UN Guterres Covers Up Sex Abuse by Gabon and Togo in CAR As Bans Inner City Press 846th Day

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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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UN Guterres Covers Up Sex Abuse by Gabon and Togo in CAR As Bans Inner City Press 846th Day

By Matthew Russell Lee, Video here, Vine here

UN GATE, Oct 26 -- Stephane Dujarric, the lead spokesman of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, and now Guterres' Global Communicator Melissa Fleming have joined their boss in personally covering up child rapes and sexual abuse by UN personnel, including recently a child rape by a UN "peacekeeper" from Paul Biya's Cameroon in DR Congo.

  Even while they and OIOS Ben Swanson purport to care - and even answer questions - on the UN's cover up for Burundian and Gabon rapes in CAR in 2017, they have adopted corrupt Guterres' solution going forward: cover up the cases in advance. Rough up and ban the Press which asks, leave inside only insiders who ask why they can't use the UN escalator instead of walking one or two flights of stairs, and refuse to answer written questions. Their UN is dying - and taking young victims with it. See Tel Aviv UNTSO video first published by Inner City Press on June 23, here, and Swanson here.

 On October 26, while maskless spokesman Stephane Dujarric continues to lie about sexual abuse, the UN data dumped additional outrageous sexual abuses, Gabon and Togo in the Central African Republic, this very year. Inner City Press immediately in writing asked: "Immediately provide all if-asked and other information about the cases of UN sexual exploitation or abuse data dumped at 11:45 am on October 26, by peackeepers from Gabon and Togo in CAR - and explain how the decision under SG Guterres, as opposed to Ban Ki-moon, to stop providing even this information is not the cover up of rape / UN sex trafficking conspiracy." No answer, and no one let into the noon briefing - including a retired asking about "German" Cameroon - asked about the rapes. This comes in October when abuse by Morocco was already data dumped but then covered in, in a month when the UNSC has its once a year review of Western Sahara, with Melissa Fleming allowing in multiple Morocco state media and banning Inner City Press. Censorship.

 On September 2, after the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York announced the indictment and arrest of UN staffer Karim Elkorany for drugging and raping women in Iraq, the UN data dumped more UN sexual abuse charges -- the fourteenth this summer, only so far, as Guterres is dragging the UN down to his level of mounting abuse and no answers - this time sexual abuse by UN Tunisia "peacekeeper" in Mali, and rape by a Philippines peacekeeper in Haiti. Only on this last, child rape in Haiti (but not drug rape in Iraq), the UN's Farhan Haq has responded to Inner City Press with an answer, the first in months, which we immediately publish: "The United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH) has received an allegation of sexual abuse involving a member of the military contingent from the Philippines deployed to the former United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH).    The allegation refers to the rape of a child that allegedly took place in 2006, and resulted in the birth of a child.    The UN has informed the Member State of the allegation and has requested that a National Investigation Officer (NIO) be appointed within five (5) working days, and for the investigation to be completed within 90 days.    BINUH has referred the alleged victim for appropriate assistance in line with the UN’s victim assistance protocols." We'll have more on this.

On August 17, there was the UN data dumping of child rape by a UN civilian staffer (nationality undisclosed) in South Sudan in 2020 after another earlier this month of sexual exploitation of supposed protectees in Lebanon by an Italy "peacekeeper" and UN child rape in DRC by a UN civilian Guterres leaves unspecified - Portuguese? - on top of two more cases of sex exploitation in CAR by peacekeepers from Gabon, and in DRC by Guinea, after South Africa, after last month's child rape in CAR by "peacekeeper" from Cameroon and from Egypt,  on top of Afghanistan in 2020, two days after the UN data dumped new charges against it in South Sudan as recently as December 2019, while Guterres refuses to answer on a petition from South Sudan about UNMISS spreading COVID-19 there. Inner City Press put in this question to Dujarric and Melissa Fleming and Guterres and others. No answers, publishing the question here for now: "Press request re new 2020 UN child rape in Haiti by Philippines peacekeeper and abuse in Mali by Tunisia peacekeepers, and on indictment of UN's Karim Elkorany for drugging and raping women in Iraq, after being on UN Radio, and still in South Sudan case data dumped on the afternoon of August 17 - immediately provide all if-asked info of the type previously provided under Ban Ki-moon before SG Guterres tried to cover everything up,  and August 5, 9 am by Italy in Lebanon, South Africa in DRC and an UNSPECIFIED UN civilian CHILD RAPE in DR Congo of July 28 of Gabon in CAR and Guinea in DRC, on top of those of July 23, 6 pm that you immediately provide all if-asked / further information about the new UN sexual exploitation allegations in CAR against UN "peacekeeper" from Gabon, and in DRC by South Africa, on top of unanswered UNTSO driver question and those data dumped on June 4 after 2:30 pm - the twelfth batch this summer so far, no answers, UNSG complicit -  after the child rape charge against a UN civilian "peacekeper" in South Sudan data dumped at 3 pm on June 1, after the Gabonese on May 18, after that of May 14 regarding Cameroon regarding child rape by Cameroon UN Peacekeeper in 2019, and May 12 disclosed sexual exploitation in South Sudan by an UNMISS civilian - please state the nationality and all info - as well as those of April 30 of new sexual abuse including by a UN peacekeeper from Cameroon in CAR in October 2019 and from Tanzania in DRC, as well as the still not provided in-asked information on the charges data dumped  past 3:30 pm on April 28 of new sexual abuse including attempted rape charges against UN personnel in Afghanistan and CAR in January 2020 and those data dumped past 2 pm on April 27 by UNMISS in South Sudan, to December 2019 and unspecified - this while the SG has refused including today to answer on South Sudan and UNMISS speading COVID-19 - and those still unanswerd from April 20 involving sexual abuse by UN peacekeeper from Benin in DRC, as well as those data dumped on April 9 about peacekeeper from Mauritania in CAR, as well still of those data dumped on March 9, involving sexual abuse by Cameroon in CAR, Pakistan in Darfur, Tanzania in DRC, and still UN rape in DRC by Guatemala "peacekeeper," and abuse by Senegal in Haiti, and Gabon and Mauritania in CAR, etc and still no answer those data dumped on Feb 4, UN rape in Darfur and CAR, sex abuse by Uganda "peacekeeper" in South Sudan and from "the Congo" and Benin in CAR, etc - and also in CAR by Cameroonian UN "police," and the rape case by a UN Volunteer in DRC in June 2019 - what nationality? What's been done for the victim(s)? - and the sex abuse cases in CAR by Gabon, DRC and Morocco UN "peacekeepers," and still about the Dec 6 OSES case, and the two more cases of UN sexual exploitation in CAR by Cameroon troops, from 2019 and 2018 days after SG met Cameroon FM without read-out or access on Nov 21 while three more reported on top of three from November 20 and on top of the November 11 case of rape in Liberia, and by a Cameroon "military observer" in Mali, UNanswered with Inner City Press blocked from noon briefing and only 2 questions inside, and in Haiti by a Uruguayan "peacekeeper" and the UNresponded on Oct 31 and Oct 28 cases of child rape and sex abuse by Cameroon and South Africa and 10 days ago by "peacekeepers" from South Africa, Indonesia, Mauritania and again Cameroon, just cursorily e-announced about which UN's ongoing ban on Inner City Press - 792 days - amounts to a cover up, confirm receipt." No answer yet. Guterres is covering up rapes. Watch this site.

Those asked, who again did not answer and therefor are complicit, are: Stephane Dujarric dujarric at un.org, Farhan Haq haqf at un.org, now Reem abaza at un.org and achim.steiner at undp.org and ag at un.org, melissa.fleming at un.org, Marcia Soares Pinto soarespinto at un.org, David Kaye dkaye at law.uci.edu, Amina Mohammed amina.mohammed at un.org, Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti marialuiza.viotti at un.org, damodaran at un.org, Hua Jiang jiang1 at un.org, tisovszky at un.org, SGCentral sgcentral at un.org, omaish at un.org, Tal Mekel mekel at un.org, Keishamaza Rukikaire rukikaire at un.org, seda.pumpyanskaya at un.org, corbeta at un.org, Eri Kaneko kaneko at un.org Cc: gilles.michaud at un.org, pozenel at un.org, zoe.paxton at un.org, peter.reid at un.org --  the communicator brought in from McKinsey with public money while Guterres said he had no money (this was prior to taking $50,000 in presumpively El Chapo's money from Honduras government of Juan Orlando Hernandez, UNanswered.)

 No answers, despite Dujarric's previous on camera commitment / lie about answering Inner City Press' questions. Video here.

 Worse, Dujarric repeated and expanding on the lies on September 19, video here, claiming that Inner City Press is in touch with UN Media Accreditation - while Melissa Fleming has not answered a single letter and has banned the active Press - 83,000 Twitter followers and counting, covering the courts and #6ix9ine and Halkbank and OneCoin and Doe v. ICE and the Honduras narco regime Guterres also covers up for - from entering to cover the UNGA week.

   Guterres' UN sent this out:

"From: malu malu [at] un.org
Date: Fri, Aug 30, 2019 at 4:23 PM
Subject: U.N. eAccreditation request for Matthew Lee Ref # M5413398 has been declined
To: Inner City Press:

Greetings Matthew Lee from Inner City Press,  Your media accreditation request, with reference no: M5413398, has been declined for the following reason: Media accreditation was withdrawn on 17 August 2018."

  This is Kafka-esque, and corrupt. We will have more, much more, on this.


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