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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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UN Libya Mission Corruption Detailed in Whistleblower Letter Sent to Inner City Press

by Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon Book Substack

UN GATE, May 15 – In the UN of Antonio Guterres, there is scandal after scandal, each one covered up and/or ignored by the state media and scribes they let in, while banning the Press.

From the e-mail bag this week, about the UN in Libya, while Spokespeople Stephane Dujarric and Melissa Fleming refused all of Inner City Press' questions:

Dear Excellencies and OIOS,  cc Matthew Russell Lee, Inner City Press:

"We write again to you to request your protection in our Country Libya.  Ms. Huda Hannina, Chief Mission Support and her boyfriend Louay Mostafa Chief Supply Chain and the Administrative Assistant Tony Hachem are violating all basic human rights and depriving us of freedom and respect  at work, creating a toxic environment based on privileges and fear. Many Internationals are also in similar situations, like Dr. Karam was unlawfully dismissed just to recruit a new Chief Medical Officer (Indian like CMS and her friend) or COS Ms. Kyoko Shiotani who was blocked, defamed, and delayed in her recruitment in view of her opposition on wrongdoings.  Former COS Ms. Frank, D1, left because of Ms. Hannina`s attitude and abusive authority at work. At least, Ms. Frank reported her to OIOS.  We are grateful to our SRSG that he has  suspended her and she cannot return to Libya. The damages and frauds are too evident and big. However she is still using UN cars in Tunis, even under suspension.  We are still requesting that our national posts will be returned to us Libyans and not given as gifts to Internationals from Syria, Palestine, Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria. UNSMIL is the only Mission where such things happen. Ms. Huda and her corrupted gang is destroying any type of work ethics and relationship at work. The promotion of Mr. Louay Mostafa at P5  should be investigated and stopped immediately. He is known as a professional incompetent and arrogant staff who has all privileges in UNSMIL.  All these recruitments were organized by the CMS Ms. Hannina even before when she was Chief Human Resources in UNSMIL.  She is a cancer for our Mission and she is supported by her privileged Section Chiefs who are having benefits from her going shopping in Tunis but always on duty with UN money.  For all Sections, particularly in Substantive or Sections run by her opponents, there is no money but for her official business to color her hair in Tunis or Hammamet  (services provided by drivers with UN cars), there are always funds and no mops. She is always flying with National Staff Palestinian Haneen, Joyce Alson, Bilal Jamal, Khozaya etc. She needs them for shopping and dropping her to Saloon And restaurants in Tunis. The amount of UN money disbursed for her and friends for personal benefits are enormous and not justifiable compared to any other member of the Mission.  And she kept in Tunis, at DSA, Mr. Salahuddin (Pasha) who was supposed to be an aviation safety officer, shortly promoted with a fake recruitment, but nobody saw him ever at the airport. He is going to work whenever he wants, NEVER at the airport. Nobody should have been surprised that our UN  plane was not serviceable for months as nobody cared. He is also covering Omar Bairam, engineering section, for all his disappearance to Germany. Without leave request and getting refugee salary from Germany without declaring the work in the UN. His only task is to get his benefits from his friends.  This is a normal practice in UNSMIL. Ms. Hannina, CMS and D1, is cheating the Organization not paying for her accommodation in OEA the full amount (1000 dollars) as she claims to keep one office inside to pay half rent. She has a huge regular office in a villa and the same happens to her good friend Helal CHRO, who has moved a safe inside his accommodation, to be alone and pay half rent and not 1000 Dollar. So he could be  free to talk with CMS about their personal business.

Recruitment is a serious illegal business in UNSMIL.  Just to think of the level of impunity and mismanagement and lack of ethical decision, the safe was prior located in an Office and could have been placed in any other villa with spare rooms or in Finance without expenses.  Let us do a  short evaluation:  Ms. Huda is paying half rent, always on DSA in Tunis doing nothing, enjoying a full villa alone in OEA at half price  and keeping many staff like sardines in containers. Especially her enemies.Please look like CMC staff are living. Even without toilets for months and months. Staff have been evicted from their accommodations, without being present using any pretexts to satisfy her ill personality.  For us Libyan, the retaliations are present every day. Very few of us are going for training or a mission. Or even cured out of Tripoli. Even after the death of our brother Ayman, she has not learnt the lesson. But for her friends there is always an MOP ready.She is even requesting, only for us, if we have uncles, grandparents, girlfriends working in UNSMIL. Why does it apply only to Libyans?

  We ask the SRSG and OIOS to investigate the waste of funds done by Ms. Hannina as follows:  -          Transfer and relocation grant from Tunis to Tripoli or viceversa of her favorite staff every year: Pasha Salahuddin, Omar Bairam, Khaled Kattab.  But the best is NS (but International) Haneen Hagha (thousands usd on official business to Tunis to accompany her to hairdresser, plus  Bilal Jamal, Tony Hachem… For many staff no money for Official business but for her friends everything without any justification. The amount paid is nearly a million USD including TDY for Sirte where nobody spent one day.  -          Even the accommodation and offices are assigned based on friendship.. CMC, Electoral, COS Offices are small, even in containers, staff like sardines and no toilets. Any Official business is subject to denials, disrespects, and lack of customer orientation.  -          For her, she is not even paying full rent of her accommodation as she kept an office in her accommodation (500 usd instead of 1000 usd). And she has the best Office in OEA with special furniture and anything she desires. Nobody can buy expensive phones or unnecessary (expensive) furniture for business. But she did. It is all in the system  -          Her puppet, Helal Rezwi, CHRO, is also cheating funds from UNSMIL using one of his rooms in his accommodation as a store for….a small safe. It was moved out from the Finance Office, where it should be, just to let him pay half rent and be alone to chat about their scandalous recruitments.  Please have a look of the below list, which speak by itself, and done  by Ms. Hannina, and many we don’t even know:  -          Khozaya Alam – Jean Alam (it is clear that they modified the family name because they have other family members in UNIFIL.) It is a violation sanctioned with loss of jobs.  -          Tony Hachem – Chris Naddaf just recruited as P2 in Engineering (their mothers are sisters. Tony has a brother working in UNIFIL). How was Tony recruited in the UN without any kind of school document? Ask Ms. Hannina. She knows all this business. Chris and Tony covering all frauds in Engineering.  -          Antoine Chaloub and Paul Chaloub both Internationals. And others in UNIFIL.  -          Chief Engineer Surendra was caught faking his PHP two months ago and resigned. We can continue for a long. Who took him to UNSMIL? Of course, Ms. Hannina.  -          Aladdin Jaffar in Transport. Brother of former boyfriend of Ms. Hannina.  -          Kaoula Chammari, who is the nephew of former girlfriend of Mr. Darwich, who replaced her cousin in Budget. A family business run by her people.  The question is very simple. Why are we and not them subject to her personal retaliation?  We are asking to intervene immediately with the issuance of Persona Non Grata for Ms. Hannina, Mr. Mostafa and Mr. Hachem in order to stop the persecution against us.  We are also asking the SRSG to intervene and block the sole authority of Mr. Hannina and friends for recruitments.  Everything is corrupted under


  The UN despite Dujarric's on camera promise to answer Inner City Press' written questions doesn't.  But we continue to report. Watch this site.


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