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In Cameroon UN Guterres Working With Biya Ministry After 6 Calls With Biya His Baiocchi Polite

By Matthew Russell Lee, CJR Goot PFT NYP

UNITED NATIONS GATE, January 19 -- After Paul Biya who has ruled Cameroon for 36 years lied that Transparency International was observing his re-coronation, and burned village after village in the Anglophone regions while hiring lobbyists to seek and get support from UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, on October 22 he claimed to win over 71% of the vote and even that 16% of those eligible voted in the Anglophone North-West and South-West regions. None of this is credible. Nor, in context, is the UN OCHA statement, leading up to a presentation by Guterres' rep Allegra Baiocchi, that "The Ministry of Territorial Affairs is setting up the Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Coordination Centre decreed by the prime minister on 21 November. North-West and South-West governors have initiated regional coordination centres based in Buea and Bamenda. Government officials discussed with humanitarian actors the priorities and modalities of coordinated field operation. The humanitarian community has agreed on a joint approach to ensure upholding of humanitarian principles while delivering urgently needed assistance." So Guterres and Baiocchi are working with the government in the very areas they are torching? This is disgusting, especially in the wake of Guterres' January 17 statement to UN staff that human rights questions to governments are "impolite" and "arrogant." This is the death of the UN. Consider the January 18 statement on Cameroon and return of refugees - but not the outrageous refoulement of Ayuk Tabe and others from DSG Amina J. Mohammed's Nigeria - by the UN refugee agency UNHCR which Guterres used to run. Guterres himself, having had Inner City Press roughed up and banned from entering the UN for 198 days and counting, ghoulishly said in his January 18 Press-less press conference, on "Cameroon, I have spoken, I don't know, probably more than six times with the President of Cameroon. Our people on the ground has been working actively to try to de‑escalate the tension in the country." Video here, Vine here. Really? De-escalated how? More like, advise Biya on how to cover up his killings, while seeking favors in the UN Budget Committee which Cameroon was chairing. No answers from Guterres or his spokespeople. We'll have more on this.  The January 19 statement: "UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is extremely alarmed by reports of the forced return by Cameroon this week of several thousand refugees into violence-affected Borno State in northeast Nigeria. This follows the forced return of 267 Nigerian refugees on 16 January. They had crossed into Cameroon in 2014. We are gravely concerned for the safety and well-being of all these people.  An estimated 9,000 Nigerians fled across the border into Cameroon earlier in the week after militants attacked and ransacked the small border town of Rann in Nigeria’s Borno State. The militants went on a rampage by targeting military installations, civilians and humanitarian facilities. At least 14 people are reported killed.  “This action was totally unexpected and puts lives of thousands of refugees at risk,” said UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi. “I am appealing to Cameroon to continue its open door and hospitable policy and practices and halt immediately any more returns and to ensure full compliance with its refugee protection obligations under its own national legislation, as well as international law.”  Cameroon is currently home to more than 370,000 refugees, including some 100,000 from Nigeria." We'll have more on this. From the New Years address by Paul Biya: "If my appeal to war mongers remain unheeded to, the defense and security forces will be instructed to neutralize them. I am aware of the situation and difficulties the rebels are putting the people in. It will not continue,” Biya said.  On January 2, banned Inner City Press in writing asked Guterres, his spokesmen and chief of staff and others, "On Cameroon, what is the SG's comment and action on Paul Biya in his New Year message threatening to 'neutralize' opponents?" Guterres and his spokesmen including Farhan Haq refused to answer the question, or any other Inner City Press question. Then Haq called on a softball in-person version on January 3, like Dujarric entertains the correspondent who admits she's never written about Cameroon, just asked about "the Anglophones doing some shooting." Today's UN is entirely corrupt. Meanwhile Biya keeps in prison those illegally refouled from Nigeria while Guterres' Deputy SG Amina J. Mohammed was there. Here's on Guterres equally but differently not-credible New Years message. This corruption (including Guterres' cover up of China Energy Fund Committee, here) and censorship should not continue. Also not credible: Guterres' spokesman and censor Stephane Dujarric, refusing to answer dozens of Cameroon questions from banned Inner City Press, servicing only those he allows in his briefing room including the self described Huffington Post contributor who earlier cracked, "The Anglophone have been doing some shooting." Video here. Designated or self-styled patsie, producing nothing, elbowing out others, classic UN. Here is the video. The money (literally) quote is that Guterres is "in touch with the government." YouTube here. On December 29, weeks after Inner City Press published on this, astute Anglophones revisited it, referring directly as Inner City Press had not to Evelyn Leopold and HuffPost - drawing this telling response or admission: "I never wrote about Cameroon and have not contributd to HuffPost in over a year. Your tweet is unreadable." Photo here. Wait a minute - the correspondent the UN has used during its 179 day barring of Inner City Press to claim it is still answering about Cameroon, if only from a Biya perspective, now admits she "never wrote about Cameroon"? So the asking was just a scam? And why is her profile "Huffington Post"? To this the UN of Alison Smale and Guterres gives a free UN office and full access, while roughing up and banning Inner City Press which has published hundreds of stories, dozens of exclusives about abuses in Cameroon and elsewhere? We'll have more on this - the UN's ban must be immediately and long belatedly reversed.  Inner City Press before Dujarric's December 17 briefing asked: "December 17-4: On Cameroon, on which you have been refusing Inner City Press' questions, what is the SG's comment and action on Paul Biya's government's use of the charge of “fake news” to not only insult but lock up journalists covering Biya's army's killing there? Again Francois Fall describes “Gender Desks” in police stations but an Inner City Press reader today called the Kumba police station and they'd never heard of it. What was the basis of Mr. Fall's statement?" During his December 17 briefing, Dujarric joked about "une cuisine interne" - an internal cooking that Guterres and he and Alison Smale have turned the UN into. And still no answers. Also not credible are parts of this UN World Food Program pitch, which leads with "NSAG" violence in a way it would not in, say, Syria: "In November 2018, 21,748 people (10,439 men, 11,309 women) from the North West and South West (NW/SW) regions residing in the Littoral region received food assistance.
WFP Cameroon urgently requires US$ 24 million in the next 6 months to provide food assistance through general food distribution to 400,000 vulnerable displaced and local host populations affected by the NW/SW crisis.
 Since June 2018, non-state armed groups (NSAG) have intensified their operations, notably around Kumba, Buea, Mamfé and Bamenda. While attacks were previously confined to rural areas and the Nigerian border, main town centres and peripheries are increasingly affected by the violence. On the other hand, security forces have intensified operations against NSAGs in the SW in October, and NW in November. Between March and October 2018, a drastic increase in the number of IDPs was recorded, going from 40,000 to a total of 440,000.
 Through joint efforts, WFP continues to coordinate with other agencies to assess the security situation and ensure favourable conditions on the ground for distributions (particularly in Kumba). A recent mission organized jointly with OCHA, UNDSS and the Logistics Cluster confirmed roads and access to markets have been significantly affected, as well as access to transport and warehouse facilities. Strengthened coordination on the ground is in place.
In an effort to respond to the growing needs of IDPs, WFP is scaling up its support to reach approximately 400,000 IDPs and local host populations affected by the NW/SW crisis who are in dire need of food assistance in the North West, South West, West and Littoral regions by April 2019. If the food security situation in NW/SW improves, WFP will gradually scale down its intervention after the lean season from July 2019, transitioning into recovery activities for the extremely vulnerable."  We'll have more on this. Also not credible
is the new report by Guterres' failed envoy Francois Lounceny Fall, nor Fall's presentation to the Council, entry to cover which Guterres is corruptly barring Inner City Press on December 13, for the 162nd day. After Fall's pitch, and dubious claims of concern from countries which are withholding all documents about Cameroon which Inner City Press has requested from them under Freedom of Information laws like the Dutch WOB, on December 13 and 14 Inner City Press asked the UN: "December 14-6: On Cameroon, on which you have been refusing Inner City Press' questions, now that Francois Fall has said he visited in November and met Government officials, state with whom else he met. He describes “Gender Desks” in police stations but an Inner City Press reader today called the Kumba police station and they'd never heard of it. What is the basis of Mr. Fall's statement?" Hours after the December 14 UN noon briefing at which those allowed in asked not a single question about anything in Africa, much less Cameroon, Guterres' deputy spokesman Farhan Haq sent this: "Regarding question December 14-6, we have provided Mr. Fall’s briefing to the Security Council, in which he details his concerns about Cameroon and his work there." And the Gender Desks? Here is a paragraph of Fall's and Guterres' report: "5. The security situation in the North-West and South-West regions of Cameroon
continued to deteriorate. Sporadic fighting between security forces and armed groups
was reported throughout the reporting period. On 12 July, the convoy of the Minister
for Defence was attacked on two separate occasions near Kumba in the South-West
region. On the night of 28 to 29 July, an armed group attacked a prison in Ndop in the
North-West region, resulting in the escape of 163 inmates. On 26 September, armed
individuals also attacked a prison in Wum in the North-West region, leading to the
escape of 80 inmates. On 5 November, nearly 80 students and staff from a secondary
school in Bamenda, in the North-West region, were kidnapped. All of the students
were released the following day. During the reporting period, there were reports of
sexual violence perpetrated by both security forces and armed groups. In response,
“gender desks” were established at police stations in the South-West region in an
effort to establish a safe and confidential reporting process on sexual and genderbased
violence and related crimes. On 11 October, religious leaders of the Catholic,
Protestant and Muslim communities in the English-speaking regions held a meeting
in preparation for an “Anglophone General Conference” scheduled to be held in Buea,
in the South-West region, on 21 and 22 November, but which was later postponed. At
the same meeting, they reiterated their appeal for the cessation of military and
insurgent operations in the English-speaking regions." And Antonio Guterres... took Biya's golden statue, made a Budget Committee deal to stay quiet on the slaughter, and had roughed up and banned for 161 days and counting the Press which asked him about it.
Then there is the Paul Biya government's denial via Xinhua of having killed a priest from Kenya, below, nor Guterres' UN system's belated expressions of concern after he sold out for more than a year and most recently has been refusing through two spokesmen to respond to or even acknowledge Inner City Press' formal written questions - even when about circulating reports of the use of chemical weapons. Before 9 am on November 28, heading to cover the third day of the UN bribery trial of US v Ho, Inner City Press in writing asked Guterres and his spokesmen, "November 28-2: On Cameroon, beyond the many unanswered questions, what is the SG's comment and action on that ten leaders who were [illegally refouled] from Nigeria earlier this year will face trial next month on terrorism charges that could lead to the death penalty, one of their lawyers said after a court hearing on Tuesday. Among them is Sisuku Julius Ayuk Tabe. Mr Tabe and his co-defendants have been charges with 10 offences, including terrorism, advocating terrorism, secession, civil war and revolution." Nine hours later, while answer another question about Romania, no answer at all on Cameroon and Guterres heading out of town again, with Inner City Press which asks banned for the 147th day, no end in sight. The UN of Guterres is cortupt.
On November 26Inner City Press asked in writing Guterres, his Deputy Amina J. Mohammed, Communicator Alison Smale and two spokesmen questions including "November 26-1: On Cameroon, what is the SG's comment and action on the killing by government forces, of Kenyan priest Cosmas Omboto Ondari, Vicar of the St Martin of Tours Parish in Kembong, Mamfe, now what Kenya's FM Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau has demanded answers from the Biya government? What is the UN's knowledge of and action on the alleged use of chemical weapons (!) in Bali in Cameroon?" While lead spokesman Stephane Dujarric's deputy Farhan Haq sent responses to two other questions - one a mere link to a press conference Guterres banned Inner City Press from, the other an evasive recycled statement from the first UN bribery case - nothing on Cameroon. Guterres comments on reports of chemical weapons in, for example, Syria. What explains his silence and censorship on Cameroon? On November 25 Kenya's Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs, and former UN official, Macharia Kamau said the ministry would continue pursuing the answers on circumstances that led to the priest's death. "The government of Kenya, through its High Commission in Abuja, Nigeria has urgently and formally inquired from the government of the Republic of Cameroon about the circumstances leading to Father Ondari's death," Macharia said. "As we mourn the death of one of our citizens, the ministry continues to relentlessly pursue answers on this sad event." Here's hoping he does - he has seen the corruption of the UN, when it awarded Nairobi based UNEP to an absentee director, and under the time of Antonio Guterres and his lax sending Roselyn Akombe, censorship of Press, and more. We'll have more on this. On November 21 banned Inner City Press reported Biya's forces' murder of a Kenyan priest - the Bishop of Mamfe cites eye witnesses the shots were fired by government soldiers, from their passing vehicle. Now with the UN silent and once again covering up, even where Guterres is, Biya's government is again denying as they did after killing Charles Wesco, now via Xinhua: "The preliminary investigations reveal that the authors of this criminal act did this to discredit the defense and security forces." Joseph Beti Assomo, Cameroon's Defense Minister said in a statement on Friday." Guteres is silent and missing; he has refused to audit China Energy Fund Committee which is charged with bribery in th UN, and has banned Inner City Press which asked about that and about Cameroon for 140 days and counting. On the morning of November 23 Inner City Press asked out of town Guterres (by email, which he is supposedly scrolling) and his spokesmen: "November 23-2: On Cameroon what is the SG's comment and action on the murder, by government forces, of Kenyan priest Cosmas Omboto Ondari, Vicar of the St Martin of Tours Parish in Kembong, Manyu, and what follow up the SG / UN even did on the murder of missionary Charles Wesco." Guterres' spokesman's office was ope and people getting paid (though Dujarric didn't sign Guterres' derivative statement on Pakistan), but no answer. We have more on Father Cosmas Omboto Ondari, a Mill Hill Priest from Kenya, serving as the Parochial Vicar of the St Martin of Tours Parish in Kembong, near Mamfe in Manyu. It's said, now by many, that he was shot twice by the Cameroonian military in front of the Church at about 3PM, Wednesday November 21, 2018. Biya's soldiers were shooting out of their vehicles. Ondari been ordained on Sunday March 26, 2017 in Kisii, Kenya together with two others by Bishop Joseph Mairura Okemwa and appointed to Mamfe -- shot dead 11 days after the burial of Charles Trumann Wesco, an American missionary from Indiana. In that similar case, Biya's government locked up Mimi Mefo for reporting who killed Wesco (and, only after repeated written questions from Inner City Press and more UN noon briefing pantomine like questions from the friend of UK USG Alison Smale who said smirking, The Anglophones were doing some shooting, Guterres issued a wan call fr an investigation which he typically never followed up on. Previously the military shot and killed a Ghanaian Missionary, Isaac Attoh of the Destiny Impact Ministry on Saturday July 14, 2018 in Batibo in North West Region. So when will the UN Security Council act. Guterres is still trying to cover it up. See November 20 video here. After refusing Inner City Press' Cameroon question and driving off in his / your Mercedes, Guterres left town, without the UN saying to where or who's paying. Sounds like Biya.

Even banned from Guterres' UN for 140 days and counting for quoting Guterres' own staff on WHY he sold out - for favors in the UN Budget Committee -- we continue to transmit the UN's statements of concern, here from UNHCR whose staffer Nadine Njoya called for "harsher repression" of Anglophones by Paul Biya and whose Deputy Volker Turk refused to answer on that, and appeared not to know there ARE any refugees from Cameroon in Nigeria: "The number of Cameroonian refugees fleeing violence and seeking refuge in Nigeria crossed the 30,000 mark this week. Refugees fleeing the South-West and North-West Regions of Cameroon have been arriving since September 2017. Almost 600 arrived in refugee settlements in the last two weeks.

Four out of every five of those registered so far are women and children, driven out after last year’s protests turned violent. They are being sheltered in Nigeria’s states of Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Benue and Taraba, most of them being hosted within local communities.

Most of the latest arrivals come from the Akwaya and Eyumojock sub-divisions in Cameroon. People are telling us they were ordered to leave their houses due to increasing violence in their home areas.

As official border entry points remain closed, UNHCR and its partners are present at the border areas inside Nigeria, around the most used informal access points, to assess the situation and the needs of new arrivals.

UNHCR is facilitating the voluntary relocation of refugees from the border points to the settlements of Adagom (Cross River) and Anyake (Benue), which provide better security and shelter as well as access to essential services such as food, health or education.

We are working with the Nigerian Government, through its National Commission for Refugees (NCFRMI), and State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA).

This crisis erupted last year after protests turned violent, amid calls for secession. So far this year, some 400 civilians have been killed in escalating attacks between separatist groups and government forces, according to rights groups.

Currently, more than 9,000 Cameroonian refugees have been moved to new settlements, where they receive food as well as essential items such as mattresses, mosquito nets, stoves and cooking utensils, as well as equipment to build shelters. With bricks, timber, nails or corrugated iron sheets, they can start to rebuild a place to call home.

These settlements allow better access to critical assistance. Our partners on the ground distribute dignity kits for women and girls. These kits include, among other items, buckets, soap and towels.

In some instances, cash assistance is provided to enable refugees in the settlements to buy food directly from the markets in host communities, as those settlements are meant to facilitate the integration of those forced to flee and those welcoming them.

Despite all our efforts and those of our partners, the needs of the refugees are far from being met.
Another 21,000 refugees are currently living with host communities, in over 50 localities spread across an area of some 116,000 square kilometres.
The rainy season and harsh road conditions to remote areas makes the assistance to the refugees outside of the newly-developed settlement very difficult, with acute needs for food, shelter, water and sanitation.

Education is also one of such essential needs, with 48 per cent of the registered refugees being of school age yet out of school, for more than two years for many of them.

Inside Cameroon, access to areas affected in North West and South West is very limited. Humanitarian agencies are discussing with the government the need for improved access to the displaced population. It is estimated that some 436,000 people may be internally displaced. Together with OCHA, which coordinates the UN response in the country, we have started deploying personnel in Buea to help meet the needs of the displaced people."
Some of this is dubious - Deputy Turk of UNHCR, when Inner City Press asked, did not even seem to know there ARE Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria, see below. Similarly
the stories told to date about the 90 students now released do not add up. The government railed about 79 released, at a video of 11 student circulated. The parents were not allowed into the school, nor told which of their children were kidnapped and which not. Now 90 have been released, with the quiet announcement that 11 had been kidnappe earlier, on October 31. So they were the ones in the video, not the 79? The media which have not covered, or mis-covered, Biya's abuses will move on, like the UN, declaring this a victory. We'll have more on this. On November 4 Biya's forces arrested more people for protesting the fraudulent results, in Bafoussam in the West region of Cameroon denouncing what they call an “electoral hold up” by Biya. This follows arrests in Douala and Yaounde, on all of which Antonio "Traveling Man" Guterres has been characteristically silent. Nor have Guterres' spokesmen being answering Inner City Press' questions on Cameroon including this on November 6: "November 6-1: On Cameroon, first please immediately now five days after ASG Ursula Mueller's Nov 1 presentation (at the Norway Mission) about Cameroon provide a copy or summary of her remarks. Second, what is the SG's knowledge of, comment and action on, the reporting kidnapping of students in Anglophone Cameroon, with the kidnappers caught saying 'tu perds ton temps'?"

Dujarric's Deputy emailed banned Inner City Press: "Regarding your first question, we have just issued the following statement:
The Secretary-General condemns the reported kidnapping on 5 November of students and staff from a secondary school in Bamenda, North-West region of Cameroon. He calls for their immediate release and return to their homes and families. There can be no justification for these crimes against civilians, particularly minors.
The Secretary-General reiterates the need for a peaceful solution to the crisis in the North-West and South-West regions of Cameroon through an inclusive dialogue process. The United Nations stands ready to assist in this regard.
Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesman for the Secretary-General
New York, 6 November 2018"
  So what about that French? No answer.
Now the issue will be pushed behind, with the release of 90 and not the state 79 students. Nor did the UN inform Inner City Press, despite its questions, that Guterres' Ursula Mueller, who previously visited Cameroon without going to the Anglophone areas (Inner City Press asked her why, before being roughed up and banned), had given a November 1 briefing a Norway's mission to the UN on 50th Street, leaked invitation here. We will ask the UN about this, even amid Guterres' ongoing censorship of Press.
Should we expect a UN statement on students kisnapped or taken hostage? Who would draft it? Watch this site. On November 2 Inner City Press asked the deputy of the UN refugee agency UNHCR Volker Turk about the refoulement of AyukTabe and 46 others from Nigeria, the Cameroonian refugees and the UNHCR staffer who previously called online for harsher repression by Biya. Video here. Troublingly, Volker first responded about only the Far North of Cameroon, then implied that displaced Anglophones all remain inside Cameroon and not in deplorable conditions across the border in Nigeria, from which some were illegally returned. He did not answer the question about UNHCR's own staffer, whom will therefore name: Nadine Njoya. How is this acceptable?
The UN of Antonio Guterres remains silent, including the the face of multiple questions from the Press (which Guterres has banned) as journalists and peaceful protesters, bystanders and perceived opponents are arrested. On the morning of October 29 Inner City Press in writing asked Guterres' spokesman Stephane Dujarric, "October 29-3: On Cameroon, what is the SG's comment and action on the government's arrests of peaceful protesters in Douala, Yaounde and elsewhere over the weekend?" Now on October 30, no answer at all, while Dujarric is tweeting his photos from a ferry to the Upper East Side and blocking the Press. On November 2 when, after questioning UNHCR's Turk Inner City Press asked Dujarric if Guterres has congratulated Biya, Dujarric said "I don't know" and biked away. Video here, looped 6-second Vine here. Guterres has gone for four days on the UN's and public's dime to his real home in Lisbon, for a speech with little to do with the UN and a dubious award. We'll have more on this. Among the journalists outrageously locked up by Biya: ElvisMcCarthy, Thomas Awah Junior, Tsi Conrad and Mancho Bibixy; quickly added to by the detentions of Michel Biem Tong and Mathias Mouenda Ngamo. Then again, Guterres and Dujarric (and others) worked to have Inner City Press which asks them about Cameroon and corruption roughed up, twice, and now banned from the UN for 118 days from noon briefing in which, for days, no one let it ask anything about anything in Africa, much less Cameroon. The UN of Guterres and Dujarric is corrupt. We'll have more on this - and this: here are just some of Inner City Press questions to Guterres' spokesman Stephane Dujarric
, which USG Alison Smale promised UNSR David A. Kaye would be answered - but not a single one has: "October 22-1: On Cameroon, what is the SG's comment and action on... the surrounding of Kah Walla's house by police, the slowing / shut off of Facebook and WhatsApp, etc? What is his comment on Obiang of Equatorial Guinea having congratulated Biya on re-election 2 days before the results?
October 23-1: On Cameroon, does the SG agree that there were “irregularities in the re-election” of Paul Biya? Again, what is his comment on the government's false claim that Transparency International observed the election? Does he think the reported turn-out and results in the Anglophone regions are credible? Where IS Francois Fall? When is the last time he was in Cameroon?
October 24-1:  On Cameroon, beyond the unanswered questions below, what is the SG's comment and action on the arrest of journalist Michele Biem Tong? In terms of corruption and the credibility of the Oct 7 election, what is the SG's comment and action on “Cameroon’s government has issued a public tender for the construction of a new residence for the president of the Constitutional Council, the same legal body that just two days ago announced the re-election of long-time President Paul Biya”?
   No answers, just a reiterate that Guterres has put Inner City Press on a permanently banned list that the UN will not disclose, under Global Censor Alison Smale. We'll have more on this.


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