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Amid UN Sex Scandal No Answer on Colombia Hiring of Girlfriend as HR Now A 5th Filing

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon Maxwell Book
BBC-Guardian UK - Honduras - ESPN NY Mag

SDNY COURTHOUSE, August 24 – In the UN system run by Antonio Guterres, high ranking officials can get away with physical sexual abuse - witness the "hands down the pants" audio Inner City Press exclusively first published here - and with inappropriate sexual relationships with subordinates.

   Inner City Press received many such complaints. On the morning of June 30, Inner City Press asked Guterres and his spokespeople Stephane Dujarric and Melissa Fleming to answer, on deadline, a question regarding the head of the UN's Colombia mission, below. They did not answer, and still have not, seven plus weeks later.

And so on August 24, we publish these:

Dear Mathew,  I read with interest your articles on the corruption of UNVMC and the actors involved.  Please note that the UNVMC Chief Human Resources, Mar Brusola is not new to this type of non-transparent recruitment. It is a well-known secret that she was recruited into UNGSC because of her propensity for corruption and to facilitate the corrupt demands of her high-ranking benefactors.  Rumour has it that Mr Herbert Pecheck, D1 Chief Supply Chain Management requested her to be in Brindisi for this special skill of hers. Shortly after, Mr Pecheck got his wife Shabnam Huq-Pechek a cushy P3 job in Brindisi. What do you expect she will do for the UNVMC, SRSG or herself? Everything, more so as nobody is monitoring the situation or being vigilant about it. She is a rotten fish from head to toe, corrupt and morally despicable. She can request a PSJO, and somebody, highly blessed, will get clearance and the job, as has happened for many others, mostly her friends. All that’s needed is just a request from FPD or DOS and the game is over.   On this last topic, you might be interested to know that another DOS famous clearance and recruitment maker was involved in the embarking of the wives of Mr Pechek and Mr Anton Antchev (Ms Katerina Maximova P4 in UNMIK). Guess who? Ms Sandi Arnold, UNMIK CMS currently suspended. By coincidence, Ms. Arnold was always involved in all these activities on behalf of her high ranking supporters. Hopefully, somebody will put an end to this dirty, filthy game. We are all disgusted and have no more trust to work with such morally despicable and corrupt people, with no ethics.   If anything Ms Mar Brusola, now Chief HR in Colombia, has home. Her boyfriend (most likely recruited through similar connections) is the Head of Conduct and Discipline in UNVMC. A can of worms. I believe many other Colleagues can witness the above and can add more to this catalogue of disgusting stories of corruption.

Dear Matthew, I am writing to follow up on an investigation on the death of a UN Staff, Mario Paciolla in Colombia. Postings on the net indicate that his death and subsequent inquest into his death are unclear. Prior to his death he had advised his family that he had discovered something dangerous on his job in Colombia and wanted to leave the Mission asap. On the day he was supposed to travel to Italy, he was found dead by two UN Security staff who removed and destroyed some of his personal effects and evidence. These two UN Security Staff were recently reported to the Colombian Police for investigation by his family. Of concern is that the Mission in Colombia has neither provided any support to the investigation, nor to the family. The two suspected UN Security Staff have also not been suspended from duty to allow for a proper investigation. This is a real shame for a Mission that is badly managed at all levels. Further, Mr. Paciolla is not the only UN Staff that died under suspicious circumstances and with no proper inquest into their death conducted . There are other cases where innocent people were killed and their deaths covered up by the UN in order to not bring discredit on the Organization. Simply a shame. I believe other Colleagues can add more on this

Watch this site.

Another complaint to Inner City Press: "Hello I want to informed you that the action of the SRSG Carlos Luiz Massieu of Colombia continúe  This time is with the Chief Security unfortunately he has to recruit an Español again as the Team Leader of his Close Protection team Because apparently the recruited  español is in the circle of the SRSG  In that mission is the management that decided who to recruit  You already know the all story of that mission there is no fareness of the recruitment process at the UNVMC  This recruitment of the team leader of the Close Protection should be investigate as well, alone with abuse of authority, Ethics and all its time for UN to put in place his rules for big boys as well not for small staff members  Please don’t mention my email, I might be victim as wel Because a local staff like me has no one to defend us in that mission  Everyone is the circle friend of this SRSG." The UN is corrupt.

On the morning of July 13, Inner City Press wrote to the above-named and more, including July's UNSC Presidency at the Brazil Mission:

"On Colombia, on which each of you previously refused to answer Inner City Press' written questions triggered by UN whistleblowers, what now on deadline are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on this:

"Dear Mr. Lee,     We read an article in the inner city press of 30 June about the affair between the SRSG Carlos Ruiz Massieu and local staff Daniela Vargas.   This is not the only abuse happening in the mission as the SRSG is leading by his wonderful example treating the mission as if it were his own company.  He approved the recruitment for Chief of HR Mar Brusola, whose main virtue is being a girlfriend of Federico Silva Ledesma, the Chief of Conduct and Discipline irrespective of the fact that the conflict of interest is written all over the process.   It makes mission staff who know about it extremely uncomfortable especially us, local staff.  As far as Federico Silva himself, his weak knowledge of the subject can compare only to his bad English. As if this is not enough, Federico is a crony of Erich Ball, Chief, Mission Support, a person whose actions quite differ from his preaching and Yang Wang, Chief resources management infamous for his limitless incompetence except in photography.  Also Mar Brusola is from Spain, the same country as Erich Ball´s wife.  The mission is abundant in Spanish nationals.  The mission leadership apparently thinks that Latin America lacks talent.  We will feel even more afraid than before to go to the Conduct and Discipline Section for advice on our complaints especially against people whom the CMS favors and he does have strong favorites!  Because of these abuses and the fact that nothing has been done about them, we do not trust the internal system.  We saw from your articles that you are the only one who dares publish about controversial issues and you are our only hope that this issue will be disclosed to the world.' On deadline."

 No answer at all, even as Guterres pontificated at the stakeout to friendly correspondents who do not (dare?) ask him about UN corruption. We'll have more on this. For now, we have been sent a copy of this, sent by whistleblowing staff to mc-cdreport at, ruizmassieu at, Guterres, cdt-misconduct at, Ethicsoffice at, Ombudsmediation at centrec at, scolearn at, Investigationsoios at

"Through this document I want to make the following anonymous complaint to avoid retaliation that may be filed against me. 

 Since I clearly know how the bureaucracy works in the United Nations and that as gallants of the protection of human rights, ethics and due conduct we do not really enforce or comply with it.   I will name the following people and the following facts that have been presented where the abuse of authority, abuse of power, social, racial and sexual discrimination by some members of the United Nations in the HQ office of the UN verification mission for Colombia.   Within the false image and false doctrines professed by the UN (ethics and integrity courses, sexual prevention and exploitation, human rights responsibilities, sexual prevention for managers), everything is totally false, reprehensible. It is visible in the United Nations Verification Mission in Colombia, how so many violations of our fundamental human rights are exercised and as officials of the United Nations we see how strong there is persecution and workplace harassment, racial, social, ethnic discrimination , sexual and the imposition of power on the most disadvantaged or on those who do not have high positions in it, discrimination, inequality, lack of protection against security guard personnel, general service personnel, IC contract personnel,   But what can be expected if the corruption and disloyalty comes from the main head, what can we simple and mediocre officials expect as foreigners from the UN in Colombia treat us.Antonio Guterres, the UN has even put the Nelson Mandela Prize up for sale.  

On July 17, the Prize will be awarded to the wife of an oil titan, but what can we expect if from the head of the mission down they are gallant in the abuse of power, Offering better jobs for sex, As it does Mr. Carlos Ruiz Massieu, the Special Representative of the Secretary General in the mission has had an affair with Ms. Daniela Vargas, a member of the local staff, since at least 2020, what must be done to be able to emerge in the United Nations. Do you have to open your legs and lower your underwear?  

Or being a sexual abuser like Ramón Francisco Mora Jimeno who tried to abuse or abuse an official in the famous SAFE course, you have to be corrupt, unethical and anti-professional to be able to rise in the UN.   the SRSG is leading by its wonderful example of treating the mission as its own business. He approved the hiring of the head of HR, Mar Brusola, who knows absolutely nothing about human resource management, except for cordial treatment and respect for other people, and whose main virtue is being the girlfriend of Federico Silva Ledesma, the head of Conduct and Discipline independently. that the conflict of interest is written throughout the process. She makes mission staff in the know extremely uncomfortable, especially us local staff as we cannot report anyone foreign or local without fear of retaliation.

As for Federico Silva himself, his poor knowledge of the subject can only be compared to his poor English. As if this were not enough, Federico is a buddy of Erich Ball, head of Mission Support, a person whose actions are quite different from his preaching and Yang Wang, head of resource management, infamous for his boundless incompetence, except in photography. Mar Brusola is also from Spain, the same country as Erich Ball's wife.

The mission is abundant in Spanish nationals. The leadership of the mission apparently thinks that Latin America lacks talent and for this reason it is difficult for a national of an IC contract or contract to provide services to grow or achieve a better job opportunity, it can be seen in several cases, where there are personnel who has been an IC for more than 3 years or staff that has been providing services or Service Contract for more than 5 years, as they are badly called, but since they do not open their legs or do not lower their underwear they cannot ascend,   All these misconduct and this labor persecution is being carried out by Mrs. Mirjana Mazar (Movement Control Officer), since she arrived as head of the transport unit, she began a persecution against all male personnel who drive a vehicle of the Verification Mission, in this way he abusively deducted money for subpoenas made in acts of service and that within the Colombian legislation are legally appealable and can be mediated so as not to be economically affected the people who were fined, the Colombians they have rights within their country but Mrs. Mazar constantly violates them, we have to charge the drivers to recover the money that the executive leaders of the UN spend, because for them if there is no law,they can use the vehicles and the money to rent rest farms in the hot country in towns near Bogotá and also on the coast, the persecutions against all the men who drive in the mission are visible, but the favoritism towards the personnel is also seen feminine as it is towards Mrs. Dolly Esperanzá Valencia Bachiller (Transportation Assistant) under a fraudulent and inappropriate contract, also who is committing a crime called illegal collection of money under the name of (chain),  It is also making cash loans at interest rates that are above the legal ones in Colombia and all of the loans are being made with the money that the Verification Mission gives it as a base or petty cash for the necessary expenses of the unit. of transport and all these cases are known to Mrs. Mirjana Mazar and whoever does not apply corrections for favoring Mrs. Dolly Valencia, in this case of illegal collection of money, is also committing fraud because financially she is benefiting from money from the mission for his own purposes and in the last two years he has managed to acquire goods that are his but are not in his name, the following people are also involved, Larissa Gorbatova (Assistant of the transport unit), Leslie Fonseca López (Personal Assistant of the DSRSG ),Jorge Cerdán Ramos (Driver), Luis Hernán Manrique López (Driver), Camilo Plazas Barón (Driver), Néstor Guillermo Ramirez (Driver), William Guillermo Rubiano (DSRSG Driver), Jorge Enrique Sierra Rodríguez (DSRSG Driver), these last two also hired for political favors and who do not have the knowledge and preparation to be security drivers of a DSRSG but like everything in the UN they had to pay the political fee to meet friends, Miss Dolly Esperanzá Valencia Bachiller (Transportation Assistant) and Leslie Fonseca López (Personal Assistant of the DSRSG) began a persecution and workplace harassment against four Mission officials, leading them to an investigation without foundation, without evidence and with the favoritism of Mrs. Karla, the former Deputy,which led to the resignation of a driver who had to do so due to threats of damaging his resume, the other three people unfairly denounced did not agree to the threats and remain in their workplaces but damaging and playing with their job stability and its good image since two of them have been in the mission for five years and have stood out for their commitment and excellent work, one as a driver and the other as an assistant to the transport unit, but the bad intentions and favoritism of some officials are allowed without any repercussions or labor sanctions for this misconduct, we also have the misconduct and favoritism given by Messrs. Isidro Duran Torres (Acquisitions Director) and Sebastián Zuluaga (Purchasing Assistant),those who, due to the economic benefits they receive when awarding contracts, are committing Fraud and Enrichment, can see them and compare them with their acquired Goods, some that are not in their name to avoid being linked to investigations and their economic growth in the last 4 years has been notorious , but since they are bosses, they are foreigners favored by the older bosses, nothing happens, everyone is favored because of their bad behavior, as is the case of Daniela Vargas who, due to her good performance in bed, had a considerable promotion in the office of Antonio Guterres in New York...  

While the United Nations Sacks Chest for a failed peace process in Colombia, violates the rights of Colombians hired, enslaves, discriminates, despises personnel with low labor levels. no more opportunities.   [Various Inner City Press articles from the last months cited]

Finally, the journalist Matthew Russell Lee has all the information on these cases in Colombia and is the only one who has not been afraid to face them."

  Still no answer by Melissa Fleming (or UNCA) to this.

The earlier, still unanswered questions: "Dear Matthew,   I work in the United Nations Verification Mission in Colombia and would like to give an account of another cover-up of abuse by a senior UN official in the UN. Mr. Carlos Ruiz Massieu, Special Representative of the Secretary General in the mission has been having an affair with Ms. Daniela Vargas, a local staff member, since at least 2020.

After anonymous reporting in early 2022 to the Office of Internal Oversight Services, he rushed to New York to “voluntarily” declare the affair. What a coincidence!

After that, Ms. Vargas got a job in the Executive Office of the Secretary General. A P-3 or P-4 would have been investigated for an affair with a subordinate, but senior officials get away with anything.    If you decide to report it, I would appreciate if you do not show the email address." 

 Done. Dujarric did not answer in writing, nor at the subsequent noon briefing he, Guterres and Fleming ban Inner City Press from, while not answering this pro bono letter from a law firm.  Watch this site. 


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