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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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After UN Guterres Taps Ndiaye UNICEF Scam of Uliana Leaked To Inner City Press

By Matthew Russell Lee, CJR PFT CEFC Video

UN GATE, Nov 2 – Antonio Guterres is killing the UN, including with his failure in Cameroon and elsewhere and his lawless censorship of Press, now at 365 days, a full year. He's put the UN in the Press Freedom Tracker, here. And so on 3 July 2019, this video. Now his own staff have protested his scam OIOS appointment, below.

   The day after being targeted and roughed up by Guterres' guard Ronald E. Dobbins and another unnamed, Inner City Press went to the NYPD's 17th Precinct with its torn shirt and damaged laptop to file a complaint. At first it was told, flatly, that the UN is entirely immune. Then once they heard the story, the NYPD took down a complaint. But the UN including its "investigator" Ben Swanson of OIOS, shown here, have done nothing about it.

Swanson confirmed receipt, as with Inner City Press' formal written complaint about Guterres' financial failure to disclose and conflict of interest in banning Inner City Press, no action: "From: Ben Swanson <> Date: Thu, Aug 9, 2018 at 1:34 AM Subject: Re: Informing OIOS of "REPORT OF PROHIBITED CONDUCT (HARASSMENT, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY) AND ‘FORMAL COMPLAINT’ SUBMITTED [ABOUT] SECRETARY GENERAL, MR ANTONIO GUTERRES, PURSUANT TO ST/SGB/2008/5" please confirm receipt and what OIOS does To: Matthew Lee @ Inner City Press Cc: FUNCA @, Heidi Mendoza <>, Michelle Claudio <>, Byung-Kun Min <>   Dear Mr Lee   Thank you for your email and attachments the contents of which have been noted and will be dealt with in accordance with our standard practices.    Ben Swanson  l  Director l  Investigations Division l Office of Internal Oversight Services  l  United Nations Headquarters New York l Office +1 212 963 0597 | Mobile +1 917 288 7459."

 Fourteen months and two weeks later - nothing. The UN is entirely corrupt.

  On October 27 still banned Inner City Press publishes this petition to Guterres about his tellingly problematic new OIOS partner, below.

Since then, in response, this was leaked to Inner City Press about UNICEF, and we publish it: "Dear Mr. Lee,  Loved your article about the corrupt Fatoumata Nyiaye even though there is zero accountability.  Mr. Lee - over the last five years, there have been continued corrupt practices at UNICEF in their Investigations Office (OIAI), and a “deep roots” connection to UN OIOS Investigations Division.   First, Mr. Jason Uliana, who began at UNON OIOS in Kenya, in 2014 as a P-4 Investigator, met and reported to Mr. Ben Swanson, Deputy Director, D-1, who was also in Kenya.  They became very close.  Swanson spent time with Uliana at his parent’s house in Sardinia, Italy.  Swanson then became D-2, Director UNHQ NY OIOS, and subsequently Uliana transferred to UNHQ NY OIOS.   Uliana then left UNHQ NY OIOS shortly after his arrival, and went to UNICEF OIAI as P-5 Head of Investigations replacing Kevin Curtis, who was well extended beyond retirement.  After Uliana came on board, he then re-hired Curtis as Principal Advisor.  Ironically, both Swanson and Curtis are UK nationals.   Now, UNICEF is expanding their Investigations team and a P-5 vacancy, “Chief of Investigations Services HQ Operations” was recently advertised.  Ironically, the language in the P-5 vacancy reads: “Perform other tasks that may be assigned by the Head of Investigations or Director OIAI.”  Currently, Uliana is the P-5 “Head of Investigations.”  Will the new P-5 report to Uliana, who is at the same level?  Doubtful.  Is Uliana building his empire with the plan of becoming the next D-1, which has not been advertised yet?   Second, Beverly Mulley, a former PPS Investigator, UNHQ NY OIOS, was found guilty of retaliating against two staff members in her former office (see Judgment no. UNDT/2013/176) and was untruthful.  During the court proceeding, Mulley was asked why she did not follow the instructions of the then USG OIOS.  Her response was, “It was optional.”  She left UNHQ OIOS to “pursue her dream job."   Subsequently, Mulley’s dream job did not work out, and she was hired by UNICEF OIAI, as an Investigator.  A newly P-5 post, “Chief – Strategy, Intake, Policy and Reporting,” was recently advertised.  However, it was created by and for her.  Is she now seeking to build her empire with Uliana?  Staff members who worked with Mulley named her, “Bully Mulley” because she is a well-known harasser.  Third, Eugenia Nalbatian, Investigator at UNICEF, who came from the UNHQ OIOS PTF, abused her power and did not follow investigative procedures in a case, which led to the unjustified dismissal of a staff member (see Judgment no. UNDT/2019/033).  Why is Nalbatian and her manager, who signed off on the report, still employed at UNICEF?  Was it Curtis?  With the new Director, Steve Zimmerman, on board, it will be interesting to see if Uliana and Mulley have played enough politics to manipulate him into appointing them as D-1 and P-5.   Ironically, Uliana was the Team Leader of the latest Central African Republic sex abuse blunders as reported in the New Humanitarian press.  Was it Curtis who failed to inform UN OIOS of the allegations for weeks?   Watch this space!"

  On OIOS: "Mr. Lee,  See below message from concerned UN staff to SG.  Thanks  ---------- Forwarded message --------- From: Fatou Ndiaye <> Date: Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 8:32 PM Subject: Appointment of Madame Fatoumata Ndiaye as USG OIOS To: ag [at] Cc: <>, <>, <>    Dear Secretary-General,  We are a group of very concerned UN staff members writing to you on your recent appointment of Madame Fatoumata Ndiaye to an Under Secretary-General post in charge of internal oversight and investigation.  We are gravely concerned and would appeal to your office to revisit the matter. The selected candidate is an individual that should be exposed for her unethical practices and abuse of authority over the years. 

Please allow us to illustrate:  During her time with UNICEF as the Director of Audit, Madame Ndiaye was responsible for instigation of a culture of fear and authoritarian rule within the structures under her oversight. She had a closed door approach, was very selective in her management style and showed bias. Those who did not support her and align with her were discouraged, demotivated, shut out and encouraged to move on. Staff in audit repeatedly reported about an environment of fear of retaliation that prevailed. UNICEF lost several of its best auditors during her time, interestingly most of them from donor countries.  Madame Ndiaye is known for her racial and geographic discrimination and bias, supporting those who are West African (preferably from Senegal) and Francophone.  She has also abused the resources entrusted to her. She has been known to have travelled, in all her functions but more specifically in her UNICEF roles mostly to West Africa, leaving other parts of the world to feel like second-class citizens not worthy of her attention. Many of her travels were combined with personal time off in West Africa.  She bent the rules for sisters and brothers from her home country. For a very long time, UNICEF did not allow nationals of a country to have international posts in their own country. Madame Ndiaye changed that with allowing at least two Senegalese women (one of them was a Human Resources person close to her who is now a P4 Executive Manager in Dakar) to serve as international staff in their home country and obtain lucrative international positions. This was kept quiet in case it would create expectations in other countries with staff. It created sensitivities as there were different opinions even in DHR (the division of human resources that reported directly to her) on how to handle the anomaly and turn it into policy. We think this practice is still not a clear policy that is known and applied elsewhere.  Another example is when Madame Ndiaye bent the rules for another Senegalese whom she courted for a D1 position in her team, selected him to NY on a special assignment without due process and totally lacking transparency (she already had committed the assignment to him when it was advertised only for a week, we are told) and then tried to assign him on the assignment full time. This is a staff member whose own behavior begs questioning.  Her bias and maneuvering other Senegalese into positions throughout her career should be investigated and shows a pattern of nepotism, discrimination and abuse of authority.  It is noteworthy that the Morgan Lewis report on sexual harassment and abuse illustrated categorically how badly investigations were done under Ms. Ndiaye’s watch. The report conveyed that all the cases of sexual harassment investigated during her directorship should be reopened.   It is shocking that an individual with such practices and behavior can qualify to be promoted to an Under Secretary-General in any function and in an area as serious as internal oversight and investigations where she has clearly failed." But it's the UN of Guterres: more corrupt all the time. 


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