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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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Bob De Niro Assistant Chase Robinson Crossed on Grandiose Signature Block and B Word Use

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon

SDNY COURTHOUSE, Nov 3 – Robert De Niro and Canal Productions were sued in 2019 for gender discrimination by Graham Chase Robinson, who had begun working as De Niro's executive assistant in 2008, at 25 years old.

 She said she was discriminated against - then De Niro sued her, and she sued him. 

On March 10, 2020 U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York Magistrate Judge Katharine H. Parker held a  proceeding. Inner City Press covered it.  Inner City Press had previously checked in on the case, on January 30, 2020, here.

"in SDNY, Robert De Niro is being sued by former employee Graham Chase Robinson for gender discrimination, not paying overtime - and retaliating. De Niro's lawyers complaint to SDNY Magistrate Judge Parker that the plaintiff won't say to whose salary she's comparing what she was paid."

 The case was reassigned to District Judge Lewis J. Liman; a protective order was filed.

On October 30, 2023, the trial is set to begin with jury selection, and to sit daily from 9 to 5. It begin a civil case, each side gets 20 hours...

  Inner City Press called to cover the June 28, 2021 conference, and found the defendants hammering away at plaintiff Robinson's alleged misrepresentations.

On December 15, 2021, there was another conference, that Inner City live tweeted here

On January 31, 2022 Judge Parker held another proceeding and Inner City Press again covered it. Judge Parker extended discovery, reluctantly she said, "for the sole purpose of deposing the five individuals identified by Plaintiff: Mr. Robert De Niro, Mr. Michael Kaplan, Tom Harvey, Michael Tasch and Tiffany Chen.

On December 30, 2022, Judge Parker denied a request to seal a filing concerning among other things De Niro's claim that Robinson was "binge-watching Netflix" and misusing SkyMiles.

Jump cut to the first day of trail on October 30, 2023. De Niro was on the stand being questioned about his texts with Tiffany Chen, who accused the plaintiff of "imaginary intimacy." Thread:

Plaintiff Robinson's counsel: It was to get out the middle of your relationship with Ms Tiffany Chen?

De Niro: Uh, yes.

Jury is shown Tiffany Chen's text to De Niro about Robinson's "imaginary intimacy" with De Niro.

Q: Ms Chen gave you an ultimatum to get rid of Ms Robinson?

With jury gone for the day, lawyers are fighting about exhibits. De Niro in a dark green polo shirt and jacket, leaves the courtroom

There followed a discussion of exhibits PX97 and PX 18.

On November 2, Tiffany Chen was on the stand. Among other things, she called out the plaintiff as "crazy" and bullsh*t, whereupon counsel told her, Let's try to filter ourselves a bit more in court.

Yeah, let's. With the jury out of the room, plaintiff's counsel asked for a limiting instruction as to the crazy talk. Denied.

On November 3, Inner City Press managed to really live tweet some of the trial, on SDNYLIVE, thread:

De Niro's lawyer: Did you dispose of your recordings of Mr. De Niro and his company? Chase Robinson: No.

De Niro's lawyer: Would you agree it's over 40 hours of recordings? Chase Robinson: It's about that

De Niro's lawyer: You know Mr. De Niro values privacy? Chase Robinson: I believe he does. De Niro's lawyer: It's your belief that if he knew, he might have fired you? Chase Robinson: I don't know what Bob would have done.

 De Niro's lawyer: In your recordings, did you say you were the victim of gender discrimination? Chase Robinson: There are records about Tiffany -- De Niro's lawyer: You used the term gender discrimination? Chase Robinson: No.

De Niro's lawyer: You're suing for millions and you didn't listen to them? Chase Robinson: I lived these calls. De Niro's lawyer: You were a personal assistant to Bob? Chase Robinson: I was an executive assistant to Bob.

De Niro's lawyer: Then you were called director of production at Canal? You created the title? Chase Robinson: I discussed it with Bob

De Niro's lawyer: At the end your signature block said "Office of Chase Robinson." Was there an Office? Chase Robinson: Lulu became my assistant... American Express and Delta Sky Miles can be confusing. 

De Niro's lawyer: We're going to talk about the B word..

 De Niro's lawyer: Did you use the B word in the Offices of Canal? Chase Robinson: No. De Niro's lawyer: In written correspondence on behalf of Canal?

Chase Robinson: There's a possibility. It's a common curse word. Depends how it's used

 De Niro's lawyer: You used the word to describe Ms. [TIffany] Chen? I'm going to play the audio of some calls. [Audio of Chase Robinson: Bob and I have had our moments, I have pulled back for obvious reasons, I don't want to be a triangle of this, she's f*ckin

 De Niro's lawyer: What did you mean? Chase Robinson: I wanted to get out of the middle of them and their home live, their personal life. De Niro's lawyer: Next clip, DX 84

Audio of Chase Robinson: I need to wrap up, two years or two f*cking days, I need my space

Audio of Chase Robinson: I can't, I just can't. I have plans, I plan on things, I literally canceled my f*cking weekend, you're a socio pathic b*tch, she should grow a pair of ba*ls De Niro's lawyer: Were you referring to Ms. Chen? Chase Robinson: Uh, no.

 Audio of Chase Robinson: F*cking TIffany wants to run the house, she's so...  I did six bags of shredding yesterday De Niro's lawyer: You were angry about your interactions with Ms. Chen and recording another employee? Chase Robinson: I was scanning and shredding

 De Niro's lawyer: You were free to quit in 2008? Chase Robinson: Technically.  De Niro's lawyer: You got a raise to $300,000 a year?

Chase Robinson: Yes. De Niro's lawyer: Your Honor, I'm at a breaking point. Judge Liman: We'll go to five.

 De Niro's lawyer: Matters related to Bob's family were sensitive, yes? Chase Robinson: All families are. De Niro's lawyer: You were privy to his personal life? Chase Robinson: I was.  Judge Liman: We'll break for the day. Counsel, remain... [Jurors leave]

Judge Liman: I'd like your comments on the draft jury charge by Saturday at 5 pm.  [Counsel makes religious objection, gets Sunday]

Defense: We may have two more witnesses: Michael Tasch on AmEx, and Dan Harvey Judge Liman: On AmEx, you could have asked questions

 De Niro's lawyer: What about the verdict form? We submitted a draft -- Judge Liman: Send me more if either of you have more thoughts. Adjourned.

The trial continues.

The case is Robinson v. De Niro et al., 19-cv-9156 (Liman / Parker)



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