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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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In Larry Ray Trial Santos Rosario Is Shown Slapping Himself And Pleading For Ray to Stay

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon Maxwell Book
BBC - Guardian UK - ESPN - Podcast

SDNY COURTHOUSE, March 11 – Larry Ray, known as the sex cultist of Sarah Lawrence College but before that, a hob-nobber with Mikhail Gorbachev and Bernard Kerik, had his criminal trial begin on March 10. Inner City Press has covered every step of the case before U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York Judge Lewis J. Liman, and live tweeted the opening statements, here (podcast here)

  Then the first sustanstive witness, Day 1 live tweeted here.

On Day 2 of the trial, March 11, Santos Rosario continued on direct examination, Inner City Press live tweeted it here (morning vlog here)

Santos Rosario still on the witness stand Direct examination continues.

Assistant US Attorney: Who did you send this email to? Santos Rosario: Larry Ray. He told me I should be more forthcoming & make a list about Talia. AUSA: And how did you feel, making these lists? Santos Rosario: Absolutely pressured.

 AUSA: And in this one what did you tell Larry? Santos Rosario: That I was sabotaging Talia's relationship with Marvin.  AUSA: Who first raised this to you? Santos Rosario: Larry.

AUSA: How did Larry Ray respond if you disagreed about harming his daughter? Santos Rosario: He'd call me a liar.  [Another audio recording of Ray is played, loud]

Now playing in Courtroom 24B, more Larry Ray audio AUSA: Who said, Santos are you being dishonest right now? Santos Rosario: Larry said that. AUSA: Did you go back and speak to Marvin? Santos Rosario: Yes. And Larry told me to say 2 more things to him.

AUSA: When you worked on the apartment on 93th Street, was Larry every satisfied with your work? Santos Rosario: No. There was verbal abuse. And physical. He held a knife to my throat and punched me in the chest.

 AUSA: What did you see Larry Ray do to Daniel Levin? Santos Rosario: Larry made a contraption with tightening Saranwrap. AUSA: And to your sister? Santos Rosario: He grabbed her hair. She had supposedly harmed him in some way.

Santos Rosario: Larry said that I was dragging my feet on sanding the front part of the apartment. He called it a destructive behavior. He said the same thing about me looking sad, and being careless about throwing things out. I confessed to it.

AUSA: Who first suggested to you that your mother may have hurt you? Santos Rosario: Larry did. AUSA: Ms. Hernandez, please play the audio from Minute 7. [Audio plays] AUSA: Who said, you may have hurt her? Santos Rosario: Larry did.

 [More audio, with Santos Rosario crying. On the tape:] Larry Ray: I'm hanging up. Santos Rosario: No! Please! I breathed on the sandwiches... Larry Ray: Start with the worst thing you did with food and then go backward.

 AUSA: Your Honor, Ms. Hernandez is having a computer problem with the exhibits that will take five minutes or so to fix. It might be a good time for a break. Judge Liman: Jurors, we'll take our break. Do not research the case.

Programming note: Judge Liman asks, and AUSA provides, info on upcoming witnesses (sp) Expert Dawn Hughes; paralegal Sunny Dressler; Matt Frost / Backpage; "then Claudia Drury, probably for more than one day."

They've back. AUSA: Who else beyond your parents did you ask for money to give to Larry Ray? Santos Rosario: My high school friends and counselor. AUSA: And the money you earned as a waiter? Santos Rosario: I gave it to Larry. Through Talia.

 AUSA: And when you went to see Larry Ray in North Carolina, what did you do? Santos Rosario: Shoveling gravel. Digging ditches. Moving sod.  [Sod photos shown]

 AUSA: What did you do after Larry Ray told you to perform oral sex on Isabella Pollok? Santos Rosario: I did it.  AUSA: And where was Larry? Santos Rosario: Nearby.

[Note: Isabella Pollok, now working at Amazon on Staten Island, will be tried separately

AUSA: What did Larry Ray mean, when he said he had your computer and hard drive? Santos Rosario: My computer stopped working and he offered to fix it. So I gave it to him. It had my recordings of him on it.

 Now US plays audio of Larry Ray ranting, "You gonna put me in jail? You little cock-a-roach.. You tellin' the truth?" Then in the audio clip, Santos Rosario sounds to be cowering, saying Yes! Yes!

 Audio played in Courtroom 24B continues, with Larry Ray saying, "I'm going to post your worst videos, everywhere." AUSA: Your Honor, I'm about to move to another video. Could we have a brief sidebar, and the jurors could have a stretch break? Judge Liman: Yes.

 They've back. AUSA: What did Larry Ray mean when he said, I'll put this through your skull? Santos Rosario: That he would hit me with the hammer he was brandishing.

AUSA: Did Isabella Pollok have on her computer copies of video confessions? Santos Rosario: Yes. Of all of us. But not of herself. AUSA: And what did you think Larry Ray meant when he said he was going to pull your pants down?

Audio case by DOJ continues: Larry Ray: Get down on the floor like a dog, Santos. Put your head there. I wanna take you out in a brutal way. [And with that, Judge Liman calls an end to Day 2, and the week.

Covering will continue, including on Patreon.

The case is US v. Ray, 20-cr-110 (Liman).


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