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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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In South Sudan More Corrupion In UN Security Mis Run In NY By Gilles Michaud Censorship Defender

By Matthew Russell Lee, Exclusive Patreon

UN GATE, Sept 10 -- In South Sudan, where security workers have sent a petition to the UN, see below and here, the UN's celebration of Peacekeepers Day included a Salva Kiir general who is on the UN's own sanctions list, Malek Reuben Riak. And now this scam recruitment in UNMISS for the UN Department of Safety and Security, of which Antonio Guterres has put Gilles Michaud in charge in order to send false reports to the Press he bans:

"Recruitment fraud in the selection of Chief Security Officer position  in UNMISS     Department of Field Service (DFS)  did not have adequate controls and mechanisms in place for planning, monitoring and reporting of chief security officer activities and recruitments. Igor Mitrokhin of UNDSS from Russia  is pushing David Shearer, SRSG of UNMISS and Principal Security Advisor, Graeme to take Nikolay Kovalev of Russia at all cost disregarding all rules. Mr. Nikolay had no roster before  and JO was issued for 3rd time  after he got the roster. The exam questions were leaked from IGOR to NIKOLAY to put him in the roster so that he can push him to be a candidate for P-5 position. Most staff considers human resources management to be an important area as it directly affects the lives and interest of staff. Past oversight activities have identified a number of  frauds in UNMISS selection process. For example, staff rules and regulations were subjected to misinterpretation; staff entitlements and selections have proved vulnerable to fraud; and recruitment practices have in a number of cases deemed  biased and  mismanaged. The Succession of  Planning Panel, which was established by the Department of Peacekeeping Operations in 2004 to review the skills, competencies and experience of each candidate for key Chief Security Officer position in field missions, could be used as an effective mechanism for the technical clearance of senior staff member’s appointment. However, the selection of Chief Security Officer  does not appear to be as effective as it could be. For example, documentation has been insufficient, and no Panel establishment for CSO selection . According to the Department, its ability to present more than one candidate for CSO positions was severely hampered by heavy handed UNDSS officials  . The Department of Management and the Department of Peacekeeping Operations have not ensured the consistency, timeliness and adequate documentation of the required designation of staff with significant fiduciary responsibilities for CSO. DFS should reconsider this CSO selection process without having any discrimination race and religion. "

  Previously the spokesmen for Guterres have refused to explain why the sanctioned general was celebrated inside the UNMISS compound, nor to say where Guterres is, spending public money.  Now they have been asked about the above.

  Speaking of money, Inner City Press' sources in Juba have sent it a copy of a petition sent to the UN, and  see below.

  Now with not a single answer from the UN to multiple written questions, from banned Inner City Press' sources in South Sudan, more: "Poor private Security employees will be replaced  with SPLA military people if they do not stop requesting their right. They need helping hand. How UN will accept  to be guarded by SPLA military while most of military personnel are  sanctioned and wanted by ICC. It will open for criminality and staff member will be exposed."

Earlier also exclusive to Inner City Press, this: "UN Security firm employees in South Sudan continue strike  for third day  demanding  fair payment .The Employees of the security firm, Insight, have staged peaceful protest, demanding payment of their salaries in US dollars as indicated in the contract. United Nations Mission in South Sudan had a contract agreement withInsight with the total amount payable by UNMISS for initial $11,055,893.80 per year. There are 6000 thousand guards in South Sudan and UN is paying per one guard almost 600 USD and per one Supervisor 900 USD per month to the company.

However, the company is getting huge amount of money and paying 200 USD per month for each guards. The duty of the United Nations is to stabilize the country. One of the main tasks and goals is to fight labor exploitation. The United Nations fired a number of national staff member and handed the contract to the private company promoting labor exploitation is very disturbing. Those UNDSS officials   who advised the senior managers are short sighted , corrupted and unprofessional. UN Policy approaches can be tailored to a country’s level of development and economic structure. On focusing the stability of South Sudan, it is more important to work   on providing and facilitating   wealth distribution, public services and social transfers that can raise incomes at the bottom and support access to the labor market.  This will help to reduce the gap between the have   and have-nots and  help young South Sudanese to think of building their country in the future . It enhances stability and security of the country . Currently, one USD is 300 SSP in black market. However, the company is   paying the guards   in the rate of 165 SSP while changing the rate in the black market. This is totally labor exploitation and against the norms of the United Nations. UN cannot say this is non of my business to deal with unfair treatment   while people are over exploited. Some of the Insight security personnel expressed their grievances that  they have been on a strike since day before  because their  demand has not been fulfilled. They had asked to be paid in US Dollars as indicated in their contracts, but the administration refused to comply. We are being treated unfairly because staff from other nations is being paid in US dollars. What is the role of the united Nations in stabilizing the country if they can not think of wealth distribution. After exposing this over exploitation, the administration is working with some government officials to intimidate us by paying 100,000USD. Most of the government offices we visited are reluctant in addressing our grievances.  We request the United Nations to intervene to help us stop   labor exploitation and be paid fairly. The  revitalization of peace and the  reduction of inequality in South Sudan  requires political pressure, and the will and commitment  from all stake holders including the United Nations Mission In South Sudan."

  And here is the response by Guterres' head of Security Peter Drennan who ordered Inner City Press twice roughed up, 20 June 2018 and 3 July 2018 and never even answered his email despite a promise by UN official Jane Connosr:

"From: Peter Drennan <>  2:58 PM (8 hours ago) To:  [redacted], matthewrlee [at]

 Drennan is entirely corrupt, profiles and has roughed up the Press, should never get another job in security anywhere and should be sued - and jailed.

 This was sent to Inner City Press: "It’s an unpalatable truth  that modern slavery in UNMISS.   Warrior Security workers face working conditions reminiscent of the days of slavery.   The UN DSS managers endorse modern slavery of exploitation and facilitating South African company to get the benefits.  All assigned here has a link with the company getting their benefits... The Warrior Security personnel are requesting the money to be paid in Dollar because the contract signed is in dollar and petitioned to all concerned.  The company in collaboration with UNMISS refuse to pay.  OIOS received information of irregularities in UNMISS officials involved in the exploitation of labor and misappropriation of funds.  UNMISS Managers provided logistical support to foreign businessmen engaged in  Security Company,  CCTV Camera and  Dog Search on doing business without any MOU.  No measure has been taken and all reports have been under cover."

And now the UNMISS circular to the staff regarding the strike, immediately sent to banned Inner City Press by UN staff disgusted by how corrupt and UN and UN DSS have become: "Please be advised that in view of the ongoing strike action by unarmed UN-contracted private security guards (Insight) in Juba, UN staff members are advised to take the following precautionary measures to forestall break-ins of accommodation:  · Do not leave anything valuable or attractive in the front porch (veranda). This includes food items, sneakers, shoes, bicycle, clothes, towels etc.  · Inside your living room, do not place valuable items close to the window.  · Ensure windows are closed at all times." Batten down the hatch - UN corrupt comes home to roost, though not yet for mansion dwelling Guterres.

  Telling of the rot of the UN under Guterres and his outgoing Global Censor Alison Smale, not only did the UN's Radio Miraya blithely ran this tweet, on May 29: "We salute the bravery and professionalism displayed by #UNMISS peacekeepers in #SouthSudan " - Dep Minister of Defence Lt Gen Malek Reuben Riak at #PKDay celebrations" - UNMISS' website apparently calls a war criminal a "bon vivant," like Guterres. The quoted article is by UNMISS' paid Public Information Officer Filip Andersson, his twitter account with a single tweet and 48 followers here. The public is paying for this - and for Guterres to fly to get an award for himself and then disappear for four days. Totally corrupt.

 On the morning of May 29 banned Inner City Press in writing asked Guterres, Smale, his spokesman Stephane Dujarric and deputy spokesman Farhan Haq: "May 29-1: On South Sudan, UNSC sanctions and war crimes, please explain UN Radio Miraya's tweet that "We salute the bravery and professionalism displayed by #UNMISS peacekeepers in #SouthSudan " - Dep Minister of Defence Lt Gen Malek Reuben Riak at #PKDay celebrations."   What was his role in the PK Day events? Why did Radio Miraya quote him? The question is in light of the UNSC sanctions listing: "SSi.007 Name: 1: MALEK 2: REUBEN 3: RIAK 4: RENGU... As SPLA Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Riak was one of the senior officials of the Government of South Sudan who planned and oversaw an offensive in Unity state in 2015 that resulted in widespread destruction and large population displacement."

  Days later, no answers at all. But there are photographs, tweeted by Inner City Press here, of sanctioned Malek Reuben Riak with Moustapha Soumaré, Deputy Special Representative of Secretary-General Guterres of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan.

  Here is the full UNSC sanctions listing: "SSi.007 Name: 1: MALEK 2: REUBEN 3: RIAK 4: RENGU Title: Lieutenant General Designation: a) Deputy Chief of General Staff for Logistics b) Deputy Chief of Defence Staff and Inspector General of the Army DOB: 1 Jan. 1960 POB: Yei, South Sudan Good quality a.k.a.: Malek Ruben Low quality a.k.a.: na Nationality: South Sudan Passport no: na National identification no: na Address: na Listed on: 13 Jul. 2018 Other information: As SPLA Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Riak was one of the senior officials of the Government of South Sudan who planned and oversaw an offensive in Unity state in 2015 that resulted in widespread destruction and large population displacement."

  Of course, typical of the cover up of war crimes by the UN under Guterres, the UNSC website (which he used public money to pay the husband of a top DPPA official to "fix") no longer leads from a Google search to the sanctions list, but only to the good new from page. Guterres is killing the UN, in South Sudan with war criminals as elsewhere.

The UN of Secretary General Antonio Guterres has still refused to answer Press questions about the murder of two South Sudan civilians by a UN peacekeeper from Rwanda, and a new case of UN sexual exploitation by an international staff member from Nigeria -- nationality undisclosed by Guterres' UN - in South Sudan.

But while killing civilians and refusing Press questions about it, there's been a strike which has left the UN's vaunted Tomping camp uncleaned. The UN of Guterres refused to answer Inner City Press' simple questions about it. Now we explusively publish
this second audio of Guterres' rep David Shearer, saying among other things that the UN can't / won't protect Riek Machar. So why is UNMISS taking $1 billion a year? Which isn't Guterres impeached? On April 11 we exclusively published this audio of Guterres' rep David Shearer, deriding IGAD as apathetic, praising now deposed Bashir, saying there is no pressure on Kiir. Shearer should be fired - and Guterres should be impeached. Watch this site for more audio.  Inner City Press as informed: "Dear Mathew,  Long time, there is a dispute between the cleaning contractor and  the worker. It is simple exploitation in the UNMISS. Their salary is 300 USD. However, they do not pay them in dollar. Just pay them by changing in black market in South Sudanese currency which is below 300 USD. The cleaner demanded their salary to be paid and requested UNMISS to support them. They strike today and will continue tomorrow. The below information is sent to UNMISS staff about the situation. The company should pay them their salary and stop changing the black market and paying their money. Please edit and make their voice louder.   We regret to inform you that Ecolog cleaners went on strike today, 8th March 2019, which disrupted cleaning services in Tomping and UN House." From the UN to the Press, no answers, just corruption and censorship. The UN continues to crack out supposed "protection of civilians" statistics like this on February 18: "UNMISS “Protection of Civilians” (PoC) Sites As of 14 February 2019, a total of number of civilians seeking safety in six Protection of Civilians (PoC) sites located on UNMISS bases is 192,859 including 114,330 in Bentiu, 29,190 in Malakal, 32,134 in Juba UN House, 2,177 in Bor, and 115 in UNMISS base and 14,913 in the area adjacent to UNMISS in Wau “.  Region Location Number of Civilians Seeking  Protection  Central Equatoria UN House PoC I & III 32,134 Unity Bentiu 114,330 Upper Nile Malakal 29,190 Jonglei Bor 2,177 Western Bahr el Ghazal  Wau 115 AA 14,913 TOTAL 192,859 Source: The figures reported are based on Biometric Registration conducted by IOM in Bor (November 2018), UN House (October 2018), and the headcounts conducted in Wau PoC1 and Wau Adjacent Area (November 2018), Bentiu (November 2018) and Malakal by DRC (October 2018)." Now Inner City Press which asked has heard more on what is actually going on in UNMISS: "In late 2018 we exposed the corruption in recruitment in UNMISS perpetrated by the mafia led by David Shearer. We pointed out among others the corrupt recruitment of Francesca Mold and the former British Mi5 Guy Bennet and Ugandan self proclaimed spy Levi Ochieng  to posh positions in the UN for which they barely had the qualifications for. We have now been proven correct in our investigation as Guy Bennett has quietly been offered the position after a parody of recruitment under UN rules. Through one of the longest serving Chiefs of Staffs based in UNMISS since its inception and who because of his incompetence has never been able to move or be promoted. David Shearer knows that and used him and Egunsola is now assured of an extension of contract probably till his retirement as he has consistently delivered to the satisfaction of his boss. During the parody of recruitment, a total of 131 candidates sat for the written test. 31 passed to the competency based interview stage which for all intents and purposes could not be classified as a competency based interview given that the whole exercise was a farce. 15 out of 31 passed the oral interview. All but one of the internal candidates were rostered. There had to be a sacrificial lamb to show that the exercise was not to roster the internal or former internal candidates so some one had to be failed and that was none other than the nemesis of the Chief of Staff. Four candidates were recommended. 2 males and 2 females for a position that had been cancelled and re-advertised on the basis that they wanted to get female candidates. All the four recommended candidates miraculously rejected the offer and so Mr. Guy Bennett became the automatic beneficiary before the Nigerian who had hitherto been acting for almost two years before he was ejected in order to preposition Guy Bennett. So for a position that was supposed to be filled by a woman it was now filled by Mr. BENNETT leaving other women on roster and without asking other male candidates if they wanted. What an ending for an organization that prides itself of integrity and professionalism." Yes, Guterres is killing the UN - and this is his characteristic faux feminism. More: "Mr. Olayinka  Adeyemi who was accused of Sexual harassment has been advised to resign not to lose his benefits. In line of this, chief of staff of the mission who is idle and inactive in performing his job has declared to resign as of  May. The chief of staff  has been constantly gossiping and blaming SRSG Shearer that he was sidelined  due to... impermissible factors, the racism that has grown during Guterres' time so far as UNSG. In other development, UNDSS chief from New York has never taken any action for staff member who banned  staff not to contact New York unless approved by his office. This is totally  against the rule and the procedure of whistle  blower policy. This  proves  lack of managerial capacity and ignorant about the UN system. It is not worst nor best practice to send New York with out copy the chief if staff member feels uncomfortable about the situation. Whistle  blower policy of UN supports staff member to report any irregularities directly to official.  The statement sent by  Thomas Acheampong  which is agaisnt the rule was:  'Dear Colleagues, It has been noted that security officers continue to  communicate directly with DSS HQ on policies and other official issues in spite of the fact that you have been advised not to do so. Worst  of all, these correspondences are done without  copying the PSA  or security management in Juba.  This is against best practices and should  be stopped.  Once again please be reminded to direct all your concerns regarding security policies and other official issues to  security management in Juba. Where it is deemed that UNDSS HQ’s input is required,  management in Juba will do so.  Kind regards, Thomas Acheampong'." But Guterres' South Sudan rep David Shearer, in a briefing Guterres banned Inner City Press from for the 216th day, lied by omission. He was asked about the deaths of civilians, who was responsible - and said NOTHING about his peacekeepers killing two civilians. This is a new low for the UN, as was the briefing, with multiple softball questions by Agence France Presse -- "you're hogging the limelight," Shearer said -- after a first and last question given by Dujarric to his censorship partner James Bays of Al Jazeera. The only news was negative, or telling. Just like Guterres skipped the urgent UNSC meeting on Venezuela on January 26 to stay in his $15 million mansion, now Guterres will skip South Sudan on his next junket. But will he stop in Lisbon? Covered up by Dujarric and his partners: Guterres has been petitioned by the impacted community about the murder of Morris Kenyi Loburi and Legge Moses Kwatli, which he has so far covered up. Inner City Press has been obtained the petition by whistleblowers and now publishes it here, 3-page version here. Their story is heartbreaking - rather than flee to Uganda, they stayed and took work with the UN, and were killed in cold blood, after the UN also committed sexual abuse and exploitation in Wau and elsewhere. The staff member most recently accused of sexual exploitation is from Nigeria, the country of Guterres' Deputy Secretary General Amina J. Mohammed, where in another undisclosed trip she is doing political work for President Buhari right now. Their deputy spokesman Farhan Haq has refused to even acknowledge the written questions of Inner City Press, banned by Guterres and Mohammed for 205 days and counting, see below. On January 25 Inner City Press asked Guterres' deputy spokesman Farhan Haq questions including: "January 25-2: On South Sudan and the questions you have refused to answer, immediately confirm or deny that (1) the nationality of the "international" charged with sexual exploitation is Nigerian; separately (2) that the individual's name is Mr. Olayinka Adeyemi, (3) that he work(ed) for the  "Code of Conduct" Unit. Please respond to UNMISS sources saying the nationality was withheld, unlike in other cases, because he and the DSG are from Nigeria.  January 25-3: On the killing of two civilians by the UN in South Sudan, on which you have refused to answer Inner City Press' question despite Spox Dujarric on camera statement that questions would be answered, please immediately confirm that it took place at Durupi camp as they were doing UN contracted work on the fence, and state what accountability there has been, and the nationality - and separately name(s) - of the shooter(s).  January 25-4: On UN corruption and South Sudan, please immediate respond to what whistleblowers have told Inner City Press, that bringing everything in this country. Whiskey and Cigarette under SOFA agreement,” the Customs Service revealed. UNMISS General Ayii said has a sub-contractor called "Tri-Star" Company, an Indian company which has been dealing in these goods. However, he said the government would soon review the tax exemption policy regarding UN agencies in South Sudan. This comes after the institution found out that it has been losing billions of pounds to some goods imported by the UN agencies and humanitarian groups.  “I have been in Nimule as chief customs officer for 8 years, so I know any secret of any NGO in this country,” he said. He questioned the purpose for which these items are brought given the frequency of their importation into the country “How come the UNMISS brings 200 JET A1 in every month, or even Solar panels and fuel, 200 and 300 every month.”   UNMISS gave for some companies to bring items in the name of UN and nobody knows the whereabout of the items. There are stores giving the service in the UNMISS but did not go proper bidding . They are importing tax free items for the stuff but they are selling expensive more than the outside stores." No answers - Guterres and Dujarric are covering up sexual exploitation, and the killing of civilians.


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