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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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In Menendez Trial Defense Counsel Questions What Nadine Thanked For Then Press Asks

by Matthew Russell Lee

SDNY COURTHOUSE, June 5 – Amid reports of investigation against Sen. Robert Menendez for taking gold bars, Inner City Press' sources on September 21 it to expect on Friday, September 22 an appearance in Federal court in Manhattan by Menendez and his wife Nadine Arslanian. This scoop was true.

Later a superseder was unveiled, including charges of bribes to act for Qatar...

On April 11, 2024 after Nadine Menendez and then the government asked for delay, to July or undefined, Judge Stein severed her case and reaffirmed May 6, Inner City Press thread

On Sunday night April 14 the US wrote in again asking for a delay to July, six page letter on Patreon here.

But Judge Stein told the parties to confer and report by April 16 at 1 pm. Then he set an April 17 conference, which Inner City Press live tweeted and dubbed "Berate-gate," thread

On May 13, jury selection began - but did not finish. Abit later, Menendez got into an car with FOP NJ plates.

On May 14 jury selection continued but was not yet completed, from the ending, thread

Late on May 14, the US Attorney's Office filed opposition to slides the defense wants to use in its opening arguments, including quotes from Colin Powell and MLK, and when Nadine came into possession of gold - full letter on Patreon here

Inner City Press live tweeted jury selection and then opening arguments here, then filmed Bob's exit (he said he thought it went well and that his guy did great).

On May 21, the US Attorney's Office put on Wael Hana's lawyer, then a US State Department official working on Congressional approval (or holds) on arms transfer to Egypt, thread here.

On May 23, with the trial in haitus, docketed was Menendez' lawyers opposition to quashing his subpoena for Jose Uribe's attorney proffer and communications with SDNY prosecutors, filing on Patreon here

On May 29, Inner City Press live tweeted, omitting Morton's steakhouse but including this

On May 30, Menendez's lawyer's (long) cross, including this.

On May 31, starting 1 pm, the agent was cross examined, and then USDA Ted McKinney on direct, thread

  After the trial day, Inner City Press filed Menendez' walk to his Jersey-plated car; asked why he called McKinney he said, Wait for the cross [examination].

Nadine Menendez hired a new lawyer, who previously represented Sydney Powell among others. Then this: "ORDER as to Nadine Menendez: At the request of the defendant and with the consent of the government [Doc. No. 434], the status conference is adjourned from June 10 to June 12 at 5 :00 p.m.(Signed by Judge Sidney H. Stein on 6/3/2024)."

On June 4 Judge Stein dockted a partially redacted Order in which he denied Menendez's request that the prosecutors give him impeachment material about a Confidential Human Source they are not going to call as a witness - but Menendez said he will.

On June 5, Inner City Press live tweeted - and afterward asked Menendez a question. Thread:

All rise! Judge Stein: Government, call your next witness. FBI Agent Rachel Graves. Assistant US Attorney: Did you prepare this summary chart? Graves: Yes. But I didn't choose the underlying documents.

AUSA: Emails & texts - how many? Graves: 1000s of pages  AUSA: Mr. Richenthal, please put up GX 1306. [E&K Trucking, including its Chase Bank signature card] AUSA: Special Agent Graves, what's the third name? Graves: Elvis Parra, President.

AUSA: And this? Graves: "Elvis Parra Indicted." 

AUSA: Special Agent Graves, what is this? Graves: Parts of a grand jury testimony... AUSA: Play the audio [Nadine voice mail to Hana, then Jose Uribe's email about a Sen Menendez cocktail fundraiser, "no podemos fallar" - we cannot fail.]  AUSA: Play the audio of December 13, 2018 [Nadine to Bob Menendez / "Ro Sorce" after car crash, "I'm going to call Progressive." Next up: the red Mercedes...] 

AUSA: What did Nadine text to Hana? Graves: I am so excited to be getting the car next week. AUSA: What did Hana text Daibes? Grave: Hey Fred can you please help Nadine with the car? Then here's Hernandez to Uribe: Cunningham is the lawyer  AUSA: Who texts Nadine here? Graves: Andy. He texts, Are you still up, I can call you. Nadine says, I'm up. Then Andy calls her, 25 minutes, 35 seconds. AUSA: The next day, who does Nadine call? Graves: Andy, for 3 minutes. Then Menendez, 1 minute. Then Hana  AUSA: Nadine wrote to Uribe, I will find out what is going on. Then what?

Graves: Nadine texted Menendez, Mon amour.. It got cold out so we can do whatever you want. Heart [emoji] AUSA: Uribe writes to Nadine, I hope we can get together, you me and Bob. Then what?  Graves: Nadine texts, I am five minutes ago. Then, I am here. Then Ray Catena [car dealership] Leon from there is in her contacts. AUSA: Play the next audio. [Nadine: I didn't hear from Leon. I will go with Bob and look at the cars, Saturday, thanks so much] 

AUSA: What does Nadine text Menendez? Graves: Both cars have brown interior. Which one do you prefer? AUSA: What does Menendez text? Graves: Like them both. Whichever you prefer. [Menendez rests chin in his hand, watching this]

AUSA: What does Nadine text to Menendez? Graves: Mon amour, can Mike drive me to Edison [Ray Catena Mercedes], he'll never have to drive me again. AUSA: What does Menendez reply? Grave: Mon amour, Mike will be with me in Manhattan. I will see if Mateo can do it  AUSA: What does Nadine write to Uribe? Agent Graves: She sends the Mercedes Benz Financial Services invoice. AUSA: And what does Uribe respond? Graves: I send you later. Then he forwards it and says, I don't want anything with my name on it 

AUSA: What does Nadine write here? Agent Graves: Bob had to go down to Texas with some other Senators, about the border. Bob says it would have been easy if we had wrapped it all together. AUSA: Page 50, line 965, August 5, 2019 Graves: Uribe says they'll meet

 Cross examination. Menendez' lawyer Adam Fee: So in this one Nadine said, I had to get my nails done - & that Nadine was renting a car for herself. It says Yes you can, not thank you, right? Agent Graves: It says You you can. Fee: How far down is thank you? A: IDK  Judge Stein: We break here for the day.

More on X for Subscribers here and Substack here

The case is US v. Menendez, et al., 23-cr-490 (Stein)

More on Substack here


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