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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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In Kevin Spacey Trial Rapp Was Asked of His Approach to Sex then Court Closure Before Hart

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon Maxwell book
BBC - CIA Trial book - Video - NY Mag

SDNY COURTHOUSE, Oct 12 – Anthony Rapp's lawsuit against Kevin Spacey began trial on October 6 before U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York Judge Lewis A. Kaplan.  Inner City Press attended then tweeted here.

 On the way in video I, II; afterward Space and Vlog. Here's the live tweeted thread by Inner City Press of the openings, here

On October 7, Day 2, with a stated victim of the Public Theater of Joe Papp, a Rapp friend who was told, and the beginning (direct) of Rapp himself. Thread here.

On October 11, Day 3, Rapp was on the stand all day, first on direct, then under cross examination, thread here.

On October 12, Day 4, Rapp was cross examined to the end - then under Rule 412, a courtroom closure. Thread here:

OK - Kevin Spacey trial has just resumed, with Anthony Rapp under cross examination by Spacey's lawyer Jennifer Keller. Before jury enters, Judge Kaplan says Keller should asked Rapp, Did you say in substance, and that Rapp (who he calls a smart young man - at 50 - has the job of answering questions. It begins.

Keller: You were comfortable with your therapist, yes? Rapp: Yes. Keller: You are claiming that the incident that you say happened with Mr. Spacey has permeated relationships throughout your life, correct?

Rapp: Yes. Keller: But you didn't tell your doctor your Kevin Spacey story, did you? Rapp: I did not.

 Keller: You told dozens of people your Kevin Spacey story before ever telling your therapist of many decades, true? Rapp: Yes. Keller: You told her upsetting details about your private life, right? About attacking your boyfriend, yes? Rapp: Yes.

Keller: You told her about other attacks on you, including being physically attacked, right? Rapp: I may have. Keller: Your book Without You anonymized some of your sexual partners, right? Rapp: Yes. Keller: But not an anonymous actor jumping on you? Rapp: No.

 Keller: Isn't Buzzfeed known for quizzes about celebrities and food?

Rapp: There's also News. Keller: And didn't Mr. Vary tell you, We can't place Mr. Spacey at the Tony's? "We'll say you saw him at an industry event." Rapp: That's what he said.

Keller: Is that a reporter of integrity? Rapp: To some degree. May I explain? Judge: Your lawyer will have an opportunity. Answer these questions.

Keller: You complained to Mr. Vary that you weren't nominated, and he was outraged for you? Rapp: I don't recall this

 Keller: Your profile has been raised by making these claims, right?

Rapp: I don't know how to measure that. Keller: Well, Adam Rapp was not a household name, and probably still isn't. Rapp: Adam Rapp is my brother. Keller: I haven't had my 3d cup of coffee yet

Keller: You accused Yul Brenner of hitting you in the stomach - and made the accusation after he died, right? Rapp: I do not remember this article. Keller: Does this REfresh your memory? Rapp: No. Keller: You said, He punched me and said Get out of my way.

 Keller: And did you tell your Yul Brenner story every time he was up for an award? Moving this article as an exhibit. Judge Kaplan: You should have these ready, with a copy for me. I've been doing this for 28 years. Keller: May I have a moment? Judge: Yes.

 Keller: Haven't you said that your husband abused you? Rapp: Once he pushed me down and I fell on my butt.

Keller: And another time he slapped you and hit you in the shoulder, yes? Rapp: I believe so. Judge: Did you say that? Rapp: In substance, yes.

Keller: You are claiming that this incident impacted your approach to sex, yes? Rapp: Yes. Keller: Aren't pubescent males generally aware of sex? (Laughs) C'mon, Mr. Rapp. Rapp's lawyer: Objection. Judge: Overruled. You listen carefully as it's read back.

 Now re-direct. Rapp's lawyer: What was the relationship between the Harvey Weinstein op-ed and what you told Vary? Rapp: I was at the early stage, I still had to talk with Ken and my producers. Then I saw the piece and I decided to move forward.

 Rapp's lawyer: What did Mr. Barrowman say? Rapp: That Spacey was touching his leg under the table all night. He said it was unwanted. Rapp's lawyer: Why don't you remember who else was at Spacey's party? Rapp: Because it's the bedroom that's seared on my memory

 Rapp's lawyer: You were asked about American Beauty, what was difficult? Rapp: Seeing him in the film pursuing sexual relations with a teenage girl.  Judge Kaplan calls a break, asks how much more re-direct. 10 minutes, apparently. Thread will continue.

Rapp's lawyer: Anthony, why did you come forward? Rapp: Because I know that Kevin Spacey has abused others, too. Judge Kaplan: Strike that answer. Rapp's lawyer: May we be heard? [Whispered sidebar ensues; Rapp is still on the stand]

 Now re-cross. Keller: You said Kevin Spacey's character in American Beauty has sex with a teenage girl. But he doesn't, right? Rapp: I don't recall that. Keller: Judge Kaplan said, Don't try this case in the media, right? Rapp's lawyer: Objection... No, withdrawn

 Judge Kaplan: Tell me we're not going to have the movie shown... I mean it, I want a stipulation. Q: To the facts of the movie? Judge Kaplan: Yes. Next witness: Christopher Hart.

Rapp's lawyer: What did you say, when Anthony Rapp told you what Kevin Spacey had done to him? Hart: I don't remember what I said, but I do remember him telling me. Rapp's lawyer: Did Anthony ever say he had a crush on John Barrowman? Hart: Never.

 Rapp's lawyer: Who paid for your flight here from SF? Hart: Your firm. Cross examination. Spacey's lawyer Scolnick: You have no first hand knowledge if Mr. Rapp's claims are true, right? Hart: No first hand knowledge.

 Scolnick: Anthony Rapp didn't tell you he went to Jack Lemmon's dressing room, did he? Hart: He did not. Scolnick: Did he tell you Ed Harris' character pretended to make a sexual advance on him in every performance? Hart: No.

 An objection is made "under Rule 412." Judge Kaplan tells not only the jurors, but also the spectators (and press) to leave the courtroom. Coverage will continue - watch this site. Watch this site.


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