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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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Google, Asked at UN About Censorship, Moved to Censor the Questioner, Sources Say, Blaming UN - Update - Editorial

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In UNGA 2020 Press Banned Replies By Japan NK India Cuba and China Pro Fauci

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon Video Photo
BBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - CJR - PFT

UN GATE, Oct 7 – In the United Nations, on September 1 a list of speakers for the UN General Assembly week Sept 22-29 was released, photo here.

 On September 22, with Inner City Press blocked from entering but streaming from outside, here, US President Donald Trump and then Xi Jinping gave speeches, after UNSG Antonio Guterres' failed speech).

  This dynamic was replayed on October 7 in replies at the end of the meeting of the Third ("Human Rights") committee, which Inner City Press still banned lived tweeted here:

In #UNGA 3d Committee Inner City Press is banned from by rape cover-up SG  @AntonioGuterres , now South Korea has brought up the issue of comfort women. Will there be rights of reply, #NorthKorea / #DPRK waiting in the wings?

 Yes, rights of reply have begun. Now it's India, calling Pakistan a failed state which provides pensions to terrorists. Inner City Press has asked why the retired scribe of the Daily Dawn is allow into UN briefings while it is banned

Next up: Cuba, trashing  @USUN   @USAmbUN  Kelly Craft (who has yet to ask on  @AntonioGuterres  and US  @MelissaFleming  and  @UN_Spokesperson   @StephDujarric 's ongoing 827 day ban on Inner City Press)

Next up: Japan, responding to #NorthKorea and saying it does not discriminate against North Koreans or any non Japanese...

 Here is China, saying they have COVID under control. Offers support to Fauci. No answer about their NYPD spy Angwang; their Ambassador Zhang Jun responded by blocking Inner City Press on Twitter."

  Back on September 25 and 26, amid continuing censorship, there were rights of reply. On the 25th, Azerbaijan trashing Armenia, and India versus Pakistan, which  was the first to descend into citing the Nazis.

 On the 26th, after the speech of Belarus, replies by Armenia against Azerbaijan, and Indonesia - which blocks Inner City Press on Twitter - bullying Vanuatu for daring to mention West Papua. This is today's UN - totally corrupt.

 Thirty minute Inner City Press video here.

  Things wrapped up, after a ghoulish speech by Cameroon's foreign minister, here, with rights of reply by Bangladesh, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, UAE and Myanmar / Burma, live tweeted by still banned Inner City Press here:

1st up: #Bangladesh versus Myanmar / Burma, deploying the G word, genocide. Another issue on which SG  @AntonioGuterres  has failed

Batting second: Iran, trashing the "Israeli regime."  Meanwhile, several Iranian state media have free offices in the UN, while  @MelissaFleming  for  @AntonioGuterres  bans Inner City Press from even entering the UN - banned from WebEx, too.

 Batting third: United Arab Emirates, replying to Iran about "the three islands." Insists UAE is not destabilizing #Libya, nor #Yemen. #Socotra

Batting clean-up, it's Burma - followed by hot warrior(s) Azerbaijan, another failure of  @AntonioGuterres  and now Turkish  @UN_PGA   @Volkan_Bozkir , whose spokesman  @BrendenVarma  blocks Inner City Press on Twitter

Batting 6th in dying #UNGA: Armenia, stating that Azerbaijan has brought in fighters from Syria, and that Turkey shot down on of its planes in Armenian airspace. 

@UN_PGA   @Volkan_Bozkir  not liking this one bit - and still hiding who pays his staff

  Back on September 22, Trump was short and to the point, starting off with the China virus and China's emission and attacks on the sea rights of others. Six minutes - triggering those who hate him to say it was short.

  Xi's Ambassador Zhang Jun has yet to answer Inner City Press' September 21 questions about the use of his consulate to handle NYPD Officer Angwang to spy in Tibetan New Yorkers, and China's role in Guterres banning Inner City Press from the UN.

Instead, on September 22 Zhang Jun @ChinaAmbUN blocked Inner City Press on Twitter, photo here. Annals of Chinese diplomacy.

Nevertheless, here's from Zhang Jun's immediate right of reply, also immediately published by in-house blue passed media, which it seems didn't ask Zhang Jun about "officer" Angwang: "China will exercise the right of reply in accordance with the rules of the UN General Assembly to state its solemn position.  The US noise is incompatible with the general atmosphere of the General Assembly.... China’s important contribution to the global fight against the pandemic is highly recognized and commended by the international community, a fact that no one can deny. However, what is happening in this country is a complete failure.... Some US politicians’ attempt of blame-shifting and scapegoating will not get back the time lost or solve any problem. It is time that they wake up from their self-created illusions and fictions."
And bribe the Secretary General and others - and block the Press that asks about it!

   From 2006 into 2018, Inner City Press closely covered each UNGA week from inside the UN, asking questions in the UN Press Briefing Room (which which France once threatened to use Secretary General Antonio Guterres' spokesman Stephane Dujarric to have it removed and its accreditation pulled).

  Inner City Press on September 5, 2020 submitted a formal application to cover this 2020 UNGA, including for access to the UN' online briefings, to ask questions about such crises as Cameroon, Yemen and China's expansionism. Receipt was confirmed: photo here.

 Past 11 pm on September 20, hours before the UN's "The World We Want" event, the UN emailed Inner City Press that its application was "declined for the following reason" - BLANK. Photo here.

  This is how arrogant today's UN is with the public's money, and the contempt the UN has for due process, freedom of the press and other principles mouthed by Guterres and his gang. This is the World They Want - a world without criticism of them, without critics, where they can take bribes and cover up rapes with impunity.

 There was further evidence on September 19-20: Inner City Press' IP address was suddenly blocked from accessing the UN's websites, article here, video demonstration here. We'll have more on this.

  Guterres' chief propagandist Melissa Fleming, spending public money on a vanity podcast while refusing questions about what the UN actually, wants to limit physical entry into the UN building to so-called "resident correpondents." But even if that were legitimate (it is not), there is no reason to similarly limit access to online briefings. The IMF doesn't - Inner City Press is given the codes and asks questions and get answers.

 Thin skinned Guterres is abusing his position to block the Press from covering actual leaders. So what will member states and the UN's ultimate funders do? We will continue reporting. Watch this site.

 Most resident correspondents write nothing, or only propaganda. And who will decide on these "very limited non-resident" [sic] who will be allowed in? This is the beginning of a series. Thread here.

 The censored UNGA Week will be even more lame than usual, with most speeches - other than Trump's? - by video. Still in the first morning there are China and Russia, Qatar, Morocco and Iran. Cameroon's dictator Paul Biya, supported in his killing like many others by Guterres, is on Friday September 24.

 Yet only the same old retirees and state media will be allowed in, they say. Inner City Press will have more on this.

  Earlier on September 1 Inner City Press wrote to the Niger Mission, as incoming UN Security Council president, with questions about Cameroon, Somalia and UNsexploitation.

 The email address on the Niger Mission's UN web page did not work; it bounced back. A Direct Message on Twitter to @Niger_ONU was not answered.

This as Sani I. Mahamadou, Deputy Chief of Staff to Niger's president, bragged online of a "Very big day for Niger, who begins his month of presidency of the United Nations Security Council." They're off to a terrible start.

  Apparently Niger PR Abdou Abarry could only handle questions from pre-screened in-house correspondents, one of whose media has no story by her since 2017, another with no stories at all, at least one - actually, more -- a repeated #MeToo violator. Periscope here.

 Niger has not said a word about the slaughter in Cameroon, nor about the UN Peacekeeping sexploitation exposed by Inner City Press.

  The Program belatedly went up - with countries on which Niger ignored and censored questions: Myanmar, Somalia, where UNMAS sent local staff to be killed, and Colombia and South Sudan. There will be Francophonie on September 8. We have now written directly to the Mission's 404 spokesman - and will have more on this.

When Guterres' spokes- / hatchetman Stephane Dujarric holds his noon briefings this week while refusing all questions from Inner City Press despite an on camera promise. Again, what will member states and the UN's ultimate funders do? We'll report.

Watch this site.


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