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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


(FP Twitterati 100, 2013)

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Sept 24, 2013

UN: Sri Lanka


FOIA Finds  

Google, Asked at UN About Censorship, Moved to Censor the Questioner, Sources Say, Blaming UN - Update - Editorial

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Updated December 18, 2014, 8:17 p.m. some recent articles

Turkish Billionaire Publicly Claims Got "UN" Award from UN Correspondents Assoc

From North Korea, As UNGA Votes, FM Trolls EU on CIA Torture

At UN, Ban Ki-moon Spox "Ready" With Qs Before Press Conferences?

On Palestine Self-Determination at UN , 7 No (US), 4 Abstain (S. Sudan)

ICP Asks IOM Swing of Australia's Manus & Cambodia, Rohingya & FDLR

On Sri Lanka, Silva Memories In Front of Ball of UNCA, Run by Kohona's Ex-Landlord

On Palestine, Draft UNSC Resolution "Put In Blue," UNclear When Voted On

At UN, Does Ban Ki-moon Demand and Get Qs Before Press Conferences?

Darfur Banned, Ban Ki-moon Reads Prepared Answers To Set-Aside Qs

Banning Darfur, Ban Ki-moon Reads Prepared Answers To Set-Aside Qs

After UN Covers Up Darfur Rapes, Ban Ki-moon Takes No Q On It, Reads From Notes

On Syria, Humanitarian Resolution Excludes US-Led Air Campaign

On Palestine, OIC Talks Up UNSC Resolution, Kerry Roming

After Peshawar Attack, UNSC Statement, Zeid on Taliban, Afghan Future

Turkish Billionaire Claims Got "UN" Award from UN Corruption Association

After Reuters Serves Ladsous on Darfur by Scapegoating, Russia Calls Out Scribe

Outside UNCA Ball, How to Get a "UN" Award Explained, Tenants Past & Future

On Palestine, Kerry in Rome Discusses "Possible UNSC Action"

UNCA Gives Haiti Award Without Peacekeeper Shooting Qs Answered, Censors

After UN Shoots at Haitians, Spox Won't Tell ICP If Shooter Has Been Interviewed

UNCA Site Requires Password After Qs of Awards on Haiti to Bocelli, Turkish Censors

As "UN Officials" Say Blocked by DRC, Ladsous to Blame on Lower Level Staff?

On Haiti Kerry Speaks for Elections, Shooting by Peacekeepers UNaddressed

UNCA Bans Press from Tweets After Qs of Awards on Haiti to Bocelli, Turkish Censors

After Peshawar Attack, Ban in UNSC, Zeid on Taliban, Afghan Future

UNCA Blocks Twitter Feed After Qs of Haiti Award to Bocelli, Turkish Censorship

Amid Qs of Haiti Award to Bocelli, Turkish Link, UNCA Blocks Press

On DPRK, Session of UNSC Dec 22 or 23, Provisional Agenda

On Syria, UN Amos Silent on Coalition Casualties, Cites Nubul, Gray Lady No More

Amid Abuse, Tenor "Getting" UNCA Haiti Award Still No Answer, Turkish Link

On Haiti Shooting by Peacekeeper, UN Says "Don't Prejudge," Maybe Felt Threatened

On Palestine, Mansour to ICC ASP, Chad on Resolution(s), Serry a No-Show

North Korea Tells UNSC That US Torture, Not DPRK, Should Be Taken Up by SC

On Ukraine, OHCHR on Pull-out of Hospital & Schools Belatedly Concerned

Amid Media Raids in Turkey & Haiti Abuse, UN Censors Defend Billionaire

Amid Peacekeeping Scandals, Blaming Staff to Save Ladsous Despite Haiti, DRC

Amid Media Raids in Turkey & Haiti Abuse, UN Censors, Silent

In Haiti, UN Peacekeeper Blocked Camera Just Like Boss Ladsous in NY

As Journalists Arrested in Turkey & Pushed in Haiti, UN Lounges

On Haiti, Spox Told ICP No UN Involvement, Before Video of UN Shooting Protesters

Ignoring Tear Gas, UNCA Giving Haiti Award to Silent Tenor, Turkish - Carlyle Link

From Haiti, 2d Video of UN Shooting Protesters, Threatening Media, Censors Award

After Eric Garner & Mike Brown, Marching in the Streets, UN on the Margin

In Haiti, UN Says Investigating "Alleged" Excessive Use of Force, Censors Award

Amid Abuse, UNCA Giving Haiti Award to Italian Tenor, Turkish - Carlyle Link

In Haiti, Questions Mount As UN Peacekeepers Fire Pistol & Gas At Protesters

In Haiti, UN Peacekeepers Fire Pistol & Tear Gas At Protesters, #Ladsous2015

On Palestine, UNSC Belatedly Speaks on Death of Abu Ein, 11 pm Friday

On Haiti Cholera, UN Leaves It Up to Martelly, No Kerry Visit, MINUSTAH Gun

On Palestine, Kerry to Meet Netanyahu & Lavrov, Of ICC & French Puppets

Party-Boy Pioli Used UNCA To Demand "Box of Apology," Amid Sri Lanka Threats

On W. Sahara, OHCHR Cites OIOS Probe of Cables, Of Censors, Reuters

UN's Ban Slammed for Union Busting, Censorship Alliance Echo

On Afghanistan, UNSC Looks Forward to NATO "Non-Combat" Mission

UN's Ban Slammed for Breaking Union, Censorship Alliance Echo

On Darfur Rapes, ICC's Bensouda Urges Action, As Ladsous Refuses Qs

On Yemen, UNSC Hears of Budget Cuts & Southern Movement

Amid Opposition to UN Impunity for Haiti Cholera, A Travel Warning Ignored?

For OCHA, UN Formally Solicits Nominations From All States, UK Loses USG?

On Ebola, ICP Asks Nabarro of UNfulfilled Pledges, He Points to 7

Palestine's Mansour Tells ICP Wants To Join ICC, Not Conditional on SC Action

With IMF Reform Not in CRomnibus, Lagarde Fights Back, in January

CRomnibus Scrutinizes Lebanon, Yemen & Sri Lanka, But Why Haiti?

On US Torture, Does Ban Agree CAT Requires Prosecution, or Cat Has His Tongue?

US Congress Conditions Palestine Funding on No ICC, No UN Moves: Cromnibus II

Congress Requires UN To Put Peacekeeper Sex Abuse Info Online, Cromnibus I

With FOIA Reforms Blocked by Bank Lobbyists, Silence by NYT, Reuters

After Eric Garner & Mike Brown, ICP Asks If UN Working Group Comes to US

UN Notes Russia Counter-Sanctions' Impact, Adds Italy, Changes

On US Torture Report, UN's Ban Has No Comment, Outsources to Zeid

Atrocities Analyzed by Italy at UN, Whitewashed as to Sri Lanka by Pioli, Censor

Atrocity Crimes, Whitewashed as to Sri Lanka by Pioli, Spun at UN by Italy

On Darfur Rapes & Ladsous Cover-Up, NGOs at ICC ASP Barely Answer

On Sri Lanka, ICP Asks UN Genocide Adviser Who Cites Failure, Rights Up Front

On US Torture Report, UN Tells ICP Ban Has No Comment, Do UNSC Members?

On UN Guarding Jails in CAR, Ladsous Refuses Press Question

With UN Guarding Jails in CAR, Can Those Who Fled Cast Votes?

On Kuwait, IMF Reviews Shadow Banking Without Looking into Shadows

As Boko Haram Pushes Beyond Nigeria, UNSC Resolution in Work, ICP's Told

In Decay, UNCA Giving Haiti Award to Italian Tenor, UN Cholera Not Shown

Syria's Letter On Israel Bombing It Is Not Acknowledged by UNSC

Pulling Copters Out of CAR, France Uses Antonov, Grounded in Nigeria

SNC Blames Assad for Israel Bombing, As UN Vehicles Used for Suicide Attacks

With FOIA Reforms Blocked by Sen. Rockefeller, Silence by NYT, Reuters

Amid Reports of UN Vehicles Used for Syria Car Bombing, Ladsous to Answer?

On DRC, UN's Kobler Calls for Action on FDLR & ADF, Silent on Collusion

In UN Decay, Italian Media Says UNCA "Owns" 250, Reuters Mis-Cited, Censors

UNCA's Pioli Said Would Sue on Rent to Sri Lanka Kohona, Didn't, Returns

At UN, 2d Sovereign Debt Restructuring Resolution Passes 128-16-34

On North Korea, 10 UNSC Members Ask to Put on SC Agenda, Letter Here

On Turkey, IMF Says ISIL Hurts Exports, Ukraine Impact Limited

Belated Settlement for Crimes of French SNCF, Immunity in Question?

As CIT Tells Fed OneWest Will Apply to GSEs, BB&T, Susquehanna Next?

UN's Ban Preaches FOIA for Post-2015 Goals, While UN Has No FOIA, FUNCA Notes

New Haiti Travel Warning By US Cites UN But Not Cholera, Who Brought It

On South Sudan Aid, Kang Acknowledges Juba Push-Back, Renk UNresolved

UN Thanks Its Censorship Alliance & Pioli After Ban Takes 3 Softball Qs

As UN Gives Top Info Post to Gallach, Access & Transparency in Balance

Of UNAMID's Absurd Nov 9 Denial of Darfur Rapes, US Has Complained

In Kosovo with EULEX Corruption Probed for 11 Months, Results Public When?

After Eric Garner Non-Indictment, ICP Asks, UN on Accountability, Holder

On Darfur Rapes, Ladsous Refuses Press Q About Cover Up, Nov 9 Whitewash

Amid Darfur Rape Cover Ups, UN's Ban Takes 3 Qs, None Inconvenient

On Darfur Rapes, Ladsous Continues Cover-Up to UNSC, Petition Pends

After Non-Indictment for Killing of Eric Garner, NYC Marches, "I Can't Breathe"

For Afghanistan in 2015, Is A New UNSC Resolution Needed by Some Countries?

UNCA Helm Reclaimed by Pioli, Of Real Estate, War Crimes & Threats

On Non-Indictment for Killing of Eric Garner As for Mike Brown, UN Echoes

On Ukraine, US Biden On If Pension Cuts Are Collective Punishment

On UN Map, W. Sahara A Gray Zone like Jammu & Kashmir, UNHCR Silence

On Palestine in UNSC, France Has "No Rush," Jordan Cites January

On Palestine in UNSC, France Says "No Rush," Jordan on January

Party-Boy Pioli Used UNCA To Try to Censor, Triggering Sri Lanka Threats

UN Confirms Peacekeepers from Ukraine Had DRC Uniforms, Now What?

With Chad Atop UNSC, ICP Asks of Palestine & CAR Refugees, Censors Out

On DRC, Envoys Belated Call for Action on FDLR & ADF, Silent on Collusion

Kaag Replacing Plumbly in Lebanon, As Lansley Waits for Amos OCHA Post

UNCA's Pioli Admitted He Said "Take Down" Cite to Kohona Rental

For OCHA, UN Tells ICP All Can Nominate, If Lansley, Why Not Ladsous?

As UN Talks AIDS, Harm Reduction Undercut by INCB, Global Fund, NYC Cited

UNCA's Pioli Said He Could Keep Secret Reuters Complaint to UN, Censorship

With UNSC in DRC, Check In on FDLR & Likofi UNclear, No Answers

On Palestine Draft in UNSC, What Difference Would January Make?

German Spying Loophole and Internet Privacy Drafting at UN, Linked?

New Evidence of Sri Lanka War Crimes, Censorship Bid by UNCA's Pioli

UNCA's Pioli Complained of Sri Lanka Report 2 Days Before Anti Press Move

NYC Int'l Commissioner Abeywardena Coopted into UN Censorship Alliance

As UN Peacekeepers from Ukraine Possess DRC Uniforms, Darfur, Haiti Dodge

On Burundi, Withheld UNCAT Report Speaks of Youth Wing Links to Power

On Ukraine, Pre-Spun UNCAT Report Cites Snipers, Odessa, Impunity

On Police Brutality, UNCAT Speaks on Chicago, Silent on Mike Brown, Ferguson

As UN Withholds Torture Info on US, Ukraine & Burundi, Whom Does It Serve?

On Burundi, UN Restricts Torture Report to Swiss-based Media, Disparity

On Ukraine, UN Restricts Torture Report to Swiss-based Media

On Mike Brown, UN Restricts US Torture Report to Swiss-based Media

In Murky UN, Vying for Public Info Post Are 2 Staff, 3 Ambassadors

With UK Lansley for UN Aid Chief Called Appalling, Ladsous' Story

On Child Soldiers, Syria Says Given Late Invite to UN Meeting, FSA Still Listed

After UNHCR Censors Western Sahara From Its Report, No Explanation

As Russia Critiques UNSC “Propaganda” on Ukraine, Iliichev to Succeed Pankin

As UN Aid Chief Amos Leaves, Is Post UK's Like France & Peacekeeping?

Australia's SC Month Has 7 Stakeouts, Darfur to December With Afghans, Syria Aid

After Mike Brown Impunity in Ferguson, March on UN & Times Square, All Lives Matter

After Ukraine Quotes Ban Entire World For Them, UN Wan Read-Out

Darfur Petition For DPKO Answers on Rapes Reaches UNSC, Circulated

On Darfur Rapes, ICP Asks & Ladsous Says Reporting Had To Be What It Was

As US Supports Internet Privacy in UN Committee, Spying Sanitized?

UN Talks Violence Against Women As Ladsous Covers Up Rapes, Of NYCHA

As Fed Asks CIT of Repos & Risk, Dudley's Spin, BB&T, Susquehanna Next?

UN Syria Report Says "Coalition" Strikes Kill 50 Civilians, Gray Lady Returns

From Darfur, UN Is Petitioned About UNAMID Discredited by Rapes, Ladsous

As CPJ Celebrates Select Journalists, Silence in UN on Censorship

On Mike Brown Impunity in Ferguson, UN Silent, Withholds Report on US Torture

Amid Mike Brown Impunity in Ferguson, UN Washed in Orange, Torture Report Withheld

UNCA's Pioli Told Press How to Cover Sri Lanka, Landlord's Ottoman Link

Stewart Stogel, Who Asked UN UNcomfortable Questions, Dead at 60

On Iran Talks Extension, ICP Asks UN, Then Ban on Momentum of P5+1

On Iran in Vienna, End Anti-Climactic & Preempted, Was Hagel Micro-Managed?

On Iran, As Reuters Brags Sanctions Will Remain, Omitted Eritrea Link

As "Combating Nazism" Opposed by US, Ukraine & Canada, Quiet at UN

On W. Sahara, ICP Asks OHCHR Of Action on Cables, On Ladsous, Cover Ups

On Ebola, ICP Asks Nabarro Of Deaths in Mali, Peacekeeper to Kidal in North

In Darfur, After UNAMID Whitewash Discredited by Memo, UN Silent on Leaks

On Ebola, ICP Asks Nabarro Of Unrest in North Mali, Since Aid Access Blocked

On Ebola, Ban Sends UNMEER to Mali, 2 Qs With WHO Which Banned BuzzFeed

As Fed's Dudley Spins Regulatory Capture, Of CIT, BB&T, Susquehanna Next

To Fix Palais, UN "Engages Private Actors,” Banks, With No Freedom of Info

UN Rights Chief Zeid Faces Staff Protests, Lack of Transparency in NY, Leaks

On Iran P5+1, Could A Deal Be Undermined Like IMF Reform in US Senate?

Ramos Horta's Panel Balances Mandates with Darfur Cover-Ups, Haiti Cholera

On Darfur Rape Charges, UNAMID Police Chief Tells ICP of Spoilers

After Saying Haiti Cholera Beyond Panel Mandate, Ramos Horta Says Will Raise

In Darfur, UN Speaks of Rape "Rumors," Doesn't Access Bombing Site 4 Days

On Ukraine, OHCHR Spins If Pension Cuts Are Collective Punishment

UNCA's Pioli Said "Take Out" Sri Lanka Story, "Nothing False But I'll Sue You"

At UN, Bid to Strip Sexual Orientation Also Targeted Foreign Occupation, Lost 53-82

At UN, Press Ejected from Briefing on UNSC Transparency, For Saudi Diplomats

On World Toilet Day, ICP Asks UN of Cholera in Haiti, Water SDG, Blue Wash

UN Censorship Alliance Corrupts "Kids for Cash," Like Complicity With Evil

In UNSC, Chad Protests Australia Sending Out Its Program, Christmas Dispute

UN Resolution on N Korea Rights Passes 111 Yes, 19 No, 55 Abstain, India Here

On North Korea Resolution by EU & Japan, Here's DPRK's Speech

On Iraq, ICP Asks Mladenov of His Omission of Syria, Amos of Aid Access

On DPRK, Here's S. Africa Speech on Cuba Amendment, Raised in African Group

On DPRK, Here's Cuba's Speech on its Amendment, Mulled by African Group

In UN's One-Candidate Elections, ICJ's Last Day, UN Censorship Alliance's First

NBC Trades In ISIS & Shabab, Playing Catch Up to CBS's Mme Secretary

In Burkina Faso, UNSC Hails Compaore's Former UN PR As New President

With UN Ladsous "Eavesdropping," ICP Asks Of Legal Authority, UNclear

As UN Said Closed to Complaints on Sri Lanka, Lankan Dip In Censorship Alliance

On DPRK, Here's Text of Cuban Amendment, Mulled by African Group

In Burkina Faso, Ban Hails Compaore's Former UN PR As New President

As Fed Asks CIT of Notifying GSEs on OneWest, BB&T Susquehanna Next?

For ICJ, Jamaica's Robinson Wins, 15 & 185, After Argentina Pulls Candidate

At UN, Mortimer on R2P In Libya, Gaddafi's Lessons Taken by Sri Lanka?

On Darfur Rapes, Now Ban Speaks But Silent UN's or Ladsous' Pro Military Statement

As Sri Lanka Lashes Out at Solheim, Former Lankan Dip In Censorship Alliance

On Darfur Rapes, Sudan Bans UNAMID Even After UN's Pro Military Statement

As In Baghdad UN Convoy Attacked, Staff Safe, Statement to Come?

In Brisbane, Obama Opposes Meddling Only If for Separatists in Democracies

UN Ladsous "Expanding Eavesdropping," Said UN Role in Haiti Cholera Not Proved

UN In Decay With Opaque SG Race, UN Censorship Alliance Rubber Stamp

In Brisbane, Obama Silent on Manus, Praises Myanmar Despite Aung Naing

On W. Sahara, ICP Asks UN of Probe of Cables on Ladsous Undercutting Rights

After WHO Bans BuzzFeed, ICP Asks UN Of Policy of Not Answering

In Azawad UN Met MNLA Not Ansar Dine, No Mali French Connection?

US Restricts Movement of UN Staff from Cuba, Iran & Others, Ban's UN Silent

As US Restricts Diplomats and UN Staff from Cuba & Iran, JPMC Bank Cut Offs

WHO Banning BuzzFeed Shows UN Censorship Epidemic Spreading

On Yemen, IMF Tells ICP Program Still On, Review Spring 2015

On Darfur Rape Charge, No New UN Investigation, Only A Call to Ladsous

UN Censorship Alliance's Pioli Ordered "Change It" About Sri Lanka Factual Story

On Ebola, UN on December, IMF Tells ICP Epidemic into 2d Half of 2015

On Haiti, Pillay Was Banned From Speaking on Cholera, UN Censorship Alliance

On DPRK, Cuban Amendment, Broader Concerns of R2P & ICC in Draft

In Burkina Faso, IMF Tells ICP Mission Off Until Recognized Govt

On Ebola, IMF Tells ICP Epidemic into 2d Half of 2015, More Funds Needed

For ICJ, Argentina Pulls Back Its Candidate After Jamaica's Lead Grew in UNGA

At ASEAN, Ban Vague on Citizenship and Press Freedom, Aung Naing Is Dead

UN Censor Pioli Said "Nothing False" in Sri Lanka Story But Tried to Oust Press

On Refugees, UN's Plumbly Speaks for Lebanon, Belgian Rotation

Amid Ukraine Speeches, Pension Cuts in Donbas As Collective Punishment?

US Slams Sudan After UNAMID Calls Darfur Rape Charge "Inconclusive"

As BB&T Seeks to Buy Susquehanna, FFW Shows Disparities in Texas & Kentucky

On Ebola, World Bank Warns Liberia, ICP Asked IMF, Ladsous Spins Abuse

At UN, War on Drugs' Cost Ironically Weighed in UN Censorship Alliance, UNfree Press

At ASEAN, Ban on "Rights Up Front" But Hid Evidence, Accountability But Haiti

UN Calls Darfur Rape Charge "Inconclusive," Despite UNAMID Release

UN Censorship Alliance Corrupts "Fiction on UN," Complicity With Evil

On Bosnia, Inzko Pitches EU, Russia Abstains, Ukraine Tomorrow

ICP Asks War Crimes Panel About Sri Lanka Probe Banned, UN Withholding

Amid War Crimes Records Talk, UN Withheld Evidence in Sri Lanka, Censors

On Libya, ICC Bensouda Assessing Al-Senussi, Quiet After Leon Bombed

UN Censorship Alliance Pioli Said "You Can't Do That" Article on Sri Lanka

On Darfur, Australia's Quinlan Tells ICP UNSC Will Take Up Cover-Up Report

UN Censorship Alliance Pioli Urged Action on Article on Sri Lanka Dip & Him

ICP Asks UN if Blair's Contract With PetroSaudi Is a Conflict, UN Won't Answer

After Sri Lanka Uses Zeid's Pushback to Ban Probe, ICP Asks for Ban's View


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Day before UN Raid, Here's Letter ICP Sent to DPI Officials, Raid as Response?

AFP & Reuters Sought Ouster of Inner City Press from UN, FOIA Shows

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