid Drop, Maliki's Non-Coup

On Afghan Scandal, UN Hides Behind UNDP Audit, Negative Findings

In Iraq, US Moves Some Staff Out of Erbil, France Mulls Arming Kurds

In Myanmar, US Kerry Did Not Use the Word "Rohingya," Why Not?

On Iraq, 3d US Airdrop to Sinjar, Empty UN Statement, UNinformed

UN Breaks & Mis-Lists Union, As Used Cars Sold By Its Censorship Alliance

As UN Envoy to Libya, Mitri Replaced by Leon, UN Haq No Response

ICRC and Consent in Iraq and Ukraine, Biden's Poroshenko Call

Of R2P and Consent in Iraq and Ukraine, Kerry's Call from Myanmar

On Iraq, Obama Set to "Play Some Offense," ICP on Who Else May Play

As UN Envoy to Libya, Mitri Replaced by Leon, UK Announces, Powell Power?

Iraq Tells UNSC It Invites Any State to Provide Aid, With Its Agreement

On UN Afghan Scandal, UNDP Won't Answer Due to Audit, Stonewalls

DRC Officials Beat Protesters in DC Day Before ICP Asks Kobler of FDLR

Threats to UN Whistleblower in Afghanistan in Leaks to ICP, Maxwell Echo

After ISIL Advance, Obama Authorized Air Strikes, SAOs 'Splain

After Ukraine Reinstates Ceasefire in MH17 Zone, Statement "Blocked"?

As Probe of Ladsous' UNAMID's Cover-Ups Starts, Will It Be Public?

Amid ISIL Advance, UN Cites 200,000 Yazidis in Mountains, Ban in NY

On DR Congo, ICP Asks Kobler of Flying FDLR Leader, Minova Rapes

Amid Ebola & TCC Pull Out from Liberia, UN Won't Respond on "Death Squads"

"Ghost Staffing" at UN Afghan Force Shown by Leaks to ICP, LOTFA Echo

UN Flew FDLR Leader, Speeches on 6 Month Delay Until Rwanda Off SC

On S. Sudan, Killings of Nuer Aid Workers Condemned, Qs Dodged

On Gaza, UN Staff Unions Demand Accountability, UK Urges Cooperation

At UN On Burundi, Still No Answers on Mbonimpa's Jailing, Press Elements Here

On Gaza, Criticism of UNSC Inaction, ISIL Compared to Israel & Hamas

On Libya, US Issues Statement With Algeria, Egypt, Morocco & Tunisia

On Gaza, UN Won't Tell ICP If a Ban Board of Inquiry, Lobbied in 2009

UN Paying Fully Salaried Afghan Forces Shown by Leaks to ICP, LOTFA Echo

On Gaza, Complaints No Outcome Sought in GA, "In Blue" in SC Blamed

Ladsous & UN Won't Respond on TCC "Executions," Nor "Death Squads"

On Ukraine in UNSC, UN Says 1367 Dead, Some Blame the Victims

On Ban's 5 Year Rule, UN Won't Provide Any List, Of Douste-Blazy

UNDP's Afghan Funding Irregularities Shown by Leaks to ICP, LOTFA Echo

On Ukraine and "Humanitarian Crisis," UNSC Meeting Requested

As Ban Welcomes New Gaza Ceasefire, Mis-statement on Last One UNcorrected

As Valley National Bank Redlines, OCC Runaround on FOIA, Captured

As UK Takes UNSC Helm, ICP Asks of Libya and Burundi, For Dutch MH17 Letter

After IDF Contradicts Ban on "Captive" Soldier, No Correction, UN Tells ICP

As ICP Qs Ban on Gaza, UNCA & Reuters Trolls Resume, UN's Censorship Alliance

Ignoring FDLR Flights, DW Promotes Kobler, Of UNSG Race & Robinson

As Rafah Shelled, Ban on IDF Soldier UNcorrected, Mansour in DC

Rafah Shelled, Mansour in DC, Ban on IDF Soldier Captive UNcorrected

After UN's Ban Said Hamas Had IDF Soldier Captive, IDF Says He Died 1st

On Libya, UK Envoy Powell "Pushing Out" Mitri, Brother's Business Qs

On Iron Dome Funds in US Congress, Only 8 Opposed, Reviewed Here

North Korea Rep Tells ICP of Scam UN Command, Ban on Film & “UN” on CV

Feltman Won't Say If Serry Met Hamas, Qatar-Funded Travel UNdisclosed

In Gaza, Ceasefire In Shambles, UN Serry Got Assurances, Contact

UNGA Schedule Has Ukraine & Egypt, Mugabe & Sri Lanka, Abbas & Kiir

At UN, As Pollard Flips to DGACM, Gettu Calls Female Critic “Emotional”

On Gaza, 72 Hour Ceasefire Announced at UN, Serry Has Assurances

On Gaza After 5 Hours, UNSC Issues "Elements" of 77 Words, School Not In

On Gaza, ICP Asks UNRWA of Reimbursement, Occupying Power

On Gaza, ICP Asks Israel PR of Blockade, Palestine of US Ammo

On Lebanon, IMF Talks Up Oil, Money-Laundering & Resolution in Syria

On Gaza, Charts After UNRWA Shelling, Further Ammo Transfers

In UNSC, UNRWA Meeting Set, “Impotence” on Gaza Cited, & Houston in Ukraine

ICP Asks Why No SG Outreach to Hamas, Citing Qatar-Funded Jet

ICP Asks Why No UNSG Outreach to Hamas, Citing Qatar-Funded Jet

ICP Asks Ukraine PR of HRW Grad Rocket Report, IMF & Ceasefire

On Cyprus, ICP Asks IMF of  PIMCO Spat, IMF Says BlackRock Not Chosen

On Sri Lanka, IMF Opines on Mergers, Silence on Ban of NGO Work with Press

As UNSC Hears of Failures to Protect, Herve Ladsous Floats Out, Flew FDLR

To Ukraine, Churkin Asks If US Speaks Differently in Private, Kyiv Delay

Syria & Iraq Oil Sales PRST As Passed Avoids W. Sahara, Total

On Gaza Ban Quotes His Own Statements, First Q Softball Set Aside

On Gaza UNSC Adopts Statement, ICP Asks Jordan of Resolution

On Gaza UNSC Set to Adopt Presidential Statement, After Wasted Week

In Ukraine, US Says Supports Mutual Ceasefire Verified by OSCE

Gaza Draft Differs As Leaked and Worded, Israel & Qatar, Ha'aretz & Al Jazeera

Gaza Draft Differs as Worded & Leaked, Israel & Qatar, Ha'aretz & Al Jazeera

Gaza Draft Differently Leaked & Worded, Israel & Qatar, Ha'aretz & Al Jazeera

Gaza Pause Over, UN's Wasted Week of Canned Statements, UNdisclosed Travel

On Gaza, UN Offers Canned Statements After UNdisclosed Gifted Travel

Ladsous & UN Won't Respond on Using "Death Squads," Make Rights Claims

From Libya, US Embassy Relocates to Tunisia, F-16 Security, UN Not Seen

On Gaza, Ban Down to 12 Hour Pause, Won't Say How Travels, Leaves

As Dutch & Australian Police Head to MH17, UN Cites UNSC, UK Prediction

Islamic State in Iraq & Syria Abuses in Mosul Called Beyond Commission's Scope

On Gaza, Ban Shifts Down to 12 Hour Pause, UN Won't Say How Travels

On Ukraine, IMF No Comment on MH17, Lagarde Calls Yatz & Poroshenko

From Cairo, As WSJ Reports Ban's Pre-Released Remarks, UN Censorship

To UN Expert on Cholera in Haiti, UN Won't Respond, MSF Quiet Too

On UN Expert on Cholera in Haiti, UN Won't Comment, MSF Quiet Too

After Ban's Qatar-Funded Plane, UN Won't Say How Got to Iraq, Last 10 Trips

On CAR Crisis, MSF Raises Alarm, On Haiti Cholera More Quiet

UN Syria Report Says ISIS Has Chinese Fighters, Holds Migrants, Pre-Spun

Syria Report Says ISIS Has Chinese Fighters, Holds Migrants, Pre-Spun

On Gaza, IMF Tells ICP That PA Needs Help, Israel GDP Down 0.2%

As UN Humanitarian Ging Raises Ethiopia, Displacement, Comms Issues

On Cholera in Haiti, UN Expert Hopes Ban's Visit Leads to Reparations

As ICP Asks UN About Ban's Qatar-Funded Plane, Spox Says "Not Entitled"

After US Quoted Ban on Qatar-Funded Plane As No Time For Rules, Changes

After Ban on Qatar-Funded Plane Says No Time For Rules, UN Cites Audio File

After Ban on Qatar-Funded Plane Says No Time For Rules, UN Censors Transcript

As Ban Flies on Qatar-Funded Plane, Has No Time "To Weigh the Rules"

On Gaza in UNSC, The Collective Punishment Will Be Televised, on UNTV

Ethics Questions As Ban Flies on Qatar-Funded, UK Registered Plane

On CAR, Mia Farrow on Danger of “Re-Hatting” Being Like Darfur

Call for UN Reforms After Ban Flies on Qatar-Funded, UK Registered Plane

Malaysia PR Tells ICP Deal with Rebels for MH17 Black Box, “Like Around Now”

At UN, MH17 Resolution Passes 15-0 for Impartial Int'l Investigation

In UNreformed UN, Ban Flying on Qatar-Funded, UK Registered Plane

On Gaza Tour, Ban Is Flying on Qatar-Funded, UK-Registered Plane

On Gaza, UNSC Meets Sunday Night, Issues "Press Elements"

At UNSC, Dueling on MH17 Drafts, US 1988 Iran Shootdown Cited

On Gaza, UNSC Meets Sunday Night, But No Outcome Even Proposed

On Gaza, Ban Is Now In Qatar, But UN Won't Confirm Qatari Plane

On Gaza, Fox Shows Kerry Saying, Hellofa Pinpoint Op,  Have To Go Tonight

On Gaza, FNS Shows Kerry Saying, We Have To Go Tonight, Ban Qs

On MH17, US Complains of Limited OSCE Access, Reports of Bodies Moved

Ban's Trip Starts in Qatar, No Gaza, UN Won't Confirm Qatari Plane

For Ban's Trip to Qatar, UN Won't Yet Confirm Qatari Plane

Ban's Tour on Qatari Plane to Saudi, Egypt, Israel, But Not Gaza?

As UN's Ban Starts Tour, OIC Says Gaza's the Key Stop

After P5+1 Extension, US Against New Sanctions Laws, Of BNP, Mistrals

After Myanmar Jails 5 Reporters, UN Silent 1 Week, US Speaks

Gaza Draft UNSC Resolution Jordan "Will" Circulate to All 15 Members

As Ethiopia Charges Bloggers as Terrorists, US Concerned, UN Silent

With UNRWA Stretched, UN's Ban Heads to Region - Will He Go to Gaza?

UN Waffles on "Apparent Deliberate Downing of a Civilian Aircraft”

As France Bans Gaza Protest, UN Tells ICP of Right to Protest

UN Censorship Alliance, Whose Head Calls UN "We," Outed in Dutch

UN Slams "Apparently Deliberate Downing of a Civilian Aircraft”

At UNSC, #MH17 Press Statement Adopted, Political Jockeying

Day After MH17, Syrian Rebels Call for "Advanced Weapons"

On Sudan After Amos Speaks & UN Delays, Khartoum's Reply, Here

On Israeli Ground Offensive in Gaza, Kerry Says It Should Target Tunnels

Stonewalling on Killings in CAR by Ladsous, Protected at IPI

Ladsous & UN Stonewall on Killing by Peacekeepers in CAR, Nepal Scam

Libya Minister Wants “Non-Military” Force to Protect Oil, Talks Nice(r) on Khatallah

Ukraine PR Blames Terrorists for Airstrikes, Swoboda with Govt Per OSCE

On CAR, Ladsous & Araud Spin AFP, Praise of Sri Lanka, FrancAfrique

On CAR, Ladsous & Araud Spin AFP Praise of Sri Lanka, FrancAfrique

Ladsous Refuses to Answer on Killing by Peacekeepers in CAR & Haiti, FDLR

On Cholera in Haiti, UN Studying Srebrenica Ruling, Ban Took A Single Q

On Flying FDLR Leader in DRC, Ladsous Silent on Complaint 3 Weeks

UN Bemoans S. Kordofan Lack of Access, Treats It Differently, Stonewall

Egypt Says Sisi Spoke with Prodi as "UN Envoy" - But Prodi is Out

Araud To Leave UN July 15, France Said, But He's Still Here, Where's Delattre?

In Somalia, Adam Sought Removal of Chopra, Reuters Now Passes Thru

Using Gaza, Syrian Coalition Says It "Disproves" Assad & Hezbollah

On Cholera in Hispanola, UN's Ban Took A Single Question, Still No Apology

In Haiti on Cholera, UN's Ban Took Only 1 Question, Still No Apology

After UN Silence on Myanmar Jailing 5 Reporters, 50 More Probed

HRW UNaware Bashir Met Ladsous, Urges UN Not Fly FDLR Leaders

On DRC, UN Tells ICP FDLR Leader Was "Escorted" East - By Whom?

On Haiti Cholera, UN Tells ICP Ban is "Anguished," But No Apology

Q&A: US Power Claims Pussy Riot Win, Russia's Churkin Cites Gitmo

UN Confirms ICP's April Story Ameerah Haq to Leave, Ladsous Redux

On Gaza, UN's Ban Calls on Hamas to Support Ceasefire Plan

In Haiti, Ban Cites Cholera, Dodges on UN Bringing It, No Q&A

On Gaza, US Welcomes Egypt Ceasefire Call, Abbas Not in Kerry Calls?

With Gaza Death Toll 180 to Zero, Ban's Order & Abhor Panned

In Yemen, Houthis Got Tanks, Sources Say, France Working for Total

On DRC, UN Misled on Flying FDLR Leader, Now Rome Flight Alleged

If Syria Access Denied, Australia Says Decision To Act Already Made

On DRC, After UN Misled on Flying FDLR Leader, Rome Flight Alleged

Ban Speech in Haiti After UN Dodges Legal Papers About Cholera

With Gaza Death Toll 180 to Zero, Ban's Order & Abhor Leads to Review

As UN Pulls Mary Robinson from Great Lakes Post, Won't Say If Will Replace

In Mali, MNLA Accuses Bakamo Of Supporting MAA, Ladsous Spins

Citigroup Settles Subprime on the Cheap In a New Predatory Stage

Ban Heads to Haiti After UN Dodges Legal Papers About Cholera

After UNSC Palestine Statement Issued, Israel Navy Raids Gaza, Now What?

UNSC Statement Issued, Palestine Says More If Israel Doesn't Stop

On Gaza, UNSC "Extends Silence" on Statement from 9 am to Noon

On Gaza, UNSC Silent to 9 am Saturday on US and Jordan Draft Statement

On Gaza, Murky UNSC on US and Jordan Draft Statement, Here

On Somalia, After Al Shabaab Attack UNSC Asks Funds for Army

Palestine Death Count Over 100, NAM Issues Communique, UNSC Silent

On Yemen, Houthis and Amran, UNSC Issues Statement 2 Days After Briefing

ICP Asks of  Myanmar Jailing 5 Reporters, UN No Comment Yet

After Banning of FUNCA from Transcripts, UN Still Denies Censorship

On Ukraine at UNSC, Russia Makes 4 Point Proposal, UN Sidelined

CAR Sanctions Half-Public, Somalia Eritrea Entirely Closed, But Leaked in Memo

Leaked Ethiopian Memo Echoes UNSC Members' Positions on Eritrea Sanctions (updated)

Ban Gives Syria Post to Mistura, Mubarak Ambassador as Deputy

UN's Palestine Death Count at 88, Mansour Says Over 90, Israel Counts Missiles

On Mali, IMF Suspends after IBK Plane Buy, UN Partners on Crime

Free Press Report of UNESCO Omits Countries, Banned from Transcript

Free Press Report by UNESCO Silent on Countries, Banned from Transcript

On Palestine, Ban Talks Accountability But Not ICC, Transcript Censored

On Palestine, Ban on Accountability But Not ICC, Transcript Censored

With Syria Post Set for De Mistura, Sources Speak on Ban Ki-moon Relations

Palestine as UNSC Topic at 1 pm, Move to Join ICC Before Then?

As Sri Lanka Bans NGO Work with Press, FIDH Condemns, UN Passed Buck

NSA Spying on Muslim-American Candidate & Lawyer Shown by Snowden

Atop Syrian Coalition, Jarba's Out, Hadi al-Bahra In, Saudi-Backed

As Sri Lanka Bans NGO Work with Press, US Concerned, UN Passed Buck

On Haiti Cholera, US Supports UN Impunity, As Ban Dodges Papers

On “Deep Decarbonization,” Governments Not Involved, Ban Takes No Qs

On Sri Lanka Banning NGOs Communicating with Press, Ban Passes Buck

On Afghanistan, US Kerry Concerned at "Parallel Government" Talk

Hamas Injected Into UN Draft by US, Israel & Canada, ICC Contacts Raised

On Syria Aid Access, "Big Time" Talks in UN Security Council, Yarmouk News

On Sole Source Contract in Syria, UN Tells ICP to "Ask OPCW" As On Veolia

After Sri Lanka Bans NGOs Communicating with Press, UN "Has to Evaluate"

On MDG, ICP Asks UN of Aid Shifting Away from Poorest, UNDP Layoffs

As Australia Returns Asylum Seekers to Sri Lanka, UN "Hasn't Seen" Reports

After Syria Coalition Again Cites Ford on Obama, Istanbul Confab

ICP Asks of  Myanmar, Nambiar Returns With Concern & Praise of Government

Ban Ki-moon Gets EU Photo Ops from UN Censorship Alliance

As UN Peacekeepers Win First Raise in 18 Years, Reuters Spin$

Pillay Slams Ukraine Hate Speech, Ban Silent When Poroshenko Said "Parasites"

While NYT "Discovers" VOA as Propaganda, BBG's Censorship Role FOIA-ed

As NYT "Discovers" VOA as Propaganda, BBG's Censorship Role FOIA-ed

UN Peacekeepers Win Raise, After Push-Back, to $1332 then $1410

Soccer Symbiosis As UNCA Provides Photo-Ops for Ban, Peacekeeping Stonewall

UN Peacekeeping Cuts, Defended by Ladsous, Pushed Back to $1332 then $1410

As IMF Praises French Banks, Silent on BNP's Sudan Violations, Lagarde Echo?

IMF Praises French Banks, Silent on BNP's Sudan Violations, Lagarde Echo?

As Jarba's Coalition Trashed Obama, Blames For ISIS Take Over of Abu Kamal

As UN Misleads on DRC, Promotes Soccer with Censors, No #FreeAJstaff

In S. Sudan, UN Separated Dinka & Nuer, Now "Shocked" at Ban of Nuer

After UN Spox Misleads, Invited to Soccer with Censors, No UNCA Reforms

On DRC, UN Misleads Then Withholds Info on Flying FDLR Leader

After ICC Joins Darfur Rebels' Call for Probe of Ladsous Reports, UN Joins

After UN Peacekeeping Cuts Defended by Ladsous, G77 Meets Ban

IMF's Lagarde Lauds Yellen, After Urging Fed to Communicate More, FOIA Qs

UN Flew Sanctioned FDLR Leader in DRC, Kobler Admits, UN Withheld

On FSA Child Soldiers, ICP Asks Zerroughui If Raised in DC, US Waiver?

On UN Flying FDLR, Kobler & Dujarric Like Ladsous Still Won't Answer

Like Faux Press Encounter, Ban Does Interview on LinkedIn, Softball with Scribes

As Poroshenko Resumes War on "Parasites," UN Dodges Rwanda Echo

On Ukraine, IMF Recounts Sanctions & Counter-Sanctions But Not Austerity

UN Peacekeeping Cuts Presented by Finn Chair, Q&A on Conflict of Interest

After UN Spins Faux “Press" Encounter, Its Censoring Scribes Buy Jerseys

UN Peacekeeping Cuts Defended by Ladsous, G77 Counters, SAG Said $1762

UN Peacekeeping's Ladsous Brags of Cutting Darfur Mission, Showdown

UN Peacekeeping's Ladsous Spins of Cutting Darfur Mission, Showdown

As Hollande-Defended BNP Settles, Guilty Sudan Knowledge Shown

On UN Flying FDLR, Kobler & Dujarric Like Ladsous Won't Answer

Leaving S. Sudan, Hilde Johnson Dodges on Cluster Bombs & Gadet, No Free Press

UN Says Faux “Press" Encounter Managed by Israel, Softball with Scribes

After UN Backs Down on Rights in W. Sahara, Morocco Offers Seminar

After Jarba's Coalition Trashed Obama, Touts ISIS Fight in Deir al-Zor

UN Says Ban Held “Press Encounter” With Peres But Didn't Tell Press

On UN Flying FDLR, Ladsous' 1994 History Shouldn't Disqualify Him?

As UN Flew FDLR, Ladsous' 1994 History Shouldn't Disqualify Him?

After Jarba's Syria Coalition Trashed Obama, $500M & Role in Iraq?

NYT Spins UN Flying FDLR Leader, UN Implies Feingold Requested It

As UN Ladsous Stonewalls on Flying FDLR Leader, Kobler Silent Too

As ISIL Moves in on Iraq Oil, UNSC Draft Statement Cites Terror Finance

UN Peacekeepers Offered $1250 Monthly, Not $1700, Of Ladsous & Sri Lanka

Rwanda Letter to UNSC Slams Ladsous Travel Waiver Bid for FDLR Leader

Rwanda Letter to UNSC on Ladsous Travel Waiver Bid for FDLR Leader

Rwanda Complains UN Ladsous Gave Travel Waiver for FDLR Genocidaire

Rwanda Complains UN's Ladsous Gave Travel Waiver for FDLR Genocidaire

As UN Women Trains on Sexual Violence, Not Mandatory in UN Peacekeeping

On Aid, Australia Says Syria Never Complained of UN Convoys, Turkish Issues

Sri Lanka Protest at UN, Stonewalling from Ban & Censorship Alliance

Host of UN Gabfest on #FreeAJstaff Ignored Deaths & Attacks on Journalists

Dueling with Predatory Hedge Funds, Argentina Briefs UN, Who Else, Asks ICP

As #FreeAJstaff Used in UN Gabfest, Will Ban Raise to al-Sisi?

UN Gabfest on #FreeAJstaff Includes Jailers, Censorship Alliance

At UN, Gabfest to #FreeAJstaff Includes Jailers, Censorship Alliance

In UN Games, Kaag For MidEast, ICP's Told Eliasson as New Brahimi, Ban

On Sri Lanka, Protest Set With Taranco Silent, Hypocrisy in Ban's UN

UN Downplays Kurdish Push for Independence, Says Balad Held by Iraq

On Sri Lanka, As Pillay Puts Trio in Place, Hypocrisy in Ban's UN

UN Tells ICP Its Position on Haiti Cholera "Is Clear," Video Here

On Darfur, UN Belatedly Answers on Jebel Marra, Banned from There

At UN Egypt's Spin on Jailing AJ Staff Lives On, UN Censorship Alliance

UNDP Disses PNG To Avoid Layoff Questions Using UN's Censorship Alliance

Amid Layoffs, UNDP Staff Demoralized, 9% Confidence in Clark

On Ukraine, UN Says UNclear if Army Just Defends Itself, Who Killed Journalists?

As UNDP Presses Layoff Plans, Focuses on Spin, Clark for UNSG?

UN Tells ICP Its Position on Haiti Cholera "Is Clear," As Spox Stonewalls

On  Sri Lanka, UN Silent on Taranco's Visit, Violence, Press Freedom

Of Samoa, SIDS & UN System Travel, World Bank & Suits, Haiti Stonewall

Call to “Report on Secrets” by Reuters, Banned From Search Filing to UN

At UN On Burundi, Code of Conduct Stressed as Protests for Mbonimpa Banned

Ukraine Denies Journalists Beaten, Uses Logic Like Egypt on Al Jazeera

Ukraine Denies Journalists "Bitten," Using Logic Like Egypt on Al Jazeera

UN Withholds Answers on Darfur Aid Workers, As On Haiti Cholera

On Darfur, UN Withholds Answer on Aid Workers, Silent on Jebel Marra

UN Feltman Silent on Iraq, Mute on UN Webcast, Palestine Asks Action

UN Feltman Ignores Iraq But Webcast Broken, Palestine Says “Shoulder Responsibility”

Now Syria Coalition Trashes Obama, Praises Hillary & Ford, UN on Margins

Spining on Cholera, UN Tweets Haitians in Brazil World Cup Jerseys

As UN Stonewalls on Cholera, It Tweets Haitians in Brazil World Cup Jerseys

In Egypt, Kerry Says Give Time on Apaches & Journalists, Libya Sans France

After Ukraine Claimed Support for Poroshenko Plan, Ban Delivers

Stonewalling on Cholera, UN Tweets Haitians in Brazil World Cup Jerseys

Alongside Ban's Syria Speech, ISIS on Border, Cholera Papers Dodged

Stonewalled Press on Haiti Cholera, UN Brags of Impunity, Doctors Transcripts

Syria Report Misleadingly "Obtained" By Reuters, Which Pays for Exclusives

On Syria, Ban's Speech Mute on US Moves to Support FSA, ISIL Border Control

Syria Report Cites US Bomber, US Spin & ISIS, UNtransparently Released

After Cutting Off Syria Again, UN Tells ICP Wishes Censored Better in 2012

On Syria, Ban's Speech Ignores US Moves to Support FSA, ISIL Border Control

ICP Asks of Sri Lanka & Myanmar Governments' Role in Human Trafficking

As Ukraine Claims Support for Poroshenko Plan & UN Delivers, Russia Mocks

On Syria, Ban's Speech Dodges US Moves to Support FSA, ISIL Border Control

As Obama Cites Iran "Hot & Heavy" In Syria, In Iraq No Advance Notice

In Mali, UN Ging Contrasts Needs with IBK's Jet, Sees Ethnic Cleansing in CAR

For Drones in Mali, UN Says Ladsous Mentioning to UNSC Is Enough

IMF Warns of Romania Fiscal Gap, Heads to Ukraine June 24, 7 Qs UNanswered

Will UN's Talk Radio Day Deal with Cholera, Layoffs, Censorship Alliance?

Will UN Talk Radio Day Deal with Cholera, Layoffs, Censorship Alliance?

For Mali Drones, UN Said Ladsous Needs Approval, VOA Says It's Done

Link of Colombia World Cup Team to Cocaine by UN Goodwill Ambassador

Israel Elected Vice Chair of UN Decolonization Com'te, 68 Abstentions

On Azawad, UN Sends 7 Burkinabes Home, But Koenders Calls Photo Fabricated

Syria Presser Said “Hosted” by UNCA, Censored Financial Qs It Now Asks

In Mali, Ladsous Claims Rights Diligence But Refused Questions, & on Drones

UN Ban Mulls New Envoy with Arab League, Saudi Wouldn't Meet Brahimi

On Ukraine Attacks on Journalists, Hypocrisy by UN Censorship Alliance

World Cup Fever, From Delegates Lounge to Vienna, Circus in DRC, Scribes

Of Journalists Killed Near Luhansk, UNSC Statement, Watered Down

ICC Joins Darfur Rebels' Call for Probe of Ladsous & Reports, UN Spins

Journalist Killed Near Luhansk, UN Tells ICP to Ask UNESCO

In Myanmar, UN's Kang Admits Didn't Say "Rohingya" Publicly, Nambiar Silent

France Joins Darfur Rebels' Call for Probe of Ladsous & Reports, Scribes Spin

On Kyiv Embassy Attack, Lithuania Links to Downed Plane, Not at Stakeout

On UNDP Layoffs, UN Still Denies As Malcorra Meets Union, Clark's Gambit

On Small Arms, Swiss Show ICP Changes After Grenades to Syria Rebels

On Iraq, Obama Tells Congress Deploying 275 For Now, No Iran Coordination

On Margins of P5+1, US Talked ISIL With Iran, But Not Military Coordination

On Kyiv Embassy Attack, Russia Surprised at UN Silence, Video here

At UN, Military Use of Schools & de Blasio UPK Asked Of, Elitism Rejected

On UNDP Layoffs, UN in Denial, Oversight from Overlook, PCW & Dalberg

With UN Silent on Kyiv Embassy Attack, ICP Asks, Haq Says Root Is In East

On UNDP Layoffs, UN Stonewall, Oversight from Overlook, PCW & Dalberg

IMF's Lagarde Says US Federal Reserve Should Communicate More, FOIA Qs

On Iran P5+1, US Insists Iraq Issue UNconnected, But BNP, Kyiv Embassy?

On UNDP Cutbacks, UN Stonewall, Oversight from Overlook, PCW & Dalberg

On Sri Lanka, Religious Attacks in Aluthgama Met With UN Silence

On Iraq, Kerry Calls 4 Neighbors But Not Iran, Burns to Geneva P5+1

From Baghdad, US To Relocate Some, UN Said It's Safe, Silent on Kyiv Embassy

Journalists Detained in Donetsk As Kyiv Embassy Attack UNacted On

On Iraq, Kerry Speaks to Zebari, Ban to Iran's VP, Silent on Embassy

On Ukraine, UNSC Silent on Embassy Attack 7 Hours After US

As Google Defends Tahrir Sex Abuse Video, Bans UN Complaint from Search

US Carlos Pascual Heads to Columbia, Kosovo & BofA Qs in Wake

After Jordan Raid Iraq TV Station, What's UN Nominee Zeid's Position?

Obama Picks Clooney Colleague for UNSC Post, Rwanda In French Eyes

Morocco Offers Seminar on W. Sahara, Targets Journalists, Off-Record?

Obama Taps "Not On Our Watch" Co-Founder for UNSC Post, Open DPKO?

UN Tells ICP Baghdad Is Safe, Silent on Call to Distribute Weapons

Iraq Bans Social Media, Twitter Suspends ISIL, UNdisclosed Complaints

After Sri Lanka Bans UN Probe, UN Tells ICP Ban Urges Engagement

UN Peacekeepers Offered Monthly $1150, Not $1700, Of France & Sri Lanka

At UN, Russia Circulates New Ukraine Draft, ICP Asks Churkin of Luhansk

Sri Lanka & DRC Raised at NY Event to End Rape in Conflict

On Iraq at UN, No Talk of ISIL Seizing Weapons, Or If Kurds Control Kirkuk?

In DRC, Oil Search in Virgunga Halted, Not by UN, Minova Stonewall

As Sri Lanka Bans UN Probe, Morocco Offers Seminar, W. Sahara & Scribes

After Kutesa Becomes PGA, ICP Asks of Anti-Gay Law, S. Sudan

In End Rape in War Summit, Press Banned on Sri Lanka, Minova UNaddressed

At End Rape in War Summit, Press Banned on Sri Lanka, Minova UNaddressed

Araud Leaving UN Belatedly Confirmed, Delattre to Come, Free Press Benefits?

UN Spox Said ENHAS Has No Contracts With MONUSCO, Record Differs

UN "Surprise" Birthday Party Shows Captured Correspondents, Censors

As Press Banned from UN Event, Ladsous on Drones Claims, Join Us

Virginia Rout of Cantor By Brat Calling to Jail Bankers, End NSA Spying

UN Gives No Answers, On Myanmar & Minova Rapes, Off Stride

Hillary Clinton Cites Wisner on Mubarak, Ford Urges MANPADs for FSA

News Agency of Nigeria Says UN Never Told It Before Eviction, As UN Claims

Before Iran "Copycat" Bilateral, France Hardball on Centrifuges, Soft on BNP

On Ukraine, Pillay Cites Monitoring Not Odessa or Luhansk, Prince's Take?

On Sri Lanka, Pillay Says Team Is In Place, How'd Zeid Run It?

On 130 Minova Rapes & Kobler's Claim of Clarity, UN Has No Answer

After Iran - US Bilateral, France Will Play Copycat June 11, BNP in Tow?

After Brahimi Spills Beans on Saudi & Khan al-Asal, UN Blurs Chlorine

On Impunity for 130 Minova Rapes & Kobler's Claim, UN Has No Answer

Myanmar Brags UNICEF Won't Say "Rohingya," UN Won't Say If It's Policy

On UN Eviction of News Agency of Nigeria, NAN Says UN Never Told It

NYC Foreclosure Wave by Mega-Banks, Redlining by Valley National

Press Banned from UN Event Promoted by UNCA President, No Access

In Libya, UN Observer of Jail Trials Detained, UN Won't Observe Any More

Amid Disabilities Talk, UN Bulletin on Accessibility Not Out, Of US & Access

On Sri Lanka, Solheim Speaks on White Flag Killings, Kohona, UN Theater

Brahimi Spills Beans on Saudi, Khan al-Asal & Israel to Der Spiegel

From Syria OPCW Says Chemical on Way to US, Took No Qs on Veolia Violations

In DRC What Will MONUSCO's Kobler Do For Reporters of Radio Ondes?

Amid Ukraine Inauguration, Journalists Detained Near Slavyansk

On Impunity for 130 Minova Rapes, Kobler Says UN Policy Is Clear

On Burundi, MONUSCO's Kobler Says UN Clear, No Kiliba Ondes Check?

In DRC, UN Supports Army, No Word If Rapists, Silent on Jail Break, Burundi

As Iran - US “Bilateral” Joined by EU, Might France Ride In, BNP in Tow?

Myanmar Authorities Brag UNICEF Won't Say "Rohingya," As $87,000 Rent

In Haiti, Ladsous Takes Canned Cholera Query, UNaccountable

In Pakistan, UN Farhan Haq Says Hamid Mir Is Dead - Then Doctors Transcript

On S. Sudan, ICP Asks Jal of Cluster Bombs, He Cites Gov Raids

On UNDP Cutbacks, Unions Petition Ban About Clark, UN Won't Confirm

Jordan's Prince Zeid To Replace Navi Pillay, ICP Raised Questions

On UNDP Layoffs, Unions Petition Ban About Clark, UN Won't Confirm

Amid SE4ALL at UN, Qs of Kosovo Coal, BofA Coal Mining, Solar Sahel

Hollande Shills for BNP as US Senators Question Mistral Sales to Russia

After UN Eviction of News Agency of Nigeria, UN Tells FUNCA It Can Return

French Warship Sales to Russia Arises with BNP, Araud's Off Record Games

Amid UNDP Layoffs, Staff Unions Write Ban About Clark, Transparency IV

At UN Energy Talks, Qs of Kosovo Coal, BofA Coal Mining, Solar Sahel

IMF Says No Sri Lanka Side Deals, Qs on Egypt, DRC, Romania

Araud's Slated Replacement Audibert Splits P5+1, So Flippy Nic Is In

On Burundi, As 2d UN Staffer Told to Leave, UN Says Bullets, No Probe?

After UN Evicts News Agency of Nigeria, FUNCA Demands Why

To Replace Navi Pillay, Jahangir, Jilani or Prince Zeid of Jordan?

UNDP's Layoff Memo Published, Fiddling While Rome Burns, Transparency III

To Replace Navi Pillay, Ramos-Horta UBrain, Darusman, South Asia?

Amid Cut-Backs, UNDP Parties, Fiddling Echo in Secretariat, Transparency II

On S. Kordofan, UN Amos Tells ICP Spoke Sudan PR, SPLM-N Restrictions

On Syria OPCW Takes No Qs on Veolia Violations, Silent on Odessa Chloroform

On Luhansk Bombing, ICP asks Sergeyev of OSCE Finding, He Says Site Blocked

UN Evicts News Agency of Nigeria, FUNCA Questions Double Standards

On Burundi, 2d UN Staffer Told to Leave, UN Confirms, Silent on Its Cable

On Rwanda 1994, New Cables Show Ladsous "Wryly Noting," Now Stonewalling

On Syria & a New Brahimi, Doubts of Arab League Mandate, Churkin Says

At UN, UK Says "End Sexual Violence," But Aid to Minova Rapists Continues

NYC Subway 7 Fills With Smoke Under E. River, MTA Silent, Lines Stay Closed

Churkin Tells ICP Of Odessa Probe Reply, Sergeyev Denies Luhansk Bomb

On S. Sudan US Says Sanctions Don't Bar Taxes to Gadet's Militia

In Mali, As Ladsous' Troops Pictured With Azawad Flag, Bluster But No Answers

At UN, Youth Talk Urges UNpaid Internships, FUNCA Raises Access Qs

On Ukraine, Russian Humanitarian Draft To Be "Compared with Syria"

Amid UN Layoffs, Union Busting and Haiti Dodge, Ban to Meet De Blasio

In DRC, UN Welcomed "Insignificant" FDLR Surrender, Ladsous Refuses Qs

At World Cup in Brazil, 60% of UNSC But Only 16% of UN Members Play

Cut-Backs at UNDP While Helen Clark in Belarus, Transparency I

From S. Sudan, Hilde Hits the Road, US Press Spin, Banbury to Stay

Araud's Slated Replacement at UN Audibert Takes Sherpa Job, Press Freedom Suffers

Cut-Backs at UNDP Seen as Helen Clark Run for SG, Deals & Faux Fight-Back

UN Says Ukraine's Call If Pulls 600 Troops, UN's Call on If-Asked

UN Says It's Ukraine's Call If Pulls 600 Troops, UN's Call on If-Asked

On Burundi, UN Now Speaks on  Jailing of Rights Defender, Won't Substantiate

UN Praised Ukraine Election to Its Own Media Only in Hall, Switched in Russian

On Rapes & Drones, Ladsous Refusal to Answer Implicates UN Spox & Scribes

Ukraine's Pitch, From Chocolate King to Cloudsourcing, Of Democracy & Dollars

S. Korea's UNSC May Has Only 3 Stakeouts, Silence on S. Sudan, Syria

After Impunity for 130 Minova Rapes, Ladsous Says, "I Do Not Respond to You"

UN's Ladsous Solicits Drones for Mali, Says, "I Do Not Respond to You"

Some Press Banned from UN Communications Group, NYT & Gates There

In Morocco, UN Pillay Cites Use of Torture & Obstruction in W. Sahara

On Kidal, UNSC Prez Tells ICP No Talk If Mali Army Notified UN or Serval

From Mali, French Colonialism Echoed by IBK on Corsica, UNSC Echo

Ukraine Debate Ends in Tit for Tat, Murky on Copters & Press Protection

As Obama Talks Arming Syria Rebels, UN Says Ban Urges Stop the Flow

Thailand Bans Facebook, Testing Censorship Like Reuters at UN

On Kosovo, Serbia Prez Nikolic Notes Secession Precedent Cited by Crimea

On S. Sudan, Ladsous' VOA Scam Censors Ghana Arms, Cluster Bombs

On S. Sudan, Ladsous Leaves Questions UNanswered, Spins VOA

In S. Sudan, Rights Diligence Dubious, UNenforced in DRC by Ladsous

Burundi Said to Offer Freedom for Apology From Rights Defender, Rejected

In Syria OPCW Attacked, on Odessa Chloroform, Silent; Of Veolia in Texas

ICC Syria Carve Outs French Araud Obfuscated Slammed by NGOs

On Syria Chemicals, OPCW Uses Veolia in Texas, Fined for Violations

Burundi Said to Offer to Free Rights Defender for His Silence, Rejected

As NDAA Draft Cites "Vetted" Syria Opposition, Child Soldier Questions

UN's Lazzarini on Somaliland Airspace But Not UNMAS Bax & US

Burundi Keeps in Jail Rights Defender Whose Letter UN Denies, Cover Up?

Amid Ukraine Voting, Journalists Killed Near Slavyansk, Donetsk Low

US Now Says Burundi Didn't Release Rights Defender Whose Letter UN Denies

US Said Burundi Released Rights Defender Whose Letter UN Denies- Did It?

As Thailand Confirms Coup, Journalist Fired for Protest, UN and Censors Silent

After UN Indigenous Forum, "Politicization" with Crimea Issue Doubted

In CAR, As French Disarm & Shoot Muslims in Bambari, UN Gives ICP Spin

US Says Burundi Releases Rights Defender Whose Letter UN Denies, Cover Up?

On Indigenous Conference, UNGA Prez “Fails,” Forum, Bolivia & Others Speak

UNICEF $87,000 Rent Linked to Myanmar Regime, Nambiar Silent As Sri Lanka

Scam Protector of Journalists UNCA Board Pitches to Lithuania While Censoring

IMF Answers ICP on Serbia, Says Talking with Bosnia & Yemen

Ukraine PR Says LifeNews Duo Not “Pure Journalists,” Odessa Chemical Probe?

UNCA's Falk Admits Fake Followers, Who Paid for UN Censorship Alliance's?

UN Silent on Sri Lanka Censorship, UNCA Tried In NY, UN Censorship Alliance

Spinning on Darfur, Silent on FDLR, Failures of DPKO Under Ladsous

Boko Haram Is Put on UN Sanctions List, Djinnit's Asked of US Force in Chad

Syria Report Again UNtransparently Released, Censor Wire Spins

Araud Says US Pilot Would Be Taken To ICC, Surprise in DC, Warships Defended

IMF Delays Mali Review on IBK's Plane Purchase As France Silent at UN

For Syria ICC Referral Facing Veto, France "Will Spare No Effort"

Complaining of Hollande, SNC on Diplomatic Mission in France, MNLA Next?

ICP Asks UN about the Fed and IMF, Hong's Pro Yellen & Quota Reform

Sri Lanka Says Ban Praised Rajapaksa, Silent on White Flag Report, Nambiar

UNCA's Falk Fake Twitter Spike to 9600 Exposed, Disappears

No UN Answer on Ukraine Use of UN Copters,  Simonovic Spoke Minister

IMF Urges Afghans To Seek Kabul Bank Assets, Impunity Like US

On UN Role in Sri Lanka Bloodbath, Silence As Ban Meets Rajapaksa

On Mali, French Colonialism Doesn't Even Benefit Bamako, Of Uranium & Araud

On Mali, After French Fraud Fakeout, UNSC Statement, No Answers

Ukraine & Egypt Attacks on Journalists Echoed by Araud, FUNCA Flier Down

On Mali, Araud Fought on Twitter But Won't Take Press Q About IBK's Jet

From Mali by Video, FM Links MNLA With Terrorists, IBK's Jet Not Mentioned

On DPRK Sanctions, Some Bring Up Human Rights But Not Rodman

Press & Public Banned from UN Communications Group, Accreditation Mulled

Over 5M Death Made Invisible By Lack of Birth Certificates, Lancet & UNICEF Say

UN Shuts Down on “UN” Copter in Ukraine, As On Journalists Detained

On Thailand's Descent to Martial Law, US Speaks, UN Silent, UNrelevant

As Thailand Descended to Martial Law, UN Replied With Platitudes, UNrelevant

On Libya Chaos, UN Belated & Bland Statement Without Mitri, Eye on Lebanon

On Guinea Bissau, UN Won't Answer on Ramos-Horta Moonlighting

UN Has No Answers on Kyiv Copters & Journalists, Sri Lanka, Burundi, Late on Libya

On Mali, UN Like France Silent on IBK Plane, Killings in Kidal

As UN Stonewalls on “UN” Copter in Ukraine, Silent on Journalists Detained?

Five Years After Sri Lanka Bloodbath, More on UN Role, Nambiar & Amman

On Boko Haram, Hollande Says Goodluck Asked Him to Lead, But Why?

New Report With UN Silent as Sri Lanka Bans Commemoration of Tamils It Killed

Burundi Jails Rights Defender Whose Letter UN Denies, Cable UNmentioned by HRW

Failures of DPKO Belatedly Linked to Ladsous by RTL & AFP, Au Revoir?

Like UNCA, CBS Falk's Fake Twitter Spike to 9600 Exposed, Problem for CBS?

Failures of UN Peacekeeping Under Ladsous Detailed, Blurred by Scribes

Mogherini Tells Press Ukraine Has Overshadowed Syria, Of ICC Carve-Outs

On Mali, UNlike IMF UN Silent on IBK's New Jet, Ladsous' Drones

UN Cites Right Sector in Odessa, Says They Were Provoked, “Ended in Fire”

On Haiti Cholera, Opposition to US "Suggestion of Immunity" for UN

As UN's Ladsous Solicits Drones for Mali, UN Won't Explain, Drops Cote

As US Bank Gets  Rubber-Stamp to Buy & Close Branches, FOIA Pends

As Inzko Cites Failures in Bosnia & Republika Srpska, Tobacco & IMF Freeze

IMF Urges French Banks To Do More Securitization, Meltdown & Lagarde Echo?

UN Chides Afghans, CAR, Sudans, Chad, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Somalia, Myanmar

UN Report Tap-Dances on Colombia, India, Pakistan, Philippines & Thailand

Like UNCA, Falk's Fake Twitter Followers Exposed, UNTV Censored

On Boko Haram, New UN Report Quotes Abubakar Shekau, Shows 2012 Knowledge

On FSA Child Soldiers, UN Report Gives New Examples, US Waiver?

In DRC Army UN Found 123 Child Soldiers, New Report Contradicts Claims

On FSA Child Soldiers, New UN Report Gives More Examples, US Waiver?

Asked of SNC Foreign Mission, Arms, Ghadbian Cites Pilot like TOWs

UN's Ladsous Solicits Drones for Mali, UN Says CAR Approval Needed

From Burundi, UN Envoy Praises Government, Opposition Letters Banned

On “UN” Copter in Ukraine, UN Tells ICP Kyiv Contacted by UN Peacekeeping

As Brahimi Quits, Questions on Return to Algeria Twice Banned

In Abyei, Kiir Didn't Comply & Withdraw SPLA, New UN Report Says

On Minova, Bensouda Says ICC Work in DRC Not Over, UNCA 4 Misleading Qs

On CAR, Chad Has Closed Its Border, UN Has Its Mouth Closed, Again?

On Syria ICC Draft, ICP Asks Bensouda If Undercuts Justice, No Answer

After “UN” Marked Copter Shown in Ukraine, Qs to UN Spox UNanswered

As Brahimi Quits, Qs on Ben Ali Crony Morjane & Algeria Return Banned

France's Fabius Implies Warships to Russia Could Be Reviewed, Araud Dodged

IMF Thoughts on Ghana, "Crowding in of Private Sector," Unions

As Sri Lanka Bans Commemoration of Tamils It Killed, UN Silent As on Rapes

After UNCA Fake Twitter Followers Exposed, Dropped from 5500 Below 300

UN's New Somalia Report Cites Charcoal, Somaliland Tensions, UNSOM

On S. Sudan, Ban Cites Ceasefire, Then Acknowledges Not Honored in Bentiu

On S. Sudan, Ban Cites "Productive" Kiir, As Elections Delayed 2-3 Years

Indigenous Forum Tells ICP World Conference May Be Canceled Due to Exclusion

On S. Sudan Deal UN Welcomed, Kiir Puts Back Election 2-3 Years, UN Silent

At UN, Blackout of Internet & UNTV Challenged by FUNCA, Background

In Baku, France Insists Warship Sales to Russia Continue, Araud Dodged, Fabius?

Out of Control VOA Veers on Crimea, Its Censorship UNaddressed

On E. Ukraine Voting, US Slams Kremlin Social Media, Mistral Not Mentioned

Hollande Says Warship Sales to Russia Continue, Araud Dodged, Will Fabius?

After UN Censors Exposed for Buying Twitter Followers, Drops from 800 Below 300

UN Silent on Press Banned from Myanmar & Yemen, Claims Spoke on Ethiopia

As Yemen Bans Another Journalist, UN Has No Comment, FUNCA Asks

UNcensored View of World Press Freedom Day Triggered Abuses by UNCA

Boko Haram Statement of UNSC Has No ICC, So How Could Syria?

As NPT PrepCom Fizzles Out, Mexico on 2ble Standards, Access to Info Controlled

With Ethiopia Bloggers' Twitter Suspended, Kerry Chats with YALI

As Ethiopia Bloggers' Twitter Accounts Suspended, Any US Response?

On S. Sudan, UN Ladsous Won't Answer a Single Question, Of Ghana Arms

UN's Charade of World Press Freedom Day Had Bid to Censor Opposition

As Yemen Deports Journalist & Brags of Praise from UN, What Will UN Do?

After 2 Convictions for 130 Minova Rapes, UN Says Trials Were Enough

On Syria ICC Draft, ICP's Told P5 Hasn't Discussed, Doubt It Passes

In Ukraine Presser, Kosovo & TRNC Cited, Right Sector Denied, Journalists Profiled

On Syria, Kaag Says Ask OPCW Why Picked Veolia, Of Illegal Settlements

IMF Positions on Bosnia & Ghana, Would Talk Opposition, W. Sahara No Answer

On Ukraine, IMF Won't Say Rate Or If Concerned by May 11 Referendums

On Syria ICC Referral, Franco-US Sculpting Recalls Brazil on Libya 2011

On S. Sudan, UN Admits Never Replied on Cluster Bombs or Ghana Arms

In UNSC, South Korea Denies Right of Reply to North Korea "and Others"

In UNSC, South Korea Gavels Down North Korea For Speaking Too Long

Landlocked South Sudan & CAR Discussed At UN, Then Taken to Censors

On Rwanda History, Gone, No Yet

On Sri Lanka Rapes, Shavendra Silva Denies Everything At Canada UN

On S. Sudan, UN Claims "Line" on Release of Reports on Ghana Arms, Cluster Bombs

After 2 Convictions for 130 Minova Rapes, UN Stonewalls on Due Diligence

US Banks On Syria Rebels, UN Offers UNFCU, Union Troubles & Playground

As US Sanctions Kiir & Machar Proxies, Bor Unacted On, IGAD Not In UNMISS?

On Burundi, 12 Parties Asked Ban to Probe Cable, What Has UN Done?

At UN For Nuclear Free Central Asia, P5 Pose & Sign, UK Takes Reservation

US Says Will Help Syria Coalition With Banks, G77 Seethes, Resolution Pends

On Sri Lanka Rapes, Shavendra Silva to Reply to Sooka at Canada UN

In S. Sudan, Will Ban Release UN Reports Into Ghana Arms, Cluster Bombs?

IMF's Middle East Report Uses USAID Data for Jordan, Reforms Unsure

UN Tells ICP It's Fine With Feltman Communication With US On "Other System"

In Odessa, After 38 Burned to Death, UN Cites "Riots," Ban Sad at Violence

Celina Jaitly Slams "Colonial" Anti-Gay Laws in India, Of Sri Lanka CHOGM

On 130 Minova Rapes By DRC Army, Only 3 Convictions, UN Silent, Fails

As US Gives Jarba's Syria Coalition "Foreign Mission" Status, Murky UN Echoes

In S. Sudan, UN's Ladsous Who Pitches Drones in CAR, Any UAV Role?

On Burundi, Dieng Replies to ICP on Impunity, NGO Letter UNacted On?

In CAR, Ladsous Pitching Drones While Not Used on FDLR in E. Congo

In DRC, Feingold Says ADF Fight Took Resources, Waiting FDLR "Green Light"

In DRC, Kerry Says Thinks Kabila Has Plan to End FDLR, Won't Say When

Obama's Cruz Joke Echoes Iran, WHCA Shows UNCA As Censor, Travesty

On Syria, If Morjane Replaces Brahimi, Ben Ali Crony'd Seek Assad's Ouster

Salivating Over Finance & Pears, Reuters From Censorship to Nerdprom

Araud Is Quoted Mistral Warship Sales to Russia Continue, Off Record Games

On Ukraine, US Now Mourns Odessa Deaths, But Is Trigger Set?

On S. Sudan, Power Cites Kiir Officials' Pre-Bor Talk, Dieng Says Wait for Probe

Now in S. Sudan, Kerry Urged Machar to Meet IGAD & Kiir, No UN Role?

On Ukraine Russia Slams DC Double Standard, Jan 15 Comment Cited

For S. Korea in May, Ukraine, S. Sudan & Burundi, Hope for Stakeouts

Amid Rape Charges Against UN in Liberia, Delayed Probe, Disappeared Article

On Ukraine, Russia Requests UNSC Meeting, UK Says Welcomes It

Now in S. Sudan, Kerry Will Meet UNMISS, Say More Legitimate Force Needed

On CAR, ICP Asks Ging of French Soldiers Killing 5 Civilians, MSF Clinic Hit

UN Language Wars in Resolution, NHK Added to P3 TV, Farewell

Journalists UNprotected in Ethiopia, Burundi & UN, Hypocrisy of UNCA


With Press UNprotected in Ethiopia, Burundi & UN, Hypocrisy of UNCA Prez

On Ukraine, IMF Will "Take Stock" Of Keeping In Crimea Data- "Until Recognition"

On S. Sudan, Kerry Says Need Force to Help Make Peace, UN or Uganda In It?

Nigeria's UNSC April Has 10 Stakeouts, Candor on W. Sahara, E10

In Iraq Election, 60% Turn-Out But Not in Falluja, PR Tells ICP

For Ukraine, IMF Delivers $17.01B For 2 Years, $3.19B Right Now

UN Access Craved by HRW, Amnesty Gets Job, Who Watches the UN?

FOIA Shows UN Feltman Communication with US On "Other System"

Amos Answers On Syria Report UNtransparently Released by UN, Reforms?

Congress Mulls Confirming VOA as Propaganda, Censorship Role FOIA-ed

US Praises Sri Lanka "Anti-Terror" Work as Biswal Meets Tamils & Ambo

From A to Z, Araud & Zeid Set to Leave UNSC, A Tale of Two Ambassadors

On Ukraine, Russia Cites Right Sector, US Baseball Bats, Trilateral Echo

On S. Sudan, UN's Ban Urges Kiir to Tell People to Like It, But Where Are Reports?

On US Loose Nukes, S. Korea Cites 1540, An SC Member Hasn't Reported

Russia Cites Kyiv Junta, Ukraine Pushes Back, UN Language Exclusions

Hunger for Selfies Leads Diplomat to Tell UN Security, You Work for Me

Morocco PR Says Only Some Countries Need Rights Mechanisms, Mic

On W. Sahara, 15-0 Vote for Draft of "Friends," No AU, No Rights Mechanism

On Ukraine, UK Not Russia Asked April 28 UNSC Feltman Briefing

At UN, Praises Sung of Shell & Anglo-American, FT Softball Qs

Of UN Language Wars and P3 TV, Press Attacked Without Defense, FUNCA

After Burundi Cable, UN "Welcomes" Govt Statement, Press Probes at Risk

On US Loose Nukes, CTBTO Says Watch For Proliferation, Galapagos

On W. Sahara, Nigeria FM Says AU Clear Despite Resolution of "Friends"

On Ukraine & Sanctions, US Is Asked of French Mistrals, "OSCE Observers"

As Ethiopia Jails Another Journalist, US Is Asked, Will Kerry Raise in Addis?

Let Them Eat Drafts, Araud Says UN Is Not a Place for Negotiation

US Bank Would Close 13 RBS Branches, FOIA Shows, Protest Grows

On S. Sudan, Kerry Tells Kiir to Stop Offensives, Will He Visit & Speak Machar?

In CAR, French Said to Kill 5 Civilians, Ladsous to Take Over UN Mission

France Denies Paying Jihadists to Release Hostages in Syria, W. Sahara Backdrop

As Ethiopia Jails Bloggers, US Talks Free Press Elsewhere, Files Risen Brief

As Egypt Jails Press, US Gives 10 Apaches, Malinowski Cites Costs

UN's Bangura Not In UNSC S. Sudan Rape Radio Meeting, Sri Lanka Reply

Ukraine's Lubkivsky on Arms & IMF, Says No Extremists in Govt, But

To S. Sudan, Will Kerry Travel Next Week, Or Only DRC, Angola & Ethiopia?

Syria PR Tells ICP 100% of Chemicals Out, Except Site Two, Ban Chat

US Drone Strikes in Yemen Raised in UN Security Council, But What Next?

To S. Sudan, Kerry Will Travel Next Week, After Bentui & Bor, Sanctions Threats

After Burundi Cable, UNSC Meets In Secret, Leak as "Main Concern"?

In Bentiu, UN Tells ICP 44 Members of Ghana Battalion There "As of Now"

On Sri Lanka, UN Official Bangura "Worried" About Rapes, Raised to Kohona

As Darfur Rebels Call for Probe of Ladsous & Reports, Scribe Blames Gov

IMF Has Crimea in Ukraine Data, No Answer If Western Sahara in Morocco Data

IMF Calls Serbia Talks Constructive, Cites Jamaica GDP, Zimbabwe

Obama in Japan Promotes TPP, Would Globalize DMCA Abuse Like Reuters

Syria Report UNtransparently Released by UN, Spin & Scanning Ensues

On S. Sudan, Ladsous Won't Answer UN Charge Ghana Troops Not in Bentiu

On W. Sahara, April 23 Vote Doesn't Happen, Nigeria Hopes By 30th, Spin

Of Somalia Sanctions & UN Guards, Somaliland's Aspirations, Censors

On Mali, Koenders on Dutch Copters, Rape Probe Not Finished But Foretold

Syria PR Says Brahimi Made Mistakes, Of Chlorine Timing, Censors Barge

Mali FM on 5 Dutch Copters, No Kidal Probe Update, Koender on Rapes?

France's Fabius & Bishop Asked of Syria Chlorine & WW1, Real Journos?

Iran's Visa Speech To UN Committee Leaves It "Seized," Cyprus Says Ask US

UN Won't Explain Ban of Polisario from UNTV, If New Downer, Bentiu Lack

From DRC to CAR, UN Won't Answer on Leaders Flight or Selection

On Iran, UN Committee "Remains Seized" Of US Visa Ban, Cyprus on Chase

At Rwanda Genocide Panel, UN Official Names France, No Press Q at IPI

For UN in CAR, Africans in Leadership Or Just Troops, A La Francaise?

After Burundi Cable, Prez Meets Youth Wing, No UN Comment, Bank Fire

On Haiti Cholera, UN Envoy Says "Compensation" Won't Be Used, Q&A?

Turkish Cypriot Eroglu Meets Ban, Gas Not Discussed, New Downer?

State Dept Takes Twitter Qs, Not on W. Sahara, Haiti, Burundi or Sri Lanka

On W. Sahara, UN No Comment on Morocco King Visit, Polisario Censored?

On W. Sahara, Of France's Araud, Decolonization & Kosmos Energy

On W. Sahara, Araud Claims on Rights Belied by 2013 Video on MINURSO Renewal

On W. Sahara, Araud Claims to HRW Belied by Acts in 2012 MINURSO Renewal

After Bor, S. Sudan Wants Review of UN Mandate & SOFA, Now Obama Sanctions?

On W. Sahara, Araud's "Word" Belied by Acts in 2011 MINURSO Renewal

To Censor, US Frantz Cites Snowden for Erdogan, DMCA Like Reuters at UN

On W. Sahara, Araud's Claims Belied by Acts in 2010 MINURSO Renewal

On W. Sahara, Reuters Spins After Araud Chides HRW For Relying on It

On W. Sahara, French Araud Slams HRW For Relying on Reuters, Someone Lies

After Bor Killings, S. Sudan Blames UN, Obama Sanctions Triggered?

On W. Sahara, "Friends" Defer to French Veto Threat, No Rights Mechanism?

On Syria, ICP Asks Ja'afari of US-Made TOW Missiles, Press Elements

On Sri Lanka, ICP Asks Darusman Of Report, He Cites Cambodia, DPRK

At UN, N. Korea Rights Arria Has No Russia or China, No Rights In W. Sahara

On W. Sahara, Nigeria Wants Rights Mechanism, UN Silent on Crackdown, Araud

After UNSC Statement on Burundi Cable, Author Ordered Out in 48 Hours

S. Korean Mission, Asked of Attempt to Privatize Access, Opens It Up

On Ukraine, Of Svoboda & "Virtual Reality" on Eve of Geneva Talks

On W. Sahara, UN Won't Explain Rights Mechanism Drop, Nigeria Says April 17

After Araud Trashes Reporter, UN Says Respect Correspondents, FUNCA Asks

Genocide Resolution Cites FDLR, No Ladsous Answer, Keating on Turquoise

On W. Sahara, Rights Mechanism Is Dropped, Araud Attacks, Ignores Qs

On Syria, Araud Denounces Only Critical Q, Crane Admits Qatar, SNC

S. Korean Month as SC Prez To Privatize Access Through Censorship Alliance?

On W. Sahara, Morocco King Said To Visit Dakhla, Letter of Aid Workers

On N. Korea, Journalist Jiro Gave Video To UN Commission

On W. Sahara, Morocco King To Replace Ambassador Like Araud, Of Amnesty

UN Pension Fund Poised to Crush Staff Rights, UN Spox' Response

CIA Brennan Visited Kyiv, Ukraine PR Said Only in Russia Comments

Ukraine Turchynov Talks to Ban of UN Peacekeeping, Ladsous Mali Echo

At UN, Ameerah Haq to Leave, Holl Lute & Pollard in Hunt, Ladsous Redux

To Censor, Turkey Turns to Tax Law from Copyright Like Reuters at UN

At UN, Russia Denounces Ukraine's "Criminal" Deadline, Others Cite IMF

On Ukraine, US Sends Statement on Russian Role Before UNSC  Meeting

On Ukraine, UNSC Sunday Night Meeting Is Open, Taranco to Brief

On Ukraine, Russia Calls UNSC Sunday Night Meeting, Of Spin & Sergeyev

On W. Sahara, Morocco King Tells Ban of Fatal Risk to UN Role, UN Silent

On W. Sahara, Morocco King Calls Ban, Issues Readout While Ban Doesn't

On IMF Reform, Albright Admits No Link to Ukraine, GWU Burma Shave

At UN, Saturday Speeches After Sexual Rights Fights, CPD47 Turns 48

At UN, Friday Turns Saturday on Sexual Rights Fights, CPD47 Surpasses 46

On W. Sahara, Ban's Spox Won't Say If Ban Wants Rights Mechanism

As US Bans Iran Ambassador, ICP Asks of 1988 Arafat Ruling, 1953 Precedent

On Sri Lanka, UN Silent on Killings & Threats, Shavendra Silva Over Protest

At UN, JPMorgan Chase Closed Accounts, Now Fight Back in G77 Resolution

On W. Sahara, Here's (1st) UN Report as Servile Wire Channels Araud

At IMF, Masood Ahmed Answers ICP on Jordan & Syria, Morocco Silence

On Asia, IMF Cites Thailand Tensions, Silent on Sri Lanka, Brags on Myanmar

At IMF, Egypt for G24 Bemoans US Block on Reform, Few Q, Flaherty RIP

Week After Burundi Cable on Arming Young, SC Press Statement, What Action?

On W. Sahara, UN Report Notes Protests of Lack of Rights Monitoring, Nordics

Burundi Cable on Arming Young Called Alarming By Power, Dodged by France

On CAR, US Power on Replacing Chad, FM on SOFA, Araud Stonewalls

At IMF, Lagarde Bemoans US Blocking of Reform, Brags of Burma

Burundi Delay Capping Bardem Denial, Araud Out in July for Audibert

Burundi Cable on Arming Young-Wing Get Muted UN Reaction, Rwanda Echo

Cabled of Burundi Youth-Wing Arming, Inaction by France As UNSC Penholder

On Burundi, After April 3 Cable on Youth-Wing Armed, Ladsous Stonewalled

From Burundi Cable to UN, Ladsous on Arms to Imbonerakura, Rwanda Echo

Asked Of Rapes Ascribed to UN Peacekeepers in Mali, Ladsous Won't Answer

On Sudan, UN Email Told Staff, Not Public UNFPA Rep Thrown Out April 7

In Sudan Alchemy,  Ladsous Excused, Bashir Meeting Airbrushed Out

UN Ban to Meet Hagel & Dempsey, Deputy with Burns & Pittman, Iran or JPM?

On Rwanda History, DPKO of Ladsous Let Go, Won't Admit

While US BBG Defends Its Cuban Twitter, Tried to Censor at UN

In Darfur Alchemy, UN Peacekeeping as Victim, Ladsous Airbrushed Out

On Iran's Nominee as UN Rep, UN Dodged on Host Country, Vote

On Syria, Ban to Meet Hagel & Dempsey, Syria Skeptics, UN at War?

When ICP Asks of Ladsous Leaks, UN Contrasts Candor With Bashir's Good Will

North Korea Nukes & Rights Focus of Trilateral in DC, Elements Suffice?

Purging Rwanda History, Ladsous' DPKO Let Go, Cover Up

Asked When UN Will Go After FDLR, Ladsous Says, "I Never Answer You"

On W. Sahara, Polisario Writes to UNSC, Rights Monitoring, April 17 Irony

UN Never Answered ICP On Darfur Kidnappings, Ladsous Exposed by Dabanga

In Rwanda, Real History of UN Inaction & Sri Lanka Banned, A La Francaise

In 2013 Disparities at Citi, Chase, BofA & Wells as Fed Lax on M&T, US Bank

France Won't Go to Rwanda Genocide Memorial, UN Ladsous Questions

As USAID Appears at MIT Build Peace, Cuban Twitter UNaddressed

UNMAS Admits Works with FBI, Spins Referral on African Skies Ltd

UN Spox Takes Only 1 Press Q, Dodging on CAR, Nothing on Union: FUNCA

For P5+1 in Vienna, Talk of Iran UN Envoy, Engel Sanctions, Oil for Goods

At UN, N. Korea Deputy Slams US, Trilateral Meeting in DC, Arria, Censors

UN Poised To UNfund IRIN Aid News, Which Suspended Video on CAR

In CAR, Chad Soldiers Killed 30 Civilians, Unprovoked, OHCHR Says

UN Pension Fund CEO Said Poised to Crush Staff Rights, Ban's UN

On S. Sudan, Does Obama's Threat of Sanctions Apply to Uganda?

On "Cuban Twitter," US Defends, UN Stonewalls Its Partner Eberhard's Role

On Darfur, After IDP Camp Is Razed, SC Resolution, UK on UNAMID

Kessab Issues Hits LA & DC, UNSC Delay, Why Not Kardashian Arria?

Nigeria Says It Will Be "Fully Involved" in W. Sahara, Ukraine as Footnote

UN Lists 13 Palestine Letters, Mansour Says Geneva Convention Immediate

At UN, As France Joins Arms Trade Treaty, Selling Warships to Russia

In Darfur, After IDP Camp Is Razed, UN Whispers About Food

Of Crimea & Next UNSG, Bokova Said Down, Of Kubis & Turk, Merkel Lurking?

After Sri Lanka Samarasinghe Rebuffs Pillay, UN Tells ICP Ban Wants Cooperation

Syrian Coalition Wants Brahimi to Convince "Wendy Chairman"

At UN, Coverage of Dispute Banned To Not Impact Dispute, Censors Circle

Of Crimean Maps & W. Sahara Stakeouts, End of Luxembourg's Month

On Crimea, Witnesses From Closed Meeting Not At Stakeout, Fait Accompli?

On Crimea, Press Is Told To Leave UNSC Arria Meeting on Media Crackdown

Luxembourg Did 14 Stakeout in March, CAR UNclear, Crimea Arria, Palestine

On Crimea, Press Excluded from UNSC Arria Meeting on Media Crackdown?

In Myanmar, UN-Funded Census Bans Rohingya, UN in Denial, Violence

At UN, Staff Union Article Censored, Ban in His Circle of Scribes

On Ukraine, Kerry Says Russian Troops Are on Russian Soil, Defers on Palestine

On Crimea, UN Security Council Has Arria Meeting March 31, Jemilev

On Ukraine, Floating No NATO or EU, Gergen Mocks Kerry, Armenia Dark Talk

On Ukraine, Scribes Repeat Ban on Broken Promises, No Haiti, Montreux, LKA

On Sri Lanka, Ban's UN No-Comment on Crackdown, Acts on Ukraine

On Ukraine, Putin Called Obama, State Explains As Ban Dodges, UNrelevant

In Ukraine Ban Met Svoboda, in NY Takes Only Western Qs, Voice of America

On Syria, Attacks on Latakia Port Raised To UN, Chem Weapon Disputes

On DRC, Araud Calls ADF Before FDLR "Not Political," Genocide Language

Turkey Bans YouTube, Secrets & Copyright As Svoboda, Ban's UN & Reuters

After DPRK Meeting, UNSC Prez Says 15 Agree Violation, Trilateral?

On Iraq, Mladenov Says IHEC Resignations Not Accepted, Immunity?

After UN Spox Overrides Russia, As Didn't Israel, Says "It's All About You"

On Ukraine, UNGA Resolution Passes But 58 Abstain, 11 Against, 100 For

On Ukraine, IMF Answers ICP on Gas Price 50% Rise, Citing Kyiv

On Sri Lanka, Resolution Passes 23-12-12, India Abstains at HRC

On Ukraine, IMF Announces Deal As Gas Prices Rise 50%, Press Qs

RBS Sale of 93 Branches to US Bank Stalled, Info Withheld, CRA Protests

Amid 100s of Death Sentences in Egypt, AI 2013 Report Spun in Silent UN

Amid 100s of Death Sentences in Egypt, Stealth Spin for UN Scribes & Censors

Syria Ja'afari Tells ICP of Shelling of Latakia, Now Russia Proposal

After DPRK Missiles, UN's Ban Has No New Comment, "Maybe" UNSC

On Lebanon UN's Plumbly on NIMBY But Not Franco-Saudi Arms, IPI Insiders

Nigerians Are Paying to Rebuild UN House, Critique UNanswered

On S. Sudan, UN Admits Newspaper Seized, Says Quickly Returned

On Sri Lanka, US Cites Military Influence, Draft & Hypocrisy on Press

On DPRK, Missiles & Comment Fly After US Meeting with Japan & RoK

After Ban Ki-moon Met Tyahnybok of Svoboda, Feltman Returns, No Press

On World Water, Big Dams Talked Up at UN, Haiti Dodged, No Time for Fracking

UN Ging Felt No Vilification in S. Sudan, Arms Echo, No Access in Blue Nile

After Anti-Jarba "Protests in 58 Cities," He Asks for Syria Embassies

Pillay Slaps Censorship by Turkey, Like Svoboda, Ban's UN & Reuters

Rights Applied to NY City Council, Haiti Cholera Test, Queens Scores Low

At UN, Of Raga, Ukraine & Politics, Concert Where War Crimes Were Spun

Ban Ki-moon Met Tyahnybok of Svoboda, UN Won't Say If Ban Knew in Advance

On Haiti Cholera, UN Envoy Says Expert's Report Is For HRC, Service on Ban?

DPRK Deputy Says Japan Must Address "Past Crimes," Trilateral No Comment

On Sri Lanka, Swire on Geneva, NY Travesty UNexplained, Amazing Race

In Ukraine, UN's Ban Ki-moon Met Tyahnybok of Svoboda, Beater of News Exec

In Ukraine, Ayotte Calls for Sanctions, Durban Omits IMF As Ban's List UNdisclosed

As Qatar Hosted Syrian Coalition at UN, Anti-Jarba Protests, Scribes

In Ukraine, List of Parties UN's Ban Met Still UNdisclosed, Visa Ban

Midnight for CSW on Sovereignty & "Delay of Sexual Debut," Censors Absent

On Sri Lanka, After Arrest of 2 Rights Defenders, US Speaks, UN Doesn't

At UN, Qatar Event on Syria Not Webcast or in UN Journal, Q on Private Funds

Using Copyright to Censor, from Turkey to Svoboda to Ban's UN & Reuters

In Ukraine, UN's Ban Has Not Seen Svoboda Party Video, List of Parties Met

India - PGA Ashe Read-Out Has No Mention of Italy Marines, Banned?

Turkey Blocks Twitter, Anti-Press Complaints to UN Banned from Google

After US Sanctions, Russia Says Hopes Steps Don't Undermine Coordination

On Ukraine, US Sanctions Rossiya, Ban Fails in Moscow, Hides From Qs

UN Moscow Call Limits Questions All 1-Way, No Sanctions, Just Scribes

At UN, Staff Union Protests Ban's Mobility, Of Spin & Double Standards

On S. Sudan, Ladsous Called Media UNacceptable, Now UN Spins

If Malawi Banda Sold Jet to Buy DPKO Equipment, DPKO Says It Doesn't Know

Italy-Ban Read-Out Had No Mention of Marines in India, UN Stands Pat

On Ukraine, US Power Cited Chekhov, Churkin Warns on Cooperation

On Ukraine, Russia Calls UN Report 1-Sided, US Power Cites Chekhov

On Ukraine, Ban Races to Russia for Relevance, Selectively Confirmed

UN's Ban Let In FDNY & Ambulance - But Not Haiti Cholera Court Paper Servers

On Ukraine, Ban Races to Russia for Relevance, Kosovo Compared

On S. Sudan, UN's Ladsous Calls Media UNacceptable, Signs Cited

At UN, JPMorgan Chase Slammed for Closing Accounts, High Fees, GA?

Al Aqsa Mosque "Provocations" Raised at UN, But No Vote on Horizon

UN Let In FDNY & Ambulance -- But Not Haiti Cholera Legal Paper Servers

On S. Sudan, UN's Ladsous Calls Media Articles UNacceptable, Censor

As US Shuts Syria Embassy in DC, Why Today, Why UN No Comment?

In Belated Italy - Ban Read-Out, No Mention of Marines in India

As Google's YouTube Suspends RT, Censorship by Copyright at UN

Madagascar Prez Denies Paris Trip Paid by Companies, Explains 4x4s, IMF

On Ukraine, New US Sanctions & Constitution Idea, UN No Comment

On Sri Lanka, After 2 Rights Defenders Arrested, UN No Specific Comment

On CAR After UN Suspends Video of Muslims' Plight, Says Done for "Balance"

On Sri Lanka, With Demilitarization Out of Draft, 2 Rights Defenders Arrested

For Ukraine, US Says Continues IMF Talks, New Sanctions, Mistral Sale?

On Ukraine, Corker Slams Kerry, Menendez Fluffs IMF, French Mistral in Q

Erdogan Copyrights His Calls, Will Google Remove From Search Like Reuters?

For Darfur Service, Female Peacekeeper Is Punished, UN Has No Comment

After Veto, Ukraine Speaks of Mainland, Refuses NATO Q, US Vetoes Too

On Ukraine, Resolution Against Crimea Vote Fails, China Abstains

After Sri Lanka Army Shown in War Crimes, Demilitarization Dropped, UN Silent

As UN Global Compact's Sonera Linked to Uzbek Probe, UN Defers & Spins

Syria's Ja'afari Denounces Censorship, Gets Cut Off, No Answer from Dujarric

On Ukraine, March 15 UNSC Vote, US on Mayotte Not Resolution

Syria Coalition Returns Through UN's Backdoor, UN Said, "Ask UNCA"

Khobragade Gets Re-indicted, UNlike Immunity French Dip Serman Got, Araud Threats

No UN Read-Out of Estonia FM, Snipers, No Comment on Thailand, Ladsous

Of French Mistrals to Russia, US Urges Restraint on Sale, Of Mayotte Analogy

In Geneva, US Dodges on Drones and Spying, Stop & Frisk and Haiti Deportations

UN Spox Spins Iqbal Riza, Stonewalls On GA Request, Press Qs

On Ukraine, Churkin Cites France's Mayotte Referendum, Colonialism

On Ukraine, Yatsenyuk Tells SC Of Nuke Impact, France Jokes of Kosovo

Dujarric Day 4: UN Rejects Qs on Free Press, Corruption, Nigeria, S. Sudan

Brahimi Says He Doesn't Reproach, Ford Said Different, Ja'afari's 25 Miles

UN Spins on Myanmar & UN Peacekeeping, Ladsous Took Recruiter in Mali

UN Ignores Qs on Nigeria, Free Press, S. Sudan, Corruption: Dujarric Day 4

On Ukraine, IMF Defers Most Press Questions While Mission “In Field,” Insiders?

On Ukraine, Yatsenyuk Admits IMF Is "Not the Sweet Candy," Cites Tatars

UN Spox Reply Stonewalls on Haiti, Ignores Roed-Larsen, Vogt & Reed

On Ukraine, Rand Paul Proposal to Strip IMF Loses, McCain's Wins

50 Hours After UN Is Asked, What Does Iqbal Riza Do As a USG, No Answer

On Day 3 UN Spox Won't Answer Before Noon on S. Sudan, Haiti, Bahrain

From Somalia, Kay Answers, UN Won't Say Where Mahiga's Lessons Are

AMISOM Tells ICP Probing Arms Transfers, VOA Flubbed Uganda Quote

On Ukraine Rep King Talks Nazis, Obama Back After De Blasio, Ban Not Shown

Film as Journalism, CAR Worse Off After "The Ambassador," French Connection

Day before UN Raid, Here's Letter ICP Sent to DPI Officials, Raid as Response?

AFP & Reuters Sought Ouster of Inner City Press from UN, FOIA Shows

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