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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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March 1, 2011: Libya

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At UN, Venezuela Bicentenial Feted by Oscar D'Leon, on Eve of Sudan Vote

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, July 7 -- Just after Hugo Chavez resurfaced after diagnosis of a tumor in Cuba, the Venezuelan Mission to the UN threw a bash for the country's bicentenial, with Oscar D'Leon backed by trombones, tres and violin blasting out hits from Puerto Rico, Colombia and even Russia.

  The turnout in the UN cafeteria was impressive. Inner City Press spoke with Permanent Representatives ranging from Costa Rica through Haiti to Jamaica, Deputy Perm Reps from Russia to South Africa and larger number diplomats who asked not to be identified.

  Palestine's Observer worked the crowd; his delegation explained to Inner City Press that despite whispers they must decide or not to ask for statehood by mid July, that is not the case.

  The spokesperson of a Western member of the Security Council told Inner City Press that the South Sudan mission resolution would be voted on at 8 pm; others quickly disagreed.

  On a more nitty gritty level, delegates to the UN's Fifth (Budget) Committee reviewed for Inner City Press the recent all-night fight on the Peacekeeping budget.

  “The UN won,” a well placed budget maven said. “An issue which had gone unresolved for years, how much to pay the peacekeepers, finally got acted on, despite shouting and yelling from France and others.” A pause. “This is on background, right?”
  Russia's Deputy Perm Rep Pankin, never shy, joked that this was much better than dry meetings about the Libya sanctions regime. He said he farewells and left, just before D'Leon launched into a tribute to Russian music.

Oscar D'Leon & violinist, Russian music & Chavez not shown, (c) MRLee

  While the UK's Permanent and Deputy Permanent Representatives put in appearances, the US for example appeared at what's called a lower level, the same individual they sent to the Libya Sanctions committee earlier in the day.

  Venezuela's Perm Rep Valero began the proceedings, wishing Hugo Chavez good health, which Oscar D'Leon echoed. There was a hat tip to the Venezuela controlled oil giant Citgo.

  Then followed the music, which politics aside took the event over the top. There's been other good music this year, by Cameroon in the UN, and Colombia at the Permanent Representative's house. But Oscar D'Leon in the cafeteria has yet to be topped. Watch this site - and this, Inner City Press debate on on July 7.

* * *

While France "Parachuting" Weapons into Libya is Criticized, UN Committee Does Not Act: Not "Masochistic," Chair Says

By Matthew Russell Lee, Exclusive

UNITED NATIONS, July 7 -- During an hour-long meeting of the Libya Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council behind closed doors on Thursday afternoon, France's admitted dropping of weapons into Libya's Nafusa Mountains was criticized by Council members including Russia, South Africa and India, as violating the arms embargo in Resolution 1970.

  But afterward when Inner City Press asked the Committee's chairman, Portugal's Permanent Representative Cabral, if the committee's requirement of consensus means that France could block any formal condemnation of its actions, Cabral said “we're not a kind of masochistic society.”

  One of the representatives criticizing France, who told Inner City Press that on this topic four spoke against France and three to varying degrees in support, said that “if a Permanent member violates sanctions, what can you do?”

  The representative pointed to paragraphs 13-16 of Resolution 1970 and said that if France thought that its provision of weapons into Libya was legal, it had a procedure to use, but didn't.

  Another delegation went further, saying that France “parachuted” weapons in, not knowing if they might fall into the hands of Al Qaeda, and asking, “why not weapons of mass destruction, too?” This representative said of Cabral, “He has to be serious, this is a precedent -- if you are not going to enforce them, why even have a committee on sanctions?”

Sarkozy glad-hands Ban, notification under Reso 1973 and top DPKO post not shown

  Inner City Press asked Russia's Deputy Permanent Representative what had been accomplished in the meeting. Pankin distinguished between interpretation -- “legal stuff” -- and the practical, that objections were voiced and “I hope we will not have such a [case] again, that's the most practical.” We'll see.

* * *

At UN on Libya, France's Weapon Drop Triggers July 7 Meeting, Stalls Syria

By Matthew Russell Lee, Exclusive

UNITED NATIONS, July 6, updated -- After France's weapons drop into Libya triggered a closed door fight in the UN Security Council on July 5, now a meeting of the Libya sanctions committee has been scheduled for July 7.

Initially, Western ambassadors said the criticism of France's action by Russia, South Africa and others could wait until the Council's July 11 session on Libya. But now there's a sanctions meeting Thursday afternoon. “Yes, that's new,” a Western Deputy Permanent Representative confirmed to Inner City Press on Wednesday evening.

In the July 5 consultations, participants tell Inner City Press, the United States insisted that they had drafted the Libya resolutions to allow for such weapons drops. Calling this “sneaky drafting,” there is now resistance to even considering the Europeans' draft resolution on Syria. This one contains no tricks, its proponents seemed to argue. But disputes about Libya have stalled action on Syria.

This is a major dynamic for now in the Security Council, sometimes alternatively presented as “the BRICS flexing their muscles.”

  A Western argument goes that it is unfair, most poignantly to the Syrian people, to sabotage all other Council issues because of disagreements about how Libya has turned out.

  But others feel that the West, France in particular, sabotaged and poisoned the concept of protection of civilians going forward. Some liken France's “this is my interpretation” arrogance to what they also call the arrogance of George W. Bush's argument that invasion of Iraq did not require UN Council approval. Why didn't France come back to the Council and ask for a rule or interpretation?

  There are also questions, in light of France's actions, about why it should be allow to replace outgoing Peacekeeping chief Alain Le Roy with another Frenchman. (Click here for Inner City Press' exclusive July 5 story on candidate Bonnafont.) That too will be further discussed.

Footnote: Also on tap for July 7, Inner City Press is reliably told, is the transmission of the UN panel's flotilla report, or “Flotilla I” report. Sources within the process confirmed to Inner City Press on Wednesday night that's the plan, even with Ban Ki-moon “once again” out of town. Watch this site.

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These reports are usually also available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis.

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