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As UN Bans Inner City Press 2273d Day No Answer by SG Spox Dujarric on Gaza UN Rape Kenya UNFPA S Korea UNRWA China  PGA UKR Honduras Menendez Fleming Stonewall

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon

UN GATE, June 28 – Inner City Press on 5 July 2018 was banned from entering the UN, two day after it was physically removed from conducting interviews outside meeting about the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres' $6.7 billion budget.

  Then Guterres' Department of Global Communication, run by Melissa Fleming, issued a letter banning Inner City Press from the UN - for life. With no due process, no right of appeal.  Guterres has put the UN in the US Press Freedom Tracker, here. Guterres' Spokesman Stephane Dujarric falsely promised on camera that he would be answering banned Inner City Press' questions - but see below.

     On June 28 after Guterres again refused to answer but the IMF did answer, May 6 here, Feb 25 here, Feb 4 here, here, before Stephane "French Whine" Dujarric, previously the face of UN lies on cholera in Haiti, and not Associate "Spokesperson" Florencia Soto Nino who blocks Press on WhatsApp, nor equally censoring Associate Eri Kaneko, and not UN Spokesperson Stephanie Tremblay - and not Deputy Farhan Haq, held a briefing before which Inner City Press submitted yet more questions - Inner City Press has asked the above, and Guterres and his new chief of staff Courtenay Rattray and others including Japan's Mission:

These written question are posed and responses requested pursuant to the until-now broken commitment the the UN will "continue to answer e-mailed questions from Mr Lee" Inner City Press, here

Leaks SG  DSG Again, June 19-1:  On press freedom, please confirm receipt by MALU of, and that positive consideration will belatedly be granted to, my application to enter and cover UNGA 2023. Submitted letter and 2024 letter

June 28-1: On Gaza / Israel, on which each of you has refused all of Inner City Press' written questions, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres and separately PGA Dennis Francis and Republic of Korea, cc-ed here, including as UNSC president and otherwise, on this, which Inner City Press asked each of you about on June 24:  “The terrorist who held me hostage for 53 days worked as a school teacher for UNRWA,” Ditza Heiman, one of the hostages, said in a statement. “The fact that Hamas controlled Gaza was not an excuse for UNRWA to hire and fund terrorists, but instead should have ensured UNRWA took extra precautions.  UNRWA did not respond to requests for comment and "The IDF began activity in the area of Shejaia, located in northern Gaza, and killed dozens of terrorists operating who were hiding in United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) schools" 

On Kenya what are the comments of SG Guterres and separately UNON on that Kenya's High Court has approved the use of military force to restore order, following days of anti-tax protests that at some point overwhelmed police. More than 20 people have reportedly been killed in the nationwide protests that are largely led by young people opposed to government plans to increase taxes. Armored military vehicles patrolled streets in the capital, Nairobi, on Thursday as police fired tear gas to disperse protesters  

On UN corruption what are the comment of SG Guterres on this, provided to Inner City Press by whistleblowers fearing UN retaliation: "Case number OIOS/0519/24. Further to the many stories now circulating about the conflict of interest by Natalia Kanem in her misuse of power and role as Executive Director of UNFPA. We have proof from whistle blowers about her son, Mandela Gregoire. If this is true, it is a very bad misconduct of a high order and should be accordingly treated  We get information showing that UNFPA money was used to pay for Mandela's vacation trip in December 2019, for the ‘Year of Return' celebrations in Ghana. It look like normal thing, and no one should normally criticize someone for vacation. But the problem is the vacation was paid by UNFPA money. We have reliable information saying his travel expenses, hotel, and chauffeur were paid by UNFPA funds, because of his mother's orders. It is not clear why or how this happened, because he is not staff and he did not work for the organization.  It is important to investigate if this action follow the organization's rules.  We have evidence, like the hotel invoice, showing that the expenses were billed to UNFPA. More worrying is a young female intern from the UNFPA office in Ghana, who stay with him during his visit, maybe for sexual reasons, because he is the ED's son. Surveillance video from the hotel proves this fact. The power between a young intern and the ED's son is bad for possible sexual exploitation. Also, information we have shows that Mandela was introduced to the country office by Dr. Kanem herself, which goes against her promise to fight sexual exploitation and harassment. In the case, she aid and abet it" - response? Action?

AGAIN on UN sexual abuse, immediately provide all if-asked info and what if anything has been done for the victim(s) of the UN child rapes in DRC, and the data dump on the UN web site on June 27 -  2023 rape in CAR by Senegal "peacekeeper," etc, and from May child rapes by civilian UN staff, nationality undisclosed - why? - and by peacekeers from Cameroon, and previously in CAR by a UN civilian, nationality undisclosed - why? - and more by Cameroon, and still those of April 2
6 regarding a UN child rape in CAR, and other unidentified civilian abuses in South Sudan? What is the status of the claimed criminal referrals pending, and why are others "N/A"?

As asked on On World Press Freedom Day and Cameroon, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres, and separately USG Fleming and Ian Phillips, cc-ed here, on Zogo trial in Cameroon: defense lawyers request access to the entire file This is the third hearing in the trial into the assassination of Martinez Zogo, the host and former director of Amplitude FM radio, taking place this Monday, May 6 in Yaoundé. Like the two previous ones, the request made by the defense lawyers that the entire investigation file be transmitted to them by the court still risks occupying the debates  

How does SG Guterres and his UN justify banning Inner City Press which reports critically on the UN, and not even answer letters from two pro bono law firms, Quinn Emanuel and Duane Morris?

Still on Mozambique itself, for answer before or at 12:30 - request is in, for WebEx access - what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres - and Mozambique - on that Islamic State Mozambique Province (ISMP) Claims Burning Over 230 Christian Houses In Series Of Attacks In Country's Nampula Province, Conducts 'Preaching Tour' In Muslim Villages In Country's North

AGAIN on UN sexual abuse, immediately provide all if-asked info and what if anything has been done for the victim(s) of the UN child rapes in DRC data dumped on the UN web site on April 26 regarding a UN child rape in CAR, and other unidentified civilian abuses in South Sudan? What is the status of the claimed criminal referrals pending, and why are others "N/A"? And still on those data dumped April 22 including a child rape in CAR by a Civilians (nationality undisclosed - why?) and still
on April 15 including by a Paraguayan
"peacekeeper" in UNVMC, Sri Lanka and Cameroon in MINUSCA, also from Pakistan, Madagascar, Sierra Leone and several "N/A's" - why? - and still April 8 - second data dump of that day - of a UN "peacekeeper" from Sierra Leone sexually abusing in UNSOS, and again by Cameroon in CAR - and ealier on
April 8 of sexual abuse in CAR by a "peacekeepers" from Cameroon - and a top line, Civilian, with no information whatsoever - and still April 2 of UN "peacekeeper" from Cameroon abusing in CAR (and what the year "9202" means)
and still
on April 1 of UN "peacekeepers" from Morocco, Uruguay and South Africa (and one with country not disclosed - why?) and still those data dumped on March 18 on rapes including child rape in DRC by UN "peacekeepers" from South Africa and Senegal, and still on child rape by a UNPOL police from Burkina Faso in DRC, and still on Feb 22  of Cameroon UN "peacekeepers" raping in CAR

   On Honduras, with the March 8 guilty verdicts against former president JOH taking place here in SDNY finally (and immediately) disclose what SG Guterres' three person panel did in Honduras in 2017 after JOH's stolen election, including if any report was produced and a copy of it.

Speaking of reporting, immediately explain from UN Spokesman Duarric's quote in Fortune here

 that Stéphane Dujarric, the spokesman for the U.N. secretary-general, tells me that Lee’s prohibition has nothing to do with his coverage. “It’s basic human behavior, and he violated those rules,” Dujarric says. “He was creating an unsafe environment.”

1) if this has been only about safety, why have none of you answered written Press questions, on Gaza, etc? Why no access via WebEx, as I have at IMF and as you grant others who publish far less UN coverage? How is this anything but censorship and how can it be that USG Melissa Fleming has not even answered the Duane Morris pro bono law firms letters, by October 30? 

On Sudan what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that The deputy commander of Sudan's paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), Abdel Rahim Hamdan Daglo, says his group will continue advancing and taking over the remaining states in the country from the army. Mr Daglo’s declaration came after the RSF recently made battleground gains in the restive western region of Darfur, where it captured some states and army bases. Darfur is considered to be an RSF stronghold. “We will move towards other remaining states and [army] headquarters, and they will be under our control, God willing,” Mr Daglo said on Thursday while addressing jubilant RSF fighters in the Central Darfur state capital of Zalingei

AGAIN on UN sexual abuse, immediately provide all if-asked info and what if anything has been done for the victim(s) of the UN child rape in DRC data dumped on the UN web site on Nov 1 (Nigeria in South Sudan, undisclosed civilian in DRC), and still  on Oct 23 (unknown/undisclosed civilian in DRC, South African in DRC) and still Tananzia in DRC, Cameroon peacekeepers' abuse in CAR, Egypt in DRC), and still September 21 about sexual exploitation by a Cameroon "peacekeeper" of a child - why is that not called rape? and of Sept 20 - amid UNGA - about sexual abuse by a Cameroon peacekeeper in CAR, and on Sept 12-13 about sexual abuse by Uganda and S Africa troups and a child rape by a UN "civilian" in DRC
On the UAE and Tanzania what are the comments and action if any of SG Guterres on that Tanzania has signed a 30-year port management agreement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), despite opposition to the deal.  Under the agreement, Dubai Port (DP) World will run four berths or quays at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest port.   The deal has drawn criticism from several activists, citizens and opposition politicians, who say that it favours the Emirati company at Tanzania’s expense.  The government has detained more than 22 people opposed to the deal

Immediately confirm Melissa Fleming's receipt of, and response to, the October 16 letter from the Duane Morris law firm (attached to each of you on October 16 before noon) about restoring me to resident correspondent status immediately, starting  "Re: Immediate Restoration of Matthew Russell Lee’s MALU Credentials  Dear Ms. Fleming: We write, for the second time, on behalf of Matthew Russell Lee

 On Senegal what are the comments and actions of SG Guterres on that The Senegalese opposition leader, Ousmane Sonko, says he has resumed a hunger strike.

Now on October 16 confirm Melissa Fleming's receipt of, and response to, the attached letter about restoring me to resident correspondent status immediately [more to come]

On Gaza, some reported that UN Spokesman (Dujarric) around 10 pm on Oct 12 "announced" Israel's request - immediately state where and to whom that was announced, and the basis 

On Chad what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that Chadian opposition leader Succès Masra has said he is postponing his return from self-exile to next month on the advice of the Democratic Republic of Congo's president. Mr Masra, the head of the Transformers party, fled Chad a year ago following a deadly crackdown on protesters opposed to election delays by the ruling military junta. He vowed last month to return home by 20 October, the anniversary of the protests. But in a statement on Sunday, he said Congolese President Félix Tshisekedi, the current chairperson of the Economic Community of Central African States (Eccas) bloc, advised him to delay his return until early November. He did not say on what date he now plans to return

On Liberia what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that While Liberians await the results of Tuesday's general election, a top EU observer has accused politicians who are already in office of overspending on their electoral campaigns and using government resources for them. Neither President George Weah nor other incumbent politicians have commented on the claim

 On Chinese government corruption what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on the evidence in yesterday's US v SBF trial in SDNY about Chinese officials demanding $150 million to unfreeze $1 billion on two crypto currency exchanges? 

AGAIN: On UNRWA what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on the recently passed budget in the US Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, which includes "heightened scrutiny of the UN agency assisting Palestinian refugees and would deny funding to move the US embassy in Israel out of Jerusalem. A report from the House Appropriations Committee accompanying the bill notes the US Congress’s “longstanding concerns” that the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) supports educational programs that promote incitement to violence against Israelis and Jews. “The committee notes the longstanding concerns that educational materials used in UNRWA schools induce incitement or are otherwise inconsistent with the values of human rights, dignity, and tolerance,” the report says. “The committee is further concerned by the United States Government’s lack of visibility on the curricula utilized in UNRWA schools given these allegations and the United States’ status as a significant donor to UNRWA.”  The US secretary of state would have 30 days to designate someone to review “a significant and representative selection of textbooks and other educational materials utilized by UNRWA schools in the West Bank and Gaza.”

 On Angola, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that more than 130 protesters have been detained by police in Angola for taking part in a separatist march calling for autonomy for the northern region.

On UN corruption and lack of answers, after each of your have refused Inner City Press' questions about those UN linked individuals indicted in SDNY, explain this: "Francis Lorenzo was still able to freely walk the halls of the institution at that time, and only lost his U.N. ID several years later, when it expired in August 2018, U.N. spokesman Dujarric said" - confirm or deny that the UN continued to let Lorenzo in fact not only his indictment for bribery, but also his guilty plea, while banning Inner City Press which exposed and reported on it 

AGAIN on UN sexual abuse, immediately provide all if-asked info and what if anything has been done for the victim(s) of the UN child rape in DRC data dumped on the UN web site on Oct 3 (Tananzia in DRC, Cameroon peacekeepers' abuse in CAR, Egypt in DRC), and still September 21 about sexual exploitation by a Cameroon "peacekeeper" of a child - why is that not called rape? and of Sept 20 - amid UNGA - about sexual abuse by a Cameroon peacekeeper in CAR, and on Sept 12-13 about sexual abuse by Uganda and S Africa troups and a child rape by a UN "civilian" in DRC

On Egypt what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that Around 400 people in Egypt have been arrested over “riot incidents” after President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi announced that he would run for a third term

On Egypt what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on the evidence of Egypt's bribery of US Sen Menendez here in SDNY, previously asked about, and now on that rights groups say that the use of torture by the Egyptian authorities is so widespread and systematic as to amount to a crime against humanity. In a report submitted to the UN Committee against Torture, six groups spoke of beatings, electric shocks, sexual violence and denial of access to medical care by members of the security services.

Immediately state who pays each member of PGA Dennis Francis' Team and provide comments, both from PGA office (cc-ed here) and Secretariat on what basis Ralph Kader, the foreign minister of the fake country of Monte de Agrella, is a member of the PGA's team (tellingly, without a UN email address, or any email address, listed so not cc-ed), see here

On the SDNY indictment of US Sen Menendez for, among other things, taking bribes to help Egypt's government get weapons and "help" on the Rennaisance Dam? 

AGAIN on UN sexual abuse, immediately provide all if-asked info and what if anything has been done for the victim(s) of the UN child rape in DRC data dumped on the UN web site on September 21 about sexual exploitation by a Cameroon "peacekeeper" of a child - why is that not called rape? and of Sept 20 - amid UNGA - about sexual abuse by a Cameroon peacekeeper in CAR, and on Sept 12-13 about sexual abuse by Uganda and S Africa troups and a child rape by a UN "civilian" in DRC

 Immediately explain, both from UN Secretariat and PGA POVs, why Dennis Francis' website STILL does not list his "team" much less, as was promised after the indictment of PGA Ashe, who pays each of them. Also, why the only funders to the Trust Fund are China, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and what they are getting. Three additional PGA staffers are cc-ed here

 Immediately explain the basis for a $800 or $2000 charge to hear "H.E." Melissa Fleming speak during UNGA week. Is she still going to appear?

Again on UN sexual abuse, immediately provide all if-asked info and what if anything has been done for the victim(s) of the UN child rape in DRC data dumped on the UN web site on Sept 12-13 about sexual abuse by Uganda and S Africa troups and a child rape by a UN "civilian" in DRC

On DRC what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres and separately USG Fleming on that A top court in the Democratic Republic of Congo has jailed an opposition politician for seven years after finding him guilty on 12 charges, including spreading false rumours and insulting the head of state. Jean-Marc Kabund had been detained since August last year, when he was arrested for criticising President Felix Tshisekedi and his government.

Again on UN sexual abuse, immediately provide all if-asked info and what if anything has been done for the victim(s) of the UN child rape in DRC data dumped on the UN web site on August 18 at 9:30 am

  No answers from USUN or UN

On UN sex abuse, immediately provide all if-asked info - what's been done for victims - on the new cases data dumped on the UN web site on August 15, 2023 and explain how the Cameroonian peacekeeper's sex with a child in CAR is described as an "exploitative relationship" and not rape, even the age.

On UN censorship of Press, immediately explain why MALU and each of you has not even responded to Inner City Press' June 19, 2023 application to enter and cover UNGA week in September, but have allowed in - as resident correspondents - many who have published nothing, while Inner City Press Aug 11, 2023 report has already been reported in, among others,  IndiaHungaryFranceGreeceArgentinaSpainTaiwanGermany, etc
On Iran's deal to release 5 Iranian Americans to home detention, immediately state if there is any relation to the Houthis' release of UNDSS staff on which the SG has commented - this question is for those cc-ed at USUN too; USUN should also state which US convicted Iranian spies would be released: Bahadorar? UN Mission-linked Afrasiabi? 

Questions not taken Aug 2, including for those cc-ed - the US Mission -
On Niger, on Bazoom's minister inviting military intervention by France, is it legitimate as a matter of law? 
On UN Peacekeeping, with the mission being thrown out of Mali and DRC, and Haiti wanting anything EXCEPT a UN mission, after cholera and sexual abuse, what can be done to restore (or create) some credibility? 

State why citizens of and journalists from Taiwan cannot enter the UN and compliance with such UNHQ host country principles as the First Amendment
 Immediately provide the if-asked and all other information about the two new UN rapes data dumped this morning, by Morocco in DRC and unIDed civilian (from where?) in South Sudan, as well by a Senegalese "peacekeeper" in Haiti 

July 24-1: What are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on this video of Turkish authorities forcing refoulement to Syria?   

July 20-1: Now that Hugo Carvajal has been extradited and is being detained in the US, presentment covered by Inner City Press which UN continues to ban, what are SG Guterres' comments on Carvajal telling the Spanish judiciary of payments of drug money to a number of sitting leaders who plan to attend the 2023 UNGA week - which Inner City Press has applied, on June 19 and as inquired about, to cover? When will that application be ruled on?

July 17-1: On UN sexual abuse cases recently data dumped, immediately provide the if-asked information about the new MONUSCO cases, Tanzanian and "civilians" with nationality withheld - why? - and immediately explain, as to the  Tanzanian UN Peacekeeper in MINUSCA in 2022-3 what Child - Transactional "no sex" means. 

July 11-1: What are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that The head of a US think tank has been charged with acting as a Chinese agent and attempting to broker the sale of weapons and Iranian oil. Gal Luft "agreed to covertly recruit and pay" an unnamed ex-US official to publicly support certain Chinese policies, federal prosecutors say. The 57-year-old allegedly attempted to broker arms sales involving customers in China, Libya, the UAE and Kenya. 

July 11-2: Immediately provide all if-asked information on the UN sex abused cases data dumped July 11 (attached), involving UN "peacekeepers" from South Africa, Malawi and Guatemala including child rape, what if anything has been done for the victims - and why while Ban Ki-moon provided Press with such info, each of you has refused, UN rape after UN rape

July 5-1: Again on Pramilla Patten, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on Inner City Press' second scoop on this, whistleblowers' complaints "about Patten, among other things, writing self-serving official letters to UN Resident Coordinators to score VIP airport treatment and UN vehicles for her personal trips and vacations and... for her son"? 

June 23-1: IMMEDIATELY provide all if-asked and other information about the new charge of UN sexual abuse in Sudan in May 2023 by a civilian - provide the nationality - which the UN date dumped this morning, about the Office of Support to Civilian Protection in the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), after yesterday's dump of cases in DRC and CAR - and explain why under SG Guterres this information is withheld in response to Press requests, unlike even under Ban Ki-moon, and the Press that asks remains banned.

June 22-1: Immediately state what has been done on Pramilla Patten's email to  Geraldine Boezio, Chloé Marnay-Baszanger, Letitia Anderson, Tonderai Chikuhwa, Bernadette Sene and  Nancee Oku Bright that Inner City Press has exclusively published, and the internal justice case it has reported exclusively about?

 What are SG Guterres' comments on Hemedti public support of Perthes?

  How does SG Guterres justify this indefinite ban, to UNDT and to the UN - including the upcoming UNGA week the ability to access which you should notify Inner City Press immediately

June 8-1: Immediately provide all if-asked information on the new UN sex abused cases cynically data dumped June 7 at 12:02 pm, involving UN "peacekeepers" from South Africa, Malawi and Guatemala including child rape, what if anything has been done for the victims - and why while Ban Ki-moon provided Press with such info, each of you has refused, UN rape after UN rape 

 On the UNTSO sex-in-the-UN-van video first published by Inner City Press, please state what the accountability has been, that the UN has now claimed to /on AFP

May 25-1: Immediately explain why Inner City Press was not allowed to enter and attend and cover the Ghana + 2 stakeout today, despite this

Also on DRC, comment on this 

 What are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on the UN system corruption alleged to Inner City Press at UNCA,  UNIDO and UNDP

Again, on deadline, what is the response of SG Guterres, and role of DSG Amina J. Mohammed, on the staff complaint against Pramila Patten? 

And what if the SG's comment and action on the sentencing to 4 years in prison of Cary Yan of WOGC, the "NGO" Inner City Press exposed and asked you about after their appearance in the UN in 2017, whose founder (and Francis Lorenzo, cited in Yan's sentencing) still have access to the UN while you block Inner City Press? Explain

On May 11, the IMF answered Inner City Press' WebEx question on Cote d'Ivoire austerity. On what basis does the UN ban Inner City Press and answer none of its written questions?

May 11-2:  Immediately explain why you did not answer Inner City Press' written question on January 26, 2022: " On Western Sahara and MINURSO and Ivanko, on which Inner City Press has previously asked and you have not answered, now confirm or deny his / family relation to the woman for whom they bought a house in Layounne and are openly trying to promote in the UN system" - but then answered, on Ivanko, a correspondent who later asked about Ivanko. Provide all answers to Inner City Press, which asked, pursuant to this "promise"

May 3-1: Please explain SG Guterres' WPFD video statement, compared to his and USG Fleming's ongoing ban on Inner City Press, which covers the IMF (by WebEx), courts, and has NYC Press Pass - but is banned from UN, no response to Quinn Emanual law firm's pro bono letter

On Daniela Bas, immediately provide SG Guterres / team comment on this to Inner City Press from whistleblowers: "Dear Matthew Russell Lee: Tell the Daniela Bas story. This director of social affairs got fired from DESA for corruption" - here

April 20-1: Immediate provide all if-asked information about the new UN sex abuse cases cynically data dumped on April 19 at 12:01 pm, including by Senengal UN Police in DRC, and Cameroon (rape) in CAR.

On UNRWA, immediately provide the response of SG Guterres and Lazzarini to this: "Dear Matthew,  Following the corruption cases that involved him personally while assigning a UN official vehicle for hids wife here

On ESCWA, immediately provide SG Guterres response to this: "Dear Matthew,   Several months ago, a number of Escwa staff quietly sent a letter to the SG as a cry for rescue here 

April 11-1: On the new UN sexual abuse complained cynically data dumped at 12:01 pm, immediately provide all if-asked information about the sex abuse by peacekeeper(s) from Cameroon in CAR, and "civiian" (nationality undisclosed) in DRC, what if anything has been done for the victims, and for accountability?

April 5-1: on China in Africa, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that police in central Uganda have detained a Chinese national over a Tuesday morning road crash that killed two schoolchildren and left three others injured. In a statement, police said Zhao Haizhanga allegedly knocked the pupils at Kamusenene village along Lubaali- Bukuya road in Kassanda district, as he attempted to overtake a truck loaded with logs.

April 4-1: Immediately provide the response of SG Guterres (and CdC Rattray et al) to this, also sent to Inner City Press about ESCWA here

What are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres and US ICE moving to deport an asylum seeker from North Korea

What are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on the arrest and detention in SDNY of Miles Kwok / Guo Wengui and his chief of staff?
IMF answers Inner City Press - how the the UN, taking public money, justify not answering? See IMF here

March 15-1: Immediately provide all if-asked information about the rape in CAR by Morocco UN Peacekeeper data dumped this morning (photo here) - what's been done for the victims? For accountability?  

Immediate state SG Guterres' understanding of the relationship to the Syrian government, now and in the past, of yesterday's UNDP ASG post awardee Abdallah Al Dardari

March 6-1: Immediately explain SG Guterres' selfie and apparently meeting in Iraq with Rayan Al Kildani — US-designated human rights abuser and US designated terrorist Qais Al Khazali. Photo here.

Also, what are SG Guterres' comments and actions if any on the current death penalty trial in SDNY, US v. Sayfullo Saipov, the Inner City Press is reporting on?  

Dec 13-1: Immediately provide all additional ("if-asked") information about the new UN sexual abuse cases data dumped this morning on the UN Conduct and Discipline website, including child rape by a peacekeeper in Nepal. Photo here. What is being done for these victims? What accountability is there? 

Immediately disclose all payments and communications to UN and UN entities from Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX or Alameda, or affiliated foundations. 

What are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres and separately USG Fleming on that the government in the Democratic Republic of Congo has “strongly” denounced what it calls the "illegal presence" of Rwanda-allied journalists in Congolese territory.

As audibly asked to SG Guterres on Dec 9 as he entered the event of UNCA, with IRIB as a member, what are his comments and actions on the 7000 migrant workers dead in Qatar for FIFA World Cup 2022, why did Guterres go there and say nothing? What are his comments on the arrest of EU parliamentarians including Eva Kaili for taking Qatar bribes? 

Dec 9-1: Again on UN "due process" and lies - immediately explain statements a week ago on Dec 2, 2022 that I am on a UN "banned" list, and that I can appeal through DSS, including DSS Michaud's failure to even confirm receipt of appeal I sent him (and each of you) on December 5. 

Dec 8-1: What are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on the release of arms trafficking (and sometime-UN partner) Viktor Bout, in exchange for US star Griner? Disclose all business on the UN with Bout and his companies.  Again, now will direct quote from USG Michaud, and more on appeal now to each of you, since DSS despite its statements to PGA's spokesperson has yet to confirm receipt of appeal: On appeal Inner City Press filed yesterday with USG Gilles Michaud and each of you, as UNPGA Csaba Korosi's spokesperson Paulina Kubiak said UN DSS Sergeant told her is the process, (1) confirm receipt, (2) explain why USG Michaud previously wrote that DSS' only role was to ensure that journalists whose accreditation was stripped by DGC did not enter -- see the message in Dec 7 questions, from Gilles Michaud  and see UN Media Accreditation & Liaison Unit Guidelines for ‘Non- Resident Correspondents’ which states, at para 2a: “Non-Resident Correspondents can access UNHQ through the Visitors’ Entrance at 46th Street and 1st Avenue between 0800-1900 hours from Monday through Friday. Non-resident Correspondents only have access to UNHQ on weekends or after hours accompanied by a resident correspondent or when a meeting is advised as taking place. Entry will be allowed two hours prior to the start of the meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting, the non-Resident correspondent must exit the premises within an hour, unless accompanied by a resident correspondent.” [Emphasis added.] The repeated use of the word “or” in the second sentence here: “weekends OR after hours accompanied by a resident correspondent OR when a meeting is advised as taking place” indicates that those conditions are alternatives, and in addition to the regular 8am to 7pm access in the previous sentence.   I had been on UN premises after 7pm on numerable occasions since he has been a ‘Non-Resident Correspondent’ in compliance with those rules, never being challenged by any of the DSS Security Officers who have observed him on each and every occasion he has done so. He has, in fact, been almost permanently escorted by a UN staff member (clearly oblivious of the considerable financial expense to the Organization) since February 2016. It is clear that the “risk” he presents is one of public scrutiny, which is hardly a legitimate matter for your department. The statement taken by officers Perry and Stancu does not record the time Mr. Lee entered the UN premises on 3 July, which he states was about 9:45am. The statement does however confirm that Mr. Lee was on the premises for the purposes reporting on a Fifth Committee Budget meeting. That meeting is understood to have run on until 4am the following morning, so it was clearly still going on at the time he was evicted. Mr. Lee’s statement also reflects his familiarity with the Guidelines indicating that he was required to leave the premises within an hour of that meeting concluding. The Media Accreditation & Liaison Unit guidelines - having been published by the UN and respected by Mr. Lee and other members of the press – must create a reasonable expectation that members of the press will not face harassment provided their activities remain complaint with them. The evidence suggests that Mr. Lee was doing that. Moreover, as is known to the MALU and as has been observed by your officers, he enjoyed that right peaceably and without criticism for 18 months. ST/AI/309 provides that “all persons on the premises are expected to comply with the directions that may be issued by the security officers in the performance of their functions” and that is not in dispute; but Mr. Lee was never given an opportunity to comply. Mr. Lee can be heard on the video repeatedly saying he was just typing, reporting on what he had been told by the Chairman of the meeting when he had his shirt torn by your officers. Your officers would certainly have been acting quite legally if Mr. Lee represented any kind of threat to the security of others or to the fabric of the building, but there is no credible information or independent assessment to support such a hypothesis. When interviewed, Mr. Lee insists that he tried to emphasise to Officer Perry that he was physically assaulted by your Security Officers before being afforded a reasonable opportunity to explain or refer to the MALU rules that apply to him, but Officer Perry declined to record that information. Moreover, Lt. Dobbins actions on 3 July cannot be considered without reference to the earlier incident of 22 June and Mr. Lee’s subsequent reporting of that event, which raises reasonable grounds to believe that Lt. Dobbins may not have been performing his duties or exercising his discretion in good faith. There does not appear to be any reason to believe that Mr. Lee had breached any rule or posed any threat when he was evicted.

As asked each of you on December 5, 2022: AGAIN, on UN's lack of press freedom and due process - immediately explain both the basis for UN Security at 801 1st Ave on the morning of Dec 2 tell me I am "banned" from entering the UN despite confirmed invitation to UN PGA Town Hall, and (2) the "appeals" process that DSS told PGA Spokesperson about to, conveyed to me.   Audio - 2:20 min version  Full 7 minutes  

Immediately provide the if-asked information including status of UN victims in the UN child rape case data dumped this morning on UN website, MINUSCA in April though September 2022, and state why the nationality of the civilian defendant is not disclosed, and why the defendant is still being paid- on deadline. 

Does UNSG Guterres or his resident coordinator share "serious doubts" about the credibility of Equatorial Guinea's election results that saw the world's longest-serving president continue his 43-year-rule. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, 80, secured almost 95% of votes, according to election officials. "Given the scale of irregularities observed and the announced results giving the [ruling party] PDGE 94.9% of the vote, we have serious doubts about the credibility of the announced results

On Cameroon and corruption what are the cmoments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that a total of $68 million was effectively stolen from the Cameroonian people over the course of 2021, according to the National Anti-Corruption Commission.  It says that was more than double the amount taken the previous year, excluding the estimated $281,000 embezzled from coronavirus funds.

Given that IRIB / Iran TV broadcasts forced confessions, recently resulting in sanctions, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres and separately USG Fleming on them, while banning Inner City Press, accrediting IRIB's Kamran Najafzadeh, a member of UNCA for whom Guterres is set to raise funds on Dec 9? What safeguards are in place that bribers like Ng Lap Seng (previous attendee) and Patrick Ho aren't sold access to Guterres and the UN?

On Somalia and UNSOS what are the comments and actions of SG Guterres on this, sent to Inner City Press, here

On Qatar, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on the imprisonment and now solitary confinement of whistleblower Adbullah Ibhais? See here.

 On UN staffer and now-sentenced rapist Karim Elkorany, and each of you refusing all Press questions on the case and rapes since Sept 2, 2020, immediately explain how this relates to or complies with this policy: ""The United States expects the leadership of the United Nations and other International Organizations to take meaningful action to support accountability and transparency through, among others, the following: the conduct of timely and survivor-centered investigations; response efforts driven by the needs, experiences, and resiliencies of those most at risk of SEAH; clear reporting and response systems, including to inform Member States of allegations or incidents; and accountability measures, including termination of employment or involvement of law enforcement, as needed" here

On China spying and worse in the US and NYC, immediately provide SG Guterres' comments and actions if any on what was documented in the October 24 indictments unsealed in EDNY and announced by the US AG 

Again: immediately provide SG Guterres' comments on and knowledge of litigation involving Trammo, the commodities firm he is promoting, including but not limited to being charged by Puerto Rico with MBTE pollution, and separately accused in SDNY of cooking its books. How did Guterres choose Trammo?  

On UNMIK (and OIOS) corruption, what are SG Guterres'the  of those addressed on whistleblower complaints to Inner City Press her

What is the response of SG Guterres and USG Fleming / MALU to this petition with over 10,000 signers urging restoring Inner City Press to resident correspondent status? 

On the current UNGA,  Inner City Press as NYC-based media which has covered the UN long-time has on Sept 8, 2022 applied for accreditation to enter, application #3728      I am writing to you more than ten days before the UN General Assembly high level week as a journalist who after covering the United Nations for Inner City Press for ten years was roughed up and thrown out of the UN as I covered its Fifth (Budget) Committee... For the upcoming UNGA High Level Week, I noticed that as of Sept 8, 2022 the MALU site says / claims: For UNGA week, the UN has limited media access to only to correspondents “residing in the tri-state area or Washington, D.C.”       While (1) that is discriminatory, (2) will not be implement as regards pro-government media traveling with delegations - I noted that I am an long-term UN reporter (since 2005), se quid pro quo scandal in the UN Mission in the DR Congo, and reside in NYC. My access badge should be provided immediately.     You and others including but not limited to USG Fleming have been written to on my behalf by the Quinn Emanuel law firm, no response yet - your response is requested on deadline."

See also, Inner City Press scoop on UNOV sex scandal in DRC, here.

On Colombia and UN corruption (and worse) on which each of you have refused to answer what now are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on these whistleblower complaints to Inner City Press

AGAIN on UN sexual exploitation and abuse immediately provide all additional if-asked information on the FOUR new sexual abuse cases data dumped on UN web site on August 23, 2022 at 10:01 am, including rapes by Mauritanian UN "Peacekeepers" in CAR, by Burundi and Cameroon, and Malawi in DRC - on deadline.

and nothing on rhino horn case we covered here 

& see new UN rapes, data dumped, unexplained

  On Cameroon what are the comments and actions of SG Guterres on the abduction / government disappearance of Muslim Anglophone activist and scholar Abdul Karim Ali in Bamenda? 

The information MALU sent out about access to UNGA 2022, apparently only to UNCA members, should be sent to others today, including Inner City Press which will be applying to enter to cover it, see here.

As separately asked of each of you on the morning of August 11, 2022, on UN sexual exploitation and abuse - alleged - this is a request on the new cases of UN sexual exploitation data dumped on the UN website at 9:01 am on August 11, Rape in CAR by a "civilian," abuse by peacekeepers from Cameroon, South Africa, and "military" - explain why nationality withheld, and what if anything UN has done for victims 

Again, immediately explain the basis for banning me and Inner City Press from the UN and its briefings when not only the IMF on May 20, 2021 on Sudan and El Salvador, here

and IMF on June 10, 2021: on Tanzania and Cameroon  and on El Salvador

and Wilson Center on May 20, 2021 on North Korea, here, and also on March 26, 2021 the US State Department takes Inner City Press' questions, transcript here 

and May 27, 2021 "Briefing with Acting Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs Julie Chung On the Secretary’s Upcoming Travel to San Jose, Costa Rica," "Let’s go the line Matthew Russell Lee.  QUESTION: Sure. Thanks a lot and thanks for taking the question. I had wanted to ask specifically about Honduras. There have been a series of cases in the Southern District of New York where the brother of the president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, his brother Tony was convicted of drug trafficking," see here.

What is the response of SG Guterres' / USG Fleming to the letter sent to her and others by the Quinn Emanuel law firm regarding ending Press censorship?  See "answer" August 9, here: letter received, no change in status - no reply.

After repeated non-answers to the above, on August 9 UN Spokesperson Dujarric was asked "Quinn Emanuel wrote a letter to the UN asking about reinstatement of our colleague Matthew Lee into the UN press corps. Do you have any comment on that?        Spokesman:  No. All I can tell you is that we've received the letter, and I'm not aware of any change to his status... It's been received. Whether or not it's been answered, I don't know yet." How can the UN, which preached press freedom, not even answer a letter for a journalist from a major law firm? What is your answer? When will Inner City Press be restored to resident correspondent status, like various state media?

Explain how it is legitimate for SG Guterres' DGC / USG Fleming and MALU (cc-ed here) to block Inner City Press from even WebEx questions to UNSC President Ireland, whose Alternate Political Coordinator and Spokesperson Eoghan McSwiney wrote to Inner City Press, "We would refer your request for access to the UN and to UN press conferences to the Media Accreditation and Liaison Unit of the UN Secretariat." You are engaged in censorship, no? 

What is the UN's response to Inner City Press' Sept 13 application to MALU incluing for WebEx access to hybrid press briefings during UNGA 76, as it has at the IMF? Beyond last night's interim response projecting a decision in one or day days?  From: malu  Date: Wed, Sep 15, 2021 at 8:02 PM Subject: Your U.N. eAccreditation Request has been RECEIVED     Greetings Matthew Lee,  This is to confirm the United Nations Media Accreditation and Liaison Unit (M.A.L.U.) at New York Headquarters has received your request for accreditation...  Upon processing, a notification email (to the email address registered with the request)will provide the status update, to confirm an approval or rejection, and any additional information which may be required. 

What reason could there be to deny this? Particularly given that only today Sept 16, Inner City Press put questions to the IMF on Guinea, Ukraine and Venezuela (see here and then to IFRC's Francesco Rocca, about Cameroon. If they take questions, how can the UN not now allow Inner City Press, at least for now by WebEx? And IMF on October 21, 2021 here. And US Buffalo NBC TV on Oct 26 here.

Also IMF answering Inner City Press on Nov 4, 2021 on Ethiopia, Zambia and Chad here

Please immediately explain the basis, and the compliance with due process, of MALU's Jan 10, 2022 denial: "From: malu [at] un [dot] org  Date: Mon, Jan 10, 2022 at 3:10 PM Subject: U.N. eAccreditation request for Matthew Lee Ref# M58355547 has been declined To: Inner City Press  Greetings Matthew Lee from Inner City Press,  Your media accreditation request, with reference no: M58355547, has been declined for the following reason: [BLANK] With kind regards,  Media Accreditation and Liaison Unit (MALU)" 

Immediately respond to this January 13 statement by the Committee to Protect Journalists when asked, in camera, about your UN's ongoing ban on Inner City Press: "While the UN can reasonably assert that violating known guidelines could result in the loss of credentials, it was not as transparent as it could have been throughout its investigation. We would encourage the UN to implement a more transparent investigation process for incidents involving accredited press, both resident or non-resident. Any formal process adopted by the UN for reviewing credentials should provide an opportunity where the journalist is able to respond to any allegations made against them." 

Immediately provide SG Guterres' and separately USG Fleming's explanation and action on this UN email: " "Language elements:  Some specific examples of language to use/not use at the moment:  “conflict” or “military offensive” and NOT “war” or “invasion” when referring to the situation in Ukraine."  Immediately specify, after USG Melissa Fleming tweeted "That email only went to about 25 staff" who the staff were - or, why not.

On UN system corruption and abuse, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on Inner City Press' June 6, 2022 exclusive: former French Police Commissaire Nicolas Hergot spends his time tracking down leaks within the agency. Inner City Press is here exclusively publishing leaked evidence of his unacceptable behavior by the basic standards of UN officials. Inner City Press has obtained the following document

On UN access, beyond his/your outrageous ongoing ban on Inner City Press, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on the routinized and unexplained blocking of applicant groups on May 19 in the UN NGO Committee on such grounds as position on Taiwan or on BRICS, and apparently disproved charges?

What is the status at UNOPS and in the UN system of Vilaly Vanshelboim?

On deadline, on the UNTSO public sex video Inner City Press first published and each of you dissembled about, now state the UN employment and payment status of each accused staffer [here]

Again, why did SG Guterres omit from his personal financial disclosure covering 2016 funds he received from Gulbenkian Foundation which sought to sell its oil company to convicted UN briber CEFC China Energy? 

                            Russell Lee, banned from UN by Guterres, no
                            answers from UN Spox Dujarric

On Honduras, what are SG Guterres' responses to Honduras President JOH mocking the narco trafficking evidence against him by inviting Netflix Narcos to read the SDNY transcripts?

Why is the new PGA Abdulla Shaheed not even disclosing how his campaign was and office is funded, including each staff member, as committed do after the PGA John Ashe scandal in SDNY? cc-ing Ms Grayley too

And, on ongoing censorship of Press by SG Guterres, USG Fleming and Spox Dujarric, to this petition with 9000+ signatures here

On Inner City Press' exclusive reporting into UNTSO's scandal of public sex in the UN van, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on this, from whistleblower: "the men in the UNTSO car have been charged with transporting a passenger who was not authorized and also for not co-operating with the investigation."  Inner City Press asked, "Thanks - I'd heard they were restored to full pay."  Answer: "Still suspended, but have been getting salary for a year.  Now they have been accused of conduct unbecoming."    Confirm or deny - and explain the long cover up, for/of Michael Antoine.

On UNDT opacity, on which you have refused to answer, explain why on August 26, a supposedly "public" case was held - but the access link was dead, not only to Inner City Press but to the public at large: "UNDT/NBI/2020/022 (Mancinelli) The Applicant contests the Administration’s finding of misconduct and imposition of a disciplinary sanction against her." 

  After UNDT purported to order me to destroy evidence of sexual harassment by UN staff Padula, AGAIN what are the responses of SG Guterres and his consigliere Soares, UN General Counsel now that the appeal has been acknowledged and said to be on ePortal with case number? "Weicheng Lin  9:39 AM  Dear Mr. Lee,  I acknowledge receipt of your filing.   Case: UNAT/2020/1502 Dear Respondents,  We received an Appeal of UNDT Orders 178 (NY/2020) and 179 (NY/2020) filed by Mr. Lee on 21 December 2020.  Mr. Lee who is not a staff member nor a party to the case of the Applicant filed an appeal against these orders with the Appeals Tribunal.  The Registrar accepted the submissions and instructed that they be transmitted to the parties in the UNDT proceedings, and the Secretary-General for comments within 30 days."    How is it acceptable that each of your takes public money and refuses to answer or even acknowledge Press questions, including about UN staff's sexual abuse? 

On SG son Pedro Guimarães e Melo De Oliveira Guterres, explain how the business of Explorer Investments has been reviewed for conflicts of interest. Explain immediately how Pedro Guterres doing business with Rwanda while Antonio Guterres was UNSG was and is not a conflict, and what was disclosed and to whom.

Immediately explain, given the Amir Dossal was on board of Epstein's procurer Ghislaine Maxwell's Terramar Project and Inner City Press has repeatedly asked you each about in writing, how Spokesman Dujarric's Oct 30 on camera statement is not aware of any other UN connection to Epstein, beyond IPI, was and is not a lie and cover up. 

Again, why did Guterres not list Gulbenkian, linked to CEFC China Energy, in his disclosure covering 2016?  What are Guterres' comments on IPI and Epstein, why would he not say why he left the board? Why has he not quit Club of Madrid? Why was Amir Dossal on Board of Terramar of Ghislaine Maxwell

  Immediate comments on the leaked audio of OSSC Chediek Inner City Press published Aug 5 on SoundCloud here (1 of 6)  

More here.


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