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These reports are usually available through Google News and on Lexis-Nexis


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In UNMIK Sex Abuse Corruption of Arnold Sex Toys Unravels But UN Enablers Still in Place

By Matthew Russell Lee

UN GATE, Feb 3 – Antonio Guterres is killing the UN, including with his failure in Cameroon and elsewhere and his lawless censorship of Press, now at 1994 days. He's put the UN in the Press Freedom Tracker, here. And so on 3 July 2019, this video, and this.

On March 14, 2022, this: "Dear Matthew,  I would like to share with you the latest update in relation to the investigation for sexual abuses and frauds related to UNMIK CMS, Ms. Sandi Arnold. 

As per attached UNDT judgement. Ms. Arnold, has been suspended for three months with ALWP."

 And, long after Inner City Press began exposing this particular corner of UN corruption, banned from the UN by corrupt UNSG Guterres, Arnold was subject to the lightest form of discipline, a one year course. Even then, she sought anonymity, and "Contends that the present matter could reflect on her private life and sexual orientation, posing a distinct threat to her in her resident country (Turkey) and in her duty station (Pristina)." UNDT ruling now put online by Inner City Press on its DocumentCloud here.

Then on Oct 4, 2023, "8. In support of the withdrawal of her request for an oral hearing, the Applicant largely reiterated her position during the CMD that “there is no real dispute as to the facts underlying the contested decision, although there may be differences on interpretation and in the legal conclusions drawn from the facts”. She added that her decision in this regard is also motivated in part by her concerns over the confidentiality of the process."

  What a joke. After finding out all of her testimony would be heard in public.  If there was confidentiality needed to protect witnesses, the judge would hold in camera proceedings.

On November 7, Arnold's appeal was denied in its entirety, with the Appeals Tribunal noting she "gifted a sex toy to Ms. L. A." but not addressing the secrecy and banning of Press. The UN's scam "justice" system is just that, with the Press banned.

In later November, more sent to LaCroix, Saunders and others soon to be named, while no answers to written questions by the UN Spokespeople (Dujarric citing danger to Fortune magazine, while servicing propagandists by WebEx), this:

"In the shadow of Sandi Arnold's long role as Chief Mission Support (CMS), UNMIK is now facing a more difficult situation with the new management. People were hopeful for positive changes when the new SRSG arrived and Sandi Arnold left.

From February 3, 2024: "Ms. Van Den Berg, using her authority as ASG DOS, even instructed a UN HQ Staff to not report the domestic abuses committed by Ms. Sandi Arnold to OIOS and Ethics. This is a serious act of misconduct and a crime, and must be immediately sanctioned as it is documented. The same negligence happened, at Mission level in Kosovo, by not getting Kosovo Police involvement for the abuses on minors done by Ms. Arnold.  It is embarrassing and not correct that there is no accountability for Ms. Van Den Berg... Ms Sandi Arnold's activities in Supply Chain Management have only contributed to an enormous expenditure in terms of official business. These include  management of external training given to cronies, for which the only purpose was to take photos near UN cars in UNGSC (with her name on the number plate); assisting opera theater in Brindisi with USG Khare, or promoting electric scooters in UNGSC, making nonsense conference in Albania and Entebbe, the only result of which was the waste of money, time and obviously productivity.  Her cronies, golden boys and especially girls have the same mind set: zero productivity, show up, and a waste of money. CMS Arnold is now  already history, apart from the damages she caused, which should be restituted.  Let me give you an overview of her DOS wonderful world. Starting from Congo, Chief SCM Timbilla, her former Sudan Staff colleague; he is still happily in his position, and nothing happened to him in relation to his sex for jobs misdemeanor. Untouchable and hopefully getting dismissed after the closure of MONUSCO.  Mr. Pechek is still in Brindisi harassing staff, on the rare occasions that he graces the office with his presence (normally out every Thursday and back on Tuesday); even recruiting his wife who stayed on a TJO working from home in Vienna for a year. Promoting gender family balance?  Harjit Dhinsa, D2 in Somalia, persona non grata for abuses on National Staff, back at work. Good companion of Clark Toes. Another persona non grata, and decent.  Johel Cohen and wife have both been absent for centuries from Mission Area ... .working from home is simply a privilege for certain people.  Then we have  Mr. Anton Antchev, DMS in Mali, declared persona non grata and now closing the Mission. He did a remarkable action to increase the female ratio in the UN. As many D1, he recruited his wife Ekaterina Maximova as P4 in UNMIK, rostered and then employed by Sandi Arnold. Considering his pro Russian attitude, he is sure to get the job in Lebanon in order to complete the ongoing disaster.  Then the FSU had the brilliant idea to select Lilya Galieva, former UNMIK Staff, Russian to be based in Brindisi, which is a Nato strategic area for Russians, and where she can get all information she wants and deliver to Moscow. It is also incredible that UNMIK FSU sent out a letter to UNMIK  SRSG complaining about the sanctions given to Ms. Arnold. Whilst we believe that the colleagues can only be under the effects of drugs for them not to see the extensive damages Ms. Arnold did, or else they are part of the pro Serb- Russian diaspora in Mitrovica. All of them had a role there. Ivan Antonov, Chief Service Delivery P5, another incompetent, Manucher Adylov from FS4 to SPA P5 as CORM without any knowledge, ethics and competence. What do you expect about legality in UNMIK if even the Chief Legal, Ms. Emma Hibbling D1, is totally corrupted and got as premium the promotion and the recruitment of her husband in Security?    But nobody acts or tries to fight for the UN Core values for a  reason.  The reason is the direction of Ms. Van Den Berg..."

Fat Chance.


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