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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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Google, Asked at UN About Censorship, Moved to Censor the Questioner, Sources Say, Blaming UN - Update - Editorial

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On Coronavirus Now VOA To WHO Defense At UN of Guterres Covering Up For China

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon
BBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - CJR - PFT

UN GATE / SDNY COURT, April 15 – The corruption of the UN system of Antonio Guterres is exemplified today by the UN Mission in South Sudan, see below. Even wider, it is with the World Health Organization, whose Bruce Aylward pretended not to hear a question about Taiwan, while corrupt Guterres bans the Press which asks about WHO and his links to China.

Now after the freezing of US funds to WHO, and a week after Guterres' spokesman Stephane Dujarric refused to answer Inner City Press' questions about WHO while his UN briefing led off with a Xinhua correspondent, this from Dujarric's partner in censorship Voice of America:

"From: Margaret Besheer  [at] Sent: Wednesday, April 15, 2020 9:00 AM To: Angelica
Subject: US funding figures  Hi Angelica,  Do you have the most up to date figures on US assessed and voluntary contributions and exactly how much is in arrears? I saw an assessed arrears figure of $99m on one WHO spread sheet, but want to be sure that’s correct. I couldn’t find a figure for voluntary for 2019, nor what’s still outstanding overall on the voluntary end. Your help is appreciated!

Thanks,  Margaret Besheer U.N. Correspondent Voice of America 212.826.4529 (office) 917.748.1706 (mobile)."

  This is to prepare a defense of WHO, one of many, this one from VOA described thusly from 1600: "VOA has instead amplified Beijing’s propaganda. This week, VOA called China’s Wuhan lockdown a successful “model” copied by much of the world—and then tweeted out video of the Communist government’s celebratory light show marking the quarantine’s alleged end.  Even worse, while much of the U.S. media takes its lead from China, VOA went one step further: It created graphics with Communist government statistics to compare China’s Coronavirus death toll to America’s. As intelligence experts point out, there is simply no way to verify the accuracy of China’s numbers.  The Coronavirus story is just one example of this pattern." See also here - and for full disclosure, here.

  Yes, it's a pattern. One of Dujarric's partners in censorship is the (too) long time Voice of America scribe at the UN, who was shown by a FOIA request to have collaborated with Dujarric to get Inner City Press thrown out, here:

"I am writing because it has come to my attention that a United Nations accredited journalist, Matthew Lee of the Inner City Press, has exhibited disruptive and unprofessional conduct towards Voice of America (VOA) U.N. Correspondent Margaret Besheer. Over the last several weeks, Mr. Lee has also sent frequent, unprofessional and borderline harassing email correspondence to Ms. Besheer, to me and to other senior VOA management regarding the United Nations Correspondents AssocIation's internal business matters. Although Mr. Lee has not physically threatened Ms. Besheer, I understand she and other reporters are, to be kind, uncomfortable wtth his behavior and feel that he lacks proper judgment and exhibits unprofessional conduct While at the U.N. As an experienced journalist and leader of an organization dedicated to freedom of the press, it Is difficult for me to make this request of you. But I would urge you to review Mr. Lee's status as an accredited U.N. correspondent. I believe his behavior Is Impeding the freedom VOA's correspondent and others need In order to report what they see and know from the United Nations. I am copying VOA/BBG's Assistant General Counsel Kataryna lyson and Director of Security Michael lawrence so they are aware of the situation and its serious nature. Please don't hesitate to call or email to discuss further. Best regards, steve Redisch VOA Executive Editor."

Dujarric thanked VOA for it, here. And on Inner City Press' most recent FOIA request to Voice of America's renamed parent, a lawyer called back promising documents which have yet to respond. We will not rest - these people should be fired.

  Guterres should be fired, even before WHO: An online petition calling for the resignation of World Health Organization director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is gaining, with over 718,000 signatures, asserting that the United Nations health official and the organizational efforts towards the coronavirus outbreak were unacceptable.

The petition, posted to and translated into multiple languages including French, Spanish, German and Arabic, added that the Tedros is "unfit" for his role as head of the organization and should forego his status immediately. The same applies to Guterres.

Here is a staged Q&A with David Shearer, including the UN's lack of precautions:

Leda Limann: The next set of questions are again for you, SRSG, these are national staff specific. The majority of UNMISS staff have family members in Uganda. Can you please engage with Ugandan authorities to allow them to be with their families after COVID tests are negative? This one may be for Qazi. For national staff given the option to work from home, will the mission provide compensation for the purchase of internet data for use at home? SRSG: This is a bit tricky because for national staff, obviously, their country is here, and we expect them to work here and that is why we employ national staff because they are here. I think, what we can certainly look at what happens in the future, I am in contact with the Resident Coordinator in Uganda to see what options there are to visit family members. But it is not possible for the moment to evacuate people from South Sudan to Uganda because they are South Sudanese, that is why they are here. But we will look at the possibility of being able to access their families. At the moment, we have got no ability to be allowed into Uganda. Nobody has the possibility of entering Uganda and, likewise, coming back into South Sudan. So, we are a bit caught but let’s see what happens in the future.

  Leda Limann: National staff use the shuttle bus twice daily and the social distancing is not maintained in the bus. Is the mission taking any measures on this? 

   Nope... The United Nations held a four speakers, one M.C. event to raise funds for itself off of Coronavirus on March 25.

But three of  the participants had refused to make public even the UN's bare-bones financial disclosures: Mark Lowcock, Henrietta Fore of UNICEF and Melissa Fleming.

The head man, Antonio Guterres, has lied on his form, omitting his financial links to convicted UN briber CEFC China Energy. So their credibility to ask for more money is questionable. Guterres wears a mask.

  A fish rots from the head - Guterres - so at WHO Bruce Aylward when asked about Taiwan first pretended not to hear - then when called it insisted he had already talked about China. Video here.

   Since then, day after day, Inner City Press has in writing asked Guterres and his spokespeople, Stephane Dujarric, Farhan Haq, the censoring screening and Melissa Fleming, for their comment and action on this shameful WHO action. No answer at all, just jokes about rats taking over the UN. It's not a joke: it's true.

  Now this: "Hong Kong’s government said public broadcaster RTHK breached its charter by asking the World Health Organization about Taiwan’s membership, a move democracy advocates criticized as a new government effort to muzzle the press.  The Commerce and Economic Development Bureau said Thursday that Radio Television Hong Kong’s interview with WHO official Bruce Aylward violated the principle that Taiwan belongs to “one China.” A now-viral video of Aylward’s awkward exchange with the RTHK presenter put renewed focus on China’s efforts to prevent Taiwan from cooperating with the global health agency during the pandemic.   ADVERTISING   “The secretary holds the view that the presentation in that episode of the aforesaid program has breached the one-China principle and the purposes and mission of RTHK as a public service broadcaster as specified in the charter,” the bureau said, referring to Commerce Secretary Edward Yau. “It is common knowledge that the WHO membership is based on sovereign states. RTHK, as a government department and a public service broadcaster, should have proper understanding of the above without any deviation.”  An RTHK spokesperson said the station had reviewed the program and found no violation of its charter. Taiwan was referred to as “a place” in the episode and no stance was taken, the spokesperson said." And what will the UN say? Answer: Whatever Guterres' pay-master China tells him to say.

This is how corrupt the UN is under Guterres, who now tries to hide behind mask(s).

  Now Guterres is ghoulishly bragging about giving New York City some masks - the same UN which brought cholera to Haiti, killing 10,000 people and paying not a penny, and which has been covering up COVID-19. Even if NYC's pro-UN office echoes praise, the UN of Guterres is corrupt and lawless: "the donation of 250,000 protective face masks, just located in United Nations stores in New York, to the United States.       These masks, in surplus to United Nations requirements, will be given to the medical professionals in New York City who have been working courageously, selflessly, and tirelessly in response to the spread of COVID-19 across the boroughs in the hope that they play some small role in saving lives.     We speak with one voice to express our resolute support for this great city and its proud people.  To us, New York is not just our home or the headquarters of the United Nations.  It is a vibrant international capital through which the world communicates, debates, trades, and prospers.  On behalf of the UN community and the diplomatic corps, we sincerely hope this modest donation makes a difference.       United Nations and US Mission personnel are currently working with the Mayor’s office to ensure the swift delivery of this equipment to medical facilities around the city.     New York, 28 March 2020."

  There was a photo op with the masks, same personnel and then gate as this video, here.

    Inner City Press, which for asking these questions has been banned from the UN for 631 days by Guterres and M.C. Melissa Fleming (who has not filed her financial disclosure), streamed their event along with analysis, here on Twitter, here on Periscope.  It also submitted questions through the UN's Periscope feed.

   But the questions Fleming picked, in advance and seeming providing them to Guterres in advance, were from China state media Xinhua, Radio France, etc. To this has the UN sunk under Guterres. We'll have more on this. 


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