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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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UN Corrupt SG Guterres Supports Morocco Colonialism But Chases 2d Term at Peru 67 St

By Matthew Russell Lee, CJR Letter PFT Q&A, NY Post

UNITED NATIONS GATE, July 30 – How corrupt is UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres? Unlike officials from Bill De Blasio to Donald Trump to Corey Johnson, Guterres refuses to say where he goes, much less how much it costs. For two days Inner City Press has asked him and his spokesmen in writing if he would go to on July 30 to the Morocco National Day at the Intercontinental Hotel on 48th Street or to Security Council president Peru's shindig at its residence at 45 East 67th Street. No answer at all, just as there was no answer from Guterres on child rape by his peacekeeper from Morocco in the DRC for three days.

  On July 30 after a full day covering the SDNY courthouse which saw the conviction of UN briber CEFC China Energy links with which Guterres is covering up, Inner City Press went to the Intercontinental and live-streamed, Periscopes here, YouTube now here. It turns out only equally corrupt Deputy Amina J. Mohammed went there - Guterres wen to Peru, so desperate is he for a second term. For the good of the UN, for the good of civilians all over the world, it should be denied. Guterres is corrupt.

 Inner City Press on July 5 was banned from entering the UN, the day after it filed a criminal complaint against UN Security for physically removing it from covering the meeting about the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres' $6.7 billion peacekeeping budget, as witnessed and essentially cheered on by senior UN official Christian Saunders, tearing its reporter's shirt, painfully and intentionally twisting his arm and slamming shut and damaging his laptop. On August 17, Guterres' Global Communicator Alison Smale issued a letter banning Inner City Press from the UN - for life. With no due process. She and Guterres have put the UN in the US Press Freedom Tracker, here. Smale said, again, that the UN would answer Press questions to the Spokesman Stephane Dujarric and his Office; Dujarric said the same on camera. On July 30 more than two hours before the UN noon briefing by Deputy Farhan Haq, whose July 26 briefing had no questions, video here, and who on July 30 fielded uninformed follow up questions first from a censorship partner on a faux expose -- Dujarric is away on vacation for the whole month of July -- Inner City Press submitted 1085 questions, including why it continues to be lawlessly banned from entering to ask questions in person: "There are more than 700+ questions UNanswered. And Monday Sept 17, Tuesday Sept 18, Wed Sept 19 and  Thurs and Fri Sept 21, that whole week, no questions answered. Nor Sept 25, nor 28th - nor October 2 nor 3. While appreciating and using what was belatedly sent on May 20 about sexual exploitation allegations and on March 28 in partial request to Inner City Press' questions about the UN bribery sentence of Patrick Ho of CEFC and CEFC's 2018 attempt to buy the oil company of Gulbenkian Foundation which paid the SG, no answers on Dec 17 or 18 or 19 or 20 or 21 - another FIVE days in a row, even as SG's direct conflicts of interest and failure to disclose emerge, and a newest low. No answers on January 30 nor 31 nor February 1 nor 4 nor 5 nor 6 nor 7 nor 11 nor 12 nor 13 nor 14 nor 15 nor 18 nor 19 nor 20 nor 21 nor 22 nor 25 nor 26 nor 27 nor March 1 - 27 (!) And now April 1, 3-30 (one answer in the entire month - corrupt), and now May 1-13, 15-17, 21-31, June 3-28, and July 1-2, 8-29 many questions. No answers at all during those four days of the US v Ho trial showing corruption in the UN says it all. This ban is just censorship - and Inner City Press must be allowed back into the noon briefing to ask its questions in person and follow up on them.

July 30-1: On Western Sahara and China, what is the SG's belated comment and action if any on that Sinochem Corporation, a Chinese conglomerate engaged in the production and trading of chemicals and fertilizer, has received complaints against its "illegal, unethical and immoral import of stolen phosphate cargoes from the occupied territories of Western Sahara"?  Sinochem Group is a major customer of the Office Cherifien des Phosphates (OCP). In October 2017, OCP and Sinochem signed a five-year agreement giving, allowing the Chinese firm to get 5 million tons of Moroccan phosphates. And why has Guterres still no amended his online financial disclosure covering 2016 to correct the omission of funds from Gulbenkian which tried to sell its oil company Partex to UN bribery firm CEFC China Energy? 

July 30-2: On Children and Armed Conflict, what is the SG's response to Ms. Gamba telling member states that it was his Chef de Cabinet Viotti who suggested listing NATO? And why is the Office trying to make Myanmar look better given its abuse of children, including Rohingya children? 

July 30-3: On transparency and to assess even-handedness, please immediately confirm or deny that SG Guterres will attended the Morocco National Day on July 30, and if he will attend the UNSC End of Presidency reception at the Peruvian PR's residence. Also, when and to where will Guterres be disappearing on his vacation - as Trump, De Blasio and others publicly disclose - and how much will it cost the public? 

July 30-4: On Morocco and Western Sahara / MINURSO, again, what is the comment of the SG on that on 19 July, when Sahrawi football fans flooded the wide Smara Boulevard, the main route through Laayoune, the territory’s largest city... security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets, and used water cannons? And what is the status of Colin Stewart and what staff tell Inner City Press are  harassment charges against him? 

July 30-5: On Cameroon, after the SG took Biya's golden statue and UN Budget Committee favors, what are the comments and actions if any from him and separately DSG Amina J. Mohammed on the protests on July 22 by those Ambazonians illegally detained in Kondengui Central Prison? And the protests since then, amid the SG's typical silence, in the prisons in Buea? 

July 30-6: On press freedom and Tanzania, what is the SG's comment and action if any on that police in Tanzania say investigative journalist Erick Kabendera was forcefully arrested at his home on Monday afternoon because he declined to come in for questioning.  At a press conference in Dar es Salaam, the city’s police chief Lazaro Mambosasa, said Mr Kabendera had refused to comply with a letter asking him to report to police.  The police commander was vague about why the journalist was wanted for questioning, saying it was to do with his work and “identity”.  The hashtag #FreeErickKabendera has been trending all day.  Before he was taken into custody Vodacom was ordered by the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) to jam his line.  His phone and that of his wife were also confiscated... Now that the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has ruled against public officials blocking critics on Twitter even if the official claims their account is private, what is the justification for UNSG Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric, with the UN flag in his profile photo and Guterres promoting content, blocking Inner City Press? What is SG Guterres' response / reaction to UN DSS and Guterres' actions on Inner City Press being listed in the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker. In the UN, what has the accountability been for Lt Ronald E. Dobbins and those those refused on camera to give their names? What is each of yours - particularly the SG's - response to the letter written and sent by Burundi activist Manisha Lievin? To the April 15 letter to the SG, DSG and USG Smale for which receipt has not even been acknowledged, other than a single lawless line from MALU: "Your media accreditation request, with reference no: M66561081, has been declined"? This is a formal request for the UN's explanation of grounds for this denied, and since SGcentral, the SG's chief of staff and Deputy SG and USG Smale haven't even confirmed receipt of the April 15 letter much less responded, for reconsideration. AGAIN, immediately explain how it is legitimate to ban from enter into the UN the media that has been asking about these and other questions, with no hearing or appeal.

June 14-5: Since the SG claimed publicly that the mansion he lives in "cannot" be sold, please immediately provide any and all documents with such a restriction, and separately explain why the concept of cy pres or reformation of donor intent has not been explored. Separately,  Boutros Boutros Galli wrote in his book that the building was given by Arthur Houghton through the United Nations Association of the USA. What actual inquires, with UNA-USA or any successor to Houghton or Corning Glass, has Guterres made? 

June 11-1: On Cameroon, what is the SG's comment and action if any on this report from Chinese state media: "YAOUNDE, June 10 (Xinhua) -- Cameroon's House Speaker of National Assembly Cavaye Yeguie Djibril on Monday denounced foreign interference in the country's internal affairs which he referred to as "conspiracy."  "Cameroon has become an object of conspiracy intended to destabilize the country. To justify their interference in internal affairs, the conspirators pretend to denounce it." Again, how many offices / desk does the Secretariat give to Chinese state media inside the UN? 

May 15-3: On the Public Financial Disclosures for 2017 belatedly published over the weekend of April 27-28, please state why Mohammed Ibn Chambas, like the Executive Secretary of the UN Biodiversity Convention, Cristiana Paşca-Palmer, UNICEF's Henriette Fore, with documented links to ExxonMobil and others, USG Mark Lowcock (undisclosed while the Secretariat's speaker at the UNSC Arria on Cameroon), UNCTAD's Mukhisa Kituyi, UN Women's Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, UNOG chief Michael Moller, UNDP chief Achim Steiner,  Heidi Mendoza, Adama Dieng, UN Security chief Peter Drennan, Rosemary DiCarlo and Nicholas Haysum, is not even on the list. OIOS chief Inga-Britt Ahlenius reported - why not Mendoza? Where IS Mendoza? Isn't it a bad practice for the UN's head (anti) genocide definition official to conceal from the public even cursory financial disclosure? Did DiCarlo decline to make any public disclosure despite being the UN's top political officer? What is the even plausible applicability of this line from SG Guterres' web page: "Please note that given the multi-cultural environment of the UN and the often security sensitive locations where UN staff are either working or come from, full public disclosure may not always be a viable or sensible option for certain staff members"? Why has Guterres changed the previous system in a which a "choosing not to disclose" statement was upload and listed, to one which helps conceal who reports and who does not?  Again, state why considering the UN bribery conviction of Patrick Ho of CEFC, and CEFC's attempt to purchase the oil company of Gulbenkian Foundation which paid Mr. Guterres in 2016 was omitted from his online public financial disclosure covering 2016, and why Guterres has not even started an audit of CEFC in the UN. 

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