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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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Maximum Maxwell Day 7 Carolyn and the Beginning of the End Told From The Inside

By Matthew Russell Lee, Author on Patreon Song Ruling
BBC - Decrypt - LightRead - Radio - Podcast

SDNY COURTHOUSE, Dec 7 -- Day 7 of the Maxwell trial was the beginning of the end. It started with a fight about witness Jane having told her brother what she was asked about - the Interlochen music school application - then moved on to Ghislaine's emails about Jeffrey's massage lotions.


   The defense grew more aggressive, demanding that the brother not be allowed to testify now that he had been, as the put it, poisoned. Then they suggested that the hard drive searched by the FBI and found to have been named GMax might not be Maxwell's at all.

  This despite the emails complaining how houseboy Juan Allesi had failed to organize the lubricants, and the type of crazy notes-to-self that Elizabeth Holmes sent to herself about Madoff, only these about how the GMax and JE characters were the "perfect power couple." Power of evil. #MaximumMaxwell.


   The came the third survivor witness, speaking at first softly and even slurred. There was no British accent like the second witness, Kate, nor classical music composer pedigree like Jane. This witness, going by a single name but the real one, Carolyn, was the daughter of an alcoholic single mother, smoking pot at 13 with her boyfriend and another victim who loomed over but did not take the stand at this trial, Virginia Roberts now Giuffre.


  Carolyn explained how Virginia had dressed her up, provocatively she called it, and had taken her and their boyfriends to Epstein's.

How Epstein was first in a robe and then in nothing, then $300 for sex. Later Maxwell would by the one to pay her, three crisp one hundred dollar bills. Maxwell would touch her, too, on the breasts and buttocks, telling her how she was just perfect, for now, for "Jeffrey and his friends."


  As Kurt live tweeted this, reader wrote in to say "Boom," or, "who are those friends?" At the break Kurt did a Las Vegas radio show for the second time - call it Law Vegas -- then went out at live streamed about Dear Friend Antonio Guterres and his UN Pedophiles Ball set for the following night.

  Needless to say Guterres' spokesman Stephane Dujarric, who got written questions from Kurt that day as every weekday, now about not only Terramar and Epstein's UN Fellowship but also Ghislaine's brother's prison conditions filing with the UN, did not answer. Dujarric would be at the pedophiles' ball - like Giuffre and later Carolyn, he got credit for delivering Fat Tony.


  Pagliuca's cross examination, however, was a true turn into evil. Weren't you addicted to drugs? he asked Carolyn, after blurting out her last name. AUSA Maurene Comey, who objected to so much, did not say a thing. Nor did Judge Nathan, who used the desired anonymity of witnesses to justify sealing whole documents and now even the witness list.


  Pagliuca hammered Carolyn about having suing Epstein and Sarah Kellen, not the lady her FBI 302 said had an "unknown" accent. He asked Carolyn about getting move to Georgia, to go to detox he said, and getting arrested for lying that an X-Box she sold to a pawn shop had been hers or her son's, when it had been stolen, seemingly by her son's father Sean.


  "Did you ever see Sean again?" Pagliuca asked Carolyn, clearly already knowing the answer from the documents the prosecutors gave him.


  "No," Carolyn said softly. Not after the X-Box pawn shop thing.


 But, Pagliuca elicited, she had gone back to Epstein's seeking to have sex for money, which she needed for her son or habit. But she had been turned down, already "too old" at eighteen. She was asked, Don't you have younger friends you can bring? If that had indeed been Maxwell, it should be game over.


   But the first inkling of game over came from the prosecution. With the jury gone for the day, Judge Nathan was told that the government might well rest its case this week - that is, after two weeks and not the five to six weeks for which the trial had been estimated.

  Kurt called this #Breaking News and soon there were questions - was this a cover up? Were the prosecutors just going through the motions and phoning it in, to offer immunity via double jeopardy and not, for example, the total impunity of Dear Friend Antonio Guterres' UN?


  Kurt was now in demand, if only for the moment. A radio show in London offered to pay him to appear - his sense was, No - and two lower-viewer but more his style legal broadcasts, one of which he agreed to. Out in Foley Square it was dark and the wind had gotten colder. Tomorrow night would be the Pedophiles' Ball. After that, who knew. #MaximumMaxwell.

And so it continued.  Click here for Patreon and more (2d).

Note: On October 29, 2021 and again on November 12 Ghislaine Maxwell and the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York filed a flurry of motions in limine, heavily redacted; the Government argued that trial exhibits are not public and will be withheld. Inner City Press opposed and opposes the continued secrecy.

Inner City Press will cover the trial, and all the comes before and after it; #CourtCaseCast and song I, Song 2, Song 3, fifth song and now Nov 27 song

The underlying case is US v. Maxwell, 20-cr-330 (Nathan).


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