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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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On Pakistan, IMF Won't Explain Lack of Debt Relief, Why & When Loans, MDG Games

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, September 9 -- Despite the flooding crisis in Pakistan, the International Monetary Fund is offering loans, which barely make up for the debt payments Pakistan is making. Inner City Press on September 9 asked IMF Spokesperson Caroline Atkinson the following question:

In Pakistan, given the scope of the flooding and that 60% of the population lives in poverty, why is the IMF not considering debt forgiveness, and grants instead of loans? Does IMF dispute that Pakistan's debt payments ($500 million) are larger than the $450 million loan?”

Ms. Atkinson paraphrased the first part of the question, and declined to read out the second part. She said there was a question from this reporter, that “talks about the scope of the flooding, which is indeed terrible... We are assessing, there is a damage assessment by the World Bank and ADB [Asia Development Bank], results in late October.”

But there is no dispute that Pakistan is deeply damaged. Why use the damage assessment as an excuse? Ms. Atkinson went on to say that Pakistan's financial minister was at the IMF last week, discussing an ENDA (emergency) loan that she said will be approved by the board on a date not even set yet.

But she did not read out, or answer, this: “Does IMF dispute that Pakistan's debt payments ($500 million) are larger than the $450 million loan?”

Nor did Ms. Atkinson acknowledge another question Inner City Press submitted, after in her introduction she presented the IMF's commitment to what she called the “Millennium Development Challenge Goals” -- seeming to conflate the MDGs with the U.S. Millennium Challenge.

Pakistan floods, IMF debt relief or explanation not shown

Inner City Press submitted this question, in the same manner as the paraphrased Pakistan question, that NGOs have

criticized the IMF 'for appearing to retreat to its “traditional position" and not providing enough flexibility on unwinding deficits without harming development spending.' Your response?”

To this, no answer. Watch this site.

Footnote: The IMF's Ms. Atkinson did read out and provide a response to an Inner City Press question on Serbia. Given the vote later today in the UN General Assembly on Serbia's resolution about the International Court of Justice, the IMF's answer will be reported at that time.

* * *

IMF Cuts Off Funds for Central Africa, Goes on Vacation, Ignores Guinea Bissau, Ukraine, Hungary and even Haiti Questions

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, July 24 -- The IMF, which positions itself as concerned about lower income countries and people, cut off funding to the central bank for six Central African states, and then went on vacation.

  The cut off was justified, based on corruption. But when will the problem be solved and the funding be restored?

   On July 22, Inner City Press submitted a series of questions to the IMF in connection with Spokesperson Caroline Atkinson's online briefing, which we can no longer call fortnightly.

  Of the questions, only one was read out loud, about the Central African bank. The other questions were neither read nor answered. And there will be no next briefing until late August, after the IMF Board's vacation under August 20. (In fairness to the IMF, the World Bank also followed with a cut-off.)

On July 22, Ms. Atkinson read out:

thanks to those of you who participated online. And I’ll get back to any of you that have further questions that we haven’t been able to take. Actually, I just see—sorry, there’s another one [from Inner City Press] that’s flashed up, asking about the status of the Fund’s review of the Bank of Central African States and 'when will the suspension and disbursements to countries—well, to the BEAC, which then on lends to countries be reconsidered?'

And just note that we have been closely engaged with the authorities at the BEAC and with the CEMAC member country authorities to help them to address the underlying issues that allowed it to take place. And we hope very much that we can reach satisfactory understandings that will provide assurance that money disbursed through the BEAC will be properly safeguarded and that, therefore, we can continue with the disbursements. And, of course, we’ll let you know when that happens. Okay, thank you very much.”

She also said, “the Executive Board will be on an informal recess from Monday, August 2, until Friday, August 20. We will also, by the way, be having our next press briefing probably late in August.”

So what will happen with BEAC, the central bank for the six states of the Economic Community of Central African States (CEMAC) -- Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Chad, Congo Republic and Central African Republic?  CAR for example is in chaos, with elections supposedly upcoming but rebels active in Birao and elsewhere.

Questions in and on Africa, IMF on vacation and not shown

In the interim, in Cameroon the Finance Ministry was robbed. The Minister of Finance, Essimi Menye said FCFA 700 million as reported by the media as having been stolen would have required a pickup vehicle to transport. He also said such a sum of money was not kept at the Ministry rather at the Bank of Central African States, BEAC. Hmm...

Inner City Press' other questions, which the IMF has yet to acknowledge much less respond to:

On Guinea-Bissau, does naming of coup leader to the top Army post have an impact on IMF re-scheduling consideration of HIPC & MDRI?

Also on Hungary, why is the IMF opposed to Orban's proposed bank tax?

Regarding Haiti, some have questioned why the IMF's new $60 million is not a grant but a loan. Can you please explain?

On Ukraine, will the Board on 7/28 be considering both a $3 billion loan & breaches of information disclosure requirements by Ukraine? What's the connection between the two?

Watch this site.

* * *

As Romanian Court Rules Against Pension Cuts, IMF Nods at 5% VAT Increase

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, July 1 -- Romania's Constitutional Court has struck down the pension cuts connected to the International Monetary Fund's facility to that country. On July 1 Inner City Press asked IMF Spokesperson Caroline Atkinson for the IMF's reaction to the decision, and if the government's move to boost the Value Added Tax from 19% to 24% would be enough for the IMF.

Two weeks earlier, Ms. Atkinson had responded to Inner City Press' question about the Constitutional Court in this way, as transcribed by the IMF itself:

I have a question online, which is a bunch of questions, but on Romania: 'The government’s measures are being challenged in the Constitutional Court. What does the IMF think of the suit? What impact might it have on the IMF facility for Romania?' And it’s absolutely right that the fiscal adjustment measures, which are prior actions for our program, have to be approved by the Constitutional Court, and of course we respect that process. That’s an entirely appropriate process. We don’t think that that will lead to any -- I mean, that’s not something that we’re concerned about.”

And so on July 1 Inner City Press asked, “the Constitutional Court has now rejected the pension cuts connected to the IMF facility. What is the IMF's reaction, since two weeks ago it was said that the IMF did not expect this result?”

Protest in Romania of austerity, IMF and VAT not shown

Ms. Atkinson said, “I'm not sure about that.” But she'd said of the Court review, “That's not something that we're concerned about,” a lack of concern that can be equated with not expecting a negative court decision.

Now on July 1, Ms. Atkinson said “the Romanian authorities have identified other measures... What we look at is an overall package, not specifying one measure or another.” She noted that the IMF Board will consider Romania on July 2. Watch this site.

* * *

IMF Consumed in Greek Fire, Dodges on Romania, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Rwanda

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, May 6 -- With the International Monetary Fund's deal with the Greek government being followed, so far, by five deaths in protests, the IMF's fortnightly press briefing on Thursday not surprisingly focused on Greece. IMF spokesperson Caroline Atkinson emphasized that the austerity moves were the decision of the government, not the IMF. She promised a press availability by Dominique Strauss-Kahn after the IMF board's meeting on Sunday, on which phasing of the Fund's second largest program ever will be decided and announced.

That non-Greece questions were asked was met with surprise, and Ms. Atkinson answered few of them. Inner City Press submitted four questions, only two of which were allowed. Neither question was answered.

One question, on Pakistan, was Greece related in that experts have predicted violent reactions. Inner City Press submitted this question:

"Greece tie-in: In Pakistan, experts say that the govt has not prepared the public for the value added tax, that "the taxpayers... could resort to agitation and may even close down markets." What does the IMF say about VAT, the government's preparing of the people for it, and possibility of more IMF related violence?"

Also with an added Greek tie-in, to try to get an answer, Inner City Press submitted this, which was read out:

"Related to Greece if you are requiring that: in Romania, is IMF prepared to lift the country's budget deficit cap? How is the IMF's approach to Romania impacted by events in Greece?"

On this, Ms. Atkinson said that since there are negotiations -- in fact, the IMF mission is staying two extra days -- she would not comment. Then, generically, she said that IMF decisions are always impacted by other events, as well as being country specific. But of course!

On Sri Lanka, Inner City Press asked "is the IMF waiting for the so called mini budget for the rest of 2010 before considering the next tranche, and what does the IMF res rep [Koshy Mathai] mean by 'cutting inefficient expenditures'?"

It would seem important for the IMF to spell out or define this last, but Ms. Atkinson did not. Perhaps some later written response will arrive. One was promised to the last of the questions which Inner City Press submitted, which for some reason was mediated or edited by IMF staff.

Greece on fire, IMF not shown

Ms. Atkinson said, there is another question coming through, although I will have to answer it afterwards. Without attribution, she read out "On Rwanda, what is the status of the IMF's consideration of a Policy Support Instrument?" She then said that she did not know.

  In Kigali, IMF resident representative Dmitry Gershenson was quoted two days ago as having agreed to the PSI. And in Sri Lanka, res rep Koshi Mathai's statements remain unexplained.

To come back to Romania, the question Ms. Aktinson read out but would not answer, Reuters has already quoted sources that the deficit budget cap will be lifted. While the details may have to be worked out, wouldn't it seem important, including to "support, or I mean fight, contagion," to make clear that the IMF is at least temporarily showing flexibility to Greece's neighbors? Watch this site.

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These reports are usually also available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis.

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