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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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In Miles Guo Trial Witness Said Mulled Suicide Defense Says She Only Unmasks for DOJ

by Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon Substack

SDNY COURTHOUSE, June 7 – After a circus-like civil case involving Guo Wengui in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, which Inner City Press closely covered, here, March 15, 2023 saw the unsealing of a twelve-count Indictment of Miles Guo onvarious wire fraud, securities fraud, bank fraud, and money laundering charges.

On May 21, the US Attorney's Office wrote in seeking to preclude fire issues from the trial: 7 page letter on Patreon here.

On May 22, Inner City Press live tweeted jury selection, here.

   Many were excused from the jury pool.

More detail / some analysis on X for Subscribers here & Substack here

On May 23 the defense wrote in including "There is no evidence to support the government’s sensationalist theory that Mr. Guo started a fire at the Sherry Netherland residence. Letter on Patreon here

At the end of May 23, Judge Torres told the remaining jurors that the trial would start Friday. Thread.

More details on X for Subscribers here and Substack here

And it did. Inner City Press live tweeted the opening and first two witnesses, an FBI agent about the Greenwich search, and a Dallas based Lamborghini dealer, thread here.

On May 28 the US moved for admission of posts from GNews and GETTR, 5 page motion on Patreon here

On May 31 a representative of Kyle Bass' Hayman Capital Management testified, thread

 On June 4, the US Attorney's Office filed its response to Guo's request for reconsideration on limitation on his expert's testimony about Operation Fox Hunt and the "Five Poisons." US filing on Patreon here.

On June 5, Inner City Press live tweeted, thread

On June 6, more Li - and then some cross, thread

Assistant US Attorney: When did you lose confident in Guo? Witness: When I heard about the Mahwah mansion, secret base from the New Federal State of China. AUSA: Who said it was such a base? Long Island David? Witness: Yes, in a broadcast. 

AUSA: What was your understanding who would use this mansion? Witness: For his family AUSA: Family meaning what? A: Family members. But G-Club members too, he said. But I didn't think so. AUSA: What was your understanding where the money came from? A: Family fund 

AUSA: What did he say about how the Lamborghini was paid for? Witness: He said his family fund, to reward him for his hard working. AUSA: Who is William? Witness: William Je. AUSA: Did you think this mansion was bought with supporters money? Witness: No.  AUSA: If you had known, would you have facilitated payments by Farm members? Guo's lawyer: Objection. I'd be happy to have a sidebar. Judge: Overruled. Guo's lawyer: It assumes facts not in evidence. Judge: Overruled. Witness: His personal luxury life, no  AUSA: Does buying a $26 million house help fight the CCP?

Guo's lawyer: Objection! Judge; Overruled. Witness: No. AUSA: Does buying a red Lamborghini help fight the CCP? Guo's lawyer: Same objection. Judge: Overruled. Witness: No.  AUSA: Did Guo say anything to you about the property being haunted? Witness: No. AUSA: Were you on the board of the new Rule of Law Foundation in BVI [British Virgin Islands]? Witness: Yes. Yvette Wang told me about it.  Witness: I was asked to sign a false affidavit to the bankruptcy court. AUSA: Who was behind it? Guo's lawyer: Objection?

Judge: Overruled. Witness: The lawyer took direction from Miles Guo.  Witness: I was threatened, to get me to sign it. They said if I did not sign I would be responsible for paying back $38 million. I said I would not sign, they can take my life [sobs] AUSA: What did you mean? Witness: They can kill me.  AUSA: Did you think about harming yourself? Witness: Yes.

AUSA: Why didn't you do that? Guo's lawyer: Objection! How is that relevant? Judge: I'll allow it. Witness: I have daughter. AUSA: Did you doubt Guo? Witness: I realized, it's a scam  Witness: I tried to contact the US government.

AUSA: What did you review? Witness: The whole last seven years. AUSA: What did you find? Witness: I find, this is a scam. AUSA: Who did that feel? Witness: I feel angry, desperate, guilty, regret. I am distressed  Witness: I thought about suicide. AUSA: Why did you feel angry? Witness: He lied to us. But we so trust him. No doubt. No question. AUSA: Why did you feel guilty? Witness: For my family. I did not take care of them. AUSA: What were you doing instead?

Objection!  Judge: Overruled. Witness: Working for Miles Guo... Then I spoke with the bankruptcy trustee. Then the FBI, in November 2023. AUSA: Why did you contact the FBI? Witness: I want to report to US government that Miles Guo trick up, mislead me.  AUSA: How many times have you met with the authorities? Witness: Ten times. AUSA: Why were you scared? Witness: They would say I am a CCP spy.

AUSA: What did Miles Guo say about being targeted by the CCP? Witness: He said his phone was hacked by CCP  AUSA: What about attempts to get him sent back to China? Witness: He said CCP sent agents to talk to Trump administration to try to get him sent to China. AUSA: If it were true he was targeted by CCP, would it change your view? Objection! Overruled. A: No.  Witness: I have also be targeted by CCP. But I don't steal from people.

AUSA: How were you targeted? Witness: CCP told my family to tell me to stop, that I am threatening national security. I am told to not go back to China, they will arrest me. I am only child 

AUSA: After being targeted by CCP did you spend supporter money on yourself? Witness: No. That money should be used to fight against the CCP, not for myself. AUSA: Did you get rich? Witness: No. I lost money - about $20,000. AUSA: Did you take down CCP? No.  Witness: In the future I don't want to take part in any democracy activities because I don't know if it is another scam. AUSA: Why did you start following Miles Guo? Objection! AUSA: I have three more questions. Do you still believe in democracy in China? A: Yes 

AUSA: Do you still believe in Miles Guo today? Guo's lawyer: Objection, asked and answered. AUSA: It has not been asked about today. Guo's lawyer: As opposed to yesterday? Judge: I'll allow it. Witness: He is a scam.  AUSA: No further questions. Judge: We'll break.

 OK - cross examination. Guo's lawyer: Ms. Li, you did find another solution, right? Witness: After I realized I can't suicide because my daughter- Guo's lawyer: That wasn't the question. I move to strike. Judge: Let her answer. Witness: I contact the US government 

Guo's lawyer: You contacted the trustee, right? Witness: Yes. Guo's lawyer: By phone? Witness: Online meeting. Guo's lawyer: WebEx? Witness: I don't remember. Guo's lawyer: Who set it up? Witness: Trustee.  Guo's lawyer: Then DOJ, FBI and US Attorney's Office? Witness: Yes.

Guo's lawyer: Nov 1, 2023, do you remember? How was it set up? Witness: In person, in Australia. Guo's lawyer: Feb 4, Feb 29 - these prosecutors, including the one with the beard? Witness: IDK  Guo's lawyer: March 7 by WebEx? March 15 emails? Witness: I don't remember. Guo's lawyer: March 25 with the FBI? Witness: I don't remember. Guo's lawyer: April 28? AUSA: She's not saying what happened?

Guo's lawyer: Ms. Lie, do you remember? AUSA: The date? IDK  Guo's lawyer: May 9, a phone call? Witness: I don't remember. Guo's lawyer: That's less than a month ago. Witness: I don't remember.

Guo's lawyer: June 1 meeting, do you recall? Witness: Yes. Guo's lawyer: In his office? Witness: Yes.  Guo's lawyer: And the prosecutor and FBI agent, they took notes? Witness: I don't remember. Guo's lawyer: You met with them then on June 1 they got you a lawyer, right? Witness: Yes.

Guo's lawyer: June 4 you met - what did you do on June 3? A: I don't remember 

Guo's lawyer: You met yesterday, right before you took the stand, that stand, right there? Witness: Yes. Guo's lawyer: You and I have never met, correct? Witness: We have not.

Guo's lawyer: Look at this document, not shown to jury or public [long sidebar ensues]

On June 7, Guo's lawyer ended her cross examination (before another luxury car dealer, this time from Houston):

Guo's lawyer: Under your non-prosecution, you don't turn any money, right? Li: What money? Guo's lawyer: HAA, H Coin... The only way you can go back to China is by disavowing Miles Guo, right? AUSA: Objection! Judge: Sustained.

More detail and analysis on X for Subscribers here and Substack here

The case is US v. Guo, et al., 23-cr-118 (Torres)


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