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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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Live Tweeted Maxwell Case Juror Scotty David Saying He Lied Because Distracted About Ex, Briefs in a Week

By Matthew Russell Lee Patreon Song Video Ruling
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SDNY COURTHOUSE, March 8 – Ghislaine Maxwell, charged with six counts of sex trafficking and other charges, was on December 29 found guilty on five of the six counts. Inner City Press, which asked Judge Alison J. Nathan for a public call-in line and unsealing of exhibits throughout, live tweeted it here.

After juror "Scotty David" gave interviews, social media accounts went down, but Inner City Press kept digging, first publishing the information here, now below.

There is- or was -- a day for questioning of Scotty David: March 8. But will his statement that he only spoke out after getting the OK from his employer, the Carlyle Group, be inquired into? And docketed March 2, this: "Re: United States v. Ghislaine Maxwell, 20 Cr. 330 (AJN) Dear Judge Nathan: By letter dated March 1, 2022, counsel for Juror 50 informed the Court that Juror 50 will invoke his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination at the hearing scheduled for March 8, 2022. The Government writes to notify the Court that it is in the process of seeking internal approval to seek an order, pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §§ 6002 and 6003, compelling Juror 50’s testimony at the hearing. The Government will, subject to internal approval, submit a proposed order to the Court in advance of the hearing. Respectfully submitted, DAMIAN WILLIAMS United States Attorney."

And on the evening of March 7, Williams' office filed an application for immunity for the juror, name redacted, along with a letter from Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jennifer A.H. Hodge. Photo here, new song here

On March 8 with immunity Scotty David was questioned. Inner City Press live tweeted it here:

Scotty David is set to sit in the jury box, with a long boom mic stretching toward him. But he is not in the box as of 10:10 am. Even if Judge Nathan grants US Attorney immunity request, it would only kick in if Scotty Davis, as Spodek says he will, invokes the 5th

OK - at 10:21 am, Scotty David and Todd Spodek roll into the jury box. Scotty is in a sweater with a stripe across it; Spodek in a suit, quite different than the actor who plays him in Investing Anna. All rise!

AUSA: Maurene Comey, Ms. Moe. Judge Nathan: Mr. Spodek, on behalf of Juror 50. We're here today on defendant's motion for a new trial. I have received proposed questions for both sides. The defense wants to do its own questioning. I deny that application.

 Judge Nathan: Does he wish to be referred to Juror 50, Mr. Spodek? Spodek: He does. Judge Nathan: Is he invoking his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination? Spodek: Yes, Judge. Scotty David: Yes, Your Honor.

 Judge Nathan: In accord with the application, I have signed the proposed immunity order. It's use immunity. And you need to answer my question truthfully today. You will not be prosecuted even if you have committed a crime [Now Scotty David is in the plastic witness box.]

Judge Nathan: I'll not ask you about jury deliberations or your thought process. There's a binder in front of you, Juror 50. Court Exhibit 1 is a copy of the questionnaire you filled out on November 4, 2021.

 Judge Nathan: Do you recognize it? Juror 50: Yes, Your Honor.  Judge Nathan: Look at Question 48, about sexual assault... You indicated "No." Is that accurate? Juror 50: No, it is not. Judge Nathan: What is an accurate answer? Juror 50. Yes. For self.

 Juror 50: I was abused as a child. Judge Nathan: What happened? Juror 50: It was a family member, who is no longer part of the family, and one of their friends, when I was 9 and 10 years old.

Judge Nathan: Multiple occasions? Juror 50: Multiple. Judge Nathan: Did you tell anyone? Juror 50: No. Not until I was in high school. My mom then called the police station. But I don't know if anything was filed. There were no charges brought.

Juror 50: It was a step-brother. Judge Nathan: Look at Question 48(b)... Would it impact your ability to be fair. What is an accurate answer? Juror 50: It did not impact my ability to be fair and impartial at all.

 Judge Nathan: Question 25 reads, victim of a crime. Was your "no" accurate? Juror 50: Now that I think about it, not accurate. I was thinking about mugging. I no longer associate my sexual abuse with being a victim. I don't know anyone who's ever been robbed

 Judge Nathan: Question 49, you or any family member accused of sexual harassment? You checked no. Juror 50: That's accurate. Judge Nathan: But you accused your step-brother. Juror 50: I don't consider him a family member. I flew through the questionnaire.
 Juror 50: I never thought I'd get selected for this jury. I had to get here early and wait a long time to get into the courthouse... I was super distracted. I was sat four feet from the table where people dropped in their questionnaires. I just checked OK, OK

 Judge Nathan: Now you acknowledge that a step-brother is a relative? Juror 50: Yes, by law he was a family member. I see that now. Judge Nathan: Did you hope to be on the jury? Juror 50: If you gonna serve jury duty, it might as well be interesting.

 Judge Nathan: You acknowledge it was inaccurate - why did you do it? Juror 50: I didn't see the word "Self." They had audio - visual problems. I didn't have a phone or a book. I was thinking about a break-up from a few weeks prior.

 Juror 50: I thought it was asking about family, or a friend. The box that says yes for Self, I just missed it. This is one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made in my life.  Judge Nathan: Did you see the other questions with the Self box?

Juror 50: Only now. Judge Nathan: When you did find out about this problem? Juror 50: In an article about my interview... with the Daily Mail. Judge Nathan: Was it intentional? Juror 50: Absolutely not. Judge: Were you thinking you'd personally benefit by being on the jury? A: No

 Juror 50: I'm the person I am today due to my goals and ambitions. But I should have marked Yes for Self. Judge Nathan: When did you learn what case it was? Juror 50: After three hours. Judge Nathan: How long did it take to fill out? Juror 50: Great question.

 Juror 50: I don't know. Judge Nathan: Why did you rush? Juror 50: It's like in school, you want to finish and hang out with your friends. Judge Nathan: Were you concerned with following my instructions? Juror 50: Absolutely 50. I didn't think I'd be chosen.

Judge Nathan: Your questionnaire seems to follow the instructions throughout. How do you reconcile that with your testimony? Juror 50: Where it says "If Yes," I just flew threw, since I'd checked No. I was in the zone.

Judge Nathan: You said my question was a good question. How long was it? Juror 50: I didn't see a clock. It felt like hours before we saw your video. Judge Nathan: So, an hour to fill out the questionnaire?

Juror 50: I think that would be accurate.

Juror 50: I don't tell many people about my sexual abuse. Judge Nathan: You did tell people in interviews. Juror 50: This is going back to a deliberation thing... I only used my sexual abuse to talk to a reporter about jury deliberations.

Judge Nathan: You knew the public was interested in this case. Juror 50: I didn't know this would happen. If I had lied deliberately I wouldn't have told anyone about it.... I said I could remember things like the color of the wall.

Judge Nathan: Your friends were following the news of the case after you indicated you were on this jury? Juror 50: Most people don't even know. I don't want to watch about sexual abuse. I saw the victims on the stand and I said, I can do that too

Judge Nathan: So on Nov 16 I asked you directly if you'd answered the questions accurate and if you could be fair. Juror 50: I based myself solely on the evidence. Judge Nathan: I will meet with counsel at sidebar. [In the witness box, Scotty David swigs water]

11:24 am - Judge Nathan is back from whispered sidebar. Judge Nathan: I asked if you took my instructions carefully and your answer is NO? Juror 50: I did not. Judge Nathan: Why? Juror 50: I began to float, I began to fly, I don't know what happened.

 Judge Nathan: My oral questions, did you listen carefully? Juror 50: I answered those carefully. Judge Nathan: Why was it different? Juror 50: It was weeks later. I wasn't thinking about my ex.

 Judge Nathan: What about my instructions at various points? Juror 50: It was to follow them.  Judge Nathan: Why did you think your family and friends wouldn't know, when you did interviews? Juror 50: I wasn't using my full name. And I am not ashamed. It's common

Juror 50: When my friends commented on my post, texted me about it, they didn't even know this trial was happening. So I didn't think it would be in the news. I wasn't planning to hide. If I was asked if I was abused I would say Yes.

 Judge Nathan: You posted on social media -- Juror 50: After the trial. Judge Nathan: You thanked Annie Farmer. Juror 50: For forwarding the articles. I have like two followers. I just randomly saw it.

[Inner City Press: Judge Nathan should ask Scotty David about his "thisBearTravels" Instagram account, Inner City Press report here ]

Jury 50: I thought, this trial might be interesting and keep my attention.

Judge Nathan: How did you feel? Juror 50: I was like, Did I just mess something up? Judge Nathan: Did you speak about the consequences with any of the reporters you spoke to? Juror 50: No. Judge Nathan: I'll briefing speak with counsel. [Another sidebar]

Judge Nathan: And you heard my summary of the case, including Jeffrey Epstein -- Juror 50: I did. Judge Nathan: Counsel? Assistant US Attorney: Let me find a date... Letter briefing by Friday? Maxwell's counsel: I am starting a trial. So 2 weeks.

 Judge Nathan: No, one week. 15 pages maximum. Your submitted questions have Juror 50's identifying information that must be redacted. The rest, docket it. Or, we'll handle it. The briefing, submit with redactions.

 Judge Nathan: We're adjourned.

 Late on March 2, Maxwell's lawyers filed: "Ms. Maxwell requests that her lawyers be present for this important proceeding and that the Court continue the matter to a date in May convenient to the Court and the parties."

But Judge Nathan ruled: "MEMO ENDORSEMENT as to Ghislaine Maxwell on re: 627 LETTER by Ghislaine Maxwell addressed to Judge Alison J. Nathan from Attorney Jeffrey S. Pagliuca dated March 2, 2022 re: Ms. Maxwells Request for adjournment of hearing on Motion for New Trial. ENDORSEMENT: The requested two-month adjournment to May is not justified and is therefore DENIED.


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