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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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March 1, 2011: Libya

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On Libya, UN “Volunteer” Envoy Khatib Dodges Arms Drops, Waits for Tripoli

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, July 11 -- After briefing the UN Security Council on Libya for more than two hours, Ban Ki-moon's envoy Abdul Elah Al-Khatib emerged to take questions from the press. After he read three points from note cards, Inner City Press asked him about France's admitted arm drop of weapons into the Nafusa Mountains, and if he is still a Jordan senator while functioning as the UN's envoy.

  Al Khatib to his credit took this question first, saying “since it has been troubling you,” he wanted to clarify that he is a “volunteer,” he is not a UN staff member but it still a “proud” Senator of Jordan.

  On weapons drops, he called these rumors. Inner City Press followed up that France has acknowledged dropping weapons into Libya. This is up to the Security Council, he said, he is looking for a political solution.

  Earlier, Inner City Press asked the spokesperson of a Western Council member if in the closed door consultations how Khatib works -- or does not work -- with the UN's full time Special Adviser on Libya Ian Martin had come up. Apparently it did.

  Ian Martin, despite Ban Ki-moon's spokesperson's office refusal to confirm it, has hired Dartmouth professor Dirk Vandewalle as a “Political Adviser.” Some says the UN's engagement on Libya lacks coherence. Who's running the show: the full time Adviser with the part time unacknowledged political adviser, or the volunteer?

Ban meets his envoy, now a volunteer, Ian Martin not shown

As the meeting broke up, French Permanent Representative Gerard Araud was asked, “the Libyan rebels are saying there's been a change of heart by France.” He didn't turn, didn't say a word. He was asked, “Is that a no comment?” No response to that, either.

UK Permanent Representative Mark Lyall Grant stopped and said that Khatib told Council members he is waiting to hear back from those he met with in Tripoli. Watch this site.

* * *

As France Parachutes Weapons into Libya, UN Notes Arms Flow to W. Africa

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, July 9 -- The UN Office for West Africa reported on Friday to the Security Council about Benin, Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea, Mali, Niger and the Cameroon - Nigeria Mixed Commission. But events in Libya, while not in West Africa, made their appearance in the report.

Along with references to the loss of remittances from migrant workers in Libya to the native Mali and Niger and a vague reference to “the cross-border impact of the Libyan crisis,” Paragraph 57 of the UNOWA report says “weapons have been transferred from Libya and fallen into the hands of terrorists in the Sahel Band, risking destabilizing the whole region.”

A Security Council member which on July 7 led criticism in the Libya Sanctions Committee of France's “parachuting” of weapons into Libya, saying it violated the Council's arms embargo, pointed to Paragraph 57 of the UNOWA report and told Inner City Press, You see? France has no way to know where its weapons go -- possibly to the Sahel groups which take French and other internationals hostage.

Sarkozy glad-hands Ban, notification under Reso 1973 and top DPKO post not shown

In fact, Algeria has expressed concerns of weapons from Libya making their way out across the Tenere Desert of Mali and Niger. The flows from Libya, into which France added fuel to the fire, were a topic at a recent meeting in Madrid, and will be at another session in Algeria in September including groups like the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism.

  Will they speak out on France's weapons drops, since the UN Security Council's Libya Sanctions Committee, which requires consensus, will clearly not take action, having in effect exempted Security Council members from the arms embargoes they impose on others? Watch this site.

* * *

While France "Parachuting" Weapons into Libya is Criticized, UN Committee Does Not Act: Not "Masochistic," Chair Says

By Matthew Russell Lee, Exclusive

UNITED NATIONS, July 7 -- During an hour-long meeting of the Libya Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council behind closed doors on Thursday afternoon, France's admitted dropping of weapons into Libya's Nafusa Mountains was criticized by Council members including Russia, South Africa and India, as violating the arms embargo in Resolution 1970.

  But afterward when Inner City Press asked the Committee's chairman, Portugal's Permanent Representative Cabral, if the committee's requirement of consensus means that France could block any formal condemnation of its actions, Cabral said “we're not a kind of masochistic society.”

  One of the representatives criticizing France, who told Inner City Press that on this topic four spoke against France and three to varying degrees in support, said that “if a Permanent member violates sanctions, what can you do?”

  The representative pointed to paragraphs 13-16 of Resolution 1970 and said that if France thought that its provision of weapons into Libya was legal, it had a procedure to use, but didn't.

  Another delegation went further, saying that France “parachuted” weapons in, not knowing if they might fall into the hands of Al Qaeda, and asking, “why not weapons of mass destruction, too?” This representative said of Cabral, “He has to be serious, this is a precedent -- if you are not going to enforce them, why even have a committee on sanctions?”

  Inner City Press asked Russia's Deputy Permanent Representative what had been accomplished in the meeting. Pankin distinguished between interpretation -- “legal stuff” -- and the practical, that objections were voiced and “I hope we will not have such a [case] again, that's the most practical.” We'll see.

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