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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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On Prostitution Charges Movie Producer Jordan Free For $150000 Wants 60 Days for 50000 Emails

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon
BBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - ESPN

SDNY COURTHOUSE, Nov 12 – A California based movie producer, Dillon Jordan, was arrested and presented on July 15 on federal prostitution charges. Inner City Press live tweeted it, here (picked up by the UK Daily Mail) and below.

On November 12, Jordan through counsel asked Judge Cronan for "a 60-day adjournment of the status conference scheduled for November 22," citing 130,000 pages and 50 emails.

With Jordan free on bail, he was arraigned on July 29, in the SDNY. Inner City Press live tweeted it, here:

Judge Cronan: I previously worked for DOJ, at SDNY until August 2017, then the Criminal Division in DC until confirmed by the Senate in August 2020. I think I did not overlap with AUSA Cecilia Vogel. AUSA Vogel: We never met.

Judge Cronan: I don't think I had a case with Mr. Mazurek. Maruzek: I don't think so. But your face looks familiar. Judge Cronan: Yours too... I see no reason I cannot preside over this. If you want to make a motion, please do so in 2 weeks.

Judge Cronan: Was he presented in the Central District of California?

AUSA Vogel: Yes, on July 15, in the morning I think. [Yes - Inner City Press' thread picked up there and in Singapore

 Judge Cronan: Guns surrendered? AUSA Vogel: Yes. Judge Cronan: And Mr. Mazurek, your client was unable to find his passport? Mazurek: Yes, we submitted a declaration. If we find it, we'll present it to Pre-Trial.

Judge Cronan: Urinalysis? Mazurek: I don't know.  Mazurek: There's a condition of non-association. But the allegations end in 2017. So it may not be clear who the people not to associate with are. We'd like a list.

AUSA Vogel: I can discuss that will defense counsel outside of this proceeding.

 Judge Cronan: I think the co-signed need to re-sign out here so that the bail is issued from this district. Let's turn to the arraignment. Mazurek: Not guilty to each of the 4 counts. Judge Cronan: Conspiracy to violate the Mann Act, enticement, money laundering.

AUSA Vogel: A prostitution business through front companies. The bulk of the discovery consists of emails, from warrants, including on two co-conspirators. 50,000 emails. Financial records and some recorded conversations objection from confidential sources

 Mazurek: The recordings, were they consensual? Or under Title III? AUSA Vogel: They were consensual.

Judge Cronan: Any post arrest statements? AUSA Vogel: No. Judge Cronan: Are you going to charge the co-conspirators? AUSA Vogel: Don't anticipate it

 Replying to  @innercitypress Judge Cronan: Discovery in next six weeks.

 Mazurek: I'd like four to six weeks beyond that to review the discovery and confer with my client. Judge Cronan: October 25 at 10 am. Adjourned

Inner City Press will stay on the case(s).

It was the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York which announced the unsealing of an Indictment charging DILLON JORDAN, a/k/a “Daniel Jordan,” a/k/a “Daniel Maurice Hatton, a/k/a “Daniel Bohler, with conspiracy to violate the Mann Act, substantive Mann Act and Travel Act violations, and money laundering in connection with operating a prostitution business and laundering the proceeds of that prostitution business through two front companies – a purported party and event planning company and an actual movie production company.  JORDAN was arrested today in San Bernardino County, California, and will be presented today in the Central District of California.

 Inner City Press live tweeted the presentment(s), which resulted in the release of Dillon Jordan on $150,000 bond with suretors (and apparently victims) unknown, while another defendant remained incarcerated while suretors were sought. Here is Inner City Press' thread:

....Seems Dillon Jordan will be getting out on $150,000 bond. He says he lives in Lake Arrowhead (gives street address). 

Dillon Jordan: Is there anothe prisoner on this call?


Dillon Jordan (scoffs): So random

 Dillon Jordan's lawyer is doing the presentment in prostitution case  by video from his car parked across from the California courthouse, says he forgot his ear buds.

Dillon Jordan, behind a prisoner's screen, is rolling his head around to stretch. He has on big headphones. The other prisoner, a woman whom he called "so random," has on a COVID mask and no headphones.

 While the Judge is now supposed to be coming out, Dillon Jordan's lawyer Peter Swarth from his car across from the courthouse says he is running out of power, would have to put to down on the charge pad, might lose picture.

Clerk: We'll keep that in mind. Inner City Press @innercitypress · 1h The Honorable Magistrate Judge Sheri Pym has arrived. All rise! (?)

Dillon Jordon's lawyer is no longer on. Now he's back, but frozen. Clerk: His battery was going out.

Judge Pym: Have you seen or been read the indictment from the SDNY? Dillon Jordan: My attorney read it to me a short while ago. I wasn't given a copy when I was arrested. Judge Pym: Are you prepared to go forward? Dillon Jordan: Yes. Judge Pym: You're giving up your rights to an identity hearing? Dillon Jordan: Yes.

Judge Pym: Are you here in Riverside lock-up? Dillon Jordan: Yes. Judge Pym: Has a copy of the indictment been taken down? Clerk: No. The Marshals usually take it to them, but no.

 Defense lawyer Swarth is off again. Meanwhile, copy of indictment belatedly being brought to Dillon Jordan in lock-up. Judge Pym: Mr. Swarth, can you hear us? Silence.

 A participant suggests that Swarth get out of his car and come into the courthouse. Judge Pym: He's free to do so. But he can't hear her.

Participant: I just spoke to Mr. Swarth - he's on his way up. You're in Courtroom 3? Judge Pym: No, Courtroom 4. Let's use this time to do the other case. I have a financial affidavit. I find your are entitled to Federal Defenders. [Reads 5f Brady notice]

 The other "so random" defendant will be spending the night in detention - her Federal Defender is asking for a day to speak to suretors. And at tomorrow's hearing the defendant won't be present. Trial set for late August... 2021.

Swarth has arrived. Judge Pym says he's on the plaintiff's / prosecutors' side. He moves to the jury box. On screen from lock up, Dillon Jordan is waving (not waiving) the indictment around. Judge Pym: Are you willing to face charges in the SDNY? Jordan: Yes.

 Judge Pym: I understand there is an agreement, $150,000 bond. Peter Swarth: I'd like 2 weeks to find the two suretors. Judge Pym: Do you know who they are? Swarth: No. [So why is the other defendant staying in while suretors are sought, but Dillon Jordan is out?]

AUSA: The government does not object to forthwith release. And New York tells us there's no judge assigned yet but will be within two weeks. Swarth: My phone was acting funny. Any unusual conditions of release? Judge Pym: No telemarketing? Pre-Trial: That's right

 Pre-Trial: Can the government verify no minors involved? AUSA: We're checking with New York. I emailed them. Pre-Trial: Because is so, it would fall under the Adam Walsh law.

 Judge Pym: Please call them in NY. ASUA (goes on mute, returns) The case agent says nothing that is charged here involves minors.

Judge Pym: I'm going to order he be released on a $150,000 appearance bond, release forthwith. In 10 days, by July 26, either 2 suretors or secured by property.

 Judge Pym: When will the passport be surrendered? Dillon Jordan: I just need to find it. Judge Pym: Travel restricted to Central District of California & SDNY. No contact with victims or witnesses or co-defendants. 

Dillon Jordan: I don't know who the victims are.

Judge Pym: You have firearms, can you turn them over? Dillon Jordan: Yes. To a friend or neighbor? No problem. AUSA: The NY team want him to surrender the firearms to the NY case agent. She is currently out here in California. Judge Pym: So turn the firearms over to case agent.

Dillon Jordan: Permanently? Or just during the case? Swarth: During the case. Judge Pym: Do you agree? Dillon Jordan: Are the just going to randomly search my house at some point?

 Judge Pym: Yes. Do you know if presentments in NY are in person? Answer: Depends on the judge. Judge Pym: Appear in NY in person or by video in three weeks. Adjourned.

The case is US v. Jordan, 21-cr-423 (Unassigned)


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