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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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In CIA Leaks Case Lawyer Says SCIF Unsafe Due To COVID Schulte Not Getting Mail

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon Thread Song
BBC - Decrypt - LightRead - Honduras - re CNN

SDNY COURTHOUSE, Aug 17 – In the conclusion of the month long trial of accused CIA leaker Joshua Schulte, on the morning of March 9 the jury returned guilty verdicts on Counts 8 and 10, with mistrial granted on all other counts. U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York Judge Paul A. Crotty set March 26 for the next date.  Then it was moved to April 22 (then May 18). March 9 thread here. Song here.

 Now after the US Attorney's Office re-indicted Schulte with a grand jury either in White Plains or Manhattan with virtual juror(s), his lawyers have asked for time to reply since they cannot easily reach him in MCC lock-down.

Inner City Press live tweeted the Aug 17, 11 am conference in the case:

Judge Crotty's 1st question: How do objections about how defendants have been indicted SDNY during COVID19- with virtual grand jurors - impact this case?

Schulte's lawyer cites the US v. Balde case before Judge Failla (which Inner City Press is also covering)

 Judge Crotty: What about a trial date? AUSA LaRoche: We are ready to set a date. Next trial will be shorter - fewer witnesses. As to the SCIF, our talks with CISO are that a new location could be provided for Mr. Schulte to be produced to

 CISO: Friday I approved funding for a SCIF in a US Marshals' interview room. Schulte would be separated from his lawyers by a metal screen

 Judge Crotty: Where is his new SCIF? CISO: On the 4th floor of 500 Pearl, Marshals' interview room. Schulte's lawyer Shroff: I haven't seen it. And we wouldn't be willing to enter a Marshals' space where others from MCC come in and out. And mesh screen? No way.

 Shroff quotes Judge Furman, that setting a trial date in these times is "pure fantasy." Says that Schulte's expert is 80 years old, unwilling to enter space where others from MCC are brought in. Won't speak in person at Columbia.

Shroff: I'd prefer this to be ex parte and not open to the press, but the upshot is that our expert may not be able to participate, we may need a new one... Ms. Colson is new to the case, has not yet met Mr. Schulte. And the witnesses they don't call, we will

Shroff: This is not the right case to be the first... I've heard judges want those to be 1-week Felon in Possession cases... Mr Zas is almost 60 years old. Judge Crotty: We're looking at having an epidemiologist check out both locations.

Judge Crotty: Ms Shroff, what would be a reasonable trial date? Shroff: I don't know. I told Judge Torres the same thing this morning. I have no experts I can start work with. Why don't we do what Judge Broderick has in Saipov. I think Mr. Laroche is on that case

 Shroff: I can't go to DC without a 2 week quarantine afterward. DC is on the list.

 Judge Crotty: October?

 Shroff: The grand jury, in the case before Judge Failla 5 grand jurors Zoomed in [Inner City Press is covering that case too]. "Gov Cuomo won't let me go into a restaurant and a meal. How can I have a jury trial?" AUSA Laroche: There was a lot there.

AUSA Laroche: As some point the defense need to state what steps are needed before a trial. Just raising a myriad of issues on the call.. The Saipov case is different.

Judge Crotty: David could you give me a time in mid September? To get a report from Ms. Shroff. David Gonzalez: Sept 16. AUSA Laroche: I think we could do this trial in January.  Shroff: Mr. Schulte is not getting his mail in the MCC.

AUSA Laroche Let's exclude time until Sept 16.

Judge Crotty: Granted. Ms Shroff, when do you want to go ex parte with me? This week, I prefer. Shroff: How 'bout next Mon the 24th? 2 pm.  Judge Crotty: We'll hold it then. That concludes this conference.

 On June 9 the US Attorney's Office filed this: (S3) SUPERSEDING INDICTMENT FILED as to Joshua Adam Schulte (1) count(s) 1sss, 2sss-3sss, 4sss, 5sss, 6sss, 7sss, 8sss, 9sss. (jbo)." Full text on Patreon here.

  Now Count 6 has been dismissed.

  On June 17, the US Attorney has asked for more time to respond to Schulte's lawyers request for Grand Jury information, citing a decision in another SDNY case Inner City Press is reporting on: "Re: United States v. Joshua Adam Schulte, S3 17 Cr. 548 (PAC) Dear Judge Crotty: We write to respectfully request additional time to respond to the defendant’s June 15, 2020, request for records and papers used in connection with the constitution of the Master and Qualified Jury Wheels in this District. We have learned that similar motions have been made in other cases in this District. See United States v. Balde, No. 20 Cr. 281 (KPF); United States v. Williams, No. 20 Cr. 286 (WHP); United States v. Baker, No. 20 Cr. 288 (LJL); United States v. Henry, No. 20 Cr. 293 (LJL). Yesterday in Balde, Judge Failla issued an order granting the Government’s request to speak with Linda Thomas, this District’s Jury Administrator, prior to taking a position on the motion in that case, and scheduling a call with the Government, defense counsel, and Ms. Thomas for June 30, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. (See No. 20 Cr. 281, Dkt. 21, Exhibit A). In that order, Judge Failla also directed the Government to coordinate with counsel in “any other cases with similar motions” so that they may also participate on the call. Accordingly, the Government respectfully requests that the Court adjourn the current June 19, 2020 response deadline so that the Government and defense counsel can participate on the call with Ms. Thomas prior to litigating the defendant’s motion. If the Court grants this request, the Government respectfully requests until July 7, 2020 to file a substantive response to the defendant’s motion." Watch this site- and this.

More on Patreon here. Song here.

 Back on the afternoon of February 28 the US in an emergency hearing dropped Count 2 against Schulte, and admitted that it can never be revived: jeopardy has attached. Inner City Press has obtained the transcript and tweeted and uploaded it here on Scribd, on Patreon here.

  On March 5, Judge Paul A. Crotty and both side's lawyers held a closed door proceeding in the judge's robing room. Afterward Assistant US Attorney Matthew Laroche said that the transcript should be sealed until after a verdict.

  Inner City Press immediately wrote to Judge Crotty and the docket, for the fifth time in this proceeding (here's III and IV): "Dear Judge Crotty:    This supplements the January 22, 23 and 26 and February 24, 2020 submissions on this topic on behalf of Inner City Press and in my personal capacity. Your Honor on Janaury 31 ruled inter alia that "[t]he Government is directed to make transcripts and exhibits available to the public no later than the evening after the day of testimony." Docket No. 293, at 15.   This morning after a robing room discussion about Juror Number 5 (and perhaps other matters) from which the press was excluded, AUSA Laroche urged your Honor to seal the transcript of that discussion until AFTER there is a verdict. That is unacceptable, and inconsistent with your previous order.  The purpose of this letter is to formally request at the earliest time - 10 minutes after AUSA Laroche's statement, your ruling on which is unclear - that the transcript of the robing room proceeding be made available immediately, as well as all other exhibits which Inner City Press has continued available to the public on"

  Meanwhile, as now excused Juror 5 left the courthouse, Inner City Press caught the tail / end of her comments to two intrepid tabloids. She specializes in buttocks sculpting - and most explosively, indicted that she believed Schulte was naughty but not guilty. This would seem at a minimum to provide fuel for a defense appeal in the event of a conviction. But first - the transcript. Watch this site.

  On March 4, the jury deliberated for a full second day without reaching a verdict. Or perhaps the whole jury did not deliberate - as Inner City Press first tweeted (thread here), the foreperson passed out a note that Juror Number Four (whose name was said) was refusing to deliberate with others, was conducting their own inquiry into the evidence. Schulte's lawyer Zas urged Judge Crotty to let time elapse before acting. Could this type of independent inquiry be more favorable to Schulte than that US? Thread here; Inner City Press is staying on the case.

  On March 3, the jury deliberated and asked at least nine questions. Inner City Press live tweeted it, thread here. There were questions about locking and unlocking computers, and if Schulte was ever diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, a matter raised in cross-examination. Perhaps of concern for the defense was the lack of questions about alternate suspect Michael.

  At day's end in Judge Crotty's courtroom gallery it was only Inner City Press and one of the Assistant US Attorneys, who waited to say he and Schulte's lawyers would try to answer some of the questions the next day, March 4. Inner City Press will be there - watch this site.

  On March 2 were the closing arguments, which Inner City Press tweeted, thread here

 More on Patreon here.

See Inner City Press filing into the docket on Big Cases Bot, here. Watch this site. The case is US v. Schulte, 17-cr-548 (Crotty).


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